Paint colour trends for 2011/12

From the What’s New archive – August 2010.

Life has slowed a little and we ve been reminded to appreciate the things we have and those around us. We ve become more creative in taking what we have and the best of the past and using them to create modern memories and a fresh outlook on the future. Colour schemes are becoming increasingly more individual as decorators break out of specific eras, designated fashions and aesthetics and instead focus on creating more simple homely spaces inspired by memories and the pleasures of the everyday.

Colour has become an inseparable part of our lives and the way we view the world. Predictable and boring are bypassed. We have come to expect a world where everything is touched by colour. Appliances once used to be purchased for their practical performance, yet now frequently it is the colour and design style alone that s the key deciding factor. Accent colours were once usually featured on walls or in cushions, flowers and ornaments. Today it s just as likely that your feature might be a striking coloured fridge, kitchen accessory or the latest high fashion gadget.

Homes are becoming less of a showplace and more a place to make yourself at home. It s all about comfort deep luxurious baths you can sink into, furniture that envelopes you, beanbags for adults for relaxing outside and wireless that lets you take technology into whichever room you like without a trail of cords.

Colours for 2011/12 are generally cleaner and less complicated, an overall feeling of comfort. The palette is tending towards more feminine hues as females are increasingly making more decisions for households. There are touches of uber bright reds, oranges, yellows and violets, such as Resene Switched On and Resene Outrageous, to draw in the eye like a flower. This handful of brights from across all colours provides a handy accessible palette of optimistic accents.

Latest interior design trends 2011

Resene Switched On

Latest interior design trends 2011

Nature has been a strong influence on colour, particularly in recent years, and this continues to broaden into a wider colour range. Fresh colours, rustic textures and the beauty of handcrafted pieces, filled with personality in their imperfections. Colours from nature come blessed with a feeling of authenticity. Greens are inspired by nature with sunny tones, yellow greens, such as Resene Koru and Resene Nirvana, refreshing greens, such as Resene Zeal, and crossover hues moving from green to blue, such as Resene Free Spirit. Nature comes inside into feature spaces and accessories.

Nostalgia comes through in feel good colours like landscape greens, yellows and ochres, such as Resene Fleetwood. Yellows have a retro undertone with an underlying hint of green.

Latest interior design trends 2011

Latest interior design trends 2011

Latest interior design trends 2011

latest interior design trends 2011

The current lineup of the top 100 Giants firms is Interior Design’s 40th, and that deserves some recognition. Our Giants make a lot more money today than they did four decades ago—and are doing it with more diversity of talent, technology, geography, and materials than ever before. Business is good, and firms are optimistic.

Join the Interior Design Research Group to give us your feedback as well as get the first look at research, white papers and industry intelligence. If interested, send your contact information to Wing Leung at [email protected]

Latest interior design trends 2011

As usual, we have some new annual numbers to share. Giants have a good history of beating their own forecasts for total design fees, having done so for seven straight years. The latest fees came in at $3.9 billion, nearly $200 million better than predicted. If the numbers-beating streak continues, we’ll be seeing total fees higher than $4.1 billion reported next January. On the flip side, while terrific at beating fee forecasts, the Giants aren’t as accurate on how much square footage they will work on. They had hoped for just short of 1 billion square feet and came in with slightly over 900 million, which is still a bump from the previous 884 million. From a fee standpoint, that’s $103 per foot, up from $99.

Sustainability is still a factor, but how big of one is up for debate. The number of employees who are LEED-accredited has been dropping for years and currently stands at 25 percent. Just over half of total fees come from sustainable projects: $2 billion. While that hasn’t actually decreased, growth has been very slow. Green furniture and fixtures appear to have peaked at 64 percent of grosses two years ago and today come in at 60 percent, or $51.2 billion. Last year, an average of 6 out of every 10 square feet were sustainable—more than 7 out of every 10 square feet for a third of the firms. They certainly want to have the conversation, 91 percent saying that sustainability is part of design decisions. So the green trends warrant monitoring. Money is definitely there, but growth is debatable. More firms are doing the work with fewer LEED staffers.

One area where the news is virtually all good: staff. The number of designers employed rose from 15,200 to 16,800. Firms are getting their money’s worth, too, as fees per employee have reached $317,000, an all-time record. Employee compensation has gone up accordingly. Salaries rose to $75,000 for design staff on average and to $110,000 for project managers, the highest we’ve ever tracked for both.

The biggest segments remain office projects (39 percent of revenue), hospitality (14 percent), health care (13 percent), and government and retail (7 percent each). Some of these areas showed nice growth. Office-related fees were up a healthy 14 percent, while government dollars grew by 25 percent and health care 22 percent. One interesting note from the firms that work on education projects: Higher ed has always been the big moneymaker, but the number of firms working in the K-12 arena has been steadily rising and has now hit 61 percent. Regardless of sector, the Giants have shown a remarkable ability to line up work. At the low point of the Great Recession, they worked a total of 22,200 jobs. Since then, the number of jobs has grown each year and stands today at 58,600. Throughout that time, the ratio of new construction to renovation has held pretty steady at around 1:1. However, “reno” is currently at the highest it’s been in three reports. For either scenario, the furniture, fixtures, and construction products have always been big business, with grosses continually rising. This time was no exception, with $85 billion worth of product installed versus $58 billion in the 2011 report. Next time, the Giants look to top the $90 billion mark.

Business remains global, but the U.S. market is by far the biggest. With 15 of the Giants strictly U.S.-focused, more than half complete at least 90 percent of their projects here. (Not counting the three firms based internationally.) Of the firms conducting business abroad, 74 percent work in Asia and the Pacific Rim, 60 percent in Europe, and 51 percent in Canada. Volume was up in Europe and the Caribbean, by 11 percent and 20 percent, respectively, while the Middle East was down 15 percent. Of special note: Mexican projects have attracted 39 percent of these firms, the highest volume since we began keeping track 10 years ago.

The last 40 years haven’t always been kind, for sure, but right now it’s safe to say that the Giants’s interior design business is robust and poised for continued success—71 firms reported revenue growth, and 88 expect business to be even better this year. When we asked about new tactics to generate that growth, the words that came up most were expand and diversify. We’re talking across the board. Expansion and diversification of the kind of work firms do, where they do it, and what kind of talent they recruit to get the job done. That’s what a 40-year learning curve gets you. So let’s just say it: Here’s to 40 more!

The first installment of the two-part annular business survey of Interior Design Giants comprises the 100 largest firms ranked by interior design fees for the 12-month period ending December 31, 2016. The 100 Rising Giants ranking will be published in July. Interior design fees include those attributed to:

  1. All types of interiors work, including commercial and residential.
  2. All aspects of a firm’s interior design practice, from strategic planning and programming to design and project management.
  3. Fees paid to a firm for work performed by employees and independent contractors who are “full-time staff equivalent”.

Interior design fees do not include revenues paid to a firm and remitted to subcontractors who are not considered full-time staff equivalent. For example, certain firms attract work that is subcontracted to a local firm. The originating firm may collect all the fees and retain a management or generation fee, paying the remainder to the performing firm. The amounts paid to the latter are not included in fees of the collecting firm when determining its ranking. Ties are broken by the dollar value of products installed. Where applicable, all percentages are based on responding Giants, not their total number. The data was compiled and analyzed by the Interior Design market research staff in New York, led by Wing Leung, research director.

The 5 Ps of Success – Proper- Planning- Prevents- Poor- Performance

The 5 Ps of Success – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

I have come across this little acronym several times throughout the course of my 13 years as a designer and I think it is a fantastic way to remember what is necessary to complete a design project successfully. I love simple, concise ways to break ideas down so that they are more easily shared with clients and colleagues. Here are the 5 Ps to keep in mind no matter what the task at hand is

PROPER: Regardless of what it is you are doing, there is a proper way to approach and execute the task. There are steps to follow and specific tools you will need in order to complete any project efficiently and skillfully. If you don’t know how to do something, for example install a ceramic backsplash, get as much information as you can from a reliable source so that you do not miss any important steps, use the wrong materials or attempt something outside of your skill set.2011 interior design trends

PLANNING: Thoughtful, detailed planning is so important when starting a project. Start by making lists that detail what you want to accomplish (scope of work), who will be involved (the design team and trades), and what will you need to make it all happen (the budget). Be specific and research each category so that very detail has been addressed and nothing has been overlooked.2011 interior design trends

PREVENTS: As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is always a good idea to have a Plan B firmly in place so that you are ready to address issues as they arise, and they will! Establishing a backup plan will prevent costly delays that can occur during renovations.2011 interior design trends

POOR: If something is done poorly, why bother. Cutting corners to save money will result in poor workmanship and disappointing results. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you see how much an amateur costs!

2011 interior design trends

PERFORMANCE: If you keep focused and stay actively involved with each phase of your project, every member of your team will work together to produce the best possible results.

2011 interior design trends

And that is the magic of the 5 ps!

Hope to connect with you again tomorrow where we discuss-the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, as we prepare for the New Year ahead!

  • 2011 interior design trends
  • 2011 interior design trends

Find Your Degree

Interior Design classes faculty can choose to work at one of 18 accredited interior design schools in Texas. Below are statistics and other relevant data to help analyze the state of interior design and interior design training in Texas, which includes interior design training at the following levels:

  • Interior Design Certificate
  • Certificate in Interior Design from Penn Foster Career School
  • Associates degree in Interior Design
  • Bachelors degree in Interior Design

Arrange By

1600 Campus Court, Abilene, Texas 79699

2011 S. Washington, Amarillo, Texas 79109

1900 Yorktown Street, Houston, Texas 77056-4197

500 Speight Ave., Waco, Texas 76798

801 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75202-3604

919 Hunter Drive, El Paso, Texas 79915-1908

8080 Park Lane #100, Dallas, Texas 75231-5993

3100 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77002

4301 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209

1950 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 4080 INFOMART, Dallas, Texas 75207

5000 Research Forest Drive, The Woodlands, Texas 77381-4399

8060 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, Texas 77501-2007

601 University Dr, San Marcos, Texas 78666

Austin, Texas 78712

2800 S University Dr, Fort Worth, Texas 76129

3452 Spur 399, McKinney, Texas 75069

101 W. Louis Henna Blvd, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78728

10000 IH-10 W Ste 200, San Antonio, Texas 78230


  1. Interior Design Schools in Dallas, TX 3 Schools
  2. Interior Design Schools in Austin, TX 2 Schools
  3. Interior Design Schools in Houston, TX 2 Schools
  4. Interior Design Schools in San Antonio, TX 2 Schools
  5. Interior Design Schools in McKinney, TX 1 Schools
  6. Interior Design Schools in Fort Worth, TX 1 Schools
  7. Interior Design Schools in Waco, TX 1 Schools
  8. Interior Design Schools in Pasadena, TX 1 Schools
  9. Interior Design Schools in San Marcos, TX 1 Schools
  10. Interior Design Schools in Amarillo, TX 1 Schools
  11. Interior Design Schools in Abilene, TX 1 Schools
  12. Interior Design Schools in El Paso, TX 1 Schools


Professional Trends

Texas Vs. National Interior Design Employment

Approximately 9% of the country’s interior design professionals work in Texas state.

Employment Growth for Interior design professionals In Texas

  • Yellow: Actual Values

In Texas, the field of interior design is shrinking. There were 510 less interior design professionals working in Texas in 2010, than there were in 2006. So, in four years, the number of interior design professionals has shrunk by 13%. This decline is slower than the change in the number of interior design professionals around the country. Nationally, the number of interior design professionals has shrunk by 23% from 2006 to 2010.

Interior Design VS. All Professions salaries in Texas

  • Light Blue: Interior Design
  • Dark Yellow: All Professions

The salaries paid to interior design professionals are growing in Texas. The mean salary for interior design professionals in 2006 was $43,780 per year. And in 2010 the mean salary was $51,470 per year.

Salary percentiles for Interior design professionals in Texas

This represents a 15% growth in salaries. State trends for all professions mirror this growth. Within the field of interior design, there is a huge variation in pay, with the highest paid interior design professionals earning 195% more money than those in the bottom 10% of the pay bracket in Texas state.

Average Salaries for Interior design professionals and related professions in Texas

Interior design professionals in Texas earn, on average, more than their counterparts in related professions.

Educational Trends

Interior Design programs available for each degree type for all schools in Texas

As the number of interior design professionals is decreasing in Texas state, the number of students graduating from the 18 accredited interior design schools in Texas state is decreasing. In 2006, 343 students graduated from interior design courses in Texas. And in 2010, 317 students graduated.

This represents a 8% decrease in the number of interior design degree or certificate school graduates in Texas state. Most of these graduates, or 38%, earned an undergraduate certificate in interior design.

Interior Design Faculty Salaries in Texas

Share Compare

Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

The number of interior design faculty, growth in the field of interior design academia and interior design faculty salaries in Texas, is all data we are currently in the process of collecting. Your anonymous submission of information regarding your career and salary will help us create a valuable career planning database for the benefit of interior design faculty at the certificate in interior design, associates degree in interior design, and bachelors degree in interior design levels in Texas. A summary of what your peers have told us up until now will be available once you submit your information.

How the economy and the housing market are impacting the interior design industry

Current interior design trendsBy Amy Biller, Kitchen Trends Expert, Snaidero USA

Earlier this year, the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) held a conference in Houston, Texas, which attracted top economic experts, real estate professionals, and major news outlets like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Bloomberg.

The purpose of the conference was to analyze the current state of the economy, the forecasts on its future, and see what that means for the residential real estate market in the United States. What was discussed is also of great interest to the interior design industry, which is being asked to adapt to the new trends.

Let’s look at some of the most important insights that emerged from the conference and their implications for the interior design community.

Sell or keep, but don’t buy?

An important factor that is going to impact the housing market is the so-called “lockout rates”. Lots of homeowners right now have fixed mortgage rates on their homes, sitting at around 3-3.5%. However, it seems like it is soon going to be more expensive to buy a home, with economists predicting that interest rates are going to go up and potentially reach 5% by the end of next year.

Current interior design trends

What this means for the interior design industry

With this forecast looming, it is understandable that homeowners might not want to let go of their current fixed mortgage rates. This means that a lot of people might decide to keep their home, instead of buying a new one, and opt for remodeling instead.

Luxury rentals on the rise

Current interior design trendsWhile some homeowners – especially Baby Boomers decide to keep their current home and make adjustments to it, others are opting to sell and go back to renting.

At the same time, their children (the so-called Millennials) are also looking for places to rent. These are young people who delayed their departure from the nest during the economic turmoil of the past several years. With the economy slowly picking up, some of them are now finally moving out and finding a place of their own. Their preference towards renting is dictated by several reasons, including:

  • The convenience of renting vs buying (to avoid the burden of a mortgage combined with house maintenance expenses);
  • the mobility of today’s job market, which might call for people to move more frequently than ever before.

Both Baby Boomers and Millennials are gravitating towards luxury rental apartments, as proven by the fact that developers are seeing a rapidly increasing demand for these kinds of properties.

What this means for the interior design industry

Current interior design trendsWe shouldn’t be quick to think that more people renting means lower demand for interior designers. Sure, it used to be that rental apartments were living spaces where “what you saw was what you’d get”, with no chance of changing it. However, things have evolved.

There is now an increasing trend towards renting and customizing the space based on one’s own personality and lifestyle needs, with one’s own furniture and décor. People don’t want to give up the chance to make the space “uniquely theirs”, even when renting, so interior designers can step in and help them actualize their vision.

At the same time, designers need to be ready to be more flexible with their service offerings: in some cases, discerning clients might no longer want designers to specify products and buy on their behalf but they do value the creative input and experience that an interior designer can bring to the table.

Two distinct demographics; similar solutions

Just because they are choosing to rent, it doesn’t mean that Baby Boomers and Millennials don’t have some disposable income to spend on interior design. Whatever the room of the house, what they look for is high quality, sustainable furnishing products that can last a long time. Thinking long-term, they need furniture solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to their changing needs through the years.

For Baby Boomers, this might mean furniture to accommodate aging in place. For Millennials, it often means furniture that can be rearranged within the house as the family expands with kids and new needs arise.

Current interior design trends

What this means for the interior design industry

This trend calls for modular, easily movable and multi-purpose furniture that renters can use in many different ways and even take with them if they decide or need to move.

This doesn’t just apply to small furnishing items but also to notoriously more long-term design rooms like the kitchen. While this might be a relatively new thing for Americans, it is fairly standard practice among Europeans to take their kitchen wherever they move to.

This is why European kitchens like Snaidero’s are designed, manufactured and installed so as to be moved. It is also why, in the last few years, we have seen kitchens become more and more customizable and modular, down to the littlest details; to let the users personalize the space and adapt components to changing lifestyles, for many years to come.

Current interior design trends

What do you think of these economic trends and the way they are changing the interior design industry?

University Master’s course – 31 ST EDITION

Length of the course 15 months

Start October 2018

Academic training + internship

Interior design today represents a complex cultural system and requires a broad set of professional skills. Contemporary interiors express both a function and a meaning. The Master s course promotes creative thinking along with sound design abilities according to an architectural orientation.


Interior design is a clearly expressed system created to respond to multiple demands for identity, performance, emotional and physical comfort of individuals and groups. Course contents deal with concept design, space planning, interior layout and display. The programme provides discerning insights into the language of materials, lighting, colour, furniture and the integration of technical components. The relation with the building is deeply investigated. All these aspects meet in the studio classes led by renowned professionals that support the creation of a working knowledge base. Collaborations with brands and institutions enable the students to comprehend how interiors comunicate the brand values in a retail environment or in a corporate space through the use of architectural elements and spatial graphics. As a result of this education, on the one hand students are encouraged to develop a conceptual approach in design practice gaining a strategic under standing of elements and processes involved. On the other hand, technical representation and architectural detailing serve the students as a mirror for reviewing their design and refining their professional skills.


Upon selection the Master admits graduates in Interior Design or Architecture, Product Design or equivalents and students from academies of applied arts; candidates who have gained significant professional experience in the field. The program has a limited number of places available. Applicants will be admitted upon selection based on the student’s CV, portfolio and on an interview. Applications must be sent to the SPD Academic Office. More information on the admission process here.


The Master lasts 15 months (from October to December of the following year, with a summer break in August). Attendance is compulsory and full time. The total workload of the course corresponds to 1500 hours/student encompassing lessons, class exercises, internship and individual study.


At the end of lessons, students start a three-month internship at companies or professional firms in the field.


The Master’s course is held in English.


After passing the final exam, eligible students will obtain a Master’s Degree from IULM and SPD. The Master corresponds to 60 ECTS credits.

Programmes and teaching staff to be updated


  • Current interior design trends
  • Current interior design trends

SPD featured among Frame s top 30 Interior and Product Design schools

The prestigious Frame s Masterclass Guide to the world s leading graduate schools features the SPD Master in Interior Design in its

The students of Interior Design visit the 14th Biennale of Architecture

30 SPD students visited Fundamentals, the 14th edition of the Venice Biennale of Architecture and attended the closing conference given

SPD designs the total living concept store with Caleffi

On Tuesday 4 November SPD and Caleffi started a new collaboration aimed at involving the students of the Master’s in

Scuola Politecnica di Design at the MiArch festival

On 14 October at 4 pm SPD will take centerstage at the MiArch Festival of Architecture with a talk by


Project-based courses encourage the students to face challenging themes, closely related to the current design scene. These studio classes are intended to stimulate creative thinking, while rounding off sounder professional skills. Students work in an international and multi-cultural environment and meet with the tutors and the colleagues to discuss, revise, constantly develop their work. Each laboratory covers all the phases in the design process, from the concept idea to the presentation of the project. The interaction between people and space is investigated, according to an architectural orientation. A particular emphasis is given on the relationship between the creative phase of a project and the definition of specific physical and sensorial qualities of the spaces.

A growing attention to colours, materials and finishes marks a new breed of products, characterised by a strong emotional identity. This area of study covers all the aspects of the language of colors, matter and surface finishing. The course supplies the skills for the analysis and the research of trends and guides the students to the definition of an effective sensorial palette.

This field of learning supplies the critical tools to understand the contemporary scene and orientate the design practice in a conscious way. Interior architecture is defined as a result of juxtaposed stories, experiences, authors and movements, to be read and understood in mutual comparison and according to an open approach which encompasses spatial and decorative arts, architecture and design, furniture and exhibit design. Travelling across the most recent modernity, lectures will concentrate on projects and ideas that can help build “a different tradition”. Thanks to a non-chronological narration of astonishing masterpieces along with hidden gems, this methodological approach is the key to a different kind of design history that we can assembly and start new every single time. The topics covered comprise also the current orientations in design and the development of new languages and philosophies emerging from todays’ cross-fertilization processes among the different disciplines.

The aim of the program is to help the students to gain a professional command of 3D software both for surface modelling and for photorealistic rendering and animation. Computer generated objects enable the designers to examine the idea and to assess its form, its proportions and constructive elements. Students learn how to create virtual images, granting them highly photographic visual impact. A specific attention is devoted to the processes for the creation of prototypes and 3D printed objects.

This teaching area embraces different techniques to assess ideas and visualise effective solutions throughout the entire workflow. A variety of tools is presented, from the free-hand drawing and the fast colouring skills that allow the designers to communicate the concept idea before the CAD/3D phase, to the post-production and the publishing tools that enhance the presentation of the final design. Lessons are aimed at transferring the complete skillset to produce impactful visual presentations.

The purpose of the modelling workshop is delivering the students with the practical abilities needed in order to create three-dimensional study-models or rough mock-up for presentations. During the design process, modelling skills are a basic tool to verify the first ideas or refine them checking the layout of the space, the arrangement of volumes and their proportions, the functional path and the connections between the various spaces. Students are presented a variety of production methodologies (conventional and innovative) and acquire technical and operational skills to produce their mock-ups independently.

Popular Topics

5 Lessons to Become a Really Good Self-Taught Programmer

Top Deals

Interior design trends

Interior design trends

Who Wants to Learn Interior Design? Here are 8 Free Online Courses

Interior design is widely considered to be a pretty subjective matter. But that s not to say there s no distinction between good design and bad design. For instance, if you want a certain room to elicit a certain emotion and it fails to deliver, you ve designed it badly. As Shari Hiller states:,

A beautifully decorated interior not only functions well, but it also creates a mood or feeling and shows off the personality of the family that lives there. It s attention to these three important ingredients function, mood and personality that ensures decorating success .

To help you wrap your mind around these basic rules and more intricate ingredients of great interior design, the following free courses and resources will set you on the right path.

DecoratingStudio: The Fundamentals

Interior design trends

DecoratingStudio may not have the best website decor, but it sure has some great content on decorating your home. These short text and image based courses are all totally free, with no registration required. You ll be taken right through from choosing a color scheme to selecting the right furniture, and from treating windows to creating an amazing guest room.

Each section of the course also includes some basic exercises to help you think through the content, and allow it to sink in that bit more. This is a quick and quality way to grasp the basics of interior design before moving on to something a little more in depth.

Our Picks

BetterHomes: Practical Guides

Interior design trends

The decorating section of the BetterHomes website is stuffed with practical inspiration, professional tips, and do-it-yourself projects that will have your home converted in no time.

The navigation around each of the guides isn t the most streamlined, but the actual content a mix of images, videos, slideshows, and text is all worthwhile.

Our Picks

Design 101: Keep Up To Date With Styles

Interior design trends

The Design 101 section of HGTV is a treasure trove of information about, and ideas for, contemporary interior design. Be sure to look out for the read more link on the relevant pages, as these can often go unnoticed. At the bottom of each class page, there s also a We Recommend section which suggests other relevant content to bulk out your knowledge of a certain area.

Our Picks

DesignTripper: Interior Design Porn

Interior design trends

If you re looking for carefully curated inspiration, rather than step-by-step guides or introductory courses, DesignTripper is a beautiful alternative to Pinterest scouring. Spend a few minutes here, and you re guaranteed to come away with some incredible ideas for your own home.

The blog tours beautifully crafted homes, workshops, restaurants, shops, and gardens around the world, using stunning photography to portray the story and feel of each of the case studies.

Our Picks

Interior Design Basics: Quick Fire Videos

Interior design trends

This 53-part video course from HowCast is an excellent general introduction to interior design. Each video is only a couple of minutes long, yet contains sage advice, from understanding your budget 7 Baby Steps to Finally Start Saving and Budgeting Your Money with EveryDollar 7 Baby Steps to Finally Start Saving and Budgeting Your Money with EveryDollar EveryDollar is made by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey. We look at how it can help get your finances on the right track. Read More and choosing where best to spend your money, to creating a perfect bedroom.

By the end of the course, you won t necessarily be an expert, but you ll know what you should pay attention to when tackling the decor of your next room.

Our Picks

Interior Design Sketch Course

Interior design trends

If you ve always wanted to learn how to sketch like a professional interior designer, this 7-video YouTube playlist will help get you started. Each of the videos has been created by a different user, so there is some overlap the the content, but taking the time to watch a couple of these will give you a handle on the fundamentals when it comes to sketching a room design by hand.

In the list of suggested videos below, we ve also linked to a couple that are not in that playlist, but which deserve to be.

Our Picks

Houzz: A Decor Community

Interior design trends

Houzz is a 35-million member community, helping you remodel and design your home. Being a largely visually-oriented site, there are a huge number of curated interior photos (which you can easily save) to act as inspiration. There s also a wealth of blog posts covering design topics, case studies, and tours of well-designed homes.

Our Picks

HomeStyleExpert: Decorating Techniques

Interior design trends

Design is only one aspect of achieving the perfect home. Decorating is equally as important.

If you re tackling the decorating yourself, this section of HomeStyleExpert will introduce you to the skills you ll need to acquire Learn Basic DIY Skills Online With YouTube Learn Basic DIY Skills Online With YouTube While DIY falls in and out of fashion depending on the state of the economy, individual styles, and the availability of professionals and materials, there will always be someone, somewhere keen to learn basic DIY. Read More before gluing that paper to the wall.

Our Picks

Other Resources

When you feel ready to take the plunge into your next interior design project, there are a number of other free online resources that ll help make your life a lot easier.

Free Room Planning Software

  • HomeStyler
  • RoomStyler
  • Floorplanner
  • Planner5D (mobile and tablet app)

Other Tools

  • Create free mood-boards within your browser
  • Pick the exact color you want with this online color extractor
  • See what your room will look like in any color with one click
  • Download iOSDIY Droid: 6 Apps To Help With Your Next Home Improvement ProjectDIY Droid: 6 Apps To Help With Your Next Home Improvement Project Imagining your summer home renovation project? Get started with some Android apps to help you every step of the way, from inspiration to planning to building. Read More and AndroidDIY Droid: 6 Apps To Help With Your Next Home Improvement ProjectDIY Droid: 6 Apps To Help With Your Next Home Improvement Project Imagining your summer home renovation project? Get started with some Android apps to help you every step of the way, from inspiration to planning to building. Read More apps to help with home improvement projects
  • Save money on your decorating projects with these websitesSave Money on Decorating Ideas With These 11 Awesome WebsitesSave Money on Decorating Ideas With These 11 Awesome Websites It’s easy to overspend in lots of areas of your life. Cut back in one of those areas by checking out our list of websites that’ll save you money when decorating. Read More

As you can see, there s a deep wealth of information available online to help you learn about interior design. The above resources are among the best we came across.

We hope these will offer you the basics of interior design principles, some funky ideas, plenty of inspiration, and a ton of practical advice and guidance to build your confidence when it comes to tackling your own home.

Which other tools, courses and resources have you found helpful for your interior design projects? Have you tried any of those mentioned above?

Design Diary: Wallpaper trends that are shaping 2017

Need an instant face lift for your interiors? Look no further than wallpapers

If your experience of wall papers is limited to that bland, textural wallcovering in most offices, are plagued by the floral prints from the 1970s and 80s, or worse, have been duped by wall coverings that mimic brick and concrete, it’s time to press the reset button. Here we pick the hottest trends for wallpaper designs this summer that are bound to dispel your interior blues.

Latest interior design trends 2011

Inspired by the tropical evergreen, imagery of lush forests and the most fantastical creatures inform this trend. A direct consequence of Pantone’s Colour of The Year (Green), and fashion’s obsession with tropical prints, brands such as the masters of hand painted wall coverings, De Gournay, have heavily invested in designs that interpret the jungles in a painting-esque manner. The lines are fluid, but sharp, and the tonalities contrast a bright, deep foreground against a pastel backdrop.

Latest interior design trends 2011

I don’t blame anyone if they abhor the Victoriana wallpaper from their granny’s home. The prints, the colours and that sickly glossy texture — what were people thinking? That gave way to contemporary designs, but then, design trends are cyclic. Victorian florals are back in favour but in their 2017 reincarnation, they are bold, vivid and on a pop-art trip. Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest designs for Lelièvre are all that, and in trademark Gaultier manner, seek inspiration from tattoo art. Other recurring themes in the Gaultier universe — plants, hearts and sailor stripes — also feature.

Latest interior design trends 2011

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming familiarity of brush strokes and inkblots. This season they pack a strong design punch, perfect for accent walls. Inky blues, deep greys, moss greens and scarlet reds — the colour palette stays true to traditional inks, but it is in their application that these colours become the design itself. Large scale blots, the kinds you would make if ink was dropped on wet cartridge paper deliver fluid, organic shapes. UK based Murals Wallpaper have extracted these designs to create statement wall art- from authentic representation or in designs made from digital manipulation of blots and ink folds. Watercolour strokes deliver a deconstructed ombre effect that belies its simplicity.

Latest interior design trends 2011

Living in the Middle East, I feel a little excess is warranted. Rare metals like gold and minerals come together to deliver wall art that is just as precious. Brooklyn-based bespoke wallpaper studio Calico has already put its stamp of glam on the region — their metallic paper murals line the Gold on 27 lounge at the Burj Al Arab. Inspired by a rare sample of antique paper found by chance in a New York curiosity shop, Calico’s inaugural collection experimented with contemporizing the pattern, melding traditional marbling techniques with modern designs to create a series of unique signature styles. To adapt their handcrafted creations to customisable wallpaper, the studio partnered with Dieu Donné, a celebrated workspace dedicated to papermaking as a contemporary art form. The result is a collection of the largest marbled papers that exist today.

Latest interior design trends 2011

Vinyl prints, skylines, brick walls — in fact, flat reproduction of any photograph is a thing of the past. If it’s a graphic print or image that you are after, invest in designs that project distinct depth. Add familiar textures to the mix and you have wall coverings that leap out of flat vertical frames. The only thing that is better? A custom-printed high resolution print of a picture you took yourself!

interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends 2011

Interior design trends 2011

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Interior design trends 2011


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Interior design trends 2011

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10 of the hottest home and interior design trends for Autumn Winter 2017

Monochrome is the strongest look this season, floral wallpaper is back with a vengeance and houseplants are here to stay!

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

With the nights already drawing in it’s time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the coming seasons and the upcoming trends to look out for.

There are some exciting trends to consider this autumn which include some deeper, dark shades for both walls and accessories, plus some pared-back naturals and bright accents. Below, we show you our favourites and how to put them together in your home.


New interior design trends

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

If you can’t choose a single colour for a room why not opt for a selection? This ‘colour blocking’ trend is the perfect antidote to the winter blues and you can pick several contrasting shades together for extra impact. Here, the floor is kept white for balance and the grey throws also act as neutral tone to stop the colours from overpowering the space. Team with accessories in single colours like these charming side tables.

Shop the look: Two tone knit throw, 45; stone knitted throw, 49; grey oversized velvet cushion, 20; Create double duvet set, 49; Rothko block colour cushion, 25; Painterly print cushion, 15; Klee block colour cushion, 25; clear bottle vase, 14; Geo mug, 5, all from the Linea Create Collection at House of Fraser

New interior design trends

New interior design trends

An uplifting tone that sits between turquoise and blue, teal is the perfect shade to use to give a room a brighter aspect. It works particularly well when combined with fresh white and looks fantastic with pale blonde wood, as can be seen here. The simple lines of the furniture give a modern feel whilst the teal rug adds a decorative touch and links to the wall colour. Accessorise with soft greys and turquoise glass.

Shop the look: Retro upholstered chair in grey, 59; Idris solid oak table, 259; Idris solid oak chairs, 99; Homemaker teal bordered chevron rug, 40; Blushed pink 12-piece dinner set, 18; Jade dinner plates set of 4, 6; Copper wire candle holder, 10; Wire tealight holder copper cactus vase, 12, all from George Home

New interior design trends

Think beautiful organic ceramics, jute rugs, woven lampshades and linen tablecloths and you’ll be spot on with this look. This trend is all about natural elements being used together. The colour palette ranges from off whites, soft creams and a spectrum of greys that leads up from the palest tone to dark slate.

Shop the look: Seat cushion cover, 8.99; linen table cloth, 34.99; linen tea towel, 4.99; rug, 119.99; mustard cushion cover, 6.99; bowl, 8.99; jug, 17.99; table mats, 6.99; wooden box, 24.99, all from H M


New interior design trends

Ditch the metro tiles geometrics and more intricate designs are here! Squares and rectangles are a thing of the past, but mosaics are back and they come in an array of shapes, colours and sizes. These beautiful geometric tiles are a key trend and they’re versatile too, as they can work in both modern and traditional settings. Laura James, Brand Ambassador for Fired Earth explains: ‘They can be as subtle or as statement-making as you want them to be; even the simplest white tiles can be used to create eye-catching effects such as herringbone or basketweave designs. Despite being on-trend, styles like these won’t date since they also have a timeless appeal.’

Shop the look: San Diego recycled glass mosaics, 399.94 a sq metre, Fired Earth

New interior design trends

Nature-inspired hues are all the rage and what’s more perfect than a rich emerald green? For a dramatic look opt for a deep shade, or if you prefer a more serene space then choose a hue a few tones lighter. It’s a luxurious colour that looks great teamed with blush pinks and copper accessories. Break the look up by using prints and patterns in contrasting shades to add interest.

Shop the look: Westex carpet in pine, 45.99 a sq metre; Christie bed, from 449, both from Carpetright

New interior design trends


New interior design trends

Floral wallpaper is back with a vengeance, not small ditsy designs, but beautiful, big prints in pretty tones of blush, dove grey, and emerald will add a romantic element to your room. ‘People want their homes to feel truly unique and special,’ says Abigail Watson, Creative Director at 1838 Wallcoverings. ‘Wallpaper adds personality, colour and textures to a room and with such a wonderful range of innovative and inspiring designs available wallpaper offers drama and impact, a great way to transform interiors and reflect personal style.’

Shop the look: Camellia Collection, Madama Butterfly wallpaper, 96 a roll, 1838 Wallcoverings

New interior design trends