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Interior Designs dealing in Interior Designing and based in Delhi. We can give your home well sounded magnificence in respect of works and living comfort. Interior designing is structuring, arranging, furnishing and decorating home in such a way that it naturally offers you lavishness, spacious, comforting, luxurious ease.

We believed in creativity and quality. We enjoy the whole process of designing as we feel that we are going to live in that house. highly focused on meets the expectations, need and budget of the client to provide best customer service. Our professional and talented staff takes necessary time to design your dream home so that you feel confident your home reflect your tastes and inspirations.

Our professional architect and interior designer focus on the need and requirements of the client to develop a dream home as per their expectation. In we have an efficient and dedicated team especially for the Interior designer who understands the need of present time in cost efficient manner. For each building type, our designers provide the design which is based on energy efficient system, appropriate selection of materials to adjustment with environmental conditions and long term performance.

We at provide you the complete solution for the interior designing so that you can easily execute our drawings for your house. We basically focus on the detailed drawings for each service. In each detailed drawings of Interior designing set may included:

1.Interior Designing ( 3D View):In this view, we focus to provide a clear picture of a room , how it will look after the execution of our drawings with the location and designs of everything( Furniture, Bed, curtains, chairs, sofa, table, door, window etc), colour, textures and tiles used including the four sided wall design, ceiling and roof design, floor designing. Here we are sharing some sample for your reference to check the quality of our drawings.

2.Interior designing (Technical Drawings):You can see the 3d view by above design that how your house will look after execution but how it will execute that is mention on technical drawings. So we provide all the technical drawings with the interior design to execute properly the drawings for your dream house as per your expectations. We provide the below details in our technical drawings which helps you to execute the drawings in a proper and right manner :

Furniture layout plan

All floor working plan

Furniture space layout plan

Ceiling working plan

Ceiling electrical working plan

You can check the sample of above these drawings in just a few clicks.

toilet interior design

Toilet interior design

Toilet interior design

Things to note for when planning to renovate offices, factories, retail shops in Singapore

Pass a copy of this manual to your Interior designers / Renovation contractors for their reference and compliance. Application forms for the Renovation permit, Shut down of Fire Sprinkler System, Application of Hot Work Permit are found in the manual, and needs to be submitted prior to the commencement of the renovation.

We would also advise tenants to ask the building management office for any special instructions relating to the renovation, as this may spells out any hidden cost to you later.

Experienced teams from Singapore Interior Pte Ltd will provide a full turnkey service to your renovation needs:-

. Preparation of drawings for submission to relevant authority such as FSSD (SCDF), HDB, URA, BCA, etc.

. Cabling work for lighting, power, voice and network points.

. Provision of keyphone / PABX system, server rack, UPS, door access, surveillance camera.

. Erection partition rooms with drywall gypsum board, tempered glass, fire rated board, etc.

. Install false ceiling and plaster ceiling

. Floor finishing – carpeting, vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet, granite / homogenuous tiles.

. Wall finishing – wall paper covering, emulsion / enamel painting.

. Fire protection system – addition / alteration to the fire sprinkler, heat / smoke detectors, call points. Provision of FM200 for server rooms / data centre.

. Plumbing work – inclusive of supply and waste piping, coring of floor slabs for new wet pantry and toilets. Installation of toilets sanitary ware, sink, etc.

. Carpentry work – all design and built items relating to furniture inclusive of decorative items such as stainless steel, mirrors, glass, etc.

. Office furniture – complete range of office furniture, system furniture, open plan partition, desks, cabinets, chairs, conference table, reception counter, etc.

. Company signage – in 3D acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium box-up, vinyl stickers, etc.

. Provision of telephone and video conferencing equipments, projectors, etc.

. Is electrical distribution board provided?

. What is the electrical supply rating provided?

. Is the telephone main cabling from TAS riser to unit provided on site by landlord?

. Any floor trap for water discharge (for pantry, etc)?

. Hacking of floor screed allowed (to conceal cabling)?

. Installation of split unit aircon allowed?

Our project team will also conduct a Pre-inspection check when the premises is hand over to us and we will list down any irregular items found and forwarded to our clients for their reference / followup action. Similarly once our fitting out is completed, we shall conduct a handover to our client.

Information mentioned above is strictly for your reference only and not for sales as training material, neither allowed for use by interior designers / contractors for their check list. All authorisation from us must be written. All rights reserved.

EAGO toilet – EAGO Toilet seat, EAGO spare parts

Welcome to EAGOTOILET.COM – Innovative designs and green technologies. Finally your toilet can look like a piece of art and be extremely reliable.. Call us with any questions or to place an order 270-777-2070

Toilet interior design

With EAGO – toilets are no longer just serving the functionality. Every model has a distinct design and will take its place as well designed part of interior.

  • Superior Glazing
  • Enlarged 3.3 inches outlet
  • Soft closing/non slam seat
  • Powerful siphonic flush system
  • Dual flush system (selected models)
  • Removable seat (selected models)

Toilet interior design

Regardless of the model for your EAGO toilet we can supply you with spare parts. This is the best way to protect your investment, make sure, spare parts are available and can be shipped within a reasonable time..

  • Toilet seats
  • Tank filling system
  • Flushing system
  • Toilet seat bolts
  • Flushing buttons / Levers
  • Ceramic tank lid
  • Trap snorkels for 12″ rough In
  • Trap snorkels for 10″ rough In (select models only)
  • Toilet mounding Kit
  • Toilet tank High pressure hose

Toilet interior design

EAGO ceramic pedestals are stand out with a superior contemporary designs that will add a perfect touch of class to your bathroom with an updated feel that doesn’t sacrifice space. Manufactured with nanometer technology to create a super-smooth surface and feature:

  • Superior Glazing
  • Extra thick layer of porcelain
  • Single hole faucet mounting will accommodate most of modern Faucets.
  • Matching sink – leg saddle for easy installation
  • Reinforced wall mounting for extra reliability

Toilet interior design

EAGO whirlpool tubs are absolutely unique. Every whirlpool is a peace of art with superior enginering. Any model will complement your bathroom.

  • High quality acrylic
  • Fiberglass reinforsment
  • Faucet, spout, drain and hand held shower factory installed
  • Steel frame with adjustible legs
  • Free standing plumbing included

8 Room Design Tricks Interior Decorators Would Never Tell You for Free

Follow this throw pillow equation

Toilet interior designYinYang/iStock

To accent your couch, place two 20-inch-square pillows in a matching bold pattern in the corners. Overlap them with two 16-inch pillows in a coordinating solid color. Add one lumbar pillow with a subtle pattern (like a pinstripe) for balanced design.

Hang artwork at the right height

Toilet interior designYinYang/iStock

Most people hang artwork too high. Place a piece so its bottom is only three to eight inches above furniture—lower for large pieces and slightly higher for small pieces. When there’s too much space between furniture and a painting, the eye rests on the void, blank wall between the two pieces.

Rearrange the bookshelves

Toilet interior designarchideaphoto/iStock

Organize 60 percent of books vertically and 40 percent horizontally on the shelves. This creates balance yet spontaneity (and shows off the back of the bookshelf if it’s lined with a decorative fabric). Stack horizontal books lower than vertical ones: If the vertical books are 12 inches tall, place three to four books horizontally up to four inches high. Add green plants to soften the bookshelf, but avoid flowers, which can look cluttered and distracting.

Create space with the right mirror placement

Toilet interior designBlair_witch/iStock

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: What is the best placement of them all? Centered at about 57 inches high, experts say. This is an easy, strain-free eye level for most people. To create the illusion of more space, mount a mirror opposite a window to bounce light.

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Place a rug based on its size

Toilet interior designBCFC/iStock

The size of the rug—say, for under the coffee table—will dictate how you arrange furniture around it. With an eight-by-ten-foot rug, situate the sofa and any chairs so that the front legs of each are somewhere on the rug but the back legs are not. With a five-by-eight-foot rug, keep the sofa completely off, but still place the front legs of the chairs on it. In a large family room, use two rugs to create two separate living areas.

Measure dining tables before you buy

Toilet interior designSolidago/iStock

In the market for a new one? Make sure it’s wider than 36 inches. This allows room to eat, even when the center of the table is filled with serving dishes and centerpieces. Tight on space? Consider a round table. It fits well into a small corner and, with no edges, offers more eating space.

Follow this go-to color scheme

Toilet interior designarchideaphoto/iStock

When choosing a color palette, assign 60 percent of the room a dominant color, 30 percent a secondary color, and 10 percent an accent color. In a classic room setting, this may translate to designating walls the dominant color, upholstery the secondary color, and a floral arrangement or pillows the accent color. If you have a nice view outside, frame it by painting the interior window trims a dark color.

Want a new coffee table? Check these measurements

Toilet interior designnevarpp/iStock

Because couch seats today are typically about 20 inches high for easy sitting and standing, the ideal coffee table is 15 to 20 inches tall. Situate it 18 inches from the sofa; this is the average distance from a person’s hip to kneecap (people usually sit perched on sofas in living rooms). In a casual family room, 18 inches gives space for lounging and comfortably walking around the furniture. Choose a coffee table that’s two thirds as wide as the sofa.

#toilet interior design


The experience in using the toilets has a significant influence on the airport user’s total journey experience through the airport. As part of the constant drive to make every airport user’s journey as pleasant as possible, HKIA is committed to maintain and seek to upgrade the standard of the this essential facility.

Hong Kong International Airport (“HKIA”) intends to refurbish the toilets with a contemporary, aesthetic, innovative and yet customer-centric design. This Toilet Interior Design Competition (“Competition”) is organized to gather innovative design ideas from design talents in Hong Kong. The winning designs of the Competition may be taken into consideration and be, partly or wholly, adopted in the HKIA toilet refurbishment project.

Participants must submit entries from 23 May 2016 to 22 July 2016 (both days inclusive).
Each entry should include at least the followings,

  1. Design plans that may include, but not limited to, a layout plan, perspective view, artist’s impression, computer image or other drawings of both Male and Female toilets.
  2. Brief text annotations to highlight the design ideas and concepts, features and functionality, materials used, etc.
  3. A text description of no more than 500 words (either in English or Chinese) to sketch out the design concept, toilet features and considerations of the entry.
  4. All entries must be in A2 (420mm x 594 mm) size, in PDF or JPEG format with 300 dpi output resolution.

Entries will be ranked according to the scores given by the Panel Judges.
Participants of the winning and merit entries will be notified directly of the results by email by the Airport Authority.

#toilet interior design


Toilet Home Design Photos

Spruce up the bathroom – Don’t wait until you have enough money for a bathroom reno to freshen it up. Simply changing a towel rail, toilet roll holder, hand towels or even vanity accessories can make an impact in a tired wet zone. If the toilet is looking pretty ordinary, but you’re not ready to buy a new one, simply replace the old toilet seat with something of quality. Freshen up the bathroom.

Gary Hutton Design

Go all out – You’re not likely to find yourself clutching the last square of toilet paper with nowhere to turn for more in this powder room. Now this is what I call a bathroom of abundance!

Enviable Designs Inc.

So, what should you make the focal point? Anything but the toilet. In this room, the designer hid the toilet behind a hutch-like cabinet wall. See more on where to put the toilet .


Did pilot’s iPad plugged into ‘INCORRECT socket’ cause 2016 EgyptAir plane crash?

The plane was travelling from Paris to Cairo when the devastating crash occurred.

French authorities have ordered an investigation as to whether a mobile device might have contributed to the plane s demise.

Investigators have suggested the theory that a pilot charging his iPad in the cockpit could have caused a fire if it overheated.

The probe will focus on an Apple iPhone 6S and iPad Mini 4, both belonging to the first officer.

Investigators will examine whether one of the devices was plugged into the wrong socket.

CCTV footage reportedly captured the first officer placing a tablet device and a bottle of perfume on an instrument panel in the vicinity where the fire started.

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  • Why THIS country does NOT appear on airline route maps

  • iPad on EgyptAir plane could have caused crash say investigators

    The flight data recorder showed smoke present in the toilet and avionics bay upon analysis of the wreckage, with high temperature damage and soot uncovered.

    One source close to the investigation said: Cockpit plugs are not made for toasters or coffee pots. They’re for professional use.

    At this stage, the combustion or self-combustion of a tablet in the cockpit is the working hypothesis.

    According to Apple. authorities had not contacted the company about the investigation.

    The technology giant said there was no evidence to link the EgyptAir crash with any of its devices.

    The most shocking plane crashes in the world

    Tue, August 1, 2017

    You’re more likely to die driving your car, but that doesn’t stop a lot of us being terrified of planes. Looking through these photos, you can see why

    An iPad belonging to the first officer which was in the cockpit is being examined

    In a statement, Apple explained: We haven’t been contacted by the GTA [Air Transport Gendarmerie] or any authority investigating this tragic event.

    “We understand there is no evidence to link this event to Apple products. If investigators have questions for us, we would of course assist in any way we can.

    We rigorously test our products to ensure they meet or exceed international safety standards.

    There were 40 Egyptians, 15 French and at least three children on board the doomed flight.

    One of the victims was British citizen Richard Osman, a 40-year-old father from Jersey.

    International aviation expert David Learmount has argued against the iPad theory.

    EgyptAir plane crash – 66 people were killed when the flight came down in May 2016

    We rigorously test our products to ensure they meet or exceed international safety standards

    He said: Firstly, pilots don’t leave objects on the dashboard because they know they will end up in their lap when they take off or on the floor and they’ll get airborne in turbulence and could jam the controls.

    “Also, a phone bursting into flames just below the windscreen is a fairly spectacular thing to take place on a flight, and they would have told somebody on the ground. Nobody has mentioned this.

    “But the key point is while there were warnings about the window heating systems, there were also smoke alarms in the toilet and avionics bay under the floor. How would the fire have got under there? It doesn’t make sense.

    Instead the expert offered a theory of his own, that of a a short circuit or explosion.

    Mr Learmount said: “My guess is the little computer in the avionics bay was damaged by fire; and issued spurious warnings, which were in fact the box screaming for help.”

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    Drain Cleaning Tampa

    Olin Plumbing offers both residential drain cleaning as well as commercial drain cleaning services throughout the Tampa Bay area. We know that whether it is your home or it is your business a clogged drain can really be a headache and even possibly lead to more serious plumbing problems. If your drain is clogged due to hair build-up, grease build-up or maybe even your kid’s toy finding it’s way down the drain, our plumbers have the experience, expertise and equipment to clear even the toughest clogged drains no matter the cause of the stoppage. Our customers throughout Tampa know that when it comes to drain cleaning they can count on Olin to clean their drains.

    Types of Drain Clogs

    There are various types of drains in both residential and commercial building structures throughout the Tampa area and these drains can tend to clog from time to time. As there are various types of drains there are also various types of drain clogs. There are kitchen drain clogs. shower tub drain clogs. bathroom sink drain clogs. toilet drain clogs. floor drain clogs and main sewer line clogs. Each of these varying types of clogs can occur for different reasons. For example, a toilet might become clogged due to someone flushing too much toilet paper down the toilet while a main sewer line clog may be caused by tree roots breaking through the pipe. Our experienced plumbers know and understand this fact and are equipped with the latest technology and tools enabling them to both determine the cause of the clogged drain as well as clear the blockage in order to get things flowing as they should once again.

    What To Do If You Experience A Clogged Drain

    Sometimes there is no need to call a plumber if you experience a clogged drain as it may be easily cleared by you, the homeowner or business owner. A common example of this type of situation may be a toilet becoming clogged because someone tried to flush too much paper down the toilet. Usually the first thing you do in this case is grab a plunger and attempt to clear the stoppage yourself and if you are successful you’re good to go. But there are instances when a drain becomes clogged due to other reasons such as maybe your child tries to flush his toy truck down the toilet in which case a plunger probably will not do the trick and you will need to call a professional plumber. If and when something like this should ever happen to you it may be time for you to give Olin Plumbing a call and let us clear the drain stoppage for you. We also offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we are the Tampa plumber who is open on holidays. Call us today at (813) 443-5820 and we would be happy to assist you with your drain cleaning needs.

    Residential Drain Cleaning Guarantee

    Tampa Service Area

    We offer our plumbing services throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Below is a list of just some of the area throughout Tampa that we service. For a complete list of the areas we service please visit our Tampa Plumbing Service Area page. If you do not see you area listed, please feel free to give us a call at (813) 443-5820 and we would be happy to assist you.

    Let’s Get In Touch

    3201 East 8th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605

    Let’s Get Social

    Additional Info

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    Toilet Bathroom Interior Designs

    Considering the personal needs of yourself and your family will ensure the bathroom is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. For instance, if a family member happens to have special needs or is physically handicapped, placing a seat in the shower or handrails along the sides of the toilet will help to limit accidents. If there are children, a bathtub along with colorful bathroom designs might be preferable to a colorless shower to make bath time more fun and engaging.

    Overall Theme and Color Scheme

    To avoid a discordant home design, a bathroom s design should complement the theme and color scheme of the rest of the home. For instance, if the home s design is contemporary, incorporating clean lines and modern colors into the bathroom will help to promote that theme. Possible color choices might include ivory, ebony or stainless steel. Many modern-style toilets are available on the market as well. A floating toilet in which the toilet is secured to the bathroom wall without a base and censor flusher or a push-button on the wall might help with the modern theme. Toilets also come in a variety of colors, so if traditional white isn t quite your style, select a black toilet.

    Mood Considerations

    In addition to the home s overall theme and color scheme, factor in the mood you wish to convey in the bathroom. If you d like the bathroom to be peaceful and calming because you enjoy nightly bubble baths, the bathroom s color and theme should evoke soothing emotions. Colors such as sky blue or violet have a calming effect. If the bathroom is for the kids and you want the bathroom to be fun and inviting, primary colors such as green, yellow or red work well to catch their interest.


    Incorporating accessories add the finishing touch to any bathroom s decor. Placing candles throughout or hanging a simple piece of art above the toilet elevates the bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. While many bathrooms may share the same style toilet or the same wall color, the accessories allow you to add a personal touch. If the bathroom is masculine, adding something as simple as a rock-filled vase can make all the difference.


    Designing a bathroom isn t all about wall color and accessories. The budget also determines which direction your bathroom ideas might follow. If the sky is the limit, you could very well customize your own gold-plated toilet or install an unusual toilet paper holder. If you are following a strict budget, some of the most cost-effective design ideas for the bathroom are as simple as altering the wall color or choosing theme and color appropriate bath curtains. Bringing nature into the bathroom, such as a wicker basket filled with roses or pine cones, helps to keep costs down and adds an earthy scent to the room.


    Replacing a Toilet Cost

    • Expect to pay $60-$300 for a basic round, gravity-flush white toilet; or $100-$400 for a basic pressure-assist (noisy but good for heavy usage) or vacuum-assist (quieter, great for small apartments) toilet designed to improve the flushing capability of the 1.6 gallon-per-flush now mandated by federal law (compared to 3.5 to 5 gpf on older toilets.). For greater water conservation, some models include dual-flush technology with the choice of a lower-gallon flush for liquids and a higher-gallon flush for solids. Within these price ranges, two-piece toilets (bowl and tank are separate) typically cost less than one-piece models. CostHelper readers report paying $100-$325 for a basic toilet (without installation), at an average price of $176 .
    • Specialty toilets with sleek lines, in designer colors, made to look like stone or furniture, or with options like a heated seat start at $500-$1,000 but can cost $1,000-$6,500 or more. For example, the Kohler Purist Hatbox one-piece elongated 1.6 gpf toilet [1 ] is advertised as virtually silent but requires an electrical outlet to power the pressure-assisted flush, and costs $2,900-$6,478, depending on retailer and color.
    • Professional installation usually costs about $50-$250 for a standard toilet depending on location and plumber, but can be $300-$1,000 or more for a complex installation of a specialty toilet or if parts or lines leading into the toilet have to be repaired or replaced. There may also be a charge for extra labor, such as hauling a heavy one-piece toilet upstairs. CostHelper readers report paying $100-$400 for installation, at an average cost of $198 .
    • The total cost for a toilet with professional installation is typically $150-$600 depending on location and type of toilet, but it can be $700-$7,000 or more for specialty toilets and/or if additional parts and repairs are needed.

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    What should be included:

    • With the water turned off, the old toilet is emptied and removed, a new wax ring seal is installed and then the new toilet is put in place and hooked up. Do-it-yourself installation is possible, and this is considered a fairly simple plumbing procedure, but the installer should be able to lift a heavy-but-still-fragile toilet and know how to turn off the main water line. Lowe’s provides step-by-step instructions [2 ] .
    • Before installing a new toilet, check with the local building department for any code or permit requirements.

    Additional costs:

    • If the floor or flooring below or around the old toilet has water damage, there will be an additional charge for repairs, depending on the extent of the problem.
    • For $100-$1,300 or more, computerized/battery-operated toilet seats can do everything from glow in the dark to ventilate, deodorize and wash/dry (eliminating the need for toilet paper); This Old House features a few high-tech toilet seats [3 ] .


    • Check whether the local water district or department offers a rebate for replacing an old toilet with a low-flush model. Local plumbers are often aware of these programs and are usually willing to file any required paperwork.
    • Some areas also offer free installation of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) toilets for the elderly or the handicapped; ask the local housing or aging departments.

    Shopping for replacing a toilet:

    • Major manufacturers include American Standard [4 ]. Kohler [5 ] and Toto [6 ] .
    • Before shopping, measure the bathroom dimensions — especially the distance from the floor flange bolt holes to the rear wall, which is known as the rough-in dimension. A standard rough-in is 12″ and most toilets come in that size, but older homes may have a 10″ rough-in. HGTV explains how to choose the right toilet [7 ] .
    • lists tips for choosing a plumber [8 ]. Get several estimates, making sure all services, charges and fees are included in each quote. Request and check references, and be sure they’re properly bonded, insured and licensed [9 ]. Also search for any complaints with the Better Business Bureau [10 ] .

    Plumber: San Jose Plumbing

    We had turned off our toilet in the half bath because it broke a while ago so we finally got around to fixing it.
    I spoke on the phone with the plumbing company and they said it’s cheaper to buy the toilet ourselves and that they recommended American Standard. I liked how our other Kohler toilet looked better, but it broke quickly, so we figured we’d give American Standard a try. We went to Home Depot and bought the Vormax for $250. For what it’s worth, the guy at Home Depot also recommended American Standard.
    The plumber charged about an hour ($175 an hour!) for labor and $50 to haul the old one away.
    So far, we’re happy — we have another working toilet! I might need to swap out the seat cushion part though.

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    Got my local plumbing specialty shop to match $202 discount price I found online printed out for a Toto Drake 2 piece toilet then got online quotes from home service finders site. Tried to negotiate 1 plumber to do it for $75. He explained that online finders site charges him $15 for each referral. I agreed to $85.

    Already had a good quality toilet seat which I’d paid $30 for at the same local specialty shop. (I’d previously purchased one of the same 3-4 yrs. earlier for $16, so I was surprised in exorbitant price increase in short time).

    Plumber had all other supplies included in his fee to install. Bonus was that plumber’s helper took a look at whirlpool tub pump, pressed reset button on it. And Voila – whirlpool was restored to function at no extra charge!

    Good working fixtures can really improve household members ( guests) quality of life immensely. I’m a happy soaker once again.

    Was this post helpful to you? yes no

    You must be kidding me. $550.00 and said thats the going rate. What bull s% ( Ive been doing plumbing for 30 years now and have seen it were taken my friend and need to call consumer affairs. Probabley was not even a plumber. It just said that on his rip off service truck. washington DC has a ton of so called plumbers and not but one out of 10 is real. No license and no eperiance. I own a heating/air and plumbing co. your cost should have been $150.00 if you already have the toilet.

    Was this post helpful to you? yes no

    Replaced one toilet and fixed a leak in bathtub.
    Had to get this done since I was out of town and a tub refinisher scheduled to work after he was to be done.
    This was not an emergency call. Scheduled day in advance. He was done rather quickly too. So by estimates he was worth 350 an hour. Toilet should run 200. Standard oval. A washer replaced or something was just tightened in the tub faucet. He was done in 2.5 hours. He did not replace any faucet apparatus.
    Going to review my bill with a superior at Superior to see if I’m missing something.

    Was this post helpful to you? yes no

    $1,531 sounds really high to replace two toilets and fix 2 leaky faucets. Were the toilets and faucets included? If so, how good were they? A cheap two piece toilet can be under $100, but a nice-looking one-piece toilet can run $400 or more. And cheap faucets sets go around $50, but nice ones cost over $100 for the set. So, if the price includes nice hardware, it might be OK. But no way $1500 for labor only — unless it took 2 days of non-stop work!

    Was this post helpful to you? yes no

    Sam’s Club has the Alexis model toilet package, with everything you need to install it – ring, seat, small package caulk. It’s jet action flush, using a fraction of a gallon per use with solids/liquids flush options to maximize efficiency. We did buy caulk for around the toilet at Wal-mart for about four dollars that lasted for four toilets. This toilet is about three inches taller than our old one and the flush button is on the top.

    Was this post helpful to you? yes no