List of Free Online Interior Design Courses Learning Materials

Learn interior design with these free online courses and learning materials. See the full list of free interior design courses and find the course that is right for you.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Advertising and Commercial Design
  • Commercial Photography
  • Fashion Design
  • General Visual Communications Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration and Drawing
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design and Decorating

Free Online Interior Design Courses

Although most free online interior design courses aren’t affiliated with schools, a select few university classes related to design concepts are available. Most courses don’t confer credits and can’t be applied toward degree programs. Interior design classes and learning materials are often offered by commercial concerns in the industry. Users interested in these free online interior design resources should have a computer with high-speed Internet access to take full advantage of streaming videos and online software tools. You can also learn about interior design right here on For an affordable monthly subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to’s engaging Interior Design Basics Principles course as well as over 3,000 other courses.


  • Autodesk Homestyler allows users to place doors and windows in floor plans, experiment with actual product brands and see their designs in 3D. This web-based software is supported by Windows. Learners also have access to tip sheets for paint colors and design ideas, in addition to video presentations from an interior designer.

Decorating Studio

  • Decorating Your Home is a 6-lesson course developed by a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Students learn key concepts about color and ideas for decorating various rooms in a home through text and pictures. Practice exercises are included.

Home and Garden Television

  • Design 101 is available through Home and Garden Television’s website. The articles provide a general foundation on basic design topics, like choosing the right furniture, selecting a cohesive color scheme and deciding between traditional and contemporary designs. Users can also read about the fundamentals of feng shui, color theory and decorative fabrics. Additional resources include furniture and design glossaries and an 8-question design IQ quiz.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This school offers most of its classes free through OpenCourseWare. Credits are not awarded, and access to faculty members is not included. The entire contents of original courses may not be reflected in the materials that are made available.

  • Principles of Design is an undergraduate course dealing with advanced theories of design. Students complete readings and assignments dealing with historic periods, lighting and color. Although this course is geared toward stage design, concepts learned may be transferred to design in the home, as well.
  • Daylighting is an advanced course concerned with the design decisions related to both daylighting and electric lighting. Students complete reading and homework assignments, in addition to a final design project.

Open University

Through LearningSpace, Open University offers free courses on a variety of topics.

  • Design Thinking is a 10-hour introductory course available through download, content feed or print. Learners study principles of composition, such as structure, repetition, symmetry and proportion. Assignments include readings, how-to guides and design activities.
  • People-Centred Designing is a 12-hour introductory course that focuses on usability. Topics include design for users, inclusive design, ergonomics and designing for customers. Although product design is the major focus in this course, the concepts could also be related to the design of buildings, rooms, appliances and furniture.

University of Wisconsin Stout | Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University

That’s how employers describe our graduates! Student-centered learning in degree programs that fully engage you in the classroom and the real world.

Interior design programs free


Menu Undergraduate Degree Programs at UW-Stout

Undergraduate Degree Programs at UW-Stout

B.S. in Apparel Design and Development

B.S. in Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Actuarial Science
  • Business Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Mathematics Education
  • Scientific Computing

B.S. in Applied Science

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Industrial Chemistry

B.S. in Applied Social Science

  • History and Politics
  • Economics
  • Sociology and Anthropology
  • Preprofessional Study: Pre-Law

    B.F.A. in Art

    B.S. in Art Education

    B.S. in Business Administration

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Preprofessional Study: Pre-Law

      B.S. in Career, Technical Education and Training

      B.S. in Computer Engineering

      B.S. in Computer Networking and Information Technology

      Formerly Information Technology Management

      B.S. in Computer Science

      Formerly Game Design and Development – Computer Science

      • Game Design and Development

      B.S. in Construction

      B.S. in Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation

      B.S. in Dietetics

      B.S. in Digital Marketing Technology

      B.S. in Early Childhood Education

      • Special Education
      • Early Childhood – Middle Childhood Education

      B.S. in Engineering Technology

      • Electrical

      B.F.A. in Entertainment Design

      • Animation
      • Comics and Sequential Art
      • Digital Cinema

      B.S. in Environmental Science

      • Aquatic Biology
      • Environmental Health
      • Land Resources
      • Plant Science Innovations

      B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences Education

      B.S. in Food Science and Technology

      B.F.A. in Game Design and Development – Art

      B.S. in Golf Enterprise Management

      B.S. in Graphic Communications

      B.F.A. in Graphic Design and Interactive Media

      • Communication Design
      • Interaction Design

      B.S. in Health, Wellness and Fitness

      • Health and Wellness Promotions
      • Fitness Professional

      B.S. in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

      B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies

      B.F.A. in Industrial Design

      B.S. in Information and Communication Technologies

      The B.S. in Information Technology Management program

      B.F.A. in Interior Design

      B.S. in Management

      Online degree completion program

      • Business Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Operations Management
      • Project Management

      B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering

      B.S. in Marketing and Business Education

      B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

      B.S. in Packaging

      B.S. in Plastics Engineering

      B.S. in Professional Communication and Emerging Media

      B.S. in Psychology

      • Preprofessional Study: Pre-Law

      B.S. in Real Estate Property Management

      • Construction
      • Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management
      • Business Retail

      B.S. in Rehabilitation Services

      (was Vocational Rehabilitation)

      • Independent Living Rehabilitation
      • Individualized
      • Psychiatric Rehabilitation
      • Rehabilitation Service Specialist

      B.S. in Retail Merchandising and Management

      • Buying and Product Management
      • Fashion Marketing
      • Human Resource Management
      • Store Operations Management

      B.S. in Science Education

      • Biology Minor Certification

      B.S. in Special Education

      B.F.A. in Studio Art

      • Ceramics
      • Contemporary Sculptural Practices
      • Drawing
      • Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry

      B.S. in Supply Chain Management

      B.S. in Sustainable Management

      Online degree completion program

      B.S. in Technology Education

      B.S. in Technology and Science Education

      Interior design programs free

      General Education

      Each of UW-Stout’s undergraduate programs includes requirements in the following categories:

      • General Education
      • Racial and Ethnic Studies

      Learn more about the categories here.

      Current requirements for each of the categories are available here. [PDF]

      Requirements for students admitted prior to Fall 2013 are available here. [PDF]

interior design programs free

For the same reasons homeowners love Plan3D, contractors and interior designers will find it easy for showing clients exactly what a project will look like when it’s finished. Learn More

Thousands of 3D Models Included FREE

Interior design programs freeYou get free access to every one of our thousands of 3D sofas, chairs, desks, patio furniture, tables, cabinets, appliances, windows, and doors. Many are animated with the click of the mouse (like the refrigerator.) Change the size and dimensions of any object.

Choose from thousands of paint colors, as well as textures like carpet, bricks, fabrics, tile, pavers, upholstery, leather, wallpaper, metal, wood, and so on. Need something that’s not in our collection? Drop in your own photos onto any surface. There is nothing else to buy. These are included. Examples.

Powerful Features Without the Complexity

If you’re looking for a home design tool you can use without taking hours to learn – you’ve come to the right place. Design one room or an entire house with doors, walls, windows, bathroom fixtures, cabinets and roofs. As you design you’ll see your ideas in realistic 3D with lights, shadows and reflections.

Remodel your basement, kitchen, or bath. Decorate any interior with paint, furniture, and flooring, or go all out and design a five story dream home from attic to basement.

Convert Existing Floor Plans

Interior design programs freeUse Plan3D to trace floor plans and do 3D walk throughs to see how your plans will really look.

Is the closet big enough? Is the hallway wide enough? Will the bedroom set fit in the guestroom? Now you can see exactly what you’re going to get in advance. If you’re busy – that’s ok! We’ll convert your plans for you! Get your free estimate today.

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free


Any laptop or desktop with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, or Vista.

Not compatible with Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, or Android. Details.

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free

Interior design programs free

Home Design Software

Do it yourself – designing a home is a lot of fun, but can also be difficult and expensive. Download landscape software and enjoy designing your backyard patio and home garden. Imagine the costs of hiring an interior designer and architect to draft your home design plans, or the challenge of drawing what’s on your mind. Luckily for you DIY Home Owners, there are many free home design software programs to help you with your next diy home remodeling and design project. Do it yourself – home design software will enhance your capacity to make beautiful 3d home designs while meeting your budget limits. Home design software allows you to build a 3D deck plan in your backyard landscape before spending a dime or hiring a contractor to draw up the floor plans.

Free interior design programs

3D Software Downloads

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Best kitchen software program to download and read free reviews on best kitchen design in 3D online. With free home design software you can add your personal touch to every design since you will be interior designer. Today’s home design software programs have much more capabilities beyond sketching and drafting. The best free program to design a house not only remodels your floor plans but also lets you add furniture and appliances with their user-friendly online tool. Find free deck plans in 3D when downloading deck design software. The free home design software includes kitchen cabinet software, small bathroom software, landscape software, and garden software. You can useful and systematic insight regarding your electrical wiring, and plumbing.

Free interior design programs

Home Design Ideas

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Add a kitchen cabinet color and granite countertops with kitchen design software. The software itself would tell you what types of power, water, cooling, and heating systems you would need. With home design software, you are not limited to just viewing boring blue prints on flat paper, you can see 3D views of your dream home, and you can even see the cross sections of your future house. Best of all, home design software is so fun to use. Planning your home would be as enjoyable as playing a game on the computer. This would motivate you even more to continue planning. Plan your next diy home improvement with free home design software programs.

Why go to an architect if in the era of Internet and uncountable numbers of websites we have many house design software and some of which are absolutely free. Yes, now house plans designs are much easier with the help of such interior design software. If you are thinking of remodeling your house, then do read this. It will help you save money, time and effort along with to get the best design of your dream home ideas. Home design software usage is very easy. Even a layman with little computer knowledge can use it. Few software programs are dedicated to only interior designing, where as many other deals with all – interior home designing, exterior home designing, garden designing etc.

Also, the designs created by these software are in three dimensional (3D), which helps you to perfectly put your imagination into design. Home design software free vs buy both available to download and begin designing interior and landscape. should have features that are beyond just basic floor planning. There should be a wide set of tools such 3D views, infrastructure incorporation, among many others. Design a patio in 3D with free software downloads. The software should also allow for great customization and freedom of designing, because after all, it is your house that is being designed. Look for software that’s easy for you to use, whether or not you have a background in architecture. Interior Design Software in 3D with Free Download Reviews

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Houzz is the No. 1 app for improving and designing your home. Whether you’re building, remodeling or decorating, Houzz has you covered.

– Browse more than 15 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors. Choose by style, location or room, such as kitchen or bathroom.

– Save and share photos with friends, family and home professionals.

– Use the Sketch feature to annotate and draw directly on photos from Houzz.

– Shop from more than 9 million products and materials, including vanities, cabinets, lighting, furniture, tile and more.

– Read verified product reviews.

– Save up to 75% off during featured sales.

– Use Visual Match, our visual recognition technology, to discover and buy products and materials directly from photos on Houzz.

– Wondering what that sofa would look like in your living room? Select the View in My Room 3D feature and use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to see 500k 3D products would look in your space.

– Connect with over 1.5 million active home improvement professionals, including architects, general contractors, interior decorators, repair professionals and more.

– Check out our biweekly Houzz Newsletter for engaging and informative articles, including home tours, full kitchen and bathroom remodeling guides, industry news, decorating tricks, organizing guides, designing for pets, gardening advice, humor and everything in between.

– Watch Houzz TV to see original videos of inspiring homes, how-tos and more.

– Discuss home design and renovation topics in our Advice section and get feedback from the Houzz community on your projects and ideas.

What’s New in Version 17.11.2

We’ve made enhancements to the Houzz Shop product pages:

– Product reviews now include photos, so you can see how products look from other shoppers on Houzz.

– We’ve made fonts larger and easier to read.

We’ve clarified free shipping information for shoppers from Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Free interior design programs

Customer Reviews

Great app, but updates have issues

I’ve relied heavily on this app for inspiration for our remodel. However, recently the app has started behaving badly. When searching for a feature (say wainscoting), then trying to filter for the room, style, etc., the app forgets about the feature I’m searching for. It just shows all the rooms that meet the filter criteria. Also, when reviewing photos in search results, if I select to learn more about a photo, then close the photo details when I’m done, the app returns to the top of the search results, rather than the last photo viewed. If The search results have a few hundred photos, it’s extremely time consuming to try to figure out where I was. These bugs make the app significantly less useful. I’m starting to look for a replacement.

Addictive and Manipulative

I have a love hate relationship with this app. In Design Home, one is given the challenge of decorating rooms with real, high end furniture in homes around the world. How fun! The caveat is the budget. The virtual cash and diamond awards are not sufficient. That leaves the user with 2 choices – purchase diamonds with real cash, or go to Tapjoy for awards. I found myself taking hours of surveys to earn diamonds to support my design habit. To add insult to injury, sometimes I didn’t actually receive the award. I have contacted Tapjoy multiple times for rewards I didn’t receive and have received no response. Hopefully, Design Home will up their free cash and diamond awards or quitting Design Home might end up being my New Years resolution.

This is not AR

This app doesn’t work at all like they make it appear. You don’t see smart AR furniture in your living room as if it’s really there, giving you an accurate sense of perspective and size. No, it just gives you a fixed perspective 2D clip art photo of the furniture and YOU have to guess what size it is as you shrink or enlarge the image. There is no AR technology to this that I can see. It’s literally like putting stickers on your photo. Maybe that can be useful to an extent but it’s not even close to what I thought I was getting based on the preview photos and descriptions.

Customers Also Bought

Free interior design programs

Interior Design

Create spaces people love to live, work, and play in

Interior design is more than just arranging furniture. It has evolved into a multifaceted profession dealing with complete environments that not only please, but enhance the health and safety of the user. Like other interior design programs, we encourage creative vision and develop your design skills—but creativity alone wont make you a successful working interior designer. At FIT, we emphasize the practical skills you need to get your project done. By the time you graduate, you’ll be able to envision great spaces — and know how to build them, too.

FIT’s Interior Design program has been preparing students for success for more than 50 years. This rigorous, multidisciplinary program combines the academic study of the history and theory of interior design with practical, hands-on projects. You’ll collaborate with leading practitioners in New York City, the design capital of the world. In classes taught by industry professionals, you’ll learn drafting techniques, computer modeling, lighting, and materials and methods, with an emphasis on sustainability and user health and safety.

  • FIT’s Interior Design programs are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).
  • Courses meet National Certification for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Exam and New York State certification (Certified Interior Designer) eligibility requirements.
  • With about 400 students, FIT’s Interior Design program is the largest of its kind in New York City.
  • Professional-level facilities include a lighting laboratory, design graphics reproduction center, and model-making shop.
  • Projects cover a wide range of interior spaces, including residences, hotels and restaurants, stores, historic settings, hospitals, and supportive housing.
  • work with New York interior designers, lighting and graphic designers, and architects in internships at top firms such as Gensler, Interior Architects, and the Rockwell Group.
  • network with industry professionals and work with fellow students on Interior Design Club projects.
  • practice your skills on class projects that include residential, corporate, retail, hospitality, and institutional settings.

Interior design graduate programs

Interior Design News

Carmita Sanchez-Fong also serves on the Advisory Board of Berkeley College’s CIDA accredited interior design program and is a consultant on their service learning initiatives.

Not many clients these days “live above the store,” so to speak. It takes a sharply inquisitive imagination and some fancy skills to know how to deck out a full-floor apartment at the Met Life.

Online Interior Design Courses and Certification Programs

Find out about online interior design courses and in which degree and training programs they’re most commonly offered. Get course descriptions, program information and in-person requirements to make an informed decision.

Essential Information

Online coursework in interior design is available mainly through degree programs offered at both for-profit and non-profit schools. Students who are interested in the field can choose a major in Interior Design, Interior Architecture or Fine Arts. Programs can lead to an associate’s degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or a certificate. These programs are offered in a blended format, combining online courses with on-campus requirements. Students who are interested in earning an online certificate in another design-related field may also consider professional certification in graphic design, which can be completed entirely online.

The classes within these programs typically cover the planning, livability and aesthetics involved in interior design. They also focus on design theory, process and studio work. Design elements and principles, space planning and color theory are part of the program. Through assignments that require hands-on design work, interior design students build a professional portfolio of their projects. Graduates are prepared for interior designer certification.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Advertising and Commercial Design
  • Commercial Photography
  • Fashion Design
  • General Visual Communications Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration and Drawing
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design and Decorating

Interior Design Programs and Courses

Interior Design Associate’s Degree

Offered by a few colleges, this entry-level online program covers areas like residential and commercial design, drawing techniques, use of computer-aided design software, and legal, financial, ethical and other issues encountered by interior designers. Students will be expected to take some general education requirements. Coursework for the 2-year degree program includes:

  • History of interior design
  • Color theory
  • Textiles
  • History of furniture
  • Architectural lighting design
  • Professional practice

Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design

Generally offered as a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, this 4-year online program requires the completion of internships and an extensive portfolio. Along with interior design courses, students also study related topics in anthropology, psychology, sociology and biology in order to gain a well-rounded perspective for creating livable, functional spaces. Students take classes in areas such as:

  • Holistic design
  • Drafting
  • Building codes and regulations
  • Design research
  • Office design

Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture and Design

A few schools offer this advanced degree in design online; it is offered as both a Master of Science and a Master of Fine Arts degree. The curriculum focuses on advanced techniques in interior architecture and design. Students complete a thesis or a directed project. They have access to other students and professors through an online course delivery system and can complete work on their own time, although specific milestones must be completed on time. Coursework can include:

  • Spatial design
  • Sketching for design
  • Lighting design
  • Materials use
  • Concept, theory and design process

Interior Design Certification

In order to become a certified interior designer through the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), prospective interior designers must complete a formal program in interior design with a minimum of 40 semester hours of interior-design-related coursework, submit proof of work experience with an interior design firm and pass the 3-part Interior Design Fundamentals Exam administered by the NCIDQ. An exception is made for those with a Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture, who do not need additional interior design education to take the exam.

Overall, there are lots of online courses and programs available in interior design, and they can prepare graduates for certification in the field. Students in undergraduate degree programs get a comprehensive overview of the design-related subjects as well as a general education, while online master’s degree programs typically offer a greater degree of flexibility in both curriculum and scheduling.

Find Your Degree

Interior Design classes faculty can choose to work at one of 18 accredited interior design schools in Texas. Below are statistics and other relevant data to help analyze the state of interior design and interior design training in Texas, which includes interior design training at the following levels:

  • Interior Design Certificate
  • Certificate in Interior Design from Penn Foster Career School
  • Associates degree in Interior Design
  • Bachelors degree in Interior Design

Arrange By

1600 Campus Court, Abilene, Texas 79699

2011 S. Washington, Amarillo, Texas 79109

1900 Yorktown Street, Houston, Texas 77056-4197

500 Speight Ave., Waco, Texas 76798

801 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75202-3604

919 Hunter Drive, El Paso, Texas 79915-1908

8080 Park Lane #100, Dallas, Texas 75231-5993

3100 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77002

4301 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209

1950 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 4080 INFOMART, Dallas, Texas 75207

5000 Research Forest Drive, The Woodlands, Texas 77381-4399

8060 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, Texas 77501-2007

601 University Dr, San Marcos, Texas 78666

Austin, Texas 78712

2800 S University Dr, Fort Worth, Texas 76129

3452 Spur 399, McKinney, Texas 75069

101 W. Louis Henna Blvd, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78728

10000 IH-10 W Ste 200, San Antonio, Texas 78230


  1. Interior Design Schools in Dallas, TX 3 Schools
  2. Interior Design Schools in Austin, TX 2 Schools
  3. Interior Design Schools in Houston, TX 2 Schools
  4. Interior Design Schools in San Antonio, TX 2 Schools
  5. Interior Design Schools in Abilene, TX 1 Schools
  6. Interior Design Schools in El Paso, TX 1 Schools
  7. Interior Design Schools in McKinney, TX 1 Schools
  8. Interior Design Schools in Fort Worth, TX 1 Schools
  9. Interior Design Schools in Waco, TX 1 Schools
  10. Interior Design Schools in Pasadena, TX 1 Schools
  11. Interior Design Schools in San Marcos, TX 1 Schools
  12. Interior Design Schools in Amarillo, TX 1 Schools


Professional Trends

Texas Vs. National Interior Design Employment

Approximately 9% of the country’s interior design professionals work in Texas state.

Employment Growth for Interior design professionals In Texas

  • Yellow: Actual Values

In Texas, the field of interior design is shrinking. There were 510 less interior design professionals working in Texas in 2010, than there were in 2006. So, in four years, the number of interior design professionals has shrunk by 13%. This decline is slower than the change in the number of interior design professionals around the country. Nationally, the number of interior design professionals has shrunk by 23% from 2006 to 2010.

Interior Design VS. All Professions salaries in Texas

  • Light Blue: Interior Design
  • Dark Yellow: All Professions

The salaries paid to interior design professionals are growing in Texas. The mean salary for interior design professionals in 2006 was $43,780 per year. And in 2010 the mean salary was $51,470 per year.

Salary percentiles for Interior design professionals in Texas

This represents a 15% growth in salaries. State trends for all professions mirror this growth. Within the field of interior design, there is a huge variation in pay, with the highest paid interior design professionals earning 195% more money than those in the bottom 10% of the pay bracket in Texas state.

Average Salaries for Interior design professionals and related professions in Texas

Interior design professionals in Texas earn, on average, more than their counterparts in related professions.

Educational Trends

Interior Design programs available for each degree type for all schools in Texas

As the number of interior design professionals is decreasing in Texas state, the number of students graduating from the 18 accredited interior design schools in Texas state is decreasing. In 2006, 343 students graduated from interior design courses in Texas. And in 2010, 317 students graduated.

This represents a 8% decrease in the number of interior design degree or certificate school graduates in Texas state. Most of these graduates, or 38%, earned an undergraduate certificate in interior design.

Interior Design Faculty Salaries in Texas

Share Compare

Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

The number of interior design faculty, growth in the field of interior design academia and interior design faculty salaries in Texas, is all data we are currently in the process of collecting. Your anonymous submission of information regarding your career and salary will help us create a valuable career planning database for the benefit of interior design faculty at the certificate in interior design, associates degree in interior design, and bachelors degree in interior design levels in Texas. A summary of what your peers have told us up until now will be available once you submit your information.

Welcome to the School of Art and Design

Greeting from the Dean:

The School of Art and Design is pleased to announce that High Point University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. NASAD is the only accrediting body to approve all art and design-based curricula and is composed of schools and individuals representing the highest traditions and aims in the education of the artist and designer. These members have proven, by the fact of their membership and activity in the organization, their deep interest in fostering high standards for art and design education (NASAD Handbook 2016-2017, forward). High Point University recognized the significance of this accreditation as many agree that our global community is embracing the unique problem-solving skills that have been the hallmark of the creative process, making a degree in art and design far more valuable than ever before. At the School of Art and Design we provide a stimulating and inclusive environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and the intellectual and creative development of both students and faculty.

Interior design computer programs

John C. Turpin, Ph.D., FIDEC

Dean, School of Art and Design

If you would like additional information or have questions about our program, please contact Diane Stenersen at (336) 888-6355 or [email protected]

Mission Statement:

The mission of High Point University’s School of Art and Design is to:

  1. create a stimulating and inclusive environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and the intellectual and creative development of faculty and students;
  2. prepare globally aware students for continued growth in a diverse range of fields by instilling professional values and fostering the ability to engage in critical inquiry through a variety of creative methods;
  3. cultivate an appreciation for artistic expression, understanding of visual literacy, and awareness of design in the university and surrounding communities.

Core Values:

The School of Art and Design…

  • Values the role of the artist and designer as an individual who can facilitate social/cultural change at a local and global level.
  • Values the creative thought and expression of all people.
  • Values intellectual curiosity and the drive to independently pursue a question, thought or idea with passion and vigor.
  • Values collaborative working environments that inspire interdisciplinary exploration.
  • Values the centrality of experiential learning as a crucial component of the educational process.

Interior Design

Wednesday December 6th, 4:40 – 6:40pm in room FCS #216

You (or your representative) should bring anything and everything you wish to submit to the ID Portfolio Review to FCS #216 during that window of time. Early submissions are not allowed and late submissions – 6:41pm is LATE – will be rejected. Upon arrival, Professor Urquhart will be receiving your work and she will note the time you submitted and ask for you to sign off on your submission time and confirm your portfolio ID number. You will place you work on a table as instructed and then go and get a good s night rest. You will receive notice of your portfolio review outcome via email as soon as possible. We know you want results quickly and I assure you, faculty want to wrap up this process as soon as possible too.

Sarah Urquhart, Assistant Professor

Interior Design Program Coordinator

  • Applications should be submitted online only. HERE

Interior design computer programs

Have you ever wondered what it means to be an interior designer?

– First CIDA (formerly FIDER) accreditation received in March 1988 and has been continually

accredited since this date.

Interior design computer programs

to continue in their interior design major.

who entered in fall of 2010 and graduated within a 6 year period).

Acceptance into Graduate Programs:

in Architecture, Construction Technology, Architectural Lighting, Sustainability, and Historic Preservation. 33% have

pursued studies out-of-state; 67% in-state.

Places of Employment for Recent ID Grads

– Interior Designer, Corgan

– Interior Designer, Duncan Miller Ullman

– Interior Designer, Lauckgroup

– Designer, RVK Architects

– Interior Designer, Sixthriver Architects

– Team Lead, RID, StudioSix5

– Interior Designer, LEED AP, JS Nolan+Associates Lighting Design, LLC

– Interior Designer, The Bommarito Group

– Interior Designer, Carson Design Associates

– Interior Designer, STG Design

– Space Planner, Dell

– Associate, RID, Zeigler Cooper Architects

– Lighting Application Specialist, RAB Lighting

– Interior Designer, RID, Studio 8 Architects

– Interior Designer, OZ Architecture

– Interior Designer, LEED AP ID+C, RID, Private Practice

– Interior Designer, RID, Schneider Halls Design, Inc.

– Interior Designer, RID, GSC Architects

– Associate, RID, LEED AP, PDR

The program exists to provide an educational experience that develops the ability to think critically, creatively, and ethically. It fosters an atmosphere of respect for the environment and all individuals towards bringing them to their fullest potential. It is dedicated to instilling character, integrity, compassion, diligence, and a lifelong pursuit of learning and professional excellence.

  • To prepare students to be responsible and competent entry-level interior design professionals.
  • To provide students maximum opportunity for intellectual growth and creative expression.
  • To instill in students an enduring respect for humanity and the environment.
  • To imbue students with a sense of service and social obligation.
  • To serve as a socially responsive educational resource for the larger community.

The interior design program built its original educational goals upon the definition of the professional interior designer in conjunction with the CIDA Standards in order to achieve its mission.

  • Educate toward understanding the physical, psychological and social nature of design users to assess and meet their needs, goals and health-safety requirements.
  • Develop student facility in graphic, spatial, and technical thinking.
  • Provide a foundation that combines both critical and integrative thinking and the design process with that of basic knowledge and cutting-edge innovation in design, science, and technology.
  • Teach problem-solving skills and encourage creativity toward formulating design concepts that are humane, aesthetic and responsive to the design program.
  • Equip students with a fluent visual and verbal vocabulary to effectively and efficiently communicate design concepts and implementation to clients, colleagues and fabricators.
  • Situate learning experiences to emulate the professional world as closely as possible in assessment, specification, management, collaboration and computer-aided activities.
  • Afford ample opportunity to raise community, social and environmental consciousness in classes, projects and organizational activities.
  • Continue program excellence through constant vigilance in applying CIDA Standards.
  • Attract and retain quality students.
  • Attract and retain qualified faculty to meet program needs.
  • Promote student success by adjusting our facilities to support the most current ways that students think and learn.
  • Prepare students for contributing to a sustainable world.
  • Strengthen ties to the profession by maintaining a working Advisory Board.
  • Respond to the urgent need for design educators by establishing a master s program.

Students should consider transferring into the program prior to meeting all general core requirements or course options will be limited. The completion of ID major course requirements alone requires a minimum of six semesters due to strict sequencing, regardless of other credit hours accumulated.

If you are transferring courses in from another college or university; please note that once you have completed the admission process your course work and application will be reviewed. Upon acceptance to Texas State, you will receive an Evaluated Transcript. Thus transcript reflects the courses that have been accepted by Texas State. You may check the Transfer Equivalency link below to look up how your courses will transfer to Texas State. You may click on the Undergraduate Admissions link below for an explanation of the admission process.

The Interior Design major is required to take specialized courses in interior design including history of interiors and architecture, residential and commercial interior design, research and programming, professional practices, lighting, building codes and computer-aided design technology. Students participate in an internship in a related area. Visual communication courses, such as drawing, rendering and AutoCAD, are taken in the Department of Art and Design and the Department of Engineering and Technology.

Students must demonstrate successful completion of two years of the same foreign language in high school OR two semesters of the same foreign language in college.

The Interior Design faculty conducts a portfolio review for all Interior Design majors at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Your minimum grade must be a C in all required ID and ART courses and an overall GPA of at least 2.25. You must also have completed or be currently enrolled in the following courses prior to the submission date for the review:

  • ID 1320 Design graphics I
  • ID 1321 Introduction to Design
  • ARTF 1320 Basic Drawing
  • ID 2321 History of Interiors
  • ID 2322 Basic Interior Design
  • ID 2323 Design Development
  • ARTC 2305 Visualization and Presentation Techniques