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What to Know About Virtual Interior Design

When you work with an online, or virtual, interior designer, you’ll typically receive a custom room design, a loyout and space plan, recommendations for furniture and decore and a concept board, much like this one from Room Design Online.

After making many decisions about your new home, the idea of furnishing and decorating it may seem like a daunting task.

Most folks think there are only two options to interior design — do it themselves or hire an interior designer. But many don’t realize there’s a third option: go online for virtual interior design.

For Georgia homebuyer Christi Yeager, working with a professional was an obvious choice. Having worked with an interior designer on a former home, Yeager opted for professional help with decisions such as space planning and ensuring her finished home would match how she and her family lived. She selected Lisa Davidson, a North Carolina interior designer who has appeared on HGTV’s “Designer Challenge.”

“Lisa helped me right off the get go with making some changes so the home best fit our needs. Her very best recommendation was a modification of the floor plan giving us an extra bedroom we desperately needed, but did not think we could fit in the existing space,” Yeager shares. Davidson went on to design layouts, furnishings and finishes for five rooms, in addition to making overall recommendations for flooring and paint colors.

While working with an interior designer is not unusual, Yeager’s experience was far different than her first foray into hiring an interior designer — Davidson never set foot in the house nor met Yeager in person. Instead, she worked remotely as an online, or virtual, designer. “I was nervous about working with someone that I never met, but the cost savings were so good that I knew I needed to try it out,” Yeager recalls.

Like traditional designers, online designers offer a range of services from consultations on an hourly basis to whole house designs. Although each designer works a little differently, clients typically complete an extensive questionnaire and provide photos and room measurements. In a phone call, they share their design goals with the designer.

In return, depending on the services contracted, clients receive a custom room design, a layout and space plan that shows where everything goes and a concept board to visualize the overall look, as well as specific recommendations and pricing for furniture, lighting, wall and window treatments and floor coverings. And, most important, a step-by-step guide to completing the room.

“The quality of our designs rivals those designed by way of traditional on-site interior design, but at a lower design service price point,” explains Lisa Ellis, owner of Room Design Online. “Our clients still have access to the same to-the-trade products and retail products that our on-site clients do. They also have unlimited access to us via phone, email and Skype. The only difference is that we don’t step a foot into their homes.”

“It’s not one size fits all, although that’s what I thought it was when I started out,” shares Davidson, owner of InteriorDesignServiceOnline.com. “Services are all pretty individualized depending on what an owner wants. The cost for online design can range from less than $100 for a quick review of an existing room to under $500 for a custom room design to a couple of thousand for an entire house depending the size of the home and the range of services.”

Honing In On the Vision

Budget considerations aren’t the only thing that makes virtual design attractive to buyers of newly built homes. Anyone who’s walked through a home under construction understands how difficult it is to envision the finished product.

Like traditional designers, online designers offer a range of services from consultations on an hourly basis to whole house designs. “You’re walking through rooms with wood framing and steel beams. It’s hard to get an accurate feel for the space,” explains Ellis. “With a home that’s already been lived in, you’re likely to see how the previous owner laid out the furniture. The countertop is already there. While it still takes imagination to see yourself in that home, new construction requires a huge leap of faith. An online designer can get you through that leap of faith to ensure that the home you buy works with the way you want to live.”

Designers can look at a set of plans or photos and envision each room, the volume and feeling of space. “That saves my clients money, mistakes and lot of headaches: like trying to maneuver around a sectional that swallows your entire space,” Ellis says.

Because homeowners must make many decisions in a short amount of time, Davidson says new home construction can be a challenge. “The contractors want instantaneous answers, and homeowners have no clue what grout color might be used. That’s the kind of thing that is overwhelming. But, (because I am) working remotely, I can answer quickly,” Davidson says.

“With Pinterest and Houzz, people are looking at so many things, it’s no wonder they need help,” she explains.

For designers, the task becomes deciphering the common element from all those photos and helping owners understand where they want to go in terms of design. “A good way to make smart decision is to have a vision of where you are going and where you want to go,” Davidson says.

Additionally good designers understand how to cut costs without compromising on value. Yeager says the biggest challenge for her in making decisions was the budget. “What I like, I often cannot afford! Lisa did help me understand where to splurge — like on the counters — and other places to save. This also meant justifying the cost to my hubby was a lot easier.”

When Davidson started her business in 2007, there were few online designers. In recent years, though, the field has exploded. Just as with traditional designers, you need to do your homework including interviewing past clients. Also, not all decorators are designers. Designers typically have completed a specific educational program, often earning a degree in design or the fine arts, have passed a qualifying exam and are members of professional organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers.

Online design is not for owners unwilling to do the work. “You need to be ready to do some work yourself, but for a busy mom on a budget who still wants a good looking and smartly functioning home, online is awesome,” says Yeager.

Camilla McLaughlin is an award-winning writer specializing in house and home. Her work has appeared in leading online and print publications, such as Yahoo! Real Estate, Unique Homes magazine and Realtor Magazine. She has also freelanced for the Associated Press.

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Rosemary Rariden Cotter

Rosemary Rariden Cotter co-founder and senior partner, comes to the interior design business with approaching 20 years experience in residential and commercial design. An Oakland County native, Rosemary was raised in the country with antiques and an emphasis on decorative arts. Rosemary s beginning as a 19 year old newlywed was relegated to stripping wallpaper and painting their honeymoon cottage. After two sons born in the 70 s and a career in real estate management, Rosemary brought her interests in interior design and decorative arts full circle. After an apprenticeship she founded the design firm of Jones-Keena. In the late 90 s the firm was sold and Rosemary continued as chairman emeritus. Within 18 months Rariden-Schumacher was formulated and launched with Jill Schumacher and followed by Michelle Mio within the year. The firm has grown, matured and completed a number of world class assignments. Rosemary has worked in both Southern and Northern Michigan, the Rocky Mountains and South Florida on a routine basis. Rosemary s proclivity and her strength lies in timeless traditional work accented with fine art and antiques to which she has had considerable training. She is regarded as an expert on color and texture, her color sense is legendary. Her work has been published yet she maintains a high level of privacy which manifests in time spent with her family and charitable pursuits. Rosemary, her husband Michael a local real estate broker and their 3 dogs divide their time between Bloomfield Hills, Harbor Springs, Michigan and Naples, Florida.

Jill Schumacher

Jill Schumacher is one of the founding partners of Rariden Schumacher Mio. Her work as one of the principal designers at the firm, along with partners Rosemary Rariden-Cotter and Michelle Mio, is inspired by her appreciation for exquisite materials and furnishings. Jill s extensive experience in interior design and demand for outstanding craftsmanship is juxtaposed with her eye for unconventional accents, creating the exceptional aesthetic sensitivity she brings to each design project. Prior to forming Rariden-Schumacher-Mio, Jill managed the Rozmallin showroom in the Michigan Design Center, and spent two years as an associate designer and project manager with a design firm in Birmingham, Michigan. Jill has completed projects as far reaching as Paris, Chicago and New York City. She loves the challenges that completing a project off her home turf brings and the excitement of learning the different personalities of a new city. Jill is honored to be involved with some of the area s local charities. She is on the Boards of Karmanos Cancer Institute Partners Committee, Market Studio Kitchen and is a member of The Children s Center Village of Giving Circle. Jill is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she studied Visual Arts. She currently lives in Ferndale with her husband and husky, Wolfgang. They entertain often in their home sharing the aesthetic of cozy, fine living that Jill brings into her client s homes.

Michelle Mio

Growing up in California, Michelle s parents always knew she would work in a field where her creativity would be put to good use. They never knew that passion would take their daughter across the country to Michigan! An accomplished collegiate golfer and student, Michelle had to decide whether golf or interior design would be her life s path. Hands down, Michelle chose interior design! After graduating from Texas Christian University with a B.S. in Interior Design and a minor in Japanese, Michelle began working at a design firm in Fort Worth, Texas-an established company servicing some of the metroplex s most prestigious clientele. After several years of designing in Texas, the winds of change brought Michelle to Michigan. She updated her winter wardrobe and accepted a senior design position at a local firm in Birmingham, Michigan. After spending four years with the firm, Michelle decided to open her own firm-Mio Co. Inc. Working on multiple residential, corporate and hospitality projects, Michelle enjoyed the entrepreneurial aspect of being her own boss. Exactly one year later, designers, business owners and friends, Rosemary Cotter and Jill Schumacher invited Michelle to combine her experience and talent with theirs and Rariden Schumacher Mio Co. was born. Since then, the firm has had the opportunity to design homes from coast to coast, as well as in Europe and the Island of St. John. Michelle s work has also been featured on Detroit Fox News and HGTV. Michelle is proud to be involved with her community. She currently serves as a board member on the Karmanos Cancer Institute s Partners Committee, the Restore Foundation and is an affiliate of The Children s Center Village of Giving Circle. Michelle can often be found walking her French Bulldogs, Gus and Gertie, through downtown Birmingham. If you happen to see them, the dogs love having their bellies rubbed!

Erin Parker

Erin Parker is a Associate Designer at Rariden Schumacher Mio Co. Erin was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University s CIDA accredited Interior Design program. Prior to working at Rariden Schumacher Mio Co. Erin gained professional experience from her internships at Jack Fhillips Design, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida, F. Schumacher and Co. showroom at the Michigan Design Center, and as an intern at Rariden Schumacher Mio Co. Erin began working as a Design Associate at Rariden Schumacher Mio Co. directly after graduation. Erin s passion for design stems from her love for beautiful architecture and stunning interiors. She has always had a unique design aesthetic from an early age. Perhaps it runs in the family, as her great grandfather was a designer. Erin prides herself on her attention to detail and the functionality of a space. Working closely with clients, and creative problem solving makes every day a new and exciting experience.

Kirsten Roby

Kirsten is an Associate Designer at Rariden Schumacher Mio Co. Her interest in interior design began at an early age when she was often found redecorating her bedroom. A career in interior design was a natural fit as she always enjoyed being creative and grew up with her parents flipping houses. Kirsten graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in interior design from Michigan State University in 2009. Wanting to further her knowledge and experience in the field, she completed her Masters in Interior Design from Lawrence Technological University in 2011. In addition to her design education, Kirsten has a variety of work experience interning with residential design firms, including a summer in New York City, as well as years working in the retail industry as a visual stylist for Saks Fifth Avenue. All opportunities encouraged Kirsten to push her creativity, attention to detail and strengthen client relationships. Kirsten enjoys working on projects that can reflect clients individual style. She loves architectural details, rich materials and mixing patterns. Born and raised in Birmingham, Michigan, Kirsten lives downtown with her husband and Pomeranian, Furby.

Andrea Cotter

Andrea is an Associate Designer at Rariden Schumacher Mio Co. Born and raised in Michigan, Andrea was surrounded by a family of avid antique collectors and dealers. She developed an appreciation for art interiors at a young age. From early on, Andrea knew that textiles inspired her, and an understanding of color and texture came naturally. Andrea received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from CIDA accredited Kendall College of Art Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With Kendall Colleges collection of period furniture, textile classes and a community of artists and designers, Andrea flourished. An interdisciplinary design school sharpened her technical and creative skills, but her real world learning experience began after graduation while interning at Rariden Schumacher Mio Interiors. Andrea s career then took her from living in New York City to Saint Louis, then Los Angeles. Each city inspired her and influenced her eclectic style. Eventually she landed right back in Michigan, as a designer at Rariden Schumacher Mio Interiors. Andrea enjoys working with clients to help them express their personal style, and believes that your home is an extension of who you are and should reflect your chosen lifestyle. Andrea has two cats and enjoys sipping tea, practicing yoga, collecting vintage clothing organizing things neatly.

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Floor To Ceiling: Interior Design Showroom. Design Life. Begin Here.

  • Kitchens
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Bathrooms
  • Decorative Products
  • Decorator Database

About Us

Incorporated under the name of Midwest Regional Marketing, Inc. in 1990 with 19 retail locations, Floor To Ceiling now has a membership base of over 200 retail interior-products stores in the United States. Going back to the early 1970’s, our founding dealers have decades of experience in the unique concept of providing one-stop shopping to consumers and builders alike.

Our membership is growing rapidly as new dealers realize the benefits of our national buying power and unique services. Each location is independently owned and operated by people who live in the very communities they serve.

Floor To Ceiling brings to its dealers a comprehensive program of products and services, including lowered product costs for a competitive advantage, aggressive advertising and marketing programs, and administrative services.

Consumers who shop their local Floor To Ceiling store find the best of two worlds a locally owned store offering individualized personal service, and a nationally recognized store offering competitive prices and the latest in interior products!

At the Floor To Ceiling Corporate Offices in Burnsville, Minnesota, a dedicated staff of professionals consistently monitors the market to keep their dealers informed of the latest products available. These individuals provide a wealth of information, programs and services with one focus in mind; to assist their dealers in bringing a quality, affordable selection of merchandise and services to their retail customers. Annual dealer markets arranged exclusively for Floor To Ceiling dealers include all the name-brand manufacturers of America’s finest interior products.

Visit our Locations page to find a store near you, or to contact us for more information please visit the Contact Us page. For information about career opportunities at Floor To Ceiling Corporate or a Dealer Location, please call or e-mail the home office.

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The 8 Interior Design Trends to Look For in 2016

Photographed by Karen Radkai, Vogue. January 1983

With 2016 in sight, what better way to start off the New Year than with a quick home refresh? Some of our favorite interior decorators and designers share the top trends that should be on your radar to ensure you update in style. And not to worry—some of 2015’s most beloved trends are here to stay.

“As the ’80s start to be the decade to look back to in interior design, I would watch for Memphis-style pieces—geometric motifs and silhouettes and clashing bright colors. Look for pieces less kitsch than the true Memphis designs but that are just as fun and experimental.”
—Justina Blakeney. designer, artist, and author

“One-of-a-kind ceramics created by artists are big and on the rise across art galleries and design studios. These pieces are a great investment because they are true art and also functional when they serve as a vase or a bowl.”
—Maria Brito. interior designer, author, and curator

“Brazilian Modern is a trend I am most looking forward to in 2016, particularly the beautiful sculptural forms and use of raw materials and exotic woods. The unique pieces complement both traditional and contemporary interiors.”
—Sara Story. designer

“A return to a more visible canvas of tailored and tonal fabrics and texture—think Andrée Putman and Ann Demeulemeester —in response to the more bright pattern and colors of the bohemian spirit of the last few years. In 2016, we see ourselves pursuing this classic direction in our clients’ homes using tailored fabrics in textural neutral tones. The color camel seems to be driving this vision.”
—Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe. interior designers

“We live in an anything-goes world where it’s okay to mix high with low, mid-century with minimalist modern, colors, patterns, and everything in between. The best trend I’m seeing is people forgetting about the ‘rules’ and loving what they love unapologetically. “
—Jonathan Adler. potter, designer, and author

“I think [designers] are always pushing to see something we have not yet seen before, or playing with materials and finishes in a way that we have not yet explored. Right now I’m excited about using traditional techniques and artistry in a modern context—though I do predict the use of dusty rose tones and light jade.”
—Don Stewart. designer

“In 2016, I am most excited to see a more consistent incorporation of the mantra ‘less is more’ in design. The days of heavy, layered furnishings and textiles I think have come to an end!”
—Katie Hodges. interior designer

“The prevalence of buff. The color is a perfect nude-pink that makes everything and everyone look beautiful.”
—Ann Haagenson. divisional merchandise manager at Anthropologie

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About Bathroom Mirrors

When designing your bathroom pay attention that mirrors have a great influence and they add a touch of creativity. Mirrors reflect the lights and other objects in the bathroom. With mirrors we can accomplish tasks such as makeup and shaving.

Before buying mirrors you can browse different websites to see various styles of mirrors and choose the one that really suits you. Don’t forget the mirror edges should never stretch beyond the length of the vanity sides.

In case you have two separate sinks and want to get incandesce look in your bathroom, you can either annotate one large mirror with side lights or annotate two separate smaller mirrors of the same style with the side lights next to each one. You can also opt two different mirrors of the same style.

The best place for mirrors to be placed is over the sink. They can also be placed in front of the bathroom window. That will reflect the natural light. Adding a single decorative bathroom mirror can change the look of your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors which are attached at the bathroom vanity tops are of the best quality. But what can you do if you chose the bathroom vanity tops that come without mirrors? Simply standing bathroom mirrors are the best option for that.

The best choice to create a pretty atmosphere is by using illuminated bathroom mirrors. This kind of mirrors is able to enhance your mood. These bathroom mirrors come with light fixtures that ease off the use of the mirror and likewise irradiate the ambience of the bathroom with LED lights

If you do not have sufficient storage in your vanity you can buy a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet. That will help you get ready every morning.

Bathroom vanity mirrors give small bathrooms a wonderful appearance. The chrome coating over mirrors surface has two benefits: Firstly, chrome coating will boost the quality of the mirrors; secondly, it will make the mirrors more robust and durable.

Release you imagination and figure out you creative side with these portraits for bathroom mirrors.

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Corporate Office Interior Design Service in Singapore and Asia

Traart was established in 2001. Subsequent expansion led to the incorporation of Traart Pte Ltd in 2003 and is the first interior architectural design firm dedicated exclusively to corporate office interior design in SIngapore. Our staffs are qualified by education and experience to identify research and creatively solve problems relative to the function and quality of people’s built environment.

When Traart first started in the interior design industry, we have decided that our practice would be specialized in office interior design encompassing the architectural and furniture content of the interiors of a office.

Traart employs experienced and qualified office interior designers and 3D interior designers in every interior designing team, every individual are well versed in computer CAD and 3D software. With the employment of computer-aided visualisation, clients can rest assured that they would be able to interpret precisely how the interior designer interpret the drawings in their mind. This enables us to perform complex designs and still provide an accurate communication to you in the course of our services.

We believe it takes a special expertise to design an exceptional office space with the knowledge of structure that emphasis on interior design construction and building systems with related codes. As interior architects and interior designers, our approach to design is exclusively focused on how the design of all space embraces the understanding of related aspects of the built environment, that able to reflect on the brand image, improve efficiency and productivity and increase client’s satisfaction.

We have undertaken projects of various sizes. In the competitive world of corporate office spaces, Traart believes that understanding the needs of our clients is of paramount importance. We have great solutions to aid your company in increasing her sales and productivity. With our innovative design solutions, we are both confident and persistence in meeting your highest expectations.

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Now that the pecan tree is gone from our front yard. and the house is more visible, I ve been dreaming about how I want the front of the house to eventually look. I show this picture quite often, which was done for me by a reader who is a retired architect.

The overall look is what I want the extended front porch, the double gable roofline. But because I hadn t made any decisions on exterior finishes at the time, she used the existing stone and siding combo that we currently have, and just changed the colors a bit. And the free trial version of the program she was testing had limited options for columns, so she used Craftsman style front porch columns. I would opt for something much more traditional in style, like this

Anyway, I ve mentioned before that one reason I have trouble making design and decorating decisions on this house is because I like so many different styles, and it s hard for me to narrow down exactly what I want into one cohesive look.

Interestingly, as I ve been looking, and thinking, and dreaming about the exterior of my house these last few days since the pecan tree was cut down, it s helped me narrow down the design struggle that I have. I seem to continually have three different and distinct design styles fighting for top place in my mind, and unfortunately, I like them all equally, so it remains a constant struggle for me.

First, I love classic, traditional design. And in my mind, when it comes to exteriors, nothing is more classic and traditional than a red brick home. The photo above is a perfect example, and this is also a classic

Obviously, that house is a just a tab bit more on the grand side than my house. But red brick is classic, and I love it. There s a new red brick home that was built just a few streets over from my house in the last few months, and every time I drive by, I slow down and stare. There s just something about red brick.

And when you combine red (or reddish) brick with a German smear technique wow. It doesn t get any more perfect than that in my opinion.


We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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Regain Control

Bankruptcy can be a frightening and anxiety-provoking state to find yourself in. Misconceptions and fears can compound an already burdensome situation. Times such as these call for a practiced and calm professional to help you take charge of the situation, and assist you in navigating the legal necessities you face. Caroline Cantrell is a licensed professional attorney with 26 years experience representing people like you who find themselves facing the complexities of bankruptcy.

***** We are excited to announce the consolidation of the Clackamas and Canby offices.
We will be working exclusively from the Canby office effective November 21, 2016 *****

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* First 30 minutes free. Time in excess of 30 minutes billed at standard rates.

End the Worry

In today’s economy, even hard-working and diligent people are facing adversity and the inability to pay their bills on time, or at all. The worry over this can affect your sleep, physical and emotional well-being, family and work issues, as well as your credit-worthiness. The onslaught of bill collection phone calls and mailings can put even the strongest person over the edge. This is the time to speak with an experienced professional whose ethics and practices will stop the harassment and bring order and calm to what can feel like a stormy situation. This is the time to pick up the phone and contact Caroline Cantrell for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out where you stand in the complex world of bankruptcy laws.

Advocating for You

Each and every client is treated with dignity, respect and care. We understand that this is a difficult time in life that requires compassion and an intimate working knowledge of the law, to see you through to achieve the best possible outcome. Caroline Cantrell provides professional service at affordable cost to individuals, small businesses and farmers working in various agricultural disciplines with regard to Chapters 7, 12 and 13 of the bankruptcy statutes.

Getting Started

Feel free to use the contact form to begin your inquiry, or call us directly at the number listed below to begin the process of stopping the harassing phone calls and mail from collection agencies, while forging a path to financial health and well being.

Communities We Serve

Bankruptcies can happen to anyone, anywhere in our state, and at any time in life. We are a small firm that provides personal attention to each and every client. We service primarily the Portland metro area, encompassing Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington and Marion counties. We also serve the communities of Canby, Clackamas, Oregon City, Silverton, Woodburn, Keizer, Salem, Damascus, Molalla, Estacada, Milwaukie, among others. Please contact our office to discuss any questions you may have about representation. We are here to help you navigate and negotiate your way through the process of filing bankruptcy.

Click here to view the full list of Oregon communities we serve.

M. Caroline Cantrell, Attorney at Law

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Windows 7: Question about connection limits and file sharing – Windows 7 Pro X64

Question about connection limits and file sharing – Windows 7 Pro X64

Hi – I’ve done a bit of searching and haven’t come across a definitive answer on this. It seems that there is a rule that there is a 20 connection limit on Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit but the responses seem to vary on what exactly this means. So, with the setup below, what would the limits be?

Windows 7 Pro 64 Box running MySQL on port 3306

Question 1: How many simultaneous connections can be received by the MYSQL instance on TCP Port 3306? Typically the box would receive connections from 4 to 6 Windows Servers on the same LAN. 5 of those would have perhaps 2 simultaneous connections open at one time. The main Windows server would have perhaps 300 to 500 connections open on this port.

Question 2: If setting up a shared folder on the Windows 7 Pro 64 Box with one Windows Server connected to it to access the files on that server. Basically the Windows Server Box would pull a file from the Windows 7 box via the file share, manipulate it locally and then output the file via IIS to an outside client. The outside client would never be connecting to the Windows 7 box. But the Windows Server box might be pulling 100 or more files at one time. What sort of problem or connection limit could be experienced in this scenario?

Thanks in advance

Help finding limits for page file
I have a HTPC running Win 7, 64 bit with 8GB ram. The pagefile on my SSD is sitting at 8GB and I really don’t want to give up that much space since I figure it’s not needed. I was reading articles about setting the pagefile according to the peak commit charge. I can’t seem to find it under task.

Performance Maintenance

Are USB Cable Length Limits hard limits?
I’m trying to get a longer cable for my digital SLR camera, so I can live preview / shoot from the computer. The camera has about a 3 foot cable with a special USB end. I was just going to order a 15 foot usb extension cable, but this would put me at a total of about 18 feet. Will this extra 2.

Hardware Devices

Basic Windows 7 File Sharing Question.
Hi there, I’m wondering what Win7 means when it says a file is ‘Shared with: uuid:10000-0000-ect. ‘ Whenever I download a file to my downloads folder, at the bottom of Windows Explorer, it says the files is Shared With uuid. and then a long string of numbers. What is this?

Network Sharing

w7 64bit connection limits
the ultimate versione have or not have 10 connection limits on tcpip.sys? on internet i find conflicting opinions i test tcp-z and write the connection is 10 thanks

Dual Lan: Forcing File Sharing to use Faster Connection
I have 2 pcs on a LAN with a 100mbps switch, and they are also directly connected via Gigabit crossover. When both ran XP, I could uncheck File and Printer Sharing on each 100mbps connection, and they used only the direct crossover at 1gbps. Now, with Windows 7 on one and XP on the other.

Network Sharing

Sharing Connection on WIN7 with Windows XP
Hello.I’m new here so first i want’it to say HI. Second: i have a problem with sharing my internet connection. I have windows 7 and i want it to give internet to the other computer with WinXP. Information: -we are connected using the SWITCH, because i have another friend with XP. but he is not.

Network Sharing


Pharmaceutical Guidelines

Pharmaceutical cleanroom areas are used to protect pharmaceutical products from pollutants that cause undesired contamination in pharmaceutical products to be produced. These contaminants can occur due to a number of reasons. Human being plays a significant role in producing this contamination through vital body organs such as the skin.

Sampling in cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical industry has been a topic of ever-increasing interest and scrutiny in recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspections. The validation of procedures used to clean the equipment employed during the various steps of a manufacturing process is a clear requirement of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). Such as, FDA inspectors now expect to see a functioning cleaning validation program with appropriate documentation in place during their inspections.

In pharmaceutical production, the term sterile products is usually used to describe parenteral preparations. These are products which are not meant to be administered via oral route or alimentary canal, so do not benefit from the protection of the immune system which the alimentary canal provides. Administration of these drugs is done directly to the blood stream or various body tissues.

A controlled (classified) area is an enclosed environment or room with a flawless control over particulate contamination. More specifically, the areas have a controlled contamination level, which is specified regarding the number of particles for every cubic meter, for a specified particle size. The restricted areas are constructed with impeccable humidity, temperature and pressure control to minimize the generation, introduction, and retention of particulate matter inside the rooms.

Air conditioning has changed over years, HVAC system is used to control the environment in the manufacturing as well as the storage area of the pharmaceutical facility. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a system that is used to control the air temperature by controlling the air filtration and the moisture in the air.