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Restaurant Interiors. Designs

Major Dining Projects from around the world

Restaurant Design

We ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Restaurant Design .

We cover completed buildings, new interior designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions for restaurants across the world. The focus is on contemporary Restaurants.

We have 2 pages of Restaurant Architecture selections.

Restaurant Interior. news + key projects (this page)

Restaurant Latest Designs

Restaurant Designs latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Southwest NY Restaurant. New York, USA 5 Aug 2013
Design: Wid Chapman Architects

photo © Paul Johnson
This freestanding restaurant in Battery Park represents a rebranding of a highly successful “Tex-Mex” restaurant that had existed nearby for over a decade.The challenge was to make the spaces feel distinct from one another while united by a cohesive theme, using rustic materials in unusual ways to create an upscale vibe.

Favelous 963. Amsterdam, The Netherlands Pop up restaurant 28 Jun 2013
Design: Favelous, Architects

photo. Arne Kuilman
What can you make out of 900 meters of split bamboo, 600 meters of black rope and 300 meters of damaged bicycle tires collected from the local stores? The Favelous team made a pop-up restaurant at Mediamatic Fabrique.

Jamie’s Italian Aberdeen. Scotland
Design: Stiff Trevillion Architects

photo © Keith Hunter

Jamie’s Italian Aberdeen 20 May 2013
The restaurant occupies the first and second floors of the Union Street frontage of the old Esslemont and Macintosh department store. This was a retail landmark in the city and is a listed building. The design respects the original building, and restores the windows, cast iron structure and wooden floors. The exterior will be repaired and cleaned and the original mosaic signage retained.

1090 Rochus. Bauernfeldplatz, Vienna, Austria
Design: Söhne Partner Architekten

photo. Severin Wurnig

Rochus Restaurant 24 Apr 2013
When planning this building the instructors made a great effort to include all different requirements in the project without, however, neglecting the idea of a unified architectural line. So when the general refurbishment on Bauernfeldplatz in 1090 Vienna started it was important to connect the different levels and to open up the restaurant towards the road space in the foreground. A special element of the building is the sun garden from 1913.

Il Milione Hong Kong
Architects: Design LSM

photograph courtesy of architects

Il Milione Restaurant 19 Mar 2013
Elegant interior by English architects: Il Milione was a challenging project, not least because of its location, relative to where the design was being developed. The building had limited natural light and a low, fixed ceiling height. This was overcome by the inventive use of indirect lighting and reflective ceiling features, which accentuate the space .

Barbouni Beach Restaurant. Costa Navarino, Greece
Design: K-STUDIO

photograph © Yiorgos Kordakis

Greek Beach Restaurant 13 Feb 2013
The major challenge in the design for this building was dealing with the dominant natural conditions: the burning 40-degree midday sun and the notorious ‘Meltemi’ summer wind. Rather than blocking the effects of these natural forces, the architects welcomed them, embracing their qualities, adding them to their palate of materials, and turning them to the advantage of the design.

French Restaurant. Seoul, South Korea
BANG by MIN emerging design group

image. Choi, Jungwoo

French Restaurant in Seoul 5 Jul 2012
‘La Ville de Pins’ is a French Restaurant Remodeling project in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, which is the hottest district at metropolitan area in the city of Seoul, Korea. I thought that the conciseness might tell the message more strongly in the age when the extraordinary designs are rampant formatively and visually. Therefore, I designed this space only with white color and shapes of extremely moderated straight line on the whole .

Sake MANZO. Beijing, China
Beijing Matsubara and Architects

photograph. Misae HIROMATSU

Sake MANZO. Beijing 26 Mar 2012
This is a renovation project of an old building made into a Japanese restaurant. As Manzo Bar (design by BMA 2005) was to move, the architects were requested to design the interior space again. In April 2011, the project started from demolishing the interior decoration of the former Chinese restaurant.

NOMA Lab. Copenhagen, Denmark

picture. Adam Mørk

NOMA Restaurant 29 Feb 2012
Interior by 3XN for NOMA Restaurant’s food lab unites the creative worlds of gastronomy and architecture in a modern expression of the Nordic aesthetic.

Recent Restaurant Designs

Rocksalt Restaurant. Folkestone, England
Guy Hollaway Architects

photo from Guy Hollaway Architects

New Restaurant Design 14 Sep 2011
Guy Hollaway Architects’ design for Folkestone’s new high profile restaurant Rocksalt has been completed. The architects’ thoughtful and well-executed design elevates the harbour-side building on a pale green slate plinth and cantilevers it out over the water, creating 430 sqm of space and offering visitors stunning views.

Garden Restaurant. Kiev, Ukraine
4a Architekten

photo. beproactiv

Garden Restaurant Kiev
The location of this restaurant – a green space surrounded by historical buildings at the heart of Kiev – and the old trees with their protective canopy of leaves have helped shape the spot and give it its unique atmosphere. The central concern of the Stuttgart architects was to capture these characteristic features and further enhance them with a sensitive approach to the overall design: floating levels, lightweight structures and clear, elegant materials characterise the ambience of the garden restaurant.

Restaurant Interiors

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