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Interior restaurant design

  • Interior restaurant design

  • Interior restaurant design

  • Interior restaurant design

  • Interior restaurant design

  • Interior restaurant design

  • Interior restaurant design

  • Interior restaurant design
  • HTS Interiors, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    F38, Curve Building, Near Noor Islamic Metro, Sheikh Zayed Road,

    + 971 (04) 330 6217,

    Interior restaurant design


    Established in 2009, HTS Interiors works with businesses from large scale to small scale industries from full spectrum of Interior design services to manage every process from bespoke furniture to complete turnkey interior design solutions.

    With years of experience, we know and believe in the power of design. We have a unique approach that only ends in the satisfaction of our clients. We know that only the precise execution of details combined with the highest quality will help create a list of long loyal clients as we have now. We see each space as a possibility for endless styles and we define its limits based on your desire. We would love to join hands with you to provide our impeccable style of well established spaces anywhere.

    Our Management has expert Engineers, Artisans and Craftsmen set us wide apart from our competition. Their strict adherence to excellence and their commitment to exceed our client’s expectations to accumulate together in a beautifully set out environment that are graceful and timeless.

    Interior restaurant design


    At HTS Interiors, we do not strive to find a solution that fits all. We know that you are unique – we strive that our designs should be based on you – just Unique and Special. Our designs are as diverse as your culture, as truthful as your values and as endless as your imagination. At HTS Interiors, each of our team members draws their inspiration from you. We believe in your individuality and your sense of style to choose the general genre of the final outcome. We assist you and guide you to determine elements that will suit your place the best.

    We use planning and execution in our Project Management to sculpt our works on time. We have a knack for securing the help of the latest technology to help us keep ahead of time. We love techniques like the CPM and PERT in that context.


    Interior Design

    We only have one formula

    At HTS Interiors we just bring to life the dreams and desires of our clients without very own trademark professional finishes and touches of luxury.

    Fit Out

    We provide the perfect Fit Out service

    HTS Interiors takes very great care in the interior fit-out projects – we enjoy sculpting out the ideas of happiness and a stress free environment within the space given to us


    We make your store more attractive.

    HTS Interiors consultancy will give a client inspiration and motivation for revitalizing their space. Our professionals can derive solutions to you.

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