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If you ve tasted the good life, this will tell you how to make it better!

For those who have a keen interest and a fine eye for vintage wines, whiskey, scotch, vodka and are in the process of stocking the goodies, this is the place to be.

A collection of the finest bars and bar furniture from across the globe is what is shown to you in an endeavor to help you construct a well-stocked and a functional bar. Follow these tricks, spice it up with your unique touch and build yourself a great bar.

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Keeping your theme in mind, there are options you can consider for arranging and choosing unique seating. Here are a few cool images:

According to the space that is available in your area, make an effort to custom design your bar. If you pick up a lounge bar straight from the catalogue and hope to reproduce it at home, it may not work.

Considering the establishment your bar is in, equipments can be altered or added. For example, if you run a sports bar, you need not place a wine cooler there. Similarly, if it is a high-volume serving bar, then you may need to have more than one or two beer dispensers.

Pritzker Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid, designed this car-bar which has set eyes rolling and countless tongues wagging.

A bar should essentially have good mixing and refrigerating equipments. In a bid to stock the best gear, make sure you don t lose out on storage space for liquor and the glasses.

Your bar should be constructed in a way that minimizes movements of the bartender and keeps all the products within his reach. If he has to run to one end to pick up glasses and pour liquor in the other, he loses time and that creates confusion.

A video of iBar, the largest multi-touch touch screen bar. A 10 meter long interactive panel that recognizes glasses, magazines, coasters and even your fingers!

This bar at George Lycabettus Hotel, Athens provides inspiration with its flowing Bands that cross over floors and reach the tables and chairs situated in different corners of this bar, give it a feeling of continuity.

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30 Beautiful Home Bar Designs, Furniture and Decorating Ideas

Home bar designs offer great pleasure and a stylish way to entertain at home. Home bar designs add values to homes and beautify the game room and basement living spaces. Home bar designs look luxurious and exciting enhanced by traditional or modern home bar furniture and interesting decorating ideas,

Home bar designs can be inspired by various wonderful themes, from country western pubs to peaceful island retreats with gorgeous views. The great thing about home bar designs is that they allow to experiment with various styles, themes, materials, textures, colors, and create very intimate and meaningful, pleasant and comfortable places whether with bold neon signs, rustic wood or exquisite artworks on walls.

Modern home bar designs are created for relaxation, socializing with friends and entertainment in style. Warm and intimate home bar designs feel inviting and comfortable. Custom built or designed just with home bar furniture and accessories, home bars are fun additions to modern homes.

Home bar design and decorating ideas

Creative home bar design with rustic feel

There are a few styles of home bar designs, straight wet bar, L-shaped wet bar, corner bar, back bar, folding bar or hide-a-bar, wrap-around bar, portable party bar and outdoor bar designs. Most popular furniture for home bars include cabinets with storage and adjustable shelves for bottles and glasses.

Bar table tops have surfaces that are waterproof and heat resistant, making home bar designs functional, practical and convenient. Advanced home bar designs feature a built-in sink and a small refrigerator or a wine cooler.

Nautical decor theme for black home bar design

Wall shelves, home bar table and bar stools are the most important furniture for simple and comfortable home bar designs. Bar stools are 30-inches in height and constructed from a variety of materials including wood, leather, plastic, wrought iron, aluminum and chrome. Some bar stools have high backs with padding on the seat and mid-back area, adding comfortable and luxurious furniture to home bar designs.

Home bar decorating ideas can be inspired by anything you like and appreciate in life. Glowing neon signs are bright and playful decorative accessories for home bars that add a splash of color to your home bar and personalize interior design and decor with a selected theme.

Luxurious home bar design with a billiard table

Home bar design is incomplete without various glasses, a mixer, a blender and other bar tools. Traditional or modern bar accessories add more fun to preparing drinks in style.

Small home bar design with wooden shelves and creative wall decorating ideas

Traditional home bar design with tall bar stools, soft lighting and TV

Small home bar furniture and decorative accessories

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Bar / Lounges Projects

Memorable after-hours experiences are just as much about the atmosphere and eye-catching designed spaces as they are about special concoctions. Whether you’re traveling the globe or just looking for a new neighborhood lounge, bars that feature design as strong as their cocktails are always ahead in the market. Projects a to z can help you achieve that distinct design.

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The idea was to design a place that had a variety of colors and to create a space that was funky and cool.

The idea was to design a place that had a variety of colors and to create a space that was funky and cool. As you enter, the interior will surely transport you to a fantasy world. Beside the bar, there

Project Location:

Greensboro, North Carolina

Project tag:

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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – 4 seasons – the life cycle in a year, is always an attractive inspiration for design. It is intriguing, dynamic, a.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – 4 seasons – the life cycle in a year, is always an attractive inspiration for design. It is intriguing, dynamic, and full of beauty. This restaurant has made a bold move to adapt this concept

Project Location:

Project tag:

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In this steak house, the main idea was to interpret how steaks are prepared and cooked the traditional way through the design. Wood elements were u.

In this steak house, the main idea was to interpret how steaks are prepared and cooked the traditional way through the design. Wood elements were used on the bar area and on the wall to associate with the wood logs

Project Location:

New York, United States

Project tag:

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A place to hang out with friends, have casual lunch or dinner with family, or just go for a drink and relax – this is what we wanted to achieve in.

A place to hang out with friends, have casual lunch or dinner with family, or just go for a drink and relax this is what we wanted to achieve in this project. As you enter the restaurant, you would

Project Location:

Project tag:

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Locate in the downtown area of Napa, Tarla Grill strives to serve indulging Mediterranean food and beverage to the guests who are ready for a relax.

Locate in the downtown area of Napa, Tarla Grill strives to serve indulging Mediterranean food and beverage to the guests who are ready for a relaxing linger. An enormous lengthy bar counter anchors the wine bar and open kitchen on

Project Location:

Napa, California, United States

Project tag:

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Who says you have to break your bank to decorate an inviting restaurant? Your customers can simply feel the love you put into your restaurant by a.

The design concept is “Updated Rustic” and “Casual Elegance”. This project is a renovation for an existing restaurant, quite a challenge due to budget constraints therefore the transformation was focused more on repainting and refinishing. The metal ball ornament around

Project Location:

Project tag:

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In this project, space is separated into two elongated dining rooms. To emphasize the lengthy space, stripe patterned carpet is used to add bold g.

In this project, space is separated into two elongated dining rooms. To emphasize the lengthy space, stripe patterned carpet is used to add bold graphics on the floor. Carpet tiles are ideal choices to any project that’s limited on budget

Project Location:

South San Francisco

Project tag:

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The location of the restaurant calls for two important things sophistication and style. The unobstructed, 360 degrees view of the entire city is simply stunning and very relaxing so we thought of a design and color scheme that would

Project tag:

This Italian restaurant has been around for a long time. It s a neighborhood favorite and embedded in their local culture. In it s quest to attract the younger crowd, a change in the interior design is essential. We started with the

Project Location:

Project tag:

The design concept for this project is all about being casual and classy at the same time. Setting foot inside of a historic building, the design avoids ultra contemporary elements but instead, welcomes a rich mixture of traditional and industrial

Project Location:

Alameda, California, United States

Project tag:

The personal journey of the cigar smoker that follows once the cigar is lit can be either ones of solitude and meditative contemplation, or of camaraderie and sociability. The ambience of the environment they are in would only elevate the

Project tag:

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A Japanese-Inspired Modern Home

Simple Details

The proportions of the house were so good to start with that all the designers had to do was simplify, to bring them out. A generous sofa piled with repurposed kilim pillows gathers people together in the living room. Hidden behind the reclaimed redwood doors on the left is a wall of storage that includes a TV and stereo components, a home office, and children’s toys. The custom walnut-and-brass wall unit was inspired by Charlotte Perriand. Macramé Globe light by Robert Lewis for Commune. Custom travertine coffee table from Ten 10 gallery. Vintage Moroccan rug from Amadi Carpets .

Smart Storage

The storage wall, open to the DJ station. Vintage chair from Amsterdam Modern .

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The Lake credenza by BDDW embodies the dichotomy of old and new, rough and smooth. One board is lighter than the others, capturing the irregularity and spontaneity at the heart of wabi-sabi.

Kitchen Simplicity

“I had just bought a Schindler house, and I was looking at his cabinetry and Japanese cabinetry when we designed the kitchen,” Shamshiri says. Notches and simple strips of wood take the place of hardware on the doors. They opened up the kitchen to the dining room — where the kids can sit at the breakfast bar on vintage Eames chairs from JF Chen — and the hallway, where guests can gather around the island. Viking range. Honed slate countertops from Creative Environments .

Blissful Bed

In the master bedroom, vintage textiles add deep, rich colors and a soft patina that feels warm and relaxing. Side tables from Emmerson Troop .

A Charming Victorian Row House on Capitol Hill

Tour a Victorian row house by Barry Dixon. By Christine Pittel

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Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Interior Design Assistants do?

Interior Design Assistants help professional Interior Designers juggle different projects, anticipate their needs, and essentially make their job easier so they can take on more clients. (If you are a Will and Grace fan, forget everything you learned from Karen Walker, the sassiest and most famous Interior Design Assistant ever.)

As an Interior Design Assistant, your time is divided up between assisting the Interior Designer in the field and working at the office. While at the project sites, you run errands (such as shopping or picking up items from a supplier) and assist with duties that are hard for one person to do by themselves (such as arranging furniture and taking measurements.) At the office, you answer phones, keep up the filing, and writing emails.

Being an Interior Design Assistant requires creativity and attention to detail. Once the Interior Designer you work for gains trust in your creative judgment, they may ask for your opinions and suggestions on design issues, such as which fabric swatches match a particular carpet sample for a den or which type of material you think will work best for a kitchen’s countertops.

Knowing how to use Computer Aided Design ( CAD ) programs increases your value to the Designer even more. An Interior Design Assistant with a great sense of style, plus the ability to help create computerized visual presentations for the clients, is usually an Interior Design Assistant with a job.

Many Interior Design Assistants use their on-the-job-training to become Interior Designers later. The experience you receive as an Assistant will be very useful when job hunting or striking out on your own as a professional Interior Designer.

Should I be an Interior Design Assistant?

You should have a bachelor’s degree or higher and share these traits:

Outside the Box Thinker: Your creative brainpower gets a workout as you come up with innovative ideas.

Flexible: You’re open to change and think variety is the spice of life.

Reliable: You can always be counted on to do a good job.

Also known as: Interior Design Consultant

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Condo Interior Design Ideas Home Design Photos

26,895 Saves | 13 Questions

“Most homeowners don’t know that there are three basic ways decorators and interior designers work with clients: full design services, design plans and design consultations.” — Judith Taylor If you’ve never worked with a designer before, you may feel intimidated or clueless. Learn about the different services designers offer, what to expect with each service and which kind you need in this series.

Trendy home studio photo in San Francisco with white walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a freestanding desk Houzz

Rug, table as desk concept (though narrower and less rustic) bradfordhaysrice

15,842 Saves | 3 Questions

Built-in comfort. This Toronto condo office, by Boxwood Architects and Jill Greaves Design. is clean and comfortable with a slim desk, an Eames adjustable chair, an abundance of custom cabinets and bookshelves, and a cushy chaise for reading or relaxing. And then there’s that view. The Scandinavian-style room, about 8 by 15 feet, makes good use of its narrow dimensions.

Scandinavian home office idea in Toronto with white walls and a built-in desk Houzz

drawers under bench window to floor. and 80cm from bench top ip trishcooke78

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Products in this photo

3,874 Saves | 4 Questions

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t assume that hiring a designer is beyond reach. Many will be happy to arrange a few hours of consulting or will help you source furnishings and decorative accents. Where to find one: The directory of interior designers on Houzz is a good starting place, where you can find designers in your area and beyond and view their portfolios.

Mid-sized traditional open concept family room idea in Little Rock with beige walls, medium tone hardwood floors, a standard fireplace, a brick fireplace surround and a wall-mounted tv Houzz

Possibility of different color on that wall, hadn’t thought of that kathrynbyrd

Adrienne Neff Design Services LLC

3,689 Saves | 5 Questions

Interior designer Adrienne Neff says she designed this room around a piece of art by photographer Vik Muniz. For each of the works in his popular “Diamond Divas” series, Muniz arranged 550 carats’ worth of diamonds on a black velvet background before photographing it. Works include likenesses of Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe.

Example of a trendy home office design in New York with beige walls, dark hardwood floors and a freestanding desk Houzz

Grace Kelly print Scarlet Carney

10,141 Saves | 12 Questions

“The long, narrow lots that distinguish typical Chicago residences present certain proportion and layout challenges,” says interior designer Lisa Wolfe. “Our common three-flat condos and single-family homes are often only 20 to 30 feet wide and can feel like one long hallway. We find ourselves creating many custom pieces to accommodate this, most often dining banquettes.”

Transitional dining room idea in Chicago with white walls and dark hardwood floors Houzz

Dining banquet. Simple style, legs with no tufting. Maria Money Interiors

8,404 Saves | 16 Questions

Where to start. Interior designers are a great starting point, because they can act as a liaison between the client and the furniture maker, turning pretty photos and general ideas into actual measurements and firmness levels. Beyond that, San Francisco designer Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors says, “there are also the technical details such as welting, tufting, the way the fabric is applied, foam content and the appropriate dimensions that will fit your space and be comfortable.” 11 Distinctive Details for Upscale-Looking Upholstery.

Inspiration for a mid-sized contemporary enclosed living room remodel in San Francisco with gray walls Houzz

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About Me

From my long-term career as an Interior Designer in Japan to my current work in the UK, my fundamental aesthetic remains with traditional Japanese style.

Nature is something I very much appreciate and I am attached to it whenever I work. I aim to capture the essence of the natural world in interior spaces, however small they might be, so that you can sense the smell of breeze and rain, the contrast of light and shadow and the change of the four seasons.

My approach is to create a harmony between the where, what and who of a particular place. I propose designs combining a contemporary atmosphere with a taste of “和 Wa”, our traditional Japanese style.

“We asked Kumiko to design our restaurant, Shiki. We wanted to bring the Japanese simplicity in our Georgian listed building. Our front room (Tapas rooms) is a good example of her talents as a interior designer. People enjoy the atmosphere Kumiko created in our restaurant.”
Shun Tomii, Manager, Shiki Japanese Restaurant

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Entry/Junior Architect


Bookeeper/Office Manager

Senior Draftsman / Cad Operator

Junior Architect

Intermediate Architect


Senior Project Manager


Senior Project Manager

Intermediate Designer/Architect


Sr. Architectural Designer – NYC

Project Architect

Project Manager

Experienced Project Manager

Architect / Project Manager

Director of Projects

Project Manager / Project Architect

Intermediate Architect

Project Architect

Intern Architect

Design architect


Architect (Zoning and Feasibility)

Intermediate Architect (Revit Preferred)

Designer 1

Job Captain

Part Time Design Internship

Job Captain

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    Syracuse University

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Japanese Interior Design

Interior Design Singapore

Japanese Interior Design Living in the land of the rising sun

Japanese interior design is based strongly on craftsmanship, beauty, elaboration, and delicacy. The design of interiors is simple but made with attention to detail and intricacy. This sense of intricacy and simplicity in Japanese designs is still valued in modern Japan as it was in traditional cultural rich Japan.

Japanese interior design is very efficient in the use of resources. Traditional and modern Japanese interiors have been flexible in use and designed mostly with natural materials. The spaces are often used as multifunctional rooms. The rooms can be opened to create more space for an occasion or more private and closed-off by pulling closed paper screens called Shoji. A large portion of Japanese interior walls are often made of shoji screens that can be pushed opened to join two rooms together, and then close them allowing more privacy. The shoji screens are made of paper attached in thin wooden frames that roll away on a track when they are pushed opened. Another large importance of the shoji screen besides privacy and seclusion is that they allow light through. This is an important aspect to Japanese design. Paper translucent walls allow light to be diffused through the space and create light shadows and patterns. Another way to connect rooms in Japan’s interiors is through sliding panels made of wood and paper, like the shoji screens, or cloth. These panels are called Fusuma and are used as an entire wall. They are traditionally hand painted.

Tatami mats, rice straw floor mats often used as the actual floor in Japan’s interiors; although in modern Japan, there usually are only one or two tatami rooms, yet, it is a necessary item for this theme.

A Tokonoma is often present in traditional, as well as modern Japanese living rooms. This determines the focus of the room and displays Japanese art; usually a painting or calligraphy. Interiors are very simple, highlighting minimal and natural decoration. Traditional Japanese interiors, as well as modern, incorporate mainly natural materials including fine woods, bamboo, silk, rice straw mats, and paper shoji screens. Natural materials are used to keep simplicity in the space allowing not only the interior, but home owners to connect to nature as well. Natural color schemes are used and neutral palettes including black, white, off-white, and brown. By Interior Design Singapore

Interior Design Singapore

Keen to turn your house into a dream home? Just fill up your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible! The good news? It is absolutely free for a limited time only!

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10 Tips for Japanese Bathroom Design, 20 Asian Interior Design Ideas

Asian bathroom design is about ultimate relaxation. Beautiful and functional, modern bathroom design ideas in Asian style create relaxing and pleasant, functional and comfortable, spa-like rooms. Lushome collection of Asian bathroom design ideas gives great inspirations for bringing exotic Asian style into your bathroom interiors.

Modern bathroom design in Asian style creates very special, harmonious and calming rooms decorated with natural materials, mostly wood, leather, beach pebbles, river rocks and natural stone. Asian style connect people with the nature. Natural materials and simple functional design ideas are main elements of creating beautiful and comfortable bathroom interiors.

One of the strengths of Asian interior decorating is the strong desire to bring nature inside. Here are tips from professional designers that will help blend Asian interior decorating ideas into modern homes and create attractive, stylish, comfortable and eco friendly modern bathroom design.

Modern bathroom design ideas in Asian style

Nature inspired theme and traditional materials for modern bathroom design and decorating in Japanese style

Asian interior decorating style include ideas from different Asian regions. Balinese decor, Indonesian and Thai interior decorating ideas, Japanese design and Chinese or Vietnamese ideas can be used for creating modern bathroom design in Asian style.

Japanese design influenced all Asian interior styles. Japanese culture and aesthetics respect traditions. Asian interior design ideas are a blend of traditional materials and natural colors that promote tranquility and relaxation.

Bathroom soaking tub in Japanese style

Bathroom design ideas in Japanese style

1. A bathroom tub needs to be separated from a toilet area and a bathroom sink.

2. Neutral color palette brings relaxation and comfort into bathroom design. Brown color shades add natural energy to interior decorating. Festive orange color shades, light and dark brown colors, sand, creamy white and light gray color tones are great for Asian interior decorating.

Modern bathroom design and simple decor in Japanese style

3. Handmade bathroom furniture, decor accessories and bathroom tubs are great items for bathroom design in Japanese style. Almost every object in Japanese bathroom should look like made by hand, blending old traditions into modern interior design and creating very unique Asian interior decorating.

4. Wood is the main interior design and decorating material that is ideal for creating spa-like, peaceful and comfortable Zen interiors. Mahogany and teak wood brings unique texture and beautiful colors into Asian interior design and decor.

5. Interior design in minimalist style with its straight lines and lack of decor helps create beautiful, clutter-free, simple and elegant bathroom design and decorating in Japanese style.

Modern bathroom soaking tubs in Japanese style

6. Sliding doors made with wooden frames and rice paper and Japanese lanterns enhance bathroom design in Japanese style.

6. Japanese soaking tubs are focal points of bathroom design. Bathing is an art and spiritual activity in Japan. People like to be in the hot water surrounded by stones. a small terrace for doing yoga overlooking the bathroom, or doors that connect bathroom design with outdoors are great interior design ideas that invite Japanese style into modern homes.

Wood and large window, Asian interior design ideas for modern bathrooms

7. The connection with the nature is the key element of modern bathroom design in Japanese style. A window with a nice view of the garden or a beautiful landscape painting on the wall, a skylight that bring natural light into bathroom interiors and items created with natural materials strengthen the collection with the nature, and bring harmony and balance into modern bathroom design in Japanese style.

Natural materials and Asian interior design ideas in minimalist style for modern bathrooms

8. The simplicity of bathroom decor allows to relax and enjoy the pure design and cleanness. The spa-like bathroom design in Japanese style have lots of towels and comfortable bathrobes that allow to rest in comfort and style.

Modern bathroom design in Japanese style

9. Lighting design should feature dimmers that enhance Japanese bathroom design with a very pleasant, soothing effect and soft glow. Natural light is ideal for creating quiet, relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere of the Japanese bathroom.

10. Water and sounds are important for Asian bathroom design and decorating. The sound of water creates a peaceful atmosphere and enhances calming interior design and decorating in Japanese style. A water fountain in the courtyard, which sound can be heard in the bathroom, is an excellent idea for modern bathroom design in Japanese style.