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Designers’ Best Secrets: Paint

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Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. interior designer
I like to paint the furniture the same color as the walls. It makes everything become more sculptural. Also, consider the underside of furniture. Try painting the bottom surface of a table red, especially if you have white floors. The light from the floor will reflect up, producing a reddish cast under the table. Guests won’t know where the color is coming from. It’s like magic. Another trick is painting the ceiling a light lavender instead of white. When you come in from outside, a lavender ceiling gives the perception of the sky. Finally, I have a lot of clients who are afraid of color, but there is no reason why a coat closet can’t be orange, a kitchen pantry purple or a laundry room magenta. Every room can be fun, and if you don’t like it, you can change it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? It’s only paint.

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Josette Buisson, artistic director, Pittsburgh Paint
A white ceiling can be a big mistake, especially when your walls are very dark. Visually, it’s going to bring it down so that it appears too close to your head. Instead, wrap the entire room in color, including the ceiling. I know a decorator whose kitchen is coated entirely in black, and when you walk in, the ceiling seems to go on forever.

Rita Motta , interior designer
Because I was already going to paint the cement floors in my apartment with porch and garage paint, I chose a small, six-by-ten-foot area, about the size of a rug, and drew a mod, ’60s-revival pattern and painted it yellow. I like to be loud with pattern, and it works well in Miami.

Sarah Cole, director ,Farrow Ball
Paint the insides of shelving a dark color. That will set off dishes, glassware or books. Also, if you have a long, narrow hallway, paint the walls a dark color from ceiling to floor, making sure to include the baseboards and molding so the line is unbroken. Then paint the floor and the ceiling white. The effect will be that the floor and ceiling will reflect light, so it’s not a dark, gloomy space, and the walls will look graphic. It will also make the room that you’re entering look especially bright and airy.

Photographer: Peter Murdock

Doty Horn,director of color and design, Benjamin Moore
Try painting a room one color but in two different finishes. For example, you can create a sense of height by painting the ceiling the same color as the walls but in a glossier sheen (shown, far left). The reflectivity of the light on the ceiling will make it appear much higher.

Kara Mann ,interior designer
If you paint the wall moldings the same color as the walls, it will give the space height and a very European feel. Another suggestion for especially long or narrow rooms is to use a paint with a pearl finish on the walls to add a luminescence. It will not only subtly reflect light but also give the illusion of a bigger space.

Sarah Fishburne,manager of innovation and design, Home Depot
Behr Paint has the Eight-Foot Rule, which says that contrary to what people think, white ceilings can seem lower. The rule is that if your room is less than eight feet high, paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter than your wall color. If your room is higher than eight feet, paint the ceiling two shades darker than your wall color.

Ronald Bricke ,interior designer
I once did a library in a Park Avenue apartment for one of my clients. We had purchased a very large Chesterfield sofa in a wonderful deep red. After a divorce, she got the Chesterfield sofa in the settlement. When my client and her new sofa moved into another apartment, which happened to have lower, eight-foot ceilings, the sofa looked huge, like a Russian tank had parked in her living room. Because it was brand-new, she didn’t want to reupholster it. To make it “fit” into the living room, I painted the entire room red, and the sofa just disappeared.

Vic Barnhill,Mythic Paint
Flat or matte paints don’t reflect light, so they hide imperfect walls better than higher-sheen paints such as eggshell, semi-gloss or high-gloss. However, the smoother the finish, the easier it is to wipe dirt and grit out of cracks and crevices. Flat paints allow moisture to penetrate the walls, and that can result in a mold or mildew problem, so it’s best to use them in low-humidity areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Keeping that in mind, use semi-gloss paints in bathrooms and kitchens or any other high-humidity area. They have tighter films and are able to repel water. High-gloss finishes are good for cabinetry and trim. Remember, if you’re using high-gloss paint on walls or ceilings, make sure the surfaces are perfectly smooth, because it will show every imperfection.

Jay Jeffers ,interior designer
In the past, I have done horizontal or vertical stripes in a mixture of high- and low-sheen paints in the same color. I would also suggest creating an interesting pattern on the wall and ignoring the intersection of wall to ceiling. The pattern will distract the eye from the ceiling height or any inconsistencies in the walls themselves.

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Interior design ideasby Madeindesign

Are you bored with you current home decoration? Are you looking for new interior design ideas . Made In Design has the solution. We offer decoration ideas for every room of your house. Our products, available on the website, are designed to make you feel better at home and you can find everything you need according to your style. Candles, clocks, mirrors, cushions Our large range of quality products is composed of well-known brands from home decoration designers. We have selected for you the best ideas for your home. Have a look at our Decoration Section you won t be disappointed!

Your interior deserves the best decoration. You are not like everyone else and your home is not either. You will be able to find perfect home d cor ideas on our website. It s time to give your home the little plus that it needs. Have a look at our home d cor accessories. Stickers, plants, boxes, candles discover everything you can shop to make your home feel cosy and design. What is better to get home after a long day of work and feel good at home? Whatever your style and budget are, you will find what suits you best in our large selection of products. That is what we want to provide you by Made in Design. Treat yourself and find out what we offer on our Decoration Section!


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Interior Design Accessories Home Design Photos

Take into account both a design-related education and professional certification to get the fullest picture of your interior designer’s qualifications. Schumacher, for example, has a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Colorado State University, studied universal design at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and is an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers .

Tiffany Brooks, HGTV Host & Interior Designer

Marcel Page Photograpy What we did: Outlined the furniture plan for the entire condo and then made sure everything came to life the way it was supposed to on paper. Reworked the color scheme for the space and repainted: We refreshed her kitchen by selecting a vibrant color backsplash. The peanut butter colored walls in the office room just had to go. Nobody could work in th. More

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Kids rooms

Kids’ bedroom ideas: go big, or go home we say. Decorating a kids’ room doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities, even for small spaces. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want. Whether it’s a girls’ room. a boys’ bedroom or nursery. we’ve found some amazing children’s bedroom ideas to steal, from furniture to accessories like kids’ wallpaper. Let the fun begin.

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Interior Design Ideas, Solutions + Information

Here at Interior Designipedia we edit interior design ideas and lifestyles as either, useful or not useful. We believe that good architectural solutions create and producebeautiful, interesting and functional living spaces – this applies to allenvironments, no matter what size or shape.

To inspire smart choices for your design projects, we dedicate our time to transforming well researched ideas into prosperous practice and that is why we are reinventing our entrie approach.

The site is resting at moment while major changes are underway. See you soon, better than ever.

I’m Hazel, the founder and creator of Interior Designipedia. I want to thank you for taking a look around my website and if you like, you can find out more about me in the INFO section.

Interior Designipedia covers the key principles of interior design and shares professional design information essential to help you achieve your design goals and vision. If you have a design project and would like to collaborate, get in touch. We look forward to hearing all about it.

We are convinced that creativity is enriched by freedom therefore we don’t hold our design principles to one ethos as such however, the concept of ‘simplicity’ is certainly the common value that pretty much structures the backbone in everything we design. So with that in mind, each section of Interior Designipedia has been made simple and accessible, so that you benefit from lots of interior design ideas and architectural inspiration to improve your surroundings. We are continuely developing and growing – and we enjoy connecting for change.

In order for you to fast track ways and ideas to jump over drawbacks and difficulties during your design process, we have sliced and diced through our combined information and set it out in a clear, logical way to help you benefit from our experiences in whichever direction you are heading with your interior design ideas.

Interior design/architecture is a wide and varied discipline covering something as simple as choosing paint color or choosing a new floor finish to the preparation of accurate house plans for building permissions.

Maybe you are interested in commercial interior design, or plan to be a full-time home decorator or stylist creating beautiful spaces or simply have the notion for a new bedroom design but have been unsure where to begin. Whatever the reasons are that brought you here, Interior Designipedia has it covered and can help you with your design ambitions.

So before you know it interior design, home renovation or DIY will be a positive and exciting addition to better your life.

Sign up here for my free weekly email filled with tips, encouragement, updates and. personal stuff! The Letter is definitely NOT a marketing email. Instead, it is another way to hopefully connect on a deeper level.

Home improvement projects can be costly and time consuming therefore before you begin your process, visit the CONCEPTS section to review various interior design ideas and information on styles. I created a HOW TO section, which has been divided into tasks and segments relevant to project requirements. I hope it will be very handy information for you. And check out the Interior Designipedia eBooks for information you just can’t afford to miss.

Whether you are a complete novice, budding designer or practicing designer, take the site tour and try it out for yourself.

Let me know what you think and I look forward to reading about your interior design ideas, should you want to share.

If you would like to find out more about me, Hazel, please click on the ABOUT button found in the ABOUT section and come on over to TWITTER to interact with me directly.

Simply say hi or chitchat design.

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40 Thanksgiving Table Settings That Will Wow Your Guests

Blue is not traditionally associated with the season, but highlight it with small touches of gold and the color can become a happy participant in holiday revels. These spray-painted miniature pumpkins and place cards written in gold ink do the trick nicely. A block-printed napkin and tablecloth and the marbleized plate add patterned richness, while a mix of mismatched contemporary glassware and classic flatware keep the feeling clean and modern.

Photography: Maura McEvoy

Sometimes, simplicity is key. This was the thematic vision from Deputy Creative Director Ayesha Patel on this Thanksgiving table, which incorporates natural materials and textures: burlap for place mats, a leather tie for the carafe, and block-printed napkins.

Photography: Johnny Miller

Remember the Mayflower? With a few ideas, you can give the little ones a fun way to play out scenes from the first Thanksgiving including this ship-inspired centerpiece (psst: it’s actually made from watercolor paper).

It’s easy! All you need is a scroll of Kraft paper and some crayons to keep the kids occupied until the turkey is done.

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  • Table Decorations

  • Halloween Party Ideas

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    30 Beautiful Home Bar Designs, Furniture and Decorating Ideas

    Home bar designs offer great pleasure and a stylish way to entertain at home. Home bar designs add values to homes and beautify the game room and basement living spaces. Home bar designs look luxurious and exciting enhanced by traditional or modern home bar furniture and interesting decorating ideas,

    Home bar designs can be inspired by various wonderful themes, from country western pubs to peaceful island retreats with gorgeous views. The great thing about home bar designs is that they allow to experiment with various styles, themes, materials, textures, colors, and create very intimate and meaningful, pleasant and comfortable places whether with bold neon signs, rustic wood or exquisite artworks on walls.

    Modern home bar designs are created for relaxation, socializing with friends and entertainment in style. Warm and intimate home bar designs feel inviting and comfortable. Custom built or designed just with home bar furniture and accessories, home bars are fun additions to modern homes.

    Home bar design and decorating ideas

    Creative home bar design with rustic feel

    There are a few styles of home bar designs, straight wet bar, L-shaped wet bar, corner bar, back bar, folding bar or hide-a-bar, wrap-around bar, portable party bar and outdoor bar designs. Most popular furniture for home bars include cabinets with storage and adjustable shelves for bottles and glasses.

    Bar table tops have surfaces that are waterproof and heat resistant, making home bar designs functional, practical and convenient. Advanced home bar designs feature a built-in sink and a small refrigerator or a wine cooler.

    Nautical decor theme for black home bar design

    Wall shelves, home bar table and bar stools are the most important furniture for simple and comfortable home bar designs. Bar stools are 30-inches in height and constructed from a variety of materials including wood, leather, plastic, wrought iron, aluminum and chrome. Some bar stools have high backs with padding on the seat and mid-back area, adding comfortable and luxurious furniture to home bar designs.

    Home bar decorating ideas can be inspired by anything you like and appreciate in life. Glowing neon signs are bright and playful decorative accessories for home bars that add a splash of color to your home bar and personalize interior design and decor with a selected theme.

    Luxurious home bar design with a billiard table

    Home bar design is incomplete without various glasses, a mixer, a blender and other bar tools. Traditional or modern bar accessories add more fun to preparing drinks in style.

    Small home bar design with wooden shelves and creative wall decorating ideas

    Traditional home bar design with tall bar stools, soft lighting and TV

    Small home bar furniture and decorative accessories

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    Making a beautiful condo interior design is no different from designing a living room from a technical point. Making center spot, mounting accessories, color selection, lighting and theme concepts selection are based on taste. Condo is basically a small room without divider that consists of some furniture like sofa, table and television. This room is often used as a place to relax with family or entertaining guests. It could be said if condo is a mini living room. Moreover, in selecting the condo design ideas, it requires you to choose unique design but still in same concepts with other rooms in the house.

    Designing your condo is important as it can be a useful space for you. Moreover this spot has only a few meters wide. For that we give you some inspirational ideas to help you in building the condo. Keep reading this post for more useful tips and info about designing a comfortable condo.

    Choosing most suitable design

    For the condo interior design, you need to choose design that blends perfectly with the surrounding rooms. There are some interesting design that you can try such as modern, classic, victorian or urban. Make it unique so that you can enjoy the new atmosphere there. One of the simplest way is using wallpaper to cover walls around the condo. Use the abstract motifs to create the glamor nuance and liven up the room atmosphere.

    Placement the condo

    To get the ideal location to install a condo, you can use an empty room in the house or take a few feet of existing space. Taking a few meters from the spacious kitchen and dining room as an area condo can be an alternative. In the classic European house, condo are often built around a fireplace with a sofa set surrounding the small table. While the most used design today is an area around the windows which gives the user the beautiful view outside the home.

    Painting ideas to make condo look bigger

    Choosing a condo colors are preferred by many designers. Color plays an important role in determining the comfortable atmosphere for people who to be there. Bright colors types is ideal for condos, especially in small areas where dark colors would make the room looks smaller. Bright color schemes can help you to remodeling the condos into spacious and soft when viewed. Most used bright color for condo are white, cream, light blue and light brown for classic condo.

    Wall covering

    When you want a condo with special look, painting is not enough. Wall covering is the fastest shortcut to improve prestige of the condo.Bright colors always looks shine and wide. Keeping similar color schemes throughout your condo will give a looking of continuity and style flow. For more interest, use flower motive or smoothly textured pictures in same bright color schemes on select walls throughout your condo.

    Accessories and arts

    Give daring and different color throughout your condo with furniture and accessories. The proper arrangement of furniture and accessories will provide an believable atmosphere that reflects your taste. Throw pillows, glass objects, potted flowers and favorite photos gallery are sweeteners for every decor.

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    30 Best Small Apartment Design Ideas Ever Presented on Freshome

    Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us do, whether by choice or necessity. We often get the feeling that some of the projects we present on Freshome don t get the attention they deserve. And the ideas presented in these 30 small apartment designs below are definitely worth a second look.

    Most of you are probably looking for clever ways to enhance the space in your home, which is why we decided to compile this post. Every photo below is linked to the original article, where you will find plenty of images and information about each of the small apartments featured. And for space-saving furniture ideas, be sure to check out our favorite space-saving furniture for small apartments .

    Even though there is no specific formula when it comes to designing a small home or room, there are a few keys to success. Painting your walls in bright colors, utilizing unconventional hidden storage (such as this underbed box from The Container Store ), embedding multi-purpose furniture — these are just some of the tricks we ve come across on Freshome.

    Finally, add paintings, graphic art and flower arrangements for a comfortable feel, and personalize the space in any way you can think of without overcrowding it. Here are 30 of the most ingenious small apartment designs ever presented on Freshome; enjoy and get inspired!