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Beauty Salon Home Design Photos

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I love this wall cabinet, which might originally have been intended for books or CDs, but is perfect for stashing soft towels, rolled for that instant beauty salon aesthetic. Slot in a basket for cotton wool and other smaller essentials – and don’t forget that all-important Buddha statue. To keep your towels beauty spa soft, avoid fabric softener – which can have the opposite effect on towelling textiles – and try washing them with vinegar and baking soda.

Zen bathroom photo in Portland with a freestanding tub Houzz

Similar to what the wall shelving will look like on the wall behind the bar front thekrafts

K-studio Interior Design

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Entryway photo Houzz

Mixture of Asiatic and modern elements adina_chiorescu

Evainteriors Design and Fit out

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Minimalist home gym photo Houzz

ceiling holes (lights) Kevin Noble

Perrino Cabinetry Direct

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The Perrino Design Team with the help of Jack and Mike Arra successfully transformed the Arra Beauty Salon into a Las Vegas type salon in which you will never want to leave!

Ceiling fab hallou

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Interior Design for a Nail Salon

B institut is a beauty salon organic Vannes, France, with a particular design curated by Parisian studio Trust in Design. The basic idea was to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, which would reflect the spirit and identity of the brand. Each element chosen from chairs (Stool_One and Chair_One_4Star Magis) lighting, remember element or organic molecular structures, as a world-bed under a microscope.

The dominant color is green. just to emphasize the momentum of bio institut B: resin lawn green stickers on the floor and on the walls, also as a green vine digital creeps from room to room. Wood is the other element predominates on the walls or ceiling of the reception, where stands an enormous chandelier-branch.
Naturalness is therefore the watchword in the interior of the B institut, however, declined by clean lines, geometric, solid colors, digital decorations. A still cold, but cozy tank, ready to welcome customers all over his green candor.

There is in fact a huge number of events related to the beauty world starting with the peaceful invasion of red blisters on Corso Vittorio Emanuele during a cocktail party Tuesday night in Beautystore Sephora. Inside the store was opened a fake bottle of bubble bath from which outputs are bubbles floating in the air and then mark up the road to an ideal path of light and color.

The spectacular installation is called BubbleCloud and was designed by the SM og composed of a group of young Milanese designers. Instead, in perfumery Desirè Corso Genova 3 was the photographic exhibition entitled Moments of Beauty. Organized by Fujifilm in conjunction with the launch of Astalift, cosmetics line produced by the giant of photography, the exhibition has provided a long process of selection among more than 6000 non-professional photographers. Among the 15 images on display with two giant replicas of the Calder Mobiles, there is the paw of a dog, a kitten curled up, a rush of clouds in the sky, beautiful women s faces and, of course, some flowers, some a little too floral inspired by the famous portraits of Mapplethorpe. Really sensational installation commissioned by Deborah: 30 000 lipsticks embedded in a structure that covers the grand staircase of the University of Milan for the project Transition edited by the pair of Turkish designers Autoban.

Much appreciated by the visitors spent the Fuori Salone event beauty for hands and hair arranged in collaboration with L Oreal Professional for the Temporary Museum for New Design Superstudiopiù at Via Tortona 27. In fact, besides admiring the new proposals for Maletti (world leader in furnishing for hairdressers) we can refer to special treatments such as the new eco-friendly furniture collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa.

Even Diego Dalla Palma in its historic Via Madonnina Make Up Studio 15 presents design solutions for shops and beauty salons designed by the Interior Design Division of the company that bears his name. Especially enjoyed the so-called nail corner where the nails are treated as sculptures. Amazing blend of beauty and the problems of displacement in Milan during the Salone never fail. So here is the tram turned in by the Institut Vichy Spa for those who want to undergo some quick beauty treatment during the journey.

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Salon Spa Design Ideas


An interior design facility planning and project management company with experience commercial sectors specializing in office interiors, education and hi-tech environments, retail, salon and spa facilities.

Projects are designed and managed from planning to programming, design to working drawings, tender to project management, move coordination to occupancy.


A team of professionals with over 80 years of collective hands-on experience providing cost effective workplace solutions which demonstrate innovation, quality and commitment.

We have worked with contractors, consultants, architects, leasing brokers and developers, marketing and merchandising professionals, telecommunications providers, information systems engineers and many furniture dealers and manufacturers.


Through a carefully coordinated team approach we ensure that all phases of a project are performed in a professional manner according to required time, cost and content parameters. Our team consists of designers, project managers, facility planners and technologists.


Collectively we have strengths in the areas of programming, conceptual development, creativity, marketing and sales, graphics, theatrical display and merchandising, space planning, technical drawings, detail development, ergonomics, administration and organization, listening, communication and site supervision.

Aside from these technical skills, we count perseverance, resourcefulness and determination as our major assets.

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All our services combined create a cohesive brand image for you, the client. Our services include space planning, lighting design, architectural detailing, 3D rendering, graphic design, concept development, and the specification of materials and finishes. These services are carefully integrated to produce a successful solution to your needs. Every service is designed to have the maximum impact on brand image for those in the hospitality industry.

About Cahill Studio

Restaurant design firm, Cahill Studio, is an award-winning restaurant designer, and a comprehensive Commercial Design firm, offering services in restaurant design, salon design, nightclub and retail interior design, architecture and graphic design, space planning, brand imaging, graphic design, and landscape design. This award-winning design firm of independent and franchise restaurants, salons, nightclubs, and other retail and commercial real estate has a unique method of achieving a seamless integration among all the parts of a project.

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Salon Design

saloninteriordesign.co.uk are currently working on many projects with REM who offer a complete salon design service, salon fitting and also make salon furniture which carries a 3 year warranty. For a fee of £450.00 + VAT they will make an appointment with you at your salon.

REM then take all the measurements needed to produce a dimensional sketch of your salon and also during their visit help you to decide the best positions for your reception area, styling units and wash points. They will also discuss colour schemes and project management during this meeting if required.

REM then design a new plan for your shop and supply 2 Design Packs which will contain a 2D Scale Plan, a 3D Visual Plan and a digital version of the plans on a CD. The initial fee of £450.00 + VAT is refundable on receipt of a sales order of £3000.00 + VAT on REM furniture.

To find out more please ring our office on 01270 630280 or contact us here and leave the rest up to us and REM.

Salon interior designs continue to evolve. Style never stays still for long and it is vital that forward-looking salons maintain the right look in order to stay ahead of the crowd. This is where we come in. We can provide expertise and advice on the right salon interior design for your business, weather you need a fresh direction, a refurbishment or a complete salon refit.

Our salon supply service is fast, friendly and very competitive, providing a wide range of beauty and hair salon products. Supplying beauty and hair salons is our passion. We supply salon furniture and equipment from all the main manufacturers including REM, Nelson Mobilier, Crewe Orlando, Direct Salon Supplies and many more. We can also provide bespoke furniture designed around your own ideas or made to measure for your salon.

We have the shopfitting and refurbishment experience to provide you with a complete installed salon interior on time and on budget. Whilst salon dimensions vary enormously, we pride ourselves on the fact that in many cases, once the design and planning stages are complete, our staff are able to deliver a fitted salon interior within a week, including the fitting of suspended ceilings and flooring where required. Our fitting specialists will contact you and discuss your requirements, and provide detailed quotations on the job specification prior to the commencement of any work.

Our team of interior designers, experienced installers and shopfitters have contributed to the continued success of the company, providing innovative and distinct salon identities. We design, supply and install salon interiors on time and on budget for hair and beauty salons throughout the UK. We provide a fresh and contemporary salon design experience. Each stage of the salon design process is carefully managed from design, product selection to final installation. You will be continually kept up to date with progress and planning.

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№ 5 (160) 2011

SALON-interior magazine was launched in 1994 and now it is the most prestigious Russian magazine in the field of architecture and design. Everything new, unique and exclusive created in Russia and abroad is reflected on its pages helping readers to be at the cutting-edge of current trends in the world of Russian architecture and design.

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    SALON de Luxe CLASSIC is an unique limited collection edition which demonstrates the wide diversity of objects manufactured in the best traditions of classical architecture and design. This periodical is a must for all connoisseurs of classical interiors which are especially relevant for the Russian market where classics has always been highly valued.

    This limited edition demonstrates the whole range of contemporary styles and collects the best masterpieces of minimalism. Respectable and urban interiors with a dynamic layout and furniture design are shown in this edition. The projects presented in the magazine attracted brevity, convenience and functionality.

    The most glamorous and exuberant projects by famous designers and architects. These are unique creations for unique people. Possessing them, you can rest assured that no one else in the whole world does. Such creations require special treatment and their story should be told in a special way.

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    The Interior Design Salon | 255 4th St. Oakland, CA in Jack London Square | 510.502.4440

    Welcome to The Interior Design Salon, owned and operated by Deborah Carson. She has been the sole proprietor of her interior design business for over 28 years. In that time Deborah has completed major home renovations, including space planning and many kitchen and bath remodels. Her work includes renovating restaurants and hotels in Sonoma County, including redesigning and managing the entire project for the Fountaingrove Inn. She is a highly creative designer who listens to her clients’ desires and helps create a space that is their vision and unique to them. Her main objective is to transform a space to her customer’s satisfaction.

    See the Contact link below for info.

    The commercial projects Deborah worked on can be viewed at the following links:

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    We scoured Pinterest for the best salon interior design ideas from around the world. Here’s a collection of the most creative spaces and inspiring décor details you can try to make your hairdressing salon one-of-a-kind.

    1. Don’t be afraid of colour.

    We love minimalism, but bright colours can make your salon stand out in a sea of super modern spaces. If bold wall hues are too much, think about bright light fixtures or art to give a monotone wall a splash of colour. Get inspired by these spaces!

    2. Reuse old tools.

    Old styling tools don’t have to end up in the dump. With a bit of spray paint and ingenuity, give tools a second life as creative lighting fixtures and wall art. Clients will love the quirky, stylish touch.

    3. Think about your outdoor space.

    Using décor to draw people into the salon can work to your advantage and help increase walk-ins. This salon used a funny, retro chalkboard sidewalk sign to get attention. Get creative with your window displays, too.

    4. Repurpose furniture if you’re on a budget.

    Who says you have to use only salon furniture in your space? One salon used an industrial, bright pink tool box to hold their hair products.

    5. Create original pieces.

    If you want your salon to truly stand out, find or create one-of-a-kind pieces. Jamie Hill Salon in Swansea, U.K. used an old car to build their reception desk. These unforgettable touches will say something about your salon’s creativity. The sky is the limit.

    (Photo: Jamie Hill)

    6. Creatively display your supplies.

    Whether it’s tools or magazines, don’t assume everything you and your clients touch should be out of sight. Displaying it creatively makes the space functional as well as beautiful. SalonXL, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, hangs colour tubes on a clothesline for a handy way to quickly access open colour and be less wasteful.

    7. Look for easy updates when refreshing your space.

    A salon makeover doesn’t have to involve a huge renovation. New lighting fixtures, wallpaper or art can refresh the space and allow you to remain on top of the trends without making a huge commitment. We love the delicate wallpaper on the ceiling at Ena Salon in Holborn, London.

    (Photo: Pedro Inchenko and Johnny Othona, Ena Salon)

    8. Easy artwork updates.

    We don’t all have the budget for original artwork. (Plus, if something is on the wall for years, you can get sick of it over time.) Wall decals or humorous posters are an inexpensively way to keep up with trends and quickly update your space as your mood changes.

    9. Make sure all spaces are cohesive.

    Don’t forget that washrooms and coffee bars—anywhere a client can see—should delight them as much as the salon floor. Make it work with your salon’s decor to give clients the “wow” factor.

    10. Try to create a private oasis.

    If space doesn’t permit you to give every station a sense of privacy, try creating it using plants, dividers, or curtains. While some people like the buzz of the salon, many want a relaxing, intimate experience with their stylist. Get inspired by this Japanese designer who created a hanging garden to separate salon stations.

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    Hair Salon Home Design Photos

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    These designers started out designing many of their pieces with hair dryer “holsters,” a lot like what you’d see at a hair salon. These were usually mounted on the back of vanity doors. But this particular dressing table doesn’t have any doors — there are only drawers — so they had to come up with another way for the client to store her hair dryer and curling iron.

    Elegant bathroom photo Houzz

    hairdryer storage in one of your drawers Holly Viane Interiors, LLC

    Cawthra Construction & Interior Design

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    Hi, This salon is Salon Mikimoto is Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

    Elegant entryway photo in Miami Houzz

    wonder if I could do something like this, but with reclaimed wood? Amy Matsumori

    Aesthetics Interiors Inc

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    Photo Credit-Eva Reyerson Photography

    Privacy but open concept Jeanette Cam


    2016 Houzz Inc. Houzz The new way to design your home

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    Decorating Ideas for a Hair Salon

    Decorating Ideas for a Hair Salon. The interior design of a business is just as important, if not more so, than the exterior architecture. Businesses that cater to repeat clientele, such as hair salons, especially want to portray a favorable atmosphere that spurs their clients to keep coming back. There are many decorative themes that coincide perfectly with hair salons. A decorative theme can sometimes make or break a hair salon, along with the service, of course. Make your salon stand out and be recognized, earning top points.

    Luxurious French-Style Salon

    Decorate your salon in a luxurious French-style. Incorporate plush cushioned chairs with curved, dainty legs into your d cor. Hang extravagant fabric for your curtains adorned with thick, fluffy curtain toppers. Pinks and purples fit perfectly into a French theme. In addition, include raised embossing and intricate designs in your woodwork. Place bustier- and purse-shaped lamps in various locations of the salon. Moreover, place large oval-shaped mirrors before each salon chair. This type of theme will give your clients the illusion that they have stepped back in time and are in the dressing room of a famous opera prima donna. For even more customization, scatter French-style, hand-operated pump perfume bottles at each salon styling station. You can even include one or two tall stand-up oval mirrors in the corners of the salon.

    Modern Futuristic-Style Salon

    Modern and futuristic styles are becoming more and more popular every day with the invention of new technologies and the ever-constant progression into the future. Symbolize the innovative, technological and progressive state of your salon with a modernistic theme. Use simple, curved futuristic salon chairs, large square or rectangular mirrors, and track lighting. Make all shapes sharp and geometric. Include modern and contemporary art statues in your salon as well. Decorate in bright colors such as neon blue and fire engine red. Black and white work very well in futuristic themes. Moreover, style hair with only the newest and most technologically advanced hair styling tools on the market to further enhance your theme.


    • Luxurious French-Style Salon
    • Victoria s Secret French Perfume
    • Modern and Colorful Hair Salon