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Five Ways to Create Good Flow in Your Interior Design

I love the idea of refreshing your home with new decorating ideas, giving them a lift as the new year begins and breathing new life into a space. But you can’t always buy new furniture or create an entirely new layout for a room, especially when it’s small. However, there are innumerable ways to refresh the feel of a space with a few key adjustments. Here are some of my favorite decorating ideas to create good flow in interiors:

Designed by Tastemaker Decorator Holly Moore

Adding a mirror to a room is a great way to open up a space that may feel small or dark. Mirrored surfaces reflect light, and that reflection creates the illusion of more depth. This means a brighter space that feels larger! For a smaller wall, a round mirror with a detailed frame is a perfect option. But if you have the wall space, a gallery mirror is just the thing to really open up a room!

Designed by Tastemaker Decorator Lauren Borisoff

A new rug is a perfect way to refresh a room! Rugs have a natural way of giving framework to the space they’re in, and all the more-so when it’s a large area rug. They offer an anchoring point for furniture, adding more definition for decorating; they section off areas of the floor to create a natural order. This definition not only helps during the actual decorating or rearranging process, but once complete, our eyes read that change in material or color as a boundary, defining areas as separate spaces. Using patterns and colors in a rug can be another anchor, influencing the room’s overall color palette.

Designed by Tastemaker Decorator Shelley Barraza

Establishing a focal point within a seating area is a great way to give structure to a room. Fireplaces or TVs are perfect points to focus on and around which to create a gathering place –but be sure to choose just one! This gives the eye a place to settle, relaxing one’s gaze rather than causing it to jump around the room. This also helps direct the flow of the room, as seating and other furniture can be arranged around this point, simplifying the decorating process, and allowing ease of movement.

Tidy up your home, beginning with the front door, in! Creating a smooth and clear entryway translates into good energy flow throughout your interior. A principle of Feng Shui, it creates a precedence of serenity from the moment you walk into your house, clearing the mind and allowing you to take a moment to pause and relax when you enter your home. When an entryway is clear it peacefully moves you into the rest of your home and encourages clean, clutter-free spaces throughout the resulting rooms.

Matching Furniture & Wall Colors

Designed by Tastemaker Decorator Nina Jizhar

One of my favorite decorating ideas — try painting a wall the same color as the couch, table, or chair that sits in front of it. When your furniture matches the color of your walls, it will visually fade into the wall and create the illusion of a more open space. This works best with neutrals, like whites or grays, which offer a clean backdrop for the rest of the room. Simple furniture shapes and structures also work best with this mode of decorating. Adding pops of color in nearby flowers or frames personalizes the area without requiring a huge statement piece that overwhelms a small space.

What are your favorite decorating ideas on how to create a great layout in your home?

images: 1-3, 5 Tastemaker ; 4 Better Homes and Gardens

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Find Your Degree

Interior Design Schools
In Atlanta, Georgia

There are 5 interior design schools in Atlanta for faculty to choose from. The following statistics and charts help analyze the current state of the interior design academic community in Atlanta, and the future trends. Academia in interior design includes interior design training at the following levels:

  • Certificate in Interior Design from Penn Foster Career School
  • Associates degree in Interior Design
  • Bachelors degree in Interior Design


Professional Trends

Atlanta Vs. Georgia Interior Design Employment

Exactly 970 of Georgia’s 1,220 interior design professionals work in Atlanta. Between 2006 and 2010, in Atlanta, there has been a 53% decline in the number of interior design professionals. As the number of interior design professionals in Atlanta has decreased, overall employment in Atlanta has increased.

Atlanta Vs. Georgia Interior Design employment growth

Educational Trends

Interior Design Faculty Salaries in Atlanta, Georgia

Share Compare

Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

Currently we are in the process of collecting data for the number of interior design faculty in Atlanta, growth in the field of interior design academia and faculty salaries in Atlanta. If you are involved in teaching interior design courses to students at the associates degree in interior design, and bachelors degree in interior design levels, please anonymously submit your information in the field below. By doing so, you will be helping us build a valuable database resource for the benefit of current and future interior design faculty in Atlanta. A summary of the data collected thus far will be available to you once you have submitted your information.


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Chew Interior Design

“Chew Interior Design– it’s a name you can trust,”

With a vision to transform the Singapore Interior Design industry, Chew Interior Design was founded in 1999. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to be a ‘household’ name in the hearts and minds of Singapore’s urbanites and professionals – blooming into an 80-strong interior design firm that handles a slew of local, regional and international projects.

With its decade long experience, Chew Interior specialises in residential projects that accommodate HDB flats, private apartments, condominiums and landed properties. Our stable of employees includes sales and design specialists – all sharing a common passion to transform homes into exquisite interiors. Our in-depth knowledge of current and future trends are displayed in each of our 20, 000 sq. ft galleries, impressive emporiums of beautiful and inspirational design ideas located on the eastern and western corners of Singapore. On the corporate front, Chew Interior also matches business ambience with functional practicality – building interiors for businesses to match their brand image. Our project management portfolio ranges from commercial malls, restaurants, medical centres, the education sector, offices, retail outlets, salons, beauty spas etc.

Chew Interior Design is accredited by a number of Interior Renovation Associations for good governance and good management in Renovation and Design industries.

BCA Contractor License
The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is an agency under the Ministry of National Development, championing the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore. “Built environment” refers to buildings, structures and infrastructure in our surroundings that provide the setting for the community’s activities.
(Source: www.bca.gov.sg)

CASE TRUST Certification
Case Trust Certification is awarded on the basis of meeting CASE’s stringent criteria on quality workmanship, good governance and reliable after-sales customer services.
(Source: www.case.org.sg)

RADAC Certification
One of the RADAC’s objectives is to codify the highest standards of conduct and practice in the Trade into a Renovation and Decoration Code of Practice for Observance by Associate Members and registered Trade Bodies.
(Source: www.radac.org.sg)

No. 10 Toh Guan Road #01-01A (The Furniture Mall)
Singapore 608838
• located at Akira Building
• diagonally opposite IMM Building

Gallery Operating Hours
10:30am to 09:00 pm daily

Sales Hotline
(+65) 6777 0880

22 Kallang Avenue, #01-00
Hong Aik Industrial Building
Singapore 339413
• Next to PICO Creative Building

Gallery Operating Hours
10:30am to 09:00 pm daily

Sales Hotline
(+65) 6787 0880

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Modern Restaurant Interior and Exterior Design Ideas

Posted by: Founterior. September 3, 2014

Do you like going to restaurants where interior design is fascinating? Personally, I adore visiting honored restaurant with my wide. We enjoy having meals, talking about our ordinary lives and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and interesting designer solutions in the place which we have chosen for our dinner.

Well, I believe that there are two types of restaurants. The can be be distinguished not only by the time of they day they are visited but also by the type of food they serve. I think that restaurants that are visited during the day are more like fast food and quick snack ones, while those preferred for evening visit can offer a wide range of meals and drinks which suppose a longer stay and more comfortable atmosphere.

Today, I am going to write about the second type. As I have already said, I not only prefer them, I adore them! But now, let s have a closer look at what a typical restaurant have?


Well yes, we are not going to talk only for interiors here, since the overall impression that a person gets from a place is formed not only by enjoying the atmosphere inside it, but also by the first thing he ever notices about the restaurant. That s why it is very important that the interior designers and architects together have created an outstanding facade and outer areas that lead to the main entrance.

I have been in one amazing restaurant in Asia that had an outstanding front yard with path leading to the main door. The path started from the road and consisted of giant concrete pavers that was leading the visitors through the yard. At the side parts of each tile, there were solar lamps that illuminated the path. Additionally, I was very impressed by the light show that played its fabulous game in front of my eyes. It was actually an illumination that originally was fixed at the surrounding shrubs. In an instant moment the projectors start moving pointing their light into the sky. Ahhh, amazing!

I know that http://work.ac/ is a company that creates great architecture projects about commercial buildings.

Small urban restaurant

Entry Area

The entry are should be always welcoming. A hostess should meet your right after you make your first steps inside the restaurant and lead your table. Of course, if you made a reservations everything should be prepared for you but there are cases when you have to wait a little bit. For example, if you have come earlier than the appointment and your table is not ready yet, the hostess should lead to the beverage area.

Modern restaurant entry

Asian restaurant entry

Beverage Area

Well, this is actually the bar. As I have written above, you may be earlier in the restaurant and you will need to wait. This was the case with me, when visiting this Asian restaurant that I was talking about. When I went to the beverages area, my wife and me decided to have a quick drink right before having our meals. A glass of wine for us, and we have hardly finished it, the hostess welcomed and pointed us towards our reservation.

Modern restaurant bar

Eclectic restaurant bar

London restaurant bar

Dining Area

The most important area of a restaurant. There are many, many things that the designer need to have in mind in order to make this area gorgeous. Well, it actually all depends on the interior design style that is going to be used. It can be modern, more traditional, ultra contemporary, with eclectic touches, with rustic details, etc. No matter what is the type of design, there should be enough place for the tables. The arrangement should provide enough space between the tables so that the guests can enjoy their privacy. On the other hand, the tables shouldn t be separated too far one from another since this can make the main volume look empty. Imagine a restaurant with 5000 sq. feet area and 10 tables in it – somehow this doesn t seem right!

The other very important aspect of the interior is the light. Browsing through some ideas about restaurants I have found that here we can distinguish two types:

1. Those who have dimmed illumination and play chillout music or some other kind of quiet melodies.
2. And those who have good illumination and usually accommodate an orchestra that plays live music. Of course, not all restaurants do that. Those that don t simply provide the music of quietly talking couples.

I can recommend http://www.uxusdesign.com/ as a company that can manage to develop unique restaurant design.

Modern white restaurant

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Traditional Raised Panel

  • Raised Ranch Panel

  • Traditional Raised Panel

  • Raised Ranch Panel

  • Traditional Raised Panel

  • Raised Ranch Panel

  • Carriage House Series
    • Short Recessed Panel

    • Grooved Ranch Panel

    • Long Recessed Panel

    • Grooved Ranch Panel

    • Carriage House Doors

    • Wood Overlay Doors

  • Commercial Series
    • Commercial/Industrial Steel Doors

    • Commercial/Industrial Steel Doors

    • Aluminum Full View

      Interactive Door Designer

      Using the steps below select a photo that best matches your home style or choose to upload an actual photo of your own home.

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    Interactive Interior Design

    Creating functional environments for people.

    We respect individuals right to privacy. We will not use any personally identifiable information about our clients, and will not share contact information, unless expressly requested by the client.

    We appreciate the use of photos for our portfolio, but we are very careful to keep client information confidential.

    For more information see our Privacy Policy

    Interactive Interior Design: Let us help with your next design project.



    Marisela McClelland
    B.A. Architecture
    Student Member ASID
    Student Member NKBA

    Let us be involved in your next design project!


    • http://www.asid.org
      ASID – American Society of Interior Designers
    • http://www.ncidq.org
      National Council for Interior Design Qualification
    • http://www.nkba.org
      National Kitchen & Bath Association
    • http://www.ccidc.org
      California Council for Interior Design Certification. The standard for interior designers in the State of California

    Site news:

    NKBA Outstanding Student Award.

    New website complete.

    Another project design award.

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    AutoCAD Software

    Computer aided design, or CAD, programs have become a popular tool in the design business. These programs are used by a variety of different fields including architecture, interior design, landscaping, woodworking, fashion, and even the automotive field. However CAD design software has recently become very popular for commercial use in interior and home design. Nowadays it is not just professional architects that are purchasing building design programs to help them draw up plans and blueprints. Rather interior designers and the average home owner are purchasing computer-based and online CAD drawing software to help them with their designs. Traditionally, this type of interior design and house drafting software has been wildly expensive, costing upwards of $1000. This has typically prevented homeowners, as well as small scale design companies, from purchasing and using these programs.

    With the larger demand, prices are being reduced and developed that are more oriented towards inexperienced users. Some companies even have free CAD design software that you can download online. These free autocad downloads are typically very similar to the purchasable programs, however they may contain fewer options, or design plans. Reading autocad software reviews or even the program description on the company’s website can give you an idea of what features are characteristic in the actual program, and what is available in the free download. There are a wide array of companies that offer both costly and free autocad design software downloads, however they are not all high quality programs. For this reason it is important to determine what features you are looking for in a design program before purchasing or downloading software. If you are experienced with design programs you may be familiar with what features you do or do not want in your program, however if you have never used an autocad program before you may not know what to look for in this software.

    Another preferred way to see what types of features are available in different programs is to utilize the free home design software downloads that many companies and websites offer. These free downloads can give you an idea of what types of features are available in the full version of the program and help you determine whether or not it will benefit you in your design process. A free autocad program download can even help you to learn how to use the software before purchasing it, so you do not waste money on a program that is oriented mainly towards professional architects and is not user friendly. Typically, in order to find high quality house drafting software and design programs you have to spend a significant amount of money. In fact most professional programs range between $400 and $1200. Therefore it is important to find the right program before depleting your bank account. While experimenting with an autocad free trail download is a great way to learn the program before purchasing it, it is also an easy way to waste a lot of time trying to use a program that ends up not working for you.

    For this reason reading autocad reviews could be a more efficient use of your time. Not only do most companies provide customer reviews, but there are also a variety of websites that provide you with a list of the best architecture software. interior design programs, and even landscaping programs. These reviews can tell you some of the better features of each program, as well as the things users do not like about the program which will help you to make an informed decision when it comes to your purchase. AutoDesk distributes some of the best design and floor plan software programs available, called AutoCAD. While these programs are typically geared towards professionals, they also provide a free AutoCAD download for students specifically, as well as programs that homeowners can utilize. AutoDesk has been making these AutoCAD programs for over three decades and has a variety of products and software available. These programs include building design, architecture, mechanics, electrics, and even factory design.

    In 2007 AutoDesk released 3D design software that allowed users to view images and blue prints in not only two-dimensions, but also three, making it more efficient for use in the architecture and home remodeling businesses. Since this time the company has been improving its programs to provide the most up to date software available. In fact there is a free AutoCAD 2010 download that is available specifically for smart phones so you can take your designs with you everywhere you go. Because they are creating updated software, Autodesk provides customers with older versions of the AutoCAD software that they can download free of cost, for a limited time, or for a limited number of uses. However, some of these downloads may also have limited features. For example, the free AutoCAD software download 2016 version has enhanced 3D imaging and editing capabilities than the earlier 2011 version, however many less features compared to the 2016 version. Regardless of whether you choose to download a limited version of this design and blueprint software online free or purchase a full version of the program in a store, it is likely to become a great asset in your design process.

    diy Home Design Ideas 2010 – All Rights Reserved

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    Best Interior Design School in San Francisco, CA


    San Francisco

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    • Dogpatch
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    • Embarcadero
    • Excelsior
    • Fillmore
    • Financial District
    • Fisherman s Wharf
    • Forest Hill
    • Glen Park
    • Hayes Valley
    • Ingleside
    • Ingleside Heights
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    • Inner Richmond
    • Inner Sunset
    • Japantown
    • Lakeshore
    • Lakeside
    • Laurel Heights
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    • Lower Pacific Heights
    • Marina/Cow Hollow
    • Merced Heights
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    • Miraloma Park
    • Mission
    • Mission Bay
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    • Monterey Heights
    • Mount Davidson Manor
    • NoPa
    • Nob Hill
    • Noe Valley
    • North Beach/Telegraph Hill
    • Oceanview
    • Outer Mission
    • Outer Richmond
    • Outer Sunset
    • Pacific Heights
    • Parkmerced
    • Parkside
    • Portola
    • Potrero Hill
    • Presidio
    • Presidio Heights
    • Russian Hill
    • Sea Cliff
    • Sherwood Forest
    • SoMa
    • South Beach
    • St Francis Wood
    • Stonestown
    • Sunnyside
    • Tenderloin
    • The Haight
    • Twin Peaks
    • Union Square
    • Visitacion Valley
    • West Portal
    • Western Addition
    • Westwood Highlands
    • Westwood Park


    • Berkeley Hills
    • Claremont
    • Downtown Berkeley
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    • Elmwood
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    • Gourmet Ghetto
    • North Berkeley
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    • UC Area
    • West Berkeley


    • Dimond District
    • Downtown Oakland
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    • Alameda
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    • Bird’s-eye View
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    Interior Design

    FC Interiors is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched. Our attention for detail and eye for design ensures an enjoyable design and remodeling experience. We offer many styles of interiors: Casual and elegant European style, Traditional, Eclectic, Pottery Barn style, Contemporary, Gray Peaceful Living Style, Asian, Cottage, Shabby Chic, Rustic, Western. Spanish and more….

    We believe in using and improving the furnishings you already own. We offer all Hunter Douglas Window coverings at the BEST PRICES IN TEXAS!

    We are proud to offer a wide list of interior design services, including:

    Designing and planning your new dream kitchen, master bathroom, master bedroom

    Space coordination and layout

    Plantation wood shutters, stained or painted finishes

    Hunter Douglas distributor of all custom window shades, roman shades and blinds

    Custom Draperies and hardware

    Custom bedding, pillows, duvets, bed skirts, etc.

    Custom upholstered headboards

    Re-upholstery services and furniture re-finishing

    Furniture selection and design placement

    Paint color selections and assistance

    Interior Design assistance for new residential construction

    Home Staging, partnering with home owners and Realtors

    About Us

    Barbara Isaacs is a well respected licensed Interior Designer and Residential Remodeling Contractor. She has been specializing in residential interior design and construction for 25 years. Her notable skill in conceptual design has earned her a reputation as one of Texas’ premiere Interior Designers. Her work has been featured in many Residential Showcases and industry publications such as, Southern Living. Read More

    Latest News

    Quick Links

    Contact Information

    Call French Country Interiors now to schedule a free initial consultation. (210) 725-6017

    Barbara Isaacs, Remodeling Contractor and Interior Designer
    ‘Budget and Time Oriented’
    P.O. Box 79
    Allen, Texas 75013

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    French Country Interior Design:
    Authentic Country French Decorating Ideas

    French country interior design is a unique and very addictive form of rustic chic .

    Try these easy-to-copy French country home decor ideas for a convincing French country home decorating look!

    French country interior decorating has some traits that really are distinctly French. See if you can spot them on a Virtual Tour of authentic French provincial homes! Featured on this page are ways to.

    add ornament (particularly above doors), and

    use antique fabrics in very creative ways.

    In addition, you’ll find an overview of French country home decor from Provence .

    The fluidity of boundaries between home and outdoors, and the inventive use of ornament and textiles are probably the most conspicuous aspects of authentically French country interior design.

    But there’s much more to this style, and you’ll find a motherlode of additional country French decorating ideas at the bottom of this page.

    To be sure, France is rather large – so the look of French country interior decorating will differ greatly between, for example,

    a dairy farm in Alsace,

    a fisherman’s cottage on the coast of Normandy, and

    a hilltop farm above the C te d’Azur .

    A chair like the one to the left would be perfectly at home in French country home decor along the German or Swiss border, but not at all among the cool blue-and-white of, say, La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, only 500 miles away.

    Interestingly, most people outside France find that French country interior design is really summed up in the farmhouses and cottages of Provence.

    French Country Interior Design,
    Provence Style

    The south-eastern corner of France, with its seductive scents of lavender, roses, herbs and honey, is what most of us have in mind when we think (or dream) of French country home decorating.

    For information about French provincial design. including French country wall decor. French provencal furniture. flooring ideas, and country French pottery. check out the page on Provence Interiors .

    The stone villages of Provence are great for holidays (and for doing a bit of research into French country home decorating on the side.

    which is exactly what I did last fall, so if you haven’t got time for a trip to Provence right now, don’t worry, the legwork’s been done for you 😉

    As a result, you’ll find loads of information about French Proven al furniture and Provence-inspired country French decorating ideas in the following articles:

    French Country Interior Design,
    Indoors Outdoors

    Most of France is blessed with a wonderful climate, and French country living is practically synonymous with fabulous food and fine wine (deservedly so, in my humble opinion!)

    So it’s only natural that French country interior design should include an outdoor dining area as well.

    It’s usually a terrace, shaded by vines and roses or a wattle screen, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with a view to the countryside or garden.

    At the same time, wrought iron (or wooden) garden furniture is used inside French country style homes as well, particularly in a sunroom or around the kitchen table.

    Cushions covered in linen, cotton florals, or toile de Jouy fabric provide seating comfort while keeping the decor easy and informal.

    In the South of France, I found another interesting take on French country interior design: outdoor living rooms.

    Would you believe that the little patio in the picture above is an open-air interior courtyard, gravel and all, on the first floor of an old Provencal country house?

    A seriously cool, chic place to have a cup of coffee and read a (French) novel!

    French Country Interior Design –
    Making Doorways Special

    If you’re into French country interior design, your doors will know it.

    or rather, the spaces above them.

    No doorway is too humble to be adorned by a little creative doorway jewelry.

    • porcelain or earthenware plates
    • a handpainted tile
    • an old photo in an even older frame
    • a wooden ornament (one that’s fallen off somewhere else)
    • something gilded
    • a fragment of beautiful plasterwork
    • a little oil painting on a ‘distressed’ slat of wood
    • a few of your daughter’s drawings
    • a framed bit of antique patterned fabric
    • a decorative piece of wrought ironwork
    • three post cards from the 1930s
    • (help! I can’t stop. )

    You see, above the door’s a place where you can get really, really creative.

    And since even small items do the trick perfectly well (and you don’t need to own, or be, a Picasso).

    you’ll be able to create a very convincing French country look for your doors in no time at all.

    For an authentic touch of French country interior design above the doors of your home, check out this eBay selection of French faience plates. To see all, just click the ‘view all items’ link in the bottom left corner.

    Not from the US? Click HERE for French plates available in YOUR country!

    French Country Interior Design
    With Textiles

    Fine fabrics make fine windows, chic beds, lavish tables, and sumptuous sofas.

    And you can easily accomplish this without breaking the bank.

    You could start with a snippet of something velvety or silky, a monogram or a small piece of antique lace.

    and integrate it strategically into a length of plain linen (appliqu it, or stitch it onto a different-colored background and then attach).

    Then hang, wrap, drape or otherwise exhibit it somewhere obvious: as a tablecloth, a cushion cover, a curtain.

    In French country interior design, these small touches of precious, handmade detail are crucial.

    A sofa cushion with an appliqu ‘d, monogrammed patch from the flea market will add a dose of panache to your country French style living room. Check out my friend Wendy’s treasure trove of French Country Fabric for a few ideas!

    (You could also look at adding a bit of Toile de Jouy to the mix – but use sparingly!)

    An interesting piece of old printed or embroidered cotton could embellish just one corner of a simple length of table linen.

    Don’t strive to create things that match – rather, combine colors and fabrics in a slightly offbeat, quirky way.

    French country interior decorating is all about enjoying the beauty of things. and having a laugh while you do 🙂

    Ideas With Toile de Jouy:

    French Country Interior Design Library:

    • Find fun, frugal country French decorating ideas in French Country Decor On A Shoestring.
    • Want to turn a so-so space into a French country vacation oasis? With French Country Colors you’ll be halfway there.
    • For window treatments with attitude, check out the page about French Country Curtains.
    • Have a look at the DO’s and DON’Ts of French Bedroom Design.
    • Learn more about Provence, the land of painters and poets – Provence Interiors are considered by many to be the ‘prototype’ of French country interior design.
    • Find creative country French decorating ideas for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and walls on the French Country Interior Decorating page.
    • Create tons of French flair for your home with the help of French Wall Art (buy it. or fake it!)
    • Decorating With Toile has great potential and even greater pitfalls. Here are 40+ tips tricks to help you get it right.
    • Looking to remodel your kitchen? French Country Kitchen Design shows you which design elements you need for a kitchen la fran aise. (For a ‘lite’ makeover – just a little French flavor – head over to the page about French Country Kitchens ).
    • Beyond French country interior design: French Interior Design is quirky, elegant, outrageous and seriously chic.
    • Neutral Color Schemes – The Book:
      Learn about using neutral color palettes in your (French-style) home. Understand what makes neutral color schemes look their best, and what happens when you inject ‘real’ color into neutral color palettes. It’s FREE! .

    Yet to find the information you’re looking for? Type a word or phrase into the search box below:

    Return from French Country Interior Design to French Country Decorating .

    Return from French Country Interior Design to the Dream Home Decorating homepage.