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Netkonect is a company specialising in providing leads to business in South Africa, targetted to their specific product or service industry.

We have been in the web and online marketing industry for the last 12 years and have assisted clients nationwide with lead generation. We have found through the years of experience that there are a variety of online services that do need attention, in order to generate leads.

Companies in general spend allot of money monthly in trying to generate leads themselves via online marketing, search engine optimisation or PPC campaigns and generally do not know if all their effort is going to be in vain and if these efforts will materialise into enquiries.

Through our lead generating service, we use all our years of experience to make sure that through all the online marketing channels, companies do get the enquiries they need and do not have struggle to find the right marketing mix to get enquiries that generate into sales.

The need for this type of business leads generation service has had tremendous growth as more and more companies want to join social networks and optimise their websites to get as many leads as possible.

This often has a very low success rate and companies prefer to rather use companies like us to help them generate leads that will evolve into sales. We provide this service to assist companies that do have this need and this creates a true win-win scenario for companies trying to get in online to generate leads from across the internet. We have had tremendous enquiries for this service and we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible to assist you with generating leads for your company.

If you are looking for business leads generation then you have come to right place and we will do our utmost best to assist you in generating sales leads for your company.

Featured: Current Lead sites (Updated April 2017)

Current niche websites that are available currently that we are able to assist in providing leads. If you do require a website that we need to create specifically for your market, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Featured: Lead Generating Process

We will develop a new website and create all the graphics as well as content for the website, related to your product or service that you offer.

We will thus need information from the client about the company in order to write unique fresh content for the website. All the costs involved for the above step will not cost the client anything and everything will be paid by Netkonect.

Featured: Lead Costing

As mentioned on the lead generating process page, all the costs involved for website development and advertising campaigns will be paid my Netkonect.

Currently we only work on a per lead basis and we will provide you with a quote per lead, depending on the niche market your product or service is located in.


Questions to Ask Before Starting a Sports Management Graduate Degree

Updated July 15, 2017

Dr. Brian Turner is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the Sports Management Program in the Department of Human Sciences at The Ohio State University. One path to increase opportunities for those looking at a career in sports is to pursue a graduate degree. In this interview, Dr. Turner shares advice on the questions to ask before applying to a graduate program.

For those interested in the sports industry who are considering any Master s Program, what questions should they be asking themselves?

Turner: First, students need to ask themselves what are the reasons and/or goals for seeking a master’s degree?

They should know exactly what they want to accomplish from a master’s program. Graduate school is a serious commitment and the decision to attend should be thoroughly examined. I see too many students wait until the last minute and decide to apply to graduate school after they are unsuccessful on the job market.

In my opinion, students should look at graduate school as a way to increase their skills and differentiate themselves from others. A master’s program should give the student a focused learning experience and the opportunity to gain hands-on involvement in the sport industry. The reality is a master’s degree has become a requirement for many jobs in the sport industry, even entry level positions. For example, when Ohio State s athletic department posts job openings, they routinely receive several hundred applications. They use an online system that eliminates applicants who do not meet the minimum job requirements.

So, if the position requires a master’s degree, any applicant without one is automatically rejected for consideration.

What questions should they be asking of the graduate programs they are applying to?

Turner: First, what is included in the program’s curriculum, both the required courses and electives.

Unfortunately, there are still programs out there that require courses that are not really relevant to today’s sport management students but have been offered historically and never eliminated. A program’s curriculum should give students a solid foundation in the business of sports.

I would also ask about the internship program at the school. Is it required or is it an option? What are the requirements (e.g. full-time/part-time)? Where have students interned in the past? In our program, the internship is a full-time commitment (i.e. students do not normally take classes the semester they do their internship) and is typically the culminating activity. We also offer practicums (what I would consider mini-internships), so students can work in the field while still taking classes. Along with that, I would ask about the program’s relationship with local sport organizations. Finally, I would inquire about the alumni of the program. Where have they secured positions in the past?

What characteristics differentiate Ohio State s Master s Program from others in the market?

Turner: Ohio State s program is 40 years old, so we are one of the more established master’s programs in the country. We are approaching 1000 graduates, with alumni working in all areas of Sport Management .

We are a selective program, accepting the top 20-25 applicants each year (we usually receive 70-80 completed applications), so we get some incredibly talented students. I believe our relationship with our athletics and recreational sports department separates us from other programs. For example, our athletic director, Gene Smith (along with his wife Sheila), teaches a course for us each year entitled “The Business of College Sports”. The athletic department has always offered internship opportunities for our students. Our recreational sports department is one of the largest in the country and celebrated their 100 year anniversary last year. Approximately 10 of our current students are graduate administrative assistants in their department.

Finally, being in the 15 th largest city in the country, there are many opportunities to gain experience in the area.

Besides our athletic and recreational sports departments, Columbus has NHL (Blue Jackets ) and MLS (Crew ) teams. Additionally, we have the AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians (Clippers ) and Columbus is home to the state high school athletic association. Because of Ohio State, we host many Big 10 Conference and NCAA Championship events. Students in our master’s program can tailor their experiences to their own interests. They have not had a difficult time securing internships or volunteering with one of our local sport organizations. Most importantly, they have been very successful in the job market.

What are the experiences employers tell you they want to see in those seeking sports careers – whether undergraduates or grad students?

Turner: Over the years, a consistent theme that organizations have stressed has been communication skills. both oral and written. So, any experience where the student has the opportunity to speak in front of others could help position them for jobs in the sport industry. Similarly, experiences where the student writes can be valuable (I always tell students to keep a portfolio of anything they write for an organization; it is a requirement for their internships).

More and more, employers are expecting applicants to have problem-solving and critical thinking skills, so any experience where students work on projects and develop strategies for finding solutions to issues an organization faces will be helpful. This semester, my graduate ​sport marketing class is working with our athletic development office on creating a new program for the department. Classroom activities like this one can really support the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

As a final point, any sales experience a student has could separate them from others. I always tell my students if you can generate revenue, there is a position for you in sports.

What advice would you give to students starting a program to maximize their educational experience?

Turner: Get involved – volunteer any time you can to gain more experience. The classroom is obviously very important in a master’s program, but just as important to me is the opportunity to gain focused practice working in the sports industry. Professors and staff can send out emails with opportunities, but it is ultimately up to the student to take the initiative to contact an organization. The more experiences a student can get during their master’s degree, the more employment opportunities they are going to have in the future.

A pet peeve of mine is students who ask if I m going to help them get an internship. As a professor, I can point them to opportunities, but in the end, it is the student who is going to secure the internship based on their credentials. Students who are willing to volunteer often have an advantage in doing this. They should see their program as a way to build their resumes.

Thanks to Dr. Brian Turner for sharing his insights on the graduate school decision process.




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Prepaid Phones

What Are Prepaid Phones?

With prepaid cell phones, also known as pay as you go phones or no-contract phones, you pay for a specific amount of data usage/minutes in advance. When you hit the limit you’ve paid for, your service ends until you choose to buy more. Plus, the prepaid option is often available with newer phone models, with newer features, from a wide range of manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and more.

Benefits of Using a Prepaid Phone

A prepaid phone eliminates the hassle of long-term contracts, activation fees, overage charges, costly fees for changing carrier and termination fees. It also gives you the freedom to change phones and carriers when you feel like it, while also helping control phone budgets. Often a prepaid phone makes a good cell phone for seniors who only use a mobile phone occasionally, or want to keep one around for emergencies.

What is the Best Prepaid Phone Option?

Of course, the answer to that question is that, since there are several good prepaid cell phone choices available, the best prepaid phone option depends on your preferences. Popular picks include Boost Mobile phones. AT T GoPhone, Virgin Mobile phones. Cricket Wireless phones, Tracfone phones. Verizon Prepaid phones, HTC phones and more. For more information on prepaid phones, or on phones with plans, no-contract cell phones, unlocked phones, or cell phone carriers, take a look at our Cell Phone Buying Guide .



Job Details

  • Job ID: 2827665
  • Application Deadline: Posted until Filled
  • Posted. July 25, 2017

Job Description

High school diploma or GED
Must be reliable and punctual and able to commit to
2-5 hours per week
Knowledgeable about the AVID program and it s
mission, philosophy, and methodologies
Knowledgeable about and understand District
policies and procedures
Speaking and understanding Spanish is a plus

Tutors support students in the tutorial process by incorporating WICR strategies and work closely with the AVID elective teacher in implementation and grading of AVID strategies; tutors will be required to attend 16 hours of AVID WICR methodology training; organize tutorial sessions by examination of tutorial request forms; provide support on field trips; work closely with AVID student families when required.

  • Position Type: Part-time
  • Job Categor y. Instructional Support Tutor

    Contact Information

    The content you submit, offer, contribute, attach, post, OR display (each a Submission ) will viewed BY other users OF the Service who may OR may NOT be accurately representing who they ARE OR who they represent. Do NOT include ANY Sensitive Data IN your Submissions. ANY Submission OR ANY use OR reliance ON ANY content OR materials posted via the Service OR obtained BY you through the use OF the Service IS AT your own risk. Sensitive Data FOR purposes OF this SECTION means Social Security OR other government-issued identification numbers, medical OR health information, account security information, individual financial account information, credit/debit/gift OR other payment card information, account passwords, individual credit AND income information OR ANY other sensitive personal data AS defined under applicable laws.

  • #

    VPS Cloud Hosting

    Solar VPS Cloud Hosting

    One of the best resources businesses are looking to benefit from is the Cloud. The advantages of using the Cloud for your computing needs are tremendous. You no longer have to worry about constantly upgrading software or hardware as in the past. Many businesses who handle these functions internally simply do not do it well. Others that outsource these functions often overpay for them. With a Cloud VPS solution, a competent hosting provider handles this for you in a web-based environment. All you have to do is select the best VPS cloud hosting service for your business. Many businesses rely on virtual private servers without ever fully understanding how they work. A VPS cloud server is basically a virtual server you do not have direct access to physically. It is considered private because it is separated from other sites that are also located on the server and it can only be accessed by you. In other words, it is not available for use by the general public. However, since it is sharing space with other sites unknown to you, you face security issues from several different directions.

    Cloud Security and Support

    Even with a Cloud solution, you will need to take specific steps to secure your information. This is especially critical when you consider that it is no longer in your physical possession. You have to trust the VPS to backup and store your information securely so that it can always be retrieved or restored if necessary. Your internal security protocols are just as important with a virtual solution as it is if the server was on-site. Make sure you have the appropriate levels of authentication requirements in place so that unauthorized access to your information is limited as much as possible. It is the unknown that makes business owners nervous. This is the primary reason they hesitate to use a Cloud VPS solution. Traditionally, when you outsource IT functions, there is a person from that company that spends time at your company. You do not get this benefit with Cloud services however you do get the benefit of professional IT engineers solving your issues via an online ticket system of phone support line. Fortunately, businesses also want to be efficient and this will ultimately lead them to the Cloud. If you are already exploring your options related to virtualization, then you know that being able to have all of your information in one secure location that can be accessed from anywhere that you can use the Internet is ideal in a global marketplace. You can increase your competitiveness overnight simply by using VPS. Exploring Cloud vs. hosting options is a smart move that can only benefit your business.

    The Cost of Cloud

    Every business also wants to save money. This is why many turn to inexpensive solutions which are even available with a Cloud solution. With a cheap VPS Windows application, you can stay with the Windows operating system making the transition to the virtual platform easier for your employees. The same holds true for a cheap VPS Linux solutions. This takes some of the pain out of transitioning to a new computing environment. The more learning requirements you can eliminate, the faster it will be for your employees to become familiar with the virtual solution. You can handle this move without being concerned about software changes. It is up to the Cloud server company to take care of the software and platform upgrades when needed which makes it all that much better for you. Choosing the right virtual server hosting provider takes some research on your part. If you are already familiar with a hosting provider, you can always learn more about their services. But do not stop there. Explore your options. A good way to learn about other hosting providers is to search for and read the best VPS Cloud hosting reviews. There are numerous sites online that focus entirely on providing VPS Cloud hosting review for the most popular hosting services. Some of the more common ones that are reviewed include Centos VPS hosting services. Another popular service is Debian VPS hosting. Even Ubuntu VPS hosting offers specific benefits that are cited in reviews. If you are at the point of choosing VPS vs Cloud hosting, then you have already decided to go virtual. You have made the right decision. Now all you have to do is identify the hosting company that you want to start working with today!

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    Commercial Interior Design

    Our team of designers at the J Design group is passionate about Commercial Interior Design; our commercial interior designers have risen to the challenge of designing a wide variety of commercial interior spaces, creating spaces of beauty and interest that both invite clientele and provide stimulating, while comfortable, work spaces for employees.

    The J Design Group has worked hard to earn our reputation as one of the premier commercial interior design firms in the Miami area. We have earned our place among the area’s most talented and reputable commercial interior design companies by working closely with each client to design a commercial interior that portrays their business, style, and mood precisely. We would love to do the same for you, and invite you to call us, email us, or use our convenient online contact form to see what unique design innovations J Design can bring to your commercial interior design project.

    Commercial interior design inherently embodies a number of unique challenges. Our commercial interior designers are skilled at meeting each unique need, and creating a space that is not only attractive, but functional as well. Whereas some commercial design firms focus only on the aesthetics of the commercial space, we pay close attention to space planning so that the layout we propose flows well and is highly functional for you and the type of services your business will be providing. As part of space planning, we consider the best types of furnishings for your commercial interior, and locate the pieces that are exactly right for your commercial interior design.

    To succeed as a commercial interior design company, designers must consider the practicalities of a space as well. Not only will we help determine the right colors, look, and style of furnishings, wall and floor coverings, but we will work with you to determine what materials will be most appropriate given the function of your business.

    Our team is prepared to provide every service necessary to complete your commercial interior design. You, as our client, and your vision, remain at the heart of all commercial interior plans we propose–always. Our partnership starts and ends with communication so that we exactly capture the mood of the commercial space you envision.

    J Design Group will manage every aspect of your commercial interior design project; our services extend beyond color and fabric choices to ordering and order tracking, delivery, and installation of all products, coordination with contractors, and much more—truly, we are a total, full-service commercial interior design company, committed to bringing your vision for your commercial interior to life in a way that is aesthetically breathtaking and functionally innovative.

    At J Design we are constantly reaching higher to maintain our standing as one of the best commercial interior design companies Miami has to offer. We invite you to call us so that we may speak more specifically with you regarding your commercial interior design needs. For your convenience, we also provide this convenient contact form; please fill in all appropriate areas of the contact form or email us and a member of our commercial interior design team will be in touch soon to learn more about how the J Design Group can be your commercial interior design company.

    Read More on Commercial Interior Design:


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    Bonjour! I’m Yanic Simard, Principal Designer of the award winning boutique interior design firm Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG ), and I’d like to welcome you into a world of remarkable design possibilities. At TIDG, we offer our clients the white glove experience, taking care of all of the fine details along the way so you don’t have to while developing the most exquisite of interiors for our clients in Toronto, Oakville, Vaughan and surrounding areas.

    Our focus is to treat you: to an enjoyable design journey that we will take together as our team believes in open, two-way communication assuring the best end results are produced. We create interiors suited exactly to you and your family’s lifestyle and taste, while allowing you to spend your time on life’s more important things, without having to worry about the stress of a renovation and all that comes with it. Specializing in full design planning and project management for renovations new builds, alongside our in house highly skilled, trusted and experienced contractors, trades, artisans and craftsmen, while monitoring budgets along the way, and avoiding design mistakes that can be very costly. So…indulge a little! Invest in your lifestyle.

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    The Interior Design School offers a number of different courses that seek to accomodate individual requirements and circumstances. You may be looking for a course to achieve a personal goal with your own interior space or you may be looking for a qualification to practice as an interior designer.

    A series of courses are available ranging from a one day inspiration, part-time evening, a one weeks summer course and a full-time one year Professional Diploma course.

    “Our friendly team can help you through the application process”

    Professional Diploma in Interior Design

    Interviewing for September 2016

    Please complete Application and we will be in touch

    Professional Diploma in Interior Design is aimed at students wishing to gain an understanding of the skills and knowledge required to change career, continue in further education or for those gaining individual development.

    Students come to us with a passion for interiors and a wealth of life and business experience, whether it’s from a successful current career, a university degree or an architectural related background. The majority of applicants have no previous work or creative experience in the interiors industry, however they bring the desire, ability and commitment to learn. From the outset the emphasis is placed on learning drawing skills, colour appreciation, understanding the design process and developing ideas from the client brief to presentation through investigative design. Working with specialist tutors from within the industry, the required skills and knowledge are taught through practical studio projects introducing spatial and conceptual thinking as well as acquiring creative and technical abilities that meet industry standards.

    Fee costs include: Macbook Pro laptop, software, equipment and all materials .

    We enrol 18 students on the Professional Diploma course, so the next step is to complete the Application form and we will be in contact for an interview.

    Unfortunately we no longer can process any student application that would require a student visa.

    Ten months 12 September 2016 – 30 June 2017
    Monday – Friday 10.00 am – 4.30 pm
    Cost: £24,620 (incl of current vat)

    Inspiration Day next date 8 October 2016

    The one day Inspiration Day gives a good overview of the process of design thinking and participants leave with a checklist of how to start by writing a brief and producing a visual interpretation that is the basis for a sample palette that kick starts the project.

    One Day Saturday Workshop
    Dates: 8 October 2016
    10.00am – 4.00pm
    Cost: £145 (incl of current vat)

    The course fee is redeemable towards future courses.

    “I took the one day Inspiration Day Course recently and loved it. The tuition is excellent and I got a huge amount out of it, over and above just a really enjoyable, interesting day, it was absolutely a worthwhile investment.”

    Alex Birtles – January 31/15

    Summer One Week Course / Interior Basics module 1

    The Summer one week course can be taken as an independent course but it also qualifies as Module One of The Professional Interior Design Certificate

    The summer course concentrates upon the Interior Design Basics (Module One of the evening class) and is the initial project on all the courses, which is demonstrated through a one room project illustrating how to write and analyse the brief, identify the requirements and understand how to draw a space using ergonomics and planning criteria. Elements of the interior such as colour, lighting, materials and furniture are taught through lectures, and the culmination of the course is the visual and verbal presentation of the scheme.

    ” The Module One course was an excellent
    Introduction to Interior Design.The whole process was broken down intomanageable steps. The tutors modelled the processes, discussed andguided us through each stage.Therefore everyone felt successful, encouragedand creative. Great value for
    money and inspirational. Life changing “ Fiona York / Summer 2014

    INTERIOR BASICS – Module One

    One Week 11 July – 15 July 2016
    Monday to Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm
    Cost: £750 (incl of current vat)

    Professional Design Certificate / Interior Basics module 1 evenings

    The Professional Interior Design Certificate consists of four modules which have to be gained sequentially. The Interior Basics. Interior Planning, Interior Detailing and Interior Professional Practice. At the end of each module you will be awarded a certificate acknowledging the skills you have achieved.

    The Interior Basics (evening class or summer one week course) is the Introduction to all the courses, which is taught as a one room project illustrating how to write and analyse the brief, identify the requirements and understand how to draw a space using ergonomics and planning criteria. Elements of the interior such as colour, lighting, materials and furniture are taught throughout the course and the culmination is the visual and verbal presentation of the scheme.

    10 Tuesday Evenings 6:30pm – 9:00pm
    27 September – 06 December 2016
    Cost: £750 (incl of current vat)

    10 Thursday Evenings 6:30pm – 9:00pm
    29 September – 08 December 2016
    Cost: £750 (incl of current vat)

    Professional Design Certificate / Interior Planning module 2 evenings

    The Professional Interior Design Certificate consists of four modules which have to be gained sequentially. The Interior Basics, InteriorPlanning. Interior Detailing and Interior Professional Practice. At the end of each module you will be awarded a certificate acknowledging the skills you have achieved.

    Interior Planning Module Two consists of a larger residential project, revisiting the design process with more emphasis on spatial awareness through exploratory drawing, understanding planning constraints, developing freehand and technical 2D and 3D skills, how to create a colour, materials and furniture palette culminating in presentation and communication techniques.

    20 TuesdayEvenings 6:30pm-9:00pm + 2 Saturday workshops 10.00am-4.00pm
    12 January 2016 – 21 June 2016
    Cost: £1,790 (incl of current vat)

    14 Thursday Evenings 6:30pm-9:00pm + 5 Saturday workshops 10.00am-4.00pm
    10 March 2016 – 14 July 2016
    Cost: £1,790 (incl of current vat)

    Professional Design Certificate / Interior Detailing module 3 evenings

    The Professional Interior Design Certificate consists of four modules which have to be gained sequentially. The Interior Basics, Interior Planning, InteriorDetailing and Interior Professional Practice. At the end of each module you will be awarded a certificate acknowledging the skills you have achieved.

    Interior Detailing Module Three follows the first introductory modules to continue exploring the next stage in the design stages, developing a sketch scheme from a loose set of ideas into something that can be costed and built. The project is to complete a concept proposal for a hotel room and en-suite bathroom. This is followed by the detail development of the hotel wardrobe space and an information construction pack for the en-suite bathroom.

    Twenty Evenings 6:30pm – 9:00pm + two Saturday workshops
    Wednesdays 28 September 2016 – 05 April 2017
    Cost: £1,790 (incl of current vat)

    Professional Design Certificate / Professional Practice module 4 evenings

    The Professional Interior Design Certificate consists of four modules which have to be gained sequentially. The Interior Basics, Interior Planning, Interior Detailing and InteriorProfessionalPractice. At the end of each module you will be awarded a certificate acknowledging the skills you have achieved.

    Interior Professional Practice Module Four is the basis to understand through lectures and project examples how projects are delivered in practice. The administrative procedures, the building team, regulations, liability and general professional conduct. These important issues are delivered in a realistic way from a team of professionals who share their experiences in a creative way.


    Ten Evenings 6:30pm – 9:00pm
    Wednesday’s 13 April – 22 June 2016
    Cost: £750 (incl of current vat)

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    Online Interior Design Courses


    Whether you’re looking to improve your interior design skills or contemplating a complete career change, we have the interior design course to suit you.

    Try our FREE “sampler” course first, with no obligation, to get a taste of the contents of the full Interior Decorator course.

    A thorough introduction to the subject, comprising 10 detailed lessons with accompanying assignments.

    Trains you to know, understand and put into practice the essentials of professional interior design. The course of study is structured in ten units.

    Upgrade to Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design status with just one further year of study on graduation from the Diploma Course, 100% by distance learning. Hands-on project and dissertation work.

    We have partnered with online specialists CAD Training Online to offer our students the opportunity to study AutoCAD or Revit Architecture for Interior Design 100% online, AT A 10% DISCOUNT FOR RHODEC STUDENTS.

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    Top Seven Home Designers in Toronto

    Designing a home interior that you expect to satisfy all your needs and desires while at the same time look stylish and trendy might seem time-consuming or too demanding. However, if you re able to determine your priorities, you re well on your way toward a comfortable and elegant home.

    Many people seek out interior designers and decorators for advice about finding a solution to the tricky question of modern home design. A quality designer should be able to meet your requirements and tastes even if his or her personal style is totally different. Toronto is home to many great interior designers and interior designing companies whose portfolios are packed with beautiful and modern interiors. Here is a list of the best Torontonian home designers.

    Nanique Interiors

    153 Sweeney Drive

    Nanique Interior – Color is Back

    Nanette I. Snel is an experienced, certified interior decorator who graduated from Seneca College and started her own business, Nanique Interiors, in 1991. She has been a member of CDECA (Canadian Decorator s Association) since its foundation in 1992, and she received a professional award from CDECA in 2003 for the best design of a living room. Furthermore, Nanette won the Best Interior Design competition conducted by Homestars.com twice in a row in 2009 and 2010.

    Her vast number of satisfied customers and great reviews is real proof of her skills and keen attitude toward designing. One of her clients described Nanette as a perfectly organized professional and added that her energy and vision of light and colour was just what I needed to get me organized for the step by step process. If you re having doubts about your home s design, Nanette is the right person who can definitely help you out.

    Chic Decor

    1011 Upper Middle Road Suite 1419

    Chic Decor

    Chic Decor is a successful, full-service interior decorating and design firm focusing on contemporary, transitional, and clean-lined traditional design. The owner, Margarida Oliveira, is not only a very warm and approachable person, but also an experienced professional with a creative vision and extensive knowledge of colour, design, and fine art. She studied at the Ontario College of Art Design, Springbank Visual Arts School, and Sheridan College.

    Chic Decor s main goal is to create beautifully expressive interiors that are a reflection of your vision, aesthetic style, and functional requirements. Feedback from their clients proves that Chic Decor is really one of the best interior design firms in Toronto. Margarida s client sums up the work of this exceptionally talented designer in one sentence: We were delighted with the final outcome which incorporated our personalities but also glammed us up a little bit.

    Andrea Gray Design

    Andrea Gray Design

    Andrea Gray established her design firm in 2003, and her work ranges from residential to restaurant projects. Andrea tries to reflect her clients dreams and expectations in her work. She s influenced both by classic and contemporary themes and prefers to create harmony and symmetry.

    This experienced and skillful interior designer gained her popularity mainly through her exceptional commitment to her work. Andrea s clients consider her to be professional, accountable and coupled with good work ethics. Whatever your tastes, Andrea Gray Design will accomodate all of your needs.

    Caldwell Design

    175 Woodycrest Avenue

    Caldwell Design

    Caldwell Design provides objective opinions and on-site suggestions to home owners who have a design dilemma. The owner, Sue Caldwell-Powers, is well known for being professional, organized, and willing to listen and give practical advice. She s a young, urban designer with rich experience with both residential and commercial projects.

    Sue is most renowned for her perfect combinations of classic design and function, quality, fine craftsmanship and modern style. Her main goal is to design all her projects to fit her clients personal styles, tastes, and budgets.

    LUX Design

    571 King Street West

    LUX Design

    Founded in 2006, LUX Design is one of Toronto s most prominent interior design firm. This prestigious design firm offers a huge range of services, varying from colour consulting to complete home renovations. Their main aim is to take your ideas to the next level and maximize the potential of your space, your style, and your budget.

    LUX Design s work has been featured in the well-known Canadian Interiors Magazine. Their design team consists of several creative professionals who are dedicated to and passionate about their work. At LUX Design, your preferences will always be listened to and you can be sure that you ll got what you want and more.

    Steffanie Gareau

    56 Felbrigg Avenue

    Steffanie Gareau

    Steffanie Gareau provides complete interior design and decorating service, focusing on new, custom-built homes and larger scale renovations. She s an exclusive designer whose works range from traditional to comfortable, contemporary to modern.

    Steffanie s exceptional sense for details, great service, and always-on-time deliveries makes her one of the best Torontonian interior designers. Her clients often express their satisfaction with Steffanie s work: Her professional expertise and approachable demeanour made working on this project completely enjoyable.

    Second Wind Interior Design

    Oakville L6H 6SE

    Second Wind Interior Design

    Ana Castanheira, owner of Second Wind Interior Design. always has tons of ideas that will bring new life into any tired space. Second Wind Interior Design offers full-service interior design, renovations, consultations, staging, and much more. Ana encourages her clients to express their own style and feelings and helps them to reflect their needs and lifestyle.

    Don t worry; if filling an empty room is a nightmare for you, Ana will make it an exciting adventure. Her vast experience, knowledge, and ability to see what s in her clients heads is backed by the recommendations of a huge number of Torontonians.

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