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The combined cost of a vasectomy reversal procedure (anesthesia, surgery center facility fee, and procedure fee) is

This is the pre-paid cost, and is the same regardless of whether a vas-to-vas or vas-to-epididymis procedure is needed.

This is the complete reversal cost with no hidden charges . The only costs that this does not cover is any recommended blood testing (which are typically covered by insurance), and the follow-up semen analysis testing (performed at a local fertility lab near where you live). Semen testing is checked 3 months following the procedure- the results are sent to Dr. Russell s office who then calls you with the results. Semen analysis testing typically costs around $125, and this is sometimes covered by insurance.

Optional Sperm Freezing

There is optional sperm freezing, in which sperm are removed from the testicle at the time of the reversal. These sperm can then be used for later IVF/ICSI if needed. The additional operative time involved costs $350.00, and the local fertility lab charges

$1000.00 to freeze and store the sperm for 1 year, and then $1/day storage fee after the first year. Sperm can be shipped to any other IVF lab around the country at a later date if needed.

The total cost of the vasectomy reversal procedure is $6,300.00. As this procedure is rarely covered by insurance, this is the discounted pre-paid price. Dr. Russell accepts financing for the reversal procedure, but at the full (non-discounted) rate of $6,700.00 (instead of $6,300 if it is pre-paid in full). All or part of the procedure can be financed, and a discount is given for any part of the total cost that is not financed. Financing is provided by CareCredit.com. an independent financing company. Different financing options are available including 6 months no interest, or 24 to 60 months with 14.9% Patient APR. 

To apply for financing, please click on the link below: 

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