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We have had the pleasure of working with the Rumour Has It team on various projects. It is the kind of team you want to work with in a modern society. Not only are they all pleasant to work with, with the professionalism that is required, but they go the extra mile in achieving project objectives. They have their pulse on all the latest trends, technologies etc. that puts the client in the forefront of interior design through creativity and innovation. They have a hands-on approach and are very pro-active with high levels of expertise. To that extent one can rest assured that projects will be completed on time. With them the client always comes first. Sumi Creative Co would definitely work with them again!

Sumi Creative Co

RHI is a vibrant business that has the capacity to deal with a wide variety of interior design and build projects. RHI really listens to what a client wants and takes great care to arrive at the client’s desired result. RHI has the benefit of years of experience to help them understand all principles and elements of design. Good service has been at the heart of the business and extremely professional. When they manage a project, they take full ownership up to the last detail. RHI’s biggest strength is their people-skills. They are a great team to have on board and a pleasure from start to finish. RHI create beautiful spaces with great care, creativity and flair.

Residential: Erika Luyckx

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Rumour Has It team. They communicate well, service is efficient and they were truly helpful in every sense of the word, particularly with their management skills. It was fantastic to work with such an effective design group, whom without the final outcome of our project would not have been half as great as it was.

Robin Sprong: Cobus Engelbrecht

We used RHI to renovate a main bedroom and en-suite bathroom. From the start it was perfect. They immediately understood the look and feel we wanted and guided us on a professional level to get even more. Storyboard, photos, visits to clients’ houses and endless enthusiasm and patience guaranteed exactly what we dreamt of and more. RHI negotiated, made plans and handled every foreseen and unforeseen problem. We are currently in the process of designing our home and RHI was part of the team even before we had chosen an architect.

Residential: Michael Truter

Both in South Africa and abroad, I have found Rumour Has It and their services to be professional, detailed, inspired and innovative. The projects that the Private Residence Club (PRCC) has worked on with Rumour Has It, are a testament to their ability to address a wide range of activities and your expertise with a diverse palette: Kalumbila Lodge and Hotel (Zambia), Lanzerac Hotel (Stellenbosch) and The Yacht Hotel & Spa (Lagos).

The Private Residence Club Collection: Max Lourens (CEO)

It is a pleasure to be able to recommend Rumour Has It as my experience in working with them has been well above average. As a team they are always available, deliver service with a smile and are great interior designers. In terms of project management they deliver in time and on budget and are exceptional value for money. The fact that Rumour Has It sources products makes it seamless. I will make use of their services in the future whenever the opportunity arises.

Life Kingsbury Hospital: Dr Justin M. Gavanescu (Hospital Manager)

Working with Rumour Has It has been a delightful experience. Our project was small in comparison to what they usually deal with but we never once felt that we weren’t given their undivided attention. They clearly have a great eye for detail and their input and expertise was invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend friends to use the services of Rumour Has It. They are soft, gentle and non-intrusive whilst working in your space and the transformation is brilliant.

Global Performance Management: Angelique Naude

Rumour Has It lead the revitalisation of the Life Vincent Pallotti Oncology unit almost 2 years ago. Their selection and combination of colours, textures, artwork and durable materials created a breath-taking result, which lead to Life Healthcare involving them with the design and decoration of the reception and ground floor of the new Life Kingsbury Hospital. They are working seamlessly with the architectural team and contractors to deliver projects on time. Their keen interest on the needs of the client and the ultimate user and their attention to detail make them a pleasure to work with.

Life Group Healthcare: Japie du Toit (Regional Hospital Manager)

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