Professional email solutions for businesses large and small, and for families and individuals who want more from their email account than the free services offer.

Powerful email hosting for businesses, with Outlook Web Access, POP3 and IMAP4, anti-spam and anti-virus filtering, and at least 1GB storage per mailbox.

Productivity features include personal and shared calendars, contacts, task lists and a corporate address book.

And, of course, you can use your own domain name with your email address.

123Mail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

AussieMail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Bluebottle [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

BlueTie [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

BurntMail [WEB] [POP3] [IMAP]

Co-Mail [WEB] [POP3]

DCEmail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

FanMail [WEB] [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

FuseMail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Gawab [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

GnuMail [WEB] [POP3] [IMAP]

Hover [WEB] [POP3] [IMAP]

Domains. com. net. org. info. biz. us. ca. uk – over 40,000 other domain names to choose from.
Storage: 2GB
Attachments: 25MB
Prices range from US$35 per year for one mailbox to US$80 per year for ten mailboxes
Hover (previously NetIdentity, now part of Tucows Inc.) are a domain name management company offering domain forwarding, email forwarding, and custom URL creation services. They aim to keep their services simple and intuitive for maximum ease of use and efficiency. Customers can choose between a domain with an email box, and a personal name email address. Hover include the option of Whois privacy for no extra fee.

HushMail [WEB] [POP3] [IMAP]

Lavabit [WEB] [POP3]

Lycos Mail Plus [WEB] [POP3] [IMAP] [WEB] [POP3] [IMAP]

Mail2world [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Prices: US$24 per year (basic), US$36 per year (premium), or alternatively US$3.99 per month
MailTracking offers an email service with sophisticated tracking facilities. The service includes digitally signed certificates that can prove that a particular email has been posted, delivered and opened. Read notifications can be sent to an alternate email account, or via SMS, ICQ or pager. It is also possible to send self-destructing emails that can optionally be made unsaveable or unprintable, and messages can be retracted by the sender before or after they are opened by the recipient. Free trial available.

OperaMail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

PrimeMail [WEB]

ProntoMail [WEB] [POP3] [IMAP]

prxy, Inc. [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Domains: registration of a .com. net. org. biz. info. name or .us domain is included in all packages
Storage: 512MB per account, 1 to 300 accounts
Attachments: 30MB
Prices range from US$45 per year to US$2399.40 per year for their top account
Business email and calendaring solutions. Prxy offer a number of business email plans, all of which include virus and Spam protection, auto reply, unlimited aliases, and a free bonus domain name. Their SMTP services are priced separately, and range from 50,000 recipients per month priced at US$89.95 per month, to 1,000,000 recipients per month priced at US$799.95 per month, with limits imposed on the daily number of recipients and the total volume of data transfer.

RediffMail [WEB] [POP3]

Redpin [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

RunBox [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

S-Mail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP]

SAFe-mail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Smile [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Domains: registration/renewal of .com. net. org. biz. info. name or .us domains is included in all packages
Storage: 1GB per mailbox, 5 to 500 mailboxes
Attachments: 10MB
Prices range from US$9.40 per month for 5 mailboxes to US$230 per month for 500 mailboxes, with discounts for quarterly or annual payment
Smile offers business email and web hosting solutions. They place a strong emphasis on reliability, and they guarantee better than 99.99% uptime. Their business, enterprise, and domain email products all come with a user-friendly, intuitive management interface, POP3 and IMAP access, and a choice of five popular webmail interfaces, including SquirrelMail and TWIG Email. Standard features include multiple aliases, email forwarding, and auto responsers. Smile offers a separate SMTP service for businesses, with prices ranging from US$75 per year for 5,000 messages to US$300 per year for 100,000 messages.

TuffMail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP] [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

VFEmail [WEB] [POP3] [SMTP] [IMAP]

Yahoo! Mail Plus [WEB] [POP3]

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