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Interior Design Society (IDS) was founded by the National Home Furnishings Association (NHFA) in 1973 to support professional interior designers based in furniture showroom as well as independent interior designers. Since then, IDS has expanded its focus to students and commercial partners in design.

All qualified residential interior design professionals, including those who work in the retail environment, are welcomed and encouraged to join IDS as an adjunct to their classroom education.

Founded in 1973, The Interior Design Society is a trade association devoted solely to providing excellence in the practice of residential interior design. Membership in the Interior Design Society is based on the highest standards of education and experience. We are comprised of residential interior designers; interior decorators; design-oriented home furnishing stores and their staff; design studios; select manufacturers and distributors of design oriented products or services.

Our organization is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team of designers are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

We are committed to growing our chapter

We are committed to our members

We are committed to giving of ourselves to our community

We are committed to seeking to better our skills and crafts

We are IDS Houston!


Agent & insurer scams

The vast majority of insurance agents and companies are ethical, honest and trustworthy. But crooked agents and bogus insurers do exist, and they can fleece you.

The scams

Here are several scams you should watch for.

Stealing your premiums. An agent pockets your insurance premiums instead of sending it to the insurer. Crooked agents may steal your premiums to support their business, feed a gambling or drug habit, or buy luxury goods such as cars or jewelry.

Selling phony insurance. An agent or company rep sells you fake coverage from a phony insurance company. Or the agent sells you bogus coverage using a legitimate company s name, or a name that s similar to a legitimate insurer. You might receive an official-looking policy or proof of insurance that s worthless. You could lose thousands of dollars if you suffer a loss and don t have a real policy to pay your claim.

Selling coverage you don t want or need. Maybe the coverage is real, but it s expensive, unnecessary, and your current policy may already cover that risk. Three examples:

Churning: Dishonest agents might convince people to use the built-up value of their current whole life policy to buy a better policy even though their present life coverage is perfectly suitable. The agent gets a nice commission, but you must start building up cash value all over again.

Sliding: An agent or insurer slips you extra coverage you didn t ask for, but do pay for. This can easily add $100, $200 or more to your premium. The agent cheerfully says it s simply part of a package, or doesn t tell you about the coverage at all. Motor club memberships, accidental death coverage and guaranteed renewable life insurance are three policies that crooked agents sometimes sell to unwitting policyholders.

Twisting: An agent may urge you to change policies prematurely by twisting the truth about the downside. If you have an illness, injury or other medical condition, for example, will that affordable new health policy refuse to cover it because it s a pre-existing condition?

Worthless investments. You may be urged to invest in insurance-like instruments. One is viaticals, which are investments in life policies taken out on sick or terminally ill people. Viaticals can be a legitimate investment, but some can also be phony or misleading. Another scam is promissory notes, in which agents promise quick, high and certain returns for investing in promissory notes supposedly backed by insurance. Often the promissory notes don t exist, they re just a sham to steal your money.


Latest news

The price you pay

You may have no insurance when you make a claim which could cost you thousands of dollars, or even your life savings.

You may pay thousands of dollars more for unneeded or worthless policies.

Fight back

Take these common-sense steps before you buy.

Make sure the agent and company are licensed in your state. Be especially careful if you don t recognize the company s name. Contact your state insurance department. which issues licenses.

Call your Better Business Bureau or local consumer assistance agency to see if the agent has complaints filed against them. Check to see how many complaints have been filed against an insurance company in your state.

Back off if the agent offers coverage whose price is 30-50 percent lower than competitors. Shop around to find out the normal price range.

Always pay your premiums by check or money order. In most cases, make it payable to the insurance company, not the agent or agency. Be sure to get a receipt. Photocopy your check or money order for your records.

Think twice if the agent insists you pay in cash, or tries to sell coverage in unusual situations such as in a restaurant or bar.

Be suspicious if your agent bills you for premium installments after your first payment. Normally your insurance company or premium finance company handles the billing.

Buy coverage only after all documents are completely filled out, you fully understand what coverage is included, and what the cost for each coverage is. Make sure your agent clearly explains all.

Go slow if the agent or company rep seems evasive or can t answer your questions, or tries to sell you coverage without bothering your family with the details.

Never sign a blank insurance form or give your agent power of attorney to sign an insurance application or buy coverage for you.

Get a copy of every form you sign. If you finance your premiums, make sure your agent gives you paperwork that describes exactly how much you pay for each installment, and what that payment covers.

Watch out if the sales pitch highlights the surrender and use of cash values in older life coverage to buy new higher-valued policies.

Contact the company if you haven t received a policy within 60 days after sending in your application.

Get a second opinion if an agent tries to sell you new and more expensive coverage even though you still have a current policy in effect. Talk to your financial advisor or another agent. Ask the selling agent direct questions, and get the answers in writing: Why do you need this coverage? What are the benefits? Exactly what s covered? How much will it cost?

Know what your current policy does and doesn t cover. Ask your agent or insurer for a detailed explanation in plain language. Ask pointed questions if you have any doubts about what s in your policy.

Make sure your insurance company is healthy and can pay claims especially if it s an unfamiliar name. Contact A.M. Best or Moody s to see if the company is financially healthy. Call your state insurance department to make sure it s licensed in your state.


‘We work with individuals, families and communities both to prevent and reduce harm, to promote recovery, and to challenge the inequalities linked to alcohol and drug misuse’.

‘To provide alcohol and drug services that we are proud of; services that value people and achieve change’.

Improving Lives: we believe in real and sustained change for individuals, families and communities. We build change through responsive local services, where every engagement counts towards a meaningful individual recovery experience.

Effective Engagement: we are connected to our stakeholders. We listen and respond to our beneficiaries, partners, communities and workforce in order to continually improve services, experiences and outcomes.

Exceeding Expectations: we have high expectations of what our beneficiaries and workforce can achieve together. We demonstrate this commitment through our work on customer service, diversity, leadership, and performance

Maintaining Integrity: we are honest and realistic about the multiple issues that contribute to alcohol and drug misuse. This pragmatic and understanding approach helps us in our work to overcome these challenges and develop practical solutions together.

Established in 1971, Lifeline is a registered Charity with forty years experience of managing drug and alcohol services. Lifeline currently provides a diverse range of services including recovery and peer mentoring, harm minimization, day programmes, prescribing and shared care, community detoxification services, criminal justice and prison initiatives, family work and services for young people. Geographically our services are spread across Yorkshire, the North East, the North West, London and the Midlands, working within diverse towns, cities and villages.

We support a workforce of 1473 staff, over 1000 volunteers, and increasing numbers of peer mentors. Our income is generated via grants and local contracts and a variety of small local or specialist scheme funds.

Lifeline works closely with communities and localities, and produces educative and digital material designed to encourage access to help. We also work to educate professionals in allied sectors and the general public on substance misuse.

Lifeline s Annual Review 2016 can be found at http://lifelineannualreview16.co.uk/

Lifeline s Modern Slavery Statement can be found by clicking here .

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Now that the pecan tree is gone from our front yard. and the house is more visible, I ve been dreaming about how I want the front of the house to eventually look. I show this picture quite often, which was done for me by a reader who is a retired architect.

The overall look is what I want the extended front porch, the double gable roofline. But because I hadn t made any decisions on exterior finishes at the time, she used the existing stone and siding combo that we currently have, and just changed the colors a bit. And the free trial version of the program she was testing had limited options for columns, so she used Craftsman style front porch columns. I would opt for something much more traditional in style, like this

Anyway, I ve mentioned before that one reason I have trouble making design and decorating decisions on this house is because I like so many different styles, and it s hard for me to narrow down exactly what I want into one cohesive look.

Interestingly, as I ve been looking, and thinking, and dreaming about the exterior of my house these last few days since the pecan tree was cut down, it s helped me narrow down the design struggle that I have. I seem to continually have three different and distinct design styles fighting for top place in my mind, and unfortunately, I like them all equally, so it remains a constant struggle for me.

First, I love classic, traditional design. And in my mind, when it comes to exteriors, nothing is more classic and traditional than a red brick home. The photo above is a perfect example, and this is also a classic

Obviously, that house is a just a tab bit more on the grand side than my house. But red brick is classic, and I love it. There s a new red brick home that was built just a few streets over from my house in the last few months, and every time I drive by, I slow down and stare. There s just something about red brick.

And when you combine red (or reddish) brick with a German smear technique wow. It doesn t get any more perfect than that in my opinion.

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Welcome to our newest series called Fix It Friday! This series is packed full with interior design tips and tricks on how to redecorate and redesign your space no matter what your budget may be. Every Friday I will be sharing another room from my portfolio of interior design projects and will point out the top 5 things I did to transform the space! Whether you re needing help with bedroom decorating, living room decorating, kitchen remodeling, or dining room designing, this series will help give you ideas on what to do in all rooms of the home!

Decorating Small bedrooms, Tiny Apartments and overall itsy, bitsy homes, can be challenging! It doesn t take a lot of money, it just takes a lot of creative thinking and well. talent 🙂 Watch as Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson meets these challenges head on. Everything from Apartments, Condos, Kids Bedrooms, Kids play rooms, Dorm rooms and Guest rooms, this playlist is full of great inspiring ideas you can use in your own Tiny space! Small spaces, Tiny bedrooms, Small bedroom decorating ideas!

Youtube s most popular Design show begins its 3rd season as they move their corporate offices downtown. Season 3 is full of great new projects, the completion of the Underground Bunker and LaJolla Terrace. Follow along as Rebecca Robeson and Team entertain you and show you what its like to run an Interior Design firm in Southern California! Interior Design Ideas, Interior Design help, Interior Decorating, Interior Decorations, Decorating small spaces, Beautiful Home Reveals.

What Would Rebecca Do to YOUR Space if she were to Drop By ? Ever wish you could hire a professional Interior Designer to help you with your home but just don t have the time or resources to do so? Well, now YOU can get the advise and critique by YouTubes most watched Interior Designer in your own home! Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Design addresses a new room each week on YouTube! Armed with 4 photos of one room of one of her loyal subscribers and a whole lot of decorating talent, Rebecca tackles the top 5 things she d do right off the bat! Find out how to lay out your furniture, create a stunning focal point, add color, texture and style to your existing pieces and the secrets behind lighting, art, accessorizing and window treatments. Weather YOU are the winner or not. the principals of Interior Design are fascinating to discover each week as Rebecca meets the challenges head on. Become on of the hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers and come along for the ride of improving your own spaces one design principal after another! Next time you are faced with a decorating challenge ask your self. #WWRD?

This Underground Bomb Shelter was so depressing the clients wife declared, I d rather DIE up there than LIVE down here in this dismal, dark, claustrophobic submarine-like tube 20 feet underground. ENTER. Robeson Design 🙂 Rebecca and her team take on the most creatively challenging project they have faced by taking the 8 wide 50 long tube and turning it into a desirable get-away anyone would want to live in. equipped for 3 days or 3 years! Rebecca puts on her design/engineers hat. creating a pleasant living space for this family of 4, disguising necessary storage spaces and functional survival essentials. The bunker includes a beautiful seemingly spacious Kitchen, Dinging room, comfortable TV/Entertainment room, Luxury Bathroom, Bedroom for 2 kids and private Master suite complete with dual closet wardrobe room and sitting area. Every inch of space is creatively utilized and expertly executed by Robeson Design and team. This Doomsday Prepper and his family are ready to ride out any storm they may face. doing it in style! Creating small space decorating ideas for tiny spaces like an Airstream or Underground Shelter is challenging but oh so rewarding! Watch these videos and follow along with the project. start to finish!

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What to Know About Virtual Interior Design

When you work with an online, or virtual, interior designer, you’ll typically receive a custom room design, a loyout and space plan, recommendations for furniture and decore and a concept board, much like this one from Room Design Online.

After making many decisions about your new home, the idea of furnishing and decorating it may seem like a daunting task.

Most folks think there are only two options to interior design — do it themselves or hire an interior designer. But many don’t realize there’s a third option: go online for virtual interior design.

For Georgia homebuyer Christi Yeager, working with a professional was an obvious choice. Having worked with an interior designer on a former home, Yeager opted for professional help with decisions such as space planning and ensuring her finished home would match how she and her family lived. She selected Lisa Davidson, a North Carolina interior designer who has appeared on HGTV’s “Designer Challenge.”

“Lisa helped me right off the get go with making some changes so the home best fit our needs. Her very best recommendation was a modification of the floor plan giving us an extra bedroom we desperately needed, but did not think we could fit in the existing space,” Yeager shares. Davidson went on to design layouts, furnishings and finishes for five rooms, in addition to making overall recommendations for flooring and paint colors.

While working with an interior designer is not unusual, Yeager’s experience was far different than her first foray into hiring an interior designer — Davidson never set foot in the house nor met Yeager in person. Instead, she worked remotely as an online, or virtual, designer. “I was nervous about working with someone that I never met, but the cost savings were so good that I knew I needed to try it out,” Yeager recalls.

Like traditional designers, online designers offer a range of services from consultations on an hourly basis to whole house designs. Although each designer works a little differently, clients typically complete an extensive questionnaire and provide photos and room measurements. In a phone call, they share their design goals with the designer.

In return, depending on the services contracted, clients receive a custom room design, a layout and space plan that shows where everything goes and a concept board to visualize the overall look, as well as specific recommendations and pricing for furniture, lighting, wall and window treatments and floor coverings. And, most important, a step-by-step guide to completing the room.

“The quality of our designs rivals those designed by way of traditional on-site interior design, but at a lower design service price point,” explains Lisa Ellis, owner of Room Design Online. “Our clients still have access to the same to-the-trade products and retail products that our on-site clients do. They also have unlimited access to us via phone, email and Skype. The only difference is that we don’t step a foot into their homes.”

“It’s not one size fits all, although that’s what I thought it was when I started out,” shares Davidson, owner of InteriorDesignServiceOnline.com. “Services are all pretty individualized depending on what an owner wants. The cost for online design can range from less than $100 for a quick review of an existing room to under $500 for a custom room design to a couple of thousand for an entire house depending the size of the home and the range of services.”

Honing In On the Vision

Budget considerations aren’t the only thing that makes virtual design attractive to buyers of newly built homes. Anyone who’s walked through a home under construction understands how difficult it is to envision the finished product.

Like traditional designers, online designers offer a range of services from consultations on an hourly basis to whole house designs. “You’re walking through rooms with wood framing and steel beams. It’s hard to get an accurate feel for the space,” explains Ellis. “With a home that’s already been lived in, you’re likely to see how the previous owner laid out the furniture. The countertop is already there. While it still takes imagination to see yourself in that home, new construction requires a huge leap of faith. An online designer can get you through that leap of faith to ensure that the home you buy works with the way you want to live.”

Designers can look at a set of plans or photos and envision each room, the volume and feeling of space. “That saves my clients money, mistakes and lot of headaches: like trying to maneuver around a sectional that swallows your entire space,” Ellis says.

Because homeowners must make many decisions in a short amount of time, Davidson says new home construction can be a challenge. “The contractors want instantaneous answers, and homeowners have no clue what grout color might be used. That’s the kind of thing that is overwhelming. But, (because I am) working remotely, I can answer quickly,” Davidson says.

“With Pinterest and Houzz, people are looking at so many things, it’s no wonder they need help,” she explains.

For designers, the task becomes deciphering the common element from all those photos and helping owners understand where they want to go in terms of design. “A good way to make smart decision is to have a vision of where you are going and where you want to go,” Davidson says.

Additionally good designers understand how to cut costs without compromising on value. Yeager says the biggest challenge for her in making decisions was the budget. “What I like, I often cannot afford! Lisa did help me understand where to splurge — like on the counters — and other places to save. This also meant justifying the cost to my hubby was a lot easier.”

When Davidson started her business in 2007, there were few online designers. In recent years, though, the field has exploded. Just as with traditional designers, you need to do your homework including interviewing past clients. Also, not all decorators are designers. Designers typically have completed a specific educational program, often earning a degree in design or the fine arts, have passed a qualifying exam and are members of professional organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers.

Online design is not for owners unwilling to do the work. “You need to be ready to do some work yourself, but for a busy mom on a budget who still wants a good looking and smartly functioning home, online is awesome,” says Yeager.

Camilla McLaughlin is an award-winning writer specializing in house and home. Her work has appeared in leading online and print publications, such as Yahoo! Real Estate, Unique Homes magazine and Realtor Magazine. She has also freelanced for the Associated Press.

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ICRAVE is a New York based innovation and design studio that builds environments, curates experiences, and develops ideas for the brave.

Known for creative, high-energy environments that actively engage visitors, ICRAVE has mastered the art of experience design, melding operational, digital, and physical elements across a spectrum of diverse spaces.

Helmed by Lionel Ohayon since 2002, ICRAVE has designed award-winning hospitality, airport, development, and healthcare projects, partnering with high profile brands such as W Hotels, MGM, Disney Dream, Hilton, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Summit Series, and OTG. Spanning a number of industries, ICRAVE’s notable projects include Le District, LaGuardia’s Delta Terminal C D, The Summit at Powder Mountain, STK Restaurants, Provocateur, and more.

With expertise in architectural design, strategy, and lighting, ICRAVE is credited with reinventing the modern day airport experience, reimagining cancer care, and transforming New York’s Meatpacking District through creating some of the most iconic nightlife of the last decade.

ICRAVE has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Conde Nast Traveler, Interior Design, and more.

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Inspiring Quotes About Decorating

By Tonya Lee. Budget Decorating Expert

Quotes are popular because they can convey precise truths, inspire a wide range of emotions and trigger deep thoughts… usually all in the space of a dozen words or less.

Because of our love of quotes. as well as all things regarding decorating, interiors, architecture and design, we’ve compiled a list of famous and not-so-famous – but all inspirational – quotes about decorating and being creative.

So celebrate the love of decorating and design – and the love of decorating quotes – with us!

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Have nothing in your home that you don t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris

One should never be the oldest thing in one s house. Patsy Stone

A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away. Antione de Sainte-Exupery

“Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living. There s more to life than decorating.” Albert Hadley

Everything has a place, and everything in its place. Unknown

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style .” Billy Baldwin

“Behind every attractive room there should be a very good reason.” Sister Parish

“Design is coming to grips with one s real lifestyle, one s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one s well-being.” Albert Hadley

“Decorating golden rule: Live with what you love.” Unknown

“If you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own, it will never happen. If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new, you are missing the point. It is the old. the new, the hand-me-down, the collected, the worn but loved things in your home that make it your own.” Stacy Risenmay, Not Just a Housewife

“She well knew the great architectural secret of decorating her constructions, and never condescended to construct a decoration.” Anthony Trollope

“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.” Charles M.

“All rooms ought to look as if they were lived in, and to have so to say, a friendly welcome ready for the incomer.” William Morris

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it s really how it works.” Steve Jobs

“Form follows function.” Louis Sullivan

“When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution isn’t beautiful, I know it is wrong.” Richard Buckminster Fuller

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” Salvador Dali

“All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.” Philip Johnson

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” Charles Eames

“Home is the nicest word there is.” Laura Ingalls Wilder

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BROX Design began as a hobby for Ivan Radosavljević Predrag Bozovic, over 16 years ago. And, when we spoke with Ivan, he told us Deep inside it is still a hobby, as we do it with our hearts. Today it is a business with expertise in graphic, interior and web design; as well as fashion and leather goods. Their client list includes big brands such as Harrods, Armani Jeans and The Four Seasons Hotel.

.design represents an important step in the promotion of our company. It is a simple and effective tool to broadcast what we do.

Roko.design is the website site of Rodrigo Montoya Sarmiento. He began his career in design when his father taught him how to create images and art in the early Mac paint software. He began by creating comics, stories and other worlds, and has since become a professional architect and interior designer. When asked how he felt about his new .design address, he told us, I actually feel that I can get in to a closer dialogue with my potential customers using www.roko.design as my main page.

It is the new way to discover new talents and new studios through all over the world.

//3877 is a design firm that primarily works in architecture, but they also offer interior design services along with brand development and graphic design. They’re style? Clean and contemporary. As for why they switched to .design? “Because it talked more about our brand. We don’t want to be a mainstream firm… .design says that we are a bit different and we are okay with that,” said David Shove-Brow, Partner at //3877.

“it speaks more directly to who we are and what we do. com. net, etc are too generic…we don’t need to be in the same mix as lawyers, accountants and other businesses…we want to go after a more direct audience.”

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Floor To Ceiling: Interior Design Showroom. Design Life. Begin Here.

  • Kitchens
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring
  • Bathrooms
  • Decorative Products
  • Decorator Database

About Us

Incorporated under the name of Midwest Regional Marketing, Inc. in 1990 with 19 retail locations, Floor To Ceiling now has a membership base of over 200 retail interior-products stores in the United States. Going back to the early 1970’s, our founding dealers have decades of experience in the unique concept of providing one-stop shopping to consumers and builders alike.

Our membership is growing rapidly as new dealers realize the benefits of our national buying power and unique services. Each location is independently owned and operated by people who live in the very communities they serve.

Floor To Ceiling brings to its dealers a comprehensive program of products and services, including lowered product costs for a competitive advantage, aggressive advertising and marketing programs, and administrative services.

Consumers who shop their local Floor To Ceiling store find the best of two worlds a locally owned store offering individualized personal service, and a nationally recognized store offering competitive prices and the latest in interior products!

At the Floor To Ceiling Corporate Offices in Burnsville, Minnesota, a dedicated staff of professionals consistently monitors the market to keep their dealers informed of the latest products available. These individuals provide a wealth of information, programs and services with one focus in mind; to assist their dealers in bringing a quality, affordable selection of merchandise and services to their retail customers. Annual dealer markets arranged exclusively for Floor To Ceiling dealers include all the name-brand manufacturers of America’s finest interior products.

Visit our Locations page to find a store near you, or to contact us for more information please visit the Contact Us page. For information about career opportunities at Floor To Ceiling Corporate or a Dealer Location, please call or e-mail the home office.