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The 42 Best Websites For Furniture And Decor That Make Decorating Easy

We’re always advocates for checking out big purchases in person, because there’s nothing worse than ordering a sofa online only to find it’s stiff as a board on arrival. However, shopping the interwebs for home decor is an easy alternative to hitting up crowded stores. And with so many amazing sources for stylish and affordable goods at your fingertips, it’s almost scary how fast you could decorate your entire home.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a BIG list of the best websites for furniture and home goods. For starters.

1. Ballard Designs. Although this line has a traditional feel, there’s something for everyone. And you can choose between hundreds of fab fabrics for upholstered pieces.

2. Jonathan Adler. This cheeky potter has expanded to colorful furniture, lighting, accessories and even fashion — and it’s all available online.

3. One Kings Lane. The king of of decor flash sale sites, this one specializes in amazing vintage finds, too.

4. Fab: This site focuses on up-and-coming brands.

5. Anthropologie. The fashion retailer also has quirky kitchen gadgets, bedding, accessories and furniture — but prices can be steep.

6. My Habit. Created by Amazon, this flash sale site has great deals.

7. Gilt Home. Get deals from hot designers and items curated from some of the best.

8. 1st Dibs. A designer’s secret source for vintage and antiques for the home.

9. MoMA Store: A no-brainer for interesting and artful gifts crafted by notable design stars.

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The World’s 25 Best Design Schools*


As we enter the golden age of design in startups, highly talented user-interface and product designers are becoming ever more important.

Some companies leading the charge are Apple, Path, Pinterest, Square, and Airbnb. What those companies have in common is that design is at the core of their businesses.

But which school is best suited to get you the design job you want?

Over the past couple of months, we conducted a survey to find the top 25 design schools in the world.

All of these schools are comparable in terms of academics, quality of staff, and amazing campuses. But what matters most is how valuable these schools really are.

Of our 633 respondents to the survey, 87.8% said they studied or participated in a college-level design program.

Most of the respondents were either art directors (26.9%) or product designers (30.3%). The vast majority of respondents (76.6%) said skills and knowledge were the most valuable asset their respective design programs offered.

We ranked the schools by a simple metric: What percentage of respondents ranked the schools somewhat valuable, valuable, or extremely valuable?

*We recently added Hong Kong Polytechnic University after one our readers pointed out that we had a duplicate listing.

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The best Interior Design Curtains

It is extremely intelligible when it comes to curtains you should ameliorate your choice of curtains. Curtains have the ability to display the creativity of your interior design. Good choice of curtains provides you with healthy life. Sunlight and fresh air will be able to get into your room by proper curtains.

To Inhale a fresh and perspicuous air, just bring sheer curtains. Also they allow the light to disseminate along the room.

The best kind of curtain is a voile curtain. This kind enjoys many specifications as, it is designed in a nice modern style and it allows sun light to get into your room, as well it can drape over doors, bed canopies and all kinds of windows and it is available in all sorts of colors; like gray, green, pink and white..Etc.

Window treatments are impressive but opt ones that are neutral in design and color if you have bold and patterned furnishings.

You can differentiate luxury curtains from bad ones through the design of curtain. Curtains with striking abstract patterns and contrasting borders and edgings are perfect and grant a brilliant clean appearance to windows of any size.

If you wish some privacy, then go for Voile curtain panels. If you want to get modern look for you room, opt lightweight curtains which cascade onto the floor.

The best option to create a comfortable sleeping environment is by using blackout lining on curtains.

Finally, Curtains made of cotton, gives interiors a relaxed and cozy look, velvet and silk give a more formal and deluxe look.

Remember, you can annotate curtains from decorative curtains poles or cover the tops of window treatments with a cornice or a valance.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about the best interior design curtains.

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Best Interior Designers in Denver, CO 2016

Need an Interior Designer

Project type Design of 1-2 rooms Design type Lighting, Window treatments, Other (decor) Total budget for designer and furniture $1,000 – $3,000 Details Help with pulling together my kitchen and livingroom which are very open and the main living space of house

$80 Average price Start a similar project

Need an Interior Designer

Project type Consultation (several hours) Design type Color palette / paint selection, Window treatments, Flooring Total budget for designer and furniture More than $5,000 Details I m looking for someone who can recommend a great paint selection for my home, and a great flooring for second floor of my home

$275 Average price Start a similar project

Need an Interior Designer

Project type Consultation (several hours) Design type Space planning / layout, Window treatments, Other (Patio) Total budget for designer and furniture $1,000 – $3,000 Details I have a beautiful patio with outdoor kitchen area and want to complete this area

$300 Average price Start a similar project

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Top 10 free online interior design room planning tools

If you’re thinking about redesigning a room and altering the layout, then it’s sometimes hard to work out whether your ideas will really work and if everything will fit in well. This is particularly so with rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, when you’re considering totally re-arranging the existing layout.

One of the best ways of seeing whether or not your ideas are actually viable, and to get an idea of how they might look, is to put together a proposed layout of your room. If you don’t fancy drawing this all out on paper, then there are a wide variety of very useful free room planning tools online, many of which are simple and easy to use.

Some of the tools are useful for an initial play, to see how you could move key items around in a room. But if you want to get a more accurate idea of how things could work in your particular room, you will need to take measurements and input these into the room planners. Don t forget to also take into consideration where windows or doors are located and which way they open!

There are online room planning tools run by individual brands, which use examples of their own products to help you plan a room, plus generic tools that guide you as to what size bath or sink you’ll require to meet your plans.

We successfully used one of the generic room planners to re-design our bathroom, completely altering the original layout. Using our measurements, it was very useful to see the maximum size of bath and shower unit that could fit in, whilst still giving enough space in the rest of the room.

Once you’ve produced your perfect room plan, you can usually save it, download it or print it out. If you’re employing a builder or contractor to do the work, then the room plan will be useful for them to get a better idea of what you’re looking for and find products that match the required sizes.

10 free online room planning design tools

1. Room Sketcher The free floor planner and home design tool from Room Sketcher makes it easy to draw out and plan your room layouts, as well as get a more visual idea of how things could fit.

2. Floor Planner Floor Planner offers a useful tool (the basic option is free) to create new floor plans and room layouts.

3. Bathroom Accessories Guide This back-to-basics tool uses graph paper and simple measurements to show you what sizes of bathroom furniture may fit into the room you have available.

4. Sweet Home 3D Free online interior design tool that allows you to create 2D plans and see previews in 3D. It s available in a range of languages.

5. Autodesk Homestyle Useful free drag and drop room planner tool that allows you to easily create floor plans, plus add decorating ideas too.

6. Ikea Room planning tools from Ikea, including a kitchen planner.

7. Model Rooms Free online room planner tool to help you design a new interior layout.

8. B Q B Q have several free room planning tools on their website, including a bathroom planner, kitchen planner and room designer tool.

9. Homebase – Homebase have a selection of useful online tools and calculators, including a free room planner.

10. Magnet Online kitchen planner tool that helps you create a 3D model of a kitchen.

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Are there any free online tools that allow you to:
1 use inches (instead of feet or meters)
2- plot the actual measurements on the diagram
I have an old house, and I m attempting to build/plan shelving there are all kinds of nuances I need to plan for (e.g. an oddly shaped wall that is probably the closet in another room). I need to use inches and accurate (not rounded off) measurements. It would be helpful to have them written on the page (e.g. technical drawing). It seems that I ll just have to go back to graph paper and a pencil.

I stopped looking at number 4, which is Sweet Home 3D. This is a magnificent free program that lets you lay out just one room or a whole house, transferring your real world measurements into walls, windows, and furniture that is precisely to scale. You can move and rotate furniture easily with mouse or keyboard (measurements). Your floor plan is always also shown in 3D, and you can take photos of the 3D rooms. My wife and I love this program. It is much better than the description here on this website. I recommend it and am planning to give them some money when we are done with our two-room project.

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Compared: 5 Of The Best 3D Interior Design Software Apps

As many of you know, nothing online will ever compare, for me and the Hadley Court team, with the beauty and artisanship of a professionally hand rendered sketch like the one above by Toronto designer, artist and blogger, Michelle Morelan, who pens the exquisite blog, A Schematic Life.

I ve written before about hand renderings, here. a post you really liked, but today, I m going to share with you my comparisons and thoughts on 5 of the best online 3D interior design software applications or *apps*, as they are commonly referred to in the industry.

I recently spoke about these software applications to consumers who attended the Houston New Home and Remodeling Show last weekend and today s post will share with you, Hadley Court, readers, a summary of that information.

Have you ever wanted to avoid costly mistakes and save time by being able to visualize, very quickly, in 2d or 3D, the furniture, art and accessories you are considering buying, before you buy them? Do you want to be able to upload your own room, any item you want into a set and then drag and drop all of that around to see how different combinations look together? Do you want to be able to do that privately? Do you want to then compare pricing so you stay on budget? Do you want to be able to filter your selections by brand, color, price, room, and piece and then buy them, too? Do you want to embed this on your website, blog or upload it to Pinterest to share your style and taste with others? Try Olioboard.

This Olioboard, below, was created by Hadley Court contributor. Lynda Quintero-Davids.

< Be watching for Lynda s wonderful Father s Day post -to help you shop for Dad gifts, this coming Friday.>

This Olioboard was created by designer Jennifer Reynolds Interiors, by uploading her client s room into Olioboard, dragging and dropping the furniture and accessories she wanted to use into it from her *set* on Olioboard, and then downloading it, uploading it into Instagram, and putting a filter on it. For more on this process, and her client s reaction, see Jennifer s post about it here .

Here s how easy it is to use Olioboard s filter function to see your options and save time.

Have you ever wanted to be able to create a floor plan *to scale*, layer in wall color, all interior details, including windows, trim, lighting aspects, etc. and then, with a click, see it pop up in 3D and then take a 360 degree tour of it from any angle and also be able to upload your own room into it..and do the same thing AND try out real pieces from real manufacturers and turn then to any angle and have all the details to make it easy for you to shop offline and save time? Try 3Dream.net

Have you ever wanted to be able to change out and see countertop options in your kitchen, or in any room of your home, so you can see what various materials might look like with your furniture and textile selections before you make the commitment to that large purchase? Do you want to do that in scale? Do you need to change scale from meters to inches or vice versa? Do you want to see the entire area with transparent walls, to see how each piece relates to the other and then want to be able to take a high res snapshot to share it from any angle? Do you want to add and share your completed designs to a community of over 2 million users? Do you want to do this for free..and on your IPad or IPhone in a native app and then share it on your social media channels? Try Autodesk s Homestyler.

And lastly, if you love to build things from the ground up, and need an extremely robust tool, Sketch Up s software empowers you to program in every single detail and is widely used by architects, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers and engineers the world over. The two screenshots below were created using Sketch Up.

Which tools are free to use, but also have a PRO option that gives you additional benefits? AutoDesk Homestyler, Olioboard and 3Dream.net. Which tools are available only by subscription but are reasonably priced and worth it if you need the more specialized features they offer? Minutes Matter and Sketch Up.

All of the tools come with extensive video and learning tutorial backups on You Tube or Vimeo and on their own sites and many of them have communities of people already using them, willing to help you learn what you need to know.

Here are the introductory video tutorial links for each of these software apps if you d like to watch them:

As you already know, readers, nothing compares with the services of a professional interior designer, as they are not only visual artists and creatives, but have extensive resource knowledge, construction knowledge, sourcing knowledge, performance knowledge and project management knowledge that are invaluable to you.

I wrote, here. about how and why working with a professional interior designer saves you so much money and time.

The software apps I ve compared for you today, however, are excellent tools to help the communication process between you, your designer, architect, and their sub-contractors flow smoothly and seamlessly.

I hope this has been helpful to you and we d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Leslie Hendrix Wood

Chancellor Interiors
Midland, Texas

Founder, Editor In Chief

Gracious Living. Timeless Design. Family Traditions.

You’re invited to please subscribe to the Hadley Court blog, here. and to follow Hadley Court on Pinterest, Facebook, G+ and Twitter, here. here. here and here

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Gone are the days when planning an interior design project or home remodeling just relied on a tape measure, pencil, pad and our imagination. Today, modern technology offers interior design professionals and amateurs various rendering and visualization tools. With some of these, anyone can draw a floor plan and preview it in 3D within several minutes. This is great news, especially for anyone who wants to try their hand at home design and remodelling themselves without having to spends hundreds of dollars and hours of formal training on AutoCAD or ArchiCAD products.

Over the last few years I have tried many of the free interior design softwares available and I have put together a selection of my top, 3 that are both easy to learn and cost nothing to use.


This software is amazing if you want to sketch a floor plan very quickly and then also take a look at it in 3D mode as you design. It is very user-friendly and offers a huge endless array of features to design home interiors and gardens. Here are some of the features it offers:

  1. You can choose a floor plan layout of the room from a list provided and modify it to match your own property or you can start from scratch. It has a built in drag and drop feature for walls, furniture and fittings, which meant it only took me a small amount of time to get started and master the software.
  2. There is a huge selection of various construction elements windows, doors and stairs that are easily modified to exactly depict the ones in the property you are working on. You can even adjust the direction that doors open into a room and set how far open or shut you would like it.
  3. The list of furnitures and materials available is extensive, you can select from hundreds of wallpapers, paints, tiles, flooring and carpets. Your ideas will never be limited when designing and there are many popular brands including Ikea, Restoration Hardware, West Elm and Crate Barrel.
  4. Once you place the furniture on the plan you can move them around, resize, rotate or delete. The list of various objects in the library is huge, so you will probably find what you are looking for (or at least a similar object).
  5. If you make a mistake, there is no need to start again just click on the particular feature you don t like (wall, door etc.) and modify or delete it.
  6. The coolest feature is the ability to preview a plan in a 3D mode. Using the camera icon on the floor plan, you can take a snapshot of the room in seconds and then saves these to your project.
  7. It is a web-based software, which means you don t have to download anything and can access your drawings from any computer with an internet connection.
  8. There are great project presentation pages where you can show off your design to friends. Also you can save your designs to your computer and print out your design.
  9. If you ever get stuck or want to discover new features, there are dozens helpful video tutorials available on the website and how-to guides on the blog.

As you probably guessed this program offers interior design planning with products from Ikea catalog. Let s have a look at this software in detail:

  1. It has two available modes on the screen: 2D and 3D, so you can immediately preview how selected product or finishing looks in the actual space.
  2. The installation is not very straight forward, so if you have any troubles trying to download it, follow instructions in this guide here.
  3. To create a plan of your room you need to choose from the suggested layouts (limited to 9) and then specify your own dimensions (you can also change the size of the room by simply clicking and pulling the walls in the required direction). Unfortunately you can t create your own layout.
  4. You can select doors, windows and other fixtures from the catalog provided. Placing them on the plan happens by double clicking the selected item and then moving it on the plan to the required location.
  5. The door opening, position of handles also can be changed pay attention to the options window in the right sidebar.

  1. Unlike Ikea Home Planner, designing in Roomstyler is not limited to one brand, but instead offers a huge selection of items from various manufacturers, including Ikea, John Lewis, Moooi and others.
  2. This software is also web-based and you can immediately start working on your design without necessity to download something.
  3. Once you plan all your changes are seen in 3D mode little window in the right sidebar which you can change too full screen mode if you wish.
  4. Here you can draw your own walls or select from a layout.
  5. It is based on drag and drop function so it is easy to accommodate any feature on the plan and then modify it using the options window. Once you place any item on your plan, you can see all product information in the left sidebar.
  6. Another interesting feature Roomstyler offers is possibility to upload your own pictures and apply them to photo frames, window scenery or even creating your own wallpaper.
  7. The colour palette of paint offers hundreds of various hues, however once applied to the actual walls they do look a bit different.
  8. After finishing your project, it offers the opportunity to view it in high quality 3D photo.

Would you like your software to be featured on L’ESSENZIALE blog? Please visit this page or contact me to get more information.

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WELCOME TO 98.5 THE SPORTS HUB The Flagship Station of the Bruins, Patriots, Celtics Revolution Latest Boston Sports News Visit CBSBostonSports.com For Our Complete Sports Coverage 98.5 The Sports Hub Shows TOUCHER AND RICH Weekdays 6AM 10AM ZOLAK BERTRAND Weekdays 10AM 2PM FELGER MAZZ Weekdays 2PM 6PM THE [. ]

Boston s Best Interior Designers

March 18, 2014 6:00 AM

(photo credit: Thinkstock)

Whether you own a large home, a small condo or something in-between, decorating your space can be hard. Enter Boston’s best interior designers. They can update an old space, remake a space you’ve been in for years, or help you start over fresh from the bottom up. But finding a reputable designer whose aesthetic matches your own can be as daunting as decorating. Start your search with our picks for Boston’s best interior designers.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Karin Howe has an eye for design, color and layout. Match her education with 13 years experience at leading Boston interior design firms and you can see why her recently created eponymous design company is getting rave reviews from clients. Karin Howe Design offers full service designs to match your needs, in addition to design packages to fit every need and budget. And if you have a small project, or just a small space, and think that an interior designer isn t for you, think again. Karin Howe does amazing things with even the tiniest Boston condo.

Photo credit: Facebook/Neatly Nested

Neatly Nested is a design studio tucked away inside the cutest little furniture shop in Southie. This is a great choice for all your design needs or staging your home to sell. It also offers custom window treatments and custom painted and finished furniture. Best of all, the prices are as cute as the design aesthetic. With home design consults starting at just $75, you won’t find a more affordable interior designer in the city.

Photo credit: Facebook/Koo de Kir

Koo De Kir has received accolades from Departures Magazine for its flawless design consultancy service. And for good reason. Not only will you find more than capable interior designers with Koo De Kir, but you’ll find they are as friendly and willing to work with you as they are knowledgeable and creative. The design firm works hand-in-hand with the Koo De Kir shop, where you can also find some lovely and eclectic pieces to update your home if you aren’t looking for a full redesign. Buyer beware, though. It s nearly impossible to see the wonderful things in the store and not feel the pull to have the design consultants redo your entire living space.

Photo credit: Facebook/colorTHEORY

As the name suggests, color is a big component of what this interior design firm does. But of course, that’s not all they do. This full service interior designer works within your budget, and with your own unique sense of style, to create a cohesive space you’ll love coming home to. ColorTHEORY has been the recipient of several awards. Most recently it has been awarded Best Interior Designer by Best of Houzz.

DIID Designs is a full service interior designer. But the service that has clients all over Boston raving is the custom window treatments. And while of course this kind of service comes at a price, DIID manages to provide quality at much more affordable costs than many other Boston designers. Better yet, the care shown to customers is as high quality as the timeless design.

Renee Mallett is the author of several books about art, culture, and New England. She was the owner and director of an art gallery and has written about arts and entertainment on a national level for several print and online journals. Her work can be found at Examiner.com .

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Condo Interior design

Boon Siew D’Sign’s professional home interior designers offer full consultancy and step-by step advice clients who need innovative designs for their condominiums. Through their genuine effort and sincere care, our designers aid their clients until they finally identified how they want their dream condo home to look like, or how functional they want their spaces to be. On the other hand, our designers work collaboratively with clients who already have a design concept in mind. We help to enhance the concept and perfect the design. Our goal is to achieve your dream home design with optimum budget and within your deadline.
The basic principle followed by the company makes it the perfect choice for your interior designing needs. Its innovative and unique concepts are actually the output of its “no specific style or look” principle. One could even state that their outputs are mere actualizations of what the clienteles are looking for.

Condo Design: Grace Walk

Bedok Reservoir Waterfront Key

Landed Home: Mergui Road

“Consult Our Professional Condo Interior Designers Today”

Consult Our Experienced HDB Interior Designers Today

“Got Inspired? Contact Us To Create Your Dream Homes Today”

Our Interior Design Service

  • BOONSIEW D SIGN PTE. LTD. 61, Ubi Road 1, #02-22 Oxley Bizhub
    Singapore 408727

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30 Best Small Apartment Design Ideas Ever Presented on Freshome

Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us do, whether by choice or necessity. We often get the feeling that some of the projects we present on Freshome don t get the attention they deserve. And the ideas presented in these 30 small apartment designs below are definitely worth a second look.

Most of you are probably looking for clever ways to enhance the space in your home, which is why we decided to compile this post. Every photo below is linked to the original article, where you will find plenty of images and information about each of the small apartments featured. And for space-saving furniture ideas, be sure to check out our favorite space-saving furniture for small apartments .

Even though there is no specific formula when it comes to designing a small home or room, there are a few keys to success. Painting your walls in bright colors, utilizing unconventional hidden storage (such as this underbed box from The Container Store ), embedding multi-purpose furniture — these are just some of the tricks we ve come across on Freshome.

Finally, add paintings, graphic art and flower arrangements for a comfortable feel, and personalize the space in any way you can think of without overcrowding it. Here are 30 of the most ingenious small apartment designs ever presented on Freshome; enjoy and get inspired!