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Interior Design Trends: Wallpaper Revival

By Kris Carlson

Interior design trends come and go, but few elicit such terror as the mention of wallpaper. Fear not! This is not your mother s or grandmother s style of wallpaper, nor does today s wallpaper removal involve a commitment of endless, picking and pulling to get one square inch removed.

The late 60s through the 80s was a heyday for wallpaper. As with all trends, wallpaper lost favor but has come back with a vengeance of style. I too, am guilty of going through the wallpaper craze of the 80s. By the mid 90s I had made the vow to never again use wallpaper. I had tired of the grueling, arduous and stubborn challenge of removal and was certain paint was the answer until the end of time.

Well people, let us never say never. With the advent of technology breakthroughs in the design of wallpaper, it is no longer to be feared in regards to design, installation and removal. When it comes to design, today s wallpapers are breathtaking and their uses ingenious.

Redefining Wallpaper

Yesteryears wallpaper often covered all walls and every room throughout the house. Today, wallpaper is used more sparingly and in increasingly creative ways. Wallpaper allows you to be as creative with application as what your style dictates.

Three Crafty Ways To Use Wallpaper

1. Use a strip of wallpaper on one accent wall in the room.
2. Use wallpaper on the buildout of a fireplace.
3. Use wallpaper on your ceiling.

Still On The Fence?

Paul Brant, owner of Brant s Paper and Paint in Fargo, confirms the trend, saying, I haven t papered an entire room in a very long time. I have installed some papers that have minerals embedded in the surface, or have the appearance of a metal finish. The variety of textures are very interesting, which I think is one reason people don t feel the need to do entire rooms. A little can go a long way.

Add a touch of glam in a bathroom. With the mirror backdrop and the chandelier adding even more glam, the wallpaper reflects just the right amount of sparkle to make you smile every morning.

Papering one wall compared to papering all walls can make more of a dramatic statement. One of the Pantone colors of 2016 is a soft pink. Although pink surprised many people, we wanted to show how beautiful and soothing it can be. We painted three of the walls and the ceiling with Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray, then finished the room with one wall of paper. The soft tones of gray and pink, balanced with the white bedding and topped off with pops of color make for a great retreat for any age.

Just enough wallpaper to warm up a room and add a touch of style. The wallpaper has the popular gold tones, which help reflect the feeling of warmth and coziness in this reading room. Upon close inspection, one can see the very subtle tones of soft blue/grey intermingled with the gold. Coincidently, soft blue is the other Pantone color of 2016.

Businesses can also stake a claim with a great sense style with wallpaper. We wanted to create the feeling of what we call professional warmth in this credit union. With people spending a large amount of their time at work, creating an environment of warmth makes people just plain happier. We used wallpaper to offset the company culture statement in order to draw attention to their mission. The wallpaper adds a touch of warmth while also reflecting a strong professional atmosphere.

Instead of the usual stone or tile, wallpaper can create as bold of a statement at a fraction of the cost. In this case we used a dark contrast to make the contemporary fireplace really stand out. If your style is more subdued, tone-on-tone paper can give you the subtle look you seek.

Alas, we come to the other fears of wallpaper installation and removal. With today s DIY-ers, Brandt has a few tips should you decide to brave the installation component yourself.

1. Be sure your razor is always sharp. There is nothing worse than not getting a straight edge next to the ceiling or baseboard.
2. You don t book much of today s paper (this is a wallpaper term for wetting the paper and letting it set to soften). Depending on the paper of course, but there are now products where you basically paint the adhesive on the wall and then apply the paper.

3. Measure twice, cut once. It s terribly frustrating if you have cut the wallpaper too short.
4. If you are doing one strip verses an entire wall, be sure to have drawn a light pencil line so you have a guide to even placement.

Conquering The Fear

Removal is easily the biggest fear of those who have been faced with wallpaper from decades ago, and rightly so. If you don t remove wallpaper correctly, you stand the risk of destroying your sheetrock, which opens a whole host of problems. For old wallpaper removal, Brant said, I only use warm water and repeated soaking. The longer it has to soak the easier it is to remove, in most cases (be careful around outlets), a three or four inch putty knife works best for scraping.

Advances In Wallpaper

There is good news for today s wallpaper removal — it s easy. According to Brant, most wallpaper is now installed using strippable adhesive to ease the removal at a later time. Simple removal will give you the freedom to change your mind after time and follow your creative whims as tastes and styles change. Once you ve conquered the fear of removal, contact a designer to discover the gorgeous new colors, patterns and creative textures that are now available.

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6 Interior Design Trends To Watch For 2016

Watch the video to learn about the six interior design trends you must know in 2016.

From state-of-the art kitchens to smart appliances, prefab modern modular homes to airstream trailers, this year’s Dwell on Design conference was not to be missed. Everything from the latest in smart home technology to the latest innovations in textile manufacturing could be found in this 650,000 square foot venue celebrating its 10th anniversary. For the rest of 2015 and beyond, here are the trends that will be driving retail globally:

Interior Design Trend No. 1: Bringing The Outdoors In

From decorating compact apartments with greenery to turning expansive backyards into glamping adventures, consumers are experimenting with how to bring nature into every aspect of their homes. HGTV’s David Bromstad explained that this means that consumers will be buying furniture they can use indoors and outdoors. In terms of interior decor, lifestyle expert Justina Blakeney shared that wall decor, accessories and small plant life inspired items are going to be hot. Great resources include Grandin Road and Apartment 2B .

Interior Design Trend No. 2: Source Artisan Goods

From tassels and basketry to macrame and crochet, weaving is in. To embrace this trend, lifestyle expert Justina Blakeney advises consumers to be inspired by local finds. LG Studio artistic advisor Nate Berkus encourages shoppers to buy locally made and globally crafted goods. Berkus also states that consumers should not be afraid to mix vintage and artisanal items with mass produced goods. Consumers should not miss the opportunity to pair a Mongolian lambskin pouf and Moroccan rug next to a Target coffee table, for example. Great resources are for the design trade to explore include Nova Fiber. Source Art. YP.com, Deny Designs. and Saatchi Art.

Interior Design Trend No. 3: Minerals Are In

While polished geodes attached to lucite bases have been all the rage, minerals are going au natural now. Watch for bowls of pyrite on tables, big chunks of quartz used as display pieces and unpolished semi-precious stones turned into door pulls. Great resources include Lost Found in Los Angeles or Casa Forte Studio .

Interior Design No. 4: Tiles Are Going Geometric

Decorative backsplashes have gone strong for a long time. Designers are expecting to see consumers gravitating towards more geometric patterns that feature fluid movement. Cement and even wood are going to play a significant role in achieving this. Whether it is a backsplash, an intricately patterned floor or a countertop, fluid geometry is coming in strong. Great resources include Astek Wallcovering by Thelma Valenzuela or a design professional from Decorist .

Interior Design Trend No 5: Mix Metallics and Metals

The 1950s and 1970s are hot trends in fashion design collections right now, and it is no different in interiors. Midcentury Mod with brass, gold and metallic finishes are popular right now. Get ready to embrace some retro bling. Great resources include Midcentury LA or Urban Colony .

Interior Design Trend No. 6: Make it Sustainable

From the foam in our couches to the the foundations that prefab homes are laid on, Dwell president Michela Abrams noted that sustainability is at the heart of anything that is being manufactured today. Recycling, repurposing, reinventing and reusing are all things that consumers are beginning to consider when they make purchases today. Great resources include Resource Furniture. Custom Comfort Mattress and Living Homes .

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Interior Design Trends for 2016

Although the new 2016 is approaching rapidly the designer’s trends and specific stylistic of this year are so distinctive and with such richness of expressions, that no matter how many articles about the trends we research and publish there always will be something more to be said. And keep in mind a lot of this style flows will transfuse into the next year’s trends.

Amongst the many inspired changes inside and outside the houses that come this season some are very distinctive – first the strong vital, even playful colors make a huge come back, second the emphasis on environment and nature in unusual spaces – like the bathroom or kitchens – comes in addition to the strong presence of gardens and parks. But the innovations go far beyond. In the richness of the accessories, in the functionality and minimalistic of space arrangement and none the less in the nobility and glamor of the materials used – just a few hints – copper, brass and marble. But let’s take deeper and more detailed look into this trends development.

Colors and Materials

The color palette for this year is filled with shades of pink, red meat and peach. The designers do not hesitate to bet on colors that mark the new trends. The famous pink mouth of makeup, without the gloss, invades the decor the advantage of such colors is the possibility of being used in any room of the house in multiple combinations.

Accessories and objects will be marked and singled out by shades of green oil, navy, and deep blue they convey calm and coolness into the premises. Like for example in the color composition project of Guilherme Torres Architects. The deep moody colors like black and purple (as we have mentioned in previous articles) are very cleverly combined with the shining surfaces of copper and brass defiles.

In this line of thought, a strong trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass. copper. wood and marble compounds in the design projects. The multiple usages of the glamorous copper and brass, their plasticity, and friendly characteristic make a rich field for art exploitation.

The decor projects for this year are filled with natural materials for example as coatings cork and marble are coming back strongly, wood, stone, and raw concrete are also here with their timeless presence. Check out this beautiful “river and stream” inspired furniture of designer Enzo Berti. This exploration of what nature has to offer and its entwining in the house construct is a strong trend visible also in the wide usage of plant life and garden elements into the interior decor – a tendency we will examine further on.

The Arrangement of Space and Functionalism of Accessories

Another major change in the look of the houses is the presence of functional decorative objects. Soon there will be no room for useless items. It will become increasingly important to acquire objects that can be processed according to the time and space of the person s life.

The minimalistic and clever usage and arrangement of spaces is also extremely important for the today dynamic lifestyle: The kitchen, for example, can be completely hidden to open additional space for entertainment or to pop-out present when needed. Nowadays we are moving towards a minimalistic model, whose quiet aesthetic allows us to escape the rush of the city. Playing with optical illusion in environments such as kitchen and bathroom, using wallpapers or green wall s – everything is allowed to gain space and add charm.

The Taiwanese architects from Ganna Design Studio, for example, are great in functionalizing space and cleverly hiding the unnecessary.

The big change, however, is in the home environment that has gained an air of spa: the bathroom. It tends to turn into a relaxation area. Will be common to have benches and seats inside the bathrooms because if you think about it a lot of people see the bathroom as an intimate and functional setting the truth is that we listen to music, read and relax in it.

So way not to turn it into a beautiful and welcoming garden? Ukrainian designer Olga Akulova has some very good hits in this sphere.

Nature and Lush Green Presence

The abundance of lush vegetation is definitely a trend but not only in bathrooms in the focus of designers is the increased introduction of green plants and environmentally-friendly residences altogether. Urban gardens in the areas outside of the buildings and even inside of the living premises are strong presence lately. This is happening because in the focus of architects and designers is the welfare of the residents and the healthiest and most naturally suited house arrangement. Bring nature closer to the residents is not only beautiful, calming and enriching the spiritual life of the inhabitants experience but is also a practical solution to some problems.

Helping the natural house ventilation, humid control, and fresh air provides the natural plant life, green walls or simply lush pots decoration can bee also a lot of fun. Cultivating a vegetable garden, for example, is not only a great source of herbs, spices, and food ingredients but also a great learning experience for adults and children alike. And of course, the aesthetic and artistic value of a well-arranged garden is well known to humanity from the dawn of age. Some great examples of this entwining between architecture, design and gardening can be found in the works of O’Neill Rose Architects or Singapore design studio Park + Associates .

So in conclusion we may say that all these changes and trends in the interior design bring us closer to one more sophisticated, warmer and well-balanced place to inhabit where the colors (Gold and Pink, Orchid and Marsala ) are playful, easygoing and artistic. Where the materials are noble and natural, the space arrangement and details are functional and minimalistic and of course the strong presence of plant life and green innovations bring our home closer to Nature in artistic and thoughtful way.

Quite agree with you for almost all trends, although we cannot say that a strong trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble compounds in the design projects in fact it is a stable trend that appeared several years ago and is just getting more stable now. The same with natural materials, etc. But in general, these are the trends in interior design that will probably stay, because they are in harmony with our desire to bring our home closer to Nature in artistic and thoughtful way .

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Application development trends to watch out for in 2017

In 2016, we could see a constant battle between iOS and Android applications regarding app insecurities and growing popularity of hybrid applications. According to a recent survey, by the end of this year, the number of smartphone users is about to reach 4.6 billion and predicted to go up to 4.7 billion in 2017. New strategies and trends are supposed to come up the coming year to match with the evolving mobile device technology and replace the faded and irrelevant applications with better ones.

Have a glimpse at the top trends in Application Development for the year 2017!

Critical Security

With the growth in the mobile app industry, security threats and attacks have also increased. With more number of users in mobile technology and applications, having a secure experience is of utmost importance. The two-step authentication for users of net banking is becoming commonplace. Developers focus on the security feature of the app by using the App Transport Security (ATS) while developing applications. iOS app developers will be implementing stronger data encryption for new apps in the coming year. Google will be using better app permission model and focusing on in-built security updates and features for applications developed for Android. The security features of iOS applications are more reliable as compared to that developed for the Android platform. Hence, app security is expected to take center stage in the year 2017.

Mobile Internet of Things

With the evolution of IoT technology, smart devices like wearable for health and fitness and smart watches are already gaining popularity amongst users as it has become central to how we live. Integrating mobile applications with IoT has benefited industries such as transportation, healthcare, energy, etc. Mobile application developers need to create apps using smart device sensors to provide security for transferring information over the wi-fi network. The revenue gained using this integrated system is expected to increase two-fold by the end of 2017.

Enterprise Mobile Apps Go Micro

Enterprise mobile apps play a major role in the growth and success of business. In the US, more than 50% businesses are ought to use enterprise mobile application by 2017. With companies opting for custom built mobile applications, managing day-to-day tasks becomes a lot easier and it thereby increases the overall productivity of the business. CRM and ERP systems are of great use to the people working for an organization to have clear access to all data and customer information. With employees of the organization having more than one smartphone, the trend of enterprise mobility going more customized is about to be a hype in 2017.

Apps with GPS/ Augmented Reality Apps

After the official success of Pokemon Go, the trend of augmented reality (AR) apps is in and flourishing. The demand for developing location-tracking/navigation applications are increasing, and it is finding acceptance in several industries. 3D game developers are looking at augmented reality to enhance the engagement levels of the users with their application. Innovation in using GPS and AR technology in applications is expected to take a toll in 2017.

Better UX designs

User experience is the key to measuring the usability and success of a mobile application. Creating an application which is easy to use and less complicated to understand and operate has become the core criteria while developing an application even this year. Diffused backgrounds with easy to tap and access call-to-action buttons allow the users to focus on the main features without much distraction. Hence, the year 2017 calls for better UX designs for mobile applications.

Shruti is a technical content writer working with Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. She keeps keen interest in researching and writing on technical topics. She is a B.Tech graduate in Electronics and Communication and focuses on learning new things.

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2014’s Hottest Trends on Display at the Interior Design Show

Last Thursday saw the return of the annual Interior Design Show, launching as always with The Party: a private industry-only event where design insiders come together to mix and mingle, and preview the exciting new products and creations on display.

This year, I found a lot of inspiration on the show floor, walking with friend and fellow Cityline guest designer Karen Sealy, and thought I would share an insider’s perspective on the exciting trends and behind the scenes happenings with any of you who weren’t able to come see it all in person.

•One of the strongest trends I noticed throughout the show was a combination of gold with green. Warm metals have returned after years of chrome and silver, and cool greens are a classic counterpoint to this regal finish. This was especially well captured in the Cocoon scheme — the boutique is one of my favourite hidden gems.

•I always enjoy having some time to chat with the faithful suppliers I work with for both client projects and my media appearances, and after featuring IKEA in a recent Cityline segment I was happy to see their creative showcase in person. Their logo was rendered in beautiful gold foil on a soft grey — another key trend colour — and this sense of mixing regal glam with modern sleekness was present throughout. Embracing a love of excess, their kitchen included four dramatic crystal chandeliers (not part of their own collection), while in the living area an antique daybed contrasted with their iconic Swedish styles. Mixing their affordable pieces with your existing treasures is really the key to creating a complete look. Am I discerning a newly emerging trend here of antique meeting Swedish modern design?

•Another colour trend to watch was the light and delicate shades on display in places such as the Urban Barn booth: soft pink especially was a featured colour that can easily blend into various schemes to add a little extra life without overloading your senses. Mixing this near-neutral shade with equally pale grey achieves a timelessly sophisticated elegance.

•Wood is a classic material, but it has been embraced in an even bigger way this year, appearing in all forms of interior objects from furniture to lighting. Inde-art’s reclaimed wood kitchen cabinetry highlights this trend while working to reduce environmental waste for a stunning result.

•Jenn-Air’s booth featured their “floating glass” finish in white, which allows a white kitchen to blend the appliances and sleek white cabinets together for a fresh, luxe look that stands out from the popular stainless steel options of the past few years and feels very 2014.

A few stray observations:

•We said hello to Sarah Richardson and got a sneak preview of her new fabric line she’s debuting exclusively through Kravet — it’s so beautiful and so Sarah.

•Later I spotted my dear friend and Cityline cameraman Patrick — stay tuned to the show (9 a.m. on City) to get your own inside look!

•Rollout’s “shattered light” wallpaper creates the effect of a fractured wall panel with glowing light pouring through — just one of their many artistic creations.

•Another neat idea from the IKEA booth: their full wall cabinets featured sleek handles that would usually be installed vertically — here they were installed on a diagonal for a unique effect without spending a cent more. Sometimes the best things in design are free!

•I liked how Design Lump explained their vision of a lamp: “A lamp isn’t just a lamp. a lamp is also a decorative fixture that says a lot about a room.” Their brass legged Focal Point lamp (with bright green cord creating a feature) was certainly more than just a functional task lamp.

•You know my love of kitchen and bath design, and I found two spectacular new faucets: Axor Starck Organic by Hansgrohe has the appearance of an organic branch or growing plant, while the Luna faucet by Graff (available at Taps) uses a very long, elegant form hung from the wall to bring water down to the sink below while creating a statement wall feature. I also loved the memorable red bathtub courtesy of Produits Neptune.

To keep up with me and all my design adventures, check in with my blog at www.tidg.ca/keepupwithyanic .


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    These Color Trends Are Dominating 2016

    The Look: Pink

    “Imagine a sunset on an August evening, with the fading light shading the sky a gorgeous gray-tinged pink — that’s this color. It’s restrained and refined in this Manhattan living room. and it serves as a foil to the black sofa and the patinated-bronze coffee table. This apartment is in a skyscraper that dates back to 1929, so the pink is a nod to luxury and exuberence of the Art Deco period. It also references the views of the faded redbrick buildings outside.” Jamie Drake

    Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Salmon Peach 2013-50

    The Look: Pink

    “Imagine a sunset on an August evening, with the fading light shading the sky a gorgeous gray-tinged pink — that’s this color. It’s restrained and refined in this Manhattan living room. and it serves as a foil to the black sofa and the patinated-bronze coffee table. This apartment is in a skyscraper that dates back to 1929, so the pink is a nod to luxury and exuberence of the Art Deco period. It also references the views of the faded redbrick buildings outside.” Jamie Drake

    Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Salmon Peach 2013-50

    Color Inspiration: Cameo Pink

    “Like the name implies, this subtle pink has the coral and beige undertones you sometimes find in vintage cameos. It doesn’t feel juvenile, and its sophistication worked well in a guest bedroom I designed. The rug and curtains I chose both had fearless patterns, but this soothing pink calmed them down.” — Mara Miller

    Make it yours: Ralph Lauren Paint Cameo Pink RL2225

    Lara Robby/Studio D

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    Color Inspiration: Warm Blush

    “I adore pink! It’s the color of romance, of plush bedrooms and posh dressing rooms. For a living room, I did this blush pink in a very monochromatic way, with upholstered pieces in the same hue. Accents of bright white and gold, touches of crystal and a 1940s French bilbliothèque put its mystique in motion. Pairing pink with handsome antiques brings out the color’s quiet strength.” Windsor Smith

    Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Warm Blush 892

    Color Inspiration: Pink Ballet Slipper

    “I really want to do blush — that powdery pink I’m seeing more and more in materials like stone and tile, as well as paint. It’s a romantic color that warms up the essence of a room, and it doesn’t look juvenile at all when you use it with metallic tones, like antique brass or bronze. Bring in some teal or gray-green for even more sophistication.” Jaime Rummerfield

    Make it yours: Glidden Pink Ballet Slipper 10YR 67/111

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    The Look: Yellow

    “Yellows tend to go green or brown, but this shade is clear and bright. I’d take a leap of design faith and pair this hue with a lush upholstered bed and mismatched side tables.” Robert Passal

    Make it yours: Valspar Soft Ducking 3001-2A

    Color Inspiration: Corn Silk

    “I think of the light streaming through a window in the morning, the warmth of it, and how it has a way of enveloping and comforting you. This mellow yellow creates the same feeling. Alive and chameleon-like, it lends itself to a multitude of palettes.” Charlotte Moss

    Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Corn Silk CC-218

    Lara Robby/Studio D

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    Color Inspiration: Funky Yellow

    “I want a fresh new start for the year, and this yellow would be very uplifting. It’s a yellow with a green base, a citrusy chartreuse that also has warmth, which makes it easier to live with. I see it in a breakfast room or a garden room, with gray, mushroom or taupe. It also works well with plum, mauve or burgundy. Actually, you could add it to almost anything and get a great combination.” Kim Alexandriuk

    Make it yours: Sherwin-Williams Funky Yellow 6913

    The Look: Green

    “This year, I’m seeing soft and sophisticated neutrals everywhere, but not as much on the walls anymore. I’m loving the idea of layering neutral-color furnishings and accessories in rooms with walls painted in intense, saturated colors, like army green.” Jenny Komenda

    Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Seaweed 2035-10

    See more of this San Francisco home designed by Palmer Weiss .

    Thayer Allyson Gowdy

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    Color Inspiration: Relentless Olive

    “You might not want to live with this spinach green every day, but in a spare room, the deep hue feels enveloping and promotes relaxation. And everything goes with it. I never second-guess a color found in the beauty of nature.” Phoebe Howard

    Make it yours: Sherwin-Williams Relentless Olive SW 6425

    Lara Robby/Studio D

    Color Inspiration: Deep Green

    “I’ve suddenly got this absolute passion for emerald green. It’s such a rich, vibrant, exciting color that seems to transcend all the trends, and it works equally well in modern or traditional environments. Like putting a plant in a room, it brings life to a space. Everything feels fresher and takes on this luxurious vibe.” Martyn Lawrence Bullard

    Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Deep Green 2039-10

    FYI, We’re All About Rooftop Dining This Summer

    This Brooklyn brownstone’s outdoor kitchen allows you to take in. By Carisha Swanson

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    Interior Design Trends 2015

    Interior Design Trends 2015

    The interior design trends of the past decades are obvious: the 1920’s art decor and the famous Great Gatsby Style; the melamine and bold colours of the 1950s; the chintz pattern of the 1980s. But what happened when we got to the Millennium? Was there a trend for 00’s? What about the 2010s? Are we in a design decade now that will be studied in books years later?

    In recent years, we’ve moved towards styles that are much more about individuality and personality rather than the current trend. We are choosing to invest in items and accessories that we deem timeless – or perhaps that’s because they are ‘outside of time’.

    I am finding frequently that my clients are asking for different styles of the past trends to be mixed with the new. We are reinventing.

    So with that in mind, this is what I project will be the interior design trends for 2015.

    1. Metallics

    Metallics to interiors are like jewellery to an outfit, they add an elegant touch of detail that completes the overall look.

    This year there are no rules to follow. We no longer have to group cold metals with cold metals and warm with warm. An interior can be enriched by introducing layers of metals by combining polished chrome, brushed chrome, antique brass and satin highlights.

    Sign Up

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    Top 10 Popular Interior Design Trends 2015

    Popular interior design trends 2015 include comfortable luxury and organic designs, Green home decorating ideas and romantic accents, brightness and functionality of Nordic design and always surprising and warm ethnic interior decorating ideas. Popular interior trends 2015 allow to create fascinating blends of pure classic and chic with contemporary minimalist style, weave matte pastels and vivid room colors into room design with striking contrasts of black and white decorating ideas.

    Modern interior design trends 2015 mix natural elements, neutral colors and rustic textures with novel and surprising decor ideas, contemporary man-made materials that mimic solid wood, metal and natural stone textures. Colorful decoration patterns and fabric prints look great with the driftwood furniture and lighting fixtures in gray color tones.

    Perforated ceramic and metallic surfaces, textured walls and stunning fabric prints, artificial and natural stone, solid wood and glass, creative designs and bright colors, including yellow, pink and purple color shades, blue and green color combinations, combined with advanced wall painting ideas and spectacular lighting fixtures are popular interior design trends in 2015 that are demonstrated by Lushome collection from Milan iSalone.

    Popular interior design trends

    Modern wall decorations, interior trends 2015

    1. Green ideas, natural interior decorating materials, nature inspired designs and decorating color schemes, neutral colors and eco friendly products for home design and decorating, room furniture and home fabrics made with natural fibers, bright color accents that nature creates are great ways to enjoy modern interior design trends in 2015.

    Bright red of strawberries and lush green colors, sunny yellow and golden colors of sand on a tropical beach, juicy orange color shades of exotic fruits and turquoise blue color shades of spectacular ocean waves are gorgeous color trends 2015.

    Simple and functional bedroom design, bright red, pink and black and white decorating ideas

    2. Simple and functional interiors design, especially for masculine style rooms or spacious apartments for loft living style, comfortable home furnishings and clutter free room decor ideas define one of contemporary and very popular interior design trends for 2015.

    3. Personalization is one of forgiving modern interior design trends that allow to use favorite room colors, mix textures and create unusual decorating combinations with room furniture and home fabrics to give living spaces unique character.

    Modern interior design materials and wall decoration ideas, light turquoise blue and green colors for bathroom design

    4. Breaking rule is one of most wonderful, exciting and modern interior design trends 2015. Creative furniture design ideas and surprising home decorating ideas, combinations of room colors, unsuspected details and decorative accents are a fantastic way to design truly interesting and intimate home interiors.

    Modern interior trends 2015, blue color for living room furniture and wall decoration

    5. Scandinavian style and ethnic interior decorating are popular interior design trends that offer calming and relaxing or comfortable and exotic room decor idea, depends what you prefer. Trendy white decorating ideas that make even small and cluttered rooms look modern and bright can be used for emphasizing stylish interior design in Scandinavian style or creating a nice background for displaying exotic home furnishings and ethnic interior decorating accents.

    Modern bedroom design in neutral colors

    6. Black and white decorating color schemes are one of timelessly modern interior design trends that all loves. Black and white decorating allows to harmonize and balance home decorating while displaying interesting shapes and playing with captivating decoration patterns and textures, or add drama with bold and vivid decorating accents that energize black and white decorating. Perfect for classic home interiors, high-tech and retro styles, Scandinavian style and Art Deco decor, black and white decorating color schemes provide gorgeous tones that can please anyone.

    Modern wall decoration ideas, interior trends 2015

    7. Chic industrial style accents and surprising combinations of textures, antique brick, concrete, plastic and metal, bring one of best modern interior design trends 2015 what allow to create impressive living spaces on large and small budgets.

    Stylish lighting design for dining room decorating

    8. Recycling ideas and creative designs that repurpose useless items are popular interior trends in decorating which allow to save money and helps protect the environment.

    Perforated lamp shades

    9. Modern furniture and decor accessories made with transparent plastic or glass and their combination with solid wood and metal items are super modern interior design trends for 2015.

    Black and white room design with creative wall decoration

    10. Modern interior design trends 2015 bring many exiting wall decorating ideas. Unusual wall shelves in cubic shapes rotated 90 degrees on walls, meaningful letters and words, striking painting ideas and surprising wall decorations, like bicycles, shiny wall panels, imitating stone, wood or concrete wall tile designs and amazingly textured wallpaper patterns are fabulous home decorating ideas that reflect popular interior trends 2015.

    Interior trends in wall decoration

    Modern kitchen design trends

    Modern bedroom design trends

    Modern bathroom fixtures

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    Download the bauhaus iPad Book

    From your computer, simply click to download. Drop into iTunes, sync to your iPad and open in iBooks. From your iPad, click to download and open in iBooks.

    Download Now We appreciate your patience, the file download will only take a few minutes

    1645 Stemmons Freeway, Suite A, Dallas, TX 75207 I 214.744.5500

    5 Design Trends for the Modern Office

    As 2012 comes to a close, many of us in the design world are looking forward to the creative ideas and solutions that are sure to unfold in modern office design in the next 365 days. As we plan for 2013, it is important to look back on 2012 and consider the trends that had the greatest impact on how we do business in the modern world.

    Open Workspaces
    Open workspaces were very popular amongst our clients this year. Open office systems incorporate some or all of the following design elements: team workspaces, shared workspaces, alternative work areas, space for large meetings/training, huddle rooms, broad main aisles, activity space and focused workspace. Get specific details about open workspace here.

    A particularly popular design element of the open workspace in 2012 was the use of benching applications. In the modern office, benching is comprised of work surface spaces with a central technology infrastructure. Benching is a very community-centric approach to working individually yet collaboratively, which leads us to the next design trend of 2012 that will certainly continue on into 2013 collaborative workspaces.

    Benching Application in an Open Workspace

    Low Horizon Workspaces

    Low Horizon, Frameless Glass

    Collaborative Workspaces
    Collaborative workspaces bring employees out of private, heads-down, doors-closed environments into an open environment designed to encourage exactly what the name implies collaboration. Collaborative workspaces are an essential component to the open workspace plan. Rather than using framed glass or glass with frosting, both of which promote privacy and separation, modern offices in 2012 were designed with a generous use of frameless, frostless glass. Designers lowered horizons in order to create more open and visible spaces. Collaborative workspaces are designed to encourage people to get more involved and connected with one another. Workplace psychology indicates that creativity happens via collaboration, not isolation. 2012 modern office design embraced this concept, and we expect to see a continued use of this design style in 2013. Learn more about collaborative workspaces here .

    Open Collaboration Workspace

    Open Collaboration Meeting Space

    Efficiency of Space
    As the economy continues to recover from the 2007-2010 recession, corporations are shifting from a “bigger is better” mentality to an appreciation of maintaining a smaller real estate footprint. This shift in culture has affected both the actual size of a company’s office building or space and the individual workspaces. Designers are tasked with the challenge of making every square inch of an office workable space. The trend for creating the most efficient spaces possible has increased the use of demountable walls such as the Infinium wall systems.

    Infinium Wall System

    Individual workstations are much smaller, and collaborative spaces are used generously. By cutting back on personal workspace and private offices, modern offices are able to increase the size and use of break rooms, lounges and breakout areas. Gaming systems are becoming increasingly more popular in these collaborative spaces. Designing the work environment more efficiently enhances the work experiences, and therefore, retention of employees. Open, collaborative, and yet, efficient spaces create an environment that optimizes creativity and connectivity.

    Integrated Technology
    Open, collaborative workspaces must integrate technology throughout the office design in order to be effective. Without effective technology integration, collaborative workspaces simply will not work. The entire workspace must lend itself to a holistic embracing of technology. From iPod and iPad docking stations strategically installed throughout the space to large screen monitors for Facetime and Skype conferencing, 2012 modern office design trended to the embracing of technology throughout the workspace.

    Technology Integration with Screen Sharing

    Tangerine Explosion and Other Uses of Color
    Pantone named Tangerine the color of the year for 2012, and modern office designers and end-users alike agreed. Two years ago, the trend was monochromatic design, but 2012 experienced the incorporation of color and mixed-material design that brought a much-needed, upbeat energy to modern office design. A 2012 trend we expect to see continue into 2013 is the incorporation of woods with white laminates, as well as the use of brightly colored paint and textures to creatively zone open workspaces. Color and mixed-materials create visual centers or zones, eliminating the use of walls, physical barriers and signage.

    Tangerine Accent and Platner Chairs

    So what is new for 2013? We agree with Pantone … emerald green! We expect to see lots of emerald green in textures and paint this year.

    #retro interior design


    10 Hot Trends in Retro Furniture that You ll Love in your Home

    There is no doubt that retro trends in furniture are back in a big way! Have you ever heard if you save your clothes or furniture for 20-30 years the styles will come back in fashion? While this may be true, sometimes the styles don’t come back in the same exact materials, colors or execution of the design but the original intent does resurface. Furniture design is similar to fashion in that designers gain inspiration from the past and fuse it with modern details and inspiration. If you are looking to “update” your home with retro furniture but don’t know where to start, take a look at these 10 hot trends that are sure to modernize your home in a throwback way!

    1. Choosing an era that you love for your interiors:

    Retro furniture is all about digging into the past eras of design styles and choosing the ones that you loved the best. Many homeowners like to choose mid-20 th century modern furniture that focuses roughly from 1930’s – 1960’s. While there is still a trend for 70’s and 80’s periods as well, decide what characteristics you enjoy and that fit your design style. The furniture of each era have their share of patterns, colors, finishes and pop culture appeal that will resonate with every homeowner differently.

    Take cues from the architecture of your home for your vintage interiors

    2. Choose furniture that matches the architecture of your home:

    Many homeowners choose furniture from the inside out, while others prefer to let the architecture of their home help decide their furniture options. This is perfect for homes that love to mimic streamlined retro furniture to counterbalance expansive windows and views. Many architects over recent eras were also furniture designers. Dig into history to find out if your favorite architectural style would complement your furniture too!

    3. Retro lighting to illuminate in style:

    Whether you love the retro metal arc floor lamp with the big lampshade that was popular in the 1970’s gracing everyone’s living room or you prefer the introduction of aluminum into wall and pendant fixtures of the late 1960’s – lighting was an integral part of retro furniture decor. Look to your favorite lighting manufacturers for lighting reproductions for your ceiling, walls, floor in every retro style imaginable.

    Bring back retro lighting with wall, pendant and ceiling lighting

    4. Diner style kitchens that make you reminisce

    Kitchens have come a long way in design over the years and retro appliances and vintage furniture that recreate a scene from your favorite greasy-spoon diner are a wonderful and nostalgic trend. The 1950’s style of family diners with high contrast color booths, metallic finishes, and the feeling of hanging out at the local neighborhood diner can be recreated in your kitchen today. Andy Warhol’s pop art pieces with high contrast colors in your kitchen tiles, flooring, furniture mixed with stainless steel appliances or pastel colored appliances will make your kitchen sing.

    Mix modern with retro diner kitchen amenities

    5. Choosing accessories that bring out retro appeal

    Have you noticed the infamous 60’s inspired sunburst mirrors are gracing the walls of your latest home interior magazines along with retro clocks, eclectic collections of dishware and more? If you’re not sure if you want to take the full plunge into a retro-inspired decor or if you’d prefer to keep it subtle, try adding accessories throughout your home. Choose colorful vintage metal tins to add nostalgia to a side table and try shopping your favorite yard sales and online artisan communities for wonderful retro accessories.

    6. Tips to consider when decorating with authentic retro furniture

    Many home furnishings companies have reproduction lines that recreate the nostalgic and retro looks that we all love. If you decide to use authentic period furniture from garage sales, hand-me-downs or from vintage stores, ensure you are safe when painting, refinishing, or changing the look of old furniture. Especially children’s furnishings can have lead based paint, toxic varnishes and also can have safeguards that are not in place as modern children’s furniture. Keep this in mind if you’re refinishing old furniture or plan to buy children’s cribs, changing tables and other adolescent furniture.

    Accessories can pull your retro interiors back into a loved by-gone era

    7. Return back to the days of front porch-style living

    Outdoor living, especially on the front porch was a way of life for many homeowners during midcentury years and bringing retro styled garden furniture to your front porch is one way to re-live those years. Metal or heavy gauge steel garden furniture in pastel hues or vibrant color palettes are perfect for your outdoor home. Add a modern appeal with all-weather seat cushions in fun patterns like florals, stripes, or polka dots to bring back the days of drinking ice cold soft drinks from a glass bottle with a straw on the front porch and watching the world go by!

    Create an outdoor retro style porch Image via: Sheila Rich Interiors

    8. High contrast colors textiles in your retro bedroom

    Nothing says vintage like high contrast colors and textiles, especially in your bedroom. The 70’s were a wonderful era of lava lamps, high voltage prints in bold and dynamic shapes and orange, green, purple, turquoise, and yellow were favorites among home and fashion designers alike. Bring a taste of retro styling into your bedroom with upholstered headboard made from velvet, velour, and pair accents decor with pops of color in accent pillows, shag rug and a eye-popping accent wall of color! What bedroom won’t look psychedelic with these pairings?

    Upholstered headboard, high contrast color palette accessories for your retro bedroom

    9. Find a color or retro element that inspires the rest of your design

    If you don’t have a specific era of furnishings that you love, consider getting inspired by your favorite color of appliance, sofa, lamp or even wall artwork. You will be surprised how an entire room can draw inspiration from standalone color. Who wouldn’t love these turquoise appliances in their retro kitchen?

    Let color be your retro inspiration for the rest of your home

    10. Seek inspiration from pop culture in your everyday world

    In recent years there has been a reemergence of retro television, movie, fashion, automobile and all design industry fields have seen vintage charm. If you are stumped on how to choose retro furniture and inspiration, surf the internet to your favorite pop culture icons. Everyone from celebrities to everyday people are bringing out vintage finds and changing the world with them. We d love to know what retro styling inspires your vintage home!