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New York Small Claims Court: An Overview

What’s the dollar limit for small claims court cases in New York?

The most you can ask for in a small claims case is $5,000 generally, but for town and village justice courts it’s $3,000.

Which court hears small claims cases in New York?

Small claims cases in New York are heard in the Small Claims Part (Civil Court, Cities — including New York City; District Court, Nassau and Suffolk Counties; Justice Court, Rural Areas) or Commercial Small Claims (City Courts and District Courts).

What is the statute of limitaitons period for filing a claim in small claims court in New York?

For information on New York’s statute of limitation periods for claims related to written contracts, oral contracts, injuries, and property damage, see Nolo’s 50-state Statutes of Limitations chart.

How long does the defendant have to answer the small claims court complaint?

In New York, the defendant must file a written answer within five days or receiving the plaintiff’s claim, but only if a counterclaim ($5,000 max) is being filed. Otherwise, an answer is not required.

Are attorneys allowed in small claims court in New York?

You are allowed to have an attorney represent you in small claims court in New York.

Can a landlord bring an eviction lawsuit in small claims court in New York?

Eviction cases are not allowed in small claims court in New York, but must be heard by a higher court.

Do I have a right to a jury trial in small claims court in New York?

In New York, the defendant may request a jury trial at least one day prior to the hearing, by filing an affidavit stating the issues that require a jury trial.

Where can I get more information about small claims court in New York?

Nolo’s Small Claims Court area has many helpful related articles. For more detailed help with filing a case, using the best strategy in court, and collecting your money if you win, see Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court . by Attorney Ralph Warner (Nolo).

Updated: October 1, 2015

Talk to a Litigation attorney.


Newsletter Templates

Updated November 03, 2016

Free newsletter templates are available for print newsletters and for web use. These newsletter templates are in PDF. Word, Publisher and other formats. Some sites offer dozens of layouts and others have just one or two free templates. Although some come in formats for specific software, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. you may be able to open them in other software programs. They re free downloads, so go ahead and give it a try, even if you don t have that particular software.

If the template is almost right, edit and personalize the newsletter template. Change the fonts. Change the colors. Move elements around to suit your needs.

Adobe InDesign Newsletter Templates

Browse several newsletter templates for use in Adobe InDesign. Tailor the search results to your own platform or to other Adobe programs.

Stock layouts are available from several sites, including from Adobe. Most come with the fonts and graphics needed to create a professional-looking newsletter. You only need to add your text and photos. More

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Xerox Newsletter Templates

Xerox has newsletter templates for letter-size and tabloid newsletters. Professionally designed and colorful, these templates provide a strong visual kick for your next newsletter. The templates are designed for use with Microsoft Word. More

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CakeMail HTML Newsletter Templates

CakeMail offers free single page HTML layouts for online newsletters. The attractive templates are available in the categories of:

GoogleDocs Newsletter Templates

A few templates for newsletters for Google Docs users are located here. Some designs also have other business documents using the same style if you want to create coordinated sets. More

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Interspire Newsletter and Email Templates

For email newsletters or for putting your newsletter on a website, this company offers more than two dozen free HTML templates for download. The templates offer lots of color with a few layout variations. More

Learn Something New Every Day

Discover surprising insights and little-known facts about politics, literature, science, and the marvels of the natural world.

SmileTemplates Newsletter Templates

Smile Templates offers a nice selection of free 2-page newsletter templates. The templates are available for Word, InDesign, Publisher, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and QuarkXPress. More

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Commercial Waterproofing

Protect your customers and employees

Water coming into contact with exposed electrical wiring and outlets could lead to serious safety hazards.

Health issues from mold and mildew can cause respiratory ailments, allergies, and affect employee attendance.

Water damage can lower the value of your commercial business property by 25% or more.

A dry basement can provide more square footage for business working or storage space.

At Vulcan Waterproofing, our training, experience, and professional work ethic is exactly what separates us from other basement waterproofing companies.

Federal, State, City Governments

We do not subcontract.

For a sampling of over 500,000 of our satisfied commercial business customers nationwide, see below:

AT T Consumer Products

Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Advanced Auto Body

American Air Lines

Archdiocese of Detrioit

Arlington Homes Inc

Bank of Northfield

Bayonne Holding Corp

Belleville Industrial Center

Board of Education

Borough of W. Long Branch

Brooklyn Public Library

Camden County Childrens Shelter

Capstone Heating Co

Carlisle Manufacturing Co

Case Suffolk Supply Co

Catholic Charities Diocese of Brooklyn

Catholic Women s Union of NYC

Central Federal Savings Bank

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Office Interior Design

Not too impressed about the existing interior design in your office? Do you think that the current arrangement in the workspace seems as though it is lacking a sense of professionalism? If your old interior design no longer works for you, then it is time for you to consider a new and improved look for your office space.

It Is More Than Just Beauty

Some people assume that interior design is only all about making any space look sophisticated. However, there is more to designing than giving your office a chic new look. In fact, interior design is all about practicality, which means you should have a strong reason for putting a piece of furniture in a certain way instead of just leaving it as is.

A design must be more than just catchy, exciting, fresh and elegant. It should also be able to provide your team a chance to do better in their jobs, which is the end goal of every office renovation project. A place that will continue to inspire everyone in the workplace to be more productive is exactly what you need to reap long-term benefits for your business.

Choose Only the Experts

With all these in mind, make sure you work with only the best in office interior design. Our professional designers have years of experience and expertise in this industry, so you can count on them to translate your ideas into tangible results.

Feel free to discuss your preferences and ideas with us, which can help us devise a perfect interior design plan that works perfectly for your office space. However, if you are in need of fresh design ideas and solutions to your concerns, then we will be more than willing to share with you our proposals that may suit your needs perfectly. We can give you a customized plan that will let your personality and business philosophy shine through your office interior design.


We love who we are and we are very proud to be the part of your business

Our Services

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October 22, 2014

Contact us

60 Paya Lebar Road
#05-19 Paya Lebar Square (Lobby 1)
Singapore 409051

Mobile: +65 9630 9750
(Patricia Panesar)
Tel: 6844 4414

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Interior Design for a Mobile Shop

In a recent post we talked about the enormous potential that exists in the mobile phone business.Cellular technology has transformed our way of life and growth projections for next year are fantastic. Today we present the business proposal for a kiosk or Shop for cellular services. An interesting business. easy to learn, requiring intermediate and high income potential investment. If you love technology and are familiar with brands like Samsung, Motorola, iPhone or Blackberry, surely, this business will love it .

To start you need to find a key point in a place where there is a high traffic, may be a mall or a quite busy executive to place a kiosk area Basic services that you offer are:

Sale and repair of cell phones
Distribution of prepaid cards
Electronic Refills
Cell activation
Sale of accessories
Assembly Business

The basic furniture consise in some displays and counters, many of which are provided by these wholesale suppliers. lighting and decor of your business is important because it takes into account the segment telephony customers are very attracted to the visual charm appliances. This perfectly applies the saying looks good, sells well. The business has two main sides. the first is the distribution of prepaid cards, which although it requires a significant investment to maintain stock, also represents a high income as rotating the card or electronic charges becomes quite high. The average commission for time cards ranges between 4% and 8% if you multiply by a rotración 3 per month, equivalent even average gain of 10%. s another form of income is the sale of prepaid devices or online. In this regard, you should invest some good $ $ after when a person falls in love with a cell phone, will surely make every effort to get it, and if you have it on hold, will surely have a greater chance of selling if you do not. In mobile devices, the average income is between 20% and 30%. Additionally handsfrees can sell accessories like chargers, covers and others. These usually you can get them at very good prices and even sold at reasonable prices, can generate traffic very convenient for your business people. A great advantage of the cell phone store is that you will not need advertising and promotional decoration, as Phone will be willing to make your store a highly attractive for their customers to purchase their products instead. So just you request it and you negotiate support for your home. On average term investment to start with mobikiario and an average stock of equipment is about $ 4000 and the average monthly cost will be between $ 1000 and $ 1500 in regular times. Of course, you must consider fixed monthly expenses such as electricity, salary of a dependent, locally and more. Finally, regarding the know-how of the business. it is very easy to learn and manufacturers will be ready to offer courses and training on their phone models. The first step is that you approach a dealer to advise you on pricing, systems and requirements for affiliating and soon become a retailer. And then, your imagination is the complement to big business .

#hamptons style interior design


Interior Design: Hamptons style!

The stunning Hamptons, in the United States, is located only a couple of hours from New York City at the eastern end of Long Island. It is the summer playground of the rich and famous. Wearing Calvin Klein or Polo by Ralph Lauren is de riguer in this coastal enclave that exudes laid back style and glamour. From the gorgeous homewares and jewellery stores such as Tiffany’s, to the best in world class dining, there is the very best of everything here to attract the elite A-listers from not just the United States, but all over the world. Don’t be surprised if you see a top model or a movie star at one of the many salubrious vineyards, or walking to the front of the line at one of the Hamptons latest hot spot nightclubs. In fact, anyone who’s anyone regularly frequents this coastline each summer.

People tend to have a summer home in the Hamptons or else they pay exorbitant rental prices on one of many impressive mansions dotted along the coast line. Typically these grand mansions are large in stature, have shingled roofs, large verandahs and are often painted in white or shades of blues. Nestled amongst highly manicured gardens, these stately homes are also impressive inside. Typically a Hamptons luxury home will have polished timber floorboards and be open plan with many French doors opening up onto their wide verandahs to create a bright and breezy ambiance. These homes ooze upmarket beach inspired glamour and sophistication.

Creating the Hamptons style

Creating the Hamptons style in your very own home is achievable with a few simple interior modifications. Firstly, keeping the walls white, Dulux “Natural White” or “Chalk USA” are great whites to use, or as neutral as possible with a matte finish will help create that soft Hamptons look. You may wish to install some ready-made wall paneling adding some subtle visual interest to walls in your more formal areas such as the dining room. In areas such as studies you can be at liberty to bring the beautiful blues of the ocean onto your walls. Recommended colours here may be Dulux ‘Slate Blue’ or explore Porters Paints gorgeous range of Milk Paints, “Georgian Blue” in this range is simply divine.


Flooring should also be light in colour and very natural looking. A sun-bleached appearance creates a more relaxed feel while mid-tone floor boards will help create a slightly more formal feel in your home. Wide format Oak floorboards are readily available in Australia and are easy to install. Utilising rugs in blue and white stripes will help create a sense of warmth and Hamptons flavour while defining sitting areas within your home. Natural fibre rugs in Jute or sisal are also highly suitable to emulate this decorative style.

Creating that light and breezy feel

Creating a light and breezy feel within your home is essential to capturing the quintessential essence of a Hampton’s interior. Depending on budget, you can chose to open up your living spaces to the outdoors with the installation of French doors and the largest windows possible. Doors and windows should have light window treatments like billowy sheer curtains dressing your doors and windows beautifully. You may also wish to install skylights where possible for more natural light exposure in the depths of your home.

The use of artificial lighting is also highly important. Floor or table lamps are best covered in a linen material, while pendant lights that incorporate wrought iron tend to work beautifully.

Hamptons style furnishings

Furniture needs to have a neutral palette. Wicker and timber furniture, often painted white, are very popular in the Hamptons for a relaxed and understated elegance, particularly in less formal areas, though pieces must still be high-end in appearance. Avoid the dreaded “shabby-chic” look if you are trying to create a Hamptons feel. Linen upholstery has long been the favourite choice for many celebrity derrieres to sit on whilst visiting the Hamptons. A few carefully selected scatter cushions and the finest of Mohair throws, perfectly complete this look.

The icing on the cake is always the decoration that is used to tie any interior style together. When re-creating a Hamptons style in your home, there are essentially two approaches you can take. The first is a relatively relaxed beach feel while the second is more polished and sophisticated.

Creating a relaxed Hampton style

To create the relaxed style of home you can use fresh and interesting decorative items, mixing old and new. Framed nautical prints are a gentle nod to the history of Long Island with the strategic placement of driftwood and shells adding a little bit of beach whimsy. Ralph Lauren home wares are available in Australia and have a large selection of items that are highly suitable to use when trying to achieve this look.

Creating a sophisticated mood

For a more sophisticated style of Hampton’s decoration, then it’s best to purchase specific pieces that exude charm & glamour and introduce some silver accessories such as large bowls and vases. Always buy the very best scented candles that money can buy. Diptyque have the incredible “Foin Coupe” (new mown hay) candle and Voluspa have the gorgeous ‘Elysian Garden”. Both candles have the soft smell of sunshine and exude a warmth that is second to none. Kelly Hoppen home wares have luxe items that will perfectly compliment your interior.

At this time of year, with a long balmy summer on its way, why not consider updating your home with this beautiful interiors style that oozes understated style and a restrained display of affluence. This is truly a classic style that will never ever date and is a perennial favourite for those with impeccable taste who desire a relaxed yet sophisticated appearance to their home.

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The start of a renovation or building a new home is always very exciting. We immediately turn to magazines and more increasingly, the internet for inspiration. Today there are so many fantastic mediums that specialise in absolutely everything for your home. Social Media Forums The increased popularity of sites like Houzz and Pinterest offer a plethora of visual images. Sites Continue Reading

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Interior Design London

Luxury Interior Design London provider Kotomski Classic Interiors offers superior services throughout London Essex and the UK. Founder Martin Kotomski has been inspired over the years by the delicate and elusive details of periodic and classic furniture combined with interior design. London based, Kotomski Classic Interiors are driven by a lifelong passion of design which is now shown through our luxury interior design London services.

We specialise in classic and periodic interior design which is undoubtedly the most beautiful type of interior from our experience. Much of our inspiration comes from other cultures which we bring together to offer our clients throughout London, Essex and the UK .

Our luxury interior design London services compile class and sophistication into each room of the home. We certainly love to be greeted with a challenge and Martin has proficiently taken extensive training to gain a greater understanding to the mechanics of each room underneath the design – There’s no point with a stylish room, when the practicality of it is weak! When you choose our London Interior Design service, we will help you build a stronger room, covering all areas.

Whether you’re looking for a supplier of a particular brand or are looking for expert advice and skills to simply make your living environment more daring, here at Kotomski Classic Interiors our London interior design service makes sure each outcome constantly exceeds requirements and expectations. With access to the largest database of furniture, talented & diligent colleagues and many craftsmen in our contacts, we are in the perfect position to aid you with your design choice throughout your home. Please contact us to discuss how our luxury interior design London services can help you and to book an appointment with Martin himself who, if applicable will take you to the supplier showrooms throughout London – which include London’s iconic interior design hub: Chelsea Design Quarter. For inspiration, take a look through our gallery pages of past clients and contact us to discuss a project you may have.

Kotomski Classic Interiors: 5 The Chapel, The Galleries, Brentwood, Essex CM14 5FY|

Kotomski Classic Interiors 2015

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Corporate Office Interior Design Service in Singapore and Asia

Traart was established in 2001. Subsequent expansion led to the incorporation of Traart Pte Ltd in 2003 and is the first interior architectural design firm dedicated exclusively to corporate office interior design in SIngapore. Our staffs are qualified by education and experience to identify research and creatively solve problems relative to the function and quality of people’s built environment.

When Traart first started in the interior design industry, we have decided that our practice would be specialized in office interior design encompassing the architectural and furniture content of the interiors of a office.

Traart employs experienced and qualified office interior designers and 3D interior designers in every interior designing team, every individual are well versed in computer CAD and 3D software. With the employment of computer-aided visualisation, clients can rest assured that they would be able to interpret precisely how the interior designer interpret the drawings in their mind. This enables us to perform complex designs and still provide an accurate communication to you in the course of our services.

We believe it takes a special expertise to design an exceptional office space with the knowledge of structure that emphasis on interior design construction and building systems with related codes. As interior architects and interior designers, our approach to design is exclusively focused on how the design of all space embraces the understanding of related aspects of the built environment, that able to reflect on the brand image, improve efficiency and productivity and increase client’s satisfaction.

We have undertaken projects of various sizes. In the competitive world of corporate office spaces, Traart believes that understanding the needs of our clients is of paramount importance. We have great solutions to aid your company in increasing her sales and productivity. With our innovative design solutions, we are both confident and persistence in meeting your highest expectations.

Traart Pte Ltd 2003 – 2015 All Copyrights Reserved | Site Map and Terms of Use


Waterfront Learning on Maine s Coast


Our gorgeous waterfront campus in Biddeford, Maine, offers more than 4,000 feet of scenic shoreline where the Saco River flows into the Atlantic. The local area has a long history as a coastal vacation destination. UNE s campus includes undergraduate student housing, graduate and undergraduate classrooms and labs, a library, cafés, gathering spaces, various athletic facilities and fields, including an NHL-size hockey arena and a basketball arena, and much more.

In the Town on Everyone s List


Named America s Most Livable City by Forbes. Best Town in the East by Outside and Foodiest Small Town in America by Bon Appetit. Portland seems to be at the top of every new list. A rustic brick port sets the stage for a thriving buy-local economy and hip cultural scene with outdoor adventure all around. UNE s Portland campus, a classic, century-old New England quad just a short drive from the waterfront, anchors our tight-knit, engaged community within this exciting city.

Study Abroad, Stay on Track

Tangier Campus

As a UNE student, you will be able to spend a semester at our Tangier, Morocco campus. UNE has set a new study abroad standard with this campus, which features state-of-the-art labs and modern accommodations, as well as easy access to beaches, downtown and cultural attractions. Because the curriculum includes lab science courses needed to complete many of the undergraduate programs at UNE, students can go global without missing out on their required courses.