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Are you able to get anything done when you’re feeling hot, sticky, and irritable? Just about no one is, and that’s because our bodies are telling our minds that we need to stop working when we feel that way so that we don’t overheat. When you’re trying to get your home or office cool, Glendale air conditioning is important! If you live or work in the area, you’ll definitely need to have a high quality working air conditioner!

Air conditioning is a phrase that is thrown around on an everyday basis but do you know what air conditioning really is? Air conditioning is actually a phrase that can be used to describe a number of different things, but generally we think of it as a way to cool or de-humidify the air in our homes or work. A Glendale air conditioner is actually very necessary as this area of the world, as the heat can cause anyone to not want to do anything no matter whether they’re at work or trying to relax or do chores at home.

Most Glendale air conditioning systems are actually central
air systems, which is a wise idea because most residents find themselves using their air conditioning often far more than their heater or furnace. There are a wide array of different makers of air conditioning units. It is our job to help you to stay cool and comfortable, and we do that by not only installing air conditioning units, but also by servicing them and repairing them.

If you need your AC maintained or installed, give us a call!

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power resume search

Power resume search

Power resume search

Put in your criteria

The search engine rapidly seeks the most relevant candidate matches from our vast resume database, then delivers them; ranked and scored within moments

Power resume search

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Compare up to five candidates side-by-side, save and forward resumes, and message candidates quickly within the platform.

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Build your candidate pipeline; receive email alerts when new resumes matching your requirements are added to our resume database, so you can take fast action.

Why Choose Us

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Candidates are matched to your requirements, scored and ranked

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Narrow your search by education, salary range, average tenure, willingness to travel or relocate, citizenship status, veteran status and more

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One click lets you compare candidates side-by-side, forward a resume, or add notes.

Power resume search

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Email candidates directly from our platform, with pre-written templates or personalized messaging

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Learn immediately about new resume matches

Power resume search


Run reports on account activity including number of searches, resumes viewed, EEOAA data, and more

“ Monster Power Resume Search helps ensure that the only resumes I am reviewing are from qualified candidates, helping save time and allowing us to be much more efficient in our recruiting. “

Michael Pio • Recruiting Director • Anistar Technologies

“ Power resume search acts as a one stop solution for the majority of the challenges involved in qualifying a candidate. It helps to establish filters, in terms of minimum education, years of experience, work authorization, salary range and willingness to travel and relocate. “

Subramanian Esakki • Director & Head of Talent Acquisition (US) • Virtusa Corporation

“ Not only is the search resulting in better results and more qualified candidates, but it’s also easy to use. “

Lauren Schuman • Marketing & Social Media Manager • Pyramid Consulting Group


MSDS Solutions Center offers 3.5+ million MSDS documents available online.

Welcome to MSDS Solutions Center. If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames. Don’t worry; you can still enjoy our site. All our pages can be viewed from the site map section.

MSDS Solutions Center is the most powerful player in the MSDS and Chemical management market today. We attribute this success to our 15 years of MSDS management experience. Whether your company is a small, medium or large global enterprise, we will improve the productivity, efficiency and most importantly the safety of your workplace.

Advanced MSDS and Chemical Management

Complete, centralized document management that relieves hours of manual labor, brings your company into compliance and reduces the huge costs incurred from time-consuming, non-core competency activities.

Included with our advanced automated MSDS management:

-Complete Secondary Labeling System
-Inventory Management
-Real-time Audit and Activity reporting
-Powerful Environmental Reporting Module
-Comprehensive Archiving module
-Access to over 3.5 million MSDSs
-. and much more

The easiest way to update your MSDS binders!

Our MSDS eSearch is the most complete and sophisticated online MSDS database available. Over 3.5 million original MSDSs are housed on our database, with over 10,000 new and updated MSDSs added each week.

As a member of MSDS.com, users can avail of the following benefits:

-Unlimited searches from over 3.5 million MSDSs
-View download privileges from over 3.5 million MSDSs
-MSDSs needed by your company can be stored and managed in your online database
-Fully scalable solution, allowing you to upgrade anytime to MSDS eService, our comprehensive -MSDS management solution.

Register online for free today, then proceed with your search request in the Free MSDS Search -fields located at the top-right corner of your display screen. It’s just that easy.

Throughout the Environmental Health and Safety market evolution, MSDS Solutions Center continue to be the pioneer and market leader in automated MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and chemical management.

For the past fifteen years, MSDS Solutions Center has provided a wide array of document management / indexation services for MSDSs and powerful chemical management services for companies of every size across the globe.

We command one of the largest MSDS databases in the world of over 3.5 million, with 10,000 documents added each month. We are proud to boast over 350,000 subscribers to our services and over 1,500 eService clients.

Our team of dynamic programmers, data entry professionals, marketing, and support staff are perpetually looking for new and inventive ways to improve our product.

Partnering with us will mean that your company will benefit from our company s mission to continue being the worlds leading MSDS document and Chemical management and distribution service provider.

2001-2006 MSDS Solutions Center. All rights reserved.


Imputed Earnings: Get a Real Job
During marriage (or domestic partnership) spouses (and domestic partners) have a duty to support each other as outlined by Family Code 43. read more By Donald S. Sherwyn, Esq. August 2017

Divorce and The Stay-At-Home Parent
Whether you ve made the decision to divorce, or the decision was made for you by the other parent, when you are the traditional Stay-at-H. read more By Christine Reynolds Inglis, Esq. August 2017

Are Attorney’s Fees Available To Enforce The Terms Of My Judgment?
Attorney’s fees may be sought under a variety of reasons in any action under the Family Law Act. This article discusses some options for fees when see. read more By James P. Reape, Esq. August 2017

Helping Hungry Families In Santa Clarita
For many Santa Clarita families, summer time means family trips, pool or beach days and backyard barbecues with friends and neighb. read more By Reape-Rickett Law Firm August 2017

Reasonable Self-Defense – Not Abuse
Self-defense can be a tricky thing. On one hand are those instances where an attempted burglary or assault – or sometimes even an attempt. read more By John F. Grannis, Esq. August 2017

Domestic Violence and Spousal Support
Domestic violence, known as the quiet epidemic, is often a taboo topic, or considered a private, family matter. According to the Nationa. read more By Andrea Bruns, Esq August 2017

What Our Clients Have To Say

“When I was ready to begin my divorce, I was referred to several law firms, and after consultations with each of them, I chose Reape-Rickett to represent me. From day one, my case was handled professionally as well as personally, which was very important to me as I had never gone through a divorce and I had a lot of questions and concerns. I was also very concerned about costs. Everyone from my attorneys Jim Reape and Kale Heiman to my case worker Ruby to Donna the receptionist were very knowledgeable and walked me through. One of the things that stood ou”. read more – Theresa

“Mr. David Rickett and his staff are phenomenal! When my daughter’s father took me back to court to remodify child support, I was expecting the worst as he had intentions of cutting my daughter’s support in half, despite the fact that he spends 0 time with her and makes significantly more income than I do. I had used this firm in the past to establish paternity and child support, and so I sought legal aid from Mr. Rickett to see if there was some way I wouldn’t lose that money. After even just an hour of consultation, Mr. Rickett gave me all the tools nec”. read more – Jenn

“I personally used David Rickett for my own divorce and he took a situation that could have been volatile and terrifying and was able to calm my nerves while simultaneously working diligently to get me the divorce decree that I sought (and subsequently earned). Most men that have spoken to who have gone through divorces can’t believe that I not only was able to protect myself from paying alimony but most importantly, earned primary custody of my children. I owe Dave Rickett much more than a review. I owe him the invaluable time that I get to spend with”. read more – Randy

“All aspects of my divorce is finally done, after 7 years! David Rickett took over my case after I had to fire two previous attorneys. The first for being arrogant and taking my ex-wife’s side. The second for being incompetent, missing court hearings not following through with his promises. David and staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and encouraged me to meet with my ex-wife to work out lingering financial details. At this point she was tired of Lawyer games and desired a fair settlement. This being done, the paperwork was prepared pr”. read more – Paul

“Russell Thaw of Reape-Rickett Law Firm is a committed, diligent, compassionate, and compelling attorney. Without Russell, I would have been overwhelmed with the pressures and anxiety of deadlines and paperwork, likely with a bad outcome. I was not doing well without an attorney. This all changed with Russell. My interactions with Reape-Rickett have been very professional, understanding, and compassionate. This made the process much more bearable. Anna Thursland got everything right and communicated details perfectly. A real professional. I would choose n”. read more – Jay

Montenegro Orders: What Are They And How Do They Affect Custody And Visitation?

by Reape-Rickett Law Firm – The Reape-Rickett Family Law Firm

Pendente Lite Orders and Final Orders

Final custody orders and pendente lite (temporary) orders are actually very different in that they are analyzed differently under the Family Code. It is important that someone going through a divorce understands and distinguishes between these two types of custody and, thus, better understands the law as it applies to their particular situation.

A pendente lite or temporary custody order is made during the pendency of the dissolution. A Court will apply the “best interests” of the child analysis as enumerated in Family Code, § 3011, in order to determine the best custody arrangement for the minor child. In performing such an analysis and making its temporary custody determination, the Court is predominantly concerned with the “health, safety, and welfare of the child.”

A final custody order is usually made when the dissolution has ended and the couple is divorced. Under Montenegro v. Diaz (2001) 26 Cal.4th 249, the Court must apply a stricter standard when making final custody orders. The test applied is called the “changed circumstances” test. This test is applied as an adjunct to the “best interests” test. In Montenegro, the Court stated that this stricter standard should be applied when a custody order is “final”. The Court reasoned that the “changed circumstances” test should apply this more stringent standard to help preserve continuity and stability in custodial arrangements. Furthermore, only when the “changed circumstances” requirement has been met will the Court move on to the “best interests” analysis in order to make its determination of custody.

When is a Custody Order “Final”?

Under Montenegro, and other appellate decisions, a final custody determination can occur in one of two ways:

1) A stipulated custody order showing a “clear affirmative indication the parties intended such a result.”

2) When the Court makes an order after the issue of custody has been litigated in trial or in a post-judgment modification.

For the first option, an example would be language in a stipulated judgment that unequivocally states the custody order is final under Montenegro v. Diaz. For the second option, an example would be in a judgment based on orders made after trial or an Order to Show Cause regarding a post-judgment modification to custody.

Furthermore, it should be illustrated here that the Court will only apply the “changed circumstances” analysis as it relates to a modification or final determination of custody. If the parent is attempting to modify visitation, the Court will apply the “best interests” analysis. (Enrique M. v. Angelina V. (2004) 121 Cal.4th 1371.)


Although Technische Universit�t Berlin does not itself provide student accommodation, the “Studentenwerk Berlin” (a local non-profit agency for students affairs) offers a number of accommodation options for students enrolled at educational institutions in Berlin. In general, programme participants have found affordable accommodation in Berlin without major difficulty.

From October 2017, the tuition fee for the master programme is 6,000 euro per semester which includes the regular TU administration fees. This covers all courses and materials plus public transportation service in the city of Berlin

University degree(s) recognized by German universities (at least 210 ECTS)
Proof of working experience of at least one year (preferably in the relevant working areas of energy) after completion of studies
Proof of knowledge of the English language at level B2 (or higher) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) not required for high school graduation with English language

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dres. h.c. Franz J�rgen S�cker
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim M�ller-Kirchenbauer

Contact for application

About the Energy Management (MBA)

As the global environment changes and new technologies evolve, energy management becomes a complex, fast-paced field, requiring new solutions to be delivered by highly skilled and appropriately trained individuals. This Master program Energy Management at TU-Campus EUREF in Berlin not only conveys the latest insights in energy management issues, but discusses toady s challenges and prepares students for leading roles in shaping the industry, and society, for the future ahead

The master programme is taught in English so that it is attractive to international students and connects in-class teaching with eLearning methods (blended learning). The programme was developed in cooperation with transnational companies specialised in global energy management.

The program has been developed in close cooperation with leading enterprises, consultancies and regulatory authorities in the energy sector. The study location is the exciting EUREF-Campus where many industry leaders set up office and think tanks. Excursions to industrial outlets and companies further strengthen the link between theory and practise.

We are part of Technische Universit�t (TU) Berlin, which is one of Germany s largest universities with currently more than 30,000 students. TU Berlin offers a wide range of support and extracurricular activities.

The program s interdisciplinary content, which covers the political, economic, technical and legal aspects of the energy markets, gives students and future employees a distinctive profile and qualifies them for leading positions in the energy sector. Learning and studying in small groups of up to 30 students allows for individual and excellent learning conditions.

Subjects for master theses are top-notch research and often based on industry or government proposals. Skills and knowledge transferred in our course are in high demand in all energy related industries, so carreer opportunities for graduates are exceptional.

Management decisions in the energy sector require profound understanding of the sector s technical, economic, legal, and entrepreneurial peculiarities. Climate change, economic changes, public opinion, technological progress and regulation shape and limit the entrepreneurial leeway, but also offer often unforseen chances and opportunities. The industry therefore requires broadly skilled individuals who are experts in the field.

The master program is taught over a period of three semesters. The first semester covers the technical, economic, entrepreneurial and legal foundations for management decisions in the energy sector; the second semester deepens this view and looks at business practises, primarily of grid-based utilities, and investment; the third semester broadens the view while simultaneously focusing on practise according to student s individual interests. All semesters include lectures, tutorials, seminars as well as excursions, online materials related to practice and extracurricular activities. The master thesis due in the third semester concludes the program.

About the Technical University of Berlin

The internationally renowned Technische Universit�t Berlin (TUB) is located in Germany’s capital city at the heart of Europe. The academic activities are focused on achieving sharply-defined goals: building a distinctive profile for our university, ensuring exceptional performance in research and teaching, providing our graduates with excellent qualifications and a modern approach to university administration.

The TUB strives to promote the dissemination of knowledge and to facilitate technological progress through adherence to the core principles of excellence and quality. Strong regional, national and international networking with partners in science and industry are an important aspect in these endeavours.

TUB is an internationally renowned research-intensive university dedicated to promoting science and technology for the benefit of broader society and committed to the principle of sustainability. The challenges and problems facing modern societies cannot be met on the basis of findings from individual disciplines. TUB is addressing these challenges with the aid of transdisciplinary collaborative projects. The establishment of important research partnerships in the context of the Excellence Initiative, the German Research Foundation (DFG) and European Institute for Innovation and Technology, in addition to constantly increasing third-party funding for the research projects, demonstrate the dynamic developments in this area.

Prestigious science prizes and awards make these successes even more obvious; these include Alexander von Humboldt Chairs, Einstein Chairs, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prizes, and numerous grants from the European Research Council. Research for Innovation – a credo that TUB impressively implements. Its extraordinary profile as a technical university in association with its humanities, social, planning and economic sciences programs is indeed an excellent breeding ground for strong interdisciplinarity. By combining basic and applied research endeavours, and with close links to partners in science and industry, university researchers tackle societal issues and develop forward-looking solutions.

Contact Energy Management MBA
Request For Further Information


Supatracks are authorised dealers for both Camso and LiteFoot track conversion systems, Mattracks track conversions, Best-Grip ice studs. EZDown tailgate dampers. EZUp hood lifts. together with the Motoairbag . a wearable, inflatable safety vests designed for motorcycle / quad riders and the LITEGUARD ATV flexible safety bar .

Based close to Glasgow Airport in the UK.

We can supply all types of 4×4 track conversions for ATV, 4×4 vehicles and agricultural machines and deliver throughout Europe including France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Italy all at very competitive prices.

  • Easy to install and remove – less than 1 hour with simple hand tools
  • Economic – add ultimate off-road capability to your ‘normal’ ATV, UTV or 4×4
  • Low ground pressure – environmentally friendly with minimum impact
  • Proven – world renowned products
  • Durable – quality engineering, built to last

Versatile – All season capability in all conditions

All popular models of 4×4 vehicles catered for with additional adapters being added regularly. Available on a lease of up to 5 years for qualifying businesses.

No need to purchase a new vehicle – install on your existing 4×4 or ATV and enjoy the benefit straight away.

Now with 2 year warranty Camso ATV T4S track conversions give a whole new horizon to your ATV or UTV experience.

Simple, robust and quick to fit. Available for most brands and models and easily moved from machine to machine.

The safest way to lower a tailgate.

Supatracks are delighted to be able to supply the innovative EZDown tailgate damper that everyone is talking about.

LITEGUARD – ATV flexible light bar with hidden benefits available to buy online from official UK distributor SUPATRACKS.

Supatracks sont autorisés pour les deux concessionnaires Mattracks et suivi des conversions LiteFoot, Camso systèmes de conversion de la voie et les goujons de glace Best-Grip et sont basés près de l’aéroport de Glasgow au Royaume-Uni.

Nous pouvons fournir tous les types de conversions piste 4×4 pour VTT, 4×4 véhicules et de machines agricoles et de livrer dans toute l’Europe à des prix très compétitifs.

Supatracks sind Händler für beide Mattracks und LiteFoot Conversions, Camso Spur Umwandlung Systemen und Best-Grip Eis Stollen zugelassen sind und in der Nähe von Glasgow Airport mit Sitz in Großbritannien.

Wir können alle Arten von 4×4 Conversions für ATV, 4×4 Fahrzeuge und landwirtschaftliche Maschinen und liefern in ganz Europa alle zu sehr wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen.

Supatracks zijn erkende dealers voor zowel Mattracks en LiteFoot conversies, Camso track conversie systemen en Best-Grip ijs studs en dicht op basis van Glasgow Airport in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Wij leveren alle soorten 4×4 conversies bijhouden voor ATV, 4×4 voertuigen en landbouwmachines en leveren in heel Europa alles tegen zeer concurrerende prijzen.

Supatracks ovat valtuutettuja jälleenmyyjiä sekä Mattracks ja LiteFoot seurata tuloksia, Camso seurata tehonmuuntojärjestelmien ja Best-Grip jää painonapit ja perustuvat lähellä Glasgow Isossa-Britanniassa.

Voimme toimittaa kaikenlaisia 4×4 seurata tuloksia ATV, 4×4 ajoneuvoja ja maatalouskoneet ja toimittaa koko Euroopassa kaikki erittäin kilpailukykyiseen hintaan.

Supatracks är återförsäljare för både Mattracks och LiteFoot omvandlingar spår, Camso skensystem omvandling och Best-Grip dubbar is och finns nära flygplatsen i Glasgow i Storbritannien.

Vi kan leverera alla typer av 4×4 spåra omvandlingar för ATV, 4×4 fordon och lantbruksmaskiner och leverera hela Europa till mycket konkurrenskraftiga priser.

Supatracks son los distribuidores autorizados, tanto para Mattracks y conversiones LiteFoot pista, Camso sistemas de conversión de la pista y tacos de agarre mejor el hielo y están establecidas en las cercanías del aeropuerto de Glasgow en el Reino Unido.

Podemos suministrar todo tipo de conversiones de la pista para ATV 4×4, 4×4 y vehículos de maquinaria agrícola y entregar toda Europa a precios muy competitivos.

Supatracks er autoriserede forhandlere for både Mattracks og LiteFoot spore konverteringer, Camso spor konvertering og Best-Grip is stutterier og er baseret tæt på Glasgow lufthavn i Storbritannien.

Vi kan levere alle typer af 4×4 spore konverteringer til ATV, 4×4 køretøjer og landbrugsmaskiner og leverer i hele Europa til meget konkurrencedygtige priser.

Supatracks er autoriserte forhandlere for både Mattracks og LiteFoot spore konverteringer, Camso spore konvertering systemer og Best-Grip is studs og er basert nær Glasgow Airport i Storbritannia.

Vi kan levere alle typer 4×4 spore konverteringer for ATV, 4×4 biler og landbruksmaskiner og leverer over hele Europa hele til meget konkurransedyktige priser.

Supatracks sono rivenditori autorizzati sia per Mattracks e conversioni pista Litefoot, Camso sistemi di conversione e borchie pista di ghiaccio Best-Grip e si basano vicino all’aeroporto di Glasgow nel Regno Unito.

Possiamo fornire tutti i tipi di conversioni pista per ATV 4×4, 4×4, veicoli e macchine agricole e da consegnare in tutta Europa il tutto a prezzi molto competitivi.


Here at Steve’s Moped and Bicycle World, we specialize in the sales, repair and maintenance of your: Bicycles, Electric Vehicles, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Scooters, Go-Peds, Go-Carts, ATVs, Mini Bikes, Lawnmowers, Snowblowers, Power Washers, Power Tools, and all other small engines. Our mechanics are equipped with years of experience in their respective fields and customer satisfaction is the driving factor behind the quality work that they do. Come in today for an estimate to get your bicycle, vehicle or power equipment running as good as new!

Summer is here! Now is the time to be out and about riding electric vehicles; come in today to buy a new OR used electric scooter, go kart, or bicycle. Electric vehicles are a convenient, fun, and eco-friendly form of transportation for the summer. Great for kids AND adults – come in and ask about what electric vehicle is right for you! For our customers who already have electric vehicles, make sure your unit is still in good working condition. You can arrange for your electric vehicle to be picked up from your home, or you can drop it off at our location for a full diagnostics evaluation and service by our team of expert mechanics. Your unit will be returned to you as good as new and ready for anything. Click here to see a sample of the electric vehicles we sell. Call for more information.

Comfort practicality are defining characteristics for any bike. The Electrolite offers all of this plus the added benefit of electric bike technology. Powered by a smooth and quiet 250 watt direct-drive motor and removable rechargeable battery, the Electrolite will expand your range and increase your enjoyment on your bike rides. You can set the bike to variable-speed pedal assist mode for maximum range or switch to full-power throttle control for minimal effort. Available in 17.5 and 20 frame sizes.

TOMOS MOPEDS HAVE NOT BEEN PRODUCED AND ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN THE USA SINCE 2013 Used 2003Tomos Revival 49cc moped with pedals. SORRY SOLD! Color burgundy Excellent near showroom condition only 2,816 miles. This has the superior A35 reed valve engine. This is a very rare retro style moped with lots of chrome and limited edition hard to find burgundy color. Features an upgraded chrome and gold Biturbo exhaust system. High flow air filter performance fuel jet with a 22 tooth upgraded rear sprocket. This moped is fully serviced and 100% ready to go and comes with a 3 month power train warranty.TOO LATE SOLD! Call for latest used inventory. Used Tomos mopeds are very hard to find and sell out quickley. WE REPAIR ALL MOPEDS!

Brand new Schwinn Black Phantom Replica. One of
the most colectible and hard to find classic
cruisers! Collectors everywhere are trying to get
their hands on one of these.

*NOW SHIPPING VELOSOLEX NATIONWIDE. *Velosolex motor bicycle hand built in France. not sold in the United States since the late 1970s, is available once again to American consumers. For those familiar with the iconic French bicycle, the mopeds return will come as welcome news, while those yet unfamiliar with the Solex are sure to become fans of this economical, reliable and fun form of transportation. As the Solex makes its U.S. comeback, it gives pause to review its history, and introduce the company that plans to make Solex a part of the cycling culture on this side of the Atlantic. Up to 175 MPG . simply amazing! We ship anywhere. Elclusive importer distributire for the entire USA! Twenty Velosolex S4800 were driven 2,666 miles in October 2008 on Route 66 from Chicago to California! That is over 50,000 miles in 1 month!

Winter will be back again before you know it! Don’t allow Mother Nature to catch you unprepared; come in today to buy a new OR used snow blower. Save yourself from the dreadful chore of shoveling your driveways and sidewalks. For our customers who already have snowblowers, don’t wait until the snow arrives to make sure your unit is still in good working condition. You can arrange for your blower to be picked up from your home, or you can drop it off at our location for a full diagnostics evaluation and service by our team of expert mechanics. Your unit will be returned to you as good as new and ready for anything the elements try to throw at it. Scroll down to see a small sample of our used snowblowers. Call for more information.



SYSTIMAX Solutions from CommScope is a worldwide leader in structured cabling systems and provides integrated end-to-end connectivity solutions for voice, data, video and building management applications in both wired and wireless enterprise networks.

The National Electrical Contractors Association. founded in 1901, is the leading representative of a segment of the construction market comprised of over 70,000 electrical contracting firms. The industry employs over 650,000 electrical workers and produces an annual volume of over $95 billion. NECA includes 119 U.S. chapters in addition to others in countries around the world. NECA is dedicated to enhancing the industry through continuing education, labor relations, current information and promotional activities. It is the voice of the electrical contracting industry, working to promote higher standards, quality workmanship and training for a skilled workforce. IBEW Local Union 613 is an affiliate of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. a union born from the efforts of a brave and courageous St. Louis lineman, named Henry Miller. During the late 1800s, Brother Miller traveled to cities, across the U.S. working at the trade, and organizing the electrical workers he met and worked with into local unions. In 1891, 10 local unions met in a small room above Stolley s Dance Hall in St. Louis, adopting the name of National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and drafting our Constitution. Our great union, which began with less than 2,000 members, has grown to almost 800,000 strong. Instead of 10 local unions there are now nearly 1,000 local unions representing members in many fields, including Construction and Maintenance, Utility, Telecommunications, Railroad, Broadcasting and Recording, Manufacturing, and Government. The NJATC was created over 58 years ago and has developed into what perhaps is the largest apprenticeship and training program of its kind. Local programs affiliated with the NJATC have trained over 300,000 apprentices to journeyman status without cost to the taxpayers. This joint program between the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has clearly demonstrated the most cost effective way to train qualified craft workers. BICSI s mission of providing excellent education, promoting skills sharing, and assessing knowledge with professional registration programs is now recognized worldwide. Educational programs cover telecommunications infrastructure design courses to include data distribution design, outside plant design, lowvoltage cabling installation, and residential cabling. In 2001, BICSI offered 23 instructor-led programs to more than 4,000 students. Then in 2002, BICSI became a registered provider for the General Services Administration (GSA).

For 35 years, the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) has been the voice of the specialty contracting industry. ASA is the only organization dedicated to fighting for subcontractors’ rights. Whether the issue is slow payment, retainage, unfair contracts, federal regulation, or any other issue that may affect the industry, ASA is there to champion the cause.


All articles with ‘dashboards’ Tag

In this amazing guest post, the winner of our 2016 dashboard contest Chandeep Explains how he constructed the jaw dropping beauty (shown above) using Excel, creativity, love and sweat. Grab a full cup of coffee (or whatever liquid fancies you) and read on. Take lots of notes and play with the ideas in Excel while reading to maximize your learning.

Around 2 months back, I asked you to visualize multiple variable data for 4 companies using Excel. 30 of you responded to the challenge with several interesting and awesome charts, dashboards and reports to visualize the financial metric data. Today, let s take a look at the contest entries and learn from them.

I am really sorry for the delay in compiling the results for this contest. Originally I planned to announce them during last week of July. But my move to New Zealand disrupted the workflow. I know the contestants have poured in a lot of time effort in creating these fabulous workbook and it is unfair on my part. I am sorry and I will manage future contests better.

Here is a simple but effective rule for your next dashboard. Tell all versions of truth. All versions? But there is only one version no? Of course, there is only one version of truth (or data), but you can present that in different ways, thus creating different perspectives, offering different insights. By using an interactive element (slicers [ ]

This is the final part of our series on how to analyze half a million customer complaints. Click below links to read part 1 2.

Customer satisfaction scorecard

In the previous parts of this case study, we understood what kind of complaints were made and where they came from (states). For the customer satisfaction scorecard, let s focus on individual companies.

This is part two of our three part series on how to analyze half a million customer complaints. Read part 1 here .

Analyzing Regional Trends

As introduced in part 1, our complaints dataset has geographical information too. We know the state zip code for each complaint. Please note that zip codes are partial or missing for a 10% of the data.

In this article, let s explore three ways to analyze regional trends.

  1. Regional trends by state, product issue
  2. Complaints per million by state
  3. Complaints by zip code


Most advanced Excel users know that slicers are cool. Today, let s learn how to use slicers to create an awesome selection mechanism for your dashboards and forms.

First see a quick demo

Looks slick, eh? Read on.

Hello all, prepare to be amazed! Here are 43 creative, fun informative ways to visualize KPI data.

About a month ago, I asked you to visualize KPI data. We received 65 entries for this contest. After carefully reviewing the entries, our panel of judges have discarded 22 of them due to poor charting choices, errors or just plain data dumps. We are left with 43 amazing entries, each creatively analyzed the data and presented results in a powerful way.

How to read this post?

This is a fairly large post. If you are reading this in email or news-reader, it may not look properly. Click here to read it on chandoo.org .

  1. Each entry is shown in a box with the contestant’s name on top. Entries are shown in alphabetical order of contestant’s name.
  2. You can see a snapshot of the entry and more thumbnails below.
  3. The thumb-nails are click-able, so that you can enlarge and see the details.
  4. You can download the contest entry workbook, see play with the files.
  5. You can read my comments at the bottom.
  6. At the bottom of this post, you can find a list of key charting dashboard design techniques. Go thru them to learn how to create similar reports at work.

Thank you

Thank you very much for all the participants in this contest. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring your work learned a lot from them. I am sure you had fun creating these too.

So go ahead and enjoy the entries.

Imagine you are the head of training department at ACME Inc. You arrange training programs round the year to empower your team. It is hard work, coordinating between employees, trainers, department heads, venues and coffee machines. What if there is something to help you keep track of all this? I am not talking about getting you a shiny new iPad, you silly. I am talking about a tracker calendar built in Excel that ties everything together (well, almost everything, you still have to fill the coffee machine.)

We are going to build a training program tracker calendar using Excel.

What is in this session?

In this podcast,

  • Book announcement about Dashboards for Excel
  • Story of my first ever dashboard
  • Important lessons Requirement Analysis for dashboards
  • Resources for creating awesome dashboards
    • Podcasts
    • Books
    • Courses


I have an exciting announcement to share with you. My first ever print book Dashboards for Excel . co-authored with Jordan Goldmeier is releasing on15th September .

Dashboards for Excel what is it?

As the name suggests this book is a handy guide for anyone preparing dashboards, management reports and business intelligence workbooks using Excel. The key benefits are,

  • Learn the visualization tools, charts, tables, and graphs important to management.
  • Understand what management doesn’t want to see in a report
  • Turn around dashboards faster and cheaper than ever before
  • Understand the key role dashboards play in an organization
  • Analyze real-world dashboards to apply important features to your own organization
  • Utilize understated, but powerful, Excel formulas and VBA code
  • Avoid common pitfalls in Excel development and dashboard creation
  • Get started with the Excel data model, PowerPivot, and Power Query

As you can see, this is an advanced Excel book with lots of examples, case studies and practical tips.

Cascading drop downs enhance usability of your dashboards interactive workbooks. A cascading drop-down is a 2 or more level selection mechanism. When you have 100s of selection choices, instead of creating one massive drop down or combo-box, you can set up multiple levels of drop downs, so that users can narrow down their selection. For example, users can select Country, State and then City using cascading drop downs.

There are many ways to setup cascading drop downs. You can use formulas coupled with either data validation or form controls. You can also use Slicers. In this video we will review these techniques.

Pivot tables are very powerful analysis tools. They can summarize vast amounts of data with just few clicks. But they are lousy when it comes to output. Imagine the horror of putting a pivot table right inside your beautiful dashboard. One refresh could ruin the layout and create half-an-hour extra work for you.

How to combine the power of pivot tables with elegance of your dashboards?

The answer is: GETPIVOTDATA()

Here is a best practice to improve your dashboard usability. If you have an interactive dashboard, highlight user selections thru conditional formatting.

Check out below quick video to understand what this means.

Whenever you have a dashboard that is quite long or spans across multiple worksheet tabs, it can be hard to use. Here is a simple trick to make your dashboards user friendly. If your dashboard has form controls, create duplicate sets of them and place them in locations where users are looking. For example, If your [ ]

Making your workbooks, charts, dashboards presentations beautiful is a time consuming process. It is a mix of art craft. Naturally, we spend hours polishing that important slideshow or visualization. But do you know about simple features in Excel that can save you a lot of time and help you create gorgeous output?


Air pollution casts shadow over solar energy production
Durham NC (SPX) Jun 28, 2017 – Global solar energy production is taking a major hit due to air pollution and dust. According to a new study, airborne particles and their accumulation on solar cells are cutting energy output by more than 25 percent in certain parts of the world. The regions hardest hit are also those investing the most in solar energy installations: China, India and the Arabian Peninsula. The study. more

Deceleration of runaway electrons paves the way for fusion power
Gothenburg, Sweden (SPX) Jun 23, 2017 – Fusion power has the potential to provide clean and safe energy that is free from carbon dioxide emissions. However, imitating the solar energy process is a difficult task to achieve. Two young plasma physicists at Chalmers University of Technology have now taken us one step closer to a functional fusion reactor. Their model could lead to better methods for decelerating the runaway electrons, wh. more

ABB microgrid to power Aruba and support transition to renewable energy
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Jun 28, 2017 – ABB will provide an advanced microgrid to WEB Aruba N.V. the main power utility serving the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. ABB’s software, automation and control technologies will help WEB Aruba integrate solar and wind energy, forecast and plan better and optimize operations in real-time, while meeting Aruba’s growing demand for electricity. The island is 32 km long and 10 km across it. more

NRL Issued Patent for Solar Microbial Fuel Cell
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 23, 2017 – The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering, has received a U.S. patent for a self-assembling, self-repairing, and self-contained microbial photoelectrochemical solar cell driven entirely by sunlight and microorganisms. A solar microbial fuel cell (SMFC) is a non-semiconductor-based system, which employs microorganisms to generate electric powe. more

Catalyst that mimics the z-scheme of photosynthesis
Lexington KY (SPX) Jun 26, 2017 – A team of chemists from the University of Kentucky and the Institute of Physics Research of Mar del Plata in Argentina has just reported a way to trigger a fundamental step in the mechanism of photosynthesis, providing a process with great potential for developing new technology to reduce carbon dioxide levels. Led by Marcelo Guzman, an associate professor of chemistry in the UK College of. more