How Nuclear Fusion Reactors Work

Current nuclear reactors use nuclear fission to generate power. In nuclear fission, you get energy from splitting one atom into two atoms. In a conventional nuclear reactor, high-energy neutrons split heavy atoms of uranium, yielding large amounts of energy, radiation and radioactive wastes that last for long periods of time (see How Nuclear Power Works ).

In nuclear fusion. you get energy when two atoms join together to form one. In a fusion reactor, hydrogen atoms come together to form helium atoms, neutrons and vast amounts of energy. It’s the same type of reaction that powers hydrogen bombs and the sun. This would be a cleaner, safer, more efficient and more abundant source of power than nuclear fission.

There are several types of fusion reactions. Most involve the isotopes of hydrogen called deuterium and tritium:

  • Proton-proton chain – This sequence is the predominant fusion reaction scheme used by stars such as the sun. Two pairs of protons form to make two deuterium atoms. Each deuterium atom combines with a proton to form a helium-3 atom. Two helium-3 atoms combine to form beryllium-6, which is unstable. Beryllium-6 decays into two helium-4 atoms. These reactions produce high energy particles (protons, electrons, neutrinos, positrons) and radiation (light, gamma rays)
  • Deuterium-deuterium reactions – Two deuterium atoms combine to form a helium-3 atom and a neutron.

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  • Deuterium-tritium reactions – One atom of deuterium and one atom of tritium combine to form a helium-4 atom and a neutron. Most of the energy released is in the form of the high-energy neutron.

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Conceptually, harnessing nuclear fusion in a reactor is a no-brainer. But it has been extremely difficult for scientists to come up with a controllable, non-destructive way of doing it. To understand why, we need to look at the necessary conditions for nuclear fusion.

Isotopes are atoms of the same element that have the same number of protons and electrons but a different number of neutrons. Some common isotopes in fusion are:

  • Protium is a hydrogen isotope with one proton and no neutrons. It is the most common form of hydrogen and the most common element in the universe.
  • Deuterium is a hydrogen isotope with one proton and one neutron. It is not radioactive and can be extracted from seawater.
  • Tritium is a hydrogen isotope with one proton and two neutrons. It is radioactive, with a half-life of about 10 years. Tritium does not occur naturally but can be made by bombarding lithium with neutrons.
  • Helium-3 is a helium isotope with two protons and one neutron.
  • Helium-4 is the most common, naturally occurring form of helium, with two protons and two neutrons.

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Ivanka Trump set to get West Wing office as role expands

The first daughter will not, however, become a government employee, raising ethics questions.

03/20/2017 05:56 PM EDT

Everything but the house

Ivanka Trump has secured her own office on the West Wing’s second floor. | Getty

Ivanka Trump, who moved to Washington saying she would play no formal role in her father’s administration, is now officially setting up shop in the White House.

The powerful first daughter has secured her own office on the West Wing’s second floor — a space next to senior adviser Dina Powell, who was recently promoted to a position on the National Security Council. She is also in the process of obtaining a security clearance and is set to receive government-issued communications devices this week.

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In everything but name, Trump is settling in as what appears to be a full-time staffer in her father’s administration, with a broad and growing portfolio — except she is not being sworn in, will hold no official position and is not pocketing a salary, her attorney said.

Trump’s role, according to her attorney Jamie Gorelick, will be to serve as the president’s “eyes and ears” while providing broad-ranging advice, not just limited to women’s empowerment issues. Last week, for instance, Trump raised eyebrows when she was seated next to Angela Merkel for the German chancellor’s first official visit to Trump’s White House.

As her role in the White House grows — a role that comes with no playbook — Trump plans to adhere to the same ethics and records retention rules that apply to government employees, Gorelick said, even though she is not technically an employee. But ethics watchdogs immediately questioned whether she is going far enough to eliminate conflicts of interest, especially because she will not be automatically subjected to certain ethics rules while serving as a de facto White House adviser.

FBI’s Trump-Russia probe knocks White House on its heels

Having an adult child of the president who is actively engaged in the work of the administration is new ground,” Gorelick conceded in an interview on Monday. “Our view is that the conservative approach is for Ivanka to voluntarily comply with the rules that would apply if she were a government employee, even though she is not.” A spokeswoman for Ivanka Trump said her role was signed off on by the White House counsel’s office, and the conflict issues were “worked through” with the office of government ethics. A White House spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment about the unique arrangement.

People close to Ivanka Trump said that she sees nothing unusual about the arrangement — it’s simply how she has worked with her father for years, as a senior official at the Trump Organization and as Donald Trump’s partner on “The Apprentice.”

But in the White House, the unprecedented arrangement for a child of the president has raised new questions about potential conflicts of interest — and about why Ivanka Trump can’t simply join the administration as a government employee. Her husband, Jared Kushner, serves as an official senior adviser in the White House and was sworn in, but his hiring also raised questions of whether it violated anti-nepotism laws. The Justice Department ruled that those laws applied only to agency appointments.

Ivanka Trump still owns her eponymous fashion and jewelry brand, even though she stepped down from her position at the company ahead of her father’s inauguration. She is also publishing a book, “Women Who Work,” which is due out in May.

I will continue to offer my father my candid advice and counsel, as I have for my entire life,” Trump said in a statement. “While there is no modern precedent for an adult child of the president, I will voluntarily follow all of the ethics rules placed on government employees.

The arrangement, however, was greeted with more questions about what freedoms Trump was trying to preserve for herself — and why.

“They’re not saying she’s going to voluntarily subject herself to ethics rules to be nice,” said Norm Eisen, the former ethics czar in the Obama administration. “There’s recognition that they’re in very uncertain territory here. The better thing to do would be to concede she is subject to the rules. It would create some outside accountability, because if she can voluntarily subject herself to the rules, she can voluntarily un-subject herself to the rules.”

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Under the new rules, Trump has divested her common stock, tech investments, investment funds — and they will all appear on Kushner’s 278 financial disclosure form, required by all Cabinet nominees. Bloomberg News reported on Monday afternoon that Trump and Kushner sold as much as $36.7 million in assets to comply with federal ethics rules, according to the Office of Government Ethics.

But when it comes to divesting from her business, however, Gorelick admitted there is no way to make it a conflict-free zone.

“The one thing I would like to be clear on: we don’t believe it eliminates conflicts in every way,” Gorelick said. “She has the conflicts that derive from the ownership of this brand. We’re trying to minimize those to the extent possible.

Gorelick argued that the area is murky because outstanding contracts with third party vendors mean that Ivanka Trump cannot simply close her business — those vendors could continue using her brand. She also can’t sell the business, her attorney argued, because the buyer would have the right to license her name and potentially create other ethical issues.

Instead, Trump will be distancing herself, as much as possible, from the day-to-day operations of the Ivanka Trump brand and convey her interests to a trust.

The trust, Gorelick said, will be controlled by her brother-in-law, Josh Kushner, and her sister-in-law, Nicole Meyer, who will be prohibited from entering the brand into any agreements with foreign countries or agencies. Ivanka Trump has appointed Abigail Klem to serve as president of her company, overseeing the day-to-day operations, and prohibited the company from using her image to sell the brand. The first daughter, however, will retain veto power to kill any deals that would be “unacceptable from an ethics perspective.”

Gallup: Trump hits low 37 percent approval

Gorelick, a former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, will also serve as the outside ethics adviser to the trustees. The business will also be prohibited from using her image to market the brand.

Under the trust, her attorneys said, Ivanka Trump will receive only the information she needs for disclosure requirements and to facilitate compliance with conflict of interest and impartiality rules.

As for the money she will make from her book, Trump is planning to donate the royalties and net proceeds to charities that focus on women in the workforce, with the help of a donor-advised fund.

The measures that Ivanka Trump is undergoing to comply with federal ethics laws, ethics watchdogs said, are better than nothing. But they argued they are weak in the face of the flagrant violations of ethics standards by the president. Donald Trump’s hotels and golf courses, for instance, continue to engage in business with foreign and national groups that have interests in front of the White House.

“You might be inclined to view this differently and more generously if the White House had shown a stronger commitment to ethics enforcement,” Eisen said.


Top 5 Famous Criminal Defense Lawyers

When it comes to finding a good criminal defense lawyer. you only want the best. If you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you re facing criminal charges and have to step before a judge, you want a criminal defense attorney on your side that truly believes that you are innocent until proven guilty, . As well as, an attorney that will do whatever it takes in their professional power to prove your innocence during trial. Lawyers like this really do exist and history has shown us time and time again some of the best-of-the-best when it comes to criminal defense attorneys. Here are the top 5 famous criminal defense attorney s that we think are some of the very best:

Let s start with the late and great Johnnie Cochran. probably one of the most famous, well-known criminal defense attorneys of all time. Also probably most famously known for his role in defending O.J. Simpson during the murder trials of O.J. Simpson s ex-wife and her male friend. By the end of this highly publicized trial, Johnnie Cochran, along with the remainder of the defense team had led O.J. to a successful acquittal of all charges. Cochran was also famously known for representing other famous people such as Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, Rosa Parks and many more famous names, while also being a well-known name for his success with cases against civil rights and police brutality. Johnnie Cochran sadly passed away in 2005 after a battle with brain cancer and was famously remembered for his motto if it does not fit, you must acquit.

Dick Deguerin is famously known for his representation of House Majority Leader Tom Delay when he was faced with conspiracy and money laundering charges. He is also well known for his successful representation of many bankers that were involved with the Enron Empire collapse. Other high profile clients of this Texas criminal defense attorney have also included David Koresh and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

Anne Bremner. a well-known Seattle criminal defense lawyer is famously known for her representation of Michael Jackson during the child molestation charges that he faced. Every single civil case that Anne Bremner has represented, she has won. Bremner is also famously known for her involvement in the defense of the Des Moines Police Department during the Mary Kay Latorneau case and for her representation of Amanda Knox.

Leslie Abramson is famously known for representing high-profile clients during murder trials. Abramson is remembered for her representation of the Melendez brothers, Erik and Lyle, when they were facing charges for the murder of their parents. She is also well-known for her representation of Phil Spector during his murder trial where he was accused of murdering actress Lana Clarkson, whose body was found in his home. Abramson later resigned from the Spector case.

5) Shawn Holley Chapman:

Chapman is well-known for representing famous names such as Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters. In the past, Shawn Holley Chapman had worked along-side of Johnnie Cochran many times and is also famous for appearing on a number of morning shows. Chapman is also famously known the many years that she spent as an on-air legal analyst for an Eyewitness news segment.

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How Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) Works

sebastian iovannitti/iStockphoto
When you’re pulling a heavy load like this one, it’s a good idea to know the tow vehicle’s GCWR.

Some numbers associated with cars and trucks really aren’t a mystery. In fact, they’re pretty straightforward. For example, most everyone knows what fuel economy numbers are. Even horsepower and torque numbers are familiar to many these days. A vehicle’s zero to sixty times are often mentioned when you’re discussing a sports car, and if you’re talking about a sedan, you might even be familiar with numbers that describe how much interior space that model has to offer — numbers that describe the interior volume or the front and rear seat leg room. These numbers — along with many, many others — are important to understand when you’re buying a car or truck. They clearly describe to you what you can expect to get for your money.

Even though all of these costs, statistics, weights and measures are published, or somehow available to consumers, there are still a few numbers that cause some confusion among new car and truck buyers. Truthfully, most people don’t even know what some of these numbers really mean, or the consequences of ignoring them. One example is a vehicle’s gross combination weight rating. or GCWR.

If you’re ever planning to tow a trailer with your vehicle — whether it’s a car, truck or SUV — you should be aware of your gross combination weight rating, so you should probably start by learning the definition of a GCWR. A vehicle’s GCWR is a specific weight determined by the manufacturer to be the maximum weight of a loaded tow vehicle and its attached loaded trailer. The total weight of the tow vehicle and trailer should never exceed the manufacturer’s listed GCWR [source: Ford Motor Company ].

Similar to a vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating, or GVWR. the gross combination weight rating is a specific maximum weight limit determined by the manufacturer. The major difference is that the GCWR takes into account two individual (yet attached) vehicles — the tow vehicle and the trailer. However, the gross combination weight rating definition doesn’t really state how the weight rating is calculated. According to Ford Motor Company, the GCWR is calculated by adding the following weights together: The vehicle’s listed curb weight, allowable payload, driver and passenger weight and trailer weight [source: Ford Motor Company ].

It’s important to remember that the GCWR is not an actual measurement of the weight of a tow vehicle and a trailer, but rather the combined maximum weight limit that the manufacturer has set for the two vehicles once attached.

The primary reason for setting a GCWR for any vehicle is safety. Overloading a tow vehicle or a trailer is dangerous enough. Overload both and you’ve really got a problem. Not only is a heavy load difficult to control on the road, but several other components could also be at risk. For example, the braking systems may overheat and fail, reducing or even eliminating the possibility of safely slowing or stopping your vehicle. The tires may not be able to handle the extra load, potentially causing a blow out situation. The engine and transmission in the tow vehicle may overheat due to the added strain, causing a mechanical failure. Components within the tow vehicle or trailer’s suspension system could bend or even break, causing you to lose control on the road. The truth is that a variety of problems could result from overloading. Again, you should never surpass your vehicle’s GCWR.

If you’re going to tow a trailer, it’s a smart move to play it safe by learning your vehicle’s GCWR. Where can you find this information? Typically, it can be found on a label inside the vehicle’s door frame, near the area where the driver’s door latches. Another option is to search for the information on the Internet. Most manufacturers will publish this and other important vehicle information online.

The chart on the next page may be helpful as well.

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a data-track-gtm Byline href http www.howstuffworks.com hsw-contact.htm Scott C. Benjamin a How Gross Combined Weight Rating GCWR Works 26 September 2008. br HowStuffWorks.com. lt http auto.howstuffworks.com auto-parts towing towing-capacity vehicle 20 gcwr.htm gt 9 June 2017″ href=”#”>Citation Date


Welcome to Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab

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After having lost what feels like everything in your life, the love of your pet still exists. They don t care that you didn t come home when you said you would, wake up when you said you would, or be where you said you would be. They love you UNCONDITIONALLY.

At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. they understand the immense benefits of having your animal while getting sober. Located on the Pacific Coast in Orange County, you can bring your pet to the treatment. Your animal can stay with you in your own private room and help you through the journey which lies ahead.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab will be happy to refer you to a treatment center who can provide for your needs. This FREE Referral service is for clients who go through Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab for their initial rehab admission processing. Your assigned treatment center will then arrange for easy and affordable payment on your part. When you are referred by Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. you know you can trust the treatment center you will be assigned to. We look for quality, competence and credibility because we only want the best for our clients.

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We are #1 for rehab facilities coming from states surrounding California. We take people from all different states including Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and even farther away states such as Kentucky and Ohio. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and away from negative influences to get over a drug or alcohol addiction. Come join us in beautiful Southern California with beach front rooms available. Recovery on the shore, there is nothing better. Call today!

At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. we have a special understanding of couples in love that abuse alcohol or drugs together. With over 20 years of experience, we have seen it all and treated it all! Couples that abuse substances together need a special approach when it comes to both parties’ recovery. When two people in love are both addicts, they enable each others bad habits and the addiction will only get worse. In order for either person to achieve sobriety, both lovers must enroll in recovery.

When you are in a relationship where drugs are in the spotlight, this will inevitably cause fights between the couple and negatively affect the relationship. It’s very common and happens all too often. You may think to yourself “All we do it argue now” or “my lover no longer appreciates me”. but if you take a step back and really look at the bigger picture, you will see that most of these negative aspects of your relationship only began when the drug abuse began. Both people’s abusive behavior will cloud each person’s judgement, you may even begin to feel hostility towards each other, turning your relationship into a love-hate situation. Take alcohol and/or drugs out of the equation, and in most cases you will find that there isn’t much to fight about anymore. When you remove the negative influence of substance abuse, you will come to find that the loathing and hateful feelings you each felt will no longer exist. Drug abuse commonly ruins what was once a happy, healthy relationship.

If you and your partner are seriously ready to stop the exhausting cycle of substance abuse, give us a call. At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. we will design an individualized, personal treatment program for you both. Your recovery path will be tailored to you, your lover, and your unique situation to ensure the highest probability of success. If you are ready to once again feel true love and regain the happy, hopeful relationship you used to have with one another, we are ready and waiting for your call!

Don’t let your relationship be another casualty of substance abuse! It’s never too late to recover together and reverse any damage that has been done. When you do your recovery through Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. you and your loved one can come to detox together. You will have the option to stay together, in the same private room. This way, your privacy and intimacy does not have to be sacrificed.

You and your partner were addicted together, now you can recover together. You will act as each other’s support system, holding each other accountable and responsible. In addition, you will have highly trained medical staff assisting you both in detox, and licensed therapists to assist you both in rehabilitation, rebuilding, and recovery. When you stay with us at Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. our exceptional staff will closely monitor you and your partner’s progress. Your success if our mission. Don’t wait any longer, text or call today to speak with an intake specialist. With our several facilities in and around Orange County, California, there will always be a spot open for you and your partner to come and learn how to live again!

  • California Heroin Detox
  • Couple Heroin Detox
  • Couple Opiate Detox
  • Couples Private Rooms Drug Treatment
  • Couples Naltrexone Drug Treatment


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How to Fit Into City Life when Moving from a Small Town

Build a culture list. List all possibilities of a city that it might have, such as transportation, education, city halls, libraries, parking, etc. By creating a list, you can have a written guide with which to start exploring your new territory.

  • Use guidebooks written for travelers. These are handy for new arrivals moving into a city as they are for tourists.

Research any local laws. It’s essential to understand the local city laws or have an idea of them when first arriving.

  • If you drive, you must be aware of all laws pertaining to driving, including how to handle emergency vehicles, snow emergencies and bans, and parking meter time limits. Also understand road markings, signs and simple but important things such as merging and giving way to vehicles in particular situations (for example, where there are cable cars involved).

Prepare for the weather. The further your move is, the more different of a climate and weather change you will need to expect. Moreover, large cities tend to create their own micro-climates and this can be disconcerting at first, until you learn to cope with additional heat from so much concrete, extra humidity, icy sidewalks or windy corridors caused by tall buildings and grid streets. Another thing that sometimes comes as a surprise is how cold shade thrown from tall buildings can make a street feel, especially in the mornings.

  • Jot down and learn the average temperatures for January and July. January is usually the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and hottest in the Southern Hemisphere, while July is the complete opposite (hottest in the Northern Hemisphere and coldest in the Southern Hemisphere).
  • Plan on changing your wardrobe in order to adjust to your new location, depending on the seasons. Many places around the tropics do not experience the same seasons and weather patterns as those areas closer to the North and South polar regions.

Construct a map of important places. You might want to start with city hall, grocery stores, banks, the DMV/RMV (Department or Registry of Motor Vehicles), the closest school, police station, and gas station.

  • There are plenty of apps available to help you locate good eating establishments and places of entertainment, so download a reputable one to assist you.

Part Three of Four:
Set a Budget Edit

Establish a new budget. City life is usually more expensive than town and country prices. Even the smallest things can really add up. There are often things you’d get for free in smaller towns that cost money in the city, including parking, a glass of water/bread with your meal or certain kinds of household rates. You’ll need to account for all these extras as part of your budgeting.

Brainstorm on your needs versus wants. Write out your list in two columns and then break each one down, if needed.

  • Food, gas, electricity, rent/mortgage, and heat may be the most essential needs to put down. Social activities, attractions, household items, and internet would probably be considered as wants.

Compare different companies before signing up for services. Research on the variety of electric, internet, and phone based companies in the area. Always calculate if bundle packages are cheaper than getting single items.

Organize your methods of grocery shopping. Find a supermarket near your home and see if it offers free or cheap delivery or whether you’ll need to self-deliver. For fresh food, scout farmers markets in the city. Many farmers markets have cheaper produce than supermarkets, however, depending on the city, they may also be seasonal and not always open.

Take advantage of any discounts. While attraction discounts would be more fit for families, any individual can enjoy discounts to restaurants, bars, and other new discoveries in the city. Look for discounts online (company websites, special offer sites, etc.) and through tourist brochures, etc. Use coupons when shopping for food.

Never reveal any money to the public. If you are pulling money out of an ATM (automated teller machine), use your body as a shield and place your money in your wallet when you are still at the machine. Don’t put your money in your wallet while walking.

Avoid money beggars. You may never know if they really need money or not, as some of them are “professional” panhandlers. If you want to help those in need, always think of donating to an official organization that assists in such situations.

Always secure your personal belongings. Never take anything out of your house that you do not need. Securing your vehicle is also very important; hide all items out of plain sight underneath your seats and lock all doors.


The Best High Speed Internet

Latest Update June 14, 2017

The best thing on the internet

DSL, Fiber Optic

The best thing on the internet

DSL, Fiber Optic

The best thing on the internet

Nationwide Fiber Availability

DSL, Fiber Optic

The best thing on the internet

Most Speed Options

The best thing on the internet

Best for Rural Areas

The best thing on the internet

The best thing on the internet

DSL, Fiber Optic

The best thing on the internet

Contract Buyout Offer

The best thing on the internet

As homes overflow with devices and binge-watching becomes a way of life, high-speed internet becomes critical. Not only are half of homes in the country subscribing to some sort of video streaming service, but also the average home has around eight connected devices. That means a majority of households are “heavy users” — and need around 50 Mbps to run multiple devices simultaneously.

If your household streams tons of HD video, regularly engages in video conferencing, and runs cloud-based services like Dropbox or Google Drive in the background, you’re probably a superuser. You ll need at least 100 Mbps, for a lightning-fast connection. But if YouTube and Hulu aren’t in your vocabulary, there’s a good chance 25 Mbps is more than enough.

When it comes to internet, there s no single best provider. Prices and speeds will vary by zipcode. Because most people only have access to a couple internet service providers, so we dug into the speeds, prices, equipment, and customer service ratings of the top nine.

The Best High-Speed Internet

Nationwide Fiber Availability

Most Speed Options

Contract Buyout Offer

Best for Rural Areas

How We Found the Best High-Speed Internet Providers

According to the FCC’s most recent data, only 15 percent of Americans have access to more than two Internet Service Providers (ISPs). To help you compare your options, we looked at the 12 biggest names — the ones you ll most likely have to choose from.

From there, we zeroed in on those with speeds at least 25 Mbps or higher — the FCC’s baseline for broadband internet. We didn’t include Exede (12 Mbps), DISH (20 Mbps), or Verizon’s DSL option (15 Mbps) — their max speeds were too low to qualify.

Plans will vary by provider and location.

What is fiber optic internet, and why is it so fast? Fiber-optic internet utilizes light to transmit data up to 1,000 times faster, and over longer distances, than the copper wire used in DSL and cable technology.

To get a better idea of what speeds you ll have to choose from, we requested quotes in each ISP s three strongest service areas. We also looked at max speeds, the number of options, and regional availability using data from BroadbandNow. If there’s one thing we learned, it’s that regardless of what’s advertised, speeds tend to vary from place to place. An online quote is still the best way to see what s actually offered at your address.

But all customer service is average at best.

Let’s be honest: This industry isn’t winning any customer service awards any time soon. The internet is rife with complaints from literally every single provider we reviewed. In fact, in its 2017 report, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) said that customer service for ISPs is “slow and unreliable.” But some are worse than others. To see how they stack up, we compared scores from both JD Power and the ACSI.

Every year, JD Power evaluates ISPs with a nationwide survey to determine which have the highest overall customers satisfaction. So if a provider gets 5 out of 5 “power circles,” that means it is among the best options available. Two or fewer means it’s below average.

The ACSI publishes its own annual report using interview data from over 70,000 active customers to produce granular performance data on telecom companies. If a provider gets a satisfaction rating of at least 50 percent, that means that half its customers are happy with their service.

The Best High-Speed Internet Providers

Most Popular – AT T Internet serves up blazing fast speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps in major cities across the South and Midwest. You’ll need to be in an area that’s equipped with AT T’s fiber-optic lines to take advantage of speeds greater than 75 Mbps (less than 2 percent of the US is). But if you aren’t, AT T also offers DSL broadband in 38 percent of the US, making it the largest DSL provider in the nation. Between its fiber and DSL lines, AT T serves over 120 million people. (That’s over twice as many customers as CenturyLink and Mediacom Cable combined.) AT T’s strongest coverage is in California, Texas, and Florida, but it’s available in 21 states total.

Prices range from $40 per month for 50 Mbps to $60 per month for 100 Mbps, which is enough for a small family of average video streamers. Plans with speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps are available for $80 per month if you have access. If you opt for speeds lower than 1,000 Mbps, you’ll have a data cap of 1,000GB per month. That’s enough for over 300 hours of streaming — plenty for most users.

Customer satisfaction ratings are pretty low across the industry, but AT T managed to make the top 3, just behind Verizon and Charter Spectrum. It earned a 69 percent satisfaction rating from the ACSI and a 4 out of 5 in “overall satisfaction” from JD Power.

If you can t get AT T at your address, consider CenturyLink. With the exception of New York, West Virginia, and a few other northernmost states, It s available in all the states that AT T isn’t (38 in total). It also offers 1,000 Mbps in more cities than any other ISP. Extremely high speeds aren’t guaranteed everywhere CenturyLink is offered, but it’s a great place to start if AT T isn’t available to you.


Algonquin Logging Museum

General Description

The Algonquin Logging Museum brings to life the story of logging from the early square timber days to modern forestry management. Start your visit with a video presentation that sums up the logging history of the Algonquin area. On the easy-to-walk 1.5 km trail, a recreated camboose camp and a fascinating steam-powered amphibious tug called an “alligator” are among the many displays. Take a step back in time and learn about this very colourful aspect of Algonquin’s cultural history. As well, the Algonquin Logging Museum has an excellent bookstore staffed by The Friends of Algonquin Park .

Operating Hours Dates

  • Late June to mid-October (see the Events Calendar for exact dates and times)
  • Although the Reception Building (and Bookstore) will be closed outside of these dates, the Logging Museum Trail and outdoor exhibits are always available to Park visitors. As winter approaches and snow accumulates, some exhibits may be “winterized” but the Logging Museum highway entrance is typically plowed for a small pull-off for vehicles as staff time allows.


Features Amenities


This short video is featured in the Reception Building at the Algonquin Logging Museum.

Nearby Attractions

  • East Gate
  • Leaf Lake Ski Trail
  • Lake Opeongo Access Point
  • Pinetree Lake Access Point
  • Algonquin Visitor Centre

Related Information

#interior design new york city


Welcome to the Interior Design Building

Situated centrally in what is arguably the nations prime district for interior design, the 110 year-old Interior Design Building is home to some of the most celebrated interior design and antique merchants in the country. The seven floor property is located on the affluent Upper East Side of Manhattan, and caters to those who demand the highest quality décor and antiques.

As some of the most distinguished antiques and interior design collectors and merchants in America, the merchants of the Interior Design Building set a precedent within the market. Each merchant showcases a distinctive and desirable collection, offering amongst the highest quality in the Nation.

By housing merchants of similar specific interest and superior quality in the same seven floor building, space in the Interior Design Building offers more than just the advantages of prime location, an aesthetic environment and market proximity. Each antique and interior design-focused merchant benefits from the draw of one another, providing a co-operative environment for all merchants.

Recent Renovation of Lobby and Entrance

The renovation of the Interior Design Building completed in 2013 provided an up-to-date presence for its merchants and an impressive visual identity for the building.

On the exterior, the lower façade was modified to unify and enhance the overall existing character of the building.

As visitors approach the building, they are guided through the new glass façade into the dramatic lobby beyond.

Once in the lobby, the various textural materials of limestone and wood greet visitors at ground level. The new lobby design is a way-finding tool leading visitors toward the renovated elevator which delivers them to the building’s showrooms. New architectural lighting illuminates the ground floor space both inside and out.

The renovation of the Interior Design Building completed in 2013 provided an up-to-date presence for its merchants and an impressive visual identity for the building. On the exterior, the lower façade was modified to unify and enhance the overall existing character of the building. As visitors approach the building, they are guided through the new [ ]