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What is minimalism in interior design?

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The term “minimalism” first appeared in the middle of 1960s of the 20 th century and mainly was used to describe sculptures of Robert Morris and Donald Judd. Since then the meaning of this word widened and now it’s used in different spheres – from fashion and music to design and architecture.

Minimalism in design is becoming more and more popular. Unlike other tendencies when strict and cold motifs were more preferable, today the accent is made on softer and live variants of this style. Fundamental principles of minimalism are sharp lines, solid surfaces, low furniture, and pastel shades. Although, lately there appeared softer shapes, more colors and textures.

The main idea of minimalism design is using simple and natural forms. This principle is a basis of oriental style in design, particularly classic Japanese design that became the very basis for minimalism. Famous designers who were the founders of minimalism were members of “Style” art group that was founded in 1917. Designers who prefer minimalism refuse dividing squares and stand for visual combining of planes of a building.

Minimalism in interior design means spacious rooms with minimum of furniture and details. The main element of this style is attention to shape, color and texture. Planning doesn’t suppose dividing into rooms; furniture, cloth or glass partitions play the role of separators. In modern minimalism design accent is made on sharp geometric shapes and asymmetry. Shape prevails over purpose. Furniture must have streamline shapes and upholstered with neutral colored leather. Shiny surfaces and straight lines look amazing in this interior. Details should be made of stainless steel or chrome. The amount of accessories should be minimal. Floor should be made of materials that are easy to clean and take care of – wood, linoleum or stone tile. It’s necessary to foresee enough space to keep all your stuff (simply designed wardrobe would be just great).

What about color, I have to say that white is the main color for this style. White should form basis for walls, floor and furniture. As an alternative you can choose neutral colors such as beige, grey, light-green. In the basis there should be unshowy color, to make accents you can use any bright color, but only one. Bright red color is traditional and the most popular choice for highlighting details on a white background, although this is a matter of taste and there can be chosen any color you like. Very often people hang a picture or some large details on walls. Big windows that usually do not have curtains or shades, create an effect of lightness.

Minimalism is popular because interior in this style is very light and free. Minimalism is a lifestyle that distinguishes by desire for perfect order and organization. Minimalism is especially popular among businessmen and creative people who value the combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty and practicalness. Minimalism allows expressing yourself without using any screaming accessories or unusual furniture. If you like simplicity and strictness in design, minimalism is what you need!

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