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Kids rooms

Kids’ bedroom ideas: go big, or go home we say. Decorating a kids’ room doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities, even for small spaces. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want. Whether it’s a girls’ room. a boys’ bedroom or nursery. we’ve found some amazing children’s bedroom ideas to steal, from furniture to accessories like kids’ wallpaper. Let the fun begin.

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Home Decorating Trends Homedit

Using LED Lighting In Interior Home Designs

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, have long been used in motor vehicles and exterior lighting applications, but have really taken off in interior home design. Lighting manufacturers often offer their most popular fittings with regular bulb and LED options. LED light fittings, in general, are more expensive than the older technology. Their advantages, however, are numerous.

LEDs are available in every color in the visual spectrum, from ultra violets and deep blues to warm reds and luscious greens. LED control gear can be fitted so that colors change or pulse. LEDs tend to have a much longer lifespan than regular fittings, making them the ideal choice for difficult to reach places. They often need less electricity to run, so any up front costs are likely to be clawed back over their lifespan. Interior designers use them extensively in high class bars and hotels and their use in homes is now quite common place.

Recessed LED Fittings.

Most people are familiar with LEDs when they are used as a recessed ceiling light. Because changing the bulbs in a fitting that has been recessed into a ceiling can be an awkward job, LEDs are often selected for no other reason than they will need to be changed less often. Recessed LED lights often need only conventional wiring, but sometimes require control gear to regulate the flow of electricity.

This is like a small power supply unit. Before selecting your LED fittings it is worth checking whether the type you want needs control gear. If so, you will need a space to house it that will remain accessible for maintenance. Even if they are recessed in a ceiling unlikely to get splashed, LEDs fitted in a bathroom should have the necessary ingress protection from moisture, known as an IP rating. Check with your stockist before buying.

  • How To Use Track Lighting For Your Home s Interior
  • The Benefits Of Using LED Lighting In Your Home
  • How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

Cool Kitchens.

LEDs look great in kitchens, especially if you like to entertain there. Use LED fittings underneath your wall mounted storage units so that you can flood your countertops with light. This is ideal for when you are working in the kitchen, without making the place too bright for guests. Give your kitchen a sophisticated, metropolitan feel by installing feature LED lighting at ankle height under your floor mounted units. Allow the light to spill across your kitchen’s floor surface. The effect works particularly well with kitchen island units.

Dressing Rooms.

If you are never sure which outfit to pick out from your closet, fitting a few LEDs in your walk in wardrobe or dressing room can cast your clothes in a whole new light – literally. As LEDs can be arranged in virtually any layout, from circular arrays to single strips, try using them within the clothes rail itself, or mounting them right at the back of your closet.

Color Wash.

The most impressive thing about LEDs is that they offer a great choice of color. LED light fittings are usually sold as a single color, so you are bound to find something to suit and compliment your room’s color scheme. Use a splash of color wash to make a feature of an area of your home, like a stairwell, which might be a little dull otherwise.

Some colorful LED fittings have red, green and blue diodes and these types can be set to any color that you want, by varying the relative intensity of the primary colors. With control gear, the LEDs are able to switch colors in different ways. Simple computer software will allow you to programme color changing to suit your mood. For instance, you can set a quick change and dynamic programme to go with party music, or a more subtle and slower pulsing color change which will help you to relax.


LEDs allow your imagination to take over because they can be used in ways that conventional light fittings cannot. Think about new ways to use them, like back lighting a wall mounted screen. Use LED lighting with other design elements, like glazing, to create innovative and unique effects in your home.

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30 Beautiful Home Bar Designs, Furniture and Decorating Ideas

Home bar designs offer great pleasure and a stylish way to entertain at home. Home bar designs add values to homes and beautify the game room and basement living spaces. Home bar designs look luxurious and exciting enhanced by traditional or modern home bar furniture and interesting decorating ideas,

Home bar designs can be inspired by various wonderful themes, from country western pubs to peaceful island retreats with gorgeous views. The great thing about home bar designs is that they allow to experiment with various styles, themes, materials, textures, colors, and create very intimate and meaningful, pleasant and comfortable places whether with bold neon signs, rustic wood or exquisite artworks on walls.

Modern home bar designs are created for relaxation, socializing with friends and entertainment in style. Warm and intimate home bar designs feel inviting and comfortable. Custom built or designed just with home bar furniture and accessories, home bars are fun additions to modern homes.

Home bar design and decorating ideas

Creative home bar design with rustic feel

There are a few styles of home bar designs, straight wet bar, L-shaped wet bar, corner bar, back bar, folding bar or hide-a-bar, wrap-around bar, portable party bar and outdoor bar designs. Most popular furniture for home bars include cabinets with storage and adjustable shelves for bottles and glasses.

Bar table tops have surfaces that are waterproof and heat resistant, making home bar designs functional, practical and convenient. Advanced home bar designs feature a built-in sink and a small refrigerator or a wine cooler.

Nautical decor theme for black home bar design

Wall shelves, home bar table and bar stools are the most important furniture for simple and comfortable home bar designs. Bar stools are 30-inches in height and constructed from a variety of materials including wood, leather, plastic, wrought iron, aluminum and chrome. Some bar stools have high backs with padding on the seat and mid-back area, adding comfortable and luxurious furniture to home bar designs.

Home bar decorating ideas can be inspired by anything you like and appreciate in life. Glowing neon signs are bright and playful decorative accessories for home bars that add a splash of color to your home bar and personalize interior design and decor with a selected theme.

Luxurious home bar design with a billiard table

Home bar design is incomplete without various glasses, a mixer, a blender and other bar tools. Traditional or modern bar accessories add more fun to preparing drinks in style.

Small home bar design with wooden shelves and creative wall decorating ideas

Traditional home bar design with tall bar stools, soft lighting and TV

Small home bar furniture and decorative accessories

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40 Contemporary Living Room Interior Designs

Looking for living room design ideas? Here s a big showcase designs of amazing contemporary living room interior that are complemented with beautiful modern TV wall units and wall mounts. These 40 living room interior, are designed by famous interior companies and top interior designers.

We ll sure this living room showcase will give you fresh ideas and inspirations to modernize your living room interior. Be sure to browse all the photos and get inspired!

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Bathrooms are one of most expensive rooms per square foot to renovate in your home so it really does pay to do it right, the first time! And bathrooms are complex to design and install so they deserve adequate time and consideration invested in their renovation.

Today, there are many materials and finishes that are very important to review prior to purchase. In addition there are numerous innovations available for bathroom fixtures from the toilet to where and how the shampoo bottles are stored!

Designing a good bathroom takes time and costs money but if you are planning on changing this room in any significant way, it’s worth the investment to do it well for now and for the future.


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South Florida Interior Designer Ronnie Halpern, ASID

For a new “look” at minimal cost, Ronnie Halpern, ASID, is your best choice. Trained and experienced in both South Florida and New York, she has developed a network of suppliers and manufacturers unparalleled in the industry. From a minor “touch-up” or to design and execute a plan for a complete home or office, she is South Florida s premier choice.

Unlike other interior designers, Ronnie was a professional artist by training and coordinates colors with an artist s perspective. She attended college and studied interior design, and art.

Ronnie combines a knowledge of design and the placement of utilities to preplan for your future needs. She has been a professional member, the highest designation, of the premier professional association ASID since 1985.

  • Over 35 years of design experience
  • Proven track record for delivering innovative designs at affordable prices
  • Remove the hassles from decorating remodeling
  • Florida licensed
  • American Society of Interior Design Professional
  • Exhibited artist Hort Museum

Anyone, even without experience, can call themselves a “decorator”. Only the professional members of ASID, like Ronnie are permitted to use the designation Interior Designer , and are licensed by the State of Florida for your protection.

Ronnie designs reflect your success and good taste.

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Restaurant Interiors Designs

Restaurant Buildings, Interior Designs, Architects, Photos, Architecture, Pictures

Restaurant Interiors. Designs

Major Dining Projects from around the world

Restaurant Design

We ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Restaurant Design .

We cover completed buildings, new interior designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions for restaurants across the world. The focus is on contemporary Restaurants.

We have 2 pages of Restaurant Architecture selections.

Restaurant Interior. news + key projects (this page)

Restaurant Latest Designs

Restaurant Designs latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Southwest NY Restaurant. New York, USA 5 Aug 2013
Design: Wid Chapman Architects

photo © Paul Johnson
This freestanding restaurant in Battery Park represents a rebranding of a highly successful “Tex-Mex” restaurant that had existed nearby for over a decade.The challenge was to make the spaces feel distinct from one another while united by a cohesive theme, using rustic materials in unusual ways to create an upscale vibe.

Favelous 963. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Pop up restaurant 28 Jun 2013
Design: Favelous, Architects

photo. Arne Kuilman
What can you make out of 900 meters of split bamboo, 600 meters of black rope and 300 meters of damaged bicycle tires collected from the local stores? The Favelous team made a pop-up restaurant at Mediamatic Fabrique.

Jamie’s Italian Aberdeen. Scotland
Design: Stiff Trevillion Architects

photo © Keith Hunter

Jamie’s Italian Aberdeen 20 May 2013
The restaurant occupies the first and second floors of the Union Street frontage of the old Esslemont and Macintosh department store. This was a retail landmark in the city and is a listed building. The design respects the original building, and restores the windows, cast iron structure and wooden floors. The exterior will be repaired and cleaned and the original mosaic signage retained.

1090 Rochus. Bauernfeldplatz, Vienna, Austria
Design: Söhne Partner Architekten

photo. Severin Wurnig

Rochus Restaurant 24 Apr 2013
When planning this building the instructors made a great effort to include all different requirements in the project without, however, neglecting the idea of a unified architectural line. So when the general refurbishment on Bauernfeldplatz in 1090 Vienna started it was important to connect the different levels and to open up the restaurant towards the road space in the foreground. A special element of the building is the sun garden from 1913.

Il Milione Hong Kong
Architects: Design LSM

photograph courtesy of architects

Il Milione Restaurant 19 Mar 2013
Elegant interior by English architects: Il Milione was a challenging project, not least because of its location, relative to where the design was being developed. The building had limited natural light and a low, fixed ceiling height. This was overcome by the inventive use of indirect lighting and reflective ceiling features, which accentuate the space .

Barbouni Beach Restaurant. Costa Navarino, Greece
Design: K-STUDIO

photograph © Yiorgos Kordakis

Greek Beach Restaurant 13 Feb 2013
The major challenge in the design for this building was dealing with the dominant natural conditions: the burning 40-degree midday sun and the notorious ‘Meltemi’ summer wind. Rather than blocking the effects of these natural forces, the architects welcomed them, embracing their qualities, adding them to their palate of materials, and turning them to the advantage of the design.

French Restaurant. Seoul, South Korea
BANG by MIN emerging design group

image. Choi, Jungwoo

French Restaurant in Seoul 5 Jul 2012
‘La Ville de Pins’ is a French Restaurant Remodeling project in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, which is the hottest district at metropolitan area in the city of Seoul, Korea. I thought that the conciseness might tell the message more strongly in the age when the extraordinary designs are rampant formatively and visually. Therefore, I designed this space only with white color and shapes of extremely moderated straight line on the whole .

Sake MANZO. Beijing, China
Beijing Matsubara and Architects

photograph. Misae HIROMATSU

Sake MANZO. Beijing 26 Mar 2012
This is a renovation project of an old building made into a Japanese restaurant. As Manzo Bar (design by BMA 2005) was to move, the architects were requested to design the interior space again. In April 2011, the project started from demolishing the interior decoration of the former Chinese restaurant.

NOMA Lab. Copenhagen, Denmark

picture. Adam Mørk

NOMA Restaurant 29 Feb 2012
Interior by 3XN for NOMA Restaurant’s food lab unites the creative worlds of gastronomy and architecture in a modern expression of the Nordic aesthetic.

Recent Restaurant Designs

Rocksalt Restaurant. Folkestone, England
Guy Hollaway Architects

photo from Guy Hollaway Architects

New Restaurant Design 14 Sep 2011
Guy Hollaway Architects’ design for Folkestone’s new high profile restaurant Rocksalt has been completed. The architects’ thoughtful and well-executed design elevates the harbour-side building on a pale green slate plinth and cantilevers it out over the water, creating 430 sqm of space and offering visitors stunning views.

Garden Restaurant. Kiev, Ukraine
4a Architekten

photo. beproactiv

Garden Restaurant Kiev
The location of this restaurant – a green space surrounded by historical buildings at the heart of Kiev – and the old trees with their protective canopy of leaves have helped shape the spot and give it its unique atmosphere. The central concern of the Stuttgart architects was to capture these characteristic features and further enhance them with a sensitive approach to the overall design: floating levels, lightweight structures and clear, elegant materials characterise the ambience of the garden restaurant.

Restaurant Interiors

Featured Restaurant Buildings Designs. alphabetical:

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Welcome to Futomic Design Services

FDS. India’s Leading Luxury Interior Designers

Futomic Group was established in 2002 with a strong team of Innovators, Conceptualizers, Interior Designers, Architects, Technologists Project Consultants to create high end unique projects. This is validated by numerous successful projects worth over 100 Crores in India many countries around the world.

FDS prides itself in being able to carve a niche for itself in the market and are considered the Top Interior Designers in Delhi . Noida Gurgaon. We are especially renowned for Luxury Home Interiors . Smart Modern Offices . Theme Restaurants . Designer Hotels / Banquets . Futuristic Showrooms and much more. In fact we are one of the only large interior design companies that provide an integrated solution with high quality Interior Designs. technology integrations, international sourcing form China / Italy / Germany, and a transparent working system.
Posted By. FutomicDesigns

Home Interiors

FDS specializes has the best team of luxury home interior designers in India.

Office Interiors

FDS has some of the Top Corporate Interior Designers in the country.

Restaurants Interiors

Our team of specialized restaurant interior designers help you create a project.

Feel free to contact us

The prowess of Top Luxury Interior Designers at Futomic Design Services is unsurpassed. Team Futomic combines colors, textures and furniture with such finesse that looks simply exceptional. This Bedroom Design in white, black and red is perfect for a young guy with an ultra modern taste. The room is adorned with black lacquer finish at the corner and below the ceiling adding a glam factor to the room. The textured white walls of the room are beautifully punctuated with zig zag pattern in leather finish making it a perfect Bedroom Design for a young guy. Read More »

Mr. Gopal, Bedroom Design, Delhi

This alluring Guest Room Design by Top Luxury Interior Designers at Futomic is looking so amazing that the guests would never want to leave your place. The superb white and blue color scheme of this room is enticing as the whole room is painted in white while the storage and furniture pieces are in navy blue color creating a striking contrast. Expert Luxury Interior Designers at Futomic Design Services have designed the white wardrobe of this Guest Room so stylishly with a blue band, lacquer finish and silver border adding a glamorous feel to the room. Read More »

Guest Room Design, Delhi NCR

Interior design the word show, means the person who can show the ability in interior designers and convert the space to useful moderate setting for the human nature activities, interior designer is the person who co-ordinate and arrange all the amenities for the human. He has to deal with equipment holder stakeholders and the management and execution of the design he work start from top to bottom till the end of the project. Read More »

Why You Should Hire Luxury Interior Designers

We, at Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. emphasize on designing every corner of your home precisely. Most people overlook the bathrooms, which indeed are very important part of our homes. Our team has collected some exquisite bathroom designs, which you will like to have in your dream home. FDS with its expert luxury interior designers can design these kind of designs or even better suiting your taste and budget. Read More »

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Funeral Home Web Sites to Sample

Here are designs and layouts to sample. Click on the web sites to open and look at the obituary pages to see them being used.

NOTE: The last site on this page is a demo site called ExampleFuneralHome.com, so you can try signing up and leaving condolences. Please contact us if you would like to test the administration panel on the demo site.

Full Functioning Test Site
Contact Sales for the Administration Panel Tour

With MemorialSoft and your web site, “A lifetime of memories begins. “

�2008-2016 MemorialSoft� and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

“Social Networking for Funeral Homes�”


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A kitchen needs a well-thought-out design.

If there is one room that requires important consideration, it s definitely the kitchen. The kitchen is the room where we interact most with our environment on multiple levels. It has to allow for food preparation, storage, waste management, entertainment and a comfortable dining area.

When designing your kitchen, take no chances. Record all of your wishes, no matter how grand and be ready to think about how to add these into this special room. A kitchen needs to be designed as a custom space, outfitted especially to suit your needs. If well thought out, a good kitchen design will make the time you spend in your kitchen more enjoyable (it may even help you become a better cook!).

1st place in the Large Kitchen design category at the 2012 National Kitchen and Bath Association Awards. Part of the Jane Lockhart Platinum Series.

1st place in the Large Kitchen design category at the 2011 National Kitchen and Bath Association Awards. Part of the Jane Lockhart Platinum Series.


Unless otherwise noted, the photographs, videos, and writing are owned by Jane Lockhart Interior Design Inc. and distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This license does not replace or remove copyright, rather it defines clear and reasonable terms for common uses.

You must attribute all usage of photographs, video and writing from this site to Jane Lockhart Interior Design Inc. You may not use any of the work on this site for commercial purposes (i.e. you can’t use our photos and pass it off as your own work on your website or your Facebook page).

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