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Short Courses


Short Courses offered under the Continuing Education Programme at Whitecliffe are non-graduating (non-credit) which means that students enrolled in any of the courses are NOT eligible for a student loan. These course are not full time and while international students are welcome to enrol in them if in New Zealand on valid visa, the courses do not create eligibility for a student visa to study in New Zealand.
International or New Zealand Students interested in full time study in arts or design are advised to consider an application to the Certificate Programmes and Bachelor of Fine Arts programmes offered at Whitecliffe.

Students do not need to have completed a course in the previous term in order to enrol in a current or future term.
Courses are open to all people aged 14 years and over unless specified otherwise in the course description. No qualifications or experience are necessary unless specified in the course description.
A material list will be provided with confirmation of enrolment.

All courses run at the Balfour Road Campus in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand. We do not currently provide online courses.
For your security, the Whitecliffe campus is protected by a key pad access system. As part of your course fee you will be given a key pad access code on the first class of your course which will give you access to Whitecliffe during your scheduled classes.

Whitecliffe College of Arts Design is a Tertiary Education provider and as such follows the University calendar. Therefore some courses may start on a school holiday week.
Terms at Whitecliffe run over a seven-week period, but evening courses consist of six classes which run from 6pm – 9pm on weekday evenings. Each class will therefore have a one week break in the fourth week of classes when Whitecliffe Undergraduate Workshops are held. If a class needs to be cancelled, it will run on the next available day or by arrangement between the tutor and students.

Whitecliffe reserves the right to modify the fees, scheduled time and course structure.
Whitecliffe may suspend an enrolment if false information has been supplied or required information is not supplied by the due date.
Whitecliffe can archive, display or utilise any artistic material generated during the course of study.
Whitecliffe may collect, store and use any personal and course related customer information for internal purposes, or as requested by the Tertiary Education Commission, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority or other Government agencies in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. Customers are entitled to request to see personal information held about them by Whitecliffe College of Arts Design.

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