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We create beautiful business card designs for spas, salons boutiques and all types of discerning clients. These are just a small fraction of the card designs we have done. No matter what your business, we can create a stunning card just for you. Choose either a new custom design, or one based off one of our templates you can find in the links below. A really special card sometimes needs more than JUST a fab design – it needs special printing to really stand out. Our luxurious card printing options are not your average ones – we can really jazz these cards up with foil, custom die cuts, metallic color. embossing or stunning foil stamping!

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Art Deco Décor Furniture

At its core Art Deco furniture design is modernism in its infancy. It emerged in the 1920s and \’30s, and embodied a transitional time in human history. From French origins came this evocative style that was inspired by post-war era optimism, the so-called \”primitive arts\”, neo-classical design and the geometry prevalent in the evolving machine-age. The resulting Art Deco furniture is impossible to ignore, combining cinematic touches with an assertive, modern design philosophy.

Whether you\’re interested in a streamlined Art Deco desk or love the reflective tone created by ornate, of-the-era mirrors, embrace our selection of beautifully crafted era furniture. We create to capture the eclectic and yet elegant style that permeates Art Deco interior design. This allows our clients to enjoy bold statement-making designs as stand-alone feature pieces or as a complete interior arrangement.

Lovingly Crafted

For us, creating the Art Deco furniture you desire involves a careful consideration of distinct and individual shapes and motifs. This means pieces where each aesthetic element is carefully made to be both interesting on its own, but still comes together in a complete, complementary design.

This ideal is found throughout the style and rests in the superb skill of the era\’s craftsmen. This craftsmanship is world renowned and has inspired many subsequent styles and designers, including ourselves. At Timeless Interiors we continue this fine tradition of excellence in craftsmanship to bring you phenomenal and unique pieces. We understand the many nuances of the style and carefully bring them to life, from bold geometric motifs to subdued carvings and exotic, worldly finishes.

The Art Deco Home

The design is truly expressive, full of exuberance about growing modernity and the possibilities of sophisticated, industrial society. This expression is found throughout homes and furniture from the period and includes:

  • Voluptuous structural walls that are often grooved to soften the aesthetics
  • Evocative lighting that casts a sultry, or even suggestive, glow
  • Richly decorated surfaces in exotic materials and lacquers
  • Star and sunburst motifs that embody the joy, optimism and possibilities of the era
  • Gleaming chrome, stone or gold finishes that invoke the machinery of the industrial times
  • Machine-age geometry in the form of chevrons, spheres and trapezoids

Discover this Sensuous, Optimistic Style

Embrace the hallmarks of Art Deco decor with furniture from Timeless Interiors. We have extensive experience in creating beautiful reproduction and inspired vintage pieces for almost any requirement. Call on 1300 133 326 or enquire online to start a conversation about your needs.

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We Match YOU to Denver’s Top-Rated Interior Designers, Architects & Builders at NO Cost or Obligation!

We take the stress out of finding the right Interior Designer, Architect or Builder

Searching for just the right company to fulfill your needs can often feel overwhelming and be very time-consuming. At Designer Premier, we have relationships with hundreds of Denver Interior designers, (from modern interior designers to “true’ traditional interior designers), home design architects, Denver builders. contractors and more. Free of charge, we match you and these companies/individuals together depending on your budget, lifestyle, tastes, and preferences.

We are not just another interior design firm or online referral directory

Designer Premier matches you to the perfect design professional. This is not like other “online” referral series that simply sends you to the net person in line. Following your initial consultation with Marina,The Design Matchmaker, she will recommend options based on your personality,your timeline, your budget, your style, your needs, and wishes.
Click here to learn more about our matching service

Our FREE matching service is simple, secure and precise

If you own a home then you probably have a long list of home interior design services needs. Our complimentary service removes the hassle and headaches and quickly puts you in contact with the right design professional for your needs.

Trust us to find the perfect talent for all your exterior and interior designer services needs

                      • Match you with the right interior designer for your budget and requirements.
                        We work with some of the top interior designers in Denver, Colorado.
                      • Match you with the top Architects.
                      • Match you with the best Builders and Contractors to work in tandem with interior designers.

Be sure to check out our blog for everything related to Interior Design in Denver and beyond. From fresh ideas from Denver designers to tips on interviewing design professionals, as well as some great design information, like the importance of color and how it affects us.

VIDEO: How to Find Your Perfect Designer

Find the Best Builders, Architects, and Interior Designers, Denver Colorado has to Offer
Contact us today for a free consultation!

We Will Save You Time

No need to spend countless hours searching for the right design professional. We have the right talent for you and your project at our fingertips.

We use an extensive selection process, evaluating each professional based on skill and integrity, guaranteeing that you meet with the best of the best!

We Will Save You Money

The professionals we refer will spend your money as if it was their own and act as your advocate by evaluating bids and materials to make sure the pricing is fair.

We have partnered with the most trusted Denver, Colorado companies to provide you with top talent, exceptional service, and unlimited possibilities.

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Interior Designer Based in Perth

When design and decoration is done with great style, it endures the test of time .

We are a Boutique Interior Design company servicing the residential commercial market. Each project is ALL ABOUT YOU. We discuss with you what your requirements preferred Interior aesthetics are very quickly grasp the design direction needed for your project. We believe the design aesthetics of your home is the ultimate way to express yourself. We assist you to achieve your vision with a designer edge. We take our inspiration from all over the world, all walks of life and always keep our finger on the pulse to keep ahead in this fast paced ever changing industry. Each project is a joint venture between the client and the designer to achieve a successful end result. No job is too small or too big for us.

With commercial design, we ensure that your design should be a distinctive, visual appearance that projects your brand, differentiates you from your competition and registers with your clients.

Felicia for Lifestyle Design Was a Finalist:

  • National Dulux Colour Awards
  • KBDI for medium kitchen Awards
  • KBDI for medium bathroom Awards
  • HIA home renovations

Hear It From Our Customers

Stephen Wai

Felicia has done an outstanding job on the interior design of our new office. Our clients’ first impressions when visiting our office are of wonder and amazement at the colour scheme and the overall design of the office. We couldn’t be happier with Felicia’s work.
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Carol Darby

Two years ago Felicia took my sad, dull, out of date 2 bedroom unit and turned it into a very stylish city apartment. How stylish it is was got confirmed this week when it achieved rental of $600 per week in a market of over supply, especially in apartments.
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I hate my interior designer

  • A friend interviewed prospective interior designers to help her move into her new home.

    “Only one of them said I could bring any of my old furniture with me,” she explained. “The rest said my stuff was all wrong. One was emphatic it would cause a design conflict for her – whatever that is.” My advice to my friend: Dump the brand-name designers who insisted she had to live in a world of their creation with all new furniture.

    It was an amusing anecdote – in a perverse way – because my friend has beautiful antiques, both inherited and bought over 30 years in London and Paris, as well as Toronto. This wasn’t junk she was being asked to jettison, as if she were a hillbilly lottery winner moving from an Ozark trailer to Beverly Hills. I did venture that some of her upholstered pieces, such as sofas and chairs, were large scale and better suited to the high-ceilinged rooms of her former house than where she was moving.

    “Well, of course I wasn’t planning to take those with me,” she said. “I get that!”

    Why do some designers want to start with a clean slate and not bring the owner’s personality, as represented by the furniture they’d kept for decades? A client’s furniture could be ugly, or legitimately the wrong scale to work in a new location, but this means editing, not getting rid of everything. It could be a designer has one style, and trying to meld “their look” with anything foreign to it reveals their lack of ability, or is simply too much trouble. Or they could want a client to spend more money with them, and a client bringing furniture to a job cuts into profits.

    What else upsets clients? When I canvassed friends, “not listening,” was a frequent answer, with many examples of a designer’s lifestyle choices dominating those of his or her clients.

    Then there was lack of disclosure: “She never told me the sun would destroy silk sheers in less than a year. And then she said that was the price you paid to get the look when I questioned her about it.” How about: “I wanted colour, not a lot but some, and he said he didn’t do colour. Didn’t and won’t.”

    There were quite a few complaints about general competence, not knowing the difference between Regency and Georgian periods, or other design basics.

    There were issues with juniors. “I saw him once when he pitched the job, but that was the last time,” said one disgruntled client. “If the juniors were talented it might not have been so bad, but they couldn’t even measure accurately. I’m paying for him!”

    There was a particularly sad group of disaffected clients who hired designers because they needed a friend. The logic was that designers “all do about the same thing, and it’s all equally expensive, so you might as well have fun.” After riotously amusing shopping trips and hours of friendly lunches, the “fun” decorators can produce fabulously banal results.

    Billing practices was the top category of issues. Massive retainers that disappear because of an unfathomable number of consulting hours and shopping time billed against them, for instance. Extras often inflated budgets, some very odd such as hinges on kitchen cabinets that must have been thought non-essential and hence not mentioned in the initial quote.

    I’ve always assumed that being a designer was hell. You confronted idiot clients daily with no taste, who change their minds constantly who weren’t interested in quality, and quibbled over estimates or didn’t pay their bills. I’ve broadened my horizon. Now I think it can be hellish to be a client, and more expensive too.


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    Miami Florida

    Interior Designer, Miami- More than 25 Years creating beautiful designs. Our Miami interior designers can offer you a fully personalized design service ranging from bars, restaurants, commercial and home styles to suit each and every need.

    To see some samples of what we can do for you, please select from a range of our recent design work.

    Looking for a High- End Miami Interior Designer?

    When searching for a qualified interior designer in South Florida, allow Miami Interior Design Company, J Design Group to assist you. You can trust a firm who takes great pride in providing cutting-edge interior designs to each and every interior design client. When looking for the highest quality interior designer in Miami, search no more, J. Design Group is your best option.


    Bathrooms are one of the most important and most often overlooked rooms in the home. Find out how our experienced interior designers can give you breathtaking bathrooms your guests will never forget.


    We have a wide range of models and color themes to suit all types of bedrooms. We will work with you based on your preferences and style to create the best bedrooms possible.

    Living Rooms

    Want to do more with your living space? Allow our highly experienced design professionals to help you create the perfect living rooms to meet your needs and style preferences.

    Dining Rooms

    The perfect dining room can say a lot about a home and a family. Allow us to help you create a stunning dining room you will want to eat in for many years to come. Don’t forget to invite your friends!


    The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Does yours function how you want it to? We can help you to choose the most fascinating kitchen elements, including custom designed cabinets.


    The home bar is growing in popularity in recent years and there are now many more fabulous design ideas for bars than ever before. The choices can seem overwhelming but our experts can help you get the.


    Choosing the right doors is an integral and complex part of every interior design project. Every door plays an important role in the overall context of the design. Allow our experts to help you choose the perfect doors.

    Design Elements

    The elements of design used in decorating a home or an office space should be a reflection of your personality. You should feel at one with the design and like it expresses you. Together with our interior design.

    Home Theaters

    Home theaters are all the rage and you too can have the perfect home theater, surround sound and HDTV system. Allow our experts the opportunity to help you do it all in style.


    Whether it is a bar or the restaurant or the entrance of a five star hotel, our team of designers is equally adept to utilize paneling in the most stunning way for the space provided.


    Many people overlook their showers as an important part of the interior design. Our team of professionals is highly imaginative and creative to help you design every shower with a unique touch in line with your.

    Wall Units

    We have the expertise needed to help you create an innovative wall unit design for your home that will be the envy of everyone. Talk with us about wall units today- from the simple to luxury designs, we have what you.


    Closets are one of the most important parts of the home but they often go overlooked. Our Miami interior design professionals can give you closets that look great and meet the organizational and storage.


    The restaurant needs to be both dazzling and relaxing; impressive places that your guests still feel comfortable dining in. Our experts can help you achieve your goals of the perfect restaurant for every.


    Commercial interior design doesn’t have to be cold and informal. Allow our professionals the opportunity to give you commercial design with the warmth of that “at-home” feeling.


    Our passion makes the ordinary house an extraordinary home. We can do the same for you. No matter what type of house you have, we can help you make it a home you will cherish for the rest of your life.


    With the right landscaping, your backyard can become your home away from home. When you let us help you, we can design the perfect landscaping for your style and your property.

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    The mission of the firm is to use our pragmatic artistic skills to create homes that convert a living space into a living experience, containing beauty for the eye, a sanctuary for the spirit, and pure joy to live in. Each home is a celebration of its owner’s achievements, tastes and interests. It is a great honor to be given the opportunity and the trust to design such homes.

    I love my home, it is absolutely beautiful. The experience was fun and enjoyable.

    Lisa Mooring
    Los Altos Hills, CA

    Design Tip

    Sustainable design is not only about local, reuse and recycling. Consider making decisions about materials and furnishings that will last. Your tastes, your experiences and your family will continue to evolve. Choosing products wisely and considering your future is the most sustainable decision you can make today.

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    Interior Designer Jobs in Denver, CO

    Professor of Advanced Motion Studies and Rigging in Lakewood, CO

    Pros: Talented students and active HR department working to host industry soirees and guest lectures make RMCAD a fine place to work. Skilled and enthusiastic instructors make.

    Cons: Before the long awaited new computers arrived, being efficient with any project in Maya was challenging. Student advisors are possibly wearing too many hats.

    Merchandising Execution Associate in Loveland, CO

    Pros: The Home Depot has a solid moral compass. They aren t about sacrificing their ethics for the sake of a sale, which I love. They also hire a diverse group of people and.

    Cons: Home Depot has two different sides to it. Store associates and those of us considered store support who are payed by the vendors but work in the stores.

    Project Specialist Interiors in Charlotte, NC

    Pros: This position has good hours and schedule flexibility. Good co-workers and management. Base pay is decent and commission gives you the ability to control your income.

    Cons: New and old systems have a lot of glitches. can make selling complicated and stressful. Company should have put more time and resources into making a better point.

    Project Specialist Interiors in Charlotte, NC

    Pros: This position has good hours and schedule flexibility. Good co-workers and management. Base pay is decent and commission gives you the ability to control your income.

    Cons: New and old systems have a lot of glitches. can make selling complicated and stressful. Company should have put more time and resources into making a better point.

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    Interior Design – The inspiration behind Ciseern success all these years are sheer passion in the industry of interior design and makeover of our customer home. In Ciseern, we are committed and inspired to change the world s perception of interior design Singapore industry. This is because interior design in Singapore as any other professional profession is to be an industry to be level along with the likes of Architects and Engineers. Being the Home Doctor for interior design in Singapore where customers are able to trust and rely on, Ciseern bring along more than 18 years of interior design experiences while designing customers home. These interior design experiences eventually which make our customer s craft out the right decisions for their dream home.

    While we portray an image of trust and reliability in interior design to our customers, our vision is to be a trusted icon for living expressions. Ciseern motto A Trusted Expression is to be express as all kind of interior furnishing from soft furnishings to architecture with the trust which our customers have in us for designing their dream home.To be a trusted expression in interior design in Singapore, Ciseern serve customers in a way where we assist our customers to afford better quality products for their home without compromising their budget on hands.

    As our motto stated, we are establishing ourselves as a trusted expression in the field of interior design in Singapore for all of our customers. It is easy to pay additional for better quality products. But not all home owners are millionaires who can afford the best of everything. In Ciseern, we help customers make some necessary decisions based on our experience. We even go further by stocking and negotiating the best deal so that our customers can get quality products but not over budgeting.


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    Interior Designer Malaysia

    Interior Designer Malaysia Overall rating: 5 based on 1 reviews

    Interior Designer Malaysia

    We are Malaysia Interior Designer company that provide interior design services.

    For houses and buildings, the interior design is as significant as the exterior design. While beautiful and modern exterior designs of houses and buildings make the owners feel prideful and draw the attention of visitors and guests, good and absorbing interior designs of houses make people who live there convenient and create pleasant feelings.

    Malaysia Interior Designer

    Interior Designer Malaysia is an interior design company base in Kuala Lumpur. Considering interior designs of houses and buildings, several facility types can be identified: residential, administrative, hotel, educational, medical, warehouses, recreation, etc. Interior design plays a main role in any of these types of buildings.

    Malaysia Interior Designer

    Interior Design Company Malaysia

    In fact, home means the world to each person. Every one has a dream house in his mind. People ensure that their home interior design is at their desired way. More than that, some of the interior design of administrative or office buildings must conform to the international standard and principles.

    Interior Designer Kuala Lumpur

    To create an elegance and efficient interior design, we consider some essential factors; space, color, furniture, lightning and entertainment facility. These factors should be taken into account and decided prudently. For instance, if you own a medium size apartment and you buy many furniture and entertainment facilities, your interior space will be in complete chaos. Thus space restrictions are very important to consider. We can consult you about your intentions to get desired results.

    Interior Design

    To create an excellent house or building, paint color is a crucial element. Choosing appropriate paint colors for houses and buildings is a difficult decision. Each color represents some feelings. Thus colors must be chosen carefully.

    Interior Designer Malaysia

    Designing a building’s interior consists of several phases, which are:

    In this phase we answer necessary questions from you in order to understand what you want to achieve.

    Based on the programming phase, in this stage we design the interior of the building schematically.

    In these phase we deal with all details and fix possible problems in schematic design.