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We understand that no one wants to be in the position to have to hire a criminal defense attorney. But if you do, you want to hire one you can trust who has the experience to know exactly what to do in your situation.

Kris Carrasco is a criminal defense attorney with an office in Vancouver, WA who focuses on individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses throughout Washington and Oregon. Kris is experienced in defending clients in all areas of criminal law, including, domestic violence, drunk driving (DUI or DUII). drug charges. assault, theft, harassment, and other criminal charges. He is admitted to practice law in Washington, Oregon and California and limits his practice to Washington and Oregon.

Kris fights tirelessly for his clients to ensure that their rights are protected and that their case results in their favor. Kris uses his years of experience defending hundreds of clients to come up with a specialized plan in each case to ensure success.

Kris Carrasco is always accessible and makes sure to inform his clients in each step of their case. He understands that the legal system can be overwhelming, so he will always make time to answer all of your questions and explain difficult concepts. Kris is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk about your case.

We offer affordable payment options with flexible payment plans. When you are faced with a criminal charge you need an attorney that can put together a plan for you to make sure you get the best possible results. Contact our office via our contact form . or call day or night 360.975.4673 .

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Domestic violence charges are aggressively pursued by the government, even when no one involved wants to press charges. No-contact orders are almost always issued, which break up families and create serious financial stress. Kris Carrasco is an experienced domestic violence attorney who has handled thousands of domestic violence cases and can help you come up with a strategy to get you the best outcome.

DUI penalties in Washington depend on how many prior DUI convictions or other convictions originally charged as a DUI that have been reduced to negligent driving or reckless driving. Washington imposes mandatory minimum jail sentences and fines based on these factors. Additionally, the department on licensing initiates a separate process for suspending your license as soon as you are arrested for DUI, which requires immediate action to fight.

If you are facing a DUI charge you may want to consider entering a deferred prosecution program or diversion program. These options each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages depending on your particular situation. We can help you decide if these options are right for you and make sure that you make the best decision in your case.

Driving under the influence charges can affect just about anyone and are treated very seriously by police, prosecutors and judges. Consequences include mandatory jail time, loss of your driving privileges and heavy fines. Hire an experienced DUI attorney who can navigate through the many legal hurdles in order to keep your license and keep you out of jail.

If you or a loved one is charged with any crime or are under investigation contact our office to set up a free consultation. From Drug Charges to Thefts. Assaults, and Post Conviction. we handle all types of criminal cases. The earlier you get an experienced attorney, the better the outcome. Contact us today.

New DUI Laws for 2016 The Washington State Legislature has passed two new bills that further increase penalties for DUIs. Over the past few years Washington has created more aggressive laws to.

Judge Acquits Client on Rape Charge My client, Tremaine Rambo, won a huge victory today when the court acquitted him on the charge of Attempted Rape in the Second Degree. Tremaine.


Kris Carrasco is licensed to practice law throughout the west coast. He is experienced in criminal and civil law and regularly appears in Clark County Court for criminal hearings and trials.

  • B.A. Philosophy and Political Science – University of Southern California
  • J.D. Criminal Law – Lewis and Clark Law
  • Washington Defenders Association member

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Here s Definitive Proof That Kanye s Through the Wire Accident Wasn t Faked

Perhaps you fired up Twitter this morning to find that Through the Wire, the instant classic College Dropout single that introduced the world to Kanye West as a rapper, was trending, just above Jaren Jackson and below Peter Thiel. No, it isn t because Hillary Clinton is eyeing Yeezy for a Supreme Court slot to counter rumors that Donald Trump wants to put Thiel on the bench. and it s not some joke about Kanye and Kid Cudi s recently exchanged words. For some reason, some rap conspiracists out there are saying that West s big car crash—the one that inspired Wire and is a foundational element of his origin myth—never happened at all. They re wrong, and we can prove it, but we ll get to that in a second.

First, look at a sample of people who need reassurance about the song s veracity:

if Through the Wire is a lie I can t listen to Kanye anymore

So Through The Wire was a lie. Smh

Some background: In the early 2000s, Kanye was known to hip-hop nerds, but only as a producer. He was the guy that who made a bunch of beats for Jay-Z s The Blueprint in 2001, who pioneered the sped-up style of sampling that came to be known as Chipmunk Soul, who rapped the hook on The Blueprint s Never Change. Few people but hardcore rap fans would have recognized his voice at the time, because he didn t make his formal debut as a rapper until Through the Wire, two years later.

On October 23, 2oo2, Kanye was leaving a Los Angeles recording studio after a late-night session when his rented Lexus collided with another car, leaving him hospitalized with a jaw fracture. According to rap legend, the experience of the accident inspired West to get out from behind the boards and pursue his dream of becoming an artist in his own right. The first step in that process was making Through the Wire while his jaw was still wired shut. You can hear how strained he sounds on the recording, and the crash made a big enough impact on him that he rapped about on other songs, too. I know I got angels watching me from the other side, he said on Never Let Me down, thanking God that he didn t die in his car that night.

In other words, by claiming that the crash never happened, you re not just calling the story behind a great song into question: You re claiming that Kanye s entire career was based on a lie. It s unclear how many people even believe that the crash didn t happen: searching for Through the Wire on Twitter mostly turns up incredulous fans wondering how the theory even came to be, or asking why the song is trending in the first place. But if you re interested in parsing the minds of a few stans with way too much time on their hands, read on.

This morning s trend seems to have started with a tweeter from Chicago saying And what s crazy is Kanye still got the world thinking he was in a bad car accident October 2002. all Im a say is come to Chicagoland and ask. In the replies to that tweet, there are several others who make vague references to Kanye allegedly getting beaten up at the same time as the accident. didn t he get jumped because he stole music or something for some people and didnt give credit? one user asks, to which the original tweeter answers plus more to that. Others chime in later about a supposed pistol-whipping, and more say that they ve been hearing stories about the accident being faked for several years.

I m not going to sit here and pretend to know a single lick about internecine fights between Chicago rappers that happened over a decade ago. Maybe Kanye really did get jumped. But the idea that the crash was a ruse to cover up the fact that he took a beating one time doesn t seem to hold water. For one thing, Kanye was hospitalized in Los Angeles, not in Chicago. It s not some story he only started telling after the fact—MTV reported on it at the time. Believing that the crash didn t happen requires believing that Kanye was airlifted to treatment halfway across the country because he was embarrassed about losing a fight, or that the media knowingly published fake stories so that a little-known producer could be spared from shame.

For kicks, let s pretend that all that stuff might be true. Still, how do you explain Miguel Villasana, the other victim of the crash, who, according to an Allhiphop report from 2004, was left with a totaled car, two broken legs, a broken pelvis, broken knees, a shattered ankle and was out of work for over a year ? According to a public document obtained by SPIN, Villasana sued West and several other defendants in Los Angeles Superior Court over a motor vehicle claim in 2003, almost a year to the day after the crash. The suit is too old for the court for the court to have individual documents available online, but it does have a record of the suit having been filed and dismissed about a year later following what appears to have been a settlement agreement. (Paul Fegen, the attorney who represented Villasana in the case, was not immediately available for comment.)

Here s a screenshot from the court s online records. You ll see WEST KANYE O. listed as a defendant near the bottom.

CREDIT: Los Angeles Superior Court

Bull Sessions.

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Designers 4 Designers


Since 2008, we have sourced talent for all types of interior design practices. We work with the best in the industry, many of whom we have known for years. And whilst they are all interior design practices, they each have a unique vision, set of goals and work in different ways.

We have worked as interior designers ourselves, so we know what it’s like when you’re looking for your next move and you want to fulfill your creative potential. That it’s not just about finding a role with career prospects, it’s also about the way the studio works, the team structure and the culture. This is why we always meet and get to know our clients and candidates really well. So we can place the right people in the right jobs where they will be happiest and make the strongest contribution.

Marcus Escott, Founder of D4D Designers 4 Designers

why us

We build teams

We really get to know our clients, so we can source designers with the right skills, expertise and approach.

We develop careers

We provide expert advice, helping interior designers develop their career paths and fulfill their true potential.

We grow businesses

We work with directors and HR to define a people strategy that supports long-term business growth.

What people say about us

Marcus at Designers 4 Designers has been instrumental throughout my career, helping me progress from a Junior Designer to Senior Designer and placing me in some of the best Hotel Design companies in London.

Richard, Senior Designer

Designers 4 Designers were fantastic in helping me find my current job. They understood what I was looking for and prepared me well for interviews – a very supportive design agency who will help you find the job you really want.

Natasha, Junior Designer

I cannot recommend Marcus at D4D more highly, he takes real care in getting to know you to understand your requirements. He is a pleasure to work with. Every candidate put forward is very well considered and of the highest calibre, making the process of recruiting straightforward and hassle free.

Charlie, Director – Mdesign London

Marcus has always provided the highest calibre of candidates for consideration. His innate ability to understand our requirements, total professionalism and connections within the design industry are second to none.

Dennis, Director – Fox Linton Associates

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Interior Design

The Nail Spa – Quintessentially Nailed to Precision

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a manicure treatment at The Nail Spa in one of their ten locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.This boutique spa offers positive energy, a tension eliminatingatmosphere and pristine services with a warm smile.

As an Interior Designer, the idea of a symmetrically aligned and meticulously organized spa is something we only see in design concepts. At The Nail Spa, however, the design was flawlessly executed and brought to life. The mood of the spa is so inviting, and the interior crisp and clean, that you can’t help notice the contemporary, sophisticated, and refined design style.

Well lit acrylic shelves display ing exclusive spa products welcome you at the Reception area. The Nail Spa interior displays a mix of mediums with wooden trim at the top of the walls, funky nail polish holders that spa n from the ceiling to the floor, and colorful towel blocks that provide visual stimulation. This is further complimented by proportionally placed focal points of interest where the eye leads from stations of wavy acrylic panels to bold statements of vivid glass chrome walls in a rich deep hue of violet. Modern seating arrangements and ample service stations entertain and soak tired feet in atension releasing foot soak. A well planned minimalistic layout, keeping flow in mind, is one reason why the spa managed to look picture perfect able to accommodate large amounts of circulation without disrupting the tranquility. Spa rooms offered calming privacy with perfect ambiance for relaxation and one of my favorite features was the starry night illusion on the ceiling created using optical fibers. One distinguishing factor was the temperature of the spa was comfortable for clients with their feet in water or enjoying other spa treatments.

I am fascinated by the proprietor’s ability to maintain exceptionally high standards of perfection, all in style. Needless to say, I’ll be returning again to this slice of heaven soon.

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John Evans Interior Architecture and Design specialise in the creation, design and interior architecture of exquisite environments for the residential and leisure marketplace.

Paloma Posing #palomafriday #pugfriday #pugsofinstagram #pugs #pugstagram #dogs #d
09 Sep

Building long term working relationships with Market Leading Retailers.

John Evans’ pragmatic approach to interior design has enabled us to complete a wide variety of projects including swimming pools with combined leisure facilities to residential properties at home and abroad, as displayed in our portfolio.

je+1 specialise in the creation, design and interior architecture of exquisite environments for the retail and corporate marketplace.

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Welcome to Serba Interiors, a multifaceted interior design firm located in Birmingham’s Rail District. Lead by owner and award winning interior designer Kevin Serba, the firm offers over thirty years of professional design experience to their ever growing list of residential and commercial commissions. Kevin’s timeless and lasting style, regular publication, ongoing community interaction and reputation for possessing a low key, professional demeanor have resulted in over a decade of success and growth for his namesake firm. With a passion for both traditional and contemporary design, Kevin is known for creating comfortable, classic interiors that reflect the individual style and personality of his clients.


In 2005, Kevin Serba opened the doors to Serba Interiors; his fashionable interior design studio located in a quiet corner of the up and coming Birmingham Rail District. Occupying a former shipping warehouse, the studio space was transformed by Mr. Serba into an ideal setting for business and creativity to intermingle. The studio is comprised of the design firm’s offices, over one-thousand square feet of showroom space and a complete design resource library of catalogs, fabrics, wall coverings and floor coverings, where client and designer meet to collaborate on their project. The showroom floor acts as an ever changing stage for the design team to present their latest finds and design ideas. Here, you will find a collection of furniture, lighting, area rugs, fine art and accessories that have been hand-picked and curated by Mr. Serba from around the world. We encourage our clients and prospective clients to visit the design team and experience the studio’s welcoming and creative environment.


2233 Cole Street

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Ah, triangular buildings! This one in Oporto, Portugal was constructed in the 19th century with a footprint of 52 sq.m. A2Office molded the original structure in to a building with four modern studio apartments. Stripping it down to its remaining viable components was the first step. These included the solid log floor joists, which were given a boost in strength. The top floor corner construction was removed, as it did not meet today’s standards. Historic documents guided the creation of facade colors, interior shutters, and new windows. A new timber stair resides where the former narrow and dilapidated once traveled the four levels. Continue reading

February 17, 2015

Calling all car lovers! This former carpentry workshop in Rotterdam invites the beloved automobile right in to the three bed home. Studio OXL drove this modern home design with strength and light. The 30 meters length of the home was daunting in regard to natural light. Yet their solution is brilliant on so many levels. Continue reading

February 1, 2015

The chill is gone from this former refrigerated warehouse. Nevertheless, the expansive space remains, as do the enormous original concrete columns and beams. ACT Design added warmth and opportunity to this Montreal loft for its modern art-collecting owner. Continue reading

When the architecture of an interior is the star, no ornament is required. Bernd Gruber converted this wonderful loft space in to an abstract yet still incredibly intimate one bedroom home. Continue reading

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Lofty ambitions

Looking for loft conversion ideas? If you’re lucky enough to have an attic that is as yet untouched, we say it’s time to make better use of it. Converting loft space can not only provide much needed extra space, whether it be an additional living room. home office or bedroom and bathroom. but when done well can provide financial rewards, should you ever sell your property. We take a look at examples of crafty loft conversions that tackle tricky design stumbling blocks. Follow our guide to transform your attic from cluttered dumping ground into a chic, practical extra room.


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Home Based Business Ideas – Interior Designer

Interior designers are typically licensed, degreed professionals who decorate homes, offices and entire buildings. They juggle environmental, legal and aesthetic concerns in conceptualizing their plans. Interior decorators, who may or may not need professional licenses or as much formal education, often focus on the finishing touches, such as furniture, curtains and color. Both can build a home business but with different salary and job-scope expectations.

Pros of an Interior Designer Home Business

  • It’s a viable artistic outlet.
  • It can attract a wealthy clientele. Fees can range between $60 and $300 an hour.
  • The hours are flexible.
  • A job well done creates positive word of mouth, which is essential for building your business.
  • Finding discounted goods can create greater profit for you and lower prices for your clients. But that puts a premium on building solid relationships with suppliers.

Cons of an Interior Design and Decorating Home Business

  • Picky clients can be trying.
  • Bookkeeping and working with manufacturers and retailers to secure fabrics, furniture and artwork can be time-consuming.
  • It’s somewhat difficult to generate business at first. Licensed interior designers can build trust through internships and junior positions at a firm.
  • The non-artistic aspects of decorating, such as adhering to building-code specifications, can sometimes slow a project.

What You Need to Get Started as an Interior Designer

  • For interior design, you’ll need a four-year interior design degree from a college or university that has been accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. and later, depending on the state, a license. Passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification test is a must for licensing. An internship, followed by a junior position at a design firm, are beneficial for gaining initial experience.
  • Good taste, an eye for spatial relationships and an entrepreneurial spirit are essential, as is an understanding of styles, fabrics and other materials.
  • Experience with computer-aided design (CAD) programs is also recommended, particularly for interior designers.
  • You must establish yourself as a legitimate enterprise. Business cards and a website with 15 to 20 before-and-after shots can serve as an interior design portfolio.
  • Fellowship with a professional organization such as the American Society of Interior Designers or Certified Interior Decorators International can help you network and grow.
  • Learn to sketch. Prospects are often wowed by an impromptu sketch of what a detail or the big picture could look like.
  • A sense of personal style in the way you dress and act. If you don’t look well put together, who will believe your design aesthetic will?

Interior Designer: Real Life Example

“Painted House” and “Facelift” TV host Debbie Travis, sometimes called the Martha Stewart of Canada, had a very humble start in the decorating business. She bought an old Victorian house in her adopted hometown of Montreal and overhauled it, according to her bio on the “Painted House” website. She soon began receiving commissions to decorate department stores and other public venues, and her model looks soon led her to television.

This article is part of the 7 Home Based Home Improvement Businesses collection. Use the link to access other home-based businesses in this collection.

LifeWire, a part of The New York Times Company, provides original and syndicated online lifestyle content. Ron Dicker is a New York-based freelance writer who covered sports for the New York Times from 1996 to 2005.

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Welcome Inchbald School of Design

The Inchbald School of Design, based in London, is an independent school of Interior Design, Interior Decoration and Garden Design, offering online and in-house courses ranging from Master of Arts Programmes to short introductory courses. Established in 1960, and the first interior design school in Europe, Inchbald provides a broad based training for designers wishing to specialise in high-end residential and commercial work.

With its global reputation for excellence and decades of experience, studying with Inchbald enables students to hone their talent and bring out their individual attitude to design, setting them firmly on the path to success. The School has a long-established reputation for serious, practical training that is designed to prepare our graduates to enter the design professions and counts among its alumni some of the most respected garden and interior designers in the world.

Inchbald fosters a continuing relationship with graduates through portfolio consultations, internships, work placements and career advice, both during the course and on into professional life.

Image Menu

Online Courses

Interior Courses

Garden Courses

Contact Us

\”I really appreciate Inchbald School. The course was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life.\”

Sarah Hammond (Inchbald Online)

\”I was already working as a garden designer for local clients but knew I wanted to grow my business with the weight of a really good design school behind me. I took the Inchbald online diploma as it allowed me to keep working whilst studying. It was hard work but the course was very well put together, with proper deadlines to meet and plenty of support from tutors, other students and online forums. I felt a real sense of achievement when I finished the course. A year later I gained accreditation from the Society of Garden Designers which is the only professional association for garden designers in the UK.\”

\”I can honestly say making the decision to sign up to this course was one of the best things I have done, I’ve found it fantastic and would be happy to recommend it to anyone seriously considering a life in this exciting world.\”

Eva-Elisabeth W Knudtzon, Visuelle Designs, Norway (Inchbald Online)

\”As online student you also get to know students from all around the world and this gives you a wonderful insight into many different cultures and the way they live through their individual interior design. I have made many good friends and useful contacts.\”

\”Inchbald is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I hope to come back one day.\”

Eva-Elisabeth W Knudtzon, Visuelle Designs, Norway (Inchbald Online)

“I congratulate you and I admire your fantastic work to get the education to such a high level and I promote it in Norway as often as possible. Thanks to the Inchbald and my major design project for the historic Hotel Ullensvang in Norway, I am now their interior designer.”

Claire Worlidge (Inchbald Online)

\”Having done a bit of adult education I am totally in awe of the way the course is structured. It\’s so clever how new layers are introduced and how, with the activities and assignments, new skills are taught and practiced. and all by distance learning! The Session notes are so clear and manageable and the feedback from other tutors and students really helpful. \”

Debbie Cavit, Cavit & Co, New Zealand

\”To have kept Inchbald at the top of your field for 54 years is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!\”

Catherine Carpenter – Director, Folk of London (Inchbald Online)

\”I have an MA in Architecture and worked as a Senior Project Manager for a Specialist Construction Company for 6 years. I decided to take this course to learn about interiors and develop a portfolio which would allow me to set up my own practice. In order to afford the course I needed to continue working, so on-line is the perfect choice for me. I\’m really enjoying it, the course work is detailed, interesting and challenging. I’m always raving about it to my friends. The online is comprehensive, thorough and the pace is fast, and this gives you proper sense of the reality of design production timescales.\”

I wanted to say first and foremost how much I enjoyed the past year at Inchbald, and how much I have learnt from the experience.
\”I have had quite a few offers of internships from company\’s such as Staffan Tollgard and others. I am currently interviewing for a project management position at Savills, which will expose me to the entire scope of developing and managing property.
Thank you so much for putting on such a great course, I thoroughly enjoyed it!\”


  • Eileen Wood wins gold at RHS Tatton Park, July 2016
    August 2, 2016
    We are delighted to announce that Inchbald Garden Design Diploma Part Time graduate, Eileen Wood was awarded a Gold Medal in the Back to Back Gardens section at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2016. For more information please click on the image.
  • The English Garden Future Fund Bursary shortlist had been announced!
    July 21, 2016
    The English Garden in partnership with Inchbald School of Design launched an annual scheme called The Future Fund Bursary in Spring 2016. The competition required entrants to sketch a design for a small London roof garden. These sketches have been before the judges and there is now a shortlist. So it is now over to [ ]

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