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    Are You Considering Divorce?

    Houston Divorce Attorneys

    Experienced Legal Counsel in Divorce, Custody and Complex Property Division

    If you are preparing for divorce in Texas (whether uncontested or contested ), every decision matters-beginning with your choice of legal counsel. You need a lawyer who you can trust for reliable guidance based on extensive experience in and out of the courts. This is because ultimately, you may have to decide whether to fight (and how hard to fight) over issues with a far-reaching impact.

    You may have every reason to be angry and want your divorce attorney to strike hard, with authority, against a spouse you no longer trust. Alternatively, you may have no appetite for conflict and want your attorney to do everything possible to settle your case quickly so that you can move on. At Hendershot, Cannon, Martin Hisey, P.C. our award-winning Texas family and business law firm provides top-tier, full-service divorce representation for men and women in the Houston area and all surrounding counties throughout Texas.

    Our divorce lawyers are dynamic negotiators and established trial lawyers. While our team strives to find collaborative solutions for clients through routes such as mediation, we will not hesitate to uphold your interests in the courtroom should litigation become necessary . Call (713) 909-7323 for a consultation today or contact us online 24/7.

    Why Choose our Texas Law Firm?

    • Attorney and Partner – Lennea Cannon is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which requires an experience level created by handling a vast number of family law trials, mediations, arbitrations, and appeals, all before you can even take the difficult test required for certification. Very few attorneys become Board Certified.
    • 200+ years of combined legal experience in business and family law matters.
    • Super Lawyers Rising Stars℠ – Family law Divorce, 2016 2017 (Lennea Cannon and Lori Blackwell )
    • Super Lawyers Rising Stars℠ – Up-and-Coming 50 Women, 2017 (Lennea Cannon )
    • Houstonia Magazine Top Lawyers, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (Trey Hendershot. Christy Lynn Martin. Lennea Cannon )
    • Avvo rated Superb for Divorce Adoption
    • Avvo Client Choice Award 2014
    • Compassionate one-on-one representation

    Our law firm can assist you with all aspects of divorce including:

    High Asset, High Net-worth and Large Marital Estate Divorces

    Handling Substantial Wealth Assets

    If protecting your interests requires thorough financial analysis, accurate asset valuation, forensic accounting, or other specialized steps, your case will be in capable hands with our Houston divorce lawyers. Part of what makes us so qualified to handle complex property division and high-asset divorces is our skill-set. Our law firm is a highly-recognized business law firm, as well as a family law firm. When spouses divide their business interests or assets in a divorce. they turn to us because we have the experience to handle every aspect of their legal needs.

    Our law firm concentrates on:

    • Equitable distribution of unique assets such as: Retirement accounts and pensions. stocks and bonds. farms, ranches and livestock. oil, gas and other mineral interest, Investment property, second homes, vacation homes
    • Characterizing and tracing separate property
    • Valuation of professional practices such as medical or dental practices
    • Finding and tracing assets
    • Dividing funds in a variety of holdings such as retirement accounts or investment accounts
    • Protecting our clients separate assets such as inheritances, investments and retirement accounts
    • Dividing real estate such as homes, ranches or commercial holdings

    Settling Only If It Makes Economic Sense

    Settling family matters out of court helps keep key decisions within your family, rather than putting them before a judge. Our divorce attorneys vigorously support your desire to settle your case, whether it be through mediation. collaborative law or an uncontested divorce. however, we also have the strength in litigation to save you from settling for unjust results. In any case, the best results, whether at trial or in settlement, comes from rigorous preparation.

    Tell Us About Your Case. We’ll Tell you How We Can Help.

    At Hendershot, Cannon, Martin Hisey, P.C. we will manage your case in an effective, detail-focused manner, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our family law attorneys meet weekly to discuss the status of every case in progress, along with viable steps for moving it forward and improving our clients’ positions. These sessions bring excellent legal minds and diverse human perspectives together to find creative solutions to complex problems. Our goal is simple: protect what matters most to you and exceed your expectations.

    For direct attention to your family law needs and concerns, call (713) 909-7323 or contact us online !

    We don’t have a big-firm mentality. While I work hard for clients at the courthouse, I make it my job to be accessible to you. When you call, I answer the phone or call you back as soon as possible. It’s the least you should expect from your lawyer. – Lennea M. Cannon, attorney Partner in charge of our family law section


    Our mission is to exceed your expectations, which means going above and beyond for you, not settling for good enough. We focus on accomplishing your goals and objectives through relentless preparation, assertive action and uncompromising professional standards.

  • #


    Bell Tech Career Institute, Inc was established in Fall 2002 with the name, Bell Tech Training School. We are committed to offering the best educational services available to all members of the community. Our programs are designed to prepare the individuals for the demands of today’s workforce in the healthcare field. With a new name: Bell Tech Career Institute, Inc., and additional new educational programs, we continue to be committed and offer services with the same high standards.


    The original approval for Bell Tech Career Institute, Inc. met the requirements of:

    1. Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)
    2. Nurse Aide Training Program, Austin, Texas
    3. Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Certificate of Approval for Career Schools and College
      • Medication Aide
      • Nurse Aide
      • Patient Care Technician
      • Pharmacy Technician
      • Medical Assistant
      • Vocational Nursing

    • Career school of houston
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    PC Computers



    Electronic Components


    Cameras, Camcorders & Optics

    Office Place

    Video Games



    Household & Pet Care

    Mattresses & Home Furnishing

    my Frys Account

    Home security cameras houston

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    How to Level an Existing House

    Foundations settle over time. Even brand new houses experience some movement of the foundation. The question is, how do you level a floor that sinks toward the center of a home? And how much of this can homeowners do? Of course, this probably isn’t something you should attempt on your own with zero experience; however, having an idea of what goes on can help you make the best decisions for yourself and for you home.

    Steps Edit

    Consult a qualified Structural Engineer first. The structure may not be as you expect and you may cause more problems than you solve.

    Determine how far the middle of the house needs to be lifted. With a taut string, water or laser level, make a straight line from one side of the foundation to the other. You may find this task easier if you hold the string off the sagging floor joists by attaching blocks of the same thickness at opposite sides of the basement. Nail them to the underside of the joists as near the foundation as you can. Measure the distance from that line to the bottom of the floor joists. Repeat this process in several locations under the house.

    When you know where the lowest portion of the center is located, mark that location.

    Build a temporary post using concrete blocks or large blocks of wood. Make sure that the post is located on firm, level ground under the house. Alternate the placement of each layer of blocks by 90 degrees to improve stability.

    Buy or rent a hydraulic jack. When the space above the temporary post is adequate to place the jack and reach the structural member above, start jacking the house up. As the house moves, add smaller blocks to support the center of the structure at the new elevation.

    When the lowest point has been raised to the height of the next lowest points, remove the jack carefully, allowing the house to rest on the temporary post.

    Check for problems that may have been created by movement of the house. (See Warnings below.) Sheetrock cracks may appear.

    Build another temporary post and repeat the process.

    When the floor is level and stable on the temporary posts, it is time to prepare for permanent supports. Existing supports may be usable with minor modifications. Check the bottom of the supports for rot or other signs of trouble. If the bottom of the posts are no longer sinking, they can remain in place. By cutting the center supports shorter, a new beam can be placed on top of the shortened posts to support the center of the house.

    How to Repair a Sinking Stone Patio

    How to Install a DRIcore Subfloor in Your Basement

    How to Choose a Home Improvement Contractor

    How to Install Deck Piers

    How to Calculate Square Footage of a Room

    How to Measure a Room

    How to Cut Formica

    How to Build a Concrete Foundation

    How to Operate a Mini Excavator

    How to Build Saunas


    RC Health Services is the premier provider of CPR, First Aid, BLS, ACLS, and PALS courses in USA.

    We are an approved American Heart Association Training Center as we offer our students the most educational and convenient courses in the Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Dallas areas. The classes are designed to suit every student’s needs and to make sure that each participant learns all aspects of each course. Our goal is to teach the best CPR class in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas, and to deliver the highest quality of ACLS and PALS courses which have one purpose: to well prepare providers who will be responsible for the care of patients in emergency and trauma cases. The instructors of RC Health Services have several years of real world medical emergency experience and have managed several Code Blue scenarios and situations.

    Our instructors are active Registered Nurses, Paramedics, and EMTs. They are highly knowledgeable in the subjects they teach and are passionate about delivering the best CPR BLS, ACLS, PALS, and First Aid courses in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin areas. We are confident that each of our classes meet the expectations of our students and that their patients who will trust and rely on their knowledge as BLS, CPR, First Aid, ACLS, and PALS providers. We work closely with the American Heart Association to make sure that all of our courses follow the requirements and the guidelines of their curriculum and agenda. RC Health Services is also provider of EMS CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from the Department of State Health Services.

    Same Day Certification

    Our goal is to offer the most convenient and informative, high quality American Heart Association CPR courses in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth. All of our AHA certification courses adhere to the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association and each student is issued their 2 year certification upon successful completion of the course.

    The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS, ACLS, and PALS and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA materials, do not represent income to the Association.

    If you are unsure which class is right for you please visit our FAQ page

    We offer:

    • Heartsaver CPR/AED
    • First Aid
    • BLS
    • ACLS
    • PALS
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • AED Sales and Training
    • AHA Online Courses
    • Heart Saver CPR/AED
    • TNCC / ENPC


    Although the actual studio anniversary was in April we wanted to thank all of our current and past wedding and corporate clients for your continued support. It seems like yesterday when David went off on his own in April 2002 after learning so much from working and shooting for many of the finest area photography studios for most of the early Nineties. Thank you also to the many hospitality industry friends we work with day in and out, it is these relationships that make the Houston market such a pleasure to be in. D Jones Photography would not be one of the most respected Houston area photography studios without the continued support of all of our amazing client and vendor referrals.

    If you have been following our Instagram account or Facebook Page this year we have been actively featuring some of our best images from the past fifteen years. Do you have any favorites that we created for you or your company? Get in touch with us as we would love to feature those images that mean the most and the stories behind them. Email the studio to contribute to this year of thanks so that we can honor all of those that make our success possible.

    We hope to share some great news related to David s Bucket List Travel this Spring and will be sure to announce to all when the plans and date are finalized. Have a fantastic Summer and stay tuned!

    This summer we covered the wedding of Frances and Philip at St Cecilia s Catholic Church and Houston Country Club. It is so much fun working with past clients as three of the bridesmaids were past brides of ours. In fact we covered the groom s brother s wedding back in 2011. Floral and decor provided by Susie Miller while the cake was from Marlene Romero .

    On a rare Spring Saturday, rare because I was not covering a wedding on a Saturday afternoon, picture this elbow deep in crawfish on a deck, under a tent in Stafford, my back is completely soaked by the torrential downpour that has ensued. My phone starts vibrating, I m truly not thinking about answering but it s Boyd, as in Jackson Company. Boyd Bryan .

    Without hesitation I answered the call subsequently covering my phone case with crustacean juices. What s that, am I working? No, not at all Can you cover an event at theCorinthianfor a couple hours, our client s photographer is flooded in and cannot get out of his neighborhood? Naturally I said yes!

    I was advised that if I could be there in an hour when the program began, it would be ideal. I dropped everything I was doing and proceeded to splash through the parking lot to my car to head back into town.

    What should have been at 15 minute drive ended up taking 45 minutes due to the amount of water on 59 and the number of accidents. I raced into the studio, rinsed off, scrubbed the mud bug scent off my hands and arms, changed into my suit, grabbed my gear and took off. I still arrived in time (just barely) and was relieved to find that they had pushed the timeline back, several of the attendees were also running late due to the storms and flooding.

    I took a deep breath and got my gear ready to cover this dinner, for recipients of the Gold Medal, Distinguished Alumni Award and Meritorious Service Award for Rice University .

    This is what the hospitality industry is about, resolving issues regardless of the situation, and making our clients events go off without a hitch. Whether it be a missing linen or a rescheduled event due to severe flooding we have experienced here in Houston lately. You never know what the obstacle might be. We see it all and are here to assist and provide our clients the best possible experience without flinching.

    Many clients do not realize the issues that arise and are solved behind the scenes due to wonderful professional relationships in our industry, without the guests ever being aware.

    I am a proud member of the NACE Houston Chapter family, for 14 years now, and a long time board member. I currently serve as the Treasurer and can truly say that hiring a professional makes all the difference.

    Here is another spring wedding we covered for Alex and Travis at the Bell Tower on 34th. Linens and decor were provided by Plants N Petals while the cake was courtesy of Edible Designs by Jessie. Entertainment for the evening was from the Chinatown band .


    Group Term Life Insurance – Active Employee

    Life Insurance Benefits Effective September 1, 2016

    Group term life (GTL) insurance can help ensure financial security for your family and loved ones upon your death. UT System, through the vendor Dearborn National, provides eligible employees with $40,000 basic GTL as part of the basic coverage package. Benefits-eligible employees enrolled in the UT SELECT Medical Plan are automatically enrolled in this basic coverage.

    Regular benefits-eligible active employees also have the opportunity to purchase additional employee and dependent coverage at group rates.

    Basic Group Term Life (GTL) Benefits

    Basic group term life insurance in the amount of $40,000 is a part of the basic coverage package. Full time eligible employees enrolled in the UT SELECT Medical plan are automatically enrolled in the basic GTL at no cost and without Evidence of Insurability (EOI).

    Voluntary Group Term Life Options

    Employee Voluntary GTL (available with or without Basic GTL)

    1 to 10 times Annual Compensation up to a maximum of $2,000,000

    Dependent Voluntary GTL*

    $10,000 (Benefit amount for spouse and each eligible dependent child)

    Additional Spouse Voluntary GTL*

    $15,000 or $40,000 in addition to the $10,000 Dependent Voluntary GTL

    *Employee must be enrolled in Employee Voluntary GTL benefits in order to elect benefits for spouse and/or dependent children.

    Active employees who participate in an alternative UT System health institution life plan are not eligible to participate in the Voluntary Group Term Life plan offered under Dearborn National.

    Evidence of insurability (EOI) is required for:

      • Employee Voluntary GTL coverage of up to 3 times annual salary, except within the initial 31-day benefit election period or following a qualified change of status;
      • Employee Voluntary GTL coverage of 4 to 10 times annual salary; or
      • Additional Spouse Voluntary GTL.

      The dependent voluntary GTL premium provides coverage of $10,000 for each eligible dependent regardless of how many dependents are covered. Employee Voluntary GTL and Additional Spouse Voluntary GTL premium is based on the enrolled person’s age and benefit coverage level.

      Rates for 2016-2017



      From Our Blog

      Wills, Trusts Dying Intestate: How They Differ

      Most people understand that having some sort of an estate plan is, as Martha Stewart would say, a “good thing.” However, many of us don’t take the steps to get that estate plan in place because we don’t understand the nuances between wills and trusts – and dying without either.

      Here’s what will generally happen if you die, intestate (without a will or trust), with a will, and with a trust. For this example, we’re assuming you have children, but no spouse:

      1. Intestate. If you should die intestate, your estate will go through probate and all the world could know what you owned, what you owed, and who got what. Your mortgage company, car loan company, and credit card companies will all seek payment on balances you owed at the time of your death.

      After that, state law will decide who gets what and when.

      -For example, if your only heirs are your children and you have not provided any instructions, state law will mandate divvying up proceeds equally.
      -Your older children will get their shares immediately if they’ve attained adulthood.
      -But, the court will appoint a guardian to manage the money for your minor children until they become adults.
      -Shockingly, that guardian can charge a lot of money and be a total stranger as can the guardian who raises your child.
      -Yes, if you die without a valid

      Garofalo Law Group 161 N. Clark Street Suite 4700 Chicago, Illinois 60601 P 312.753.6000 | F 312.753.6001 Contact Us | Map

      Client Portal
      Copyright 2013-2017 Garofalo Law Group. All rights reserved.


      Residence Inn Houston West/Energy Corridor

      To make reservations by phone, call 1-800-331-3131 in the USA and Canada (or any of our worldwide reservation telephone numbers).


      Enjoy our all-suite hotel in the Energy Corridor of Houston

      Feel the energy of a thriving metropolis coupled with the comforts of a cozy home when staying at the Residence Inn Houston West/Energy Corridor. Warm touches such as crackling fireplaces complement modern amenities including free Wi-Fi and fully equipped kitchens in all of our suites, making for the most relaxing and productive stay at our Houston Energy Corridor hotel. Complimentary hot breakfasts and evening hospitality receptions add a downhome feel. Book intimate events in our 600-square-foot meeting room capable of hosting up to 60 people. During downtime, maintain a regular exercise routine in our fitness center, or relax after a long day in our pool. Our pet-friendly West Houston hotel is near many of the area s top businesses, including Sysco, BP, Shell and Citgo. For recreational activities, Baseball USA, Topgolf and Memorial City Mall are close by. Our free shuttle offers rides to attractions within a 5-mile radius. Whether staying overnight or for a week, our hotel will make you feel welcome.

      Map Local Area

      Marriott Rewards

      Best energy rates in houston Best energy rates in houston

      Key Amenities

      Hotel Highlights

      • Our Energy Corridor extended-stay hotel provides a free shuttle that will take guests to businesses and attractions within a 5-mile radius.
      • Start each day with a complimentary full hot breakfast buffet and enjoy evening social receptions at our Houston Energy Corridor hotel.
      • Residence Inn Houston West/Energy Corridor is near major businesses including Sysco, Dow Chemical, BP, Shell and Citgo and offers a meeting room.

      Guest Rooms

      Spread out in one of the premier West Houston hotels


      1 Queen, Sofa bed

      1 Queen, Sofa bed

      Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

      Room Overview

      Room Amenities

      In-room Media

      1 Bedroom Suite

      1 Queen, Sofa bed

      1 Queen, Sofa bed

      Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

      Room Overview

      Room Amenities

      In-room Media

      2 Bedroom Suite

      Bedroom 1: 1 Queen, Bedroom 2: 1 Queen, Sofa bed, Bathrooms: 2

      Bedroom 1: 1 Queen, Bedroom 2: 1 Queen, Sofa bed, Bathrooms: 2

      Room images may not correspond to the actual room received.

      Room Overview

      Room Amenities

      In-room Media

      When you Book Direct on Marriott.com

      Only pay when you stay

      Avoid upfront payments.

      Change your mind

      Modify or cancel your reservation.

      Your room, your way

      Request room extras when you book.

      It Pays to Book Direct

      Deals Promotions

      Best energy rates in houston

      A more rewarding way to travel.

      Connect with us

      Residence Inn by Marriott Houston West/Energy Corridor

      expand Top Destinations

      Marriott For:

      Best Available Rate Guarantee assures you receive the best rates when you book directly with us. If you find a lower publicly available rate within 24 hours of booking, we will match that rate plus give you 25% off the lower rate, subject to guarantee terms and exclusions. Guarantee does not apply to Ritz-Carlton Montreal, The Ritz London, Ritz-Carlton Residences , and Starwood-Branded Hotels, including Four Points Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Aloft Hotels, W Hotels, Le Meridien Hotels, Luxury Collection Hotels, Element Hotels, Westin Hotels, St. Regis Hotels, Tribute Portfolio Hotels and Design Hotels. Marriott Rewards and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards members ( Rewards Members ) who book rooms through a Marriott Direct Booking Channel, authorized travel agents or select corporate travel partners ( Eligible Channels ) at hotels that participate in Marriott Rewards and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards loyalty programs will receive an exclusive, preferred rate ( Marriott Rewards Member Rate ). Member Rates are available globally at all hotels that participate in Marriott Rewards. Exclusions apply. See our Terms Conditions for additional details related to our Best Available Rate Guarantee and Marriott Rewards Member Rate. Hotels shown on Marriott.com may be operated under a license from Marriott International, Inc. or one of its affiliates.

      1996 – 2017 Marriott International, Inc. All rights reserved. Marriott proprietary information

      #interior design houston


      Interior Design Services

      Award Winning Houston Residential Interior Design

      Whether you are needing a full home renovation, an interior update, or a room to room remodel, we can help you with your home project. We start the process by asking you questions and listening carefully. We strive to understand your vision and personal style, as well as the goals you have for your custom interior design project. Dedicated to satisfying our clients’ long term, we spend time understanding your unique needs while following the principles of good design.

      Once we determine what you want, we match you with the interior design team to suit your personal design style. We have eight different design teams, which means we have a design team to work with every design style. It is our focus to capture your personal “Signature Style”. All of our custom designs reflect our clients’ personal style.

      After we match you with an interior design team, we will discuss a new plan of action that will include new accessories, colors, textures and all other elements that are needed to create your new atmosphere. Regardless of your interior space needs, our interior design services are centered on serving you, and it all begins with our unique design process.

      You know you are getting the best when you work with The Design Firm. Our award winning Interior Design Team will make magic happen in any area of your home, using a combination of new home furnishings and existing furnishings. Do not wait, take the next step to discovering the home of your dreams.

      Call our office at 281-494-4433 today for more information about how we can help your home transform your house into the home of your dreams.

      Interested in Receiving a Quote For One Of Our Services?

      Interested in Receiving a Quote For One Of Our Services?

      Residential Interior Design

      Our model home approach is innovative and imaginative. The Design Firm offers a unique personalization in each of our model home projects.

      Remodel Interior Design

      As a homeowner interested in planning to remodel, you may be surprised when asked if you have plans for your project. When building or remodeling a home addition, these plans are extremely important.

      New Home Interior Architecture

      Beginning with a floor plan consultation, and continuing through selection coordination, we will lead you through the process of creating the home of your dreams.

      Model Home Merchandising

      Our model home approach is innovative and imaginative. The Design Firm offers a unique personalization in each of our model home projects. We know how to set your company’s home aside from other builders. Our goal and your goal is the same, selling your model homes.


      Do you live in a small apartment or condo and want to maximize the function of your space? No space is too small for the work of a professional interior designer. Even though there is no specific formula when it comes to designing a small ho me or room, there are a few keys to success.


      Our projects range from large corporate headquarters and small businesses to offices and restaurants. From due diligence through construction and move-in, The Design Firm is your partner for the duration of your project.