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Studio apartment interior design ideas are usually set in limited place. Even though it is just small, it has living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Unfortunately for student or worker because most studio apartment style not equipped with area to use as study room or personal office. But you can make it, we will show you the how to do that. Some people may consider that living in studio apartment is not comfortable but it s not entirely true if the apartment has brilliant design, those may change that perception. There is a studio apartment design which lies in 45 square feet and make everyone like living in box. Can it be a comfortable apartment? You need to think what the best answer is. By being creative in finding studio apartment interior design ideas, the problem will be solved.

As stated above that there are two main problems that should be overcome. First problem is about the small area where the studio apartment interior design ideas will be applied. The second problem is the shape of the place. It is like a rectangular box. Okay, let s discuss about design that you need to remodeling the box into heaven apartment.

Create more room with divider

This is a solution for students or workers who want a special room to concentrate in studio apartment. Divide the room is the best choice. A lot of media that can be used as a useful divider, one of them is a standing rack like design on top. Standing rack is used as a divider between the bedroom and work space while keep maintaining the standing rack function as a book storage. Not only for bedroom but also living room and kitchen can also be divided to make other rooms.

More hanging and standing furniture

When you decorate small studio apartment, the wall is your friend you should use as possible. You can install TV, fan, sound unit on the wall in front of the sofa. Or you can make All in One Rack by Ezequil Vales. He provide brilliant idea about a super multifunctional rack for small studio apartment as seen in the picture. You have small office, piano table, filing cabinet, book case in useful single rack.

Sleeping Place Based

For sleeping place, you can make a comfortable bed lied on top of seven stairs that are able to be your drawers. Putting a mattress or a cozy bed on the top of those stairs is what you have to do to save a lot of space. This design made JPDA Architects to the answer needs of a bed in a studio apartment.
Now you need to buy furniture with higher legs, especially the table. The under table can be used to store lightweight items such as magazines, photo gallery or book. Besides the room will look more alive. Use a combination of two different colors for the furniture and walls. Bright colors on the walls such as white will make the room look wider. Then mix with a darker color to give an elegant impression on furniture or accents.

Mirror to spread the light

Most studio apartments interior only have one big window at the front and sometimes behind the bulkhead less get maximum exposure. Therefore, the mirror is ideal for spreading the light to each side of the room. Or you can install small hanging lamps on important places that hard to reach the light from outside.

Create an interesting focal point

Create a focal point in the room is good ideas to make the box more interesting to live. Focal point should not be in the middle. You can build it in most convenient area in the apartment or according taste. Areas around windows are one of the best side to make a focus spot. The balcony also great options to make the spot with small couch and single table. You can sit back on the couch while enjoying the scenery outside the apartment.

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