10 Worst Serial Killers

10. Wayne Williams Body count: 2-31

Thought to be responsible for the infamous Atlanta Child Murders that took place in Atlanta, Georgia, between the years of 1979 and 1981, Williams was actually convicted of the murder of two adult men (29 year old Jimmy Payne and 27 year old Nathaniel Carter). It was after his arrest and subsequent conviction that local authorities were able to apparently solve the majority of the 29 child murders that took place in the area. He still protests his innocence to this day.

9. Dean Corll Body count: 27

Earning the nickname of The Candy Man when his crimes were uncovered (due to him running his mother s small candy company), Corll was responsible for what would become known as the Houston Mass Murders which took place in Houston, Texas between the years of 1970 and 1973. Along with two accomplices (Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks), Corll would abduct and torture young boys that were lured to his apartment, then murdering and burying them in the surrounding rural areas. Corll was shot and killed by Henley following a heated argument at Corll s home.

8. John Wayne Gacy Body count: 33

Also known as the Killer Clown due to the fact that Gacy would throw parties at which he would don a clown suit and make-up, acting under the guise of Pogo the Clown . Gacy was convicted of the rape and murder of some 33 young men during the years of 1972 and 1978, most of which he buried underneath his own home. He was executed in 1994, by lethal injection. Gacy managed to shock everyone when his crimes were uncovered, as he was a popular political and local figure at the time, living a seemingly normal life. Supposedly, his last words were kiss my ass . The photo of Gacy here is of him with First Lady Rosalynn Carter, which proved to be somewhat embarrassing for the Secret Service when his crimes were uncovered.

7. Gary Ridgeway Body count: Convicted of 48, but admitted somewhere around 90 killings.

Ridgeway would later become known as the Green River Killer (due to his propensity for dumping bodies in the Green River in Washington) for his killing spree during the 1980s which would result in him becoming one of the most prolific serial murderers in American history. He would abduct runaways or prostitutes and murder them after sexually assaulting them. Ridgeway was convicted in 2001 for murders that he had committed 20 years previously and this was down to a breakthrough in DNA evidence linking him to his victims. Ridgeway would later go on to say that murdering young women was his career .

6. Moses Sithole Body count: 38 or so murders, 40 rapes.

South Africa s most infamous serial killer and perpetrator of what were known as the ABC Murders due to the fact that started, continued and finished in towns named Atteridgeville, Boksburg and Cleveland. He would lead his victims out into deserted fields under false pretences, where he would then overpower, rape and murder them. After his capture in 1995 and then conviction in 1997, he was sentenced to 2,410 years, with the possibility of parole in 930 years. In the year 2000, it was reported that Sithole had contracted AIDS whilst in prison.

5. Gerald Stano Body count: 41

An American, starting around the late 1960s to early 1970s and the continuing on for as many as 7-8 years, Stano picked up a number of hitch-hikers and young women, murdering them via shooting, stabbing or strangulation. Apprehended in 1980, he was sentenced to life in prison until his execution by the electric chair in Florida, 1998.

4. Andrei Chikatilo Body count: 53

A notorious Ukrainian serial murderer, as well as being a chronic bed-wetter suffering from impotence, Chikatilo earned himself such titles as The Ripper of Rostov , The Rostov Ripper and the Butcher of Rostov , after the area in which the murders were committed. A sexual deviant, Chikatilo was only able to achieve orgasm by stabbing and slashing his victims, rather than outwardly raping them. Active from the late 1970s, all the way through to the very early 1990s, he was apprehended and interrogated by police and sentenced to death, a sentence which was carried out in 1994 by a gunshot to the head. He was 57 at the time.

3. Bruno Ludke Body count: 85

His regime spanned 15 years, starting in 1928, Ludke was caught near the end of World War II by Nazi police, after they allegedly discovered him committing necrophilia on the corpse of one of his recently-deceased victims. He subsequently confessed to a number of crimes and was declared insane, being sent to a hospital in Vienna where he was subjected to medical experiments which resulted in his death by lethal injection in 1944. Even after his sterilization due to having been previously caught molesting a young woman, he continued to assault and then murder a number of other women, often by stabbing and strangulation.

2. Henry Lee Lucas Body count: Somewhere in the region of 4-213

Originally confessing to thousands of murders with his accomplice, Ottis Toole, police then subsequently attributed roughly 213 murder cases to his name (although only 4 were ever solidly proven to have been committed by him, one of which included his own abusive mother), thanks to the information they garnered from Lucas. He was apprehended in 1983 and was then sentenced to death, but bizarrely enough, his sentence was commuted to life in prison by the then-Governor George W. Bush. Out of 153 death penalty cases to be reviewed, Bush decided that this was the only case he d intervene on. Many people believe that Lucas had simply been toying with the police, testing them, maybe hoping to embarrass them somehow, just to see how far he could go. Lucas died of natural causes in 2001, aged 64, taking the true number of how many crimes he committed to the grave with him.

1. Pedro Alonso Lopez Body count: 300+

By far one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, the Monster of the Andes butchered enough people to fill a small town. After killing around 100 tribal women in Peru in the 1970s, he was apprehended by tribal forces that were just about ready to execute him when they were convinced by an American missionary that was staying with them at the time to take him to the police force instead. Unfortunately, the police then just let him go, after which Lopez travelled to Ecuador, where he proceeded to kill about 3-4 girls a week, claiming that girls in Ecuador were more gentle and trusting, more innocent . This carried on until he was caught in 1980, but police were still unsure as to his guilt, but a flash flood uncovered a mass grave that had hidden many of his victims, which then led to his arrest. However, the Ecuador government then released him in 1998, deporting him to Columbia. Lopez allegedly said that he was being released for good behavior .

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Start Your Own Financial Planning Firm

Whether you’re a veteran financial planner looking to get out from under a tyrannical boss, or a rookie just out of college, the dream of starting your own financial services firm is probably an aspiration that gets you out of bed on even the rainiest of days. Money, autonomy, convenient office hours and recognition within the community all come as part of the package, at least in our dreams. In reality, starting a financial services firm is a lot of hard work. Those who fail are often those who fail to plan. Read on as we explore the tips you need to know in order to turn your dream into a thriving business reality.

Growing Demand
While the 2008 financial crisis has made the job market an increasingly competitive place, one of the few careers estimating growth and relevance is that of a financial advisor. The age of your average financial planner/advisor is increasing, along with the ages of his or her client base. With that, more planners are leaving their practices while more potential clients are entering their retirement years. Furthermore, this changing of demographics in the American population is rapidly opening up new areas of specialization. such as long-term care and alternative investments. The most recent generation of financial products and services also allows advisors to meet the needs of clients in ways that could not have been anticipated even a few years ago. With these being factors in the current job market, there is plenty of room for new blood to enter the fray.

Veterans and Rookies
If you’re a veteran in this business trying to go independent, you’re probably tired of the constant sales pressure, office politics and other corporate restrictions placed upon you now. At this point in your career, you have probably developed your own personal investment philosophy that may differ from the methods espoused by your current employer. You may also be concerned about managing your book of business and feel that your clients would be better served in a more independent setting. While having an established client base is a huge advantage for anyone starting their own financial planning practice, it also creates its own set of issues, such as retention and service of key customers when moving those accounts from one company to another.

Newcomers to the business will face much bigger obstacles on the path to success. In addition to the normal start-up issues that must be dealt with, rookies must also build up a client list from scratch, as well as learn the mechanics of the business (which can be considerable.) But, like many entrants into this field, you may see financial planning as a way to make a real difference in other people’s lives. Or, if you are an entrepreneurial spirit, you may be enticed by the possible prestige, freedom and high compensation enjoyed by many financial planners. But regardless of your background or motives, establishing your own financial planning firm will likely be one of the most difficult – and satisfying – things you’ve ever done.

Issues To Consider
1. Costs
Starting a financial planning firm entails many of the same start-up costs as any other business. These include furniture, rent, advertising, technology, utilities and perhaps an earnest deposit with the new broker-dealer (if one is to be used). Licensing and training costs must be counted for those who need them as well. Veterans with a book of business will also need to factor in any possible loss of revenue resulting from the changeover to a new company.

2. Licensing/Training
In addition to obtaining the necessary licenses, rookies should consider earning a professional designation or two, such as the Certified Financial Planner® or Chartered Life Underwriter. Credentials like these can help provide much-needed credibility and academic training for those who are new to the business or looking to expand their repertoire.

If you’re a veteran in the business, however, licensing and training may not be a critical issue, unless you are getting into a new line of work. For example, if you have an insurance business and plan to add investments or comprehensive financial planning to your practice, then you will need to be licensed (and perhaps certified) accordingly.

3. Business Plan
As with any other business, it is vital that independent financial planners begin with a sound written business plan. This plan should include:

  • The goals of the business.
  • Specific strategies on how to achieve these goals.
  • The current state of the financial markets .
  • The demographics of clients and prospects.
  • How to differentiate your firm from the competition.
  • A flexible marketing plan.
  • All probable costs – these should be clearly defined.
  • A realistic estimate of the amount of time it will take to accomplish the plan’s objectives.

4. Business Model and Services Offered
Determining what kind of financial planning practitioner you will be is an important decision. This choice involves both the type of services you will provide your clients as well as your method of compensation. Financial planners who work on commission tend to earn much more (on average) than fee-based planners. Customers who specifically desire unbiased advice, however, usually seek out fee-based planners. Your personality type may play a role in making this choice; if you have an analytical mind and don’t enjoy high-pressure sales, you may feel more at home with just running numbers and making recommendations. On the other hand, if you are a Type-A personality who likes working with people, then you may have more success using a sales-based approach. The type of business model you decide to employ may also determine which licenses you will need to obtain.

5. Partners/Mentors/Employees
Establishing professional relationships is crucial for any budding financial planner, especially one without an established book of business. Finding an attorney or CPA who is willing to partner with you may be the best thing you could do for your business. A mentor can be equally important, particularly for newcomers to the business. Having someone to ask advice of who can guide you through the difficult early stages is an invaluable aid for those who are still learning the business.

If you both need and can afford it, then you will have to find and build an effective support team around you, whether it is a single assistant or an actual team of people. Making certain that all of these pieces fit correctly will take some time and adjustment, but the end result should be a streamlined, efficient staff that allows the business to run smoothly and profitably.

6. Risks/Liabilities
Starting any business involves a certain amount of risk. There is the risk that the business will generate insufficient revenue to survive, as well as risk from liability and other fiduciary responsibilities. All financial planners need indemnity insurance. Errors and omissions (E O) insurance will guard against malpractice suits, but remember that ensuring regulatory compliance in your business will ultimately be your responsibility. All client complaints and problems must be dealt with in a professional manner to ensure the stability of the business.

7. Rewards
Successful planners enjoy high (sometimes very high) compensation, virtual autonomy and convenient office hours, as well as recognition within the community. But the best reward of all can be the sense of accomplishment that comes from helping a client achieve peace of mind by resolving a complex financial issue. Regardless of which type of reward you desire, the financial planning profession may well offer what you seek.

The Bottom Line
While starting a private financial planning practice undoubtedly involves a significant amount of work and risk, those who desire to do so should not let fear prevent them from realizing their dream. Many private and even corporate practitioners will readily tell you that financial planning is the best business in the world.


The Process of Quantitative Data Analysis

Quantitative analysis is largely a matter of knowing what data to look for and then knowing what to do with it. Analysts must know a number of different statistical techniques to manipulate raw data and turn it into something useful for individuals and companies. That means not only must analysts know the basics of statistical analysis, but they must also employ the cutting edge technologies to model and calibrate their data.

Before an analysis can even begin, analysts must prepare a data plan that will guide them through the process of analyzing a giving situation. Analysts must understand the context of the market or company they are evaluating, as well as the nuances of the given subject of analysis, both of which require research and creative thinking. If an analyst fails to understand the market environment or misses a crucial piece of data, they may produce flawed recommendations and cost a company or individual a great deal of money and even lose their own job. As a result, having a plan requires a great deal of attention to detail and assessing all possibilities in a given situation.

The second step to analysis is finding the data. Analysts can collect this data through personal observation or by amassing reports compiled by others, either the owner of a set of financial assets or disinterested third parties. If an analyst is preparing an investment plan, for instance, he or she must look at stock reports, risk assessments of available company stocks, costs of derivatives, individual portfolio data, and more. The data for each step of a single recommendation can be vast and overwhelming, and it is the analyst’s job to process, quantify, and prioritize all of the available information before it can be useful.

Once all of the data is secured, organized, and quantified, it is time for the actual analysis to begin. The individual steps of quantitative analysis depend upon the data plan. Sometimes the information sought can be found with an easy analysis of descriptive statistics looking at means, medians, standard deviations and the like. Other times the analyst seeks more complex information such as correlations, probabilities, and skewness, looking respectively for associations between different data, frequency and likelihood of specific events, and outliers to larger bits of data.

For even more complex data, an analyst must deploy statistical and mathematical models to make sense of the information they have collected. Statistical models are formal ways of describing the relationships between data variables. Analysts apply these models to their data in an attempt to understand how one bit of data relates to the next. If the data fits a certain model, the analyst can draw certain conclusions about that data. Using modeling, analysts can also simulate what will happen if they recommend one course of action over another.

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How the analyst interprets the results of their analysis and modeling determines what recommendations they make. If for instance the analyst found that based on their data a certain type of stock that had been declining was likely to increase over the next seven months, due to a cyclical nature of those stocks in the market, the analyst would recommend adding stocks of that type to a portfolio. Others may have been reluctant to invest in that same stock because of its current downward trajectory, but because the stock fit a model the analyst applied to it, the investor may enjoy the benefits of the analyst’s interpretation of the data and subsequent prediction.

The successful analyst can employ many different techniques for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting financial data. Some rely more heavily on mathematical models and stochastic calculus to determine the exact right price value of an asset. Others prefer statistical modeling and educated guesses on the future of particular markets. Either way, quantitative data analysis requires an exact and efficient mind to turn raw data into successful financial action.

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Bar Design Ideas

Would you rather…spend a week in Casablanca or embellish your kitchen with Moroccan charm?

What is a home bar?

A home bar is an ideal addition to any kitchen, dining room, man cave, or living room. Home bars range from traditional pieces filled with antiques and expensive spirits, to a small section of glassware and a small refrigerator to keep your beer and wine. Some home bars are simply conveniently-placed bar carts. These are a budget option, good for someone who is not ready for a full remodel, or for someone who wants to have portable access to their favorite beverages.

How much does a home bar cost?

Home bars range in cost from a simple bar cart, which are usually less than $200, to a full-blown bar completely stocked with anything a professional bar tender would have, a stock that can often cost a couple thousand dollars. However, home bars do not have to be cost prohibitive. Simply organize a list of the items you most desire – drink ware, soda spray, quality ice maker, beer taps, storage – and price out your bar from there. Love your state-of-the-art shaker but you can live without a juicer? Perfect. Don’t forget the garnish!

How big should my home bar be?

The size of your home bar is dependent on both your budget and your house. If you regularly entertain and can see yourself hosting large parties, a larger home bar where multiple “bar tenders” can be situated could be a great fit for you. However, if you are looking for a classy addition where you can have your nightly martini, then maybe you don’t need a home bar that takes up half of your living room. You could always consider adding a home bar to your kitchen island. Learn more in our guide to kitchen islands .

How can I make my home bar on a budget?

Maybe you don’t have a few thousand dollars for your dream home bar – fear not! You can still create a nice place for all your bar needs. If you have a few hundred dollars then you can purchase a nice bar cart. A versatile option that allows for movement between rooms, bar carts provide all of the convenience of a bar without any of the hassle of a remodel. If you don’t like bar carts, you still have other options. If you have a glass hutch or glass paned cabinets these are perfect places for storing alcohol. They can show off your collection, while still keeping the set out of the way.

What design style should I use for my home bar?

Home bars are a unique piece that can incorporate nearly any home design style. Even if your home already focuses on traditional style, an eclectic home bar can still work if properly curated for that space. Home bars are often more masculine in appearance, but don’t necessarily have to be designed that way. As long as you have enough storage, the proper furniture, and plenty of alcohol, your home bar can serve any liquor you love all with beautiful style. Looking for more home bar inspiration? Check out our guide to man caves for more.

Ideas By Room

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Modern church interior stock photos and images

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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Try this super easy and satisfying DIY that every homeowner can use.

What is a modern bathroom?

A modern bathroom is sophisticated place for you to relax and unwind. A quite sanctuary, modern bathrooms are equipped with sleek, high-tech sinks, showers and toilets. Modern bathrooms are highly functional and utilize every nook and cranny without looking cluttered. Our modern design style guide can get you started with some background and inspiration about modern design.

What materials should I use in a modern bathroom?

Modern bathroom design should use a mix of materials. Using various metals, glass, and woods will convey modern design style, however, that can often make a room cold. It is important to add comfortable accessories in your modern bathroom as well as soft rugs or even a towel warmer. These softer accessories won’t take away from the modern design, but will also help you feel at home and comfortable in your own bathroom. Take a look at our guide to choosing a bathroom countertop to find out more about materials.

If I could only put one modern piece in my bathroom, what should I pick?

Depending on your budget there are a few high-impact changes you can make to make your bathroom feel more modern. For the budget option, think about finding a more modern mirror. This can change the whole look of the rest of the room. For a mid-range upgrade, think about replacing the sink and or toilet or even redoing the vanity. Even one of these larger changes will create an eye-catching focal point and turn your bathroom into a modern space. If you have the time and the money then consider replacing your shower or tub. There are a ton of modern shower and tub combinations (or separates) that will transform any room that they are installed in. Try some of our simple options in our guide to make your bathroom great

What should I watch out for when I’m designing my modern bathroom?

When you are designing your modern bathroom be sure to watch out for elements that are too cold or too slick. You don’t want to make your bathroom all stainless steel and then dread waking up in the morning to use it. You can incorporate some sleek materials into your design, but don’t forget what the ultimate goal is – to create a comfortable and relaxing place. Check out our bathroom guides to learn more.

How do I incorporate green features into my modern bathroom?

Modern style goes hand in hand with environmentally-friendly technology. A modern, water-saving shower or a toilet that has additional conservation capabilities are all very modern in form and function. A solar-powered water heater is another way to add modern function to not only your bathroom, but to the rest of your home as well. If you’re looking at modern bathroom designs be sure to look into environmentally efficient or “green” features.

How do I make my bathroom more modern?

There are a few ways to make your bathroom more modern. First you can start with redoing the light fixtures. Modern lighting is the easiest change and can be a simple fixture switch. Another way to make a bathroom more modern is to switch out a traditional vanity with a vanity that is more minimalist in design. Finally blue, gray, and white color palettes are an easy addition to bathrooms that will make the design of the room more modern. Take a look at our guide to easily transforming your bathroom for more inspiration.

Ideas By Room

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59 Modern Luxury Bathroom Designs (Pictures)

Check out these 59 pictures of modern luxury bathroom designs – diverse designs – white, black, concrete, marble, red, large, small – click here.

Gone are the days when bathroom design was an after-thought or so it seemed.

One of the biggest problems when buying a new house is dealing with small bathroom space. A short few decades ago bathrooms were closets with plumbing (hence the term water closet). Some people deal with it by replacing a bedroom (of which there were many in older Victorian homes) with bathroom space. I think that s great because a large, luxurious bathroom is fantastic.

These days home design and architecture dedicates plenty of space for bathrooms. The reason for this is simple people want it because it s luxurious and pleasant to have plenty of room.

To that end, below are 59 pictures of stylish modern luxury bathroom designs that will inspire your renovation or custom home design. Check out our white bathroom collection as well .

Large bathroom renovation in attic with sloping ceiling using grey and white color scheme

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interior design jobs chicago no experience

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“When I called, they answered right away — many places don’t or don’t call back. They treated me well and the team came in right away and took my problems off my shoulder. I was stressing out, and they totally made my day. You guys were awesome. The service was outstanding.”

Luis M. San Pablo, CA

“There was a leak under my carpet and I discovered black mold under the baseboards. I called Bravo and they came out, pulled up the carpets, handled the black mold, replaced the drywall, and replaced the carpet with flooring. Everything looks nice and new I feel they handled the job in a timely manner and everything looks good.”

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