Installing wide variety of Air conditioning Ductless and ducted
can be used virtually anywhere Residential and Commercial

Wall Mount | Ceiling concealed | Ceiling cassette | One-way cassette |
Floor mount | ceiling suspended

We offer an extensive product portfolio, providing solutions ranging from residential to
commercial applications. From spot heating and cooling to residential whole house to
commercial building solution, our systems offer superior comfort control and lifestyle
convenience in a compact and flexible design. Now you can enjoy the flexibility to mix
and match ductless wall mounted, ceiling cassette and concealed duct system to fit
your application.

All of the advantages of ductless systems and quality

Inverter Variable capacity
Inverter technology allows each system to adjust capacity for cooling
or heating output to provide only the amount of cooling or heating needed at
a given time

Optimized Airflow
The indoor units four way air swing quickly disperses air to four corners of the
room to provide comfort throughout the room within short time

Zero duct loss
Ducted systems lose an average of 25-35% in performance due to leaks,
cracks or disconnections in ductwork. Ductless systems do not experience
duct loss,

zone cooling or heating flexibility
Independently condition up to 10 separate
zones in residential application and up to 64 zones in commercial application
using only a single outdoor unit. Achieves the ultimate in comfort and energy
control by cooling or heating only the occupied room. And, because each zone
is independent of the others, comfort settings can vary

no dirt air duct
Now there’s no need to clean dirty air ducts that can harbor dust, germs and
allergens that are eventually blow into your home or office.

Mini Split|Multi split|Ductless Air conditioner heat pumps|Heat recovery
water cooled|Ducted inverter Central AC|Central Heating Air conditioning

Daikin VRV III-S 5 Zone concealed in NYC Video

PACIFIC HVAC Air conditioner contractor offers
one of the best heating ventilation and air
conditioning systems with excellent flexibility
combining potential savings

Managing a team with fifteen years experience in
ductless Air conditioning and heat pump
systems, providing excellent service, delivering
maximum comfort and control yet remaining energy

Advanced technologies used to control the exact
temperature in each zone,
condition only the area in use increased saving by
giving just the amount of heating and cooling
needed for the area where the indoor unit is

Commercial Air conditioning

We offers the latest and most innovative
technology in commercial HVAC systems for
the installation of a large sized buildings

Commercial sites can range from a few
hundred to several thousand square feet.
High-performance heating cooling plus
energy efficient system are essential for new
construction. With Daikin VRV and Mitsubishi
VRFZ system you can achieve this goal.

Pacific HVAC Air conditioner offer advanced
HVAC installation for commercial use, Heat
Pump, Heat recovery and water cooling
systems, Benefits: Independent zoning control,
small energy loss, less construction work, a
little or no duct-work, simultaneity heating and
cooling satisfying computer rooms in the
winter, extensive selection of indoor units.

Installing high efficiency systems saving
alternative to traditional centralized equipment,
with advanced features to meet practically any
This enhanced systems offers state of the art
comfort for hotels, offices, and large
commercial applications, keep running costs
at an absolute minimum by controlling each
Place individually.

Pacific HVAC Air conditioner licensed Air
conditioning contractor in NY NJ provide heating
and Air conditioning service: Installation, repair
maintenance for residential applications.

Installing a wide range of high-efficiency
Ductless and ducted Air conditioners and heat
pump systems for residential applications.

Specialize in ductless ac

We are an HVAC contractor service specialize in
ductless Air conditioning installation repair and
maintenance on both new and existing systems

All house zone by zone
we installing high efficiency Air conditioning
heating system independent zones for entire house.

HVAC services we provides

  • Get Free in-home and business HVAC consultation by specia list
  • Free estimate for new installation home, apartments. office, Medical center, Schools,
    university, and more
  • Installing single and multi zone systems, ductless, ducted, wall mount, concealed,
    ceiling mount, and floor mount
  • Installing central AC Heating and cooling or cooling only
  • Repair, charge and optimize all ductless Air conditioning and heat pump systems
  • Replace old central AC with high efficiency system
  • Install ERV Energy Recovery ventilation system
  • Install low ambient heat pump guarantee heating operation down to -15 F.
  • Custom’s Installation on window split system in building apartment
  • offers annually service and maintenance for all type of air conditioning and heat pump
  • offer up to 12 years warranty on Daikin selected models
  • Extended service and maintenance agreement available on both product and labor

NY HVAC Contractor license: 2021385-DCA
NJ HVAC Contractor License: 13VH07521700


Looking for a reliable Craigslist Posting Service?

Craigslist Posting Service

Boost your sales by utilizing our automated posting solutions.

We have developed unique strategies to consistently post ads anywhere on Craigslist for you automatically. Imagine the traffic and sales potential possible by posting your product or service locally or nationwide on Craigslist daily. Don’t fuss with complicated Craigslist posting software, or worry about posting manually. Call us now or fill out our contact form to get started TODAY!

Our first in the industry interactive dashboard allows you to easily track all yours posts made through our system. Trust the Craigslist Posting Service with the most advanced auto poster software tailor made specifically for business needs.

I couldn t believe the amount of calls I was receiving after just 1 day of postings

Small Business Owner

Above the Competition

Our Craigslist posting service is simple to use and we go above and beyond to make sure you succeed.

Content Creation

We will assist you with content creation and professional graphic design options for your new campaign to ensure that your ads drive the traffic you need to convert sales.

Data and Keyword Analysis

We can help you analyze which cities are best for you to market in, and what keywords you should be targeting so that you can dominate the search results on Craigslist.

Campaign Monitoring

We will be monitoring your campaigns daily. If we see any issues, we will immediately let you know and discuss necessary modifications to remedy the situation.


We have been doing this for a long time and know what does and does not work. We will be more than happy to help you with all aspects of your campaign.

Interactive Dashboard

Track the status of your ads, campaigns, account finances, and other features through our interactive dashboard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rest assured your ads are going live.

We have the most advanced tracking system available of any Craigslist Posting service provider! A first in the industry, we give you the direct ability to track your ads in real time, with live clickable links. See which ads are live, ghosted, and flagged. We even provide historical data and graphs as well. All this data is fully exportable to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software.

Don’t settle for manual Craigslist posting services that expect you to track your own ads. We have simplified everything for you and bundled it all together in nice and easy to read charts and graphs. Our system is tailored for businesses to provide reliable postings locally or nationwide, relevant analytics, and reporting metrics.

Corporate clients, we have the ability to track the amount of phone calls, emails, and texts/SMS messages you receive from your posts in specific cities as well as auto reply capabilities. Curious how specific ads are performing? Looking to increase your marketing in specific areas? Having data such as this allows you to take a granular look at exactly how well your marketing is performing. We have experience with split A/B testing and will ensure the campaign you run with us is a successful one.

Other custom solutions available for corporate clients upon request. If you can think of it, we can implement it! Contact us today for a no obligation custom quote for a package that will suit your needs.

Craigslist Posting Software

Dealing with Craigslist posting software can often be frustrating due to the large learning curve associated with understanding the Craigslist posting process and what does and doesn’t work.

Craigslist has many filters, restrictions and stipulations in place in order to stop or limit the functionality of posting software or Craigslist auto posters.

In order to successfully post with Craigslist posting software, one needs many moving parts, or the posts simply won’t go “live” and are often “ghosted” or “flagged’ immediately. This excessive list of moving parts includes but is not limited to: phone verified accounts (often referred to as PVAs), ip addresses, proxy servers, CAPTCHA solving accounts, random text/subject line generators and more. Even with all these tools, there is no guarantee your ad will actually go live. In fact, most people who purchase Craigslist posting software are stumped because they can’t get their ads to actually show up!

Consumers end up spending hundreds of dollars on an Craigslist auto poster software or solution, as well as monthly subscription fees, and their posts simply don’t stick!

The fact of the matter is it is very difficult to be successful in posting when using boxed or custom Craigslist posting software. Furthermore, Craigslist is constantly changing their algorithm, site design, and posting filters/restrictions, resulting in the Craigslist auto poster breaking frequently and in need of an update to work properly again. At this point in time you are at the mercy of the software developer waiting for their fix/update to appear so that you can again begin posting Read More.

Ben January 16, 2017

It is that time of the year again. We haven’t posted about city specific Craigslist traffic in a while, so let’s look at that topic again. One critical component when advertising on Craigslist, especially if it is a national campaign, is knowing where to post. When determining potential cities to post

Ben October 10, 2016

It’s been over 20 years and nothing much has changed: the links are a bright, clickable blue, there are no modern, techy graphics, and the layout remains familiarly the same. Whether genius or madness, Craigslist still holds a place in the everyday jargon of millions of people looking to pawn

I have been in the internet marketing industry for 18 years, and in that time, marketing strategies have definitely changed and evolved with the sites that have come and go over the course of that time. Gone are the search engines like HotBot, Excite, Lycos, etc, being replaced by Google, Yahoo

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Your recorded voice always sounds crystal clear

100% FCC / FTC Legal RoboCalls and Texting

High Quality + Low Cost Automated Phone Calls and Texts

Over a 1000 lines for super fast delivery!

Robo-Call features

People may interact with phone keys

Use the remaining keys as you wish:

*These features are always enabled without any additional COST.

Dynamic Text To Speech (TTS) messages

Hello #name#. Advanced Medical Clinic is calling to remind you of your appointment on #var1# at #var2#. Please press number 3 confirm or press the number 1 to speak with the office and re-schedule your appointment with Dr. #var3# .

Multilingual Text to Speech

We provide outstanding quality for multilingual text-to-speech phone calls. Our tools are simple and easy-to-use, and our customizable templates allow you to create personalized messages. Additionally, our system can automatically detect the written text and translate it to 51 different languages. We guarantee you will feel successful using our interface, and maybe, you will even have fun while creating your RoboCalls!

International Robo-calling

You may reach out to customers in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia using our simple to use system by adding 011+CC+local number.

Use your own phone number as the caller ID

Your Robocalls will be sent from the phone number of your choosing! This allows customers the ability to easily return your calls. Also, without any additional charge, your caller can be immediately transferred to the phone number you chose to display.

Send (most) messages directly to voice mail

Use our Ring-Less voicemail option to deliver messages directly to a person’s voicemail without causing their phone to ring. This option is popular with many companies not wanting to disturb their customers with phone calls or text messages throughout the day. (Disclaimer: this service works with 80% of phone lines.)

Predictive dialer transfers upon answer

Use example: When a customer enters their information to your website, you send us their contact phone number. We’ll give them a call, and once they answer, we’ll connect them to your call center playing a “please hold” message. If the RoboCall is sent to voicemail, we’ll automatically leave a message, along with a text message that’ll link them to your website. This is an advanced version of what is often referred to as a “predictive dialer”.

Custom solutions provide automation

We provide custom functionality that interface with your legacy systems. We currently provide many solutions for state and local governments that notify benefit recipients about termination of benefits, appointment reminders, and possible fines and fees with each solution all using custom business logic.

All of your information is 100% confidential

We safeguard all of your information – Most automated call providers sell your phone numbers to marketers. We clearly state below in our terms and conditions that we will never share your phone numbers or any of your account information.

Built-in statistical analysis

View charts, export and search though phone call and text message history for any date range. You may then analysis and export the detailed information in CSV or XLS formats and save charts as images to later be included into your internal reports.

Click to view our automated email reports and notifications

Robo-Text features

People may respond to your bulk messages

* Messages always arrive to recipient from the same phone #
* No charge and we provide number, city, state, and timestamp
* Carry on back and forth conversations with those persons who responded to your bulk text blast. demo Video

Build personalized text messages

Hello #name#. Please contact us about your property located at #var1# with a past due tax amount of #var2#. Upload phone numbers using the data-driven template including the information related to the phone number and we will build each personal message. Insert data

Add media to your messages

Attach images, videos, or mp3 voice recordings to your text message blasts that are smaller than 500kb. You can also attach media saved on your cellphone’s cloud by inserting the media links with no addtional charge.

Auto-responder for inbound phone calls

Automatically send out a welcome message with promotional codes in response to inbound text messages. Additionally, inbound phone calls hear your personal message and get a text message with your website, link with directions or a date collection webpage. You can advertise this number in social media or use this phone number as a caller ID for Robo-calls. Then, when customers call back, they can request a text message or hear a more detailed recording. Callers may also leave a voice message that will be sent to you in an email including an audio file and a text transcription in english or spanish. demo video

Free ‘954’ text phone # for messaging

OR for only $25.00/year, you can display your own personal, local phone number for text message origination. Give us a call, and we will assign you a free local phone number or paid number with your local area code.

People may add themselves to your list

Build your customer list by advertising your keyword, or purchase a private local phone number for only $25 / year. You may advertise this private phone # on your printed and website and if people send you a text message they will added to a sms-opt-in group. Users may opt-out by sending “stop” and opt-in by sending ‘add me’

Best value and the best service

No contracts or monthly fees- all services are in prepaid blocks.
Allow your customers to subscribe to your text and call lists.
International coverage North & South America, Australia & Europe.
We are HIPAA compliant for messages containing PPHI.
Transfer calls are FREE- no conversation time charges.
FREE! long messages can be up to TWO MINUTES in length.
Ring-less voicemails for DIRECT delivery to voicemail
We GUARANTEE the successful delivery of your RoboCalls!
Private text number with a local areas code for $25/year.
Volume pricing: texts down to 1.1 with calls down to 2.2 .
Your calls and text messages will be: 100% FTC / FCC legal

Organizations, businesses, employers, and retailers can message their customers legally. Using RoboCalls or text messages for marketing inside of a state’s borders are legal as federal FTC laws DO NOT apply (state laws might). 501C’s can legally call or text message ANYONE nationwide for fundraising activities. Our interface is 100% web based and works with any IPad, IPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows PC or your Android device.

Insert media into texts

Send out thousands of text messages with a couple clicks using the same phone contact list. You can also embed images, audio files, and even videos directly inside of your text messages.

We send out thousands of calls a day to our clients for over four years using the API.

-Cash Canada (Nationwide)-

  • I have been using RoboTalker for more than 6 years with complete satisfaction. They send out the calls.

    -Danny (Woman’s League)-

  • We contacted our past insurance customers during open enrollment making more than 100,000 calls last year with impressive results.

    -Stanly (Ohio Insurance Broker)-

  • We use the Robocalls to send appointment reminders each day and we have seen a huge drop in no-shows.

    -Dental Associates (San Deigo)-

  • We integrated with our CRM and now calls go automatically twice a month to clients who are late pays.

    -Jay Wallace (Management Blueprints)-

    We Provide The Best Overall Value – PERIOD!

    Buy more units and pay much less


    Watch A Quick Overview video

    Automate your calls and text messages


    Over the last 20 years, we have helped small and mid-size companies from a wide variety of industries. We are proud of our 95% retention rate and are honored that so many clients trust us with their most valuable resource, their people.

    Our mission and promise is to provide quality service and solutions with competitive pricing and highly trained professionals to answer your calls. Of utmost importance is honesty and integrity in all of our interactions.

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    Since 1992 Payroll Unlimited, Inc. a full service Payroll Company has been providing outstanding payroll and benefits solutions to small and medium size businesses in New Jersey, New York and nationwide. We process for all 50 States. Our comprehensive outsourced payroll and human resource solutions are delivered with the highest quality and personal service. A professional, knowledgeable individual answers the phone every time!

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    All Makes And Models

    “The team at Orange County Collision is so professional, helpful and friendly. I’ve taken a few different cars to be repaired there. Since we discovered this shop a few years ago, we always go back to them. My car always comes out perfectly repaired, with no hassles. They work well with our insurance company too. I highly recommend this shop!”

    “The team at Orange County Collision is so professional, helpful and friendly. I’ve taken a few different cars to be repaired there. Since we discovered this shop a few years ago, we always go back to them. My car always comes out perfectly repaired, with no hassles. They work well with our insurance company too. I highly recommend this shop!”

    Debbie F.

    “I just love this shop! Everyone that works here is friendly and helpful in dealing with my insurance and everything else to get my car repaired. I’ve had several of my cars in here. They really take care of my cars. The quality of work goes above and beyond my expectations. My Escalade look shiny, clean and beautiful with a spotless bumper when I picked it up. When your car gets an “boo boo ” this is the place to go. Prompt, efficient and friendly!”

    “I just love this shop! Everyone that works here is friendly and helpful in dealing with my insurance and everything else to get my car repaired. I’ve had several of my cars in here. They really take care of my cars. The quality of work goes above and beyond my expectations. My Escalade look shiny, clean and beautiful with a spotless bumper when I picked it up. When your car gets an “boo boo ” this is the place to go. Prompt, efficient and friendly!”

    Christina C.

    “Took in my sonata to repair my bumper and front lights. They did an amazing job and completed the car 3 days before their promise. I’d highly recommend them to anyone. Their staff are very professional and answered any questions I had about my car.”

    “Took in my sonata to repair my bumper and front lights. They did an amazing job and completed the car 3 days before their promise. I’d highly recommend them to anyone. Their staff are very professional and answered any questions I had about my car.”

    Daisy B.

    “Orange County Collision did excellent repair work on my Honda. I can’t recommend them highly enough. If it ever comes to be that I need more body repair work, I’ll definitely be going back! Thanks OCC!”

    “Orange County Collision did excellent repair work on my Honda. I can’t recommend them highly enough. If it ever comes to be that I need more body repair work, I’ll definitely be going back! Thanks OCC!”

    Dave M.

    #interior design houston


    Interior Design Services

    Award Winning Houston Residential Interior Design

    Whether you are needing a full home renovation, an interior update, or a room to room remodel, we can help you with your home project. We start the process by asking you questions and listening carefully. We strive to understand your vision and personal style, as well as the goals you have for your custom interior design project. Dedicated to satisfying our clients’ long term, we spend time understanding your unique needs while following the principles of good design.

    Once we determine what you want, we match you with the interior design team to suit your personal design style. We have eight different design teams, which means we have a design team to work with every design style. It is our focus to capture your personal “Signature Style”. All of our custom designs reflect our clients’ personal style.

    After we match you with an interior design team, we will discuss a new plan of action that will include new accessories, colors, textures and all other elements that are needed to create your new atmosphere. Regardless of your interior space needs, our interior design services are centered on serving you, and it all begins with our unique design process.

    You know you are getting the best when you work with The Design Firm. Our award winning Interior Design Team will make magic happen in any area of your home, using a combination of new home furnishings and existing furnishings. Do not wait, take the next step to discovering the home of your dreams.

    Call our office at 281-494-4433 today for more information about how we can help your home transform your house into the home of your dreams.

    Interested in Receiving a Quote For One Of Our Services?

    Interested in Receiving a Quote For One Of Our Services?

    Residential Interior Design

    Our model home approach is innovative and imaginative. The Design Firm offers a unique personalization in each of our model home projects.

    Remodel Interior Design

    As a homeowner interested in planning to remodel, you may be surprised when asked if you have plans for your project. When building or remodeling a home addition, these plans are extremely important.

    New Home Interior Architecture

    Beginning with a floor plan consultation, and continuing through selection coordination, we will lead you through the process of creating the home of your dreams.

    Model Home Merchandising

    Our model home approach is innovative and imaginative. The Design Firm offers a unique personalization in each of our model home projects. We know how to set your company’s home aside from other builders. Our goal and your goal is the same, selling your model homes.


    Do you live in a small apartment or condo and want to maximize the function of your space? No space is too small for the work of a professional interior designer. Even though there is no specific formula when it comes to designing a small ho me or room, there are a few keys to success.


    Our projects range from large corporate headquarters and small businesses to offices and restaurants. From due diligence through construction and move-in, The Design Firm is your partner for the duration of your project.


    Event Registration Software

    Providing premium event registration management systems since 1996, The Online Registration Center is the leader in online registration software, training registration, and meeting planner tools.

    For more than 20 years, The Online Registration Center has established a solid reputation with companies around the world, thanks to the reliability of our registration tools.

    The ORC’s sophisticated menu of features provides turn-key event registration services and attendance tracking solutions for fully branded e-correspondence, customer feedback, and a host of automated options that deliver the power of a team of experts in one dynamic online system [more].

    Schedule Your Demo Now!
    (800) 265-9141

    Measurable Results

    Our Event Registration Management System provides all of the reporting and data integration tools needed to provide up-to-date registration data, helping you manage any number of events.

    • Real-Time Training Rosters & Reports Keeping You Up-to-Date
    • Branded Event Registration/Event List Screens
    • Registration Automation; Saving Time & Money

    Web-Based Event Management

    Our Online Registration Software provides all the tools needed to process & manage online registrations, automatically, 24/7.

    • Automatic Email Event Reminders
    • Automatic Waiting List Management
    • Powerful Website API Tools
    • Built-in Export and XML Data Tools
    • Automatic Feedback/Survey Tools

    Un-Matched Reliability/Security

    The Online Registration Center provides a level of security and data redundancy that you won’t find elsewhere.

    • Redundant Data Centers Located in Charlotte, NC and Durham, NC.
    • 24/7 On-Site Security/System Monitoring
    • Safeguarded by SSAE-16, SAS-70 Type-2 Security Compliance, and Fully Certified for PCI/DSS

    #interior design service


    Full Service Interior Design

    Customized Full Service Interior Design | Residential Office Design

    Creating cohesive, beautiful homes and offices is the goal when it comes to full service design. This method includes the completion of entire homes, groups of rooms, or solitary rooms in a single installation. While projects may be phased into a room at a time or a group of rooms, our Full Service Interior Design process does not lend itself to providing individual furnishings or accessories. Investing in our Full Service Interior Design process involves a flat design fee in conjunction with a furnishings budget.

    You may be wondering what’s typically include in our Full Service Interior Design process. Here is a short list highlighting portions of our detailed process.

    Step 1: Consultation

    The design consultation is the starting point. During this first meeting we will discuss the scope of your project, your goals and your budget. I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and we’ll discuss your tastes, your lifestyle, and how you intend to use the space. You’ll want to make sure all decision-makers are at this meeting and budget two to three hours of time.

    During the consultation we will cover:

    1. The scope of your project in detail

    This will include all the rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, and your ideas and goals for each space.

    2. Your tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, style and lifestyle

    I’ll ask lots of questions and we’ll look at pictures to focus in on your tastes.

    We’ll set an overall budget before you begin the project. I will work with you to determine your options, goals and set a realistic budget for your space. I have an in-depth step-by-step process for determining your best budget right from the very start.

    4. Assign the Main Contact

    If there is more than one decision-maker, you will assign one to be the contact person for the project. This person will be the one that makes decisions and approves the proposals. This will also be the person we will have direct contact with and receive direction from during the course of the project. Because it is not always possible to meet with both people at the same time, the contact person will be responsible for communicating any ideas or decisions to his or partner.

    Step 2: Site Measure and Assessment

    This on- site meeting generally occurs within two weeks after the letter of agreement and retainer is received. We will take detailed measurements and photographs of all the spaces involved in your project. Where appropriate, we will also arrange to have the trades people who will be working on your project come in and take their own measurements for estimating purposes.

    Step 3: Space Planning

    Carefully considered space planning is crucial to a well-designed space. After all the measurements have been taken we will develop floor plans for each room. Floor plans allow us to determine what pieces will best fit into the space, how it is arranged, and the scale of each piece. We will then schedule a meeting to review each floor plan and discuss the pros and cons of each.

    Step 4: Design Concept

    Once we have decided on a floor plan, the next step is to create the design scheme. This starts with developing a color scheme and sourcing fabrics, furniture, fixtures and materials. Custom furniture and built-ins are designed and finishes chosen. Materials for flooring, counters and cabinetry are selected. Wall and floor coverings are considered. Window treatments are designed and fabrics, trims and hardware are chosen. A lighting plan is developed. Drawings, samples and pictures are gathered. Quotes and pricing are researched. Every detail is considered.

    Throughout this step there will be a fair amount of communication and there may be intermediate meetings to discuss certain elements of the design. Creating the design concept is a multi-faceted process and generally requires several weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

    Step 5: Concept Presentation and Approval

    Once the design concept is ready to present, we will scheduled a meeting. You will be presented with carefully edited selections that represent the best choices for your space. We will go through the design in detail and you will be presented with fabrics, drawings, photos and samples for each element in the design. For some elements you’ll be presented with a few options. During the meeting you’ll provide feedback and we’ll narrow down the options to the best one for each element. If there are items that need to be re-sourced we’ll discuss the steps involved with that.

    By the end of the meeting we should have a complete design concept that meets your approval. If you want to see, touch, feel or sit on some of your furniture options we can arrange a trip to the showroom. Timely approval of the design concept is crucial for maintaining accurate pricing and ensuring the availability of some design elements (fabrics or antiques, for example). If the design is not approved in a timely manner there may be additional costs associated with replacing items that are no longer available. Once the design has been approved and all elements are finalized we can begin executing on the design.

    A time-table is developed for purchasing and ordering, work to be done by trades, and final installation. This schedule will be adjusted along the way to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Please be aware that most projects take several months to complete. The lead time on furniture can often be 8-15 weeks.

    Before any trades are hired or items are purchased on your behalf you will receive a proposal for approval that details the work to be done or item to be purchased along with all known associated costs. Nothing will be purchased without your approval.

    You will receive two copies of each proposal; one for your records, and one that you will sign and return to our office with a 50% deposit. For fabric, antiques and other off-the-shelf items payment must be made in full when the work order is approved. The balance on each order will be due when the merchandise is ready for delivery or when services provided by trades are substantially completed.

    Step 8: Design and Trades Implementation

    If there is work to be done by trades, we schedule this as soon as possible. We manage the scheduling and oversee the work to make sure the design is executed properly and with the highest quality workmanship. Throughout the design process, we manage all the details. We make sure work by trades is underway or has been satisfactorily completed, all concerns have been addressed, furniture ordered, payments made, schedule on track, and no detail overlooked. We’ll schedule a brief meeting to review anything left outstanding or any changes that need to be made.

    Step 9: Installation Accessorizing

    This is where the vision becomes reality. All work by trades has been completed. Now the furniture is delivered, window treatments are installed, rugs laid, accessories placed and art hung. If it can be arranged, I have it all done on the same day so you get that “wow” effect when you come home.

    Styling is what elevates your space to magazine quality status. It involves adding finishing touches and follows a different process than the rest of the design. Before the installation we’ll go to a number of stores and choose various accessories for your space. This could include art, lamps, throws, vases, candles, and other types of accessories. On installation day they’ll be placed throughout your space. We’ll provide you with the cost of each item and you’ll have a day or two to decide what you want to keep. You’ll pay for what’s staying and we’ll return anything you don’t want.

    Step 10: Refinement Punch List

    Once the installation is complete, we’ll walk through the space and review each room together. We’ll compile a punch list of all the little things that are left outstanding or need attention (such as paint touch-ups or a needed item). We will have each item on the list addressed as quickly as possible. If there’s something that’s not right, don’t worry. We’ll make sure it gets taken care of. Once all the items on the punch list are completed, the project will have come to a close. We will then discuss plans for photographing the space.

    At this point, it will be time to celebrate. The space will be yours to enjoy for years to come!

    You can review our complete list of DESIGN SERVICES here .

    © 2014 Jennifer Reynolds Interiors


    Wells Fargo Customer Service

    Wells Fargo Customer Service Phone Numbers

    • Home Mortgage Loans 1-877-937-9357
    • Online and Mobile Banking 1-800-956-4442
    • Hearing Impaired Customers TDD/TTY 1-800-877-4833
    • Insurance services 1-866-294-2571
    • Credit Card Services 1-800-932-6736

    Additional Customer Service Phone Numbers

    • Line of Credit 1-800-416-8658
    • Term Loans 1-800-359-3557
    • SBA Loans 1-866-727-5363
    • Commercial Real Estate 1-866-631-7443
    • Business Payroll Services 1-800-421-4714
    • Go Far Rewards 1-877-517-1358
    • Investment Services 1-877-573-7997
    • Auto Loan Vehicle Financing 1-877-246-1015
    • Student Loans 1-800-378-5526
    • Home Equity 1-888-667-1772
    • Wells Fargo Advantage Funds 1-800-222-8222
    • Small Business Accounts 1-800-225-5935
    • Merchant Services 1-800-451-5817

    Customer Service Numbers To Report Fraud

    • ATM, Debit Card, or Checking Fraud 800-225-5935
    • Suspicious Phishing Email or Text Messages 866-867-5568
    • Wells Fargo Online Services Fraud 1-866-867-5568
    • Credit Card Fraud (Personal) 1-800-642-4720

    How To Contact Wells Fargo

    Welcome to Wells Fargo [foreign language].

    • For questions and account access, say your card or account number number or enter it followed by the pound key.
    • For anything else, say, “Other options.”
    • Okay, other options. You can say, “Open a new account, find a branch or ATM or verify an account.”
    • Alternatively, to access your account, say or enter the card or account number you are enquiring about.
    • For account access, please say your card or account number one digit at a time or enter it followed by the pound key.

    Wells Fargo Custom Service Contact Information

    Corporate Offices
    Wells Fargo
    420 Montgomery Street
    San Francisco, CA 94104

    Wells Fargo Services

    The 4 Best Business VOIP Services

    There are many VoIP providers who offer solutions for businesses, but the right one for your organization depends on your unique needs. Scalability and affordability are important to everyone, but features like auto attendants and integrations with third-party software aren t necessarily required by every company. The best business VoIP services will give you a lot of flexibility, allowing you to mix and match different types of extensions to package the most cost-effective solution. You usually have to speak to a company representative to get a good idea of pricing and available discounts, so the first thing you should do is focus on the features your company needs to get the most out of your office phone service. Start with the four companies listed below. Each one offers a variety of plans catering to businesses of all sizes, so you should find something that will work for you.

    8 8 s VoIP plans are easily customizable to suit businesses of every size. All of their plans include auto attendants, audio and video conference calling, and an online account where you can manage your extensions and settings. Mobile apps are also available for Apple and Android devices, which is great if you have a lot of remote or traveling employees. All calls can be forwarded to their cell phones when they re out of the office so they don t ever miss anything important. If you use CRM software like SugarCRM or Zendesk, 8 8 is a smart choice because it integrates seamlessly with them, allowing you to view all your client information during calls. As for the service plans themselves, you have the choice between three different types of extensions: metered, unlimited, and global. Mix and match them according to what works best for your organization and add, upgrade, or delete lines as needed.

    Call for More Information: 800-608-4893

    RingCentral is another VoIP company that caters exclusively to businesses. Larger organizations will appreciate the ability to set up auto attendants and call forwarding rules to handle the large number of calls they receive on a daily basis. RingCentral s Office service also enables you to set up audio and video conferences. Depending on the plan you go with, you re able to host up to 50 people on a single call. RingCentral is also well known for their Internet fax services, which are among the best in the industry. Like 8 8, RingCentral also integrates with third-party software, including Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and Box. Organizations who use these services on a regular basis should definitely consider RingCentral because these integrations go a long way toward streamlining communication between you and your customers. This VoIP service is also great for collaboration because staff members can quickly and easily discuss projects through RingCentral s Business SMS service. This works just like traditional text messaging except your employees don t have to use their own cell phone plan since everything goes through VoIP.

    Vonage is one of the most popular and well-known VoIP services in the industry, and their plans are designed to be very flexible and scalable to suit small businesses and enterprises alike. There are three types of extensions available, and you can mix and match them however you want. Metered extensions are a cost-effective option for employees who don t use the phone often. Unlimited extensions are the most popular and let you call as much as you want for a monthly flat rate. Virtual extensions are ideal for employees who spend a lot of time out of the office. All extensions enable you to host conference calls, forward, or transfer calls as needed and connect through the Vonage Mobile app when you re on the go. Like the two companies mentioned above, Vonage also offers integrations with third-party business software, including several popular CRM software, although it does cost extra if you want to use these services. The additional fee is only a few dollars per month, though, so it shouldn t put you over budget.

    Phone.com is another company worth considering if you re searching for business-friendly VoIP service. There s no limit on the number of extensions you can add, and you save more by adding more thanks to generous multi-line discounts. Choose between Pay Per Minute and Unlimited Extensions, or a mix of both. Set up each extension with its own number to make it easy for customers to connect to the right person. One really unique tool Phone.com offers is Caller Analytics. This presents your caller data in an easy-to-understand format to help you learn more about the demographics of your callers. This service costs extra, but it can provide valuable insight into who your customers are. You can then use this knowledge to better serve them in the future. Phone.com is also one of the few VoIP providers to offer HD Voice technology. This ensures all your calls are crystal clear and easily understood, which is great because disruption in phone service or poor call quality can be bad for business.

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