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Since 2007 Shape5 has created some of the best Joomla templates, Joomla extensions and WordPress Themes available on the web. With 301,428 members we are one of the longest running Joomla Template and WordPress Theme Club Providers. We offer dozens of diverse and aesthetically pleasing products to pick from. Everything available on our site is designed to run on either the Joomla or WordPress platforms. Please have a look around, and welcome to Shape5!

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Have to love it when a site just works the way it’s supposed to. The sign up process was quick, easy, painless. Within minutes I was downloading my template(s) and loading them on my site. It makes a difference. Awesome templates. Great documentation, easy to install and use. I only have one minor issue. There are so many options, so many features, so many choices, I’m spending more time playing with them than I am getting any work done. But I guess that’s actually a good thing.

Looking for the largest variety in template designs? Look no more. Never buy 1 theme again. Signups start at just $49 for access to all of our themes.

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Modular Office Furniture

As your business grows so will your team, and at some point you may need to re-think your office landscape. Choosing modular office furniture gives you the flexibility to adjust and add onto your existing layout to accommodate your changing needs. If you’re looking for office cubicles. office desks, reception desks, conference rooms, or to outfit your team with standing desks, we can help.

Create an office layout that looks great and meets the needs of your business. Modular office furniture manufactured by Interior Concepts is not only durable, functional, and looks great, it maximizes your floor space too. We manufacture our furniture to fit the needs of your office layout. We build our furniture per your order, we do not stock standard designs. Interior Concepts’ commercial office furniture is made out of a unique one-inch panel system, versus typical 2-3 inch panels, giving us the ultimate design flexibility while taking up less space. Plus our unique Chase Wire Management System keeps all cords and cables hidden while providing up to 80 times more cable capacity.

Interior Concepts manufactures quality furniture, made in the USA, and is MAS® Certified Green. Our furniture looks like new for years, and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. To learn more about office furniture designs for your workspace, contact us to speak with an Interior Concepts design expert.

Modular Office Furniture Products

Featured Case Study

Overall, Frisco ISD’s needs have been far from cookie cutter, especially in the Administration and Career and Technology building. The Administration building was challenge with demands for many different spaces — from reception areas and human resources to student services and accounting.

Interior Concepts has been in business for over twenty years and has thousands of installations across the country in schools, call centers, and offices. Take a look at some of our office designs for inspiration. We’re here to help. Put our expertise to work for you.

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18525 Trimble Court. Spring Lake, MI 49456 800.678.5550

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✪ Drag and Drop materials in 3D

It’s easy to see how your home would look with new floors added or a wall taken out. You can drag and drop walls, floors, and other materials in real time and instantly see a 3D image of the changes in your layout.

✪ Drag and drop windows and doors

Drag your windows and doors around your 2D layout to find the perfect position for them.

✪ Rooms with Unique Shapes

If the layout you’re creating has unique corners or room features, Interior Design for iPad will help you create the layout precisely no matter how sharp the corners. You can move any wall to the exact position you need.

✪ Real-time furniture manipulation

Want to know how a couch would look against another wall? Move your furniture around your with a tap of your finger by dragging and dropping it into new positions. You can easily add new furniture before you buy, and change the size, move, rotate, duplicate, or remove it completely, all in real-time.

✪ Outdoor room additions

If you’ve ever wanted to see how a balcony, porch, or patio fit into your current house or dream home, you can now create easily add one to your layout and design it in your own specific style and size.

✪ Multiple Floors

Create innovative home layouts by adding multiple floors to your project. Once your floor is created, you can reorder it to a different position, rename it, or just delete it and start again.

✪ Render Engine

Built in rendering gives an amazing, lifelike image (iPad 2 and above) Interior Design for iPad is the world’s first interior design app (yes, world’s first) with built-in rendering capabilities to make the final image more vivid and realistic.

✪ 3D Walkthrough and Dollhouse

Take a first hand tour of your layout in walkthrough/dollhouse mode, all in stunning, real-time 3D. You can change the height of the camera to explore every angle in your layout. Use gestures or joystick to move through it.

✪ Undo/Redo

Whether you are working in Layout, Interior, or 3D mode, you can undo or redo your last actions on your current screen with a simple tap of your finger.

✪ Almost unlimited choices for furniture and materials

With more than 1300 types of furniture and 1800 different styles of décor, you’ll never run out of ways to change up your layout.

✪ Duplicate, import and export plans

Always have a backup of your original plan on hand by creating an exact duplicate of your layout in one tap. You can share your plan with others by exporting it to Dropbox or sending it through email.

✪ Create your design using your actual home layout

Use your current home as a background for the most accurate design by importing a photo of your home’s blueprint and using it as a background on the Layout screen. You can then easily recreate your home by adding rooms on top of the image.

✪ Over 50 real wooden floors

While other Interior Design apps will only let you add fake, computerized wood textures, Interior Design for iPad has over 50 wooden floors that are a meticulous photograph of the exact type of wood floor they portray. Not only can you see how your floors will really look, you can use the wood textures to create your own wooden objects or replace any existing wood texture.

✪ Stunning real-time 3D

Take a walk through your layout and explore your design in stunning, real-time 3D. Your tour will include amazing furnishings, high quality materials, and perfect lighting to give you a real-life view of your layout.

✪ Duplicate furniture

Picking the perfect piece of furniture is a snap when you know it will fit perfectly in your home. Interior Design for iPad lets you add a piece of furniture, change its size, rotate it, or even change the material it’s created from. Once it’s perfect, click on duplicate and you’ll get an exact copy of the furniture in your specific size and design.

✪ Automatically generate doors and windows

It’s easy to add doors and windows to your room. Just arrange the layout to the exact shape and style you’d like, then tap on Interior mode and the correct doors and windows will be automatically added.

✪ Change the style of your décor with one tap

Create and furnish your entire kitchen by choosing cabinets, tabletops, and even the handles on your cabinets. If you don’t like what you see, you can change the style by tapping “Replace All” and your cabinets will all change to the new material.

Reviews Testimonials

This app is great for helping the DIY-er in designing their home. I really helps someone with furniture layouts, materials selections, and scale. Those are some of the things homeowners seem to make mistakes with when buying furniture and remodeling as well.

In the beginning it’s very easy to navigate. It is nice having all of the rooms pop up at once so you can choose which ones you want, how many, and which ones you do not want.Having the grid behind the floor plans is a godsend. You are able to make the rooms perfectly even without the worry of them being a tad off. It is also very nice that there are dimensions, but it would be good if you could double tap on the dimensions and be able to type in the exact numbers you want without expanding and moving walls around yourself.

When you tap on a room, the functions are very helpful. You are able to add a room, label the room any name you would like, split walls, overlay or simply delete if you are not satisfied.When double tapping on a room it gives you the ability to add objects or materials . When you open the Objects button it shows you the furniture and accessories according to rooms. You also have a doors and windows button for all your exit needs. It s very extensive, this app seems to have everything, from beds to walk-in closets, to vases and candles.You are able to choose what you want in wood, wallpaper, paint, tiles, fabric, marble, exterior, and metals.It is a very nice and functional app that allows you to space plan to your liking.

I think it will be a hit with homeowners looking to design an interior space themselves!

Carla Aston Designed

Selected for Top 50 Must have iPad app. Other apps in the list are Facebook, Skype, Google Chrome, AllRecipes, Dropbox and other top of the line apps we use every day.

This is a work in progress. But I m using Interior Design for iPad app to create the floor plan of the house I grew up in .

I use Interior Design for iPad app every day, I like it so much!!

Love this app! If you like decorating you will love this! Would like to see some shutters for outside of house. Also some hobby items would be great, or the ability to take a pic of something and use as a object not material. Other than that I think its well worth the price you pay. I have spent hours designing our house. Good way to try out colors and layouts without the cost of mistakes! Keep up the good work guys!!

iTunes User tlkkit1

This is an amazing app which was so user friendly and professional at the same time! Being able to incorporate my personal plans and pictures to see my design develop was totally amazing to me. Worth it s weight in gold if you are stuck like I was. The advice it gave visually right on time! Thank You!

iTunes User Rhonrob2000

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Kim Lane

Kim Lane completed a degree in Clothing Design and Textile Science from the University of Otago. She worked initially as a Visual Merchandiser and Window Dresser for Country Road Clothing in New Zealand before transferring to Sydney, then eventually managed all the store teams throughout New South Wales.

While working in the UK, Kim was drawn to the Designers Guild and Terence Conran stores, among others, and discovered a passion for interiors, colour and fabric. This inspired her to undertake study in Interior Design after returning to NZ, and in 2005 she set up her own business. Kim mainly works with residential clients, providing concept planning and specifying colours and finishes.

Living near the beach, she finds the relaxed, coastal aesthetic is favoured by many of her clients – this fits well with Kim’s love of natural fibres, muted colours and simple modern shapes.

Bronwyn James

Bronwyn James was destined to pursue a career in the design industry. She grew up with creative parents who worked in design-related businesses and was always surrounded by colour samples. wallpaper designs and luxurious fabrics used for theatre costumes.

Bronwyn has been involved in a diverse range of building projects over many years where her intuitive flair and passion for colour, fabrics and design has been evident. She completed an interior design course to complement her practical skills and knowledge, and has had extensive experience working as an interior designer and project manager on the upgrading of residential properties.

These projects have included redesigning and revamping small brick and tile units, modernising dated apartments and extensively renovating original villas and bungalows to make them suitable for contemporary living.

Ali Daniell

Ali Daniell brings a wealth of experience in both practical design and teaching to The Interior Design Institute. She has taught students of all ages and at all levels of expertise.

Ali started her career teaching textiles and garment construction after studying at the University of Otago and gaining a Diploma of Teaching from Auckland Secondary Teachers College. Her passion for fabrics, colour and all aspects of design later inspired her to qualify for her current career with a Diploma of Interior Design.

Initially she worked as a Colour Consultant for Resene Paints Ltd. where she gained invaluable experience in understanding the complexity of colour as a pivotal design tool in any environment. She then set up her own business, Alizarin Design, to work as an independent Interior Designer and Colour Consultant.

Ali works primarily with residential clients, providing concepts, plans, colour and finishes to suit individual homes, lifestyles and budgets. Her projects include new buildings, contemporary apartments and home enhancements, as well as extensive renovations involving a diverse range of architectural styles, from historic to more modern homes. She has also been involved in a variety of commercial projects.

Ali is an Associate Member of DINZ (Designers’ Institute of New Zealand).

Sophie Seeger

Sophie Seeger runs Seeger By Design, a creative consultancy for Interior Design, Decorating, Property Styling, Colour Consulting and Art Sourcing.

Sophie was immersed in art and design from a very young age, having “caught the bug” from her grandmother, a sculptor, and both art-loving parents.

She studied History of Art, Colour & Design, Interior Design and Journalism; and her career to date has successfully married her passion for art, design and writing.

While running a contemporary art and design gallery, Sophie developed a commission base for her paintings and also discovered her joy for commercial design development, identifying sustainable opportunities and incomes for artists and designers.

This led to two Indigenous rug and textile ranges with licensed deals with clients including DFAT, Qantas and public libraries. Sophie has a licensing deal for her own abstract art and has works in private collections throughout Australia, in South Africa, the US, UK, Denmark and Singapore.

Sophie has worked as an art and design mentor; as guest curator; and she continues to work on residential and boutique retail Interior Design projects.

She is a weekly contributor for HOUZZ and a member of the Design Institute.

Wendi Snyder

Wendi Snyder started a career in theatre specialising in Costume and Set Design for student and professional productions at the Alexander Theatre Monash University.

She stayed there for 10 years before working with theatre producers such as Michael Edgley, Kevin Jacobson and Cameron Macintosh.

Her 25 year career in theatre took her around the world where she educated herself in Architecture and Interior Design.

She left show business to work with property developers as an Interior Designer in commercial but mostly residential applications.

Today Wendi works as a tutor for The Interior Design Institute as well as running her own Interior Design company and consulting on predominantly domestic projects, specialising in kitchen, bathrooms and colour schemes.

I had often considered a career in Interior Design but always thought it either to hard to get into or really didn’t know where to start. My confidence and skills have increased immensely since studying for this Diploma and I have a new outlook on the future – not to mention my house which is now looking pretty fantastic!

Stephen John Prosser


Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is the psychological specialty that provides continuing and comprehensive mental and behavioral health care for individuals and families; consultation to agencies and communities; training, education and supervision; and research-based practice. It is a specialty in breadth — one that is broadly inclusive of severe psychopathology — and marked by comprehensiveness and integration of knowledge and skill from a broad array of disciplines within and outside of psychology proper. The scope of clinical psychology encompasses all ages, multiple diversities and varied systems.

Advanced Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge Germane to the Specialty

  • Understanding of psychopathology and diagnostic/intervention considerations.
  • Mental health issues across the lifespan based on a solid understanding of psychopathology.
  • Assessment: ability to integrate and synthesize personality test data with additional standardized assessment measures.
  • Consultation: ability to consult with other health and behavioral health care professionals and organizations regarding severe psychopathology, suicide and violence.
  • Research Base: engagement with specific research and critical review of science, knowledge and methods pertaining to those areas identified as distinct to clinical psychology.

Parameters to Define Professional Practice in Clinical Psychology


Clinical psychology as a specialty provides services to individuals and families across the lifespan and from all ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as groups and communities.


The specialty of clinical psychology addresses behavioral and mental health issues faced by individuals across the lifespan including:

  • Intellectual, emotional, psychological, social and behavioral maladjustment.
  • Disability and discomfort.
  • Minor adjustment issues as well as severe psychopathology.
  • Assessment: diagnostic interviewing, behavioral assessment, administration and interpretation of psychological test measures
  • Intervention (primary, secondary and tertiary levels): clinical services to individuals, families and groups
  • Consultation: inter- and intra-professional practice with other health and behavioral health professionals and organizations
  • Research: engagement with specific research and critical review of science, knowledge and methods pertaining to clinical psychology.


Transferring Credits to Mercer

Credits from Other Colleges

Many students use transfer credits earned at other accredited colleges to complete some of their program requirements for a Mercer degree or certificate. In most programs, transfer credits and/or credits awarded by other nontraditional means may be applied, except that a minimum of 15 credits, including those for at least two sophomore-level courses in the major, must be earned at Mercer. Only courses in which a grade of C or better was earned are eligible for transfer credits.

To have credits from another college reviewed for transfer, the student must request that college to send an official transcript of his or her coursework to Mercer�s Enrollment Services office. Foreign transcripts will require, at the student�s expense, translation and evaluation by an approved outside agency.

Approved transfer credits are entered on the student�s transcript only after the student has been accepted in their chosen degree program and is enrolled in classes at Mercer.

Information about Mercer’s transfer credit policy and procedures is available from the Admissions office. Mercer reserves the right to deny inappropriate credit requests.

Mercer County and Bucks County residents can enroll at reasonable cost in academic programs not offered at their home county college. A program-sharing agreement among Bucks County Community College and Mercer County Community College enables students to take basic courses at their home institution and specialized courses for the degree at the other college. Students pay out-of-county instead of out-of-state rates.

Available to Mercer County students

Available to Bucks County students

BUCKS Associate Degree programs:

  • Environmental Science
  • Fine Woodworking

    BUCKS Certificate programs:

  • Historic Preservation

    MERCER Associate Degree programs:

  • Architecture and Building
  • Construction Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Aviation Customer Relations
  • Aviation Flight Technology
  • Aviation Management
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Dance
  • Funeral Service
  • Funeral Service Preparatory
  • Ornamental Horticulture
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Radiography

    MERCER Certificate programs:

  • Architectural Technology
  • Aviation Flight Technology
  • Funeral Service
  • Ornamental Horticulture

    Mercer will grant advanced standing for demonstrated knowledge gained from courses taken in high school which are equivalent to collegiate entry-level courses. Advanced standing may be granted in foreign languages, mathematics, and other disciplines. Check individual programs for specific information, and call the Admissions office to determine eligibility.

    Students who complete Advanced Placement courses during high school and pass Advanced Placement tests at the 3 level or higher are eligible for course credit in the following disciplines:

  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • English
  • French

  • German
  • Government and Politics
  • History
  • Latin

    Credit for Nontraditional Learning Experiences

    Mercer recognizes that learning in the classroom is only part of the learning that takes place in the modern world. Credit may be granted by examinations and other demonstrations of knowledge or skills acquired outside the traditional classroom. These include appropriate life and work experiences in addition to formal learning through military schools, proprietary schools, or training programs.

    Detailed information about credit for nontraditional learning experiences is available from the Student Records office. Mercer reserves the right to deny inappropriate credit requests. Veterans may wish to have their military training and experience evaluated for possible college credit. Those wishing to do so should contact the Veterans Affairs office.

  • #

    Audit and Assurance, Tax and Consulting Services

    Since 1972, GALLINA LLP has been a trusted advisor and premier provider of specialized accounting and consulting solutions. From 12 offices throughout the West, we serve individuals and organizations across a variety of industries. Our process of continual education keeps our team members sharp and our client businesses healthy, which may be why both tend to stay with GALLINA for a very long time.

    Audit and Assurance Services

    While other accounting firms provide after-the-fact services, we pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to help your business reduce risk and achieve greater overall success.

    • Industry-specific financial statements, including compilation, review and audit
    • Management and accounting controls analysis
    • Internal controls and management information systems design
    • Cost and cash flow analysis
    • HUD and Low-Income Housing
    • Reports on financial statements
    • Learn more.

    Tax Services

    When dealing with taxes at any level—local, state, federal or international—GALLINA can assist with corporate or general tax planning, tax credits and incentives, cost segregation, compliance or consulting on a variety of accounting-related issues.

    • Tax planning (general, mergers and acquisitions, estate and trust planning)
    • Tax preparation and tax returns
    • Local, state, federal and international taxes
    • Credits and incentives
    • Compensation, benefits and payroll taxes
    • Government audits
    • Learn more.

    Consulting Services

    GALLINA’s full-service consulting practice consistently delivers penetrating insight, planning and professional analysis that enables businesses to improve profitability, mitigate risk and manage growth.

    • Estate trust and succession planning
    • Financial reporting
    • Cash flow and budget analysis
    • Forensic investigations and discovery
    • Bankruptcy support
    • Software consulting and training
    • Executive recruiting
    • Learn more.

    GALLINA, Opening Doors to Success


    We help farmers, ranchers and other agricultural business owners reach their business and financial goals. Our agribusiness professionals specialize in income tax and estate tax planning, retirement and succession planning, and cash flow management strategies.

    • • Accounting, audits and compliance reporting
    • • Financial statement preparation and reviews
    • • Federal, state, local and international tax filing
    • • Assistance with mergers, acquisitions and business sales
    • • Business valuation and due diligence
    • • Accounting and information technology consulting
    • Learn More.
  • Construction

    Our team has decades of experience working with general contractors, specialty contractors, subcontractors, developers, builders and investors. With years of experience working with bonding companies and banks, we know how to present your financial statements in a manner that they understand and appreciate.

    • • Cash flow analysis
    • • Proactive management assistance
    • • Strategic business planning
    • • Management and accounting controls
    • • Bonding and banking relationships
    • • Proactive income tax planning
    • Learn More.
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits

    GALLINA has a team of auditors that are 100% dedicated to auditing employee benefit plans on a year-round basis. Our experienced pros know Department of Labor, IRS and ERISA requirements inside out. In addition, we can represent you before the DOL or IRS if you receive an inquiry or other correspondence regarding your plan.

    • Defined contribution retirement plans, such as 401(k), 403(b) and profit-sharing plans
    • Defined benefit retirement plans (pension plans)
    • Nonqualified deferred compensation plans
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
    • Health and welfare plans, including multiple-employer plans
    • Learn More.
  • Government Audit

    GALLINA’s professionals have provided financial and compliance audit services to governmental agencies throughout California and Nevada. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated solely to serving counties, cities, special districts and other governmental agencies — small or large, simple or complex — on a year-round basis.

    • Single audit, Yellow Book, redevelopment agency, transportation fund and municipal audits
    • Compliance with federal and state reporting requirements
    • Internal controls review and enhancement
    • Fraud detection and prevention
    • Information technology systems selection and updating
    • Cash flow projections, budgeting and cost-cutting
    • Learn More.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution

    We know the key issues facing manufacturers and distributors, and have the experience to provide you with the right solutions. We deliver accounting, audit, tax, and consulting services to a diverse group of companies in the high-tech, metal fabrication, wood products, trucking and food processing industries.

    • Financial statement audits, reviews and compilations
    • Federal and state tax planning and preparation
    • Inventory cost accounting
    • Identification and optimization of enterprise zone and R D credits
    • Operational reviews to identify cost reduction strategies
    • Cost segregation studies
    • Learn More.
  • Mining

    We serve a variety of mining businesses including aggregate, minerals, construction material and precious metal companies. Our deep understanding of depletion, costing systems, inventory valuation systems and other critical considerations ensures we meet your business goals.

    • Proactive management assistance
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Strategic business planning
    • Management and accounting controls
    • Bonding and banking relationships
    • Proactive income tax planning
    • Learn More.
  • Nonprofit

    We are committed to serving nonprofit industries, where many of our team members actively serve on boards of various charitable organizations.

    • A-128 and A-133 financial statement audits
    • Assistance with and review of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
    • Development of accounting and compliance procedures
    • Program, contract and financial compliance reviews and reporting to federal, state and city funding sources
    • Compliance reviews of fundraising reporting and allocation procedures
    • Tax planning, preparation, and consulting
    • Learn More.
  • Professional Services

    Whatever your profession — architect, consultant, dentist, engineer, environmental testing, lawyer or other — we can help you with practice formation and management, merger and acquisition financing, regulatory compliance, billing systems, compensation plans and strategies for sheltering revenue from excessive taxation.

    • Financial statement preparation, including compilations, reviews and audits
    • Federal and state tax planning and preparation
    • Acquisition due diligence and financing
    • Accounting and billing systems
    • Strategic and succession planning
    • Benchmarking and profitability studies
    • Learn More.
  • Real Estate

    GALLINA has many years of experience working with commercial and residential real estate developers and owners. Our real estate certified public accountants, drawing on in-depth knowledge of all the major industry sectors, craft creative tax strategies to help you maximize the value of your real estate holdings.

    • Entity creation/ownership and dissolution strategies
    • Creative profit and loss sharing arrangements
    • Acquisitions and dispositions
    • Like-kind exchanges
    • Compiled, reviewed and audited financial statements for project financing and bonding purposes
    • Commercial and residential subdivision/retail land sales
    • Learn More.

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    The Concepts: Work Preferences

    Understanding work preferences is a critical component in developing individual, team, and organizational performance. The Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMPQ) is a 60-item assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual’s approach to work.

    Based on the responses to the profile questionnaire, the personal Team Management Profile (TMP) provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work preferences, based on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel, and the strengths that an individual brings to a team.

    Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel

    The personal Team Management Profile highlights an individual’s major and two related areas of work preferences on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel.

    • Reporter-Adviser – Supporter, helper, tolerant; A collector of information; Dislikes being rushed; Knowledgeable; Flexible
    • Creator-Innovator – Imaginative; Future-oriented; Enjoys complexity; Creative; Likes research work
    • Explorer-Promoter – Persuader, “seller”; Likes varied, exciting, stimulating work; Easily bored; Influential and outgoing
    • Assessor-Developer – Analytical and objective; Developer of ideas; Enjoys prototype or project work; Experimenter
    • Thruster-Organizer – Organizes and implements; Quick to decide; Results-oriented; Sets up systems; Analytical
    • Concluder-Producer – Practical; Production-oriented; Likes schedules and plans; Pride in reproducing goods and services; Values effectiveness and efficiency
    • Controller-Inspector – Strong on control; Detail-oriented; Low need for people contact; An inspector of standards and procedures
    • Upholder-Maintainer – Conservative, loyal, supportive; Personal values important; Strong sense of right and wrong; Work motivation based on purpose

    With 208 Profile combinations, the Team Management Profile is possibly the most comprehensive personal Profile available today.

    The personal Team Management Profile highlights an individual’s major and related areas of work preferences, including information focused on:

    • Individual and leadership strengths
    • Decision-making
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Teambuilding

    essential information for developing individuals and teams.

    The Team Management Profile is used worldwide by leading companies in diverse applications, including:

    • Team development
    • Leadership development
    • Talent management
    • Quality initiatives
    • Management training
    • Performance review
    • Career development
    • Diversity training
    • Organizational development

    Accreditation is required to use the Team Management Profile. Accreditation status can be achieved by either attending a public workshop in your area, by E-Accreditation. through an in-house workshop or a webinar accreditation. Each method allows you to be recognized worldwide as an accredited member of the Team Management Systems network.


    Himayatuna – Motor Insurance

    Sahatuna – Individual Medical Insurance Plan

    Damanati – Individual Credit Life Plan

    CPP – Comprehensive Protection Plan

    Presenting Sahatuna. Individual Medical Insurance Policy
    from the Health Insurance Market Leader

    Life can be full of surprises but when it comes to unexpected health problems, we’ve got you covered.

    • Inpatient and Outpatient Care
    • Care at 135+ medical service providers across the Sultanate
    • Inpatient treatments extended to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh
    • Emergency Treatment, worldwide except US & Canada
    • Optional coverage for Dental & Optical benefits
    • Special discount for family coverage
    • Thailand cover: Inpatient treatment for Gold & Platinum Customers

    NLGIC’s Individual Credit Life Insurance – DAMANATI uniquely provides following Key benefits to its customers

    • Comprehensive protection against various types of loans.
    • Though this policy, Individuals can minimize the loan repayment burden in case of unfortunate death or disability.
    • Insurance benefit will enable in lightening the financial burden on borrower’s family.
    • Premium is as low as 50 % as compared to Market and thus customer can save considerable amount of money while buying this insurance coverage.
    • No additional Insurance cost to be incurred while transferring loan from one bank to another.
    • Customer will be left with more money when compared to Market current Interest Scenario, after settling the amount to the lender.


    Duncan Lewis Solicitors:


    Our motto is “We give people a voice”. As Solicitors serving the people we represent over 20,000 new clients a year in offices across London and in most of the major cities in the UK. We therefore take our motto very seriously indeed and do our utmost to listen to your problems first and then try our best to speak out on your behalf. We are your voice in the Courts of Justice throughout the UK.

    Our solicitors and lawyers actually do care about you and are committed to providing the best possible service to you in the most caring and careful manner. Yes, we are the largest legal aid providers in the UK and yes, we have specialists solicitors in: Divorce & Childcare, Crime & Fraud, Civil Liberties & Human rights, Housing, Immigration, Litigation, Mental Health and Personal Injury, Professional Negligence, Professional Regulation, Public Law but our solicitors and lawyers are not just academic specialists – they are solicitors who combine a deep knowledge of the law and its practical application to you with a firm belief in your right to legal aid and to a committed representation throughout your matter. Our solicitors place service to the public above all else and are able to advise on the best possible course of funding in the event you do not qualify for legal aid. Our rates are competitive and we can also explore the opportunity to fund your case on a fixed fee, through insurance and or on a no win no fee.

    When you come to Duncan Lewis you come to a place where there are over 325 qualified solicitors (most of whom are Law Society Panel accredited or equivalent), over 355, trainee solicitors, legal executives, barristers and support staff who are willing to take the time to listen to your problem, evaluate it correctly in terms of the law and where possible to speak out on your behalf and present your point of view in the best light and achieve legal remedies which correctly and properly address your problem.

    Our solicitors will always give of their best and will always try just that little bit harder on your behalf. Our solicitors are here to listen, help and to give you a voice. Duncan Lewis has the Law Society Lexcel, Investors in People Gold Standard quality marks and is also recognised as a top tier law firm and ranked and recommended as a leading law firm in 10 legal practices nationwide in Legal 500 2015 edition and recognised as a leading law firm in Chambers UK 2016.

    Legal 500 – what they say about us

    Duncan Lewis has received nationwide recognition for its excellence. The Legal 500 2016 Edition continues to rank Duncan Lewis Solicitors as a recommended law firm across 10 legal departments in London, the Midlands, Wales and UK-wide. The current 2016 edition recognises our specialisms in the following areas: Asylum, Immigration & Human Rights; Business Immigration; Social Housing; Criminal Defence; Family, Matrimonial & Childcare; Court of Protection/Mental Capacity; and Public Law Civil Liberties Judicial Review claimant matters. The 2016 Edition has also recommended 16 Duncan Lewis lawyers.

    Duncan Lewis received its first “Top Tier” Ranking award for its London Immigration Human Rights practice and also maintained its “Top Tier” status for Immigration Human Rights work in Wales.

    For nearly 30 years the Legal 500 legal directory has been an independent worldwide client’s guide to the best law firms and lawyers, which analyses the capabilities of law firms worldwide with a comprehensive research programme heavily focused on peer and client feedback. Used commercially by companies and clients, the series is widely renowned for its definitive judgment of law firm capabilities.

    Human Rights Immigration (London); Top-Tier firm 2016

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors’ ‘dynamic and very well-organised’ group specialises in acting for clients in judicial review proceedings before the High Court, as well as handling Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal cases… Clients recommend the ‘hardworking’ Adam Tear, ‘knowledgeable’ James Packer and ‘genuine star’ Toufique Hossain.” – 2016 Edition.

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors’ ‘very good’ team has a strong track record representing SME clients on business immigration, and a stellar reputation for handling test cases…” – 2015 Edition.

    “The ‘very good’ Duncan Lewis Solicitors is valued for its ‘commitment’ to clients, especially in human rights…” – 2014 Edition

    Human Rights Immigration (Wales); Top-Tier firm 2015

    – “Duncan Lewis Solicitors has ‘an excellent grasp of immigration and asylum law’. Vinita Templeton and Vanessa Delgado are ‘both deeply committed to their clients’ interests’, with Templeton being a specialist in immigration judicial review claims. The ‘thorough and conscientious’ Sian Pearce is also recommended.” – 2016 Edition

    “Specialist immigration firm Duncan Lewis Solicitors is renowned for asylum and human rights work…” – 2015 Edition.

    Human Rights Immigration (East Midlands)

    – “At Duncan Lewis Solicitors, Sangita Shah regularly advises on immigration and asylum matters, and is commended for her ‘passion’ for her work.” – 2016 Edition

    Business Immigration (London)

    “… The team advises SMEs on compliance and sponsorship licence applications under the PBS. Clients recommend Ayan Yalchin and Vicash Ramkissoon.” – 2016 Edition

    Fraud: White-Collar Crime (London)

    “Praised for his ‘great client care’, Hardeep Dhaliwal leads the team at Duncan Lewis Solicitors, which recently acted in a £1m computer scam bank fraud case.” – 2014 Edition.

    Family & Childcare (London)

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors has particular expertise representing divorce abuse victims under legal aid and have niche experience in Islamic divorce. Adeeba Naseem is extremely helpful.” – 2016 Edition.

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors has a very large legal aid practice, and is an ‘undoubted force in international children law’. Aina Khan specialises in Islamic divorce.”. – 2015 Edition.

    Administrative & Public Law (London)

    “At Duncan Lewis Solicitors, Toufique Hossain is a ‘genuine star’ for challenges in the immigration and civil liberties space.” – 2016 Edition

    “James Packer and solicitor Toufique Hossain are key names at Duncan Lewis Solicitors, which has particular experience advising on immigration and civil liberties challenges.” – 2015 Edition.

    Housing – Social Tenant (London)

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors have a young and energetic team that includes the very approachable Dianne Cowie and Subbiah Sivapunniyam, who specialises in possession actions. With several offices across London, its ‘tentacles spread out far beyond the reaches of traditional firms’ in this sector.” – 2016 Edition

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors expanded with the hire of Dianne Cowie (‘an excellent litigator with a wealth of experience’) from Fisher Meredith in 2015. The team attracts praise for its ‘forward thinking approach’ and standout expertise in possession and unlawful eviction cases. Practice head Subbiah Sivapunniyam is ‘courteous but forceful in raising issues on behalf of clients’. Solicitors James de Vere Moss and Bernadette Sylvester are also recommended.” – 2015 Edition.

    Housing – Social Tenant (Wales)

    “Headed by Heather Iqbal Rayner, Duncan Lewis Solicitors represents vulnerable individuals in a wide variety of cases against housing associations including disputes relating to anti-social behaviour and unlawful eviction cases. The team’s litigation expertise also includes judicial review challenges against public authorities.” – 2016 Edition

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors represents vulnerable tenants involved in possession and unlawful eviction cases. Heather Iqbal Rayner heads the team.” – 2015 Edition.

    Court of Protection / Mental Capacity (London)

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors specialises in cases that overlap between mental health/capacity issues and deprivation of liberty safeguards. Angela Smith and Ravinder Brar are highly competent.” – 2016 Edition

    “Duncan Lewis Solicitors specialises in cases that overlap mental health and capacity, and deprivation of liberty safeguards. Angela Smith keeps her clients ‘very well informed and always goes that extra mile” – 2015 Edition.

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