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Contemporary bathroom idea in Vancouver with a curbless shower Houzz

sexy to have in the bedroom RexnAngel Arce

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Also unique were the decorative metal “gates” at the opening from the foyer into the room, and the beautiful vintage light fixture. Those items are so ornamental that they became like jewelry to the mix of contemporary with more traditional pieces. Our goal was to bring a more modern and even glamorous look to the interior of a very traditional Tudor-style house.” Who uses it: “This is a formal dining room, so on a daily basis it is enjoyed as a beautiful space.

Inspiration for a contemporary enclosed dining room remodel in Minneapolis with gray walls Houzz

This rug is fantastic, I love the pop of color with a slash of nostalgic beauty Design and Stage Hawaii

J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami – Modern

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Inspiration for a contemporary open concept family room remodel in Miami with beige walls Houzz

Treats Make from wood or foam, paint different colors, leave space in between for the color lights to sip trough hotac

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Giving form to impossibilities. Clean lines spawning intimate, sophisticated spaces.

A style uniquely fashioned from a combination of contemporary and transitional settings, yet a style realizing your desires.

Where simplicity in approach thrives in tandem with organic and natural materials.

Interior Decorations Service in India

The minute anyone of us but or rent a certain living or working space we start pondering about the ideas to décor i.e. what to do to give a best design to interiors, how to achieve esthetic look for my interior, where to begin and what track we should walk to get ultimate plan to finish the interior design. Guess what? You are not alone! And we Inside Outside, interior designer and decorators are here to help you. Our head office is in Surat, has been into the Décor business for the last 5 years and our office in Vapi has been decorating peoples’ dreams for almost 2 years now.

Decorating especially your interiors are not as hard as you think, not to say that it’s extremely easy. To get that ideas look, one should have the correct skills and abilities put into the practice after constructive planning. This is where we come in.

We, Inside Outside, have the capability to provide you with those interior decorating styles, designs, planning, skills and ability. We are Professional Interior Designer and decorators from Surat with have tips, tricks and ideas to get your end result faster and within your budget without any frustration.

Inside Outside, will help you to create and convert your dream in reality. We will help you to make every interior decorating project easy stress free! We offer you interiors’ desidn services, products interior decorating advices, at a very minimal cost.

Service for Interior Design

Interior Design

This service is for those clients who have their own team of vendors and contractors. In this case Inside Outside Interior Decorators provides the client with complete detailed design along with site supervision for quality and design assurance. Inside Outside Interior Decorators scope of work for this kind of service includes:

Design and Build

This Design-n-build service is a turnkey project service for our busy clients who have little time for nitty-gritty’s of Interior Design. Under this type Inside Outside Interior Decorators undertakes complete responsibility for Interior design services and Execution till handover and after sales service of your home / office


In this service type our scope is similar to the Design n Build type. Renovation is mainly done in spaces which are already being used by the client a re-design is required.

Turnkey Project Management

Turnkey project management is a service for Interior designers who are based outside Mumbai. We manage their projects in Mumbai by providing an efficient Contractors and Vendors team.

Our team co-ordinates with their designers to get solutions for any onsite design problems.


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With enormous skills in this area, we ARPIT INTERIORS are expert’s object rendering reputable features of Showroom interior designing to our customers. As in a showroom an item is exhibited, it involves respectful form of interior designing. Due to our credibly Deluxe Showroom Interior Designs, ARPIT INTERIORS have acquired massive understanding from our customers like Hotel Bhawani Paradise, Indian Oil Apartments and Samridhi jewellers and numerous Attire Showrooms. Specialists in our business create some challenging images for our customers and as soon as we complete with the design we move forward for the project achievement. Extremely innovative and proficient staff of industry experts in our firm engages practicality research and sensible information jointly with impressive concepts to provide remarkable Retail Showroom Interior Designing. Also, we style and design the showroom interiors maintaining in imagination factors like theme, color scheme, customer ease, space managing, exhibit space etc. We experience happiness by offering efficient showroom interior services at the specified time framework. Overall accessible places is designed and decorated to improve the attractiveness of interior. Our bike showroom interior decoration is able to get the awareness of focused clients at the 1st prompt. Showroom interior services have become the 1st and desired preference of customers.

Jewellery Showroom Interior

We are identified in the industry for our potential to offer efficient and genuine most effective interior design of jewellery showrooms for our clients. Our products and services are extremely preferred with clients of punctuality and liability. We manage project achievements and assure maximum pleasure to our reputed customers. All attempts are focused to us by pleased clients.
ARPIT INTERIORS Jewellery showroom Interior Designing Services are structured and perfectly spread showrooms. Maintaining all the specifications of our consumers in brain, our designing service presents area for a huge variety of a clients and a perfectly structured screen of all the items. We are extremely targeted in our job and staff up corresponding furniture and accessories to have an amazing impression on your clients and create your showroom a frequent location for their visit.

Garments Showroom Interior

ARPIT INTERIORS have intended the interiors for customers Showroom of garment. As for the price range and place restrictions, our experts bring out projects and start preliminary preparing work. Extensive solutions are presented rapidly, such as sketches, mounting details, furniture design, interior design, requirements of electronic and other progression strategy. Project professionals frequently check out sites to make sure that the program is proceeding to split down by design or layout.
We are a popular company involved in offering our clients with a extensive variety of Garment Showroom Designing Services. We present several showrooms decoration services throughout the region. Our expert’s strategy and carry out their services aspect as each customer’s specifications to existing them with entire pleasure. Additionally, the designers create certain that each and every centimeter of the area accessible is used properly consequently producing the customer’s expenditure value.

Electronics Showroom Interior

ARPIT INTERIORS have electronics showroom interior design and style concepts will mesmerize your competitiveness and catch the attention of clients like certainly not. The specialized staff contains the competence in generating exclusive thematic showroom interior designs to assist you improve your business leads. Aside from enhancing your area, we will design amazing still sensible approaches to present your Services. The designs and variations will perform like magnetic and entice prospective customers only as you have possibly required.

Our Clients

Usher Agro Ltd. Chatta, Mathura (U.P)
Hotel Bhawani Paradise, Katra (J & K)
Hotel Ajay International, Katra (J & K)
Indian Oil Apartments, Noida (NCR)
Samsung Plaza, Mathura (U.P.)
Samridhi jewellers, Mathura (U.P.)
Samsung Exclusive Showroom, Mathura
Shivangi Metals Pvt. Ltd. Udhampur
Cream-bell ice-cream, Chatta (U.P.)
Suruchi Foods Pvt. Ltd, Kosi (U.P.)
STP Ltd. Kosi (U.P.)

Our Services

Arpit interiors offer an extensive array of expert services to our clients that are very extensive and can be categorized generally into the following heads-

  • Designing
  • Consultancy
  • Supervision

Our services can be partioned into two areas which has various style of work entirely and providing to different target audiences, like-

  • Interior
    • Commercial Interior
      • Office Interior
      • Reastaurent Interior
      • Factory Interior
    • Residential Interior
      • Living Room Interior
      • Kitchen Interior
      • Bedroom Interior
    • Showroom Interior
      • Jewellery Showroom
      • Garments Showroom
      • Electronics Showroom
  • Exterior
    • Exterior Ellivation with Glass
    • Aluminium Composite Panel
    • Designer Tiles

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Hamptons Beach Chic

Home to what is known as the home of some of the most expensive zip codes in the nation, the Hamptons are a group of small towns just outside of New York City where the mega-rich go to stay during the warm summer months. ­People flock to this region to get away from the city for long weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day when beaches are open and the region is bustling with tourists and part-time residents. It’s the perfect place to temporarily relieve the stress of being surrounded by 8 million people all of the time.

In my humble opinion, the beaches in the Hamptons are just alright, especially someone who grew up in Florida where there are a ton of beautiful beaches to choose from at all times. Instead, what makes this area so remarkable are the luxuriously upscale homes and the fabulous parties that take place. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Alec Baldwin, Steven Spielberg, Martha Stewart, Donna Karan, Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein all call the Hamptons home for at least part of the year.

What I absolutely find to be enticing is the relaxed beach style infused with an upscale, pastoral flare. In a nutshell, it’s basically one of the only places in the world where celebrities like Puff Daddy and Ina Garten could be next-door neighbors. I love that there are still stately older homes that are updated and restored to their former elegance. Sure, there are some homes like Calvin Klein’s that are ultra-contemporary, but for the most part think more Grey Gardens, less Miami Beach .

Although the avid beach lover is better off in a more tropical environment, I’m a sucker for laid-back luxury and historic home eye-candy. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to vacation in one of these largely coveted Hamptons homes!

Could you see yourself loving the Hamptons beach vibe?
Share your favorite beach community location with me in the comments or on Twitter!

Hamptons Home | Coastal Style | Beach House | Interior Design
Interior Design | Tampa | Florida-Interior Design Blogs©

About Jon Peters

Jon Peters is a graduate of the University of South Florida, where he majored in marketing.

Raised in Tampa, Jon has spent most of his life in the bay area but considers North Carolina to be a second home. He is obsessed with Twitter, Bravo, and pictures of dessert on Pinterest. In his spare time, he likes to throw Frisbee with his two Bull Terriers and explore the local shops and restaurants around town.

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From the Press Room

Aug 4, 2016 – Tampa, FL – Our Studio M Senior Designer, Kylie Italiano, strives to inspire people to let their home decor tell a story. From lighting to pillows to organic pieces, she claims, “I have always been fascinated by the way each project can be inspired by any one element.” In the Feb/March issue of Tampa Magazine, Kylie gives readers a glimpse into her favorite < Continue Reading >

Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.
Proverbs 24:3-4

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The colour-infused Tata Motors office in Pune by Transitions Designs, Slick Sustainability, Creative Strokes, Advertiser’s Directory and more.

INSIDE OUTSIDE – India’s most respected and highest circulated interior design magazine. It is the first choice of the crème de la crème of professional designers and architects. With its incisive coverage and wide range of profiles, Inside Outside is an important forum for both the professional as well as the lay reader. Over the years, the magazine has grown to be the bible for the community of Indian architects and the professional interior designer. It is revered for its authority and selection of coverage. Professionals consider it an honour to be published in the pages of this premier interior design magazine. The magazine focuses on well designed interiors. Be it residential or commercial, INSIDE OUTSIDE covers the exclusive and luxurious, to the low cost and space conscious. Designing on small budgets and problem solving is a special area of editorial interest, and even the lavish apartments featured are replete with ideas that can be emulated in more modest homes.

Recent Issues

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147 Sri Lanka Interior Designers and Decorators

The work of a professional can make all the difference. Whether your home has 10 bedrooms, or your apartment is 800 square feet, it can be tricky to create a cohesive look that is representative of your style. That’s where a local interior designer comes in. A home decorator will help distill your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the needs of your space. Whether you need help creating a functional space plan, rearranging existing pieces, designing the inside of a new home, or simply sourcing amazing furniture and decor, seeking the help of professional interior designers and decorators in Sri Lanka is a must. More

I would like to take this opportunity to introduceInteriors who are specialized designers of master piece. Read More

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Office Interior Design

Not too impressed about the existing interior design in your office? Do you think that the current arrangement in the workspace seems as though it is lacking a sense of professionalism? If your old interior design no longer works for you, then it is time for you to consider a new and improved look for your office space.

It Is More Than Just Beauty

Some people assume that interior design is only all about making any space look sophisticated. However, there is more to designing than giving your office a chic new look. In fact, interior design is all about practicality, which means you should have a strong reason for putting a piece of furniture in a certain way instead of just leaving it as is.

A design must be more than just catchy, exciting, fresh and elegant. It should also be able to provide your team a chance to do better in their jobs, which is the end goal of every office renovation project. A place that will continue to inspire everyone in the workplace to be more productive is exactly what you need to reap long-term benefits for your business.

Choose Only the Experts

With all these in mind, make sure you work with only the best in office interior design. Our professional designers have years of experience and expertise in this industry, so you can count on them to translate your ideas into tangible results.

Feel free to discuss your preferences and ideas with us, which can help us devise a perfect interior design plan that works perfectly for your office space. However, if you are in need of fresh design ideas and solutions to your concerns, then we will be more than willing to share with you our proposals that may suit your needs perfectly. We can give you a customized plan that will let your personality and business philosophy shine through your office interior design.


We love who we are and we are very proud to be the part of your business

Our Services

Latest posts

Welcome to our website!

October 22, 2014

Contact us

60 Paya Lebar Road
#05-19 Paya Lebar Square (Lobby 1)
Singapore 409051

Mobile: +65 9630 9750
(Patricia Panesar)
Tel: 6844 4414

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12 Essential Ingredients for a Classic Hamptons-Style Kitchen

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Hamptons-style is coastal and casual, yet elegant and refined. Originally, it took its inspiration from a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York, but has come to represent relaxed coastal living, natural materials, classic shapes and lots of natural light. Hamptons-style kitchens reflect this classic, coastal look and are designed and built to last.

The classic Hamptons kitchen
This kitchen hallmarks all the classic Hamptons elements – from the beautifully detailed white cabinetry, large island and subway tiles to the dark floors, double oven and white crockery on display.

1. Architecture
Classic Hamptons architecture features details such as pitched ceilings, exposed beams, timber sarking on walls and ceilings, wood floors, pale colours and lots of light. Consider this when planning a Hamptons kitchen, as it will work best in a house that already possesses some of these features.

2. Use of white
White is the perfect choice when designing a Hamptons kitchen, and is loved for its light, reflective quality. This kitchen showcases white in the cabinetry, marble benchtops, lights and window frames.

3. Dark wood floors
Dark wood floors are an alternative to light floors in Hamptons kitchens. The dark floor in this kitchen contrasts beautifully against the off-white cabinetry, bar stools, splashback, and chandeliers.

4. Frame and panel cabinetry
Traditionally, kitchen cabinets were constructed with a frame around the panel, and these are sometimes called shaker-style cabinets. These cabinets are popular in Hamptons kitchens because of their solid, traditional lines and detailing.

5. Blue/green/grey cabinetry
Blue, green or grey painted wood cabinetry provides an interesting alternative to white, and works well in coastal kitchens as it reflects the colours of the ocean.

6. Marble benchtops
The beauty of marble is undeniable and it comes in a huge range of colours and patterns. It suits the Hamptons look due to its natural, timeless quality. Two popular types from Italy are Calacatta, seen here, with bold veins, and Carrara, with softer, more subtle veins.

7. Wooden benchtops
Wood is an alternative to marble and is often chosen for its natural, tactile, organic properties. However, be careful with moisture and heat, and only choose solid hardwood species.

8. Ceramic tile splashback
Choose ceramic tiles for the splashback, such as these small grey subway tiles. They come in a variety of colours and can be square, rectangular, hexagonal, or penny rounds.

9. Bar stools
These classic Thonet bentwood bar stools feature decorative braced hoops and come in oak, walnut and black, as well as a range of custom colours. White suits this kitchen and the Hamptons look perfectly.

10. Over-sized pendant lights
These large cloth pendant lights are the perfect choice for this kitchen with its high ceilings, and add to the drama and scale of the room. Other choices for Hamptons-style kitchens are metal, woven cane and ceramic.

11. Open shelves and cane baskets
Open shelves are a great way to show off kitchenware, especially if the pieces are beautiful like these vintage scales and glass bottles. Cane baskets help keep clutter to a minimum, and store unsightly items while adding to the Hamptons vibe.

12. Quirky coastal memorabilia
This delightful kitchen ramps up the coastal Hamptons vibe with a vintage surfboard on the wall, but other choices could be old fishing or diving equipment. Introducing elements like this will add character to the kitchen, but try to choose authentic items to keep it from looking contrived or twee.

Are you a big fan of Hamptons style? How have you incorporated the elegant coastal theme into your own home? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Designer Spotlight Lynda Kerry Interior Design

One of my favourite things about doing this blog is the chance to meet and interview designers I admire and whose work I hold in high esteem. Today s local designer spotlight focuses on an interior designer whose work I have long admired and which has provided me with much inspiration for this house Lynda Kerry of Lynda Kerry Interior Design. I m sure you will have seen images of the stunning Hamptons inspired house she put her magic touch to in Sydney s eastern suburbs, which appeared in House Garden a few years ago and which I have featured here previously. In fact, most of her work has appeared in interior design magazines over the years.

Lynda very kindly spent several hours with me chatting in her stunning office/showroom in Double Bay, where I was in heaven surrounded by sumptuous Ralph Lauren fabrics, vintage kilim rugs, batiks, oceans of blue and white china, beautiful lamps, furniture and accessories. It was a delightful way to pass a few hours, on top of which Lynda was most generous in sharing her experience, inspiration, design secrets and giving me lots of helpful advice!

This combination of chair and cushions was a little like decorating heroin to me! Lynda imported these faux bamboo armchairs from the US, and had the cushions custom made using fabrics from Travers and Ralph Lauren.

Lynda began her career in the US in the early 80s. She grew up in Newport Beach, CA and after studying psychology at USC discovered a passion for interior design (mind you it was in the genes, her mother was an interior decorator with great style). She undertook a degree in Interior Design at UCLA and then worked for a flamboyant interior designer in LA for a few years honing her craft. She secured star clients such as Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue early on before launching her own business. Lynda met her husband, former Australian Olympic swimmer Mark Kerry in the US before moving to Australia in the mid 90s with their two young children.

Upon arriving in Sydney, Lynda worked with Manning Manning for a few years while she found her feet and soon relaunched her design business in the eastern suburbs. Lynda quickly managed to attract the attention of some wealthy, high profile clients and it didn t take long before her business took off as word of mouth spread by associations and referrals through her kids schools, friends and the calibre of her work.

Lynda has gone on to forge a successful career, much sought after for her skill in capturing the essence of classic American style, with a Hamptons twist. She is a devotee of Ralph Lauren fabrics and uses them liberally in her designs. Lynda s signature look features lots of white timber paneling, wainscoting, dark stained timber floors, plenty of fresh white joinery and cabinetry with black hardware and butt hinges, adding texture from sisal rugs with vintage kilims and batik cushions. Oh and plenty of blue and white!

Beautiful pendant lights, sconces and table lamps are always an integral part of Lynda s American aesthetic, and she uses a lot of black accents in her accessories and decorative touches, including hardware and lighting.

Lynda has a great talent for layering and combining fabrics, patterns and textures, which is evident in her work and her showroom. Lynda told me she prefers not to have matching sets of furniture in a room, but to allow a room to look more natural and evolved. For example, instead of matching bedside tables she would choose two different styles and shapes, perhaps an oval table combined with a traditional chest of drawers. She currently favours using a lot of vintage pieces, whether it be textiles or furnishings, artwork or accessories. Items which are curated and collected over time and decades, which give a room personality, substance and gravitas.

Gorgeous Ralph Lauren fabrics are one of Lynda s signature design elements, and these beautiful stripes are the perfect complement to any room.

Lynda s rooms always exude relaxed elegance, they are impossibly stylish but never contrived or uptight. Her rooms manage to look at once liveable and welcoming but chic and timeless. She likes to give a room something a little unexpected and has a fondness for using a striking zebra rug or leopard print when a dose of personality is required. Lynda emphasises the importance of scale and proportion and finds the generous proportions used in American homes, design and architecture something that we have yet to embrace here.

This kind of setting is such eye candy beautiful blue and white ceramics, crisp white slipcovered chairs, oversized textured striped cushions, a bit of mercury glass shimmer, a white orchid and a stunning black iron table what more could you want?

I m still drooling over this faux bamboo chair!

Finally, here are some examples of Lynda s stunning interior design work from her website portfolio. You can see more images and contact details for Lynda here .

No doubt you ll all be familiar with this beautiful Hamptons style home Lynda designed in Sydney which was featured in House Garden a few years ago. Lynda likes to use honed black granite on the kitchen benchtop, with kitchen cabinets hand painted in Dulux Vivid White.

These next images were taken at Lynda s home which again featured in House Garden and the UK s Homes Gardens.

This stunning bedroom was the master bedroom in Lynda s previous home. The navy walls are painted in Dulux Pacific Line. Isn t it striking. The armchair is covered in Lee Jofa s Willow Pattern.

No doubt you ll see exactly why Lynda is like my interior design kindred spirit I think I ll have to adopt her as my mentor! Visit Lynda Kerry Interior Design here .

Images by Melinda Hartwright and courtesy Lynda Kerry/ACP.

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Your own personal decorating voice, or style, is similar in many ways to your style of dress. When shopping for clothing and accessories you think about:

  • color
  • size
  • shape
  • layering
  • pattern
  • putting the outfit together from head to toe

For some people everything just seems to come together

they know what they like and they know how to create a look that is uniquely their own, whether it s a clothing style or the look of their home interior. Do you know someone like that? Their house is really cool, their wardrobe is creative, they probably have the perfect hair style, too.

Many people that I meet, though, don t find the home decorating style question quite so easy to answer. When I ask them about their style, I get that deer in the headlights look. They really don t know what they like, or if they do have a feel for the look, they don t know how to describe it.

And, spending $200 on an outfit is a little different than forking over $5,000 on furniture mistakes can be very, very costly. No one wants to be in the position of having to tear up the carpet, order a new sofa, take down the new window treatments, etc. You may know that feeling well, no worries!

The Four Fundamental Decorating Styles

Each category can be further defined and refined, and we ll do that as well. Some of the popular styles of decor are Shabby Chic, Cottage, French Country, Traditional, Contemporary and Farmhouse. Hmmm what style of decor do you prefer??

We ll start with a simple quiz(no one will see your answers, you won t have to raise your hand, and you can have a drink while you answer the questions) to help point you in the direction of your own personal style of home decorating and inspire you with creative room decorating ideas that you can personalize to fit your own lifestyle and budget.

Then, I will help you take your preferred home decorating style and create a simple room, from the floor up. We ll look at each aspect of the space, in this order:

  • The colors
  • The floors
  • The walls
  • The furniture
  • The accessories and wall decor

I will show you examples through photo s as well as actual products that you can order online from well known sources to help you complete your room or space with stylish furniture and accessories in a way that suits your style and fits the budget.

Photos are an inspiring source of creativity and truly are worth 1000 words, so we ll be taking a look at lots of images.

It s going to be fun! But, I have much more to offer you, so read on.