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What is office management

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Office Management

Various information pertaining to your Office matters is accessible to you . Visitor’s Information. 5. Managing Assets . Seminars & Conferences . PowerPoint PPT presentation

Accounts Management.

  • It is a collection of tools for managing

day-to-day operations of your Office.

  • Various information pertaining to your Office

    matters is accessible to you Anytime of the day

    Anywhere in the world

  • Human Resource Management.

    Purchase, Purchase Tracking, Stocking and

    Maintenance of you Assets, Keeping AMC Records,

    Keeping Guarantee Records are some of the things

    that can be organized using this section

    Managing Domain Names

    This section allows you to manage the Domain

    registration of various sites, date of purchase,

    renewal and other related information. You may

    also view yearly reports here.

    Managing Electricity Bills

    Enter Items ordered and received. Items in the

    stock. Issuance to any staff. View the Issue of

    Items to various Employees

    Here you are able to manage the Electricity

    Bills. Over to that you are also able to monitor

    electricity consumption vis a vis office usage

    for as particular client

    Advertisements Displays the details of all the

    advertisements done by your organisation. You can

    also keep samples of such advertisements. Insuran

    ce Various data related to managing premiums for

    all the insurance type in the organisation is

    managed in this section.


    • Printing
    • All Printing, Photocopy etc are recorded and is

    reflected in the final bill for the clients or in

    the internal accounts

  • Seminars Conferences
  • Seminars organized or attended by organization

    may be stored in this section along with the


    • Software Management
    • Software Subscription Management, Renewals,

    Vendor Details etc are stored in this section.

  • Membership Fees
  • All types of membership adhered to are

    registered and activities pertaining to the

    membership are recorded here

  • Reminders Alerts are also attached so that

    renewals important dates are not missed.

  • Details of Person Visiting Office, Their purpose,

    Duration of stay etc are recorded. Executives of

    your organisation Visiting Outside keep all their

    information pertaining to their visit here.

    Details of all the books their issue details,

    Recovery, penalty etc are managed using this

    Managing Gifts

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