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Welcome to SA Drywall – drywalling contractors. We are a specialist ceiling and partition company. You will find excellent quality workmanship at a fair price here. You will also receive a fast service. We are not the cheapest in the industry but we are the best. If you are looking for quality over quantity then you have come to the right place.

Our drywalling services include:

Drywall partitioning: which we install with optional insulation which is inserted into the cavity of the wall. Insulation will make the room soundproof and keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer. Fire rated drywall: which minimises the risk due to fire. Our supplier issues with a fire rated certificate with recommended method of construction. Drywall ceilings: are a popular choice for homes. Customers install ceilings with down lighters for a modern look.

Flush skim ceilings: are given a Rhinolite basecoat and then skimmed smooth with cretestone. Suspended ceilings: also know drop ceiling or lay-in ceiling. Most corporate customers choose this ceiling and a lot of people are doing their garages with suspended ceiling which is very cost effective. Bulkhead ceilings: form a box shape beneath the main ceiling and are very aesthetically pleasing. Bulkheads are seen in fancy homes and entrance halls to hotels. Shop hoarding: is used to close a shop due to renovations inside the shop. . We have done extensive hoarding work at Cape Gate shopping mall and other malls.

Our drywalling team

Our drywalling team consists of skilled artisans and labourers. Our foreman has been involved in our industry for over 20 years and is well known for his high standard of work. When choosing SA Drywall for your drywalls and ceilings, you can rest assured that you’re getting the job done right. It’s so important in our industry to do your due diligence when choosing a suitable contractor. We have too many people trying to make a quick buck and that is where many problems arise. Choose SA Drywall for you next project and you will be very happy. We are able to give you expert advice on your project if required. See drywall installation for more information.

How we work

SA Drywall follows exact drywall installation procedures and we do not cut any corners. We also buy our materials from reputable suppliers. Our workers are friendly and trustworthy. We will simplify the process for you. Your job will be done in the required time frame. We are a Lafarge Certified installer. Lafarge is the biggest supplier of gypsum boards in South Africa.

Why drywall?

Drywalling is a cost effective alternative to brick and mortar. And can be erected in half the time. Many different types of structures can be built using drywall. Drywall installations are not limited to ceiling and partitions. They can be used to build shelves, headboards and more. Drywalling definitely has its advantages. But there are a few disadvantages too. Drywall should never be installed near damp or wet areas. Rhinoboard is vulnerable to water and can break if not installed properly or not used for the right application.

You will find pictures of our recent work by scrolling down on this page. You will also find recent customers we’ve worked with. We can also provide you with contact name and numbers of these companies so you can get references if you want.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from you.

The SA Drywall Team

Interior design jobs cape town

Interior design jobs cape townInterior design jobs cape town

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