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Fashion Design Games

Fashion Designer New York

You have the locations, the models, the clothes, and the styles, so now it is time to play Fashion Designer New York. You are going to want to create designs for all of your models that fit the look you are after and you are going to want to do as well as you can here.

Bratz Fashion Designer

Bratz fans will want to play Bratz Fashion Designer. It gives you the chance to dress up your favorite Bratz dolls in all of the best clothing and even color them. You are not stuck with just what you have, which is what makes this game so great. Get your creativity going and play with it.

Jojo s Fashion Show: World Tour

Jojo s Fashion Show: World Tour is a wonderful fashion game that requires some effort and creativity. You are going to want to put together outfits that can wow a crowd and you are going to need to do this over many locations. Fashionistas will adore the dedication required here.

Fashion Star

With Fashion Star, you can choose how you play and how your model looks. Whether you are doing free dress or catwalk, you are going to need to put in some time and effort to get the model looking perfect, though it is even more important if you are doing catwalk because the look does matter there.

Nadia Catwalk Show

Playing Nadia Catwalk Show is no easy task, but it is a fun one. You are going to need to choose the specific designs and do your best in order to succeed and open up more areas. The better that you do, the more that you can dress up your model and play with various styles.

Princess Fashion Designer Game

Design a princess in Princess Fashion Designer Game. You are going to have the chance to design your very own princess here. Make her look like the picture of complete perfection, whatever that means to you. With quite a few options, it is easy to make the most out of her.

My Fashion Sketchbook

You have your own sketchbook in My Fashion Sketchbook. You are going to want to use the designs in it to start creating the perfect look. With the colored pencils available, you can add even more than what is here, too. It gives you the chance to have the design that you truly love.

NYC Fashion LG

With NYC Fashion LG, you have the chance to enter the fashion world in a powerful way. Choose your character, choose your location, choose your models, and design the perfect outfits. Improve yourself in order to open up more options for yourself throughout the game, adding more fun to the entire experience.

Fashion Designer World Tour

Become a world travelling fashion designer in Fashion Designer World Tour. You are going to move across the globe, designing outfits for models before they head out to the catwalk. In order to become the best, you are going to have to put a lot of effort and time into everything that you create.

Party Outfit

Going out to party requires the right look. In Party Outfit, you can get that look by using the items available. It is easy, the design options are fantastic, and the results will have you ready to head out yourself. Make your model stand out and look fantastic before she hits the dance floor.

Cocktail Dress Design

Designing a cocktail dress has never been as fun as it is in Cocktail Dress Design. If you adore fashion and want to make the most out of your creativity, playing this game is the way to go. You will have everything that you need to perfect the cocktail dress design in no time at all.

Pajama Design

Head off to bed in style thanks to Pajama Design. You are going to design your very own pajamas so that they are not only comfortable for you, but also looking great. Having everything looking and feeling splendid will make you feel like royalty as you sleep, at least fashion royalty.

Winter Outfit

As the temperature drops, you are going to want to make sure that you have the clothes ready. Winter Outfit gives you the chance to get those clothes prepared so that you are looking good before hitting the snow. Make sure that everything you do this winter is done in style.

Swimsuit Design

Jump into summer with the right look by playing Swimsuit Design. Here, you can design a swimsuit that looks better than anything you could have ever imagined. You are going to have the chance to create something phenomenal, and you may even want it for your next trip to the pool or beach.

Sport Outfit

To work and play at your best, you are going to want to play Sport Outfit. This gives you the chance to design an outfit that is perfect for whatever sport you are playing. You will have the look and the movement that you need to get out there, and you can look good doing it.

For more fashion designing games, check out the Fashion category .

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Ella has been playing video games for over 15 years. She worked for a large game production company before and after quitting it in 2003, became a freelance writer.

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The Best Interior Design Ideas for your Conservatory

A conservatory is a fantastic edition to any home, and as soon as you have the exterior design you’ve dreamed of, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to the interior design. With any High Specification conservatory. you will want to ensure your innovative design is reflected on the inside. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best design ideas to help you start to channel your inner interior designer.

Think about the main purpose of your conservatory

What you and your family use your conservatory for will have a massive impact on how you will want it to look and feel. If it’s simply an additional room in your home, ensure the design flows with the rest of your interior; to stop the room from looking like someone has just stuck a room onto the side of your house.

Conservatories are most popular as a ‘sun room’ – a room in which you can enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of your own home. Therefore, keep furniture light to add to the airy element of the room. Invest in some clever storage systems to eliminate clutter and to keep the feeling of spaciousness. Plants also make a great feature of conservatories that are meant for sun rooms, as they add to the natural feel.

However, if you aim to use your conservatory all year round, you may want to invest in a few useful items that will be good for adding an element of warmth when the weather gets colder. Rugs, mood lighting and throws are all great for this, along with candles, to aid to the cosy feel of the room.

Get the elements just right

Choosing big items in your conservatory, such as flooring, furniture and lighting will be crucial for helping you to achieve your desired look. Think about whether you want the space to be traditional and classic or modern and up to date. This will have a huge impact on the pieces you chose, and aim to keep everything you’ve already purchased in mind each time you go shopping for additional items.

A great theme for conservatory interior design is vintage floral, as this will reflect the naturalness of the outdoors which will be so easily accessible, whilst being cosy and romantic. Select details like table cloths in beautiful floral prints and pretty throw cushions and lampshades to achieve this elegant and timeless look.

If the girlie chic look isn’t for you, another popular and simple look for your conservatory is the neutral feel; combining warm wood tones with beige and brown details to add to the element of modernism and warmth.

Don’t forget the practical elements

A conservatory is a great family room that all of you will enjoy, but it may take a bit of looking after in certain weather to ensure all of your furniture and details are kept looking in their prime. Consider investing in blinds for the windows to avoid the risk of your furnishings from fading and showing age. Also, think about fire safety aspects when choosing your furniture, and if necessary, ask the manufacturers for advice when having certain fittings in direct sunlight.


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Summer Decorating Ideas For Your New Conservatory

One of the best things about having a conservatory is that they can be so adaptable. As an extra living space in your home, your conservatory has almost limitless potential when it comes to decorating and furnishing choices, and thanks to the abundance of available natural light, summer is the season when it can look its best. Knowing how to go about decorating your conservatory can be daunting at first; there are so many possibilities it is is difficult to know where to begin. With an emphasis on practical and affordable choices of materials and furnishings, here are a few suggestions for summer decorating ideas for your conservatory, to help you get started.

Inspirational conservatory ideas

First and foremost, how you choose to decorate your conservatory will be influenced by what you intend to use the room for. In good interior design form follows function, and this particularly so when it comes to decorating and furnishing conservatories. So, the decisions you make about colour schemes and which pieces of furniture to use will depend on whether you want your conservatory to be a second lounge, a dining area, an extension of your kitchen, or perhaps an office or play room for the children. Another thing to factor in is the style of conservatory itself. If you have a Victorian or Georgian-style conservatory, it may be better to choose complementary traditional decor and furnishings rather than a minimal modernist interior design.

When it comes to colour schemes, there are many possibilities available to you. As a general rule, it is a good idea to make the most of the extra natural light that is available in a conservatory. Use colours that look good in sunshine, and feel bright and airy. Many people take their inspiration from the Mediterranean region, where the quality of light is unparalleled, and choose whites, deep blues and yellows, as well as natural earthy colours. Another key aspect to the colour scheme could be your choice of plants. Exotic flowering plants, ferns, palms and foliage plants can all flourish in a conservatory during the summer, and the colours they provide create a perfect balance between the interior and the garden beyond, resulting in the optimum indoor/outdoor area.

Conservatory furniture ideas

As before, the furniture you choose for your conservatory will depend on what you intend to use it for, but there are some basic principles that it is advisable to bear in mind from the very beginning. Whatever you will be using the extra room for, try not to clutter your conservatory with too much stuff. Ultimately, a conservatory is there to add a sense of extra space and bring more light into your home. This will be diminished if you fill the area with huge pieces of indoor furniture and shelving. Choose items that do the job without taking up excessive space. Also, think carefully about the kind of materials. A light and natural material like wicker or rattan can make for excellent conservatory furniture, and is also adaptable, in that it can be taken outside and used on the patio when the weather is fine.

Blinds are another essential aspect of conservatory decor, and can play a large role in determining the room’s overall aesthetic. The options available to you include more traditional style pleated, roman or venetian blinds or the more modern style roller blinds or solar blinds, which act rather in the same way as sunglasses. For a very different, but earthy and natural look, you could also hang a piece of muslin over the windows this softens the incoming light and gives the conservatory a pleasingly soothing ambience.

Compare 3 conservatory quotes and choose the best

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Interior Design for a Mobile Shop

In a recent post we talked about the enormous potential that exists in the mobile phone business.Cellular technology has transformed our way of life and growth projections for next year are fantastic. Today we present the business proposal for a kiosk or Shop for cellular services. An interesting business. easy to learn, requiring intermediate and high income potential investment. If you love technology and are familiar with brands like Samsung, Motorola, iPhone or Blackberry, surely, this business will love it .

To start you need to find a key point in a place where there is a high traffic, may be a mall or a quite busy executive to place a kiosk area Basic services that you offer are:

Sale and repair of cell phones
Distribution of prepaid cards
Electronic Refills
Cell activation
Sale of accessories
Assembly Business

The basic furniture consise in some displays and counters, many of which are provided by these wholesale suppliers. lighting and decor of your business is important because it takes into account the segment telephony customers are very attracted to the visual charm appliances. This perfectly applies the saying looks good, sells well. The business has two main sides. the first is the distribution of prepaid cards, which although it requires a significant investment to maintain stock, also represents a high income as rotating the card or electronic charges becomes quite high. The average commission for time cards ranges between 4% and 8% if you multiply by a rotración 3 per month, equivalent even average gain of 10%. s another form of income is the sale of prepaid devices or online. In this regard, you should invest some good $ $ after when a person falls in love with a cell phone, will surely make every effort to get it, and if you have it on hold, will surely have a greater chance of selling if you do not. In mobile devices, the average income is between 20% and 30%. Additionally handsfrees can sell accessories like chargers, covers and others. These usually you can get them at very good prices and even sold at reasonable prices, can generate traffic very convenient for your business people. A great advantage of the cell phone store is that you will not need advertising and promotional decoration, as Phone will be willing to make your store a highly attractive for their customers to purchase their products instead. So just you request it and you negotiate support for your home. On average term investment to start with mobikiario and an average stock of equipment is about $ 4000 and the average monthly cost will be between $ 1000 and $ 1500 in regular times. Of course, you must consider fixed monthly expenses such as electricity, salary of a dependent, locally and more. Finally, regarding the know-how of the business. it is very easy to learn and manufacturers will be ready to offer courses and training on their phone models. The first step is that you approach a dealer to advise you on pricing, systems and requirements for affiliating and soon become a retailer. And then, your imagination is the complement to big business .

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a virtual home online for free Home Design Photos

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If you were thinking of getting a king-size bed, but a queen would give you more room for a dresser and sitting area, now is the time to make the call about what is most important to you. Plug your measurements into an online tool (search for “free floor plan tool”) or make a sketch on paper and play around with potential furniture arrangements. It’s much easier to move or swap out furniture on paper or onscreen than in real life — so do some virtual lifting before you plunk your money down on new stuff.

Trendy bedroom photo in New York Houzz

Gosh this is gorgeous. Love the neutral and black tones to create a total luxurious retreat. Martha and Ash

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Sedge – (Carex spp) Sedges feature grasslike leaves and grow in clumps, and are noted for their wide range of growing requirements. Sedges, depending upon their variety, come in many sizes and textures, and grow in a number of different kinds of soils and in virtually every USDA hardiness zone. You can leave sedge unmowed for a taller, more meadow-like look, or mow it a few times a year to maintain more of a lawn look.

Design ideas for a contemporary backyard landscape in Chicago. Houzz

Sprengel’s edge -drought tolerant sjaye129

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Church Interior Design

Sometimes church interior design is the last thing to be accounted for in a congregagtion’s budget. It seems that just getting to the point of constructing a building is reason enough to cheer! However, money should definitely be allotted for durable as well as visually appealing furnishings and décor. If you are gifted in this area, great! It will be fun discovering new ideas and challenging when it comes to pleasing the masses. This article will go beyond the standard chair or pew. We’ll concentrate more on how to create an inviting atmosphere with color and design.

Chances are a person will visit the lavatory and least once during a service. Furniture used in church interior design. should be strong and sturdy even if it costs a little extra. It always amazes me how several hundred careful people can unintentionally destroy furnishings in just a few months. A simple long table in the ladies restroom and men’s restroom is a great place to place purses or bibles without having to take them into the stall with you. A lamp set to one side of the table and a nicely framed print hung on the wall completes the look. In the ladies room it’s always welcoming to have a stand placed near the sinks with a bottle of hand sanitizer and sweet smelling hand crème in a pump. The same idea can carry over to the men’s facility. A basket of mints or gum will do just fine.

Paint color can be a huge improvement or a huge distraction. Stay away from really dark trendy colors, but don’t be afraid of color altogether. When a wall is painted white it just doesn’t matter what kind of décor you hang. It always feels empty, kind of like something’s missing. Behr makes some great warm colors such as King’s Gold, Golden Moss or Spring Moss. Keep in mind the way light will shine down on the walls. It’s difficult to get a line free look in a large space without using a sprayer instead of a roller.

This should be the most inviting place of the whole building and should not be left out when thinking about church interior design. It’s a perfect spot for people to stay and chat or for Mom to regroup after picking the kids up from the nursery. Depending on space a few groupings of leather chairs and sofas create an intimate space. Think like you would for your own living room. Add an end table, lamp and rug to add to the coziness. This is where you can play with splashes of color that will be inexpensive to replace once worn or outdated. Toss colorful pillows at each sofa corner, add a vibrant lamp shade and experiment with 3d wall décor.

This is the place where you can let your imagination run wild with church interior design. The more colorful the better! If at all possible it is helpful to have a separate room for sleeping children and babies. You can decorate this room in soft colors with gentle lighting. Nursery rhymes are a good theme with bible verses written on the walls such as psalm 121:2-4

My help comes from the LORD,

the Maker of heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot slip—

he who watches over you will not slumber;

indeed, he who watches over Israel

will neither slumber nor sleep.

Rooms for play and learning come alive with murals. You can purchase them or ask a talented member to paint one. Childrens’ rooms tend to get messy. A painted concrete floor requires less maintenance and saves the expense of replacing carpet often. Babies and toddlers need the extra cushion so carpeting is still the best idea for the younger crowd. Bright recessed can lights add energy to the room and aid during clean up time. Storage cabinets, hooks and cubbies are a necessity for children’s belongings and teacher’s snacks and other supplies. Church Interior Design is an important part of creating family within the body of believers. Remember the most important thing, though, is the attitude of love we show toward one another!

Information On Other Commercial Spaces

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Interior design ideas for bathrooms

Simply sail away A shade sail can be custom-made or you can buy a ready-made one. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes (such as square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon) and many shades. They can be made up by a sailmaker, canvas manufacturer or a specialist shade sail company, of which there are many. They range in complexity from simple single sails you can erect yourself to multiple, overlapping arrangements requiring the help of experts. Interior design ideas for bathrooms Before you buy one or start installation, it s important to ascertain whether you have suitable fixing points. Existing structures can work, such as a pergola, fence post, large tree or fascia. If none of these is available, you ll need to put in a post. It s vital to ensure that fixing points are structurally sound. If you re not sure, consult a builder or the sail manufacturer. Small sails can easily be tethered to existing structures like a verandah post, however larger sails will need strong steel posts, which means calling in the contractors, so keep this is mind when deciding on how big to go. Unless you consider yourself a seasoned DIYer and have the right tools for the job, it s probably best to get a builder or sail manufacturer to install your sail.

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    Best decorating ideas for small hallways

    Just because your hallway is small doesn t mean you have to wind up with a bland, lifeless space. Read this article carefully and you will find some ideas that will surely make your small hallway look larger than it really is and will create an inviting hallway.

    If you want to give your small hallway a classic look, then you should hang only black and white photographs on the walls. For an elegant small hallway look, remove all items that make your hallway look cluttered.

    Placing a foyer table near the entrance of your small hallway and place a vase of flowers over it is the best way to welcome your guests. To change the overall look of your small hallway, then you should use a floor runner or a colorful rug. To add a character to your small hallway, then you should place a coat and umbrella stand in one of the corners that is near the door.

    It is well known that lighting plays a big role in decorating a hallway so try to choose lighting carefully. If your hallway is not big enough, then placing wall sconces around five feet from the floor is an ideal choice.

    Likewise, using track lights in your small hallway is a great choice as the big benefit of using track lights that they can direct the light anywhere in the hallway. Colors also plays a major role when decorating your home so if you have a small hallway, then opt for neutral colors such as beige and white as these colors will give the impression of hallway being larger.

    If you want a hallway scheme color that is easy on the eye, go for different shades of green. Antique furniture pieces can add to the beauty of your entrance hall. To add a modern touch to your entrance hall, then you should use a modern hall tree and a side table with a small lamp and some magazines.

    Have a glimpse at the images beneath to get more ideas about best decorating ideas for small hallways.

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    Interior Design for a Nail Salon

    B institut is a beauty salon organic Vannes, France, with a particular design curated by Parisian studio Trust in Design. The basic idea was to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, which would reflect the spirit and identity of the brand. Each element chosen from chairs (Stool_One and Chair_One_4Star Magis) lighting, remember element or organic molecular structures, as a world-bed under a microscope.

    The dominant color is green. just to emphasize the momentum of bio institut B: resin lawn green stickers on the floor and on the walls, also as a green vine digital creeps from room to room. Wood is the other element predominates on the walls or ceiling of the reception, where stands an enormous chandelier-branch.
    Naturalness is therefore the watchword in the interior of the B institut, however, declined by clean lines, geometric, solid colors, digital decorations. A still cold, but cozy tank, ready to welcome customers all over his green candor.

    There is in fact a huge number of events related to the beauty world starting with the peaceful invasion of red blisters on Corso Vittorio Emanuele during a cocktail party Tuesday night in Beautystore Sephora. Inside the store was opened a fake bottle of bubble bath from which outputs are bubbles floating in the air and then mark up the road to an ideal path of light and color.

    The spectacular installation is called BubbleCloud and was designed by the SM og composed of a group of young Milanese designers. Instead, in perfumery Desirè Corso Genova 3 was the photographic exhibition entitled Moments of Beauty. Organized by Fujifilm in conjunction with the launch of Astalift, cosmetics line produced by the giant of photography, the exhibition has provided a long process of selection among more than 6000 non-professional photographers. Among the 15 images on display with two giant replicas of the Calder Mobiles, there is the paw of a dog, a kitten curled up, a rush of clouds in the sky, beautiful women s faces and, of course, some flowers, some a little too floral inspired by the famous portraits of Mapplethorpe. Really sensational installation commissioned by Deborah: 30 000 lipsticks embedded in a structure that covers the grand staircase of the University of Milan for the project Transition edited by the pair of Turkish designers Autoban.

    Much appreciated by the visitors spent the Fuori Salone event beauty for hands and hair arranged in collaboration with L Oreal Professional for the Temporary Museum for New Design Superstudiopiù at Via Tortona 27. In fact, besides admiring the new proposals for Maletti (world leader in furnishing for hairdressers) we can refer to special treatments such as the new eco-friendly furniture collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa.

    Even Diego Dalla Palma in its historic Via Madonnina Make Up Studio 15 presents design solutions for shops and beauty salons designed by the Interior Design Division of the company that bears his name. Especially enjoyed the so-called nail corner where the nails are treated as sculptures. Amazing blend of beauty and the problems of displacement in Milan during the Salone never fail. So here is the tram turned in by the Institut Vichy Spa for those who want to undergo some quick beauty treatment during the journey.