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We are a team of highly-skilled and extremely prolific designers and interior space decor professionals. We get our highs from transforming our clients’ vision into reality, even better than their imagination. We have a close knit team of interior designers and architects who are well-versed and highly skilled in building Residential Interior Spaces as well as Commercial Interior Spaces which works both practically and aesthetically. Our thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions are initiated by partnering closely with our clients. We aim at thoroughly understanding client’s personal taste and likes and transforming them into the interior design solutions. With extremely strong values in place, we at Design Arc Interiors take every step towards excellence in interior design. We believe in the power of design, thus create design-savvy interior spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also very functional in character. We align core values and dynamic use of space in the creating of great designed interior spaces in Bangalore and other cities.

Home decorating is like giving your house a new birth and from the exclusive selectable.

Home Interior design offerings are composite in nature and cater to both luxurious interior decoration as well as the making of cozy homes that has specifically designed decors for villas, bungalows or apartments to the client’s tastes and requirement.

The many Residential Interior Design services offered by Design Arc Interiors include Living Room Designs, Kitchen Design, Bathroom Design, Bedroom Design, Dining Room Design, Residential Indoor and Outdoor Design, Kids Room Design, Gym Design as well as Stairway Design. Our composite interior design services are available for Villas, Bungalows as well as Apartments. These design services offered by Design Arc Interiors are both inclusive and exclusive in nature. Their services are both contemporary as well as traditional in nature and are customized to the client’s need.

Commercial Interior Design is an ART optimized to meet OBJECTIVES

Design Arc Interiors offers bespoke commercial Interior design solution for clients looking to evoke their brand image through functional designed spaces. Their interior design offerings are commercial spaces design includes office interior design, retail interior design, shopping mall design along with spatial designs in community centers, museums, stores, warehouses and libraries. These bespoke commercial interior space design is available in Bangalore and other cities. Design Arc Interior’s Commercial Interior Design services encompass a wide range of interior decorators offering that are highly professional in nature. They are a group of interior designers who ensures that their clients receive the very best smart commercial interior design, traditional commercial interior design or modern commercial interior design all in accordance to the client’s likeness and their company’s brand feel.

It’s knowing how to bring the right resources together, internally and externally that promote your company into a higher level of success and we have found that to be the case with Design Arc Interiors

At Design Arc, every project is assigned to a dedicated Project Manager. This person is responsible for ensuring a flawless and timely execution of your interior construction and turnover. We are basically “on call” to make daily, weekly and monthly site visits and work very closely with all of our vendors, trades and subcontractors during the project’s partnership. Among construction management, your “Project Manager” is also responsible for your project’s accounting, finances and purchasing.

Recent projects snaps

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced interior design professionals are passionate towards design excellence, are committed to create personalized spaces with the undying spirit of collaboration and a practice of innovation.

Interior design photos india

Abross by the lake Villa

Sophisticated, SauvГ© and elegant our villa design for Arbors by the Lake embodies all that is stylish. The living room is elegantly proportioned and is elevated leaving the porch area clearly demarcated.

Interior design photos india

Prestige Sunnyside 4bhk

Minimalism is the appreciation of space and that’s the maxim we have applied in this design. The living room was a huge space so we incorporate a dining area.

Interior design photos india

Princeton Apartment 3bhk

We created wooden finish partition to separate foyer and dining area and also provided shoe rack made up of plywood and laminate

Client Stories

Interior design photos india Mr. Rakesh Kumar Srivastava( prestige Sunnyside ) “If you are looking for classy & diligent yet affordable interior designers look no further than Design Arc. Hiring Design Arc proved to be the best decision we took for our new apartment. They listened to us patiently, we had a specific themes in mind for the living room, kitchen and kids room. And with were pleasantly surprised at the designs they put together it was all that we imagined and even better. Also I would like point that their workmanship is top notch, they use top quality sturdy materials for furnishing. Do yourself and your house a favor, hire Design Arc today!!”

Interior design photos india Miss. Honey Agrawal ( Chartered Accountant) I had picked Design Arc interiors off the net. And its natural to be apprehensive about the quality of service and deliverables when the source is internet . But in every sense Design Arc proves this belief to be a myth.

Interior design photos india Mr. Ravi kumar Sreedharan ( M D – Unisys India ) We hired Design Arc Interior for the interior of our Villa in (Nambiar Belezia) Bangalore. The team of Design Arc worked very close with my family to understand our choice and our need and requirements patiently, they do have well experienced design and execution team who supported us and made our work very quick. It was a challenge for them to design the home space with our specific requirement which has limited place, they have executed it much better than expected. The result can be seen when every single guest step up in to our house and praise us for the interiors, we are proud to own this sweet home. Thanks Design Arc for this space which they have converted into a beautiful home to live. We would highly recommend our friends and family to go with Design Arc Interiors.

Interior design photos india Mr. Sai Krishna Prestige Sunnyside Oak Design Arc team is a group of professional interior design people and helped me turn my home into a lovely place to live. Their patience and perseverance helped to arrive at & understand our family requirements and convert ideas to real interiors. We strongly recommend their work and we wish them all the best for their future projects.


  • Home interior design photos in india


  • Home interior design photos in india

    The International flavour of Indian Kitchens

    Home interior design photos in india

    Modular Kitchen

    Precisely crafted adornments in a regal combination. Show More

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    Home interior design photos in india Home interior design photos in india

    Home interior design photos in india Home interior design photos in india

    Home interior design photos in india Home interior design photos in india

    Home interior design photos in india Home interior design photos in india

    Home interior design photos in india Home interior design photos in india

    Home interior design photos in india Home interior design photos in india

  • Bungalow

    Home interior design india Home interior design india

    Home interior design india

    Home interior design india

    We provide services like 3D perspective Views, 3D front Elevation,3D side elevation,3D Designing Rendering, 3D Interior Designing and Rendering, 3D Floor plans, 3D Cut Section,3d landscape designing, 3D walkthrough, walkthrough for interior, 3D VR reality,3D VR walkthrough,3d dron walkthrough and 2D Working drawing for elevation interiors..

    3D power visualization provides you elevation designing services for your dream home in the form of photorealistic images, we call it 3D views with different image formats as per the client’s requirement. It can be a bungalow, villa, farm house, twin bungalow, row house, etc. Our clients testimony says that we have achieved mastery in elevations for all type of themes like Modern,ultramodren,Contemporary, Roman, Indian Traditional, Rajasthani, Roofing/sloping, Palatial, European, etc. 3D Power focuses in making our customer successful with wow factor in every project with its best architectural rendering services.

    3D rendering helps you to visualize your dream home before it is actually constructed which in turn saves your time, money and gives you option to change, edit, enhance the unwanted areas and its aesthetics.

    3D views or 3d renderings can be visualized in 3d day view, 3d night view, 3d birds eye/aerial view and 3d worms eye view.

    3D day views helps you to imagine your home with all technical aspects like the front side elevations,side elevations, colors, textures, material details, etc. Every small detail can be seen and rectified if needed before the construction that helps the people working on site and implement the project in real as per your 3D view. It helps to understand your project easily and becomes simpler for the experts working on it to allocate the right resources in right manner.

    3D Night views add a great atmosphere to the project, combining interior artificial lights with natural illumination on its landscaping. These are perfect complement to have the complete picture of the living space. At night, the aesthetic look of the building looks even more beautiful when it is illuminated with proper light points implementation.

    3D worm’s eye view helps to view your project from the bottom to top with minute details that cannot be seen through longer eye level view.

    3D Birds eye/Aerial view is from a high altitude which helps you to see large area surrounding your project that can be a township or an individual bungalow. It reveals extensive and detailed view of exterior parts of the architectural design including wall colors, textures, reflection, landscape and peripheral details of the structure, impact of outer artificial and natural light.

    Our range of 3D bungalow architectural rendering services includes 3D exterior views,3d front views, 3D interior views, 3D floor plan,3d cut sections, 3D landscape designing, 3D walkthrough animation, interior walkthrough ,3d modeling ,2D working drawings.

    Whether it is about mega township, high rise apartments, apartments, shopping and commercial spaces, residential buildings, government projects, smart city projects, green buildings or industrial building, our architectural renderings provides you the perfect deal to your expectations. Our team of experts always works with commitment to serve quality solutions to our clients.

    Other services include 3d walkthrough with drone shoot, 3d vr walkthrough animation, 3d vr reality ,3d walkthrough flythrough animation, google map presentation, product design and animation, graphic designing, strategic digital marketing for real estate companies ,strategic seo for real estate companies and website design

    interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Events: Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    – 1-3 March 2018 at Sir J J School of Applied Arts, Mumbai

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Contribute towards creating a design resource for India

    – case studies and gallery 12×12

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design indiaInstitute:

    – New S chool in collaboration with Parsons, NY located in Mumbai

    Interior design indiaInstitute:

    – in collaboration with Politecnico Di Milano

    Interior design indiaInstitute:

    – S chool teaching intricacies of calligraphy

    Interior design indiaLetterforms:

    – spreading awareness about Indian letterforms

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design indiaNational Design Manifesto

    Interior design indiaNational Design Policy

    Interior design indiaIndia Design Council

    Interior design indiaReport on ‘Design and Innovation’ in Schools

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Professional Projects – more projects – click here Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Interior design india

    Diploma in Interior Design (DID – S89)

    As an Interior Designer , you have the ability and power to craft and transform the experiences of everyday living.

    At the Diploma of Interior Design (DID), you will be equipped with skills to go beyond mere interior decoration. You will learn and engage in design research to develop your ideas and create interior spaces that are functional and purposeful. You will be taught how to combine design aesthetics with technical knowledge, and develop techniques to best communicate your ideas.

    Interior Design students are also exposed to Specialisation workshops and Studio projects. This introduces them to various research and experimentation processes, helping them assemble a Design Portfolio that has gained recognition by employers in the design industry, as well as local and overseas Universities.

    Course Highlights

    • Experience a paradigm shift in your understanding of interior design when you learn to question and redefine what the spatial enclosure can be
    • Dynamic, project-based curriculum that trains and exposes you to a broad range of thinking, designing and crafting skills
    • Learn to develop a strong research grounding to push the limits of your design ideas
    • Gain a broad exposure to international design trends by participating in internationally run workshops such as the Visiting School by Architectural Association, London
    • Take part in global design studios, international competitions and “live” industry projects and gain valuable experience as an interior design student
    • Join the global situated programme with overseas design institutions like Pratt Institute, New York and SAIC, Chicago, and expand your learning journey through regional study trips to Japan, Korea, India and Thailand

    Interior design courses in india

    Interior design courses in india

    Making space your playground

    “I was in the Science stream but that didn’t hinder my passion to pursue a design course. I went to SP Open House and after looking at the works that were exhibited, I was very sure that SP Design School was my top choice. I enjoyed every lesson and assignment that was given and even initiated to do more than was required. I was surprised at my own motivation and enthusiasm! Under the Industry Mentorship Programme, I was attached to an Architectural/Interior Design firm which was an eye-opening experience and gave me lots of exposure.”

    interior design courses in india

    Interior design courses in india

    Professional Photographer

    Interior design courses in india

    DSLR Cinematographer: TV Film

    Interior design courses in india

    UI / UX Designer

    Interior design courses in india

    3D Pro: Industrial Film

    Interior design courses in india

    Interior / Retail Designer

    Interior design courses in india


    International Undergraduate Twinning Programs (4 years)

    International Masters Combination Programs (2 years)

    International Professional Diploma Programs (1 year)

    • Photography

    The NICC Twinning / Combination Education System


    Interior design courses in india

    • India: NICC is registered under The Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Karnataka, India, for its Diplomas – UG PG. Degrees are from Bharathiar University, delivered through NICC’s associate Education Trust’s Universal College, Rec. by Govt. of Karnataka
      • International: NICC is a Member-Affiliate of ELIA, The European League of Institutes of the Arts. NICC teaching curriculum is in accordance with international standards, and its students are accepted around the globe for higher education in the world’s most elite Design Colleges.
      • Industrial-Academic: WDO – World Design Organisation

      NICC is honoured to be accepted as one the few elite colleges in India to be accepted as a member

    • Industrial: Canon – NICC is the Authorised Training Centre, Karnataka, for Canon India
    • Industry Platform: CII – NICC is a member of CII : The Confederation of Indian Industry which is India’s premier business association, founded over 117 years ago
    • Read More

    International Event

    • Interior design courses in india
    • Momentum India
    • A Conference organized by NICC and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to deepen the interaction of Industry, Institutions and the Public, to raise awareness of the essential correlation between them and to provide information on Industry-Centric Specialized Education, Career Opportunities and Global Trends.



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    12 Spaces Inspired by India

    Exotic Elegance

    Rich color and texture — both key elements of Indian design — give this living room by HGTV fan wallscouture a palatial feel. Coated with various shades of red Venetian plaster, the dramatic arch becomes the perfect backdrop for a framed Indian textile. The columns are drizzled with copper paints and adorned with a subtle Moorish stencil design, while the remaining walls have a soft gold faux finish. Embroidered throw pillows and a leather ottoman complement the lavish surroundings.

    Handcrafted Furniture

    Often intricately carved and made from exotic woods like teak, ebony and rosewood, authentic Indian furniture is rustic in appearance and solid in quality. When selecting furniture, designer Miv Watts prefers to work directly with Indian craftsmen because they embrace the natural imperfections in the wood and other materials used. Here, the designer balanced a heavy, wooden table with a more delicate bench-style sofa. Additional low seating and colorful accent pillows create an inviting space to gather with family.

    Sumptuous Layers

    India is known for its fine silks and other textiles, which are incorporated everywhere from window treatments to throw pillows to wall hangings in Indian homes. Designer Miv Watts injected plenty of color and texture into this living room with a knotted rug, an upholstered sofa and throw pillows in assorted patterns.

    Antique Accents

    Since Indian decor is often rich in color, pattern and texture, just a few strategically placed pieces can fill a room with exotic flair. An antique Indian bedspread, hand-stitched with beading and gold thread, completely transforms this urban loft bedroom into a vibrant, energetic space. Patchwork pillows handmade from old textiles and the pink beaded sari underneath the ottoman, another vintage item from India, add another burst of color. Design by Shelly Riehl David

    From: Shelly Riehl David

    A Textile Tradition

    In addition to luxurious silks, printed cottons are a staple of Indian decor. Block printing, in which intricately carved wooden blocks are used to print patterns on fabrics, is one of India’s oldest textile arts, as is tie-dye. This mango-hued tablecloth with a petite paisley pattern is block printed by hand, so each one has its own unique character. Tablecloth by Saffron Marigold

    A Fanciful Touch

    Step inside a traditional South Indian home and you may find a jhoola. or swing. Typically placed in the living room, indoor swings can be wood or metal, simple or ornate, and hung from the ceiling or from a frame. In this living space by HGTV fan aumarchitects, a jhoola in a bold floral fabric is suspended from the ceiling by simple chains, matching the room’s contemporary design.

    Simple and Functional

    Indian design often calls to mind opulent rooms draped in colorful silks, but some Indian interiors are quite simple and utilitarian. A charpoy. or a simple cot consisting of a frame strung tightly with rope, is a traditional piece of furniture popular in rural parts of the country. Here, a charpoy is dressed up with pillows made from recycled cotton saris. Photo by Chai Studio

    Contemporary Twist

    Hits of color and pattern liven up the clean lines of this contemporary Indian living space. Exotic artwork and a patterned window shade spice up the dining area, while a teal throw pillow with touches of pink and gold makes the seating area pop. Design by HGTV fan aumarchitects

    Mehndi-Inspired Mural

    HGTV fan koolbeans drew from the ancient Indian art of mendhi, or the decoration of the skin with henna, when designing this bedroom. After using chalk to outline an elaborate design of hearts, flowers and flourishes on her walls, she painted it by hand throughout the room. Bedding in vivid colors and bold patterns completes the India-inspired look.

    Wild Design

    Animal motifs are prevalent in Indian home decor, as animals play an important role in the Hindu religion. Block printed by hand in rich hues like burnt orange, ivory and green, this cushion slipcover from Saffron Marigold depicts a king riding atop a richly caparisoned elephant.

    Hand-Carved Headboard

    A common feature in Indian homes, carved wooden screens provide privacy while allowing the breeze to flow through the rooms. In this bedroom, designer Claudia Juestel found a creative use for an Indian rosewood screen purchased at a flea market, fastening it to the wall as a headboard. Photo courtesy of Adeeni Design Group

    Spiritual Elements

    Indian interior design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about creating a place that promotes health and wellbeing. Designer Marie Burgos arranged this foyer to bring happiness, prosperity and abundance to the homeowners. Upon entering the home, the family is greeted with a carved statue of Vishnu, the Hindu god who preserves the world with beauty, order and peace. Behind the statue stands a set of antique doors imported from India, intricately carved and embellished with an Om, a sacred symbol in Indian religions.

    #inside outside magazine interior design


    Giving form to impossibilities. Clean lines spawning intimate, sophisticated spaces.

    A style uniquely fashioned from a combination of contemporary and transitional settings, yet a style realizing your desires.

    Where simplicity in approach thrives in tandem with organic and natural materials.

    Interior Decorations Service in India

    The minute anyone of us but or rent a certain living or working space we start pondering about the ideas to décor i.e. what to do to give a best design to interiors, how to achieve esthetic look for my interior, where to begin and what track we should walk to get ultimate plan to finish the interior design. Guess what? You are not alone! And we Inside Outside, interior designer and decorators are here to help you. Our head office is in Surat, has been into the Décor business for the last 5 years and our office in Vapi has been decorating peoples’ dreams for almost 2 years now.

    Decorating especially your interiors are not as hard as you think, not to say that it’s extremely easy. To get that ideas look, one should have the correct skills and abilities put into the practice after constructive planning. This is where we come in.

    We, Inside Outside, have the capability to provide you with those interior decorating styles, designs, planning, skills and ability. We are Professional Interior Designer and decorators from Surat with have tips, tricks and ideas to get your end result faster and within your budget without any frustration.

    Inside Outside, will help you to create and convert your dream in reality. We will help you to make every interior decorating project easy stress free! We offer you interiors’ desidn services, products interior decorating advices, at a very minimal cost.

    Service for Interior Design

    Interior Design

    This service is for those clients who have their own team of vendors and contractors. In this case Inside Outside Interior Decorators provides the client with complete detailed design along with site supervision for quality and design assurance. Inside Outside Interior Decorators scope of work for this kind of service includes:

    Design and Build

    This Design-n-build service is a turnkey project service for our busy clients who have little time for nitty-gritty’s of Interior Design. Under this type Inside Outside Interior Decorators undertakes complete responsibility for Interior design services and Execution till handover and after sales service of your home / office


    In this service type our scope is similar to the Design n Build type. Renovation is mainly done in spaces which are already being used by the client a re-design is required.

    Turnkey Project Management

    Turnkey project management is a service for Interior designers who are based outside Mumbai. We manage their projects in Mumbai by providing an efficient Contractors and Vendors team.

    Our team co-ordinates with their designers to get solutions for any onsite design problems.


    #home interior design photos in india


    New Style Interior Design

    For over two decades we at NEW STYLE INTERIOR have redefined engineering of spaces, executing it with engineering precision, creating aesthetic and functional ambiences. Interior spaces created with dedication, diligence and imagination with no compromise to quality, within defined timelines, have gained us a set of EXTREMELY SATISFIED CLIENTELE. Time is money and we understand the true essence of time management and stick to commitments and deadlines.

    Our Interior design Works

    Interior Design

    Interior designers and several home decoration magazines, like DESIGN TODAY, Better Interiors, and INSIDE OUTSIDE, have been featuring Holistic in their columns, articles, etc. concerning the Architecture and Interior Designing Decoration, in their Chennai and other editions.

    Office Interior Design

    We are creating a new interior or remodeling of the existing office while rendering your existing one has never been so intuitive and fun. These office interior designing services are widely demanded across the globe and are customized as per the specifications of our clients.