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This is a wonderful program for someone who has talent for decorating but wants or needs to add the validity that becoming certified offers. The C.I.D. designation and membership in the Certified Interior Decorators International organization will open doors and lets consumers know you are a professional they can trust. So. thank you Mr. Renner.
Kim Winnette, C.I.D.

Any industry that decides to create guidelines and raise the professionalism of its industry deserves commendation and the decoration community deserves no less.
Charlotte Jensen
FASID Past President of the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ)

I have just finished the C.I.D. Certification Program. I have found that your section on The History of Furniture and Architectural Styles very concise and informative and exactly what I needed. The other section was Session #7, Consulting: Fees and Compensation . It cleared up so much for me on exactly what I should be charging. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful program.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Showrooms would be much more willing to work with a Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.)
Dallas Decorative Center
Dallas, Texas

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Start creating a interior design logo designs

Our team of graphics artists have selected for you a series of inspiring interior design logos to help you create your company logo. this selection of original interior design logos are composed with stylish fonts and adapted colors which give them a professional, corporate look. We strongly recommend that you inspire yourself with these designs for your interior design logos.

Feel free to check out the other company domains for logos that could potentially be adapted to your business. We strongly recommend you to browse the list of company domains in case you might find something interesting.

Examples of interior design logos:

Our advise on creating interior design logos

Making a custom logo
Choose an adapted font, play around with the colours of each part of your logo, Apply effects (drop shadow, glossy effects…).

My logogenie account Everything is saved in your logogenie account: logo versions, invoices, logo sources, personal. So don’t forget to register !

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InteriCAD Features
– Easy to learn and use

All comments in InteriCAD are speaking the language of interior designers. For example: ceiling, floor

– Quick modeling function
Designer only needs to work in floor plan. InteriCAD will create 3D scene accordingly.

– Professional working drawing system
Once the design is done, designer can use working drawing function to get a completed set of working drawings automatically: top view, side view, perspective view, dimension

– Mass and updatable InteriCAD library
InteriCAD 6000 has a library containing +6000 3D models, furniture, home appliances, plants Designers can also add their 3D models into the user library.

– Handy material/texture/object edit in InteriCAD
Take photos of the material/texture you want. By drag and drop, change materials and textures with no limit!

– The 7 th Generation Virtual Reality render engine
The render engine of InteriCAD is amazing! It is fast, easy-to-use and out come with perfect photo-realistic renderings.

– Realistic lighting rendering
Types of light source, wattage, direction, color can be modified in a visible way. Only a few steps, designers can get the lighting effect they want.

– Flexible 3D Model formation
InteriCAD offers flexible and easy 3D modeling function.

– Intelligent 2D to 3D conversion
This function enables creating 3D scene within only 2 minutes! It makes communication easier and faster.

– Output various rendering

Besides photo-realistic images, panoramic, animation, sketching, chanel picture, and working drawing can also be made easily in InteriCAD.

The new 3D Pano viewer gives you another option to present your ideas.with a wide angle of 360degree,your design is presented to its fullest,literally.

– Exterior design
InteriCAD also perform well in exterior design! Its brand new exterior design function enables designer to finish landscape and exterior work.

– Furniture design
Simply input a few values you can design various TV stand, cupboard and cabinet.

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Kitchens, Baths, Interior Design

Interior Design Software for Kitchen Bath Professionals. Chief Architect Interior design software is a flexible design tool you can use for kitchen bath design. Smart cabinet tools make it easy to create any custom cabinet style including shaped, framing, and frame-less. The program also has automatic wall elevations and dimensions to the NKBA standards and includes an extensive 3D catalog – name-brand and custom.


Kitchen Designs with Chief Architect – Smarter Design Software

Use Chief Architect to design and sell your projects. If you are a great designer, show your clients using great interior design software – not only will you close more business, you can communicate accurately for more client satisfaction.



Smart Cabinet technology

Use Chief Architect to take NKBA certification exams


Create any style of cabinet with smart Cabinet objects

Select from a library of thousands of door, drawer, colors, and styles – both manufacturer and generic. Create custom countertops, backsplashes, showers, and tub platforms.


Chief Architect provides the best Interior Design Software

Choose from thousands of styles, colors, and materials to create realistic 3D interiors. Experiment with your interior design ideas using 3D models, virtual tours, and advanced design tools.

Name Brand Catalogs

Doors Windows

Colors, Materials, Textures

Furniture Accessories

Stairs Ramps


Create wall elevation views with Cross-Section and Wall Elevation camera tools

Dimension automatically or manually add details and callout text. You can design in 2D, 3D, and Elevation views simultaneously.

Floor Space Planning

Communicate projects to clients with visualization tools

Create scaled floor planes, 3D views, and virtual tours. Place and size furnishings for exact room sizing and layout.


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Start creating a interior design logo designs

Our team of graphics artists have selected for you a series of inspiring interior design logos to help you create your company logo. this selection of original interior design logos are composed with stylish fonts and adapted colors which give them a professional, corporate look. We strongly recommend that you inspire yourself with these designs for your interior design logos.

Feel free to check out the other company domains for logos that could potentially be adapted to your business. We strongly recommend you to browse the list of company domains in case you might find something interesting.

Examples of interior design logos:

Our advise on creating interior design logos

Making a custom logo
Choose an adapted font, play around with the colours of each part of your logo, Apply effects (drop shadow, glossy effects…).

My logogenie account Everything is saved in your logogenie account: logo versions, invoices, logo sources, personal. So don’t forget to register !

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28 professional design layout tips for the perfect salon interior

Thinking of opening a new salon or planning to revamp your current one?

Making the most of your space, getting the layout right and creating the right look all on time and within budget can seem a big ask . So I asked Trevor Lingard Commercial Manager from salon furniture specialists REM UK to share some professional secrets.

Good salon design starts with the basics

Poring over a Farrow and Ball paint chart may be more fun than checking your water pressure, but don t be tempted to skip the essential basics warns Trevor.

  • Have your salon s water pressure tested as early as possible. Most local water companies will do this for you. You need a minimum of 1.75 to 2.5 bar of water pressure otherwise a booster pump will be necessary.
  • Contemplating wall-mounted dryers/processors? Check your wall construction as soon as you can. You need solid concrete or brick – partition walls aren t suitable.
  • Locate your wash area as close as you can to water and waste outlets. Not only will this be cheaper to install but a shorter pipe run is less likely to cause you future plumbing problems.
  • Make the most of natural daylight whilst thinking about your clients privacy. No-one wants to sit with foils in their hair in full view of passers-by. It s not a good look.
  • Think carefully about the floor surface. Do you need to combat high levels of noise. Can you access under-floor services easily?

Tips and ideas on designing your salon styling area

The big challenge: more styling stations mean more potential revenue for your salon yet you don t want to overcrowd it with too many workstations.

If you re struggling for ideas on how to work with your space, Trevor suggests chatting to a professional salon designer early on. They will talk you through the options for your particular premises.

  • Allow sufficient workspace. The first styling unit should be 1m (3 ) from a window or wall, second and subsequent units should be 1.2m (4 ) from the centre of the first unit.
  • Working space out from the unit to the rear of the stylist should be 1.5m (5 ).
  • Consider island styling units to fit more clients into a tight space.
  • Stains will happen. It s inevitable. So darker upholstery tends to be more practical for a hardworking hair salon. If you really want a lighter colour think about fitting clear chair back covers.
  • Consider using different light styles to create the right atmosphere. Hang task lights above each section and add wall-mounted secondary feature lighting for ambience.
  • Stay legal. All salon electrical fittings/appliances must conform to basic electrical EU and UK legislation. Check every electrical item you purchase has the CE logo proving it conforms.
  • But beware advises REM s Trevor Lingard, many imports sourced and bought on the internet do not comply with UK Regulations and are illegal for use in salon businesses. This could cause problems with your salon insurance. So if in doubt ask to see a declaration of conformity from the vendor to prove the CE logo isn t a fake .
  • Are you going to have colour mixed out of sight or are you going to put it in the spotlight with a colour-bar? Weigh up the pros and cons.
  • Small shallow salon? Use a mirrored wall to trick the eye and double your space.

Planning advice for your salon wash area

Bit of a challenge this one – an area that gets heavy wear, yet needs to look and feel relaxing.

  • Use partitions to design a tranquil corner for clients away from the bustle of the salon.
  • Again, remember to provide sufficient work space. Allow 0.6m (2 ) behind a wash unit for the operator. Plus a similar amount at the other end for the client s legs.
  • Gain handy salon storage and hide ugly pipe work with link units between the wash sections.
  • Alternatively, build a small plinth for the wash units. Hot and cold water and waste pipes can then be concealed beneath the false floor.
  • A ratio of one backwash to three styling positions is the recommended minimum when you re calculating your salon budget.
  • Before buying your plumbing fittings check they meet the Water Regulations (1999). It s easy – look for a WRAS logo on the components. Or check with your salon furniture and fittings supplier.

Salon reception design ideas

Your reception area shouldn t be an afterthought. First (and last) impressions count.

  • Use plinths or different floor levels to define separate areas.
  • Hide clutter. Think about what you need to have to hand on your reception desk and then how best to conceal it. Your reception is the first thing clients see when they walk through your salon door.
  • Use colour effectively. It breaks up the salon without reducing the space.
  • Avoid putting your main retail behind your reception desk. The desk and your receptionist create a barrier. Clients have to ask to handle products and this is likely to put them off browsing (and buying).

Tips on planning and buying your salon furniture

Should you buy unseen on the internet or visit an established salon furniture supplier? Online prices can seem tempting but think about the following recommends Trevor.

  • Always ask about servicing and guarantees. And remember a reputable bricks-and-mortar salon supplier is more likely to be around in a year or two to honour their promises.
  • Get everything in writing. Hopefully, there won’t be any problems but you re in a much stronger legal position with written confirmations.
  • A word about upholstered furnishings. The fire-retardant requirements on upholstery only apply to households, not businesses. Yet it makes good business sense to look for salon cloths and foams that meet BS7176: Medium Hazard (a combination of the match test, cigarette test, and a small ignition test). It all helps reduce your fire risk.
  • Look for a declaration by the supplier or ask them in writing. Check imported furniture particularly carefully as many don t fully comply.
  • Avoid nasty surprises. There are other costs associated with furniture: delivery cost, installation cost, and storage fees. Make sure you receive estimates from your salon dealer before signing the paperwork.
  • Many suppliers offer a planning/design service with the fee refundable against your purchase. Take advantage of these – the layout may seem obvious to you, but a trained salon planner may open your eyes to new ideas.

Do your homework, plan carefully and choose reputable suppliers seems to sum up Trevor s advice.

You’ve given your salon or aesthetics clinic a facelift, so why not do the same for your website? We’re one of the most experienced hair, beauty aesthetic website teams in the UK and we’d love to put our expertise to work to grow your business. Call 01386 751469 or email us for an initial informal chat.

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Create Professional Interior Design Drawings Online

As interior design and interior decorating professionals one of the most difficult tasks we have is to create drawings that clearly convey our interior design ideas quickly and affordably but that also impress our clients. Clients have come to expect sophisticated and costly computer drawings. Contractors want digital output that’s easy to transfer. Yet the economy has pushed design offices, projects and commissions to be smaller.

To survive in this competitive market, we need to make smart and strategic decisions every day that keep our costs down but allow us to deliver quality design work that stands out from the crowd.

One of the biggest and most costly decisions is which interior design software to use. 2D 3D CAD software continues to revolutionize the industry, but it’s costly, time-consuming and requires technical training or trained staff. As savvy business professionals, does it make sense to invest in over-powered and complicated CAD software when we really just need to create a floor plan or design a room?
With RoomSketcher online home design software, you can create interior designs quickly, easily and affordably. Since 2007, RoomSketcher Home Designer has been empowering hundreds of thousands of homeowners, builders, and interior design and interior decorating professionals to create floor plans and home designs.

RoomSketcher Home Designer has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes drawing floor plans and furniture plans easy. Simply click and drag to draw your walls select windows, doors, stairs and furniture and drag-and-drop them into place. The handy measurement and guideline tools give you accurate results. Unlike conventional CAD software, RoomSketcher requires no downloads or technical training so you can start designing straight away.

The RoomSketcher product library contains more than 5,000 brand-name and generic fixtures, finishes and furniture items. Change the finish and color on the walls, floors and ceilings. Select and arrange lighting, cabinets, bath fixtures and furniture to create your designs- designing a room has never been so easy and the possibilities are unlimited!

RoomSketcher is more than just a 2D floor plan maker- it’s 3D home design software. Integral state-of-the-art rendering and 3D visualization technology allows you to visualize home designs in 3D. A virtual 3D model of your floor plan is generated while you draw and an easy-to-use camera tool lets you take 3D Snapshots of your designs instantly. Use the 3D snapshot tool to view any part of your design as if you were standing in the room. Create and save multiple snapshots to compare different design options and find the best solutions quickly and easily.
With Live 3D you and your clients can navigate through a home design as if you are touring the actual home interiors– walking from room-to-room, turning around, stepping closer or farther away. Use an avatar to navigate around the room design, or fly above the floor plan to get a complete overview. Impress your clients with the next level of home design visualization and give them the interactivity they love!

Professional 2D Floor Plans

Professional digital 2D floor plans are now an essential component of the interior design industry and its related service providers. RoomSketcher 2D floor plans are incredibly versatile. You can generate floor plans in standard black/white, furnished or unfurnished, with measurements or without, even fully rendered in color.

Choose from a variety of standard floor plan symbols. Add room numbers and labels, furniture, fixtures and finish keys, text boxes, notes, even a north/south compass for project orientation.
Customize your floor plan letterhead to include your company name and logo, project information, drawing copyright, use and disclaimer text. RoomSketcher Floor Plans can be printed or saved in a variety of digital formats for web and PDF formats for print, in either metric or imperial (feet:inch) scales.

High-Quality 3D Floor Plans

Classic 2D floor plans have always been the standard to show the layout of a project, but many clients struggle with visualizing space and find floor plans hard to read. RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plans take floor plan and design visualization a great leap forward, especially when they are fully furnished with your interior design ideas.
Once you have a RoomSketcher project you can create 3D Floor Plans instantly with the click of a button. Review your designs in 3D and provide your clients with a clear high-quality 3D floor plan of your interior design so they can see its value and potential effortlessly.

State-Of-The-Art 3D Photos

With RoomSketcher you can take snapshots of your favorite interior design and interior decorating ideas and elevate them with stunning state-of-the-art 3D Photos to “Wow” your clients. Download your 3D Photos to add to mood boards, share with clients, or print out for meetings and presentations. Whether you need to just design a room or remodel a whole home – RoomSketcher 3D Photos allow you to show your clients a true visualization of their design.

Share Live 3D Floor Plans

With the Share Live 3D Floor Plans feature you can share and collaborate on a design project with your clients and contractors. Allow them access to the project in Home Designer to review a potential room or home design from their computer, before any remodeling has started!

They receive a copy of the project so they are free to play around, add updates or just to save it for easy reference. The Share Live 3D Floor Plans feature makes sharing and collaborating on home design projects and interior design ideas easy!

Save Time by using Floor Plans Services

If you are short on time or need to get your project going right away, use the RoomSketcher Floor Plan Services!

Simply scan an existing blueprint or sketch and order a finished professional 2D 3D floor plan from one of the RoomSketcher expert illustrators. Your order will be ready next Business Day! RoomSketcher Floor Plans come with instant correction no waiting on revisions. Simply open your floor plan in Home Designer and start customizing and designing it to suit your project. Getting your preliminary drawings started has never been so easy or so fast!

Go Mobile

Today, interior designers and decorators are always on the go and our work needs to go with us. All RoomSketcher projects are stored in the cloud and available online. With a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection you can access and work on your projects anywhere you need to. With the RoomSketcher Mobile App you, or your clients, can view projects instantly on a mobile phone or tablet. Have your projects handy wherever you need them- in meetings, shopping, on-site, or anywhere in-between. RoomSketcher online home design software makes it easy to do your work on the go!

Watch it live!

RoomSketcher is the easy-to-use affordable interior design software solution you’ve been looking for. Here’s how it works:

Get started, risk free!

RoomSketcher comes as different types of subscriptions, depending on your needs and preferences. However, you can access many of our features, including RoomSketcher Home Designer, without spending a cent. Signing up requires no credit card. We’ll help you get the most out of your RoomSketcher projects. When you want to generate any of our high quality outputs or access premium features, you either upgrade to the Pro subscription, or you can purchase an upgrade for one single project. It’s that easy!
Start saving time, money and resources by creating a free account today!

Frankie Elmquist is an interior architect and our Home Design Specialist. She’s worked around the globe for some of the top design firms in the world and now she brings her expertise to you.

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About Us

Message from CEO

Acoustic Lighting System will be the leading distributor of audio visual, stage effect lighting equipment in the region

The Company

A household brand name in the distribution of professional sound, lighting and accessories solutions, ACOUSTIC LIGHTING SYSTEM (A L) is an industry leader as well as a respected player in the fields. Boasting two-decade of experience, A L has gained the reputation of being one of the most reliable distributors of today s most sought-after brands for lighting and sound equipment.

With strong corporate direction and precise positioning in the market, the company continues to expand as the years go by. Now, it has more than 9 physical premises that cater to a diversified market that include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Today, its famous orange on white logo has been synonymous with the image of reliability and serves as a constant reminder of the company s exceptional growth and progression throughout the years.

Service Support

A L believe that after-sales service is an important component to warrant long-lasting customer loyalty. That is why the Acoustic Lighting Service was incepted in 1994. This dedicated service and maintenance division specializes in providing efficient services in monthly maintenance and installation of equipment, sales supports services, equipment testing and maintenance and of course, after-sales service. The division is supported by a small team of management, technical workers, administration staff and as well as repair and maintenance team to make certain a smooth and efficient operation is upheld within. Their service and expertise are approved and supported by the manufacturers and they constantly provide product training, and follow-up services to our clients in all regions.

In 2014, the A L Service is further boosted by the establishment of the Project Defects, Audio, Lighting team – a smaller, more project-oriented division that corrects errors, checks defects and repairs equipment from the Project division of the company.


A L s Headquarter is located in Malaysia in the commercial district of Puchong, Selangor. It is made up of several blocks of buildings that consist of a well-rounded Service Center, a spacious Warehouse, four multi-functional Product Showrooms and a flexible workspace area for various dedicated divisions.

Located at a stone-throw away from the front door of the Headquarter is the Warehouse. Recently renovated, it now boasts a cleaner layout and a more secured and pleasant environment to give customers the best experience out of their inventory-related needs. With the latest in barcode tagging, CCTV surveillance system, RedPrairie Management System, the objective of providing a fast, reliable service is uphold and maintained throughout the years.

To provide a unique and memorable experience for the customers, the Showrooms are partitioned into several different smaller units, each catering to one professional product or brand. The Public Address Showroom presents all of the most trustworthy brands of low-voltage and conference equipment, giving customers more choices in making a better decision. The Sound Showroom and LED Showroom cater to audio and lighting products respectively. There is also the Sennheiser Showroom, a wide and multi-functional space dedicated to all-things related to the microphone giant from Germany. In 2014, the Sennheiser Showroom was scheduled to undergo a facelift soon, a makeover project that not only enhanced the aesthetic level of the space but also to provide a more comfortable viewing experience for our customers.

Assisted by our team of well-trained professionals in the lighting and sound fields, customers are ensured of a smooth, effective product selection. We are dedicated to our customers every need and believe that it is our personal goal to make the customers experience in our Showroom as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Products Brands

Our range of products covers well-founded and world-renowned brands that cut through four main product categories that include Sound, Lighting. Video and Accessories. It is our utmost priority to provide customized solution to fulfill our every customer s individual needs.

In year 2013, we have obtained the rights to supply a full range of Sennheiser microphone systems to several prominent Malaysian artists for their various performances and stage appearances. So far, Sennheiser microphones had shared the stage and helped boost the performances of Jaclyn Victor, Tomok, Black RJ.

Overseas Divisions Affiliates

Apart from successful local operation and having 5 highly committed branches in different states in Malaysia, A L has expanded and established in other market in countries primary in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, with An individual division within each country leads the respective operations. With strong foothold in these markets, A L are a leading major force not only in its homegrown ground, but a formidable player in various parts of the region. As cultural diversification is always the key aspect in each of respective country, A L had invested countless hours, plenty of human resources and efforts in understanding the unique traits that separates each country and this uniqueness is also what unites each and every one on them to a common goal.

A L s strategy proves to be successful as they are able to correctly position themselves in each specific market and provide the right solution that fits the requirement of the audio and lighting industry for different clients in different regions.

Another division comes in the form of an associate company – AFS Engineering (MALAYSIA) Sdn. Bhd which plays a major role in supporting A L s operations both local and overseas. With 30 years of experience in the field, AFS is an expert in providing services in system design and integration for Extra Low Voltage, Broadcasting, Audio Visual Information Technology, Lighting and Studio.

The company is notable for handling various landmark projects that include the installation and maintenance of equipment for premises such as Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, Mid Valley Art Center and the Gardens Mall, Double Tree Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Legoland Malaysia in Johor, and for Radio Televisyen Malaysia in various states of the country. In 2012, Mass Rapid Transit Corp Sdn Bhd (MRT) awarded AFS with a contract to supply the SCADA facility – a system used to monitor and control industrial processes for the upcoming MRT extension projects in Selangor.


To support its rapid growth and expansion, A L knows that it needs to be supported by a team of talented workforce. Boasting a lineup of more 200 dedicated staff in various regions, A L consistently focus on providing various training programs, seminars and technical learning experience to help expand on the potential of their employees. Through training and development programs, A L also hope to reinforce the notion of continuous improvement within the organization.

Because of the diverse job roles and market applications, A L understand that wide range of training programs are the key to strengthening employees capabilities. That is why various training programs had been carried out to success. From coaching and mentoring classes, foreign language program, business writing workshop to customer service training and soft-skill program, the aim is to produce a well-rounded employee that will serve our customer and ensure they 100% satisfied and happy with our offerings. We often encourage our staff to attend trainings, seminars and product launchings in another countries to keep abreast of the latest changes in the industry.

Even though the employees are from different functional areas in different geographical location, they stand for one idea in mind: to provide wide range of value-added services to their customers. They believe that good customer service is the lifeblood of the organization.

In A L, customers can expect quick and effective service, thanks to the friendly and customer-oriented sales team who is always ready to assist. This team of qualified professionals is always at their customer s call to render prompt and efficient after-sales-service, if ever the need arise.


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Looking to outsource your bookkeeping to a professional bookkeeping company?

  • We serve accounting practices and businesses across USA and Canada
  • All outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and tax jobs are welcome
  • From as low as $7.85 per hour for bookkeeping

Click here to get quote now Complete bookkeeping service

  • Income entries
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  • Custom financial reports
  • Invoicing or billing
  • Correct errors and adjust entries
  • Credit control
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Match cash transaction entries
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Balance sheet statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Financial reports (as sought by CPA)

For Businesses

Bookkeeping for businesses

Let us keep track of your books and accounts so that you can focus on your business. Find out what bookkeeping tasks we can do for you.

Price plans for businesses

Our rates are highly attractive even for start-ups and small businesses. Why look elsewhere?

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Bookkeeping for accounting firms

Why spend your time on low margin bookkeeping tasks when you can simply outsource it. Find out how we help other accounting firms.

Price plans for accounting firms

We customize our price plans to suit your exact requirement. Our rates are affordable even for start-up practices.

“Hundreds of businesses and CPA firms now outsource their bookkeeping. who never thought they could”

Get quote now We work with all popular accounting software

Our accounting professionals have expertise on all major accounting software packages both desktop and online. We are also certified by Xero and QuickBooks. We also can work with industry specific accounting software such as Yardi, Rent manager, Appfolio and so on.


(160 or more hours per month)


  • Complete bookkeeping
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Invoicing, credit control tasks
  • Custom bookkeeping tasks
  • Preparation of yearend tax reports for your CPA
  • Your choice of software (QuickBooks, Xero or others)

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(40 to 160 hours per month)


  • Complete bookkeeping
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Invoicing, credit control tasks
  • Custom bookkeeping tasks
  • Preparation of yearend tax reports for your CPA
  • Your choice of software (QuickBooks, Xero or others)

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(Less than 40 hours per month)


  • Complete bookkeeping
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Invoicing, credit control tasks
  • Custom bookkeeping tasks
  • Preparation of yearend tax reports for your CPA
  • Your choice of software (QuickBooks, Xero or others)

Get started How Integra is better (and safer)

Bargain prices

Why bother doing your own bookkeeping when you can use our experienced bookkeeper for under $10 an hour? If you wish, you can also choose a monthly fixed price option.

Nationwide service

Internet and technology allows us handle your bookkeeping whether you are local to us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the USA.

Guaranteed data security

Why bother risking your information with work at home bookkeepers? We offer comprehensive data security for your peace of mind.

Short or long term engagement

We are very confident about the quality of our work. That’s why we don’t lock you with a long term binding contract. You have absolute control.

13+ years experience (since 2004)

You cannot afford to leave your bookkeeping with inexperienced people. We have been in the business for more than 13+ years. You can count on us.

100% qualified accountants

Why run the risk of using a bookkeeper with no qualification? All our bookkeepers are 100% certified with many years of bookkeeping experience.

Irv, Medical Information Systems

I have been using Integra’s bookkeeping service since 2010. Integra’s bookkeepers are thoroughly professional and quick to deliver. I am very happy to recommend.

Mark Peasley, Accountant

I have used few other outsourced bookkeeping firms before finally settling with Integra. I have settled with them because they have made the process very simple and painless for me.

Dennis Laur, Physician

Highly professional service at an unbelievably low price. They stay in the background, update my books every month and quietly send me the reports via email. This gives me complete confidence.

James Hunt, Cheltenham

My biggest fear about outsourcing was about data security and confidentiality. Integra uses a very comprehensive data security process and that has convinced me.

Ian Morrison, Seattle

If you own a small business and looking for someone to professionally manage your bookkeeping, then Integra is your smart choice.

Trevor, Accounting Firm, London

We have complete confidence and trust on Integra. As an accounting practice, confidence and trust are the two crucial factors for us and fortunately Integra ticks both boxes.

Get custom quote

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USA. 412 267 1529 UK. 020 7993 2949 AUS. 02 8005 1836

PCI security standards council

National association of software and service companies

pennsylvania chamber of commerce and industry

Ministry of communications and information technology


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  • Former TMB Attorneys & State Prosecutors
  • AV-RATED and Peer Reviewed Attorneys by Martindale Hubbell
  • Firm Attorneys include Board Certified Specialists in Administrative Law, Labor and Employment Law, and Criminal Law
  • Approved in-network counsel for major Texas insurance carriers

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The Texas medical license lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm PC are devoted to the legal representation of physicians, medical professionals (i.e. nurses, pharmacists, and dentists) in administrative licensing and healthcare matters in both state and federal disputes, regulatory inquiries and investigations, criminal defense and healthcare related transactions. We are a physician/clinician-friendly firm, and do not represent entities who have filed a complaint and caused an investigation by a regulatory body or board which could result in a restriction of the provider to engage in their ongoing profession. We have made this choice decisively, despite financial incentives to represent interests adverse to those the firm believes are paramount to the delivery of safe and effective healthcare to the public at large. In short, we do not represent hospitals, but focus on the provider, who we believe is the mainframe and ultimate differential that distinguishes the delivery of optimal medical care.

Since our inception, we have successfully represented vast numbers of physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, and psychologists (etc.) in both disciplinary and post-disciplinary licensure matters involving judicial review and rule challenges with successful appellate decisions issued by the Supreme Court of Texas and/or the jurisdictional Court of Appeals/District Court from which the matter was adjudicated. Additionally, we have successfully handled multiple transactional disputes and negotiations with medical staff matters/hospital peer review, the organizational structuring and licensing of pharmacies and other healthcare related entities, and transactional disputes and litigation on behalf of our clients. We are particularly versed in handling Physician / Texas Medical Board complaints which involve either standard of care or behavioral concerns including chemical dependency, intemperate use cases and boundary violations. Inclusive of these files is the relationship to the standard/quality of care provided by the physician, non-therapeutic prescribing, the inadequate maintenance and documentation of medical records. We have also successfully handled and resolved multiple psychiatrist/physician sexual boundary violations resulting in the physician s ability to continue to see patients without the loss of their license or other restrictive prohibitions which would render their practice impossible.

If you are in danger of being disciplined by your medical or professional licensing board pursuant to an ongoing complaint or investigation, then please contact the experienced and recognized Texas medical license defense lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm PC as we stand ready to advise, counsel and defend you with regard to your healthcare-related legal concern(s). To discuss your case with one of our attorneys today, please contact us by calling (512) 495-9995.

For information regarding current legal issues particular to your case, the Texas Medical Board, Texas Board of Nursing, or your licensing agency, please read through this site and visit our blog: www.txmedicallicensinglaw.com. Additionally, contact one of the firm s lawyers for information specific to your legal problem -we offer a free initial telephone assessment and individual personal consult if necessary.

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Our boutique litigation practice is devoted to the legal representation of physicians and other licensed professionals in a variety of aspects relating to their practices and professions. Focusing its attention on Professional License Defense, Administrative, Health, and Criminal Law, The Leichter Law Firm is able to draw upon its experience in these areas to provide quality client representation. The firm is located in downtown Austin, Texas.

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To discuss your particular case with one of our experienced and compassionate Texas professional license defense attorneys, please contact us today by calling (512) 495-9995.