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The Office of Student Community (OSC) plays a major role in student-related activities. OSC strives to build relationships between students, faculty, and staff members.

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See aiprograms.info for program duration, tuition, fees and other costs, median debt, salary data, alumni success, and other important info.

Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.

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Bachelor of Interior Design: Online Degree

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Interior Design

Online interior design programs can help students develop skills in creativity and graphic communication. Students also can strengthen their critical-thinking, conceptualization and spatial visualization abilities. Online interior design programs, such as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, are primarily offered through private, for-profit institutions.

Almost all programs stress some combination of an internship or professional practice and portfolio development toward the final years of study. Students should have an interest in traditional drawing and drafting, as well as in color theory and construction materials. Related certificate, associate’s and master’s degree programs also are available online.

Program Information and Requirements

Online bachelor’s degree programs in interior design generally take four years to complete. Most programs can be done fully online; however, students might need to complete an internship in person.

For an online interior design program, students need a broadband connection and a faster-than-average processor. Specialty software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, might be necessary for some classes. Some programs require additional hardware, such as a flatbed scanner or digital camera. Most schools offer books and software for online purchase.

Common Core Courses of Interior Design Programs

In addition to general education requirements, students might complete classes in both residential and commercial design principles. Most programs offer core and elective interior design courses similar to the following:

Computer-Aided Design

Students train in computer-aided design through a series of classes that build upon each other. Beginning with basic 3-D modeling, students progress through increasingly complicated renderings of interior environments.

Survey of Art, Architecture and Design

Programs tend to emphasize survey classes in architecture, design and art history, which provide students with a knowledge base for building their design aesthetic. Additionally, these classes afford students a point of reference for future clients’ specific design requests.

Color Theory

In color theory classes, students are taught how the interaction of shadow, color and light delineates a space. They also explore how color and mood relate, as well as how to utilize color to enhance a room’s function.


Materials classes train students in the fundamental building blocks of a space, including textiles, finishes, woods, stones and metals. Students learn how the function of a space typically determines the types of materials used within that space.

Career Information

Students with a bachelor’s degree in interior design might pursue careers with a design firm, an architectural firm or the design department of a corporation. Entry-level positions, such as design assistant or junior assistant, may be available to recent graduates.

As of May 2014, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the 45,010 interior designers employed nationally earned a median annual wage of $48,400 (www.bls.gov ). The BLS predicted that employment opportunities for these designers would grow by 13% between 2012 and 2022, job growth that’s about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Certification and Continuing Education Information

Some states mandate that interior designers be registered or licensed. This generally requires passage of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Examination. Students must have a combination of six years of education and experience, including at least two years of formal education, to qualify for the exam. Interior designers who live in states that do not require registration or licensure can still take the NCIDQ exam to attain voluntary certification. Continuing education is generally required to maintain certification and/or licensure.

Interior designers who would like to progress to a master’s program in the field can find options both on campus and online. Graduate certificate programs also are available.

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Online Interior Architecture & Design Degree Programs

Interior Architecture Design Online

The School of Interior Architecture Design will help you build a successful interior design career. Our curriculum integrates theory, design, and technology in tandem with the current standards of the industry. Our students develop the requisite intellectual, artistic, and ethical abilities necessary for professional practice.

We encourage our students to master essential skills and techniques professionals need while still exploring and creating the designs of their dreams. Our program fosters innovative thinking about our inner and outer environment. Concern for spatial issues, design innovation, and attention to detail are emphasized under the direction of a faculty of professionals.

Online Degrees

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree prepares graduates for the professional practice of interior architecture and design through theoretical education and practical training. Our curriculum helps students discover better ways of thinking about our environment. Students begin the program by learning basic skills (sketching, technical drafting, and computer graphics) followed by courses in lighting design, color concepts, and materials. Students integrate their skills to further develop their portfolio and presentation skills.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture Design requires the completion of 132 semester units. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree can enroll in our streamlined Second Degree program, which entails 66 units and does not require any liberal arts classes or art electives.

Master of Arts (MA) Degree

The Master of Arts (M.A.) program in Interior Architecture Design is a thirty-six (36) unit program that will provide students with a dynamic learning environment and a curriculum to prepare them for professional practice. The curriculum covers all aspects of design, including programming, design analysis, understanding human social and spatial interaction, space planning, use of color and materials, preparation of construction documents and specifications, site observation, professional business practices, current methods of interior construction, building systems and components, codes and regulations, fixtures, furnishings and equipment.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree

The Interior Architecture Design program features a unique interdisciplinary approach to master’s degree preparation involving studio work as well as academic investigation. The core of the curriculum in integrates theory, design, and technology, adhering to the highest industry standards.

The Final Project allows candidates to select a site and redesign its function and interiors. Concern for spatial issues, design innovation, personal expression, professionalism and attention to detail are emphasized under the direction of a faculty of professional experts. Final Projects are exhibited professionally upon the approval of the Review Committee.

Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

Our Associate of Arts program is designed for students interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in the industry. This degree provides a crucial stepping stone for those interested in finding an entry-level job with major design firms and companies. Our classes are taught by a talented faculty of working professionals, well versed in the techniques and considerations of modern designers.


Explore our course catalog and take classes based on your interests and schedule. Enhance your knowledge, learn a new skill, or try out a new form of art.

Online Programs

Studying interior architecture and design online at the Academy is designed to bring you a world-class education in the comfort of your own home. Both the BFA and MFA programs are CIDA (Council of Interior Design Accreditation) accredited, while the MA program is accredited by WASC and NASAD. Our small class sizes and real-time support guide you through the rigorous curriculum. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the will to start.
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The Professional Interior Design Course

  • You will be in demand. Almost everyone needs or desires the services of an interior designer at one time or another. This means clients are willing to pay for your design talent.
  • Work from home. As an interior designer you can work from home on a full or part-time basis, or make interior design a profitable sideline.
  • Indulge your creative side. A vast range of design and design product companies rely on an interior designer to assist in creative projects. The experience of working alongside other creative professionals is both exciting and rewarding.
  • Share your flair. You’ll have the required knowledge and skills to assist family and friends. Watch the interest that is created when you say, “I’m studying interior design”.
  • Meet new people. This is a profession that puts you in touch with interesting people and allows you to do interesting things.
  • Be rewarded for your knowledge. Interior designers also enjoy great professional benefits. For example it’s common practice for professional designers to be offered valuable discounts on furnishings, decor, art, accessories and more. With the right knowledge you can also gain entry to “professional only” showrooms, exclusive trade shows and design expos.
  • Experience work freedom. This is an easy way to become self-employed whatever your current lifestyle. You can basically set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you choose. We’ll show you how.
  • Be paid for your passion. You are getting paid to provide help you’d probably do for pleasure anyway.
  • Design your life. Your new design skills will almost certainly benefit your own environment.
  • You’ll also find it fun.

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Professional Diploma in Interior Design

You can enrol and start studying AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. Depending on the time we receive your enrolment, you could begin studying the very same day. At the latest, you’ll have access to your course materials the next working day.

FLEXIBLE STUDY OPTIONS: You can enrol for one course Unit at a time, for one one year at a time, or for the full Diploma Course (three years). There are also several opportunities to study Units simultaneously or in any order.

This professional course includes tutorial supervision: for each Unit you will be assigned a tutor who will provide feedback and advice as required, and will grade all of your assignments.

This is the right option for you if wish to be trained to a professional standard – you can graduate in three years or less.

This professional interior design course trains you to know, understand and put into practice the essentials of professional interior design.

The personal nature of the training is particularly helpful, and your studies with our fully illustrated instruction study materials will be highly enjoyable.

The Diploma Course comprises ten individual Units: see the detailed list of subjects .

The Diploma Course materials are presented as separate pdf files for each lesson and test, which are downloaded and viewed as you progress through the course. You are able, if you wish, to download all pdfs for an entire online Unit as soon as you have access to that Unit. Answers to tests are uploaded using standard file formats: doc, pdf, jpg, ppt or zip.

On registration for a Unit or block of Units we will assign you a tutor and grant you to access that Unit or block of Units online using our dedicated VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Click here. or the picture above, for a full-sized a screenshot of the VLE.

Note the pdf symbols next to the Course Orientation, Unit Specification, and Lesson and Test headings, and the link to enable you to submit tests to your tutor. In the foreground is a pop-up window showing a page from the Lesson pdf, in this case Lesson C2 from the Colour Unit introducing the Munsell System of Colour Notation. (Pop-ups must be enabled in order for you to use the VLE.)

Your success in the Professional Diploma Course in Interior Design will be measured partly by continuous assessment of your work during the course and partly by the Final Test. This will evaluate your achievement over the whole course. We don’t anticipate that you’ll memorize all the material you read in our courses. Interior design work doesn’t depend on how much information you can cram into your memory, but on whether you can apply the principles involved in any future design. Nor do we believe that interior design is a subject in which a student should be examined behind the closed doors of an examination room.

We want to simulate as far as possible the conditions under which a designer will work, so the Final Test is based on design projects which will be carried out under office conditions (in your own office or your home used as an office) and will then be submitted to Rhodec representing the client. In this way you’ll be gaining practical experience of how work is carried out in a professional design studio, and any problems you encounter in running an office can be unravelled with our help.

We appreciate that you may have many questions about our course, and with this in mind we have prepared an extensive FAQ.

Not all “professional” diploma courses are the same, despite what you might be led to believe by some other schools whose literature strongly resembles our own. Click here to find out more.

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Online Masters Degrees in Interior Design and Decoration

Find out about online masters degrees in interior design and decoration and in which training programs they’re most commonly offered. Get course descriptions, program info and online requirements to make an informed decision.

Essential Information

A master’s degree in interior design is a good option for people who have previous education in design or have both an artistic and a technical sensibility. Classes in an online interior design master’s degree program may be completed entirely online at a select number of institutions. Many master’s degree programs also integrate architecture into the interior design curriculum. These programs may award a Master of Fine Arts or Master of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design, as well as a Master of Science in Architecture with a specialization in interior design. Programs at this level generally require a bachelor’s degree and a portfolio of art or graphics work that demonstrates an applicant’s design capabilities. To graduate, master’s degree students usually need to complete a thesis project under the supervision of a faculty member and may need to pass oral examinations on campus.

Most programs offered fully online

Majors with Interior Design Courses

Master of Architecture, Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, Master of Fine Arts in Landscape Architecture

Related Degree Options

Related master’s degree programs are available in several fields, from industrial design to landscape architecture. Students may also study interior design at the bachelor’s degree level. The following degree programs can all be taken online:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design
  • Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Fine Arts in Landscape Architecture

Master’s Degree in Interior Design and Decoration

An online master’s degree program in interior design engages theories about the aesthetics and function of interior space and imparts the practical knowledge needed to implement them. Students learn to approach problems associated with the allocation and use of space systematically and devise solutions that meet the needs of users with the resources available. Some programs are specifically intended for students who did not major in interior design.

Information and Requirements

Students in an interior design program can have maximum flexibility to access coursework and interact with their professor and fellow students via e-mail, online forums and phone conferencing. Class assignments may have to be handed in by set deadlines. A master’s degree is typically completed in two to three years.

Students need a personal computer, graphics software and Internet access to enroll in an online program. Many programs use Blackboard to handle the distribution of their educational content.

Interior Design Courses

An online master’s degree program in interior design is likely to require a set of three or more core courses and then allow students to choose from a list of electives. Some programs may require a thesis, while others may require a heavier course load.

Concept, Theory and the Design Process

Students use problem-solving techniques to facilitate the design process in this course. Coursework emphasizes applied research and sketching of multiple alternatives.

Workplace Design

This course explores how the design of work environments affects employee behavior and overall productivity. It attempts to integrate theory and research from behavioral and managerial science.

Interior Construction

Students in this course learn to develop and document construction plans for interior spaces. Topics considered in the course include elevation, space allocation and detailing.

Residential Design

This course takes students through the process of residential design from concept to virtual construction. Coursework considers both new construction and renovation projects.

Commercial Design

Students engage in the process of creating interior spaces that meet the needs and objectives of business entities. Space utilization, workflow and communication are among the topics considered.

Career Information

An online master’s degree in interior design qualifies graduates for senior level interior design positions at corporations and design firms. New hires may have to work at the entry level for up to a year. Degree holders may also become consultants or join interior design teams as freelancers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of interior designers will grow 13% from 2012-2022 (www.bls.gov ). According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2014, interior designers earned a median salary of $48,400.

Continuing Education Information

The master’s degree is considered by some to be the terminal degree level for interior design programs; however, a few schools do offer doctoral programs for people interested in teaching interior design to postsecondary students. These programs are not available online.

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Online Interior Design Courses at Accredited Schools

Penn Foster Career School. the school below with the highest overall ranking, is effective at equipping students via its interior design courses to be successful interior design consultants, interior designers, interior decorators, interior architects, etc. and connect them to future employers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present there are 46,010 people employed as interior designers alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $51,990.

Ranked by Excellence

Program description: Interior Design involves application of technical and creative solutions within a framework to create a built interior environment. Interior Designers employ solutions that ultimately produce beautiful and functional Interior Designs.
Interior Design professionals use their craft to help improve the occupant’s quality of life and culture. If you want to become an Interior Designer, then the good news is various schools nationwide offer Interior Design Bachelor

Interior Design Courses by State City

  • Interior Design Courses in Alabama
  • Interior Design Courses in Alaska
  • Interior Design Courses in Arizona
  • Interior Design Courses in Arkansas
  • Interior Design Courses in California
  • Interior Design Courses in Colorado
  • Interior Design Courses in Connecticut
  • Interior Design Courses in Delaware
  • Interior Design Courses in District Of Columbia
  • Interior Design Courses in Florida
  • Interior Design Courses in Georgia
  • Interior Design Courses in Hawaii
  • Interior Design Courses in Idaho
  • Interior Design Courses in Illinois
  • Interior Design Courses in Indiana
  • Interior Design Courses in Iowa
  • Interior Design Courses in Kansas
  • Interior Design Courses in Kentucky
  • Interior Design Courses in Louisiana
  • Interior Design Courses in Maine
  • Interior Design Courses in Maryland
  • Interior Design Courses in Massachusetts
  • Interior Design Courses in Michigan
  • Interior Design Courses in Minnesota
  • Interior Design Courses in Mississippi
  • Interior Design Courses in Missouri
  • Interior Design Courses in Montana
  • Interior Design Courses in Nebraska
  • Interior Design Courses in Nevada
  • Interior Design Courses in New Hampshire
  • Interior Design Courses in New Jersey
  • Interior Design Courses in New Mexico
  • Interior Design Courses in New York
  • Interior Design Courses in North Carolina
  • Interior Design Courses in North Dakota
  • Interior Design Courses in Ohio
  • Interior Design Courses in Oklahoma
  • Interior Design Courses in Oregon
  • Interior Design Courses in Pennsylvania
  • Interior Design Courses in Rhode Island
  • Interior Design Courses in South Carolina
  • Interior Design Courses in South Dakota
  • Interior Design Courses in Tennessee
  • Interior Design Courses in Texas
  • Interior Design Courses in Utah
  • Interior Design Courses in Vermont
  • Interior Design Courses in Virginia
  • Interior Design Courses in Washington
  • Interior Design Courses in West Virginia
  • Interior Design Courses in Wisconsin
  • Interior Design Courses in Wyoming
  • Interior Design Courses in New York City
  • Interior Design Courses in Los Angeles
  • Interior Design Courses in Chicago
  • Interior Design Courses in Houston
  • Interior Design Courses in Phoenix
  • Interior Design Courses in Philadelphia
  • Interior Design Courses in San Antonio
  • Interior Design Courses in San Diego
  • Interior Design Courses in Dallas
  • Interior Design Courses in San Jose
  • Interior Design Courses in Detroit
  • Interior Design Courses in Jacksonville
  • Interior Design Courses in San Francisco
  • Interior Design Courses in Indianapolis
  • Interior Design Courses in Austin
  • Interior Design Courses in Columbus
  • Interior Design Courses in Fort Worth
  • Interior Design Courses in Charlotte
  • Interior Design Courses in Memphis
  • Interior Design Courses in Baltimore
  • Interior Design Courses in El Paso
  • Interior Design Courses in Seattle
  • Interior Design Courses in Boston
  • Interior Design Courses in Denver
  • Interior Design Courses in Milwaukee
  • Interior Design Courses in Nashville
  • Interior Design Courses in Washington
  • Interior Design Courses in Portland
  • Interior Design Courses in Atlanta
  • Interior Design Courses in Las Vegas
  • Interior Design Courses in Oklahoma City
  • Interior Design Courses in Louisville
  • Interior Design Courses in Tucson
  • Interior Design Courses in Albuquerque
  • Interior Design Courses in Fresno
  • Interior Design Courses in Sacramento
  • Interior Design Courses in Mesa
  • Interior Design Courses in Long Beach
  • Interior Design Courses in Kansas City
  • Interior Design Courses in Omaha
  • Interior Design Courses in Virginia Beach
  • Interior Design Courses in Miami
  • Interior Design Courses in Cleveland
  • Interior Design Courses in Raleigh
  • Interior Design Courses in Oakland
  • Interior Design Courses in Colorado Springs
  • Interior Design Courses in Tulsa
  • Interior Design Courses in Minneapolis
  • Interior Design Courses in Arlington
  • Interior Design Courses in Honolulu
  • Interior Design Courses in Wichita

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Interior Design Course

The units covered in this course range from the basics of design to colour theory, lighting, elements, furniture and finally how you might go about starting your own interior design company.

This course has been developed to teach the necessary skills and knowledge needed to launch your own interior design company or simply to plan and manage personal projects. Units that are covered are essential for anyone that works in interior design and will help you to plan projects to strict criteria.

Units covered on this course include:

Unit 1: Project fundamentals

In this first unit we will look at the key stages of the design process and areas of planning which must be addressed with the majority of interior projects.

Unit 2: Space and Accessibility

One of the main tasks of any interior designer is to use and highlight the space which they are working with. Here we look at how this is done using various techniques.

Unit 3: Surface and Colours

The use of colours, textures and materials in a space will have a dramatic effect on the aesthetics and feel of the room. In this unit we will explore the different colours and materials available.

Unit 4: Environments and Light

The use of light is one of the most important factors in design and there are many options available from natural light that is to be highlighted to artificial lighting.

Unit 5: Elements and Resources

Small touches and pieces of furniture can have a large impact within the right space. In this unit we will look at the need for small elements that reflect the design and layout of a room.

Unit 6: Managing an Interior Design Business

In this final unit we will learn about the need for quality at all times and go over some of the necessary aspects of a successful company.

Course duration

Once enrolled, students can access this course for up to 12 months and will be able to complete their work at any time to suit them in this period. You can choose to complete the course very quickly in this time should you choose, or spread your learning out over the full year.

Course format

This course is delivered through the online learning campus which can be accessed at any time, 24/7. We use the same online system as many of the worlds top universities and all lessons can be accessed through a computer, tablet or smartphone at any time to suit students. Lessons are navigated through the use of slideshows with many images, diagrams and information available at the touch of a button or click of a mouse.

There are no particular system requirements needed to access the course and students only need an internet connection.


This qualification is assessed through one final examination after students have completed all of the lessons on the course. This final assessment will cover all of the areas seen throughout the course and test the ability of the learner on the information that has been provided to them.

This final assessment will be marked by one of our tutors and a mark returned to the learner along with their downloadable certification. Hard copies of certification can be sent to students on request at an additional cost of £10.

Tutor support

At all times you can access tutor support on this course in case you are stuck. This means that you can benefit from the expertise of an industry professional who is on hand to help you with any support that is needed.

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Speak with a course advisor about the best qualifications for your career

Helpful career advice

Our course advisors help to give free impartial advice on the best courses for any situation.

  • Helpful and friendly advice about the best courses available for you
  • Ask questions about courses and get information from a professional
  • Find the perfect qualification to improve your career and help you gain a promotion

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Interior Design Textbooks

Browse New & Used Interior Design Textbooks

Advertisements plastered across a building or published in magazines are two examples of how design has infiltrated our daily lives. Design textbooks are made to help students interested in this word or in pursuing degrees in the field.helping them learn the principles, tricks, and practicalities of the industry. Books in this field may contain titles related to many aspects of design such as:

Graphic Design
This discipline employs the use of images and other visual means to convey a message. This is widely used in advertising and marketing services. The graphic design process may begin with a creative thought, which is translated into a visual design through illustration of computer programs. The end result of graphic design is both printed and digital design work.

Fashion Design
Fashion design focuses on, of course, designing fashion. This may include specializations such as shoes, accessories, bridal dresses, and jewelry design, among many more.

Textile Design
While fashion design focuses on making clothes that suit each client’s needs and looks, textile design involves designing the fabric with which fashion designers work. Students learn about the different compositions and types of fabric and how to utilize them when making clothes or accessories.

Floral Design
Floral design deals with designing floral arrangements. This is an upcoming field, and may help you find a career as an event planner or decorator. It’s an integral part of interior design.

Product Design
Product designers use art and technology to formulate ideas and facilitate the development of a product through these ideas. Product designers are not only creative individuals but also need to study the psychology of consumers to determine what features (like color and shape) would attract the consumer, increasing sales of a final product.

Results 1 – 50 of 289 for Interior Design Textbooks

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Online Home-Decorating Services

How great would life be if everyone had an interior designer as a best friend? You’d trust her taste and, of course, get her services for cheaper than the average rate. The bad news is that may never happen, but the great news is we’ve found the next best thing: sites that serve as virtual decorators. Ahead, check out six interior design services that offer advice, product suggestions, and more insights for those of us on a budget. You’ll want to tell all your (nondesigner) friends about them ASAP.

Whether you just need help picking out the right rug or you want to completely make over a bedroom, Decorist makes the process easier. Experienced designers are on hand to answer simple questions over email for free or through a paid package. For $199, for example, you get a Decorist Makeover, which includes two design boards with shopping lists and recommendations based off a questionnaire and any photos you send in.

Decorator in a Box is just what it sounds like. Started by an interior designer, the company offers services based on need or room type and sends you a box filled with items to help you get the look you want. For instance, for $50 you get paint color selections based on your preferences; for $550, you receive a box for the bedroom that comes with a note from the designer, instructions on how to begin the design process, a color reference board, a design book with a hand-drawn space plan, and a detailed shopping list for your space plan. Anything missing?

BluGloss is uncomplicated, and we mean that in a good way. All you do is browse existing photos of styled rooms (you can search by filters like celebrity bedrooms and designer-styled living rooms), select which one you like best, and then automatically shop curated products that match the room’s decor. It’s like magic in three clicks of the mouse.

Once you meet the interior design team behind Havenly, you’ll know that you’re in good hands. First you describe your place, your taste, and your budget; then the decorators put together design proposals, renderings, and product suggestions from major retailers and exclusive brands. After that, someone purchases the products and coordinates delivery for you — all for a flat service fee of $185. Steal!

What’s unique about Homepolish is that your decorating journey starts online, but the company offers in-home visits and consultations for $50. While their in-home design services are available for 15 cities, their virtual design services make it possible for anyone to reap the benefits. You can purchase a single day session which includes three hours of consulting or a 10 hour design package starting at $500.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia