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Places like hotels, restaurants, and bars require a large deal of precision in designing, to increase its appeal. Increasing its appeal means more customers, and more customers mean more income. To design a bar well, you must make it stylish, spacious, energizing, and bright yet pleasant.

The floor of this bar is wooden and is a rich deep hue of brown that seems to glow in the light from above. The color of the floor improves and adds to the ambiance of a room, and the smooth texture of the floor makes customers more at ease when they walk and set their feet on the ground. On top of that, the bar counter and the floor seem to blend in with their deep browns.

The bar stools are so beautiful here. With slim necks and adjustable heights, these stools would encourage one to sit even if he has no intention of having a drink or two. The seats are circular cushions, colored differently for each stool. The types range from chocolate brown to salmon pink and white. They have small backrests, broad and long, perfect for the design of the stool.

The counter, such an important part of a bar’s design, is sleek, shiny, and a classy black, ideal for serving drinks on. The lighting of this bar is elegantly done. The dark ceiling is lit by glowing white lights that look like floating lotuses. The storage area for the alcohol is elegant and beautiful. It makes use of skilful lighting to ensure that the alcohol people order looks as attractive as the liquid is to alcoholics. This bar even has a flat screen television on one side, maybe to watch a football match or two. It is spacious, elegant, sleek, well lit, and exactly the place bar-hoppers would love to go to.


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