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Our South Tampa Computer Repair Store has experts in providing Tampa Computer Repair Services for over a decade! So when you look for Computer Repair near me think of the Tampa Computer Doctors providing service all over Tampa bay all over the world via Remote Tech Support Services

Virus, Removal, Repair Cleanup
Tampa Computer Doctors are the virus repair experts. Whether you have Malware, Spyware, Bloatware, scare ware, we have the expertise to remove, repair prevent further infections and provide the best computer repair

Data Recovery, Basic Advanced Clean room
Tampa Computer Doctors South Tampa Computer Repair services include Data Recovery. We are able to backup recover data that others can’t at a more affordable price and get your computer repair completed fast! Bring your Data recovery to us first. having anyone else look at it raises the cost of the data recovery if they damage the drive it increases the cost to have it recovered properly.

Data Backup Drives, Media Hubs Network Storage
Computer Doctors throws out the book on data backups. No longer are they time consuming or costly. Let us show you the newest best systems out there will prevent data recovery.

Custom Gaming Systems
Computer Doctors can build any computer you can imagine. Whether you want the bad-est gaming system, the fastest home computer or worlds of power at your fingertips. Computer Doctors makes the best custom machines at the best prices. Computer Doctors have even built arcade machines and work on and expand arcade machines.

Surge Protection, Maintenance Prevention
Computer Doctors knows the proper techniques to prevent expensive surge computer repair.

List of Services

Computer Doctors offer man more services. See a growing list by clicking above, Remember Computer Doctors have a Computer Doctor for all your IT needs.

Home office Computer Security
With identify theft on the rise and Cyber crimes becoming more the norms the basics just aren’t enough. Computer doctors can secure your computer with a few extra steps to protect against even the worst of viruses, Malware Spy-ware.

Notebook, Laptop, PC, Computer Repairs Upgrades
Tampa Computer Doctor’s Tampa Computer Repair store can provide any Tech support service, IT Support Service, computer repair service including upgrades for any make or model. Fastest computer repair in Tampa. lowest price computer repair in Tampa, price matching on all computer repair.

Laptop Repair, Notebook Repair,
Computer Doctors provide Computer repair, Laptop Repair, laptop tech support, computer support for all makes models of Laptops Notebooks.

Tablet Repair, Two in one Repair,
Computer Doctors repair all makes models of Tablets two in ones.

Wireless networking, Secured Wireless networking, home small business Wireless networking

AC Jack Repair DC Jack Repair Computer Soldering
Another computer company tell you a computer is too expensive to repair? Bring it to Computer Doctors, Computer Doctors can do repairs many stores are afraid to do.

Printer Maintenance Repair
Computer Doctors does printer repair, maintenance service contracts at an affordable price.

Preventative Maintenance System Optimization
Most computer disasters can be prevented with regular maintenance. Sign up for our service reminders have the peace of mind that most major disasters can be adverted.

Emergency Red Carpet Service
When approximate completion times aren’t enough Computer Doctors Provides emergency services to get your computer in repaired fast. Red Carpet service provides the extra mile that is sometimes needed to make sure your computer is set up just the way you want.

Computer Training Lessons
Computer Doctors can teach you anything you want to know about computers or software. One on one training with patient teachers on any software.

Software Installations Configurations
Software or equipment not installing? Computer Doctors can help you with the many ins and outs of making your software work for you.

Warranty Services
Is your computer under warranty but you don’t know how to get it done or don’t want to spend an hour on the phone with a foreign based tech support? Computer Doctors handles warranty repairs with Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Emachines, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Averatec, Alien ware, Asus, Msi, Western Digital many more.

Free Hardware Software Diagnostics
Remember diagnostics are always free, so trust that computer Doctors will be there for all your Computer repair service needs.

Tampa Computer Doctors are in the process of updating our website. Visit www.Tampa-Computer-Repairs.com to see it


Foundation Repair

Hargrave and Hargrave is located in Dallas, Texas serving a large area including Fort Worth. We at install the CHANCE Helical Pier Foundation System. This system offers a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to other remedial systems.

New Construction Foundation Underpinning

The CHANCE Helical Pier Foundation System gives you the performance of concrete without the drawbacks and liabilities of driven piles and drilled shafts.

Earth Retention

We are experts in retention. With the CHANCE helical pier solution, there are no holes to drill and no delays because there is no grout.

Hargrave Hargrave Foundation Repair

We at Hargrave and Hargrave, Inc. have dedicated ourselves to providing a permanent foundation repair solution based in Dallas, TX for your home or personal structure. With over 40 years of experience in the foundation repair industry, we can resolve your problems cleanly efficiently. One of the optimal ways to provide this solution is to take advantage of the CHANCE Helical Piering System.
Why should you select our company?

  1. Over 40 years of experience in the foundation repair industry.
  2. Experienced, well-trained, and professional crews.
  3. Insured and Licensed for your protection.
  4. Lifetime transferable warranty.
  5. Located in Dallas, Texas

We may be based in Dallas, TX but we have satisfied customers over a 5 state area.

No other steel foundation solution has more research and testing than the CHANCE Helical Piering System.

Utilizing the A.B. Chance Helical Piering System.

A helical anchor/pile is a segmented deep foundation system with helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft. Load is transferred from the shaft to the soil through these bearing plates. Central steel shafts are available in either Type SS (Square Shaft) series or Type RS (Round Shaft) series. The CHANCE Helical Piering System provides:

  1. Fast Installation. Most projects are completed in one working day.
  2. Clean Installation. We take great care in protecting your lawn, trees, and shrubs.
  3. Permanent Installation. Each pier’s bearing capacity is measuring during installation to provide predictable results.



Thank you for the excellent work you did on leveling my house. Y’all were very professional and did a professional job. The project we needed done was short notice and I thank you for getting to it quickly. Your guys were very friendly and did a wonderful job of cleaning up. Thank you again and I will definitely recommend you and your company to the people I know.

If you’re looking for great customer service and friendly prices these are the guys. They were able to come out and give me a quick estimate. Once we started work it was over and done with before I could blink an eye. So if you’re in need for any type of foundation repair on your home I highly recommend Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair.

Timothy W. – Homeowner – Flower Mound, Texas

Online Website Review

You are the MAN!

Ron H. – Realtor – Grand Prairie, Texas

I had my foundation repaired by them and I LOVED it. My husband and I had received an estimated quote from a previous Foundation Repair company and they quoted us over $11k. We were shocked on how much it would be just to get our house fixed. I found this company on Google Search and we looked up this their website and read some reviews. I called John Lee (the owner) and he came out and and gave me a reasonable quote. It was less than $5k to get everything done. His Crew Members are amazing as well. If I had any questions they were available to help me. His Foreman, Alfredo was very detail with me and explained every process that was going on. It only took them 2 days to finish my house. It was a blessing in disguise to find this company. We are very happy with the results and very much pleased with John’s professionalization and work ethics. He even texted me a couple of times after the project had been finished just to follow up with us. I recommend him for any of your foundation issues. HE IS AMAZING!!

Monica R. – Homeowner – Balch Springs, Texas

Monica, YOU are the BEST! We appreciate your business and your referrals!

It was a pleasure working with John and his crew. They did a great job on my drainage system and leveling the soil around the house. I will recommend and use again in the future .

Jason S. – Homeowner – Dallas, Texas

Thank you so much for the late call to my client explaining the repair necessary on the home they wanted to purchase. They were about to cancel as their option period was expiring. After their conversation with you they have decided to move forward with the purchase. I really appreciate your call to them and they will be hiring you for the repair to their new home. Thank you.

Tina D. – Realtor – Richardson, Texas

I hired John’s Company to fix my son’s new home. They were able to meet what was budgeted and did the repair the same week. Very good foreman running the job. Very Happy!

Sonny V. – Parent of Homeowner – Garland, Texas

We used Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair to fix our home’s foundation in Garland. They were easy to work with and gave us a price that was a lot lower than the other companies we had come out and give us a estimate. They did a good job of explaining the process and came out and did exactly what they promised. We made a good choice and recommend them to anyone who needs their foundation looked at and fixed.

Eddy Tabitha G. – Homeowner – Garland, Texas

We use Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair on some of our investment properties. They do a great job and can work around our budgets on the properties we are rehabbing. Great prices and excellent work.

Ben F. – Investor – Richardson, Texas

Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair saved my sale. I had a closing and foundation damage was discovered during the final inspection. The buyers agent sent their foundation company out to bid the repair. Their estimate for the repair to install 14 piers totaled more than $9,000 dollars. This was a deal breaker. The seller wanted several estimates and my broker recommended you. My seller was about to take the 2nd offer as it netted more once the repairs were factored in. Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair installed the piers for less than $4,000 dollars and payment was not required until closing. My buyer netted $5,000 more on the sale of the home. We appreciate your service. My client is building a new home and guess who he is hiring to install the piers for his new home? Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair of course!

Kristen B. – Realtor – Forney, Texas

Cheers Mate, your the BEST!

Robert T. – General Contractor – Dallas, Texas

I recently used John’s company on a home I purchased to flip. He quoted me the best price and did the work in one full day. Quality work completed qu ickly!

Wade F. – RE Investor – Mesquite, Texas

Trusted Friend Review

We used John’s company for our foundation repair. They came out and gave us a written estimate the same day and the repairs were priced very reasonably. They leveled our home the following week so we were able to get the home closed with a buyer who’s inspector and bank required the foundation repair. Very satisfied with the service, the price and the timeliness.

Amin G. – Homeowner – Arlington, Texas

I am an Investor and use Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair on my purchases that require foundation work. John is easy to work with and he’s usually able to work within the financial parameters I have budgeted for my properties which can be tough sometimes. Good communication and very professional crews.

James F. – Investor – Fort Worth, Texas

If you need foundation work you need to contact John at Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair. We used his company back in December to repair our foundation in Coppell. He’s very knowledgeable and has great people working with him. His crews made it a very pleasant experience and they took special care not to damage my bushes or my lawn. They even moved and replanted my flowers I had just planted. They offer really good prices too!

Ben Rhonda W. – Homeowner – Coppell, Texas

We used Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair and they also regraded our yard as the drainage was the reason for the slab failure. The prices were great and the job went according to schedule.

Tom Y. – Homeowner – Richardson, Texas

Trusted Friend Review

I bought my first home which had foundation issues. I needed the foundation repaired prior to starting work on the inside. John’s company had the best price and my repair was completed the same week. They do exactly what they state and they do it fast.

Jose Zulema – Homeowner – Dallas, Texas

Trusted Friend Review

Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair has some great prices and they are wonderful to work with too!

Nancy M. – Realtor – Frisco, Texas

I was impressed that they sent 2 employees on the initial inspection. Being a single homeowner I was much more comfortable and I was able to show the supervisor the areas I was concerned about. My Realtor referred me to Dallas Fort Worth Foundation Repair prior to listing my property. I ended up hiring them to fix my foundation. They arrived on time the day of the repair and their foreman Alberto did a great job explaining what was about to happen. When I got home from work the following day they were done! The job was neat, clean and they even fixed the cracks in my mortar!

Natalie F. – Homeowner – Plano, Texas


Air Conditioning Glendale


Are you able to get anything done when you’re feeling hot, sticky, and irritable? Just about no one is, and that’s because our bodies are telling our minds that we need to stop working when we feel that way so that we don’t overheat. When you’re trying to get your home or office cool, Glendale air conditioning is important! If you live or work in the area, you’ll definitely need to have a high quality working air conditioner!

Air conditioning is a phrase that is thrown around on an everyday basis but do you know what air conditioning really is? Air conditioning is actually a phrase that can be used to describe a number of different things, but generally we think of it as a way to cool or de-humidify the air in our homes or work. A Glendale air conditioner is actually very necessary as this area of the world, as the heat can cause anyone to not want to do anything no matter whether they’re at work or trying to relax or do chores at home.

Most Glendale air conditioning systems are actually central
air systems, which is a wise idea because most residents find themselves using their air conditioning often far more than their heater or furnace. There are a wide array of different makers of air conditioning units. It is our job to help you to stay cool and comfortable, and we do that by not only installing air conditioning units, but also by servicing them and repairing them.

If you need your AC maintained or installed, give us a call!

Copright 2011. Glendale Air Conditioning Repair.com. All right Reserved.


The Basics Of Water Damage Restoration Training

Water damage restoration training is one of the important skill sets that a team of professional cleaners need in order to offer comprehensive services. This is a service that involves going into a home or business after a wet disaster, such as flood, burst pipes, or snow destruction, and not just cleaning up the mess, but actually drying and repairing the substructures that high volumes of moisture will affect, such as plaster and drywall, wood, concrete, and metal. Mold is a concern, of course, but there can be many other problems related to moisture damage; crumbling drywall and plaster, weakening beams and supports, rusting metal surfaces, and more. If the moisture is left to sit long enough, it will eventually bring the house to ruin. By having professional water damage restoration training, a cleaning crew will be able to properly assess the situation and devise the best plan for repair.

According the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which sets the standards for the cleaning industry and water damage restoration training, there are several different levels and classes involved in liquid destruction. From the IICRC s S-500 standards, there are three categories describing the type of liquid involved .

Category 1. This is liquid from a clean and sanitary source, such as faucets, toilet tanks, drinking fountains, etc. But, category one can quickly degrade into category two.
Category 2. This category of liquid used to be called grey water, and is described as having a level of contaminates that may cause illness or discomfort if ingested. Sources include dishwasher or washing machine overflows, flush from sink drains, and toilet overflow with some urine but not feces.
Category 3. This is the worst classification and is grossly unsanitary. It could cause severe illness or death if ingested. It used to be called black water, and sources include sewer backup, flooding from rivers or streams, toilet overflow with feces, and stagnant liquid that has begun to support bacterial growth.

Next are the classes of destruction .

Class 1. The lowest and easiest to deal with, this has a slow evaporation rate. Only part of a room or area was affected, there is little or no wet carpet, and the moisture has only affected materials with a low permeance rate, such as plywood or concrete.
Class 2. With a fast evaporation rate, this level affects an entire room, carpeting, or cushioning, the wetness has wicked up the walls at least 12 , and there is moisture remaining in structural materials.
Class 3. This class has the fastest evaporation rate, and ceilings, walls, insulation, carpet and sub-floors are all saturated. The liquid may have come from overhead.
Class 4. This class is labeled as specialty drying situations, which means there has been enough liquid and time to saturate materials with very low permeance, such as hardwood, brick, or stone.

The education involved in water damage restoration training teaches the technician to tell the difference between all the classes and categories and form a restoration plan based on those factors
. Whether the work is done with a professional, broad-spectrum cleaning company, or if it s a company limited strictly to moisture damage work, it s important to make sure the technician has the right knowledge and tools for the job. Infrared probes are used to tell the extent of the destruction, as well as air movers, air scrubbers, different sizes and types of dryers and blowers, special hardwood dryers, and dryers designed specifically for drying the sub-floor and inner wall cavities. Armed with water damage restoration training and the proper tools, most situations are salvageable.


HAVC Installation, Maintenance, Service & Repair

We Hire The Best For The Best

Integrity Heating Air Conditioning has been providing the Lake Norman Charlotte area, with top HVAC installation, HVAC repair and Customer service since 1995.

Your Family’s Comfort is Our Business! Camaraderie and team work are essential to a stable work force committed to taking care of you, our client. Integrity Heating Cooling is built on professionally trained employees who believe in 100% satisfaction. We are fully staffed to promptly and accurately take care of your heating and air conditioning requirements.

As an authorized TRANE dealer, Integrity heating air HVAC proudly specializes in installing and servicing TRANE HVAC systems. We also maintain and fix any brand commercial or residential heating or air conditioning system. Our services include preparing your commercial or residential HVAC system for the summer or winter, HVAC maintenance, HVAC repair and TRANE system installation in and around the Lake Norman Charlotte area. We provide superior service throughout Lake Norman Charlotte area at affordable and reasonable rates.

Integrity heating and air carefully selects the best service technicians in the Lake Norman Charlotte area. When our techs come to your home you can rest assured that you are getting the best service in the Lake Norman Charlotte area, usually the same day you call.

Contact integrity heating and air for all your commercial HVAC or residential heating or A/C repair, maintenance and new TRANE installation needs.

Integrity is ready to service the Lake Norman Charlotte, NC area Call Us Today 704-596-3119

Integrity Heating Cooling Services and installs all of the top brands including American Standard, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, ICP, Comfort Maker, Goodman, Bryant, Amana, AAon, York HVAC Systems.

The Company

Integrity Heating Cooling is a locally and independently owned Air Conditioning service provider proudly serving the Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord, and Lake Norman area.

We have a 35 year history of assisting our residential and commercial customers with innovative products and services that improve comfort and energy effiency while providing a healthy and safe environment in which to live and work.

Current News & Info

Capacitors should be condemned!
This is a great example of why capacitors should be condemned for corroded wire terminals.
Read More.

How It Works – Video

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Bird Droppings and Paint Damage (Etching)

Ah, Springtime. The air is warming; flowers are beginning to bloom. You venture into the driveway to give your car a well deserved wash after enduring yet another winter of corrosive road chemicals. After completing your extensive auto detail, you step back with your hands on your hips to admire your handiwork, and you notice that group of birds has decided to show their admiration with an… er… offering.

Bird droppings. Bird deposits. Bird excrement. Bird poop. Call it what you will, it’s not a pretty subject and, it’s doing real damage to your car. Here, we’ll discuss paint etching as a result of bird droppings; why it happens, and what to do about it.

Bird droppings contain Uric Acid a chemical that is corrosive enough to quickly eat through a coating of wax or paint sealant and begin to etch paint.

The Biology: Probably more than you ever wanted to know about bird poop.

Unlike mammals, birds have no bladder they don’t store liquid waste separately from solid waste. All of their waste is mixed together in an organ called the cloaca. Solid waste from the intestines is mixed with concentrated uric acid from the kidneys and everything is eliminated together. Thus the watery bombs we’ve come to know. Uric acid crystals add the white coloring to the waste matter. The uric acid levels in bird droppings is relatively high; reaching pH levels of somewhere between 3 to 4.5 quite acidic.

The Chemistry: Why acids tend to break down surfaces they come in contact with.

pH is a measure of the levels of Hydrogen (H + ) and Hydroxide (OH ) ions in a solution. When the Hydrogen and Hydroxide are present in equal levels, neutral H2 O is formed. Neutral things like water or milk have pH levels of 7; the H + ions and OH ions are in equal number. When Hydrogen ions outnumber Hydroxide ions acids are formed. Acids like lemon juice or uric acid have pH levels ranging between 0 and 7. Nature likes things to be balanced. A solution like uric acid, with extra Hydrogen ions will try it’s best to get back to a nice calming neutral by grabbing Hydroxide ions wherever it can find them. So in terms of automotive finishes these extra H + ions found in the uric acid of bird droppings will react with the hydrocarbons of the finish slowly breaking down the clear coat finish.

The Physics: That sunlight is doing more than reflecting beautifully off your freshly detailed car.

There is more at play here than simply biology and chemistry. There is also a good deal of thermodynamics at play. Wait, what. Yes, all of the sciences have come to play. If we remember way back to high school physics, we are reminded that heat causes expansion and cold causes contraction. As heat is added to molecules they tend to move around and bounce off of each other at a faster rate. As molecules warm up and cool down, the physical space between them increases or decreases. Metals are good examples of this thermodynamic property. Ever hear the copper pipes banging in old houses with hot water heating systems? The banging is a result of the copper piping heating up, expanding and banging against the framework holding the pipes in place. The same thermodynamic principal effects the metal of our car bodies as well. As the sun warms the car metal during the day the metal expands slightly. Paint and clear coat also expand in the warmth of the sun. In fact, the clear coat becomes porous and allows some of that acidic uric acid to penetrate. At night, as everything cools down, things start to contract and the clear coat starts to harden again. Only now it hardens around the newly incorporated uric acid. Over time, this constant expansion and contraction allows the uric acid to slowly etch into the clear coat and into the base paint coat.

As a result, on a macroscopic level, the painted surface appears dulled or etched where the bird droppings were. This is a result of reflected light being interrupted by the now irregular and deformed surface.

So, there you have it. The reason why bird droppings cause paint etching on cars.

Oh, wait! What do you do about it now that it’s happened? Ah, good question. Well, as our fathers would say, “prevention is the best remedy”. In this case, they’d be right. Remember, we’re working against the very Laws of Nature here: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics! The best option is to prevent the etching from happening in the first place. Covering or garaging a car will obviously keep the bird droppings from contacting the car’s painted surfaces.

But again, we’re up against the laws of Nature here. Specifically, the Laws which state, “Thy freshly washed car shall become the prime target for local birds” and “That which goes up, must come down”. Acidic etching can happen in a matter of minutes on a hot car surface. Keep a small bottle of spray detailer and a clean, soft microfiber polishing cloth with you for just such emergencies. Acidic reactions begin to happen almost immediately, so time is of the essence. This is also a good advertisement for waxes and paint sealants. They will offer some short lived protection; give you a little bit longer to address the situation before the damage occurs. The quicker you can remove the bird droppings, the better.

And what if the etching has already happened?

There are basically two different types of etching that can occur on automotive surfaces: Topical Stain Etching, and Wrinkle Etching. Topical Stains are shallow dull spots resembling hard water stains on the clear coat surface. However these stains will be in the typical bird dropping shape (picture something splattering against the surface). In this case the etching is only taking place on the surface and can usually be corrected with compounding, buffing, or in difficult situations, wet sanding. Again, it is important to remember that time is of the essence. The quicker an acid etch is addressed, the more likely it can be corrected without too much work.

Wrinkle Etching, or Fracture Etching is more problematic. This type of etching is the result of the thermodynamic heating and cooling combined with acidic etching. Here, the paint and clear coat fracture as they expand and contract, causing deep fissures in the clear coat surface. At this point, the damage has usually penetrated the clear coat surface and is beginning to damage the paint layers. Etching that has reached this stage usually requires repainting.

In either case, it’s time for a professional automotive detailer or paint correction specialist to address the situation.

And there you have it. Probably more than you ever wanted to know about bird poop and why it is important to clean it off of your car. We’re nothing if not thorough here at AQS!


Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Repair by Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor.

Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor is the Phoenix area expert for Wayne Dalton garage door opener service & repair, including the I-drive. Call us at 602-495-1555 for fast responsive service at your home anywhere in the Valley of the Sun. We can service or repair your Wayne Dalton garage door opener and getting it running as smoothly and as quietly as the day it was installed. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with no extra charge for weekend service. Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor is the best choice for quality, expert Wayne Dalton garage door opener repair and service. If you think you need a new opener, these are our most popular new garage door openers.

Wayne dalton garage door repair

Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers

Wayne Dalton no longer makes automatic garage door openers. In fact, you wont find a single reference on the the Wayne Dalton website to Wayne Dalton garage door openers. The reason is the I-drive garage door opener. The I-drive was a great concept, but it was poorly engineered; The problems with the I-drive forced Wayne Dalton to discontinue garage door opener production. Now, as a divison of Overhead Door, Wayne Dalton just makes garage doors. That said, Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor has the experience and expertise to service and repair your existing Wayne Dalton garage door opener. Call us at 602-495-1555 and we will do it right the first time, every time.

I-Drive Garage Door Opener Repair

As described above, Wayne Dalton no longer makes garage door openers, including the I-Drive. Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor has been servicing I-Drive’s since their introduction. We have the specialty knowledge and expertise to service and, if possible, repair your I-drive. In the event your I-drive cannot be repaired, we have a variety of replacement options, including side mounted jackshaft operators that, like the I-drive, leave the center of the garage available for storage and lighting.

Wayne dalton garage door repair

Wayne dalton garage door repair

Parts and Accessories

Not only are our trucks fully stocked with parts for same day on site repairs, but for the do-it-yourself type Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor stocks a variety of replacement parts for your Wayne Dalton garage door opener, including the hard to find parts. Our in-store technicians will answer your questions and offer hints and tips to help you do the job yourself. We also carry Wayne Dalton accessories such as remotes, keypads, and wall consoles.

Honesty and Integrity

Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor is your local honest garage door service company. We never use deceptive pricing in advertising. Any price we quote over the phone is the same price our technicians will quote in your garage and to your friends and neighbors. We never take advantage of a customer stuck in their garage. You can trust the experts at Arizona’s Garage Door Doctor for all your Wayne Dalton garage door opener repairs, service, and replacements.

Wayne dalton garage door repair

Wayne dalton garage door repair


This is a commonly asked question. What horsepower garage door opener do I need for my garage door?

Many people believe more horsepower is better and in a majority of cases that is true, but not always. Garage door openers are designed to replace the human force to open and close a garage door, and if your garage door is properly balanced then it should only be lifting 8-10 pounds. Liftmaster does have weight ratings for their garage doors that we can use as a guideline

According to Liftmaster the following is the recommended garage door opener horsepower by garage door weight:

Garage door weight

You will notice that the opener do not list a minimum weight just a maximum weight. Does this mean that a 1 horsepower garage door opener will not safely and effectively open a door that weighs 200 pounds. No, but what you can determine from this is that you do not need that much opening power for a lighter garage door.

The weight becomes more critical when you get to the heavier larger garage doors. If you have a very heavy wood door or a commercial garage door then you need to use an opener that is rated for the weight of the garage door you have. Heavier doors need more support than lighter doors, so it is important to look at the opener rail assembly for heavier doors. One piece opener rails are stronger and will last longer than sectional opener rails. The components inside the openers and motors for the larger horse power are stronger and will in theory last longer than the motor and components in smaller garage door openers.

Is bigger better.

The short answer is to make sure the opener you choose is strong enough and rated to lift your garage door.

The list above is Liftmasters ratings, check the rating for the garage door opener brand you are considering installing.

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    Cool Air Technologies has been providing a high-quality HVAC repair service. alongside maintenance and replacement of heating and cooling units since 1996, throughout the Orange County area of California.

    Our HVAC contractors specialize in residential air conditioning replacement. heater installation and quality furnace repair service. Each member of staff has been fully trained, remaining up to date with the latest developments in the industry and has all of the relevant certificates and licenses to carry out work on the HVAC system in your home.

    Air Conditioning Repair Tustin CA

    The hard work of our amiable technicians saves you time and money, as we carry out an excellent standard of work, quickly and competently, with minimal disturbance to your home life. These values are ingrained in the company, helping us to put our customers first and share the multitude of HVAC experience we have to make your life a little easier.

    All of our staff members are experienced in HVAC installation and air conditioner service ; we will help you to navigate the process, taking into account your budget and the needs of your family. Our technicians work closely with all of the well-known brands in the country and will help you to choose the best model for your home or business.

    If you have been searching for a service that carries out heating and air conditioning repair near me. Cool Air Technologies will diagnose the problem. Give you a fair firm price to fix it… Okay it by you first before we do the work.
    Our trucks are fully stocked with quality parts. And we offer free estimates on new equipment.

    Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

    In order to keep your air conditioning system at optimum efficiency, we highly recommend that you regularly check your equipment, ideally on a monthly basis. Try to clean out the filters to avoid any blockages or a buildup of dirt and grime. This should be done alongside a yearly inspection, undertaken by your air conditioning installation contractor. to identify and prevent any possible issues.

    The fan, belt, and compressor can all be affected by damp and mold due to the presence of water in your AC system, meaning it is essential to maintain your unit. Not doing so allows the problem to progress, which could lead to an unexpected breakdown.

    Usually, your AC systems will last for around 10-15 years without any major problems. However, you will need to undertake some air conditioning repairs to make sure your HVAC unit maintains peak performance. We advise you arrange for your AC to be evaluated in the spring months, as you will use it most often in the summertime. Any air condition repairs can be carried out prior to usage, increasing the productivity of your unit.

    Blockages, leaks and unusual activity such as noises, smells or a lack of cool air can all be signs that there is a problem affecting your air conditioning system. Upon noticing any of these signs, contact Cool Air Technologies and describe the situation we will send a technicians out to your home immediately to tackle the issue with affordable home AC repair.

    We offer central A C services. homes. Our technicians carry out air conditioning repairs on all types of systems, to ensure the individual needs of all of our customers are met to the highest possible standard.

    We will not attempt to persuade you to buy any new parts or equipment during your A C repair if you do not require them and will make sure all the fixes we carry out are energy efficient and cost effective.

    Heater Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

    Your heating system and furnace also need to be evaluated on a regular basis by an HVAC worker, so that your home remains comfortable. Maintenance by the staff at Cool Air Technologies will ultimately save you money by prolonging the life span of your HVAC units and their equipment.

    In the case of any problems occurring with your heating systems, Cool Air Technologies can use their technical expertise to offer you home heater repair. Your technicians will thoroughly explain the process to you so that you are aware of exactly what you are paying for to ensure that the HVAC systems work in your home.

    Usually, your heating and cooling systems will last without any major problems. However, you will need to undertake some heater and furnace repairs to make sure your HVAC unit continues to work at optimal levels. Your heater or furnace should be checked in the summer, as this is used most during the colder, winter months.

    Your technicians will never encourage you to invest in a replacement heater or furnace if it is unnecessary. However, sometimes it can be more cost-effective for you to have a new HVAC unit installed, as the cost of replacement parts can be expensive, depending on the age and usage of your system. Guidance is also provided for whatever type of heater or furnace you wish to purchase.

    Air Conditioner Service Delivered with a Smile

    We value the feedback of our clients and are dedicated to the uncompromising maintenance, repair and replacement of your heating and cooling systems, throughout their life span. Browse the positive reviews and testimonials on our website from previous satisfied customers, which will assure of the trustworthy nature of Cool Air Technologies. View detailed before and after examples of the work performed by our team, which will demonstrate the meticulously high standard we aim for.

    Our customers, who have also commented on the affordability of our prices, have described our services as “A-plus.” The competitive pricing of our work enables us to retain loyal customers and strengthens our reputation as one of the best air conditioning companies in California.

    This means you do not have to worry if you notice any issues occurring with your heating and cooling systems, as one of our technicians will be able to fix the problem at your convenience, for a fraction of the cost of other HVAC companies in the area.

    Cool Air Technologies has a proven reputation for high quality, accommodating service, carried out with the skill and expertise that have allowed us to become one of the best heating and cooling company in Orange County, California.

    A Family Run Business

    Cool Air Technologies is one of the top heating and cooling companies in the Mission Viejo region. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality customer service and authoritative technical ability within the industry, to cater to all of your HVAC needs.

    Founder Bill McIntosh continues to service the heating and cooling requirements of both current and new customers in the community and has over two decades of experience. Our friendly staff will offer courteous and useful advice, which always comes with a smile.

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