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As a student at SCAD, you will have exclusive access to the university repeatedly rated number one for studying interior design by DesignIntelligence. Named among America’s best architecture and design schools, both our undergraduate and graduate programs regularly receive acclaim in the industry. Through collaborative projects, you can work on groundbreaking new developments like SCADpad ® — a micro-housing project that garnered global press for SCAD students — solving the design challenges of tomorrow.

Interior design mission:

The SCAD interior design department exists to guide students to become innovative interior designers capable of critical thinking, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork, emphasizing professional ethics and values within the context of social, environmental, and global design practice.

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SCAD leads the way in the interior design industry

The SCAD undergraduate and graduate interior design programs have been ranked No. 1 on the list of “America’s Best Architecture Design Schools 2018” by DesignIntelligence, the publication and rankings body of the Design Futures Council.

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Interior design degrees

SCAD’s accredited interior design degrees are offered in Atlanta, Hong Kong, Savannah and online via eLearning.

– Atlanta – Hong Kong – Savannah – eLearning

  • B . F . A .

Student work

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5-15 Broughton Street | Chun-Yao Huang View more student work

Interior design services

Chuck Chewning, creative director, Donghia, Inc.

Many programs at SCAD complement each other, giving you the option to explore multiple majors and diversify your skills. Learn how Chuck Chewning (B.F.A. historic preservation and interior design) used his two degrees to achieve international success.

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Artrend Interior Design Singapore

Artrend Interior Design Singapore industry with its track records of over 12,000 created dream homes in 30 years. Founded by Kelvin Chua, the interior design Singapore company is today, regarded by many as one of the best in the industry. With the in-house carpentry facility at Woodland Link, We lead the market in commercial interior design, residential interior design, condominium interior design and interior renovation services in Singapore.

No project is ever too small, and no interior design is ever too big. Creating a soothing and cozy home in a range of design styles, especially for limited space, is never an easy task. We are proud to say that we devote our utmost time and effort in every project. With our innovative ideas and Space Optimization Planning Solution , we will match to your requirements and maintain to the highest of standards in terms of Interior Design, Quality, and Service. – Founder Kelvin Chua


Interior design services

Interior design services

Interior design services

Interior design services

Interior design services

Interior design services

Interior design services

Interior design services

What We Do

Located in the heart of Singapore, Artrend Interior Design is a collective establishment that functions as a one-stop service specializing in Commercial Interior Design, Residential Interior Design, Condo Interior Design and Interior Renovation Services to providing all-rounded services in Singapore. Throughout the years, Artrend Interior Design has since embarked on a tireless journey to diverge from familiarity and create spatial identities for everyone in an increasingly anonymous world be it a home, office or commercial space.

Interior design services

Interior design services

Interior design services

Interior design services

Manifest Your Dream Space Today

Interior design services

interior design services

Interior Design That Leaves Its Mark

Interior design services

  • Beautiful dining chairs by @milandesignagen. Perfect for the holidays. #elegance#entertaining 1 hour ago

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StudioM will customize our Scope of Services to meet your specific interior needs. Though new construction Florida Interior Design projects are our specialty, we welcome any opportunity to create Read more

Interior design services

Our collaborative designer culture encourages communication with you from conception to completion. Whether we’re transforming a house into a home or a work place into a functional space, we begin Read more

Interior design services


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Do you want to work exclusively for the top income earners in the world? Do you love to be on construction sites – and not just design furnishing Read more

Interior design services

If you’re in need of full-service interior design in Tampa, FL, Studio-M’s team of experienced professionals can bring your ideas to life. Our firm has more than 20 years of experience in designing both commercial and residential spaces. Our focus is furnishing turnkey new-construction services, from conceptualizing to placing the accessories, we have the interior designers and the resources to manage any size Florida interior design project.

Our interior designers will work with you to facilitate design and decorate a space that reflects not only your taste and style, but also your principles, lifestyle, and achievements. Studio-M excels at taking any interior and re-imagining it into both an artistic vision and a fully-functional space. Our passion for interior design is to “develop livable works of art that are not only timeless but livable.”

Each project is special to us and we will customize our Tampa and/or national interior design and home decorator services to meet your exact specifications. Contact us today to learn about how we will give you the time and attention you deserve to successfully complete your project on time and within budget.

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Market Size Matters: you can’t plan a strategy, start a business, or make an investment without understanding key facts about the Interior Design Services industry. Find the information you need to help make the right decisions.

The Report on Interior Design Services contains key information used by Marketing Departments in many of the Fortune 1,000 companies and beyond. The report helps identify industry changes, trends, key players, and growth opportunities.

2016 Market Research Report on Interior Design Services Industry

Current Research on the Interior Design Services Industry

This section provides answers to fundamental and critical questions about the industry:

  1. What is the total market size ($ millions)?
  2. What is the Interior Design Services industry outlook?
  3. Has the market grown or declined?
  4. What is the market growth rate?
  5. Are long term forecasts positive or negative?
  6. What is the industry size and average company size?
  7. How many companies are in the industry?

Market Size Statistics

The total U.S. market size for the Interior Design Services industry: statistics cover all companies, both public and private. In addition to total revenue, the industry research provides details on employees, companies, and average firm size in the sector. Use this market information to research and analyze growth rates and the Interior Design Services industry trends and market outlook based on quantitative research and economic data.

Charts and graphs can be copied to Microsoft Word and Powerpoint presentations.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Sales from other industries of Interior Design Services are less than those from Interior Design Services. This may mean that other channels are a competitive risk of increasing their Interior Design Services sales, taking market share from this industry.
Interior Design Services Product Sales Report

Segments classified within this market research report

This market research report includes companies whose primary business is any of the following:
Interior design consulting services, Interior decorating consulting services, Interior decorating consultant services, Interior designer services, Decorating consulting services, interior, Interior design services, etc.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? We have over a thousand market research reports. Ask us and an analyst will help you find what you need.

Industries Related to Interior Design Services

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Whimsical Traditional Chicago

Wendy Berry and W Design offer interior detailing and complete interior design planning brought to fruition by dedicated designers, project managers, and support staff.

Wendy Berry and the W Design team works with clients to create and individualized Design Plan to capture a client’s personality and offer unique and unexpected design details. The team will work with trades and vendors closely to manage all aspects of the Design Plan.

Wendy Berry and the W Design team services all clients with equal appreciation, respect of privacy, and work very hard to attend to clients need and exceed their expectations.

“Wendy Berry and W Design is a team of passionate people dedicated to the service of their clients.”

  • Residential Design
  • New Construction
  • Renovations
  • Design Plan Development
  • Budgeting and Estimating
  • Concept Drawings and AutoCAD documentation
  • 3D Rendering
  • Space Planning
  • Procurement of Furniture, Fixtures, Flooring and Wall Coverings, Fine and Decorative Art, European, Asian and American Antiques Accessory Selection
  • Custom Furniture Design and Construction
  • Custom Millwork Design and Construction
  • Interior Design Detailing
  • Purchasing and Construction Administration
  • Project Management
  • Complete Design Installation

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salon design & interiors

The journey you will take to design a successful hair salon and beauty interior calls for skill and experience.


Salon Interiors & Floor plan design

Every square inch of your salon interior is vital and we make the most of it with an effective salon design layout for flow and functionality. We are very discerning when it comes to salon floor plan design because we know space is valuable and space equals revenue. We have the experience to strike the right balance of space allocation, comfort, effortless transitions and efficient utilization while integrating your specific goals and “wish list” for your project. We will provide you with solid advice and well-developed floor plan options that are effective. We promise. we will care for your real estate!

artistic communication

We have a talent for drawing. It is an ability we were born with, perfected over the years and now utilize every day in our career. We know that when it comes to creating a successful salon interior, communication is “key” and illustrations speak 1000 words. As it may be, we articulate many different languages in design to help our clients fully visualize their space. Illustrations are one of the most effective: hand drawn, computer-built, napkin sketch – pen, marker or crayon – whatever it takes to help you envision and see your space come to life – before it is built. We can make it real for you!

salon lighting design & specification

Foot-candles, ballasts, temperature, color-rendering index, florescent, incandescent, halogen, LED, energy efficient, energy code, 3-pole switch. the lighting lingo goes on and on. We are experts in the technical aspect of lighting as it relates to the creative and functional elements of salon and spa design. We formulate recommendations that make sense, meet energy codes, save you money and deliver beautiful results. Our services include every aspect of lighting design and specification. As they say, lighting is everything and we tend to agree.

color analysis & consultation

We know that there is more to color than just selecting paint samples. Color – or absence of color – found in texture, shimmer, contrast, value and light can “make” an interior, especially in places of transformation, healing and rejuvenation. Our eyes are trained to see color in ways that most cannot so that every pallet, wall, ceiling and floor is thoughtful, fits your brand and connects your guests to your space. Found in a beautiful chair, a single piece of art or a luxurious drapery panel – every color matters. In a world that offers thousands of choices (citron, chartreuse, grey or gray) and where the term “pop of color” is over-used; we have color solutions.

retail & fixture planning

Skin care, beauty care, hair care, bath and body, fashion, make-up, professional, promotional is integral to your bottom line. So is SHOPPING, BROWSING AND BUYING. We tie these elements together to make up the successful retail environment with results that are attractive, interactive and most importantly effective. Our design team will afford you every opportunity for that “return on investment” by integrating brand strategy with strategic floor plan design, creative fixture planning, powerful signage, lighting, color and materials. The consumer has endless choices, we will give them one: YOU.

Our comprehensive professional salon and spa interior design and strategic planning services include discovery, concept/theme creation, floor plan design, furniture & equipment selection, illustrations, lighting, color and material selection, construction plans and details, elevations, plumbing/electrical/data plans, framing, demolition, soundproofing details, door schedules, reflected ceiling plans, retail and fixture planning, custom furniture design, decor and more. From reception and lounge areas to boutiques and guest locker rooms, we create harmony and balance through space design. Together we can help you accomplish your goals. Contact Us


What is yours? Purposeful? Imaginative? We have salon interior design experience to make your plans a reality with a visual presentation that is appealing, relevant and most importantly yours. With color, illustrations, images, examples and carefully orchestrated blue print, we develop and present the very foundation for your successful project. A well-developed theme is the schematic footprint for your unique interior, the prelude to your story and the necessary first step. Begin with us.

illustrations, 3d imaging & visualization

Our 3D Computer Imaging department offers precise, definitive and photo-realistic renderings that bring your space to life with the most accurate images possible. With this technical service, we take your concepts and build them in computer format so that your can visualize and see your space. Our talented team of designers has over 10 years of experience in computer generated imagery and salon design experience and all of our work is created “in house” for clients across the US and abroad.

construction documents

Once the design concept is approved, we document the details in a comprehensive set of construction blueprint drawings for implementation. This may include but is not limited to framing plans, demolition plans, elevation and section drawings, plumbing details, electrical specifications, communication and data plans.

graphics & signage

Beautiful graphics and spot-on signage will engage and speak to your guests when it matters and where it matters. A statement, a symbol or just a word can communicate volumes and our creative team can help you do just that. From a unique logo and image to a powerful light box or video wall, we have the experience, technical skills and resources to integrate those special details that will take your space to the next level. Whether you want to draw attention to your retail, promote a new service or simply invite your guests to relax, our graphic design department can put the icing on your cake. Chocolate fudge and butter cream, anyone. Endulge.

furniture & equipment selection

We select and specify furniture, equipment and decor to fit your brand budget and style. From custom-made options to ready to ship stock fixtures we have hundreds of options including make-up, styling chairs, styling stations, reception desks, retail displays, pedicure seating, lounge chairs, lighting, linens and spa tables.

Salon Interior Design Services

From start to finish, Michele Pelafas, Inc. handles every aspect of beauty and hair salon interior design. A lot of work goes into designing a successful salon interior, and our talented team works diligently to ensure that your vision comes to life.

From initial consultation to construction planning and plumbing and electrical plans, Michele Pelafas, Inc.’s salon design services are detailed and comprehensive. We work closely with our clients to achieve luxury salon designs that impress. In an industry that’s all about beauty, shouldn’t your salon or spa look picture-perfect? By hiring us, you can rest assured of exquisite results.

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Clean Contemporary Backsplash

A simple backsplash can set off the rest of the finishes in the kitchen. Here we used a 4 12 glass tile to create a transluscent look to mimic the beach not far from the home. The high gloss upper cabinets keep the kitchen bright and airy.

  • Granite and Undermount Sink

    Black granite can add a masculine look to any bathroom. Pair that with a sleek contemporary faucet and a backsplash with a stone and glass mix and the result is both timeless and sophisticated.

  • Have your Cake and Eat it too!

    You want a beautiful space but don’t know where to start? Using a designer can add value to your home and reduce wasted time searching for solutions and finishes yourself. There is value in experience. Call to book a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your project.

  • Finishing Details in a Luxury Craftsman Living Room

    The well-planned finishing details of a space are what make it stand out. From an elegant coffered ceiling with crown moldings to the window trim there is thought put into every aspect of your home to keep within the clients preferred style.

  • A well designed kitchen makes cooking a joy!

    This soft palette, with an island that doubles as a breakfast bar is open to the living area, giving the owners the opportunity to enjoy entertaining and company while cooking.

    Whether it be a small renovation, a luxury home construction or a commercial space we approach each project with the same discipline and insight to ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    An initial meeting with a designer will consist of evaluating your scope of work, discussing design inspirations and ideas, as well as reviewing the designers’ portfolio. I am happy to spend an hour with you discussing your project and your vision.

    During the Design Phase KMID will cover areas including conceptual ideas, schematic designs (blueprints), electrical planning, recommendations and specification for materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting, etc. product procurement, trade and project management.

    Building your dream space should be enjoyable! KMID ensures that your renovation or new build runs smoothly from product procurement, project management and construction site review to the installation of furniture, fixtures and final dressings.


    We hired Kelly to help us with the direction we were going with our new kitchen as to layout and finishes. She identified an unused space in our design and provided us with a detailed sketch of a built-in hutch to perfectly complete our kitchen. She also pointed out some practical uses of our design that we hadn’t considered, and helped us make confident choices in our finishes through various sample groupings that she assembled. Kelly is very professional and personable and we highly recommend her.

    Our experience working with Kelly was fantastic. Her creativity, service and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. We appreciated her professionalism and she always communicated her ideas clearly and thoroughly with us. I would absolutely recommend her for your project!

    I have worked with Kelly on single family and multi-family projects from conception through construction. As a developer, she has been invaluable to my projects with her diverse sense of style and mix of elegance with practicality. Kelly has provided necessary input to floor plans in order to create more functional layouts, and has created amazing spaces in both contemporary and more classical styled projects.

    Working with Kelly has been an incredible experience. Right from the beginning, she took my lofty dreams and ideas and turned them into a fabulous reality. From helping to design the signage to dealing with tradespeople, she always provides great insights, and ensures that everything goes according to plan. The Bone Bowl has been open since December, and not a day goes by when someone doesn’t come in to tell us that this is the most gorgeous pet store they’ve ever seen. and we agree! I can’t thank Kelly enough for helping me to bring this all to life.

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    Interior Design Service Grantham, Nottingham, Lincoln, London, Leeds, Manchester, UK, Stamford, Bourne, Bottesford, Barrowby, Newark, Bingham, Online Interior Design, 3D Interior visualisation, 3D photorealistic visualisation, 3D Floor Plans, 3D Interior animation – walk through, 2D Floor Plans, Interior Designer

    Interior Design Service Grantham, Nottingham, Lincoln, London, Leeds, Manchester, Stamford, Bourne, Bottesford, Barrowby, Newark, Bingham, UK, Online Interior Design, 3D Interior visualisation, 3D Floor Plans, 3D Interior animation – walk through, 2D Floor Plans, Residential Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, retail interior design, styling event design, Interior Designer

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    Interior Design 3-D Renderings

    Working with churches exclusively, our Interior and Liturgical Designers provide church decorating services to congregations of all different styles of worship. Our designers are sensitive to various styles of worship, allowing for the flexibility of being able to decorate according to specific needs and modern day worship styles.

    • Extensive liturgical design experience
    • Platform redesigns for worship flexibility
    • High quality fabrics and color coordinated carpet
    • Historical restorations
    • Contemporary renovations
    • 3D renderings designer boards

    LifeWay Church Interiors designer will present your building committee with sketches and drawings to be reviewed and approved. Upon approval, our Interior Designer will then coordinate selected colors and designs for decorating your church and display them on a designer board. A comprehensive proposal will also be prepared. Once we are awarded the contract, we will proceed with purchasing and warehousing all materials. Work will then be scheduled, within a condensed timeframe, to disrupt your services within your church as little as possible.

    Our church designers understand the evolving style of worship and the religious significance of fabrics and colors relevant to decorating in today s churches.

    3-D Rendering Gallery