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Apartment Interior Design The Best Ideas

October 22, 2014

Apartments, in general, are designed smaller than ordinary house as apartments area are limited. The biggest “homework” is how we can deal with the limited space especially for its interior design. Apartment interior design is the important key to create a cozy and comfortable apartment.

There are some aspects that we must know about apartment interior design. It starts from choosing the proper furniture till furniture placement or arrangement. Those two things will affect the apartment condition and environment.

Selecting the furniture

When buying furniture for the apartment especially small apartment we must use general rule, “First thing first”. Buy furniture that really you need first like stove, refrigerator, sofa or other stuffs, so that the area of your apartment is used effectively.

After arranging the furniture, then we start to design the interior like placing paintings, decorative lamps, or other decorations as long as they will not make the area looks congested. We have to consider the size of the furniture we are going to buy as we must have free space for us to move or doing activities on our apartment.

Interior Style

The most suitable style for apartment design is minimalist style. As stated, apartment has a limited area and it means that we must make a simple or minimalist interior design on the area. The point is cozy, comfortable and attractive. A minimalist interior design it doesn’t mean ignoring the artistic and futuristic style.

In addition, since we are living at the apartment, minimalist interior design also will help us for cleaning the area as well as the furniture. Another thing is by the minimalist design will give extra space and will make the apartment looks spacious.

Moreover, in case we want to have some ornaments, we have to be careful enough as many ornaments may give trouble for us, besides they will consume more spaces, many ornaments will make us difficult to clean the area too.

As summary, hereunder are some tips for apartment interior design:

List down what you need

Make a list about what you need to be at your living room, dining room, bedroom or other areas. Since we have limited space, a multifunction room is the best solution like combining a living room with our working area at the corner, or combing a dining room with reading nook.
Use a proper size of furniture accordingly to make the area breathable.

Interior Colors

Color is the main key and the best solution for small area. For small apartment, use bright colors. Add another color for an accent and to be more attractive. In addition, placing a big mirror will help us to “expand” the area.

Space Effectiveness

Be smart enough to optimize the area. For example, buy multifunction furniture or using a vertical furniture design or we can add storage under the bedroom.

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Fun, flexible, robust, automated, amazing renderings, catalog selection—these are some of the terms used to describe what a design professional needs from their interior design software. 2020 professional solutions have been developed and refined to meet the needs of residential and commercial design professionals—and have made designing much easier.

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    Design News

    Latest Architecture and Interior Design News

    Contract magazine is the leading publication for design news relating to commercial architecture and interior design. Contract focuses on reporting quality news that industry professionals can depend on. Including trends, events, product coverage, business reports, and more. Our coverage is tailored to our audience of professional interior designers and architects. We are focused on bringing them news that is relevant, interesting, and ahead of the curve.

    With a focus on commercial interiors, Contract magazine covers a variety of project types, including hospitality, office, healthcare, education, and retail, both in the United States and globally. This interior design news aims to give readers a peek behind closed doors at some of the most inspiring interior design projects in the world. We monitor the progress of notable building projects and write news about every step of the design process, from the announcement that a firm has been awarded the contract, to its groundbreaking, to its completion. We know that our audience will want to see as many photos of these projects as possible, which is why many of our stories have additional photo galleries to browse. Our news section is also the place to stay up to date on deadlines and announcements related to Contract magazine’s awards competitions, including the Interiors Awards, the Best of NeoCon , and the Healthcare Environment Awards.

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    Latest news on Design Architecture.

    The mind-staggering RDP House is the result of a collaborative effort between architects Daniel Moreno Flores Sebastian Calero. Located in Pichincha, Ecuador, the dwelling was constructed using eight shipping containers. The owner s passion for old clocks and visible working mechanisms made him envision a house like no other, with exposed raw materials and construction solutions. Shipping [ ]

    Council Crest Residence is a 6,200 square foot remodel and addition located in Portland, Oregon. Completed in 2003, it was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and built by Don Tankersley Construction. This project was a remodel and addition of a 1950 s ranch house. Originally built for inventor Karl Kurz, known for creating projectors and stereoscopic cameras, [ ]

    MESURA’s Sant Mori Pérgola poolside retreat creates a new space for a family to enjoy sunny days at their summer home in Sant Mori, Spain. Despite their regular use the pool, the adjacent patio was uncomfortable and unused. The design used the common facade of a neighbor’s plain wall as its base. The other three [ ]

    Located in Japan, this single family home is a study in minimalism. Designed in 2016 by Tukurito Architects, the simple, spartan design allows small details to shine through. The herringbone pattern on the counter contrasts with the straight wooden floorboards and the simple exposed ribbed beams across the ceiling; all are made from similar materials, which makes the [ ]

    The historic buildings within Deventer’s repurposed industrial harbor have been given new meaning as a social and cultural meeting place. Among the renovated warehouses and other redefined spaces, Studio MAKS constructed Deventer House, a bright, boxy home for a young couple. With minimal space, the architect constructed a modern home that makes optimal use of [ ]

    When decorating a kids room, obnoxiously colored walls don’t have to be your first step. In fact, we believe that keeping walls white or gray and adding in smaller bits of color gives you even more possibilities to make a kids room creative and playful. That, and it will keep you from repainting when they outgrow [ ]

    Diff.Studio’s design for this ornate home in Italy layers contemporary style over a classic, rococo backdrop. The end product is an exquisite blend of pieces that reflect the passage of time. The old architecture of the living room featured beautiful vaulted ceilings and windows that give the room a bright, airy feel. The suspended lights [ ]

    We were always told not to judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to our coffee table books, looks do matter. Luckily, we’ve found a collection of architecture and home design books that are just as interesting on the inside as they are captivating on the outside. Whether you’re looking for a [ ]

    Architecture duo Rosu-Ciocodeica completed Apartment M, a contemporary refuge located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. The overall concept and layout of the project were adapted to the dynamic lifestyle of the family living here. The idea was to open up the daytime spaces, without compromising in flexibility. A high level of intimacy for each family member was achieved by [ ]

    This minimalist Argentine home by Colle Croce, Casa DV, has a unique design that pulls activity toward the back of the house. You enter the home through a concrete entryway. This austere, industrial material dominates the exterior of the main floor. A single open room takes up most of this first floor. It seamlessly flows [ ]

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    Thank you for your interest in Sustainable Home. We are a full service interior design firm, working primarily with residential projects. Our ultimate goal is to create a beautiful, well-designed space that reflects the personality of the owner. We enjoy an eclectic mix of styles, from traditional to modern, and are passionate about helping clients realize their vision for their home.

    We can help you re-imagine the space in your home, moving walls or rearranging furniture to create a more functional interior. Comfort and utility are key as we design kitchen or bath cabinets, and select tile, rugs, fabric and furnishings.

    We also work with every project to minimize negative effect on the environment. We have a strong background in healthy materials, and finishes and furnishings that make efficient use of resources. We are constantly researching the best sources for new green products and for refurbishing vintage, or reclaimed materials. There is a green solution to every design problem, and a product or material is not truly beautiful if it compromises your health or the planet. In addition to our interior design services, we offer green materials consulting, and lecture on the sustainability issues as they relate to interior design.

    Please look around and enjoy our site. Sustainable Home is available for design projects in the San Francisco Peninsula area.

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    Printable Contract Templates

    Interior Design Agreement

    The decoration and ornamentation are a basic element of home beautification. There are lots of people who used to spend huge sums on home decoration at regular basis. It is the desire of the people that has made a new profession emerge on the horizon. The interior designing has emerged as single most important profession in the recent past. The increasing need of home decoration has made people adopt it as a profession. There are many experts who are used to specialize in this sector in order to meet the needs of the market.

    A great work opportunity exists in the home decoration market for the interior designers. The residential interior design agreement is usually settled among these people. These agreements are taking place among many parties every day as the interior designing has emerged as the most important need in the home building market. The interior designing agreement covers all details of interior decoration of one s home. It covers all sorts of expenses and places responsibility upon the designer to get one s job done within the agreed period.

    The agreement covers all sorts of wages details for the designer along with costs that are going to incur during the work. The agreement protects both of the parties and ensures that both of the agreeing parties will get their jobs done in style. The home decoration will be completed at the cost of designer s pay. It thus links both parties to good effect and provides them an opportunity to make their dreams come true.

    Create your own Residential Interior Design Agreement by using the following template,

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    Printable Residential Interior Design Agreement in PDF and MS Word formats.

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    If your office or home interior need a brand new look. You need an interior designer who can transform a space with new furnishings and color schemes. Here you need an interior design contract which can establishes a working agreement with an interior designer. We have provided a free interior design contract template.

    Use the Interior Design Contract document if:

    • You’re a business man or individual who are hiring an interior designer and want to clarify all the terms of this agreement.
    • You’re an interior designer and providing services to individual or business.

    Most important points of an interior design contract

    • Project Timeline: It’s the most important thing to get the project complete on time. This might have to be broken into project completion stages. Set a timeline in contract document for project completion.
    • Statement of Work: How much is the client want to pay, and what the client want the designer to do?
    • Budget: Set the budget of project at early stages and also make room for extra changes in the project.
    • Failure to Pay: You must need to decide what happens if the client fails to pay or designer screws up.
    • Termination: Why and how this contract can be terminated?

    Other names for this document: Home Interior Design Contract, Interior Design Service Agreement, residential interior design agreement. more here

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    33 Modern Interior Doors Creating Stylish Centerpieces for Interior Design

    Modern interior doors ate not only functional elements of interior design, but true decorations creating stylish centerpieces that can define your room decor. Modern interior doors look attractive and impressive, offering space saving ideas or making dramatic statements.

    Interior doors made of fine wood with gold, inlaid buazeri, carved casing and decorative painting emphasize the luxury of classic interior design. Beautiful interior door designs with stained glass windows, wrought iron elements and floral designs are excellent for Art Nouveau and Art Deco decor.

    Contemporary interior doors made of thick clear or frosted glass with chrome fittings are suitable for high-tech interior design style. An interior door with Japanese images and oriental arched contours or Moroccan mosaics add stylish centerpieces to modern interior design in ethnic style.

    Modern interior doors

    Contemporary wooden doors for modern interior design in eco style

    Modern entrance and interior doors not only enhance privacy and keep closet storage hidden, but they enhance interior design and decor of your home. To determine what design of interior door is best for you, consider where the door will be placed, how often the door will be used and whether blocking noise is of importance.

    Many interior doors are available as standard hinge doors, bypass doors, folding doors or pocket doors. Standard hinge doors are ideal for closing off rooms as they shut securely and block noise. Space saving folding doors and bypass doors can add a stylish touch to closets, kitchen pantries and small storage rooms. Pocket doors, which tuck into the wall, may be a good solution for small rooms and narrow hallways.

    Contemporary glass doors bring light and style into modern interior design

    Selecting the best interior doors for your interior design

    Choose whether you want a pre-hung door or a slab door, a french door style or luxurious wood doors for your interior design. Prehung doors include the jamb and frame, and are easy to install. Slab doors are designed to utilize your existing jamb and trim and are more affordable. For a traditional look, choose a stile-and-rail door that features wood or glass panels sectioned off by horizontal and vertical rails and stiles. Made of wood veneer or hardboard, affordable flush doors feature flat surfaces.

    To select material for your interior doors think about the use of the doors as well as whether you want them to block noise or add to enhancing modern interior design and decor of your rooms. For a lightweight option in low-traffic areas that will filter noise, try hollow core doors. For a sturdier door that will block noise, consider a solid core door. If you prefer something other than wood, you can find flush doors constructed in masonite or hardboard.

    Reclaimed wood doors reflecting latest trend in modern interior design and decor

    Interior door installation

    To determine the door swing and handle placement, face a door that swing towards you. If the handle is on the left side, it is a left-hand door and vice-versa. To figure out an appropriate size, measure the top, middle and bottom of the doorway, as well as top to bottom. Then figure out a rough opening size by adding 2 inches (5 cm) to the width and 3 inches (7 1/2 cm) to the height.

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    • Don’t want to have to create business documents and procedures, just want the business to run more smoothly


    We are the most trusted source for business tools and systems for interior design firms worldwide.

    • Have the best contracts and business documents in the business at your fingertips
    • Grow your business much faster
    • Have the ability to handle larger projects with poise and polish
    • Hire and train new employees with confidence and ease
    • Increase your profit margin on each project
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    • Accelerate your growth curve by 3-5 years
    • Be running more efficiently in just a few weeks
    • Have ongoing personal access to Julia Molloy s expertise for guidance and feedback
    • Express your brand more authentically and provide a signature experience for your clients
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    • Command higher fees and be worth every penny

    These benefits are not just marketing jargon. This is the real deal!


    Our mission is to empower interior designers and advance the business of design. We do this by facilitating the design firms’ ability to function at a higher level operationally and position themselves as a luxury provider.


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    Interior Design Software Reviews

    Interior Design Software Review

    Why Use Interior Design Software?

    It’s pretty easy to buy a hat or a shirt that you love in the store and then never wear again. Impulse buying may be especially regrettable when it comes to interior design, though, even if that bright pink accent wall seemed like a good idea at the time. Tearing out the vile tile you just had put in is no small task and neither is learning to live with it.

    Interior design software can help by allowing you to virtually make changes to your home first for a small initial investment of time and money. Then you get a good idea of what you might enjoy in your home before you make a larger purchase.

    This type of software can help you recreate your home on screen and swap out colors and styles of furniture, fixtures, lighting, flooring and wall covering so you can essentially try before you buy. We’ve searched out the products that make this process the easiest and compared them head-to-head. Take a look at our reviews of the top three products, Chief Architect Home Designer Interiors. Punch Home Landscape Design Premium. and Punch Interior Design Suite. and find more information about home interior design in our articles about interior design software .

    Interior Design Software: What to Look For

    Several key elements are essential for house interior design software to be worth the investment. As you look over your options, keep these elements in mind. This will help you choose the product that best fits your needs, whether you want to simply visualize changes or lay out a solid design plan from which to work.

    The best interior design software incorporates a variety of features and tools. The ones we value most offer true-to-life digital drawings of your home in 2D and 3D. They allow you to adjust camera angles and shoot a virtual walk-through of your design. They allow you to exactly recreate your home by letting you enter in exact dimensions and can measure anew, automatically, if you decide to knock out a wall. The best products offer a full complement of features to assist you in creating a comfortable and stylish house.

    Design Construction Tools
    Effective tools to help you achieve the best designs and renovations are an important aspect of any interior design software. These tools can include room templates that you can customize, a window and door designer, a kitchen design planner, and a cabinet designer as well as a construction cost estimator and tools to plan HVAC, plumbing, electrical and lighting schematics.

    Object Libraries
    The best interior design software products offer libraries that contain thousands of home décor objects and materials to choose from while you create your designs. These can include appliances, fixtures, cabinets, doors, flooring, windows, railings and even plants as well as many other items that relate to home use and design.

    Help Support
    This section deals with the products’ technical support, tutorials, forums and training. If developers don’t back up their software with good support, you’ll feel frustrated and cheated when you try to use the application and encounter difficulties.

    Interior design software is a wonderful tool to try out new room designs, layouts and décor without the labor and investment required to make changes to your home. It can help you plan the best renovations and designs before you build, whether you’re constructing a new house or remodeling your current one.