college credits for military training

College credits for military training

Invest in you career by paying a few dollars to make hundreds.

You are able to see all the Board Questions and Answers for free on this site. But to see all them on your phone you must download the App on the App store.

Many 1SG’s and CSM’s have this very App on their Phones and use it to ask their Questions during the board. This is the App that the Board Members have when asking those Questions.

Also Download other ArmADP.com Apps like PMCS and AR 670-1 and no longer have to spend hours in the Motor pool waiting on one old -10 manual to be passed around the Platoon to fill out the 5988.

College credits for military training

College credits for military training

​​ “TOP’s” Guide to Increasing your College Promotion Points

​​ Civilian Education: Worth up to 100 Promotion Points (Read Below to find out how you may already have over 50 points Now) The purpose is to help Soldiers become better Educated and earn quicker Army Promotions by assisting in not only their Army Educations but also their College Educations as well.

By Far the Fastest and Easiest of the areas to add and increase points is through Civilian Education through College by either Online College Classes, Military Evaluations or Clep Exams. There are several methods to accomplish this. While some people already have some college and can just add their Transcripts.

You should no matter what enroll in Online College Classes or take traditional College Courses at the Education Center. Personally I would recommend the Online Classes as they allow you to study and perform your work at your own pace and you are not locked down to specific hours of being in a particular class. Either way with the Army’s TA it will usually not cost you a dime except for books and there are Many Colleges out there that are Online that will even throw the books in for free if you are using TA. So take advantage of your Benefit and Enroll ASAP. The Online Classes are a lot easier than you would think. With the one’s that I have taken, All of the Tests that I took were All Open Book. It can’t get much Easier than that.

You can also take CLEP exams at the education center which will only take a couple hours of your day. Spending a couple hours to get 3 promotion points is a lot easier than spending 40 hours in a week long Military course trust me. But ensure that you study, some of these test can be difficult.

But the ABSOLUTE easiest and best hands down is to have your Military Training Evaluated by a Civilian College for College Credits. This for me was the best bang for the buck and for my time by far. All you will need is a copy of your AARTS Transcript and a College that transfers your Military Training to Civilian Credits. Some Colleges will generally only charge a small enrollment fee and transcript fee and you could have a Transcript in as little as a couple of weeks. This fee is the Best investment that you will ever make and you will make this back the first month of your promotion. There is not a stock on the Market or a Mutual Fund out there that could give you a Rate of Return like this will.

The College that I chose was North Central Institute and only took a couple of weeks after I sent them my AARTS Transcript and I was then sent an Official Transcript with 57 College Credits that I was able to add for Promotion. I did not have to wait until I completed four classes with them or anything. I just sent in the AARTS Transcript and the money and they sent the Official Transcript and everything was completed in a couple of weeks. This is hands down the best way for any Soldier to add promotion points to their PPW to get promoted. My Military Training evaluation cost me a total of $250.00 and only took two weeks to get the Official College Transcript in my hands. There isn’t a Stock or a Mutual Fund that will Pay you like you will make on your investment of that small of an amount. It is like taking out an Insurance Policy to ensure that you get Paid and to ensure that you get promoted. So YOU should be the one that spends the $250.00 to take out that Insurance Policy and Making that Investment in your Future not the Other Guy.


Top Schools for Public Administration

Find information about programs in public administration, which teach students how to formulate and implement government policies in an efficient, economical and equitable manner. Read about study options at four top universities, and find a table with other schools in the U.S. that offer degrees for public administrators.

Show Me Schools

View popular schools

Public administration programs can be found at many highly-rated schools and are typically offered at the master’s degree level. Schools that offer these programs include Indiana University, Syracuse University, the University of Georgia and Arizona State University.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Cultural Studies
  • Ethnic and Gender Studies
  • Geography and Cartography
  • Human and Consumer Sciences
  • Human and Social Services
  • Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies
  • Military Studies
  • Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Science and Studies
  • Social Studies and History
  • Theological, Religious, and Ministerial Studies

School Overviews

The universities below offer four top graduate programs in public management administration, according to U.S. News World Report. Indiana University in Bloomington is the only one of the four to offer undergraduate majors in public administration; an advanced placement option is available at the University of Georgia in Athens.

Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY

School Highlight: Syracuse was ranked as the number one public administration school by U.S. News World Report in 2016.

Syracuse University was ranked tied for 60th among all national universities by U.S. News World Report in 2017. Their graduate program in public management administration, available at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, offers a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.), as well as a number of unique joint master’s degrees in public health, public diplomacy and documentary film and history. These programs include scholarship and applied studies.

University of Georgia in Athens, GA

School Highlight: Georgia offers a joint AB/M.P.A. program for undergraduates.

The University of Georgia, the first state-charted school in the U.S. is a research university that U.S. News World Report ranked second among graduate programs in public management administration in 2016. The Department of Public Administration and Policy, located in the School of Public and International Affairs, offers an M.P.A. a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and an M.P.A./Juris Doctor (J.D.). Undergraduates can pursue an advanced placement program leading to an AB/M.P.A. Areas of specialization include public management and organizational theory, local government administration, nonprofit management and public personnel administration; students can also specialize in public budgeting and financial management, health policy administration, higher education or public policy analysis.

Indiana University – Bloomington

School Highlight: Indiana offers a Master of Arts in Arts Administration program.

According to U.S. News World Report in 2016, the graduate program in public management administration program at Indiana University in Bloomington ranked third in the nation. At the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, students can pursue an M.P.A. as well as master’s degrees in other related fields of study. The school also offers five different majors in public administration, including public health and arts management.

Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ

School Highlight: The Ph.D. in Public Administration offers a unique concentration in urbanism.

ASU’s public administration master’s program tied for 11th in the nation by U.S. News World Report ; the school also offers a doctoral program. Concentrations in nonprofit administration, emergency management and public finance are available. Students can also enroll in a hybrid online program and earn their master’s degree in 16 months. Most coursework can be completed online, though students must attend two courses that are scheduled during weekends.

Top Public Administration Schools

Other top schools for public administration include:

  • The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA, jointly offers classes at the USC State Capital Center in Sacramento.
  • The University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS, offers several professional development programs.
  • Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, combines the study of public administration with international development.
  • University at Albany – SUNY (in Albany, New York) Alumnus Joseph N. Garba is the State Legislative Representative of New York City.
  • American University in Washington, D.C. has nine research centers situated in the nation’s capital.
  • Located in Newark, NJ, Rutgers University’s School of Public Affairs and Administration is accredited by NASPAA.

Top schools across the nation, such as the University of Georgia and American University, have public administration programs that present unique offerings, such as online availability, multiple concentrations and dual degrees.

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Learn about online grad school programs with public administration courses. Get an overview of the program types, requirements.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in public administration prepares students for issues.

Research online public administration courses and programs. Find out what you can learn in these courses and what you’ll need.

Individuals with a public administration degree can find employment as medical and health service managers, political.

  • Master
      • Master of Public Administration
      • Master of Public Administration – Public Leadership and Management
      • Master of Arts in Government
      • Master of Arts in Government – American Government
      • Master of Arts in Government – Political Theory
      • Master of Arts in Government – Religion and Politics
  • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Arts in Government – American Government and Politics
      • Bachelor of Arts in Political Communication
      • Bachelor of Arts in Politics and History
      • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Government
      • Bachelor of Arts in English – Government
      • Bachelor of Arts in Government

Get Started with Regent University

4 Johns Hopkins University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • All applicants must have a Bachelors degree or higher
  • Post-Master’s Certificate applicants must have a Masters degree or higher
School locations:

  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Public Administration – Public Leadership and Management
  • Master of Arts in Government
  • Master of Arts in Government – American Government
  • Master of Arts in Government – Political Theory
  • Master of Arts in Government – Religion and Politics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Government – American Government and Politics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Politics and History
  • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Government
  • Bachelor of Arts in English – Government
  • Bachelor of Arts in Government
  • View more
    • Master of Science in Management – Public Administration
    • Master of Business Administration – Global Leadership
    • BS – Business Administration – Public Administration
    • Bachelor of Arts – Political Science
    • Master of Public Administration – Government and Policy
    • MBA in Public Administration
    • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership – Public Administration
  • Show more schools

  • #

    Police Detective Job Description

    Police detectives, unlike police officers, don’t wear a uniform, drive patrol cars, or patrol; instead, they spend much of their time compiling information and evidence for the cases they are assigned. They wear plain clothes, usually a suit and tie, and drive unmarked cars. Because police detective is a higher ranking and higher paid position than police officer, it requires more experience and knowledge.

    Schools for criminal investigation

    Time spent as a patrol officer is usually mandatory before becoming eligible to pursue the position of detective. While a great deal of knowledge is learned on the job, further training and education in investigative techniques are required to make detective. This training and education are specified by the department that employs the aspiring detective. Much of a detective’s time is spent on investigation and paperwork, but they are expected to maintain a certain level of physical fitness.

    What does a Police Detective do on a typical day?

    • Police detectives interview suspects, witnesses, and victims as they try to piece together the story of how the crime that they are investigating occurred.

    General detectives do just as the name implies, general investigation, whereas the others specialize in certain types of crime. Homicide detectives focus on cases involving suspicious deaths. Once they rule a death is not by accident or suicide, but in fact a murder, they then proceed to delve further into the case and work until they either solve it or can go no further. They work closely with their CSI unit, which collects, analyzes, and reports the physical evidence, freeing up the detective’s time to focus on suspects and witnesses.

    Financial crimes detectives focus on the growing problem of white collar crime. While no one is physically harmed in the commission of a financial crime, victims are damaged or devastated financially. Financial and white collar crimes include fraud such as check or mortgage fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, identity theft, and bribery. Drug enforcement detectives handle illegal drug related cases involving drug trafficking, sales, and possession. They work primarily with their local department but team up with members of state and federal drug enforcement when necessary. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is a federal agency that enforces the laws and regulations of the United States concerning controlled substances. The DEA employs Agents, which is what usually comes to mind when thinking of the DEA, as well as Diversion Investigators, Chemists, Fingerprint Specialists, and Intelligence Research Specialists. Having detectives that focus on specific crimes helps cut down on having them spread thin, while allowing them to hone their skills in their specialty; thus, they are more effective in their jobs and have the ability to solve and prevent crime. To learn more about crimes and criminal intent, check out our criminal minds article series. Regardless of the type of detective, thorough documentation is imperative and require in all aspects of any detectives case file.

    Recommended Degree for Police Detective

    • Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree (concentration in law enforcement, criminal investigations, or general criminal justice)
    • Criminal Justice Masters Degree will make you a more competitive candidate for the position.

    One common way to become a more competitive candidate for Detective is to start by completing a criminal justice bachelor’s degree, then while gaining valuable on-the-job experience, continue working on your education via an online criminal justice degree at the masters level.

    Police Detective Job Description FAQ’s

    In order to make detective, you must first serve as a police officer for a certain period of time, (depending on the precinct in which you are employed, generally 1 to 5 years), and complete further training, including physical, tactical, and general education preferably at the masters degree level. Take a look at our recent interview with retired FBI Agent and true crime writer, Jim Fisher.

    How does a police detective interact with other divisions such as forensics?

    Police detectives interact with police officers, who are usually first on the scene of a crime, the forensics unit, which will gather the physical evidence at the crime scene, then the forensic laboratory, which will analyze the evidence. They may meet personally or receive written reports.

    What is the next promotion after detective?

    The next promotion after a detective is sergeant, then lieutenant. Oftentimes in law enforcement you can move laterally as well as up in the ranks. The possibilities for promotion are plentiful, as long as you are willing to put forth the effort.

    Schools for criminal investigation


    High Risk Auto Insurance

    What is High-Risk Auto Insurance?

    Many people have driving records that are less than perfect. High-risk insurance, or more commonly called “Non-Standard” insurance, refers to an auto insurance policy that is given to a high-risk driver, which means you will pay higher car insurance premiums.

    Some auto insurance companies only insure drivers with spotless driving records, but there are other companies that offer high-risk insurance. You just need to know where to find them. And if you’ve had your license suspended or revoked and require an SR-22 policy for reinstatement, you’ll want to shop around to find the best rate with a reputable company.

    What is an SR-22?

    An SR-22 is not an insurance policy; it’s simply a financial responsibility form proving that you have insurance coverage. The SR-22 is filed with your state by your insurance company and certifies that you carry the minimum liability coverage on your car insurance policy. If you do not own a motor vehicle, you must purchase “non-owners” liability coverage. If you’re not currently insured, this could cause your driving privileges to be revoked. The Department of Motor Vehicles in your state will notify you if you require an SR-22 policy.

    Your driving record will determine if you need high-risk car insurance. For example, if you ve been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or have multiple speeding tickets, you may be placed in a high risk category, requiring special high-risk auto insurance. Your recent driving record history is the most important factor taken into account. Any accidents or tickets you’ve had in the last 12 months will count more than an incident from several years ago. This can make it difficult for you to find affordable auto insurance, since many insurance companies refuse to take the risk.

    What if you are in a high-risk group for car insurance?

    So what can you do if you re in a high-risk group for car insurance ?

    First, get a free online car insurance quote to get an idea of what your premium might be, based on your driving record and other factors.

    Even if you need high-risk auto insurance or are looking for affordable teen car insurance. here are some things you can do that may lower your cost:

    • Take a defensive driving course. Check with an Agent for approved courses.
    • Trade in your car for a model with a better safety record or more safety features.
    • Follow all traffic laws. Going three years without a ticket may result in a decrease in your rate.
    • Drive defensively. Significant discounts are available if you can stay accident-free for three years.

    Talk to an agent or get a free online car insurance quote to find out what InsureOne can do for you. We will find you the best deal because we do all the research. We work with the established, major low-cost insurance companies to find you the best coverage at the best price.

    Call us today and see how much you can save on your high-risk auto insurance.

    Buy Online in Under 2 min

    Types of Car Insurance


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


    Immerse yourself in the digital future. Computer Science degrees are in demand as our daily use and need of technological systems increases.

    College Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree Type Bachelor of Science Diploma Title Bachelor of Science
    With a major in Computer Science Transcript Title Bachelor of Science
    Major Computer Science

    UF Online offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that encourages students to explore the theoretical foundations of information and computation with considerable freedom through the liberal arts. Employment in computer occupations is expected to increase by 22 percent through 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it a highly coveted and optimistic career path. UF’s computer science degree prepares students for a range of career opportunities with great starting salaries and opens up a variety of doors in the exciting world of technology.

    From financial companies to insurance, health care, security and beyond, practically every industry is interested in computer science graduates. Computer science is a field with varied job prospects, including business analyst, software engineer, researcher, programmer and computer systems analyst. UF Online’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program gives students the freedom to tailor their curriculum to their interests, skills and academic strengths.


    Hire the best SEO Experts

    Upwork is the leading online workplace, home to thousands of top-rated freelancers. It’s simple to post your job and get personalized bids, or browse Upwork for amazing talent ready to work on your seo project today.

    Please try modifying your search to get more results.

    Freelancer for website development

    Freelancer for website development

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    Freelancer for website development

    Freelancer for website development

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    At a Glance: SEO

    Targeted web content that’s carefully designed to get a good ranking in search engines like Google is important for driving traffic to your website. Without good SEO (search engine optimization), your site may fail to get the traction it needs. You many even fall behind the competition if they prove just a bit more savvy than you. If you’re looking to boost your placement in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), or keep your coveted ranking, an SEO consultant can help you get there.

    SEO consultants will analyze your existing web content, including headers, tags, and other key metadata, and then fine-tune it for optimal rankings based on your target search terms. They’re also skilled writers, bloggers, social media experts, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs who can audit your site, conduct important keyword research, analyze your content, evaluate the efficacy of your marketing strategy, and more. SEO experts on Upwork can craft unique SEO-enriched content, overhaul your existing web copy, and even help with link-building activities to help your site rise up in the SERPs and ultimately drive more traffic to your company’s website.

    7 User Engagement Metrics You Need to be Measuring

    While we will mainly be talking about mobile app analytics, the same rules and strategies can be applied to more than just mobile apps. There are so many out there that it can often be hard to choose what to track. It can also be difficult to understand what a metric is telling you about your users.After reading this, you should be able to collect and analyze the metrics you need for success.

    September 5, 2017

    Post App Development: How To Grow Your App

    You now have a product that is functional, has been thoroughly tested and is ready to roll out to the world. But now what? Here’s some excellent articles to help you on your journey to app domination!

    September 5, 2017

    How the Freemium Model Can Be Used to Great Success for an Android App

    One model is right for you and one is not. You need to identify the one that fits in your mold. Some marketers shy away from freemium, but it has turned out to be a powerful way to get profits out of an app. The onset of freemium model is probably the best thing that ever happened with Android app development market. In this article, we will give you some insights into what freemium app model


    The two most common types of VoIP Phone Systems for Small and Medium sized businesses are Hosted and Premise based. The key difference between these two solutions is as follows. With Hosted VoIP Phone Systems, the brains of the system reside in “the cloud”, whereas with Premise based VoIP Phone Systems, the brains of the system reside at the customer’s location. This article provides an in-depth comparison of Hosted and On Premise VoIP Phone Systems for Small and Medium businesses.

    Hosted Phone Systems

    Hosted Phone Systems are also often referred to as Hosted VoIP Systems, Cloud Phone Systems, Cloud Communication or IP Centrex. Hosted Phone Systems usually provide a turnkey communication service that is fully managed, maintained, backed-up and kept running smoothly by the service provider in a secure data center, With hosted or cloud based communication there is little to no initial investment required in the system and no need to subscribe to phone lines separately. Everything is bundled into a simple monthly subscription.

    Pros: Hosted Phone System

    No need to purchase costly equipment. Only VoIP Phones are required by the customer.

    No Maintenance since all maintenance is done by the service provider.

    Setup is relatively easy and is usually done by the service provider.

    Web based management allowing you to edit user extensions, manage features, view call logs.

    Employees in remote locations can be easily connected to the system by simply plugging in VoIP phones.

    All upgrades, bug fixes, and new features are handled by the service provider.

    Mobile follow me and failover call forwarding allow you to take calls on cellphones mobile or in the chance of an Internet disruption

    Loss of Internet or other catastrophic event at your premise will have almost no effect on business operations as calls will still go to voicemail or to mobile phones. This is because the phone system equipment is hosted in a collocation facility with redundancy, backup power and other special safeguards.

    Cons: Hosted Phone System

    Features are limited to what your provider offers with little room for customization

    Limited flexibility to integrate the phone system with other software applications

    If your Internet provider is down, your office phones will be down since all calls are routed via your Internet connection

    As number of extensions grows, monthly fees can add up.


    Hosted Phone Systems are recommended especially for small business, start-ups and any business that may have a distributed workforce such as teleworkers, mobile sales people, independent affiliates/consultants, many small branches, etc. VoIP Superstore offers RingOffice Cloud Hosted Phone Systems.

    On-Premise Phone Systems

    Premise based or On-Premise Small Business Phones Systems offer a more traditional approach with a richer feature set as compared to hosted. In this model, you buy, own, manage and maintain your own system and simply subscribe to phone lines from your local Telco or a VoIP provider. This solution can be more cost effective and/or flexible for larger deployments or when customization or integration with other business applications is required. In this solution, you purchase the complete VoIP Phone System solution and have it installed in your office premises. Installation can be done either by your own employees or by the vendor. Your VoIP Phone System will be connected to the local Telco service provider for incoming and outgoing phone calls over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Your VoIP Phone System can also be connected through the Internet to an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) to enable you to make VoIP calls.

    Pros: On-Premise Phone System

    More in-depth management controls allowing you more authority over features and functionality you can offer to users.

    Flexibility to create custom applications and reporting tools and integrate these with your other business applications such as CRM.

    Lower ongoing monthly costs once the system is completely paid for.

    Flexibility to add VoIP Lines or SIP trunks from multiple VoIP providers.

    Ability to create redundancy on phone lines by using a combination of land line and VoIP

    Cons: On-Premise Phone System

    Higher upfront cost to purchase, install and configure the solution.

    System must be maintained and support either by staff or an outsourced vendor, resulting in higher long-term maintenance costs.

    If your Phone System becomes obsolete or is discontinued, you may be left with a dead investment

    Upgrades such as adding capacity or features often requires purchasing extra licenses or hardware.

    If your VoIP Phone System is down or Internet connectivity is lost, your entire system could go down unless you have a backup system with some failover solution. Failover and redundancy further add to the cost of acquisition and maintenance of this solution.


    On Premise Phone Systems are recommended for any business that wants the flexibility to customize and control the system, integrate it with other business applications, or set-up on-site line or system redundancy. Premise based phone systems are also recommended for businesses with economies of scale for whom the cost to acquire and maintain the solution on a per user basis remains a more attractive proposition. Some popular on premise VoIP phone systems that we offer are 3CX, Elastix and Asterisk.

    Kashan Chaudhry is a senior telecom consultant and partner in VoIP Superstore and RingOffice. He is based in Toronto, Ontario and enjoys helping businesses communicate better and save money. If you need help determining which solution would be the best fit for you, contact us for a free consultation.


    Medical Billing and Coding Education prepares one to be an integral part of the highly demanding healthcare system.

    Medical Billing and Coding Certifications. courses and degree programs allow student to learn how to apply specific codes to the different medical conditions and treatment procedures. This makes it easy to carry out the billing of patients for doctors and insurance agents.

    Medical Billing and Coding Jobs for billers and coders come in plenty attributed to the ever growing healthcare industry. Qualified students in this professional can work in hospitals physicians offices and health insurance companies.

    One can qualify for a select number of jobs in this field without any formal degree, better pay and reliable job can be won by getting an associate degree from one of the top medical billing and coding schools.

    Accreditation of an online medical billing school from the professional medical billing and coding organization is an indication of a certified program.

    The medical billing and coding school you decide to attend should also provide you with the opportunity of participating in an internship to put to practice any skills learnt in class. Internships generally show your potential employers your potential to do your job in an actual working environment.

    Top 10 Medical Billing and Coding Online Schools

    Below are some of the top online medical billing and coding schools that are always sure to provide you with an accredited associated degree program in medical billing and coding. The ranking of these schools is mainly based on their reputation, student satisfaction, peer instructional quality and affordability.

    Grantham University

    Grantham University offers prospective students the opportunity to learn the use of the standard medical coding system through their 100% online learning program. Grantham University allows students to study test research and perform all medical and coding functions through their online studying platform. This offers a perfect opportunity if you wish to master the skills of medical billing and coding without having to visit a physical classroom. For further details you can visit their website .

    Harrison College

    Harrison College offers an associate degree program in medical reimbursement technology which mostly covers all the basics of medical billing and coding. In addition to learning the ins and outs of medical billing and coding students also stand a chance learning the basic medical terminologies through courses in pathophysiology and anatomy among many more. For further details you can visit their website .

    Ameritech College

    Ameritech college degree program in medical billing and coding tries to put more emphasis on the technical skills needed to be a guru in medical billing and coding. Legal ramifications in the line of medical billing and coding are also taught to prepare professionals of the actual work in the working environment. For further details you can visit their website .

    Kaplan University

    Kaplan university offers a wide array of programs in the medical industry including an associate program in medical billing and coding. Individuals looking to better themselves in medical billing and coding should not hesitate to apply for their highly flexible online program. Kaplan university medical billing and coding program is always sure to give students the edge in the ever growing medical industry. For further details you can visit their website .

    Keiser University eCampus Online

    With over 35 years, Keiser University is always sure to impart the highly needed skills to be successful in the industry of medical billing and coding. The university provides student centered quality career education according to the sets standards in the health industry. For further details you can visit their website .

    Ultimate Medical Academy

    It offers two different medical billing and coding program options. The first s option is a diploma in medical billing and coding which can be completed in as little as 10 months. The second program is an associate degree program which can be completed in 18 months. This programs focus thoroughly in preparing students for their certification exams. For further details you can visit their website.

    Allen School of Health Science

    This is a New York based accredited institution that offers a medical insurance billing and coding program. The program covers all the basics required for medical billing and coding with additional courses in government programs and computer skills. For further details you can visit their website .

    Fortis College

    Fortis college offers an associate program in medical billing and coding mainly focusing on imparting skills required for a successful placement of claims with the insurance companies. Students also get the opportunity to learn the basic medical terminologies anatomy and physiology. For further details you can visit their website .

    Penn Foster Career College

    Penn foster offers a short but thorough program in medical billing and coding its program consists of 11 courses and can be completed in as little as 7 months. With full completion of the full diploma program, students are always sure to be highly conversant with the placement of insurance claims, billing and coding. For further details you can visit their website .

    Herzing University

    Herzing s online program in medical billing and coding aims at providing a customizable and peer professional support needed to be successful in the medical industry. Its online program is extremely flexible able to support students beginning their college career as well as professionals continuing with their education. For further details you can visit their website .


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    Scholarships for Business Degree Concentrations

    Include These in Your Business Model

    Money makes the world go round, so business pursuits are front-and-center for ambitious college students. The far-reaching field encompasses specialty disciplines in accounting. managemen t, economics, finance. and a host of other employment sectors. Business programs also draw from entrepreneurial ranks, educating future business owners and CEOs.

    Undergraduates and MBA candidates utilize these and other scholarship opportunities made available by schools, associations and other business-minded organizations:

    National Business Scholarships

    The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) offers Future Entrepreneur Scholarships to help promote entrepreneurial thinking among aspiring business students. This valuable undergraduate scholarship provides $12,000 the first year and $4,000 each following year. The Association makes additional grants of $4000 each, under its general NASE Scholarship Program, which has disbursed nearly $2 million, since forming in 1989. The newest offering in the group s stable of business scholarships is the Succeed Scholarship, which provides funding for business professionals returning to college for continuing education.

    Students majoring in Finance receive scholarship help from the Government Finance Officers Association. which administers various financial aid programs. The Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship ($10,000), the GFOA Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship ($5,000), and the Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship ($3,500) are awarded to deserving business students.

    Graduating high school seniors are eligible for commerce related scholarships from the Community Bankers Scholarship Program. Help is available from banks in Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. In Illinois, The CBAI Foundation sponsors essay competitions that help get college cash into the hands of students who need it. High school seniors compete for 13 annual awards, which are worth as much as $4000 each. Local economics are emphasized for essays which must be dedicated to the concept of community banking. Students should present accurate information, in a clearly written, grammatically correct format.

    The National Business Association (NBA) has a scholarship program for dependents of current NBA members. College freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible for the $1,500 scholarship, as well as graduating high school seniors. Qualified high school applicants show ACT scores between 18 and 26 or SAT scores of 850 to 1190.

    Accounting majors who have maintained 3.0 GPA standards are eligible to participate in the National Society of Accountants Scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduates in amounts of $500, $1,000 and $2,000 depending on which academic programs winners are enrolled in.

    Minority Business Scholarships

    The University of Missouri, Columbia has several business scholarships set aside for minority students. Students from the finance, marketing and management departments qualify for various endowed scholarships. Robert Brock, Ginger Bryant and John Dean Scholarships contribute need-based aid to business students.

    The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) offers scholarships for minority accounting students. Up to $5,000 each, is awarded to minority accounting majors who have overall GPA of at least 3.3. Funding is available for both graduate and undergraduate students.

    Each year the National Black MBA Association provides scholarships for graduate students and minority undergraduates enrolled in business programs throughout the United States. The awards are valued between $1000 and $15,000 each, and are extended to twenty- five full-time MBA students annually.

    Campus Aid for Business Students

    Noted business schools support their own academic programs with campus-specific financial aid. Attracting top talent enhances prestige and credibility among leading schools, so merit-based scholarship competitions are in-place to reward high achievers. Campus scholarship winners use institutional resources to bridge the affordability gap, after other financial aid avenues are exhausted. These programs demonstrate the types of opportunities typically associated with business education:

    University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Sheldon Lubar School of Business supports undergraduates and graduate-level business students with campus assistance. In addition to conventional academic scholarships, the school also admits stand-out students into a series of seminar-type learning modules, which augment monetary awards.

    Cal Sate LA College of Business and Economics maintains a stable of academic scholarships for business students enrolled in these, and other, specialties: Accounting, urban economic development, and business administration. Grade point averages exceeding 3.0 are common eligibility requirements for scholarships made possible by corporate philanthropy from companies like Farmers Insurance and Founders Savings and Loan. Endowed Scholarships are named for their benefactors, supplying college assistance in honor of Ted Berkowitz, Frank J. DeSantis and others.

    C.T. Bauer School of Business. at the University of Houston distributes scholarships for every major students choose. Financial need is a prerequisite for consideration, so candidates are required to submit FAFSA results indicating level of need. International students file a special Bauer-generated application. Specific scholarship conditions and award amounts are in-force, based on :

    • Academic Major
    • Specialty
    • Student Type
    • Level of Need
    • and other considerations

    Business education is undertaken at community colleges, as well as traditional four-year institution. Students at CC s like Ivy Tech Community Colleg e benefit from campus-specific financial aid. The Indiana school requires FAFSA results, to demonstrate each applicants financial requirements.

    San Franscisco State Business Students enjoy access to scholarships from individual departments. Several endowed funds benefit business students from several specialties, like Hotel Management, Economics, Business Administration and Hospitality Management.

    Numerous scholarships originate from the Oregon State University School of Business. Applicants are evaluated for their performance in certain areas, depending on which scholarships are sought. Gade Point Average, class-level, financial need, and Oregon residency are a few of the criteria used to establish scholarship winners.