Medical Billing and Coding Certification

Get the facts about getting certified in your medical billing and coding career.

Boost Your Career

Because many employers prefer to hire candidates with certification, earning your medical billing and coding certification gives you a competitive edge in the job market. Certification assures your prospective employers that you have the right skills and professional qualifications to do the job.

Once you ve gained some experience in the field, pursuing medical billing and coding certification in a particular specialty—beyond just basic certification—can help boost your career. For many professional medical coders, the path to advancement is through management positions or jobs that require specialty expertise.

American Academy of Professional Coders

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) offers several types of medical billing and coding certification:

  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC). A Certified Professional Coder (CPC) examination consists of questions regarding the correct application of CPT®. HCPCS procedure and supply codes and ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes used for billing professional medical services to insurance companies. A CPC must have at least two years coding experience and maintain yearly renewal and CEU requirements.
  • Certified Professional Coder-Hospital (CPC-H): A Certified Professional Coder-Hospital (CPC-H) examination consists of questions regarding the correct application of CPT ®. ICD-10-CM diagnoses and procedure codes used for billing facility services to insurance companies. A CPC-H must have at least two years coding experience and maintain yearly renewal and CEU requirements.
  • Certified Professional Coder-Payer (CPC-P). The Certified Professional Coder-Payer (CPC-P) credential certifies that the successful candidate has knowledge and skills to adjudicate provider claims effectively. The CPC-P demonstrates the payer coder s aptitude, proficiency and knowledge within the payer environment. Their coding is viewed by claims reviewers, utilization management staff, benefits staff, provider relations and customer service staff. A CPC-P must have at least 2 years coding work experience that includes working with CPT ®. ICD-10-CM, or HCPCS code sets and must maintain the required amount of yearly CEUs.

Specialty Credentials

Specialty credentials are also offered through the AAPC in the following areas:

American Health Information Management Association

  • Certified Coding Associate (CCA). New coders who earn the CCA will immediately demonstrate their competency in the field. CCA holders will distinguish themselves from non-credentialed coders and those who hold credentials from other organizations that do not require the higher level of expertise necessary to earn AHIMA certification.
  • Certified Coding Specialist (CCS): Certified Coding Specialists are professionals skilled in classifying medical data from patient records, generally in the hospital setting. These coding practitioners assign numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure. To perform this task, they must possess expertise in the ICD-10-CM coding system and the surgery section within the CPT coding system. In addition, the CCS is knowledgeable of medical terminology, disease processes and pharmacology.
  • Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based (CCS-P): The CCS-P is a coding practitioner with expertise in physician-based settings such as physician offices, group practices, multi-specialty clinics or specialty centers. This coding practitioner reviews patients records and assigns numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure. To perform this task, the individual must possess in-depth knowledge of the CPT coding system and familiarity with the ICD-10-CM and HCPCS Level II coding systems. The CCS-P is also expert in health information documentation, data integrity and quality.

Medical Billing Coding Education and Career Guide

Medical Billing Coding Education
Medical Billing Coding Careers


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Medical Office Assistant Program

Medical Office Assistants help ensure the efficient operation of today’s medical offices, hospitals and clinics. The Medical Office Assistant Program is designed to prepare graduates to work as an entry-level medical front office assistant, receptionist, insurance billing, insurance collector, appointment scheduler, medical secretary, or medical records clerk, in health care centers, clinics, hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and medical billing offices.

The medical office assistant program focuses on administrative skills used in health care offices. Students will learn computer skills, insurance claim processing, medical coding and billing, medical records collections and front office management procedures. During the training students will learn using a medical office simulation and Medisoft software.

Medical Office Assistant Training Curriculum:

Medical Front Office

During this unit of training, students will study completing patient history forms, develop computer skills, understand medical record management, apply medical ethics and legal concepts to daily activities, understand the importance of patient confidentiality (HIPAA), telephone and communication skills, appointment scheduling, processing mail, insurance authorizations, written correspondence and typing skills.

Medical Procedures

Students will be able to recognize, cope with and manage stress, identify common medical terms and medical terminology, perform basic first aid, CPR certification, occupational safety health administration (OSHA) regulations, assess patients’ vital signs and patient charting.

Medical Billing Medical Collections

Students will be able to obtain and utilize diagnosis and medical procedural codes for billing purposes, effectively complete health insurance claim forms and conduct follow up with insurance companies. ICD9 (diagnosis codes), CPT (procedure codes), patient billing, health insurance claims, insurance billing and medical collection procedures

Medical Office Management

Medical office management, medical office bookkeeping (accounts receivable, accounts payable), multi-cultural awareness, utilizing resources and professional development


After completing four (4) months, 400 hours of class room training, students will gain real world experience in a medical office, clinic, lab or hospital setting applying the skills learned in a variety of specialties. This 200 hours of training is an opportunity for the student to perform various administrative procedures under the supervision of qualified personnel.

For more information regarding this our Medical Office Assistant Program and career opportunities please visit the Medical Office Assistant disclosure page.

Medical Office Assistant Disclosure Information

Our Campus

Dallas Campus
8101 John Carpenter Freeway
Dallas, Texas 75247

Richardson Campus
1300 International Parkway
Richardson, Texas 75081

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New Jersey – NJ
Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

Find lasting recovery with award-winning treatment, a passionate staff and new, upscale facilities.

In the comfortable, secluded environment individuals can focus on healing without distraction and without traveling too far from home.

With individual attention. each individual is assured to make real physical, mental and spiritual progress every day. Our New Jersey rehab center offers the best in addiction treatment — where compassion comes together with proven treatments and continuous improvement.

More Information

Those who have been through a program before know that a good staff makes a good experience. Expect to have constant support from clinical therapists and peers at every step of the recovery process. (Loved ones also have 24/7 access to support before, during and after treatment through the Wellness team).

Medical stabilization (detox) is the first step to healing, ridding the body of the residual effects of drugs and alcohol. Once the drugs have safely left the system, clinical and renewal therapies begin to build the foundation for real, lasting recovery. The therapeutic treatments teach new coping skills and basic life skills, in addition to educating about the disease.

You should know, drug and alcohol treatment is not jail or a mental hospital. In fact, most individuals end up having some fun while learning about themselves and how to deal with substance abuse.

All treatment centers are not created equal. With Ambrosia, you get:

1. World-class treatments.
2. Staff that truly cares.
3. Facilities that are comfortable and secluded.

Proven by:

JCAHO accreditation. The highest honor in healthcare, earned by only 18% of treatment centers.
Rutgers University partnership. The prestigious researchers work only with our drug rehab in NJ to help innovate and move the whole industry forward.
Media coverage. We often serve as the expert on addition-related topics from the Burlington County Times to Teen Vogue and ABC News.
Emmy nomination. For work to end the stigma of addition, team members were nominated for an Emmy.
Celebrity endorsements. Professional Hall-of-Fame athletes, coaches, TV stars and healthcare leaders all publicly vouch for our quality treatment.

Even if you don t come here, the important thing is that you get quality treatment. If you need help, a state-certified recovery specialist can give you answers, support and a personalized recovery plan that fits your specific medical and financial needs — even if it’s not with us.

While the New Jersey facility offers seclusion, a completely new environment more dramatically removes triggers and negative relationships.

Here are some examples:

If chronic relapse is occurring. This is a sign that being further removed is needed to sustain recovery.

If treatment is for a young adult. Our other facilities are located in cities where the recovery community is the strongest in the country.

If winters have a negative effect on mood. While it seems like a minor detail, sunshine and warm weather can help with anxiety and depression.

If the individual or their family are looking for more of a fresh start. Treatment is a time for self-reflection and major lifestyle changes, which are easier in a new environment.

While going away for treatment may feel dramatic, it s as simple as a plane ticket. A state-certified recovery specialist can help you decide on a location and book any travel. Talk to one now (888) 492-1633.

FL CA Locations

State-certified recovery specialists are available 24/7 to answer questions and offer support, including to:

Provide guidance on how to get a loved on into treatment.
Explain your insurance benefits.
Provide more information about the NJ facility.
Walk you through the treatment process.
Help you find meetings, facilities or outpatient services near you.
Answer any other questions.

Call (888) 492-1633 now.

Missy S • Sister

Ambrosia changed my sister’s life. That’s not an exaggeration. She had been to several other facilities, with little, short-lived success, but Ambrosia was the only one that kept her sober for over a year now. She is a whole new person. They have helped me personally too. I have let go of anger, resentment and started trusting her again. Actually, I still text my Wellness person regularly. I’ve definitely learned that not all treatment centers are the same, and I know from experience that Ambrosia is the right choice.

Ambrosia Treatment Center

Ambrosia Treatment Center

It was a great place to receive treatment. The counselors actually care, understand and try to help in anyway possible. The experience for me was life changing.


Annuity Payment (PV)

The annuity payment formula is used to calculate the periodic payment on an annuity. An annuity is a series of periodic payments that are received at a future date. The present value portion of the formula is the initial payout, with an example being the original payout on an amortized loan.

The annuity payment formula shown is for ordinary annuities. This formula assumes that the rate does not change, the payments stay the same, and that the first payment is one period away. An annuity that grows at a proportionate rate would use the growing annuity payment formula. Otherwise, an annuity that changes the payment and/or rate would need to be adjusted for each change. An annuity that has its first payment due at the beginning would use the annuity due payment formula and the deferred annuity payment formula would have a payment due at a later date.

The annuity payment formula can be used for amortized loans, income annuities, structured settlements, lottery payouts(see annuity due payment formula if first payment starts immediately), and any other type of constant periodic payments.

Per Period

The rate per period and number of periods should reflect how often the payment is made. For example, if the payment is monthly, then the monthly rate should be used. Likewise, the number of periods should be the number of months. This concept is important to remember with all financial formulas.

Annuity Payment Formula Explained

The annuity payment formula can be determined by rearranging the PV of annuity formula.

After rearranging the formula to solve for P, the formula would become:

This can be further simplified by multiplying the numerator times the reciprocal of the denominator, which is the formula shown at the top of the page.


Business Insurance

Business Insurance from The Hartford

Business insurance helps protect businesses important assets such as business property and income from risks like loss, theft or damage. It can even provide programs to help injured workers get back to work and help cover lost wages. Commercial insurance policies also help protect businesses from financial losses resulting from liability claims including things like data breaches.

Essential Business Coverages

At its core, a comprehensive business insurance solution will help business owners protect their company s property, income and financial assets. Small businesses that choose a business owner s policy from The Hartford enjoy broad risk protection with commercial property, general liability and business income coverage in a single policy.

Commercial property insurance Most businesses own a substantial amount of physical property. This property may include one or multiple locations as well as tools, computers, inventory and even accounts receivable. Commercial property insurance can help cover the loss of these assets if they are damaged or destroyed by a covered event.

General liability insurance No matter how cautious business owners are, accidents can happen. For example, a customer may accidentally get hurt in a company s store, or employees may accidentally damage customer property while working on-site. General liability insurance can help protect businesses from the risk of liability claims such as bodily injury, property damage or even advertising mistakes.

Business income insurance Businesses rely on many types of property to function and generate income. If a business owner must suspend operations due to a covered loss like a fire or theft, business income insurance can help replace income lost as a result. This can help them continue to meet obligations like payroll and rent.

Customize Your Business Insurance

Your business is unique and deserves coverage appropriate to the specific risks you face. That s why The Hartford offers a wide range of options that allow you to customize your policy with coverage endorsements to address your unique needs. Some popular options include:

Data breach coverage Most businesses are at risk of data breaches. Data breach insurance can help replace lost income if a business shuts down temporarily due to a breach. It can also help cover the costs associated with managing the breach. With data breach coverage from The Hartford, businesses can even access support services to assist them in creating policies and best practices that help prevent breaches from happening in the first place.

Workers compensation In the event that an employee suffers from a workplace injury or illness, workers compensation insurance from The Hartford can help pay for the associated medical expenses as well as compensate the employee while they take time off to recover from a work related injury or illness. If you have employees, many states require this coverage.

Working with The Hartford

Companies that choose The Hartford for business insurance enjoy industry-leading claims and services. Our dedicated response team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Talk to an agent today to learn more about The Hartford.

Trusted Experience

For more than 200 years The Hartford has helped companies prevail through the unexpected. Today, we are considered one of the most trusted names in insurance and have been named one of the Ethisphere Institute s World s Most Ethical Companies nine times 1. Get a quote today and learn how The Hartford can help protect your businesses.


Menstrual Cramps Vitamins

by SARA POLICE Last Updated: Jun 25, 2015

Sara Police has been writing nutrition and fitness-related articles since 2012. Her research has been published in scientific journals such as “Current Hypertension Reports,” “Obesity” and the “American Journal of Physiology.” She holds a PhD in nutritional sciences from the University of Kentucky and teaches online nutrition courses for Kaplan University.

A young woman holding a cup of green tea while resing on the sofa. Photo Credit Antonio_Diaz/iStock/Getty Images

Roughly three-quarters of adolescents or women experience pain associated with menstruation, reports PubMed Health. Primary dysmenorrhea — menstrual cramps — are caused by muscle contractions in the uterus, which feel like abdominal cramping. Many women find mild relief from menstrual cramps by changing their diet, using vitamin supplementation or practicing mind-body stress reduction exercises such as yoga and tai chi, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center website.

Crank Up the Calcium for Cramp Relief

According to a 1998 review published in Nutrition Noteworthy, increasing calcium intake has been shown to help reduce menstrual pain. Try to reduce menstrual cramps naturally by adding calcium-rich foods to your diet, such as almonds, kale, broccoli, oats, spinach and beans. Dairy products, such as yogurt and milk, and fortified vegan milks and juices are also rich sources of the mineral. The recommended dietary allowance — or RDA — of calcium for adolescents is 1,300 milligrams per day; for adults, 1,000 milligrams per day. Calcium citrate is the form of calcium that your body most easily absorbs. Consult your doctor before taking calcium supplements.

Take Fish Oil to Combat Cramps

Fish oil reduces inflammation naturally, and it s the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil that probably reduce menstrual cramps, according to the NYU Langone Medical Center. A small study published in the April 1996 issue of American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology showed reduced menstrual cramps in teenage women who took a fish oil supplement. In the study, women who took fish oil reported significantly reduced menstrual pain compared to the placebo group, who did not take fish oil. Once the placebo group started taking fish oil as well, they experienced the same benefit. There s no set intake recommendation for fish oil, and taking a supplement might cause side effects, so make sure to check with your doctor before you start.

Take Magnesium to Reduce Menstrual Pain

In a 2001 Cochrane review, three clinical trials demonstrated that increasing magnesium was more effective than placebo to reduce menstrual cramps. The need for pain relievers was also lessened in the magnesium group. Taking magnesium for three days prior to starting your period has also been found effective to reduce menstrual cramps. Be cautious when taking magnesium supplements since taking too much can lead to diarrhea and reduced blood pressure; ask your doctor about taking magnesium if you have digestive issues or heart disease. Magnesium can also interact with some prescription medications, such as types of antibiotics, bone-building drugs and diuretics. If you take regularly prescribed medications, talk with your pharmacist to avoid drug interactions.

Revamp Your Diet and Rethink Your Drinks

The University of Maryland Medical Center website suggests healthy habits to alleviate menstrual cramps. Eliminate fried foods and baked goods containing trans fats; instead, use healthy cooking oils, such as olive oil. Eating foods that are naturally high in antioxidants may help relieve cramps; these include all types of berries, tomatoes, bell peppers and squash. Avoid coffee, soda and other caffeine-containing beverages as well as alcohol. Instead, try green tea, which is high in antioxidants. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated; at least six to eight glasses of filtered water daily.

Get the latest tips on diet, exercise and healthy living

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Eurocontrol – Driving excellence in ATM performance

ATM Security

The terrorist attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001 taught the world that an attack on aviation can, aside from the direct human and material impact, result in extremely negative societal and economic consequences on a global scale.

This prompted us to look at how European Air Transport could be appropriately protected. As a result, ‘ATM Security’ was launched as a discipline on its own right.

Impact of ATM Security issues

A security incident may of course have a very negative impact on flight safety, but it can also impact the provision of air navigation services, the availability of ATM/CNS (Communications Navigation Surveillance) infrastructure or the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data;

Future operational concepts such as SESAR and NextGen will increasingly rely on information‑sharing and the use of new technologies. It is therefore vital to protect ATM assets if we are to enable the level of safety, integration and interoperability required under future operational concepts. ATM assets include aircraft, people (e.g. passengers, crew and ATM personnel), physical infrastructures, Communication, Navigation Surveillance (CNS systems), ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) systems and operational data.

Airspace Security

ATM Security has an interface with Airspace Security, which focuses on national security and defence requirements, operational aspects of collaborative support, and technological security and interoperability between civil and military systems.

ATM Security is a major component of Aviation Security (AVSEC)

and comprises two key areas

Self-protection of the ATM system

Safeguarding of the ATM (Air Traffic Management) System from security threats and vulnerabilities, by ensuring the security and resilience of the physical infrastructure, personnel, information and communication systems, ATM/CNS infrastructure and networks;

ATM Collaborative Support

To civil aviation security, national security and defence, and law enforcement.

Activities and bodies

ATM Security development

ATM Security is safeguarded in coordination with the NATO EUROCONTROL ATM Security Coordinating Group (NEASCOG) and the ATM Security Team (SET). Both bring together the major ATM players responsible for ATM security such as national civil and military authorities (i.e. the National Supervisory Authorities -NSAs), airspace users, ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers), organisations such as ICAO, FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration), ECAC, EC (European Commission), professional associations of pilots and controllers, general aviation and the military, etc.

Collaborations with partners

We have established an open and productive working relationship with ICAO, ECAC, EUROCAE (European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment), NATO, IATA, IFALPA (International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations) and other organisations, Member States and industry partners. This collaboration ensures consistency on how to address ATM security issues and makes it possible to move forward in a constructive way.

Implementation support and training courses

We provide guidance in areas such as the implementation of legal requirements in the field of security (e.g. security oversight, security management systems, etc.)

Twice a year, the Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) organises ATM security and civil/military ATM training for our stakeholders.

We provide support to

  • The European Commission, in the context of the Stakeholders Advisory Group for Aviation Security (SAGAS), identifying critical infrastructures in ATM, implementing new regulations for the security of air cargo and mail from third countries and R D projects, e.g. GAMMA (Global ATM Security Management);
  • ICAO in developing and reviewing the ATM Security Manual and developing threat and risk assessments for ATM;
  • ECAC in reviewing ATM Security guidance (ECAC Doc30 document);
  • NATO in implementing the Cooperative Airspace Initiative (CAI) with the Russian Federation, and possible interface with the US ADAPT (Automatic Detection and Processing Terminal) system ;
  • EUROCONTROL Member States (e.g. guidance material for the ATM security oversight function and implementation of a Security Management System such as the ‘Manual for National ATM Security Oversight).

We also contribute to

  • The ICAO threat and risk working group for cyber and CNS security;
  • Research Development (SESAR – Single European Sky ATM Research Programme and ACARE- Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe).

Our major achievements

Some of the important milestones reached in the area of ATM security are:

  • ASSIM (Airspace Security Incident Management) tool ;
  • CIRS (Comloss – loss of communications – Incident Reporting System) tool ;
  • SET guidance on security management systems for ANSPs and NSAs;
  • NEASCOG guidance on airspace security incident management and cyber;
  • ATM security oversight manual ;
  • Complementary work programmes to bring forward improvements in European ATM security. The current NEASCOG work programme focuses on cyber security, airspace security and training;
  • Air Traffic Management Security guideline documents, training programmes and toolkits;
  • Security Risk Assessments;
  • Comprehensive ATM security strategy for the SES (Single European Sky Programme);
  • Leading ATM security in the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) work programme;
  • Airspace Security Policy

Improvements have been made in the areas of threat assessment, early threat detection of possible suspicious flights, incident management, education, awareness and training. The number of COMLOSS (loss of communications) incidents has thus been reduced by 30% in recent years. The new NEASCOG programme of work is expected to bring more achievements in cyber, CNS and airspace security and security training.

Our priorities for the future

Over recent years, international collaboration has greatly improved between the organisations concerned.

Still, the threat is persistent and evolving. Work must continue, with particular focus on new emerging threats (cyber attacks on CNS systems, missile attacks, laser interference, RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, etc. ) while maintaining a close watch on the full spectrum of threats through risk management processes.

Our work is currently focused on how to ‘Make Security fit for 21st Century’. This will mainly be achieved by establishing a civil-military “Total System Approach” security structure at national and international level.


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Dorsey has been a trusted career training school in Michigan for over 80 years!

We offer training programs designed to prepare our students for careers in fields such as healthcare, beauty, culinary, and skilled trades



LifeBeacon™ Wireless Medical Alert System

Looking for a medical alert system? Watch this first!

Did you know that 46% of falls among the elderly happen outside the home. Did you know that no other medical alert system protects against those falls ?

With LifeBeacon you can take advantage of the latest cellular and GPS alert technology and provide peace of mind for those who still want to be active and independent.

Competitors tie you to your home with twenty year old technology. But with LifeBeacon , all you need is cell service.

LifeBeacon is a GPS medical alert system. In the event of an emergency, your location is transmitted automatically so help can find you even if you are unable to tell them where you are.

Unlike with other alarms, you will always be able to talk to an operator. You will never wonder if your alert was heard, and first responders will not be sent unless they are truly needed.

Other medical alerts haven’t changed much since they were first popularized in the 1970s. The only way to communicate with an operator is through a speaker phone base station—not through the activator worn by the user. The activator uses the same technology as a garage door opener, but with slightly reduced range.

The LifeBeacon is a 21st century mobile medical alert. It uses cellular signal—just like a cell phone – and a digital communication interface to let you speak to an operator in any emergency. With LifeBeacon , you can go anywhere with confidence—enjoy the golf course, walk the dog, get the mail, or spend time in the park. That’s the unique combination of freedom and peace of mind we call the LifeBeacon Difference. To order a wireless medical alert call us toll-free at (855) 35-ALERT (352-5378) or click here to order online .

LifeBeacon operators can locate you using GPS if you can’t respond to them verbally. Loved ones will receive a text message telling them where you are and that you need help. And you will have the peace of mind to know that anywhere you are, help is just a button press away.

Unlike competitive alerts, with LifeBeacon you don’t have to be near a speaker phone base station to speak to an operator. You carry your speaker and microphone with you all the time. We won’t send the paramedics if all you need is a hand up, or help getting oriented to your surroundings, or if you pressed your button by accident.

Unfortunately, competitive alerts often send out help when none is needed. If you accidentally press an old-fashioned alert button and you are not near enough to the speaker phone base station to hear or speak to the operator, our competitors will send emergency help right away. With the limitations of their technology, that’s the only way they can be sure they do not miss a real emergency.

With LifeBeacon , that will never happen. When you press your alert button, a voice notifies you that the button has been pressed. An operator communicates with you through our built-in speaker and microphone. You can easily cancel any accidental alert.

Call Us Toll Free: (855) 352-5378

Choosing a medical alarm to protect your loved ones is an important decision. Get the facts before you buy, in the articles below.

When you understand the difference, LifeBeacon is the obvious choice.

Medical alerts systems haven’t changed much since their introduction 20 years ago. LifeBeacon™ represents a huge leap forward. Old-technology alerts have two parts, a speaker phone base station and an alert button. The alert button is carried by the user and

With LifeBeacon™ you can protect yourself or a loved one from becoming another statistic. LifeBeacon™ works virtually anywhere and you can talk to an operator through the device from your location, inside or outside the home. Why be protected only half the time?

LifeStation claims a relatively quick response time compared to other offerings—similar to LifeBeacon’s 20 seconds. But LifeStation has the same 400 foot “open-air” pendant range, for which the best LifeStation can claim is that “It should provide coverage


Counselling and Psychology Courses

Taking a counselling course with the Online Learning College gives you full tutor support into a very complex subject so that you can learn counselling techniques as well as an understanding of the deep psychological workings of the brain. Our courses are great for those wanting to gain a new qualification to become a counsellor or those seeking new skills into the complex science of psychology.

TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Awareness

TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Working in Mental Health

Child Psychology Level 3

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Level 3

Counselling Advanced Diploma Level 4

Counselling Children and Young People Level 3

Counselling Level 3

Criminal Psychology Diploma Level 4

Criminology Advanced Level 4

Criminology Diploma Level 3

Drugs, Solvents and Alcohol Abuse Counselling Level 3

Forensic Psychology Level 3

Psychology Diploma Level 3

Psychology Diploma Level 4

Psychology of Criminal Profiling Diploma Level 3


Course Categories

Online Learning College students rate us 4.9 out of 5 from 107 ratings.

Join the Online Learning College and bring the way you learn into the 21st century.