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57 Interior Design Jobs in San Diego, California


Degree Nursing

University of San Diego

Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science

University of San Diego is a Private not-for-profit institution with a campus in San Diego, California. The institution is approved to offer nursing programs by the California Board of Nursing. The San Diego, California campus for University of San Diego is located in a City setting, see the map below. Total enrollment for all degrees including nursing programs is 8,349. The student-to-faculty ratio is 15-to-1. In-state tuition and fees were $42,908, while out-of-state tuition and fees were $42,908 for the most recent reporting period.

Nursing Degree Programs at University of San Diego

  • Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  • Registered Nurse to Master of Science in Nursing (RN to MSN)
  • Doctor of Nursing Research or Education (PhD)
  • Nurse Practitioner

Visit the University of San Diego website to learn how to apply for the nursing degree programs listed above. We also recommend that all nursing students in California periodically review the requirements for a CNA, LPN, and RN nursing license as presented by the California Board of Nursing. Understanding the CNA, LPN, and RN nursing license requirements and duty restrictions for California will help you navigate your education needs and avoid career planning mistakes often made by nursing students.

University of San Diego 2014-2015

In-state tuition fees:

Out-of-state tuition fees:

Percent on financial aid:

ACT Composite range:

SAT Reading range:

SAT Writing range:

Ethnicity Profile of Students

University of San Diego Address And Campus Setting

Click the map below to see the physical campus address and get driving directions to: University of San Diego, 5998 Alcal? Park, San Diego, California 92110. You can also see the University of San Diego campus setting and nearby attractions in satellite or street view mode.

University of San Diego students, employees, and website visitors may notify us of a correction using our contact us page. When submitting corrections, please include a website URL where we can verify the nursing school information.

Last updated: January 29, 2016

Nursing School, Degree, And Career Navigation

Nursing Degrees

Nursing Careers

Nursing Schools

Accredited nursing school status, nursing program availability, CNA LPN and RN license requirements may change without notice or be outdated. Consult with a nursing career adviser in your state before applying to any nursing school, program, college, or university.


San Diego Electrician

San diego electrician

Serving San Diego, California

San diego electrician

San diego electrician

One Of The Best San Diego Electrician’s. Great prices and quality. Military Veteran Owned Business.

SOLOMON ELECTRICAL has vast experience in all kinds of electrical applications in every kind of environment. The following lists of services will give you an idea of what we can provide. But if what you re looking for does not appear here, contact us and ask we are confident when we say we do it all!

Lighting renovation, design and installation

Ceiling fans, chandeliers, recessed cans, and pendants

Trenching, underground work

Landscape lighting and design

Electrical safety inspections

Electrical code violation corrections

Smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation

Z-Wave – Viza RF – Wink Systems – Smart Hubs

Doorbells; repair and installation

Intercom systems; repaired and installed

Home theater, media room wiring

Low voltage wiring (telephone, television, computer, et. al)

Backup power/generators installed and maintained

Machine troubleshooting and repair

Special systems solutions

Fire alarm installation, maintenance, and repair

Parking lot lighting and maintenance

High efficiency/green lighting renovation, design and installation (SDG repaired and installed

Backup power/generators installed and maintained

Over 30 years of electrical experience

San diego electrician

Services Offered:

  • Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Panel Upgrades and Service Changes
  • Electrical Wiring
  • New Construction and Remodels
  • Rewiring
Tips for Hiring a Qualified San Diego Electrician

It may not be something you think of when things are running smoothly, but the truth is, at some point in the life of your home, you re going to need an electrician. The electricity that makes our lives comfortable and simply makes everything work is a major component in every home. Of course many homeowners are knowledgeable enough to do some of the small things themselves, such as rewiring a wall switch or replacing a ceiling fixture. But for the rest of us, anything electrical that requires repairs, upgrades or hard wiring is going to demand the services of a certified San Diego electrician.

Finding an electrician shouldn t be difficult. Finding one that you feel is right for your specific project may take a little more effort. You can usually assume that an electrician has a certain degree of competence simply if he possesses a state license. When talking with a San Diego electrician, ask to see a copy of his license. You can check with your state contractors licensing board to see if the electrician s license is valid. You ll also want proof of liability insurance and workers comp for the electrician as well as any employees, make certain all documents are up to date.

Where to Look for a Qualified San Diego Electrician

Ask family, friends, co-workers or neighbors for possible recommendations. If they ve had any experience with a San Diego electrician, they can tell you if they were happy with his work or not. If someone s had a bad experience, they ll probably be glad to tell you about it. The same holds true if someone has had a positive experience with a San Diego electrician. People are often ready to brag about what great service they received. You ll find that we have a good reputation and take pride in our work.

When you find a San Diego electrician you re interested in working with you ll need to do a little background checking. Call the Better Business Bureau to see if the electrician has ever had any complaints filed by customers. Ask if these complaints were resolved and if it was to the customer s satisfaction. It s not uncommon for even a well established San Diego electrician to get an occasional complaint but how they resolve any complaints is what s important. An electrician with a number of unresolved complaints is most likely someone you d do best to avoid.

Asking the San Diego Electrician to Submit a Bid

Once you have a few electricians in mind you can interview each one and discuss your project with them. Ask about experience, we ll be happy to explain to you how a San Diego electrician can meet your needs. We offer a quality of service that you will not find elsewhere. After the project is complete, you ll be happy we sent an expert San Diego electrician.

Have each electrician do a walk through with you and ask them to explain what they believe should be done and how they would handle your project. Describe what you hope to achieve and express any concerns you might have. By spending some time with each San Diego electrician, you ll also get a feel as to how well you communicate with each one and if you ll be comfortable working with them. If you feel uneasy about any electrician or have doubts, simply move on to the next one. Remember this is someone that you ll essentially be relying on for the future of your home.

Ask how long the entire project will take and how much it will cost. Of course the San Diego electrician won t be able to give you an accurate estimate until they can write up a detailed quote. Give each electrician a list of what you want included in their bid. You ll need to know what is involved in the project as well as the cost of any necessary materials and labor. You ll want to know your payment options. Small jobs usually require payment at time of completion while larger projects are usually made in installments as the job progresses. You ll also want an estimated time for completion.

Making Your Final Selection of a San Diego Electrician

Once you have a bid from each San Diego electrician it s time to make some comparisons. An extremely low bid may be tempting but you need to be cautious. A low bid may be nothing more than that but if it seems unusually low it may also mean the electrician is cutting corners, something you certainly don t want where electricity is involved. If the bid is really appealing to you ask the electrician how he arrived at the figure and how he is able to under bid everyone else. The truth is, when determining which San Diego electrician to hire, you not only need to choose the one that s going to be the best for your budget but the one that is most suited for your particular project as well.

Remember when choosing a San Diego electrician, you aren t looking for the cheapest method of getting the job done. When dealing with electricity, you have to think about the safety of your home and family. You want a San Diego electrician that will be thorough, reliable and will take the time to do the job right the first time around. Your home s future relies on the quality of the San Diego electrician you choose.

San diego electrician


Welcome to Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab specializes in sobriety programs for men, women any clients dealing with any kind of addictive behavior. From alcoholism to drug addiction, Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab recognizes the differences of men verses clients addiction and emphasizes the great importance of a sobriety program created for all individuals tailored to their specific needs. Our partner program, Sober Companions Orange County, will help to show you how to live your life sober once you have completed treatment. This combination will help you or your loved one have an overall successful and happy ending to what, so far, has been a difficult journey.

Huntington Beach, CA

After having lost what feels like everything in your life, the love of your pet still exists. They don t care that you didn t come home when you said you would, wake up when you said you would, or be where you said you would be. They love you UNCONDITIONALLY.

At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. they understand the immense benefits of having your animal while getting sober. Located on the Pacific Coast in Orange County, you can bring your pet to the treatment. Your animal can stay with you in your own private room and help you through the journey which lies ahead.

Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab will be happy to refer you to a treatment center who can provide for your needs. This FREE Referral service is for clients who go through Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab for their initial rehab admission processing. Your assigned treatment center will then arrange for easy and affordable payment on your part. When you are referred by Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. you know you can trust the treatment center you will be assigned to. We look for quality, competence and credibility because we only want the best for our clients.

**We accept some Insurance plans upon verification of the Insurance benefits. Some Detox fee s: substance abuse treatment fee s may be reimbursed. But it depends on your specific Medical Health Plan.

Most Insurance Accepted

Referrals to Sober Living and Referrals to Residential Treatment And Referrals to Outpatient Detox Treatment

We are #1 for rehab facilities coming from states surrounding California. We take people from all different states including Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, and even farther away states such as Kentucky and Ohio. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and away from negative influences to get over a drug or alcohol addiction. Come join us in beautiful Southern California with beach front rooms available. Recovery on the shore, there is nothing better. Call today!

At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. we have a special understanding of couples in love that abuse alcohol or drugs together. With over 20 years of experience, we have seen it all and treated it all! Couples that abuse substances together need a special approach when it comes to both parties’ recovery. When two people in love are both addicts, they enable each others bad habits and the addiction will only get worse. In order for either person to achieve sobriety, both lovers must enroll in recovery.

When you are in a relationship where drugs are in the spotlight, this will inevitably cause fights between the couple and negatively affect the relationship. It’s very common and happens all too often. You may think to yourself “All we do it argue now” or “my lover no longer appreciates me”. but if you take a step back and really look at the bigger picture, you will see that most of these negative aspects of your relationship only began when the drug abuse began. Both people’s abusive behavior will cloud each person’s judgement, you may even begin to feel hostility towards each other, turning your relationship into a love-hate situation. Take alcohol and/or drugs out of the equation, and in most cases you will find that there isn’t much to fight about anymore. When you remove the negative influence of substance abuse, you will come to find that the loathing and hateful feelings you each felt will no longer exist. Drug abuse commonly ruins what was once a happy, healthy relationship.

If you and your partner are seriously ready to stop the exhausting cycle of substance abuse, give us a call. At Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. we will design an individualized, personal treatment program for you both. Your recovery path will be tailored to you, your lover, and your unique situation to ensure the highest probability of success. If you are ready to once again feel true love and regain the happy, hopeful relationship you used to have with one another, we are ready and waiting for your call!

Don’t let your relationship be another casualty of substance abuse! It’s never too late to recover together and reverse any damage that has been done. When you do your recovery through Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. you and your loved one can come to detox together. You will have the option to stay together, in the same private room. This way, your privacy and intimacy does not have to be sacrificed.

You and your partner were addicted together, now you can recover together. You will act as each other’s support system, holding each other accountable and responsible. In addition, you will have highly trained medical staff assisting you both in detox, and licensed therapists to assist you both in rehabilitation, rebuilding, and recovery. When you stay with us at Pacific Ocean Drug Rehab. our exceptional staff will closely monitor you and your partner’s progress. Your success if our mission. Don’t wait any longer, text or call today to speak with an intake specialist. With our several facilities in and around Orange County, California, there will always be a spot open for you and your partner to come and learn how to live again!

  • California Heroin Detox
  • Couple Heroin Detox
  • Couple Opiate Detox
  • Couples Private Rooms Drug Treatment
  • Couples Naltrexone Drug Treatment


San Diego Plumbing Drain Services

What Customers Are Saying.

Ali and Danny are great. They came out right away and were able to flush out our drain and get us back in business. We use them at all of our pizza restaurants and I would recommend them to other businesses. Very professional and nice guys. Jonny Y.

They did an excellent job fixing another plumber s mistake, and as a bonus came on short notice on Sunday. Reasonable prices as well. Friendly customer service and professional. Worth five stars! Tracy C.

“Ali was awesome. He came over and immediately diagnosed the problem. Got it fixed and provided a 1 year warranty to guarantee his work! Awesome service and all around great experience. I will definitely use them again! Bryan B.

24/7 Service | No Extra Cost | Free Quotes

Give us a call 24/7 and talk with a real person. Our friendly staff will have a licensed and experienced plumber dispatched to fix your plumbing and drain problems anywhere in San Diego County 24/7.

Drain Help prides itself in offering free quotes with no extra fees for after hours service. If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, do not wait. We’re here to help!

24/7 Service. No Extra Cost. Free Quotes.

Give us a call 24/7 and talk with a real person. Our friendly staff will have a licensed and experienced plumber dispatched to fix your plumbing and drain problems anywhere in San Diego County 24/7. Drain Help prides itself in offering free quotes with no extra fees for after hours service. If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, do not wait. We’re here to help!

100% Guaranteed. Lifetime Warrantied Work.

We stand by our service as well as our materials by offering a lifetime warranty on installations. We also encourage our customers to take advantage of our routine maintenance programs and to schedule regular drain cleanings to prevent plumbing emergencies. It is our job to restore safety and convenience to your property!

Drain Help is the best drain cleaning service in San Diego. Our expert plumbers will clean and clear any drain in your residential or commercial property. Toilet clogs, kitchen sink clogs, and bathtub clogs are no match for our powerful hydro-jetters and Spartan cabling machines. We dispatch only experienced drain technicians for every single job 24/7. Drain Help s commercial division works with restaurants, local breweries, property management companies, and homeowners associations every day to get the job done fast and right.

San Diego Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Help is the best drain cleaning service in San Diego. Our expert plumbers will clean and clear any drain in your residential or commercial property. Toilet clogs, kitchen sink clogs, and bathtub clogs are no match for our powerful hydro-jetters and Spartan cabling machines.

We dispatch only experienced drain technicians for every single job 24/7. Drain Help works with restaurants, local breweries, property management companies, and homeowners associations every day to get the job done fast and right.

Trusted Verified within the Community

DrainHelp.com has been a trusted and licensed drain cleaning service in San Diego for years. We have proudly served on the board of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association of San Diego. Drain Help s experienced plumbers are licensed and bonded. Our team volunteers its time and resources to constantly improve San Diego s sewer infrastructure and to promote water conservation. Drain Help s mission is to be the most environmentally friendly plumbing company in San Diego. When you choose DrainHelp.com, you can be assured that you are not only helping your plumbing, but the community s plumbing infrastructure as well.

Trusted Verified within the Community

DrainHelp.com has been a trusted and licensed drain cleaning service in San Diego for years. We have proudly served on the board of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association of San Diego. Drain Help’s experienced plumbers are licensed and bonded.

Our team volunteers its time and resources to constantly improve San Diego’s sewer infrastructure and to promote water conservation. Our mission is to be the most environmentally friendly plumbing company in San Diego. When you choose DrainHelp.com, you can be assured that you are not only helping your plumbing but the community’s plumbing infrastructure as well.


    • Committed Staff
    • Landscape Maintenance
    • Irrigation Maintenance & Installation
    • Water Conservation & Management
    • Turf Management
    • Weed Management
    • Brush Management
    • Tree Care Management
    • Landscape Enhancement & Design Services
    • Minor Pest Control

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San Diego Landscaping
Professional San Diego Landscape Contractors & Landscapers

Pacific Green Landscape, Inc. is one of the finest San Diego landscaping companies. Throughout our many years of service, our expert San Diego landscape contractors have provided professional landscape maintenance and high quality customer service to over 130 properties throughout the county. Our company specializes in homeowner associations, apartment communities, churches, commercial projects and various municipalities. Get in touch with our skilled San Diego landscapers today for more information on our many landscaping services.

Our Services

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Nifty Fifty

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Welcome to The Arena s San Diego Boxing program. We offer the largest Boxing gym in San Diego, with the most weekly Boxing classes available. We also house the largest Pro and Amateur Boxing Teams in San Diego. You can learn to Box here from the ground up or train to compete on a world class level. So whether you re a beginner or a top Pro, we have a program for you.

We provide the biggest Boxing training area in San Diego with dozens of heavy and specialty bags and 2 elevated full-size Compeition rings. Having 2 rings creates a much better sparring environment than single ring gyms.

Our San Diego Boxing club is led by Coaches Joe Vargas and Basheer Abdullah, both long time Boxing veterans with tremendous amounts of experience.

Coach Joe is well-known as one of the most popular figures in the San Diego and Mexico Boxing communities. He has coached hundreds of Amateur and Pro Boxers in San Diego over the past 20 years, leading many to successful careers.

Coach Basheer was the U.S. Army s World Class Athlete Program Head Coach for 15 years and U.S. Armed Forces Head Coach for 6 years. He was 2x USA Olympic Head Coach in 2004 2012, 2x USA Olympic Technical Advisor in 2000 2008, and 2x USA World Championship Team Head Coach in 1999 2012. He has also trained Professional World Champions including Andre Ward, who he coached to an Olympic Gold Medal in 2004.

Under their leadership, we have developed an incredible Pro Boxing team and one of the fastest growing Amateur programs in the U.S. with multiple National Champions, Olympic Trialists and Olympians.


Besides our Boxing classes, we offer 170 classes a week total, all for under $100 a month. Please click below for more info on our other programs:


We Keep Law Simple:

Whatever it takes for our clients to win

Lots of lawyers lack the manpower, facilities or money to battle Goliath. Not us. Our trial lawyers are the best in the business and we constantly train them to get better. We know and work with the very best experts in every field. Our 20,000 square foot legal center includes an on-site audio visual and graphics department, a jury and trial consultant, a full courtroom for mock trials and focus groups, a video conferencing center, a jury deliberation area where we can video and record “mock” deliberations, a 25 seat “boardroom” and a full kitchen and lounge area for clients and guests.

In The News

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers:

San Diego’s Top Trial, Accident, And Serious Injury Lawyers

We are San Diego’s top trial and serious injury law firm. We handle San Diego’s very biggest cases. If a case is in the news, we are almost always the lawyers involved. We handled the Kristen Rossum “American Beauty Murder” case, the Pizza Hut delivery driver case, and now, the runaway Lexus case that resulted in the tragic deaths of CHP Officer Mark Saylor and his family.

Our award-winning attorneys are the very best in the business. President and Founder John Gomez attended Yale Law School, the nation’s top-ranked law school. He then tried cases on behalf of the United States as a federal prosecutor. He now exclusively represents people, families and small businesses that have been involved in accidents or suffered harm.

Our lawyers include the 2006, 2008 and 2010 “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award recipients. That award is the very highest award a San Diego trial lawyer can receive. Given that we have received the award three of the last five years, you know you are hiring the best when you choose us.

Over the past ten years, our San Diego accident attorneys have collected over $350 million in verdicts and settlements with more than 60 awards of more than one million dollars each. We have the experience, resources and track record to take on the very biggest cases and get the very best results. We have obtained jury verdicts in excess of one million, ten million, and one hundred million dollars.

We understand what you are going through and are ready to help. We will stand beside you and fight to get you the full justice you deserve. Insurance companies and defendants know we will take your case all the way to trial. They pay our clients more when cases do settle instead of going to trial.

We hold wrongdoers responsible for their conduct through the civil justice system. We make the world a safer place through litigation. We contribute time and money to our community to make it a better place for all of us.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas


Greater San Diego Air Conditioning Company Inc in La Mesa, California

Greater San Diego Air Conditioning Company Inc is a business providing services in the field of Building Contractors. The business is located in La Mesa. California. United States. Their telephone number is (619) 469-7818.

Telefax: No fax number available
Website: No web address available

Greater San Diego Air Conditioning Company Inc

Address. 8141 Center Street La Mesa, CA 91942

Helpful Tip for: Building Contractors

Building Contractors, in La Mesa, supervise construction work, supply materials and provide services on contract basis. A building contractor is usually in charge of hiring workers on site, and to ensure safety guidelines as well as building codes while construction is ongoing.

Recent News:

After U.S. Pulls Out of Paris Climate Agreement, States Step Up for the Envir.
Chris Boyle (Northport, NY) On June 1, 2017, President Donald J. Trump announced during a speech at the White House Rose Garden that he would be withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, citing environmental standards imposed on American businesses and workers that he said placed.

Will President Trump Withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord?
Chris Boyle The Paris Climate Accord (PCA) is the world s first comprehensive climate agreement. An agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with greenhouse gases emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020, the agreement was negot.

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The interior design studio of Inside Story offers complete design services for both residential and commercial interiors. Responsible for developing and implementing residential and commercial interior design projects including single family residences, restaurants, resorts, corporate headquarters and executive offices; we have specialized in luxury interiors since 1987.

Let the professionals at Inside Story conceptualize and bring to life the the home of your dreams.A place when at completion you can sit back, relax and repeat to yourself, ‘ now this is me.’

Your Corporate Identity

In today’s business environment it is important to make the right statement; there is never a second chance for a first impression. Make your corporate statement a favorable and lasting one.

We don’t just let our reputation speak for itself, the relationships we have developed over the last 24 years allow our clients do the speaking for us.

The design studio of Inside Story does it all. from budgeting and planning to delivery and installation. You don’t need to do a thing, except call 858.610.0624 to schedule a consultation today!

Let us create the perfect space for you. We will support you throughout the entire design process, from concept to completion. Don’t leave anything to chance. Get it right the first time.

Call Inside Story now and let your dreams become reality. 858.610.0624

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