The Concepts: Work Preferences

Understanding work preferences is a critical component in developing individual, team, and organizational performance. The Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMPQ) is a 60-item assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual’s approach to work.

Based on the responses to the profile questionnaire, the personal Team Management Profile (TMP) provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences, based on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel, and the strengths that an individual brings to a team.

Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel

The personal Team Management Profile highlights an individual’s major and two related areas of work preferences on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel.

  • Reporter-Adviser – Supporter, helper, tolerant; A collector of information; Dislikes being rushed; Knowledgeable; Flexible
  • Creator-Innovator – Imaginative; Future-oriented; Enjoys complexity; Creative; Likes research work
  • Explorer-Promoter – Persuader, “seller”; Likes varied, exciting, stimulating work; Easily bored; Influential and outgoing
  • Assessor-Developer – Analytical and objective; Developer of ideas; Enjoys prototype or project work; Experimenter
  • Thruster-Organizer – Organizes and implements; Quick to decide; Results-oriented; Sets up systems; Analytical
  • Concluder-Producer – Practical; Production-oriented; Likes schedules and plans; Pride in reproducing goods and services; Values effectiveness and efficiency
  • Controller-Inspector – Strong on control; Detail-oriented; Low need for people contact; An inspector of standards and procedures
  • Upholder-Maintainer – Conservative, loyal, supportive; Personal values important; Strong sense of right and wrong; Work motivation based on purpose

With 208 Profile combinations, the Team Management Profile is possibly the most comprehensive personal Profile available today.

The personal Team Management Profile highlights an individual’s major and related areas of work preferences, including information focused on:

  • Individual and leadership strengths
  • Decision-making
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teambuilding

essential information for developing individuals and teams.

The Team Management Profile is used worldwide by leading companies in diverse applications, including:

  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • Talent management
  • Quality initiatives
  • Management training
  • Performance review
  • Career development
  • Diversity training
  • Organizational development

Accreditation is required to use the Team Management Profile. Accreditation status can be achieved by either attending a public workshop in your area, by E-Accreditation. through an in-house workshop or a webinar accreditation. Each method allows you to be recognized worldwide as an accredited member of the Team Management Systems network.

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