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Think of a kitchen remodel the same way you would think about partaking in a weight loss program: no matter what anyone tells you, it’s not happening overnight. Your patience will be tested; you’ll consider cutting corners that aren’t worth cutting. Weeks will go by where it seems like no
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Although it’s not essential, you can bring continuity to your home by designing the interior in the same theme as its exterior architectural style. Use the home and kitchen styles guide to identify the architectural style that most closely resembles that of your own home. Under each category, you’ll find
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Color makes a huge impact on the space it fills. The right shade or texture can make your kitchen look bigger, smaller or even cheerier. Knowing how your color choices will affect your kitchen design can help you develop a color scheme that improves your room’s overall design while also
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The Superhero of Superyachts

As the go-to design guru of the yacht world, renowned interior designer Patrick Knowles has perfected the art of squeezing grand concepts into compact spaces. He’s designed more than 100 gorgeous yacht interiors throughout his career and says the inherent challenges that come with the territory are oftentimes the most exciting part.

“No matter the size, there never seems to be enough room. When you’re working in spaces that typically have an overhead height of seven feet, the scale of everything changes, and if it’s not respected, the space can appear heavy-handed or clumsy,” explains Knowles. And then there’s the challenge of designing a deck space that complies with maritime certifications but simultaneously respects the owner’s requirements—like landing a helicopter on deck or housing a submarine, motor bike or car. Knowles also has to carefully consider the layout of bedrooms—specifically where the beds are placed, as owners can be sensitive to the direction they’re facing while sleeping.

“Another obstacle is the ‘law of attachment.’ Boats move, and so do the components inside them. A yacht designer is always striving for what I call ‘operational utopia,’ which means that every time a yacht leaves port, anything that has the potential to move can be put down or stowed,” he says. “Over the years, we’ve fine tuned this process to a science. I personally find stimulating.”

Click through the gallery for a peek inside a few of Knowles’ favorite projects.

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Interior Home Color Schemes Home Design Photos

“The fail-safe secret to creating a complementary scheme … is to let the primary hue dominate, in a toned-down shade, while sprinkling in a light helping of the accent hue, preferably in small doses and patterns.” — Yanic Simard I have a confession to make. Whenever I have to talk about color theory, I have to pull out the old color wheel and refresh my memory on all the relationships between the different colors.

Louise de Miranda

The arrival of her boyfriend, Bram Floris, had a significant impact on her interior styling and choice of color palette. “It used to be a really feminine home with frills and a lot of romantic vintage accessories,” says Vetter. Once Floris moved in, she decided to edit her accessories and add some vivid colors. like the yellow cushions. Noah Joe made his mark on the interior by foraging for branches, like the beautiful specimens to the left of the sectional.

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Victorian Interior Home Design Photos

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Moulding – The quality of joinery and moulding was directly related to the status of the house. Moulding gives form and shape to a room and was an important element in Victorian interior design. Grander homes would have had much more elaborate moulding with decorative details, including ornate coving and ceiling roses, which were designed to catch the smoke rising from gas lights.

Ornate formal living room photo in London with gray walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a standard fireplace Houzz

3. Elegant details. Elaborate chandeliers, sophisticated mirrors, tapestries, stylish mantels and moldings — these are all classic drawing room elements. Bonus points to this room for having a champagne bucket on a stand. But even if your designated entertainment space is the room with a pingpong table in it, you may want to add a few touches to make it special before the party: favorite coasters, fresh flowers, good-looking cocktail tools and serveware, copper mugs for Moscow Mules — you get th Carolina Perez

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Luxury mansion with eclectic interiors. Cantilevered Staircase in Foyer with marble floors and columns imported from China. Period eclectic detailing. Mediterranean style home with darker wood paneling and classical details. Column marble from China. Iron work stairway. Dome ceiling. Fountain. Created with Interior Designer Lynn Adelmann and Jan Moriarty.

Inspiration for an expansive mediterranean wooden floating open staircase remodel in Santa Barbara Houzz

Column npuniya

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House Interior Design Gallery Home Design Photos

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Transitional formal living room idea with beige walls and dark hardwood floors Houzz

I love the arrangement of the forniture and the design William Silva

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Downsizing. Designer Jessica Helgerson looks at downsizing as a long-term trend. “New-development houses are getting smaller again,” she says. “People are interested in living in smaller spaces that are closer to downtowns rather than larger houses where they are dependent on their cars.” The designer has already gotten a few requests for the plan for her 540-square-foot home, one of the most popular on Houzz in 2012, which she says is a testament to a shift in the way people are looking at and designing their homes.

Inspiration for a small farmhouse white one-story exterior in Portland with wood siding. Houzz

something like this with stone exterior. This house has 540 SF and 2 BRs. Don’t need that much space. dorotheam40

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Modern Italian Interior Design Home Design Photos

Houzz at a Glance Who lives here: A landscape architect, her husband and their son Location: Santa Monica, California Size: 3,500 square feet (325 square meters); 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms Interior designers Krista Schrock and David Dick of Disc Interiors picked up the design reins last year. To fully understand why they added earthy, touchable elements and nature-based colors to the pure white spaces, you have to know that the woman in the house is a landscape designer and her husband is an avid surfer who works at a nonprofit dedicated to restoring Santa Monica Bay.

Lucy Interior Design

This style is by influential designer Harry Bertoia. Designed in the early ‘50s for Knoll, it was the first of its kind with sculpted steel rods. This modern. textured choice is wonderful for this light-filled kitchen.

D’Cruz Design Group Sydney Interior Designers

Modern match. Lighting is one of the best ways to make a particular decorating style come to life. If Mid-century Modern is your style of choice this iconic bedside lamp will pair beautifully with your bedroom’s other elements. Arne Jacobsen designed the AJ Table Lamp in 1960.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

A close inspection of the interiors shows iconic modern furnishings in the dining and living areas, which really drive home the point: Although the home’s architecture is linked to New England building traditions, the interior design and use of sustainable materials and methods unabashedly breaks with its past.

While Heydt designed the layout of the appliances, the nook and the windows, the wife, her mother-in-law (a kitchen designer who lived on the East Coast) and interior designer Dhong and design consultant Matthew MacCaul Turner took it from there. An oversize pendant draws the eye to the center of the room, lending balance.

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Latest news on Design Architecture.

The mind-staggering RDP House is the result of a collaborative effort between architects Daniel Moreno Flores Sebastian Calero. Located in Pichincha, Ecuador, the dwelling was constructed using eight shipping containers. The owner s passion for old clocks and visible working mechanisms made him envision a house like no other, with exposed raw materials and construction solutions. Shipping [ ]

Council Crest Residence is a 6,200 square foot remodel and addition located in Portland, Oregon. Completed in 2003, it was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and built by Don Tankersley Construction. This project was a remodel and addition of a 1950 s ranch house. Originally built for inventor Karl Kurz, known for creating projectors and stereoscopic cameras, [ ]

MESURA’s Sant Mori Pérgola poolside retreat creates a new space for a family to enjoy sunny days at their summer home in Sant Mori, Spain. Despite their regular use the pool, the adjacent patio was uncomfortable and unused. The design used the common facade of a neighbor’s plain wall as its base. The other three [ ]

Located in Japan, this single family home is a study in minimalism. Designed in 2016 by Tukurito Architects, the simple, spartan design allows small details to shine through. The herringbone pattern on the counter contrasts with the straight wooden floorboards and the simple exposed ribbed beams across the ceiling; all are made from similar materials, which makes the [ ]

The historic buildings within Deventer’s repurposed industrial harbor have been given new meaning as a social and cultural meeting place. Among the renovated warehouses and other redefined spaces, Studio MAKS constructed Deventer House, a bright, boxy home for a young couple. With minimal space, the architect constructed a modern home that makes optimal use of [ ]

When decorating a kids room, obnoxiously colored walls don’t have to be your first step. In fact, we believe that keeping walls white or gray and adding in smaller bits of color gives you even more possibilities to make a kids room creative and playful. That, and it will keep you from repainting when they outgrow [ ]

Diff.Studio’s design for this ornate home in Italy layers contemporary style over a classic, rococo backdrop. The end product is an exquisite blend of pieces that reflect the passage of time. The old architecture of the living room featured beautiful vaulted ceilings and windows that give the room a bright, airy feel. The suspended lights [ ]

We were always told not to judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to our coffee table books, looks do matter. Luckily, we’ve found a collection of architecture and home design books that are just as interesting on the inside as they are captivating on the outside. Whether you’re looking for a [ ]

Architecture duo Rosu-Ciocodeica completed Apartment M, a contemporary refuge located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. The overall concept and layout of the project were adapted to the dynamic lifestyle of the family living here. The idea was to open up the daytime spaces, without compromising in flexibility. A high level of intimacy for each family member was achieved by [ ]

This minimalist Argentine home by Colle Croce, Casa DV, has a unique design that pulls activity toward the back of the house. You enter the home through a concrete entryway. This austere, industrial material dominates the exterior of the main floor. A single open room takes up most of this first floor. It seamlessly flows [ ]

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Japanese House Interior Design Home Design Photos

.” – Albert Camus No matter how chilly it gets, a cosy forest hideaway with a wood-burner and lots of windows with views to snowy mountains will inspire blissful contemplation. This house was designed by Ethan Waldman of Morrisville, Vermont, who was inspired by tiny house blogs to build a movable home using quality materials such as local cedar for the exterior siding. The untreated trim will age to a silvery grey.

Miriam’s River House Designs, LLC

It’s also an en plein air space for potential clients, who can meander through the grounds and experience the transcendental designs — incorporating buildings, interiors and gardens — resident there, including this Japanese teahouse and its roji garden. Here, traditional elements share time and space with symbolic bits and pieces drawn from a myriad of mystical sources, numerology among them.

Sometimes it’s worth going custom so that you can have something no one else has. See more of this house. Tip: Consider Scotchguarding your fabric pendants and dust them regularly to avoid that dust/grease combo that’s so prevalent in a kitchen’s hard-to-reach spots.

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Garage Interior Home Design Photos

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I preferred to buy as we went, like I was doing with our kitchen items and pretty much everything else, but Paul was firm. Two years later those boxes are still in our garage and have been joined by a few more from his own mother’s purge of her garage. Paul isn’t a pack rat, and we have a big garage. so it isn’t a problem, but for me and other Not Naturally Organized folks, boxes of free stuff we may or may not need are to be avoided like the plague.

Example of a classic one-car garage design in Los Angeles Houzz

Nicely finished garage space- just need to add laundry and pilates reformer. Jessica

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Rent a Dumpster if you need it, but keep in mind that you should be able to recycle, donate or sell most of what you no longer want or need. Once you have your zones in place, begin pulling things out of your garage and sorting them. (Don’t try to sort stuff in your garage — you won’t be able to really clean or organize your garage if you try to sort it in place.) What to keep: Important memorabiliaThings you have used within the past 12 monthsThings you have a definite plan to use in the near future (such as workout gear you forgot you owned)Spare materials for your home, such as paint and tileCategorize your keepers: Holiday decorationsGardening suppliesToolsPaint and home repair Car care MemorabiliaSeasonal gearSports equipmentMiscellaneousGet rid of everything else.

Elegant two-car garage photo in Toronto Houzz

Spacious garage. Scissor trusses may provide similar effect. How would garage opener be mounted? Stewart De La Hunt

Cathy Schwabe Architecture

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View from Guest House Garage toward Parking court. Cathy Schwabe, AIA, Designed while at EHDD Architects. Photograph by David Wakely.

Inspiration for a contemporary two-car garage remodel in San Francisco Houzz

The wood is resawn Douglas Fir and the finish is a solid color stain by Olympic called “outside white”. A tannin stain blocking coat should have been applied first — this would have prevented the dark bleed through. So — that is how you can create this look — don’t use a tannin block and at first the wall will appear white but in time, and if memory serves, this did not take more than a few months, the tannins will naturally bleed through. dcsully

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Add a built-in cabinet – WHAT YOU’LL NEED: The phone number of your local cabinetmaker HOW TO: If your garage is large, consider turning one wall into a full-length built-in cabinet. This will give massive amounts of storage while keeping everything tidy behind the cabinet doors. A messy, item-filled garage can be transformed into a minimalist man-cave or she-shed with the addition of a built-in cabinet.

Inspiration for a timeless two-car garage remodel in Cincinnati Houzz

A different floor pattern. I like the idea of having flush, flooring. Craig Adams Pantalone

King Building & Remodeling LLC

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The historic designation also limited the couple and architect to using only high-quality materials, which makes the garage much more appealing but also added to the cost. All the windows had to be wood framed. Vinyl siding wasn’t allowed. “It needed to look like it could have been there all along,” Cook says. Because of the garage’s age, the couple had to completely upgrade the utilities feeding the structure, which also added significantly to the cost.

Large rustic gardening shed idea in Boise Houzz

may want to line garage with wood, make into mini workplace Dan

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Modern Study Room Design Home Design Photos

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But there is even more going on here that contributes to the success of this design. 7. You can mix your neutrals. Most people think a neutral color palette is made of a bunch of beige. But there are other neutral colors and you can mix them if you want. In this room. the designer has mixed shades of beiges and browns with several shades of gray: light silver-gray, medium steel gray and also deep charcoal. 8.

Traditional living room idea in New York with beige walls Houzz

Chic and comfy. Hides add a bit of Texas style Pamela Hope Designs

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Lost space under staircases – The space under the stairs is commonly a dumping ground for excess random household items or, at the very least, somewhere to store the vacuum cleaner. Clever designers are now making the most of this area to create additional rooms such as study nooks. In this case, the joinery extends into space that would have otherwise been used as a thoroughfare. TIP: So the study desk and storage units don’t look like a tack-on underneath the staircase, integrate the design so that it appears as part of the staircase.

Elegant home office photo in Toronto with a built-in desk Houzz

maybe an office under basement stairs. Then I wouldnt have to have computer upstairs glokay60

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

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When it comes to living spaces, make sure your design plays against the architectural details you already have in the room. For instance, this space boasts incredible details in the crown moldings, crystal chandelier and fireplace treatments. The designers have successfully offset the classical background with a few very modern and minimalist pieces of furniture.

Transitional formal living room photo in New York with white walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a standard fireplace Houzz

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C. 6/24/14 The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s “Old Prairie” 2143-50, in an eggshell finish. snugglecookies

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“Why such apparent paralysis?” asks Gord Peteran, a professor of design at OCAD University in Toronto. “It’s true: Design mags are filled with white, empty rooms ; walls of glass; white leather chairs even with postwar metal wire legs. Why Las Vegas pallet curvilinear minimal modern — again?” He continues, “Every period throughout history has been partly influenced by history.

Example of a 1960s living room design in Seattle with white walls Houzz

Like the pops of color and the inclusion of family pictures, big couch gasthouse