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Interior Design

An exciting career in Interior Design begins at Hunter College! Whether you choose to become a professional interior designer or learn remodeling skills for planning and decorating your home or office, this program will meet your needs. Hunter College has successfully offered this program for more than a decade. The focus of this program is to stress individual hands-on courses that are practical and will teach the latest in today s personal design.

Whether you choose to become a professional Interior Designer or learn remodeling skills for planning and decorating your home or office, this program will meet your needs. Workshops, seminars, museums, showrooms, and antique auction gallery visits are the focus of the program. Although the Interior Design Program is a certificate program, these courses can also be taken individually for one’s personal enrichment.

Registration and Tuition

This certificate consists of 5 required courses. The complete certificate program is $2200. As a non-credit certificate, this program doesn’t meet the fundamental qualifications for NYS Certification, but provides participants with knowledge of basic interior design skills.To register for the complete certificate, you must register in person or via fax. You may also register for each course individually. Please click on the Course Browser to register. Click the button to view the Program Brochure.

View or download ‘General Certificate Information’

Payment Planoptions are available. Students must register in person to enroll in a payment plan option. Certificate Students must visit or contact the registration office at 212-650-3850 Monday through Friday 9am-5pm to choose their class schedule per semester. Learn more about the benefits of registering for the entire certificate program.

Note: Certificate Cannot Be Completed In One Semester.

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Colour wheel

You will need to decide which colours combine well, whether they are toning. harmonious or complementary. By getting to grips with the rules of colour, you can give your room a professional look.

Primary colours

Primary colours are three key colours – Red, Blue and Yellow. They cannot be made from any other colour.

Secondary colours

If you mix equal amounts of the primary colours, you get the Secondary colours – Purple, Green and Orange.

Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Blue = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green

Tertiary colours

If you mix a primary with a secondary colour, in a ratio of 2:1, you get a Tertiary colour. Red-Orange, Blue-Green etc.

Cool versus hot

Look at the colour wheel and you will see the left hand side of the colours are ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ and the ones on the right are ‘cool’ or ‘cold’.

This is useful when you want to create a mood in a particular room or need to make your space cosier or lighter.


Neutrals are one of the easiest groups of colours, or non-colours to work with. They don’t appear on the colour wheel and include Black, Grey, White and sometimes Brown and Beige. They all go together and can be layered and mixed and matched. No neutral colour will try to dominate over another.

Accent colours

An accent colour is a colour used in quite small quantities to lift or to add punch to a colour scheme.

  • An accent colour should be in a complementary colour. It works best if it’s a bright, vibrant colour. Accent colours are perfect if you’re scared of using strong colour – simply add a splash of an accent colour with a cushion, a vase or a throw.
  • Keep most of your room in shades and variations of one single colour. Choose a number of items in a harmonious colour. Then pick out just a few objects in an accent colour.

Clashing colours

To use clashing colours is thought to be a no-no. At weddings, everyone is worried that the mother of the bride will clash with the mother of the groom. But in the home, if they are used carefully, they can look fantastic.

If they are of equal tonal strength, you can mix them together. Don’t stop at two, you could try three or four. But if one is paler or weaker than the rest it will get lost in the overall scheme.

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Modern Interior Doors


Modern interior doors are the latest in door design and construction. At DoorsAndBeyond.com, we have a growing collection of interior and exterior modern doors available to choose from, with several different brands and options for your consideration.

The Value of Modern Doors
Modern doors can be valuable from a construction and interior design standpoint. For homeowners, modern door designs make the home itself seem cleaner and more stylish. For businesses, modern style doors make great first impressions and improve the look of an office.
Modern doors are also available for roughly the same prices as traditional doors, so you are not sacrificing your budget for that added value.

What Makes a Door “Modern?”
Modern doors are best known for their straight lines and minimalist designs. They are often described as “clean” and “sleek” due to their sharp appearance, and are clearly designed with an artistic eye. Along with the fashionable style of these types of doors, their construction is still top of the line, and the doors are as sturdy and capable as classic styles. These door designs are also unlikely to decrease in value, and great for properties that want to add the appearance of wealth.
Many of our modern doors are available with custom options, so that you can create a custom door that fits the rest of the property’s design (or your personal preferences). Each product is made with different types of wood veneer as well, so you can choose a style that meets your needs.

Interior Door Options
Modern Interior doors can be ordered as door slabs, pre-hung doors, double doors, and sliding or pocket doors. Because of the shapes and raised moldings, not all doors are available as sliding or pocket doors, as they would be unable to fit properly in the slots. Before ordering any custom door or a non-traditional door, it is a good idea to contact DoorsAndBeyond for additional assistance.
Those interested in learning more about modern doors should consider browsing our website and viewing the stock we have on hand. You can also contact us about custom doors, door handles, and door parts you may need to help improve the look of your doors and property.

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Creating homes that elegantly blend comfort, function, aesthetics and personal well being.

Whether you are undertaking construction of a new home, want to give your existing home a lift, or recreate just a room or two, Dovecote Interior Design Studio can help achieve your goals and create your dream home.

Our range of services includes everything from helping you to develop a plan that you can carry out in your own time, to full service design and implementation to save you time and hassle.

Make your home look and feel beautiful with spaces that function the way you and your family need them to.

Our Services Include

We offer everything from simple plans you can execute yourself to full service design and contractor services.

  • Access to “To The Trade” items that are not available in retail including stunning fabrics and custom soft furnishings
  • Design conceptualization through our unique system to pinpoint your style
  • Space plannin g and working drawings
  • Colour consultation for paint, lighting, rugs, accessories and artwork.
  • Soft furnishings and window treatment design and execution
  • Personal shopping and Furniture selection
  • Contractorreferral services
  • Timeless design with lasting results

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Art Deco Design in a historic home Inspired by the carved alabaster fireplace brought back from Egypt in 1932, we created an Art Deco interior design scheme with Neoclassical/Egyptian Revival Roots. Notice the set of three black lines on the edge of the luxurious silk draperies- our interpretation of “speed lines” – a pattern of [ ]

Nature Inspired Home This expansive home built in the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright was the right setting for discerning clients who appreciate beautiful materials infused with artistry. Click to view this project. Built for a primitive artwork collection This client has an affinity for primitive art works. Designing a room to showcase their collection [ ]

Architectural Elements Architectural elements such as trim work and moldings, columns, fireplace mantels, and built-in cabinetry can add character and richness to a room. It can also alter the overall style of the space and make it more efficient. Here are a few of the architectural elements Boston Design and Interiors Inc. often implements as [ ]

Visual Connections Making visual connections is a part of the craft of Interior Design. We design and create custom railings, floor inlays, and tile lay-outs for functionality and aesthetic purposes. Used individually or together these visual elements can transition space and pull numerous design components together for a more cohesive interior. In this addition we [ ]

A Fireplace the time to set a style Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room. They can define the style of a room as well as an entire home. If you are designing a fireplace in a new home or if you are renovating an existing space there are many design elements to consider. [ ]

A Place for Things the time for built-ins There are times when built-ins will more aptly serve the homeowners and the space rather than using free-standing furniture. Both the style of the rooms and the need for display and storage spaces are carefully balanced in our designs. In this room a built-in was designed with a [ ]

Classic Contemporary In this new home the client wanted a contemporary look without using hard-edged geometrics. Donna Terry won the Designer Showcase Award for Best Dining Room sponsored by the International Furnishings and Design Association and Design New England Magazine. This award celebrates exceptional interior design by an individual or firm. Click to view this [ ]

English Style Living Room with a Twist The client said: I want to feel like I am living in a Jane Austin novel but we still need the big screen and surround sound. Click to view this project Children s Wing of a Grand Mansion Check out the butterflies on the custom rug designed for one [ ]

A 1925 Kitchen with Modern Amenities: This house was built in 1925 with house plans from a Sears and Roebuck Catalogue. You can see the completely remodeled kitchen has retained its character. Click to view this project. Art Deco Influence: The custom designed butterfly bed is the centerpiece of this elegantly inviting Art Deco bed [ ]

Arts and Crafts Home The Arts and Crafts concept for this home was created using rectilinear form with other stylized nature inspired motifs. Click to view this project. A Public Library in Progress With a deep appreciation of the historical significance of the stained glass windows produced by Donald McDonald, the works of William Morris [ ]

Welcome to Boston Design and Interiors, Inc.

“We create an interior design that is uniquely yours- the way you always imagined it would be.”

About Us

Who We Are

Donna Terry is the lead interior designer and CEO of the company. She is known for her ability to apply her expansive knowledge of interior styles in everything she designs, her deeply rooted professionalism and her sincere concern for the client’s satisfaction. Having grown up immersed in the New York Theatre scene. Read More About our C.E.O.

What We Do

We create beautiful home environments in which one can flourish and be happy. The design process is not just a transformation of the home but a carefully crafted expression of the client’s personality and desires. Read More

Why We Do It

We are driven by design in all things. What is modern today will be a thing of the past tomorrow — What will remain classic, are the designs of yesterday that will continue to evolve in our contemporarary world.

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At Victoria Meale Design we believe that our surroundings should be an extension of ourselves, aspirational & enhance our lives.

Specialising in effortlessly chic, eclectic designs, the studio employs British European influences, craftspeople, fabrics furniture along with sustainable or reclaimed materials, to sensitively restore and re-configure spaces, creating healthy, stylish interiors.

With a passion for sustainable design, the studio is keen to promote the benefits that a more mindful approach to design can bring clients, the interior spaces we spend our lives in, and the wider environment.

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Designers’ Best Secrets: Paint

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Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. interior designer
I like to paint the furniture the same color as the walls. It makes everything become more sculptural. Also, consider the underside of furniture. Try painting the bottom surface of a table red, especially if you have white floors. The light from the floor will reflect up, producing a reddish cast under the table. Guests won’t know where the color is coming from. It’s like magic. Another trick is painting the ceiling a light lavender instead of white. When you come in from outside, a lavender ceiling gives the perception of the sky. Finally, I have a lot of clients who are afraid of color, but there is no reason why a coat closet can’t be orange, a kitchen pantry purple or a laundry room magenta. Every room can be fun, and if you don’t like it, you can change it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? It’s only paint.

Sherwin-Williams’ The Color Of The Year Is.

15 Purple Rooms That Are Irresistibly Charming

House Tour: A Dark Palette Makes For Chic Design

20 Green Rooms Sprouting With Style

52 Color Swatches To Match The Ugliest Color

Josette Buisson, artistic director, Pittsburgh Paint
A white ceiling can be a big mistake, especially when your walls are very dark. Visually, it’s going to bring it down so that it appears too close to your head. Instead, wrap the entire room in color, including the ceiling. I know a decorator whose kitchen is coated entirely in black, and when you walk in, the ceiling seems to go on forever.

Rita Motta , interior designer
Because I was already going to paint the cement floors in my apartment with porch and garage paint, I chose a small, six-by-ten-foot area, about the size of a rug, and drew a mod, ’60s-revival pattern and painted it yellow. I like to be loud with pattern, and it works well in Miami.

Sarah Cole, director ,Farrow Ball
Paint the insides of shelving a dark color. That will set off dishes, glassware or books. Also, if you have a long, narrow hallway, paint the walls a dark color from ceiling to floor, making sure to include the baseboards and molding so the line is unbroken. Then paint the floor and the ceiling white. The effect will be that the floor and ceiling will reflect light, so it’s not a dark, gloomy space, and the walls will look graphic. It will also make the room that you’re entering look especially bright and airy.

Photographer: Peter Murdock

Doty Horn,director of color and design, Benjamin Moore
Try painting a room one color but in two different finishes. For example, you can create a sense of height by painting the ceiling the same color as the walls but in a glossier sheen (shown, far left). The reflectivity of the light on the ceiling will make it appear much higher.

Kara Mann ,interior designer
If you paint the wall moldings the same color as the walls, it will give the space height and a very European feel. Another suggestion for especially long or narrow rooms is to use a paint with a pearl finish on the walls to add a luminescence. It will not only subtly reflect light but also give the illusion of a bigger space.

Sarah Fishburne,manager of innovation and design, Home Depot
Behr Paint has the Eight-Foot Rule, which says that contrary to what people think, white ceilings can seem lower. The rule is that if your room is less than eight feet high, paint the ceiling a shade or two lighter than your wall color. If your room is higher than eight feet, paint the ceiling two shades darker than your wall color.

Ronald Bricke ,interior designer
I once did a library in a Park Avenue apartment for one of my clients. We had purchased a very large Chesterfield sofa in a wonderful deep red. After a divorce, she got the Chesterfield sofa in the settlement. When my client and her new sofa moved into another apartment, which happened to have lower, eight-foot ceilings, the sofa looked huge, like a Russian tank had parked in her living room. Because it was brand-new, she didn’t want to reupholster it. To make it “fit” into the living room, I painted the entire room red, and the sofa just disappeared.

Vic Barnhill,Mythic Paint
Flat or matte paints don’t reflect light, so they hide imperfect walls better than higher-sheen paints such as eggshell, semi-gloss or high-gloss. However, the smoother the finish, the easier it is to wipe dirt and grit out of cracks and crevices. Flat paints allow moisture to penetrate the walls, and that can result in a mold or mildew problem, so it’s best to use them in low-humidity areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Keeping that in mind, use semi-gloss paints in bathrooms and kitchens or any other high-humidity area. They have tighter films and are able to repel water. High-gloss finishes are good for cabinetry and trim. Remember, if you’re using high-gloss paint on walls or ceilings, make sure the surfaces are perfectly smooth, because it will show every imperfection.

Jay Jeffers ,interior designer
In the past, I have done horizontal or vertical stripes in a mixture of high- and low-sheen paints in the same color. I would also suggest creating an interesting pattern on the wall and ignoring the intersection of wall to ceiling. The pattern will distract the eye from the ceiling height or any inconsistencies in the walls themselves.

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Artwill Interior Design House

Our Philosophy

Artwill is a full-service interior design service provider that offers stylish, customized and thoughtful design solutions to our clients. We take pride in being one of the most client-focused designers in the market – knowing when to engage the client and when to offer our expert opinion. and catering to every need the client may have during the project and beyond.

Established in 2002, we aim to serve as a conduit to the client’s stated desires and unsaid needs and translate them into the most user-centric design in every project. Our working method is to involve the client as much as they would like to during the design process. We also work to minimize the burden placed on clients, by substantiating their ideas and taking care of all finer details.

We are passionate about our work – our source of inspiration is client needs and our goal is client satisfaction. Our philosophy is to develop the ultimate customized design for every client we have the privilege of serving. Each of our interior designers, project managers and customer service officers are eager to serve our clients as trusted advisors – sharing our ideas and ensuring that your needs are met within the strictest time and costs schedules.

Our Services

With our clients’ needs at heart, Artwill is highly flexible with the range of services we offer:

  • Residential interior design planning
  • Commercial interior design planning
  • Design build
  • Project management
  • Procurement construction
  • Interior architectural design and submission for approval

We specialize in residential and commercial interior design. and have significant experience in developing solutions for a wide range of properties and clients – including large property developers. law firms. advertising agencies. retail chains. and large and small residential property owners. We offer comprehensive solutions from design to construction. overall project management and post-construction maintenance .

If you need inspiration for your space, we would be delighted to help you define your needs by discussing through your company’s values or your family’s lifestyle. But if you already have concrete ideas on your requirements, we can jump start and begin detailing the design schematics. We will develop customized proposals for each client. The timing, deliverables and costs for each stage will be clearly stated, and all options listed out in detail. Our clients are the ultimate decision makers of what is required, and we would be glad to revise the proposal until you are fully satisfied.

At Artwill, we handpick our builders from the industry’s best talents and together strive to deliver unparalleled workmanship and finishing. We would be glad to sort out all construction details with you in your or our office, but we would be equally excited in escorting you to the workshop to choose your favorite piece of marble. If carpentry happens to be a leisure pursuit of yours, our craftsmen would be thrilled to have you join them for an afternoon of sculptural exploration.

Our Team

Our team of interior designers and construction project manager are highly experienced in the field and have completed projects in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and the US. Key members of our team:

Regina has more than 15 years of experience in interior design, working on a diverse range of projects including large residences, offices, and public spaces. A keen traveller, she is always in search of best boutique hotels and home-furnishing stores around the world. She obtained her Bachelor degree in the Interior Design (honor) from Swinbume of Technology University in Australia and has received a number of interior design awards.

Our Clients



Monmouth Villa, Mid-levels (Show Flat)Park Tower, Tin Hau

Parkview Crescent, Peak

Race Court Mansion, Happy Valley

Realty Garden, Mid-levels

Residence Bel-Air, Cyberport

Robinson Heights, Mid-levels

Ronsdale Garden, Tai Hang

Shan Shing Bldg, Happy Valley

Shiu King Court, Mid-levels

Skyview Cliff, Mid-levels

Star Crest, Wan Chai

Sunrise House (Joint apt. with roof top)

The Colclonade, Happy Valley

The Grand Panorama, Mid-levels West

The Imperial Court, Mid-levels

The Leighton Hill, Happy Valley

Tregunter Tower, Mid-levels

Victoria Park Mansion, Causeway Bay

Village Terrace, Happy Valley

Windsor Court, Mid-levels West

Winfield Building, Happy Valley

Hong Kong Island

43 Stubbs Road, Mid-levels

57 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley

Academic Terrace, Mid-levels (Duplex)

Baguio Villa, Cyberport

Beverly Hills, Happy Valley

Borrett Mansions, Mid-levels

Bowen Place, Mid-levels

Carolina Garden, The Peak

Casa 880, Quarry Bay

Centre Stage, Central

Comfort Mansion, Happy Valley

Conduit Tower, Mid-levels (Duplex)

Dragon Peak, Tin Hau

Elegant Garden, Mid-levels

Fairview Court, Happy Valley

Fontana Garden, Tai Hang

Fortress Garden, Fortress Hill

Fulham Garden, Mid-levels

Glory Heights, Mid-levels West

Harbour View Terrace

Hatton Place, Mid- Levels

Hee Wong Terrace, Kennedy Town

Illumination Terrace, Tai Hang

Island lodge, North Point

La Place De Victoria, North Point

Marborough House, Happy Valley

Marinella, Wong Chuk Hang


Aria Kowloon Peak, Ngau Chi Wan

Braga Circuit, Ho Man Tin

Harcourt Garden (Duplex)

Imperial Cullinan, Olympic Station

King’s Park Hill Tower, Ho Man Tin

Kiu Shing Building, To Kwa Wan

Laguna City, Lam Tin

Manhattan Hill, TST

Nelson Court, Mong Kok

Parc Oasis, Kowloon Tong

Peace Tower, Ho Man Tin

Telford Garden, Kowloon Bay

The Cullinan, TST

The Pacifica, Cheung Sha Wan

The Waterfront, TST

New Territories

Bayview Garden, Tung Mun

Coastal Skyline, Tung Chung

Hill Paramount, Sha Tin

Ocean Pointe, Sham Tseng

Repulse Bay Apartment

The Great Hill, Sha Tin

Yuen Long Plaza, Yuen Long


Aegis Capital Limited

AID Partners Holdings Limited

Asatsu – DK Hong Kong Limited

Best Oasis Holdings Limited

China Mining Resources Group Limited

CNT Commercial Building

Corbis International LLC (Hong Kong)

Function Telecommunications Co. Limited

Kaleidoscope Kreations Limited

Lockton Companies (Hong Kong) Limited

Russell Investment Group Limited

StorageTek North Asia Limited

Waiora Hong Kong

Retail/F B

Hanayaka Hong Kong

Fai’s Seafood Restaurant

Prince Of Wales Hospital Cafeteria

Taste of Singapore, Kowloon Bay Megabox

Building lobby

Bowen Place, Mid-levels

Catic Plaza, Causeway Bay

Monmouth Villa, Mid-levels

Urbana 38, Mid-levels


Ben’s Dancing Association

Monmouth Villa – Club House, Mid-levels

Repulse Bay Garden

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Miami Florida

Interior Designer, Miami- More than 25 Years creating beautiful designs. Our Miami interior designers can offer you a fully personalized design service ranging from bars, restaurants, commercial and home styles to suit each and every need.

To see some samples of what we can do for you, please select from a range of our recent design work.

Looking for a High- End Miami Interior Designer?

When searching for a qualified interior designer in South Florida, allow Miami Interior Design Company, J Design Group to assist you. You can trust a firm who takes great pride in providing cutting-edge interior designs to each and every interior design client. When looking for the highest quality interior designer in Miami, search no more, J. Design Group is your best option.


Bathrooms are one of the most important and most often overlooked rooms in the home. Find out how our experienced interior designers can give you breathtaking bathrooms your guests will never forget.


We have a wide range of models and color themes to suit all types of bedrooms. We will work with you based on your preferences and style to create the best bedrooms possible.

Living Rooms

Want to do more with your living space? Allow our highly experienced design professionals to help you create the perfect living rooms to meet your needs and style preferences.

Dining Rooms

The perfect dining room can say a lot about a home and a family. Allow us to help you create a stunning dining room you will want to eat in for many years to come. Don’t forget to invite your friends!


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Does yours function how you want it to? We can help you to choose the most fascinating kitchen elements, including custom designed cabinets.


The home bar is growing in popularity in recent years and there are now many more fabulous design ideas for bars than ever before. The choices can seem overwhelming but our experts can help you get the.


Choosing the right doors is an integral and complex part of every interior design project. Every door plays an important role in the overall context of the design. Allow our experts to help you choose the perfect doors.

Design Elements

The elements of design used in decorating a home or an office space should be a reflection of your personality. You should feel at one with the design and like it expresses you. Together with our interior design.

Home Theaters

Home theaters are all the rage and you too can have the perfect home theater, surround sound and HDTV system. Allow our experts the opportunity to help you do it all in style.


Whether it is a bar or the restaurant or the entrance of a five star hotel, our team of designers is equally adept to utilize paneling in the most stunning way for the space provided.


Many people overlook their showers as an important part of the interior design. Our team of professionals is highly imaginative and creative to help you design every shower with a unique touch in line with your.

Wall Units

We have the expertise needed to help you create an innovative wall unit design for your home that will be the envy of everyone. Talk with us about wall units today- from the simple to luxury designs, we have what you.


Closets are one of the most important parts of the home but they often go overlooked. Our Miami interior design professionals can give you closets that look great and meet the organizational and storage.


The restaurant needs to be both dazzling and relaxing; impressive places that your guests still feel comfortable dining in. Our experts can help you achieve your goals of the perfect restaurant for every.


Commercial interior design doesn’t have to be cold and informal. Allow our professionals the opportunity to give you commercial design with the warmth of that “at-home” feeling.


Our passion makes the ordinary house an extraordinary home. We can do the same for you. No matter what type of house you have, we can help you make it a home you will cherish for the rest of your life.


With the right landscaping, your backyard can become your home away from home. When you let us help you, we can design the perfect landscaping for your style and your property.

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IDC is the one stop resource to creating a new look for your home.

We specialize in residential homes with designs that reflect our clients’ personality and lifestyle. We have found that most clients know exactly what they like, they just don’t quite know how to put all of the aspects of the room together for a finished “Designer Look”. That is where we can save you time, money and frustration! Here at Interior Design Concepts, we make sure that the job is completed from beginning to end and that our customers are happy with the quality and craftsmanship throughout.

Interior Design services for New construction or remodeling projects.
Tile, Carpet, Wood Flooring, Hunter Douglas Blinds, staging, furniture & accessories, custom furniture, Tommy Bahama Patio Furniture, Lexington Home Furnishings, Custom Draperies, Four Hands Home Collection, & More!

Northern Colorado and Wyoming

Contact. Lori James

Location. 7499 Westgate Dr. Suite 103
Windsor. Colorado 80550
United States

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