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When searching for images using keywords, use singular forms of the words whenever possible and use very general terms for maximum search results. Remember, the more specific the terms, the more narrow the results. Human beings enter keywords for images and each individual will describe an image differently. Keeping this in mind, entering a broad range of keywords will deliver the maximum potential results and assist you greatly in finding the image you are looking for.

The following features will further assist you in narrowing your results to the images that you require:

ALL This is the default setting and search results will be limited to images containing all of the keywords entered. This allows you to limit your search to more specific results, but also may preclude some images that do not contain all of the keywords. Using very general terms will produce search results that may assist greatly in finding images that are appropriate for your requirements.

ANY Using this feature allows you to search a number of keywords at once and results will include all images which contain at least one of the keywords entered. This is recommended for broad searches where you are looking for many image ideas and concepts to choose from.

EXACT PHRASE This option limits search results to images that contain an exact phrase of keywords such as an expression or figure of speech, etc. As the keywording of images is somewhat subjective, this option should only be used when there is a very specific image that you are seeking that contains a phrase like spring cleaning or pick of the litter and it is likely that our staff would have entered this exact phrase to describe an image.

Use the category selection feature to refine your search to only those images that are likely to be found in the specific category chosen. As this feature works in conjunction with the keywords, not entering any keywords will show all images that have been classified into the selected category. As the category selection is designed for advanced searches, entering keywords will produce results that will be limited to images found in this category only. Keywords will be searched only within the selected category of images until the category selection is changed or Select All Categories is chosen to search the entire site.

IMPORTANT: When starting a new search, always reset the category to either Select All Categories or to the new category in which you wish to search within. If you do not select a new category or go back to Search All Categories, then your results will continue to be limited to the category selected for the previous search.


If you need help finding the images that you require, give our staff a call and we will be happy to offer personal assistance for all of your image needs at no charge or obligation. As hundreds of new images are added monthly, there may be images that suit your requirements that are not yet uploaded to the site. Free assistance from our friendly staff can identify potential images that you require that are not presently on the site and provide them to you in a timely fashion.

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License Compliance Services:
Design Pics Inc. strives to protect the interests, intellectual property, and livelihoods of the contributors with whom we work. For this purpose the company has mandated License Compliance Services to manage copyright compliance on our behalf.

Royalty Free Stock Photography Save Over 90%

Subscription Membership packages contain from 5 to 50 royalty free images, bringing the aggregate cost to as low as $20 each for stock photos that are regularly priced at $269 per image. Clients have one full year to download stock images from their account in any resolution, including the high res files.

Design Pics also offers high quality stock photography to qualifying non-profit organizations at special rates. See the pricing page and contact the company about Special Non-Profit Pricing .

Now Available – Royalty Free CD Image Collections! Our CD collections provide exceptional value for your royalty free, stock photography image requirements.

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Sandton Decor and Interior Design Services. Find all the Interior Design and Decor Services in Sandton City, Rivonia, Morningside, Bryanston, Randburg.

Sandton Randburg

Interior Design and Decor Services

Looking for Interior Design and Decor Services in the Greater Sandton Areas of Sandton City, Rivonia, Morningside, Bryanston and Randburg? Find all the Decor and Interior Design Services in the Sandton Area.

These are our standard free listings of Decor and Interior Design Services in Sandton and surrounding areas listed with address and telephone number .

Passionate about life and interior spaces, Anna has been working for years in the Interior Design industry.Anna has great knowledgeabout furniture; fabrics; design; managing of projects and an intuative understanding of her client’s requirements.

Anna offers a full interior design service from design construction to interior decorating.
Her speciality is contemporary comfortable living with an eccentric twist.

Delicious interiors is run by Jacqui Aarons, a professional, experienced and passionate interior decorator.

When it comes to interior design, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is What is my priority? Do you want something fresh and trendy, or something timeless and classic? Do you prefer aesthetics over utility or do you want it the other way around? When it comes to interior decoration, it s always important to know what you want, and turning what you want into a reality is the goal of Delicious Interiors.

Delicious Interiors will not only help you visualize the look that you want, we will also explain to you all the important and necessary details about the project, and once you have all the necessary information, you will then have a very clear idea of how we plan to work on your home or office.

AMA Architects / D12 Interiors

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For almost 40 years, Belle has delivered the best in Australian and international design. The magazine showcases a stunning line-up of the world’s most beautiful homes, plus all the news and trends in interior design, architecture, furniture, home accessories, fabrics, art, luxury goods and beauty products.

Tanya Buchanan


“Belle takes readers inside the world’s most beautiful and dynamic interiors and presents cutting-edge looks and covetable objects for the home through outstanding photography and original design.”

At a glance


41,143 *


104,000 *

Cover Price


Core Target

25 – 49


8 issues per year

Digital Editions

Each issue of Belle is a global style and design journey with a diverse selection of fabulous homes, our edit of the best design trends and furniture, desirable art, decadent events, creatives who are making their mark and travel and design hot spots.


For almost 40 years, Belle has delivered the best in Australian and international design. The magazine showcases a stunning line-up of the world’s most beautiful homes, plus all the news and trends in interior design, architecture, furniture, home accessories, fabrics, art, luxury goods and beauty products.

Delivers the best

in interior design

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Damelin Interior Design Certificate

Take your attention for detail and eye for the latest d cor design and make it your profession with a Damelin Interior Design Certificate

Why this course is perfect for you?

Are you constantly changing around your home furniture; or looking for new designs for your room? Then a career in Interior Design is what you should pursue.

Interior design involves the process of designing the interior of one s room or the exterior of a building. This multifaceted profession makes an emphasis on planning, design and the effective use of space. As an interior designer you will be the coordinator of such projects. From the conceptual development, communicating with suppliers and stakeholders of the project to the management and the overall execution of the design, you will be responsible for it.

With the Certificate in Interior Design you will be required to demonstrate specialised skills and techniques such as developing a design concept from beginning stages through the process of designing interiors and elements to be used in interiors. This certificate is bound to give you the foundation you need to get your foot in the door and joint the challenging world of interior designers.

Why study with Damelin?

As soon as you join the Damelin family, you become part of a network of students, lecturers and friends, who will assist and support you during this exciting journey in your life. Our courses are designed to make your learning as comfortable as possible, with facilities that allow you to build your career in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our lecturers will provide all the support and guidance you require, so you leave Damelin with an unforgettable campus experience.

How to get in?

Registering for the Certificate in Interior Design is simple. We have various touch-points for your convenience. Simply call, email, fill in an online enquiry form, or pop into one of our 17 campuses nationwide, where one of our consultants will gladly assist you.

  • Language at NQF Level 3/Grade 11 or equivalent.
  • Mathematics at NQF Level 3/Grade 11 or equivalent.
  • An art portfolio.
  • An Interview

Time you will spend on the course

This is a one-year full time course. A year planner and academic calendar is available at the start of the year with dates and times of classes and campus activities to help you plan your schedule.

Course content and modules

You will cover these modules during the duration of your certificate.

Historical of Interior Design

  • History of design and architecture is identified
  • Different types, styles and periods of art are identified

Building Construction A

  • The elements of construction and their influence on design
  • Fundamentals of technical drawing

Building Construction B

  • Control and maintenance of technical services
  • Effects design could have on the structure of a building
  • Basic theories of design composition and apply it to a variety of design problems
  • Specify materials and finishes
  • Explore and apply the properties, capabilities and restrictions of materials and finishes
  • Understand the importance of services and their effects on the working environment
  • Operate professionally as an interior designer
  • Effective presentation of design solutions
  • Design process and the final design ideas

Computer Aided Design

  • English 1st language
  • South African 2nd language
  • Mathematical literacy

This programme includes a compulsory Workplace Learning component. Workplace Learning provides important opportunities for professional and personal growth. It addresses specific competencies identified for the acquisition of the qualification, which relates to the development of skills that will make the learner employable and will assist in developing his/her personal skills.

Click here for quick access to the fact sheet for more info.

Materials to stay ahead

Click here for quick access to the fact sheet for more info.

Careers you’d be great at

  • Interior Designer
  • Architectural Designer
  • Interior Consultant
  • Design Advisor
  • Design Consultant

The strength in your qualification

Upon successful completion of the programme, the learner will receive the Damelin Interior Design Certificate.

Take your education to the next degree

Please enquire at the nearest Damelin campus for the prospectus containing post-certificate studies.

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Jewelry Showroom Interior

Jewelry » retail design blog, Whitespace provided consumer environment and brand design services for kiosk type piercing / jewelry shops, capable of international roll-out in shopping malls. Grace furniture, quality interior design since 1940, Grace furniture is your source for beautiful home furniture in the mohawk valley. we have been family owned operated since 1940. shop our selection of furniture for. Interior design shop, Home store interior design ideas design stores in the heart of hong kong’s luxury shopping districts, the landmark mandarin oriental, hong kong offers.

Shop Interior Design – Buy Jewelry Showroom Display Cabinet,Jewelry.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Showroom by Jaklitsch / Gardner Architects PC.

. Interior Designers India, Top Interior Designers Mumbai, Interior

Store Interior Design, Kenzo Perfumes Store Interior Design / Home.

Jewelry Showroom Displays

Dom berlin shop reuses old tyres for its interiors if you re in berlin.

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Are you thinking about starting a career as an Interior Designer? Have you considered setting up your own business and making an income as an Interior Designer? Or maybe you have always wanted to study Interior Design to improve your own home? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this is the course for you.

As an Interior Designer you will consult with your clients to plan and carry out the design of their interior and furnishings. This course covers a whole range of aspects relating to interior design and the elements that need to be considered in the planning stages.

The objectives of the Interior Design course are to:

  • describe the history of interior design, classic design styles and the work of leading designers
  • investigate the seven design elements which contribute to a design
  • explore the room elements which influence a design effect
  • undertake an interior design project
  • develop a business plan for establishing a design business


  • The origins of Interior design
  • Influences through the ages

The Background cont.

  • Great Designers of our recent past
  • Defining a style

Design Elements cont.

  • Planning the project
  • Space planning
  • Choosing a colour scheme
  • Choosing flooring
  • Choosing wall treatments
  • Choosing lighting
  • Choosing furniture
  • Choosing window dressings
  • Arranging the furniture
  • Choosing accessories
  • The results
  • Tools of the trade

Making a living from Interior design

  • Have you got what it takes to be an Interior Designer?
  • Setting up a small business
  • Business plan

Making a living from Interior design cont.


  • The origins of Interior design
  • Influences through the ages

The Background cont.

  • Great Designers of our recent past
  • Defining a style

Design Elements cont.

  • Planning the project
  • Space planning
  • Choosing a colour scheme
  • Choosing flooring
  • Choosing wall treatments
  • Choosing lighting
  • Choosing furniture
  • Choosing window dressings
  • Arranging the furniture
  • Choosing accessories
  • The results
  • Tools of the trade

Making a living from Interior design

  • Have you got what it takes to be an Interior Designer?
  • Setting up a small business
  • Business plan

Making a living from Interior design cont.


This course has been accredited by Online Academies. On successful completion of this course you will be able to download or print off a PDF of your Online Academies Diploma (please note: you will also be given the opportunity to have a hard copy of the certificate printed off and posted out to you for a small additional charge). If you would like to view a sample of the diploma, please click here


At the conclusion of each module there is a multiple choice question assessment. This will help you remember the main points of the lesson and act as a check that you have retained the essential knowledge and understanding of that particular section. The results can be seen instantaneously and you can correct wrong answers. When the result is satisfactory you can progress to the next module.

Course Outcomes

Once you have successfully completed all the modules for your course you will be awarded:

A Diploma issued by Online Academies

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The sudden passing of Zaha Hadid at the end of March was widely felt by the architecture and design community, and further afield. As online editor of Australian Design Review, there was little time for shock at the news before forming a response, reaching out to Hadid’s old friend, John Gollings, for his insight. This issue s Future theme then became the right forum for Penny Craswell’s survey of some of Hadid’s most impactful built works, as we wait to find out the fate of her many unfinished works.

The very next week I found myself at the preview of The Pool, an immersive Australian exhibition featuring at the upcoming Venice Architecture Biennale. The project is by Aileen Sage Architects (Isabelle Aileen Toland and Amelia Sage Holliday) and urban strategist Michelle Tabet and has received nationwide support, with much made of the fact that young, female practitioners are leading the creative team. Huddled poolside in Fitzroy that night were some of Australia’s leading architects – the likes of Melissa Bright, Clare Cousins, Rachel Nolan and Victorian government architect, Jill Garner, who contributes Postview in this issue. There are yet many obstacles to achieving sustainable gender equity in this industry, but one hopes that the appointment of female architects in such highly visible positions continues and is indicative of a more balanced future for the profession – one I intend to represent in this publication.

And so, we arrive at the theme – Future. The practice of architecture is necessarily future-focused. It speculates how we might live, posits the architects’ aspirations for society at large and creates a built canvas for the public to project their own futures. From global firms to small practices, architects the world over are researching, testing and hypothesising solutions for projects that will shape our cities for decades – perhaps centuries – to come.

As society engages with mainstream representations of ‘good’ design and architecture, guided (or misguided) by rapid-fire renovations on ‘reality’ television, it is important that architects and designers continue to publicly advocate the elegant, considered solution, using their work to educate clients and end users on the long-term value of well-designed space.

AR – Future features projects and articles that suggest new ways forward for multi-residential, public space, education and the workplace. It demonstrates how our workplaces aspire to encourage healthier lifestyles and how our built environment is developing to engage communities and support our active ageing population. A new section, Spec Sheet, features the products that emerge from collaboration between architects and engineers, catering to the architects’ affinity for materials that accommodate their pursuit of innovation and for the tools required to master their trade.

We endeavour to open the conversation to diverse voices and stories – from independent local developers and emerging local talent to international ‘starchitects’, looking at smart interior spaces alongside sprawling landscapes.

AR 144 – Sky High is available now on newsstands and through Zinio .

As winter nears its end and spring takes centre stage, issue 93 of inside is a breath of fresh air guaranteed to brighten your day and brush away those design cobwebs. In keeping with the idea of a new season and things reborn, in this issue we present a two-part magazine: Part One features our usual attractions of news, products and people, while Part Two presents the IDEA 2016 shortlisted practices, projects and products.

Updating the look of inside is all about moving ahead and challenging preconceived ideas of what a magazine should be, so we hope that you will enjoy the change of format for this issue.

As usual we have gathered a stellar lineup of interviews, reviews, profiles and a fi ne array of diverse projects. Scott Weston tells us about his favourite things (p42), while Nick Rennie (p53) and Korban Flaubert (p56) talk about their life and work. Visiting the Melbourne Theatre Company (p60), we discover set design at its best. We also explore the iconic house of Missoni (p64), the products of which embrace pattern like no other. Projects feature luxurious and beautiful residences in Sydney and Melbourne with KPDO’s Harbour House (p70) and David Hicks’ St Kilda Road Penthouse (p88). The University of Queensland’s Oral Health Centre (p78) by Cox Rayner sets a new a benchmark in public design and ROAM Architects’ East Gallery House (p84) is an art collector’s delight. Add to the mix an unusual project by Sean Dix (p96) and the amenities of every shopping centre will need upgrading.

Part two of inside Issue 93

As usual, with the penultimate issue of the year and this year in Part Two of inside, we have the great pleasure of presenting the shortlisted projects from this year’s entries in the Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). We received a record-breaking number of submissions and applaud all who entered. Thank you for sharing your outstanding work. As happened last year, the Designer of the Year nominees will present their work to their peers and the IDEA judges on 17 August at Rokeby Studios in Melbourne. The winner of the newest category in IDEA, the Object, Lighting and Furniture Rising award, will also be announced at this time.

This issue launches at the Shortlist Reveal event in Melbourne, as we look forward to the IDEA 2016 Gala Party in Sydney at the Dockside Pavilion on 18 November. In the meantime, there is a chance to read inside and see exactly what our extraordinary community has been up to. Both the quality and quantity of projects received for IDEA 2016 have exceeded all expectations and Australian design has never been better.

See you all soon,

Jan Henderson and Gillian Serisier
co-editors of inside Magazine

Latest Comments

Green divide: Joost Bakker on biophilic design
Simple Design Lets You Creatively Bring Nature Indoors with a Vertical Grid Garden: [ ] it is more important than ever, it s a primal link that subconsciously relaxes us, says Bakker. Designed with symmetry and

BVN chapel features automatic sliding glass façade
TILT designs sliding façade for BVN chapel TILT: [ ] Architecture Design Australian Design Review [ ]

ARM designs ‘Portrait’ building for Carlton Brewery site
Residential Design: Sydney v Melbourne | BresicWhitney Blog: [ ] façade. By contrast a similar design to the Barak one was prepared for Sydney by A.R.M with a Max

Featured Sponsor

Marrying artistry and precision in door hardware

Halliday Baillie’s range of architectural hardware is supplied to discerning customers around the world who demand distinctive quality and design.

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Design Process

Ready to start? Here is what happens after you place your order with us:

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email order confirmation. This will include our design questionnaire and easy to follow measuring and photo submission information.

Step 1: Questionnaire

The questionnaire helps us learn about you and your design needs. We would like to learn about your style and color preferences, budget and wishes for your design. We want to have a good understanding about exactly what you need and want in your room design.

The step is an extremely important part of the design process. The information that you submit allows us to get to know you and your home, giving us the details we need to provide you with a design that works for your needs and a look you will love.

Step 2: Measurements

Taking your room measurements ensures that our furniture layout is functional for you. We will provide you with easy to follow instructions for measuring your room. We will let you know what to measure and how to do it so that your measurements are accurate and our furniture layout will work in your home.

Step 3: Pictures

The last step is to provide us with pictures of your room. We will include in information for photographing the room and sending the photos to us. We will need at least six clear photos of the room and we will guide you what these photos should be.

Gathering this information should take approximately 30 to 45 minutes of time and we will make this part as simple as possible. As always, if you have any questions on any of these steps we are here to help.

Your design will be sent to you by email within approximately 15 business days of receipt of all needed information.

Contact Us

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Carlisle Home Design Blog

Bringing the Outside In for your Interior Design

Maybe you live in a New York City high rise and the thought of a back yard isn t even conceivable. Maybe you have a beautiful view and just want to enjoy it more from outside. Maybe you just love the outdoors.

Whatever your reason, bringing the outside in for your interior design is something you can do, and it can be done with more than just a house plant, or a boquet of flors. How about a moss covered kitchen floor – its been done!

Let s explore some of the interiors and products that have inspired this interior design trend.

There is no shortage of interiors that incorporate the natural beauty of the outside within the walls of a home. Just check out some of these amazing interiors for inspiration:

Robb Report Home Style, Home Tour

Inspiring Idea: Room Size, Natural products, Oversized Glass Walls and Windows

Designed by Brazilian architect Arthur Casas, he comments that to design the interior for this home he “[raised] the ceilings high and [installed] glass walls and partitions that dramatically erase the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors. He amplified the sensation of being one with nature through his signature color pallete. relying on locally sources materials. and fashioning a privacy screen from native trees and plants”.

See more project info and photos here .

Dwell, Finishing Touch

Inspiring Idea: Let in the Sun

It is a rare opportunity when a design or architectural professional has the luxury of time to complete their own designs, but when it happens you can uncover amazing interiors like this one from Germany, and architect Reinhold Andris who says “when the sun moves through the house, it creates thousands of different situations of lights”. You don t get any more natural when you can let the sunshine in throughout a home.

What products have you used to infuse your interior space with a little bit of the outdoors?

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Small Space Interior Design Home Design Photos

43,276 Saves | 13 Questions

For just a couple of extra inches added on to the length of your bed, you’ll gain valuable space to meet some of your needs. This multitasking bed even has a trundle bed for a guest! Tell us: How have you made your small space work for you? Share your advice and photos in the Comments below. Browse more stories about design in small spaces .

Inspiration for a scandinavian guest bedroom remodel in San Francisco with white walls and light hardwood floors Houzz

Pull out bed is good idea for a small bedroom otterdecor

7,503 Saves | 0 Questions

Create an outdoor oasis – Courtyards provide an escape to the outdoors and an ability to get some fresh air and Vitamin D, so treat them like an extension of your home and don’t neglect this space. Courtyards are a luxury in a time where apartment and smallspace living is on the rise, so don’t waste a good opportunity to make this a space of your own. Just like you would your interior. think about function and how you foresee using the space – this will give you a starting point and an idea of what furniture and accessories to purchase (or what items to get rid of to free up some space!).

Contemporary deck idea in Sydney Houzz

I love the white juxtaposed with the wood paneling and sliding glass partitions. The bright fabrics makes it come alive. kpellegrin

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

30,096 Saves | 11 Questions

Many of them are being repurposed for modern workaday uses. In this home the designers at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design used a row of the baskets to hold shoes under a mudroom bench.

Mediterranean mudroom idea in Portland Houzz

Simpler bench and baskets system Suzanne G