Top 10 Design Schools in India

Interior design courses in bangalore

Located in Bangalore, Raffles offers undergraduate degree and diploma courses in Design the only design college in India that allows for inter-college transfer credits. Note that all of the above mentioned best design schools in India consider your portfolio as the main criteria for admission and it is necessary that you have the required score in design entrance exams such as CEED and NEED. If you are interested to pursue your design education in abroad, have a look at the list Top 10 Design Schools in the World, compiled by Launchpad Academy.

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Given the market scenario and the need for designers as big firms at investing in new plant setups in India, what would be the better choice? To do 3 year course from dsk pune or a 2 year course from cpdm??

I would say CPDM, given its impressive history, alumni and affiliation with Indian Institute of Science.

That s way more clever than I was exegtcinp. Thanks!

iisc cpdm anytime. Design is better studied in a holistic environment rather than design-only school. And you get your hands on great projects and research opportunities.

Ppl like you get all the brisan. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it untdaserndable.

hi , i got admission to mit and srishti for product design , which one would you suggest.

Personally I think both the design schools are doing a good job in grooming young designers.

An answer from an expert! Thanks for courgibntint.

Your website has to be the elrtoecnic Swiss army knife for this topic.

Thanks for sttiarng the ball rolling with this insight.

Can you please tell the number of seats in MITID and DSK for product design??

Other than NID and IDC , which other design school are good for pursuing PG in PD

CPDM, IISc is a very good school.

The truth just shines thrgouh your post

Nice information shared, make schools more smart, even teachers use FREE mylyapp for easy classroom management

No quoetisn this is the place to get this info, thanks y all.

I wonder why our country produces no great inventor or inventions, Inspite having such great design schools. As far as college and academic are concerned, they make just above average products compared yo global industrial product designers. Innovation is almost to nill, people redesign stuff again and again benchmarking existing products.

Bottom line _ plz mention 10 greatest inventors from our country s design schools,. Ok, Pranav Mistry,. Who else.?

Somethings wrong here guys,. I better plan for RISD or others then studing design here and later working in utter disappointment.

😀 just a thought, plz correct me if my crap is wrong. Don t slam me. Discuss abt it.

have to agree with you but things are changing and we are trying our small bit to do something.

Thanks for your thsughto. It s helped me a lot.

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