Ninja Forms +
SalesForce CRM

Connect your forms to your Salesforce CRM account

The Salesforce CRM enables you to add your Ninja Form data directly into your Salesforce CRM account. Standard objects such as Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, and Task are built in and automatically linked so that tasks and opportunities are linked to their leads, contacts, or accounts. Other objects in your account can be retrieved and used at your request.

Custom fields in your objects are also supported so if you have customized your objects, you ll have access to those fields too.

Additionally, you can insert a note and attach it to a Lead, Contact, and Account!

NOTE: To use the API, your organization must be on one of the following editions:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition



2017.05.19 Add Campaign Linking Remove HTML tags that appear in text areas Remove builder template action hooks Use htmlentities for settings display avoid html output from response


2017.04.14 Add status message for Salesforce 403 Forbidden error This is for Salesforce accounts which do not have API access enabled


2017.03.20 Change slug and name constants for auto update


Add handling for extracting file from file upload in NF3

Add file upload special instructions

Move duplicate check array to shared functions for NF3 use

Correct Field Map Upgrade lookup


Add date formatting function so that form designer can use local date format on form and date will converted to Salesforce-required date format prior to submisssion


Fix is_array code in validate_raw_form_value method in build request


Enable Sandbox mode by way of a filter Correct duplicate filter name for child object array modifications Add support for file uploads into Salesforce Add json request to communication details when Salesforce rejects the request


2015.05.12 Add status update when duplicate check is not requested; before, if no duplicate check is performed, status does not update. This change will enhance support


2015.03.23 Add feature check for duplicate values and create task to validate duplication


2015.01.22 Check for available fields before refreshing object; Before would throw a warning if settings were unable to retrieve an object. After checks for null and sets a descriptive error


2015.01.19 Add automatic connection of Note to Lead, Contact, Account


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