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Welcome to Design House Interiors Website. We are a full service interior design firm. We are located in the Turkey Creek Shopping Center in Farragut, TN. We opened our store in September of 2004. We have a showroom full of furniture, accessories and gifts. We can also help you with any special order. We have a large selection of vendors.

If your looking to change a room, a new sofa, chair or any other item. Nothing is to large or small. We can help.

We specialize in new construction and remodels. We can help you go through the process of making the correct decisions helping you though the building or remoldel process, so it will be more smoothly for you. We can be your One Stop shop for everything from flooring to that very last accessory in your new or remodeled home.

Please stop by and check out our store. Our store changes frequently with new products coming in weekly. We are always looking for new and unique items for our customers and clients.

If you are looking for a designer that can help you with your interior design project (whatever that may be) stop by our store, call or email us.

Thanks,Michael Steve

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Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Before updating your bathroom there are many considerations involved in your planning. Despite the idea that updating your bathroom is easy because you have your toilet, tub, and your sink. The truth is that, decorating a bathroom is more difficult than it seems if you actually care for interior design ideas. Make your plan and focuses on the overall look that you want to create.

Small ideas for updating the bathroom design:

• New Lighting: Renewing lighting adds a brilliant touch to your new bathroom. Mix different types of lighting such as simple ceiling light, lighting in the shower and create a night light.

• Determine whether you want small changes or a total makeover: If you decide to just make small changes, this will cost you less money than the other choice.

• Faucets: faucet, which seems like an artistic design is an affordable addition that will keep your bathroom look pretty amazing.

• Bath Tub: Do you need to put the shower over the tub, or do you want a separate bath tub from shower? Whatever you decide make sure you research all that is available before making your own decision.

• (X)Toilet: Is the toilet going to be in the bathroom, or in a separate room? The most important aspect of this decision is the plumbing. To move plumbing from one side of the house to another can be very expensive.

• Modern interior ideas: Reduce the pieces of furniture and keep more space. Use soft colors, small bathtubs and comfortable decor accessories.

• Romantic interior ideas: luxurious furnishings with pastel colors and light decorating ideas are beautiful modern design trends, which work well for small bathrooms.

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Salary for Interior Designers

Also known as: Certified Kitchen Designer, Furniture Arranger, Home Lighting Adviser, Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, Kitchen and Bath Designer, Kitchen Designer


Professionals in the field of interior design work with clients to determine the functional needs of a space, aesthetics of the intended users, style preferences, and budget limits for projects. They use computer-aided design software and a knwoledge of materials and furnishings available to customize commercial, industrial and private spaces according to client demands. Additionally, they may procure fabric and surface samples, and create paste-ups, drawings and sketches of a finish spaced to share with the client before beginning to decorate. Associate’s degrees are generally required for this position, although most interior designers have completed Bachelor’s degrees.

An Interior Designer will normally receive a pay level somewhere between 40000 – 60000 based on levels of tenure. Interior Designers will most likely receive wages of Fifty Two Thousand dollars every year.

Interior Designers are paid most highly in the District of Columbia, where they can earn average pay scales of approximating $67550. People holding this job title have the best average compensation in Management of Companies and Enterprises, which has average job salaries of $69750.

Are you an aspiring interior designer? Want a new opportunity where you can earn a higher salary? Create your free interior designer job alert today and take control of your future.

The national wage distribution is shown below. To overlay local salaries for an Interior Designer, please select your state.

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Masters in Interior Design: Degree Program Overviews

An interior design master’s degree allows students to take courses according to their chosen specialization. Through research and theoretical classes, they can gain advance knowledge in the field of interior design.

Essential Information

Post-professional degrees are commonly designed for students who have bachelor’s degrees in interior design, while the latter is for students who hold bachelor’s degrees unrelated to interior design. However, each program sets its own requirements for the bachelor’s degree discipline; some require it to be in a relevant discipline while others do not. To be admitted in an interior design master’s program, submission of a portfolio may also be a prerequisite.

Curricula are commonly designed so that students can select their specialization within the interior design field. They customize their coursework by selecting concentrations such as residential interiors, sustainable design or health care interiors.

Master in Interior Design

Master of Interior Design students learn design concepts and the elements of interior spaces. In addition to practical and advance design courses, a master’s degree program in interior design also includes classes that focus on research and theoretical concepts such as:

  • Drawing
  • Interior lighting
  • Color theory
  • Furniture design
  • Interior materials
  • Human response and interior environments

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), interior designer jobs are expected to grow by 4% between 2014 and 2024 (www.bls.gov ). This job outlook is slower than average compared to other professions. Because the interior design field is a popular occupation, competition is also expected to be fierce.

Those professionals with significant expertise in eco-friendly design ideas have an edge on their competitors as more people become conscious of their environmental impact. In May 2015, interior designers earned an annual median salary of $48,840.

Certification and Continuing Education Information

Interior designers are required to obtain licensure in some states. The National Council for Interior Design Qualification governs the exam, which only covers public safety issues (www.ncidq.org ). Eligible candidates have at least six years of post-secondary education and professional experience and must pursue continuing education to maintain the license.

Through the Master in Interior Design degree program, students can pursue their studies on specialized fields such residential interiors, health care interiors or sustainable design.

Areas of study you may find at Washington State University include:
    • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
    • Non-Degree: Certificate, Coursework
    • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate, Postbaccalaureate Certificate
    • Undergraduate: Bachelor
  • Visual and Performing Arts
    • Design and Applied Arts
      • Interior Design and Decorating
    • Drama and Theatre Arts
    • Fine Arts and Studio Art
    • Musical Arts

Get Started with Washington State University

School locations:
Areas of study you may find at Marywood University include:
  • Visual and Performing Arts
    • Design and Applied Arts
      • Advertising and Commercial Design
      • Graphic Design
      • Interior Design and Decorating
    • Drama and Theatre Arts
    • Fine Arts and Studio Art
    • Musical Arts
    • Photography, Film, and Video

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10 Popular Schools

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University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The University of Texas at Austin

Avg. Wages For Related Jobs

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Restaurant Interior Designs

Best Theme Restaurant Interior Designers in Delhi NCR India

Our team of specialized restaurant interior designers help you create a stunningly designed project that will always help you gather more more footfalls. We have already created some of the most exclusive and detailed theme restaurants in the city that have got us accolades and various design awards.

We offer some of the most comprehensive restaurant design services that include theme planning (from traditional, contemporary to detailed Sci-Fi, Nature or Era themes), professional 3D views, international sourcing and managed restaurant services including location scouting, concept planning, F B planning, kitchen designs operational services. We have special solutions for Bar, Pub, Cafe, Lounge, Diner, Family Diner, Multi-Cuisine, Speciality Restaurant, Theme Diner, Five Star Diner, Buffet Restaurant, Theme Park Restaurant etc.

So if you want to create a unique and profitable restaurant, you will find our Restaurant Interior Designers the best in the city. Call us now for a draft concept meeting that will open some new avenues ideas that will help you create a highly profitable restaurant.

International Themes

Planning to open a lounge or a speciality cuisine restaurant. Let us help you create an outstanding project with detailed theme.

Indian Themes

FDS has some of the Top Indian Restaurant Interior Designers who can help create the authentic Indian experience for your patrons.

Concept Themes

FDS has some of the top Concept Restaurant Interior Designers who can help create astounding themes on various ideas..

Kitchen Cuisine

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Pub / Bar Designs

At FDS you will find our Restaurant Interior Designers equipped with ideas, concepts designs for all kinds of hospitality.

Concept Planning

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Amazing Jungle Themed Restaurant By Futomic Designs

Check out the exotic video, which will drive you through one of our outstanding theme based restaurants named Walk In the Woods. This Jungle and cave theme based restaurant designed by Top Theme Restaurant Interior Designers in India has been imbibed with sufficient enticing elements to repeatedly attract the potential customers.

This restaurant has a special area, called machan, for the comfort and privacy of the love birds. For the purpose of family dinners, the Ajanta Ellora themed dining zone in here is the best to visit. The jungle book inspired kiddy zone has been imbibed with high quanta of cuteness factor.

The impressive features like the walls adorned with cave cladding, pebble tiles, lush greenery, sculptures and paintings of Ajanta Ellora, able and chair arrangement in the shape of flowers and petals, etc compile up to give an exquisite international look to this restaurant.

You will fall in love with this bedroom designed for a young couple with a classy taste. Expert Interior Designers at Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. have brought life to this compact room, portraying the perfect blend of luxury and elegance. The centre of attraction being the 3D panel of leaves motif which is beautifuly spread across the main wall and the ceiling, giving it a splendid look. Read More »

Bedroom Design, Paschim Vihar, Delhi, India.

This flamboyant bedroom, designed by top interior designers is the perfect fusion of luxury and elegance. The beautiful mesh work with LED light effects at the back panel of the bed and on the ceiling is the exclusive feature of this room. The golden leather cladding at the back panel is adding to the luxurious feel of the room. Read More »

Now-a-days a wardrobe is not just any furniture to store stuff in your bedroom. It has now become a piece of luxury furniture and a matter of style and fashion to enhance the Interior Design of your room. A wardrobe should be functional, modish and luxurious too. Here are some Super Stylish Wardrobe designs for your home. Futomic Design Services has collected the most amazing Wardrobe Designs which can help you create an alluring ambiance in your bedroom. The collection below is the mix of Classy Wardrobe Designs, Mural Print Wardrobe Styles, Ultra-Modern Wardrobe Designs, TV Integrated Wardrobe Designs and Wardrobes especially for Ladies. Expert Interior Designers at FDS can help you incorporate such brilliant designs in your home, just according to your needs and specifications.

15 Super Stylish Wardrobes

Interior design the word show, means the person who can show the ability in interior designers and convert the space to useful moderate setting for the human nature activities, interior designer is the person who co-ordinate and arrange all the amenities for the human. He has to deal with equipment holder stakeholders and the management and execution of the design he work start from top to bottom till the end of the project. Read More »

Why You Should Hire Luxury Interior Designers

” Thinking of investing in a Theme Restaurant project with high ROI? Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. is launching a Theme Restaurant Wingwith one stop solution for aspirant restaurateurs. Being the only Theme Restaurant Consultant firm in India, we will help you in every step of the project starting from strategy planning, F & B operations to online marketing. We have the Best Restaurant Interior Designers on board to design a unique and exceptional Theme Restaurant. “

FDS Launches its very own Theme Restaurant – Jungle Jamboree

” Thinking of investing in a Theme Restaurant project with high ROI? Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. is launching a Theme Restaurant Wingwith one stop solution for aspirant restaurateurs. Being the only Theme Restaurant Consultant firm in India, we will help you in every step of the project starting from strategy planning, F & B operations to online marketing. We have the Best Restaurant Interior Designers on board to design a unique and exceptional Theme Restaurant. “

Futomic launches a Theme Restaurant wing with one stop solution for aspirant restaurateurs

A A restaurant should not only serve delectable cuisine, but a feel of luxury to its customers. A Restaurant’s Interior Design should be amazingly unique, so that people like to visit it more often. Here are a few tips, how you can design your restaurant to make it the talk of the town.

Top 10 Design Tips for a Restaurant

If you have been looking forward to get you dream home constructed or renovated, here is some information which will definitely benefit you. In order to choose the best Interior Designers in India you will need to consult big design companies, small design agencies or freelancers. In order for you to choose the best for your home project

Turnkey vs. Design only for Home Interiors / Office / Restaurant

A place where you spend a sizeable portion of your daily time, whether it is your home or a business facility, serves as a means to offer you comfort and peace of mind, as well as a pleasurable environment that supports positively vibrant thoughts. Would you then not wish to design and decorate such a facility the perfect way as it interests you? If you would, there is no dearth of options to give you a hand with this interior design task.

Whether to Hire Freelancers or a Big Design Company ?

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BA Degree in Interior Design

The BA Interior Design Degree is a 360 credit point qualification at NQF level 7 and consists of three years of full time study. The programme emphasises that interior design is a creative problem solving activity that has the potential to affect our responses to living and working environments on a profound level. GDC students are trained to think conceptually, to frame design problems through research and analysis, to apply the design process and to develop design solutions that are innovative original, socially responsible and technically resolved. As an academic discipline, the programme further enables students to become critical thinkers who can locate and critique the practise of design within contemporary theoretical discourse.

Learning by doing

GDC maintains that programmes based on separate and independent modules or subjects do not teach students how to integrate the various skills needed to be an exceptional designer. At GDC we practice a highly integrated and holistic educational philosophy. The core of the curriculum is made up of two principal courses. In the Studio course, students execute design projects that mirror the practise in industry. The learning is experiential, hands-on, authentic, and exposes students to real-world design. In the Critical Studies course, the ability to engage meaningfully with the theoretical and critical underpinnings of design is emphasised. Through the writing of essays, students come to grips with existing theory in visual culture and develop critical thinking and academic research skills. Additional enrichment classes, such as computers, visual communication and academic writing, set extra tasks that hone specific skills to support the Studio and Critical Studies courses.

Year by year

In the first year of study, students are taught basic three dimensional design principles, visual literacy and communication skills. The second year of study is structured to teach students to manipulate space and volume within the context of Interior Design practice. Students learn about construction methods, appropriate use of materials and finishes, the relationship of space and volume and various techniques for communicating design proposals. Research skills and a broad understanding of architecture and design in the twenty-first century will provide a theoretical basis for design solutions. In the third year of study, students tackle increasingly complex design problems in a more sophisticated and eloquent manner, thereby equipping them for a place in the design industry. Projects may include design competitions allowing students the opportunity to gain recognition and to develop a professional portfolio. The subject Critical Studies encourages students to develop a personal philosophy of design.

On completion of the programme, graduates at GDC have a repertoire of high level skills and can:

  • Conceptualise and produce creative design solutions with a personal design philosophy
  • Communicate meaningful digital design messages in signature style
  • Create and present a professional multimedia design portfolio thatstands apart from the rest
  • Operate multimedia design related computer hardware and software at industry level
  • Articulate and represent ideas and arguments professionally and with confidence

Admission Criteria

  • A National Senior Certificate with entry into a Bachelor Degree programme
  • A minimum of 60% for English.
  • All applicants must attend an interview and present an art or design portfolio or complete a drawing exercise

Apply online if you meet the admission criteria

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Southern Studio Interior Design is an award-winning interior design firm specializing in residential design and new construction. We believe that a well designed home is timeless and reflects the unique personalities of its owners. The mission of Southern Studio is to provide a high level of creativity, integrity and personalized attention to every project.

Feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

We thrive on creating beautiful interiors through an organized and collaborative design process that meets the unique needs of each individual project. From a single room to an entire home, we transform your design vision into reality. For new construction and major remodel projects, we offer complete design and selection services that guide homeowners through the myriad of custom options.

From our studio in downtown Apex, North Carolina, we deliver award-winning designs throughout the Carolinas and beyond.

Certifications and Awards

Best of Houzz 2015 Design
Best of Houzz 2015 Service
Best of Houzz 2014 Design
Best of Houzz 2014 Service
Best of Houzz 2012 Design

Raleigh Interior Designer
Best of Houzz 2012, 2014, 2015 & 2016

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I wanted to tell you we finally had our rooms painted and we love how it looks. The new colors made everything seem more crisp. It inspired us to move all our artwork too and create a salon wall of our Paris photos. The Sunroom is wonderfull, we call it our Floridian room. Everyone we have come over can’t believe our rugs are the same because now the colors really pop. The whole project is a big hit. I just wanted to share with you how happy we are with what you selected for our home.

You might enjoy knowing that our Bancroft house sold in five days and at full price. I give YOU much credit for this good fortune! The color palette was noted by many agents/clients as being pleasant, serene, warm, fluid, etc. I couldn’t agree more! My dream is now for us to enjoy that same serenity in new surroundings. Looking forward to working with you again, Mary!

We start a kitchen remodel by clearing out elements that make it function badly.

Here the island was rotated 180 degrees to place the oven conveniently facing the cooking surface, while creating seating space in the center of the kitchen.

The former breakfast bar at the far end of the room was removed and the countertop finished in tile matching the existing surfaces.

Thick and grey-toned granite countertops on the island and breakfast bar looked dated and unfriendly. We selected lighter granite in colors coordinating with the floor tile, and specified a contemporary profile to make the island look sleek.

New lights with a clean shape and warm glow replace the quasi-industrial fixtures with dangling chrome weights. And paint colors in light neutral shades broaden the visual field.

More about how we stirred things up coming soon!

Comfort is in the Eye of the Beholder

Why not remodel your bedroom into a luscious haven of repose?

In this Dining Room, a new vibrant color palette in gold and orange enlivens the artwork and the surroundings. I consulted on the new picture frames and display of the paintings and art prints. see more

Oregon Home. November-December 2007

Choosing the right colors was important for another reason: The library would be home to treasured family keepsakes that the McClearys wanted to display. Those keepsakes include a set of leather-bound books by English authors; porcelain Lipizzaner horses that Louisa s late father, who d obtained the figurines during his many vacations to Austria, had bequeathed to her; and a coastal-theme oil painting from Stan s late parents.

For guidance she called in Mary McMurray, a color consultant with Portland-based Art First Colors for Architecture. When you re doing multiple rooms and you want them all to be extraordinary in terms of depth of color, it helps to have someone who knows what they re doing, says Louisa. When I m working with paint samples, I can t predict the effect the color will have after it s painted on a huge wall. But Mary can look at a paint chip and say, That s going to be too beige.

The McClearys and McMurray turned to the oil painting for ideas. We used it as a departure point, but we didn t match the colors, says McMurray. I think a common error is to use the predominant color in a piece of art as a wall color. When you do that, you don t see the artwork as much. Inspired by the painting s coastal hues, McMurray created custom variations on a theme of blue: a deep teal for the walls, an aqua for the back of the bookshelves and a lighter aqua for the ceiling. She also advised ivory for the bookcase and sand-colored carpeting in place of the old taupe one. To help her clients visualize the final result, she painted three-foot-square patches of paint on the walls.

When we first put the big patch on the wall here, my husband came home and looked at it and went, Oh, my god! says Louisa. Because the blue is so bold. But now he loves it. Sometimes it s just a matter of getting over the hump of being ready for a deep color.

As for Louisa, she s thrilled with the room s revamped ambience. Before, it was kind of depressing to look at all that taupe, she says. Looking at colors that are this deep and this pretty, it almost gives you physical pleasure.

Color and design consultant: Mary McMurray, Art First Colors for Architecture, Portland, 503-287-4354 or visit her website, art-first.com.

A master bedroom with a great view now wraps the homeowners in warmth and style. Art First suggested wall, trim and ceiling colors, and the selection of a coral wool carpet

Beaux Arts Interior

The delicate grandeur of a 1924 Beaux Arts residence is given expression by highly individualistic colors and subtle delineation of the plasterwork.

A new vacation home at Cannon Beach, featured in Coastal Living. Interior colors throughout the house and the tile designs in five bathrooms, are by Mary McMurray of Art First Colors.

Often, moving the artwork you have to another, better place for it is what s needed. I enjoy finding the piece that works best for every location.When this client moved into her new home, every wall was painted either red or pink. It was overpowering her artwork – and her mood!

Finding the right places to show her treasured art pieces to best advantage, we simultaneously chose paint colors that nourish her feeling of being joyously at home.

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How To Pick Your Perfect Colors

Are you unhappy with your home’s interior design? If so, you may be the victim of a bad color scheme. It’s no secret that color can either make or break a design, but luckily, neither is finding out how to choose the perfect color palette for you.

When the color’s right, it can:

  • Enhance feelings of health and wellbeing
  • Modify perceived temperature — make your space feel warmer or cooler
  • Transform perceived space — make your space feel larger, or more cozy and intimate
  • Illuminate dark areas
  • Create mystery and romance in dull areas
  • Energize static areas

But it has to be the right color for you. Color, and the psychology of color, is a big design trend says Barbara Jacobs, principal of Barbara Jacobs Color Design. But generalizations — green is relaxing, blue is soothing, red is energizing — only apply when certain hues are used, she says. A sharp, electric green definitely would not be relaxing; a deep blue-green might feel cold instead of soothing. The wrong red used in an entire room might create the sensation of entrapment rather than energy.

Before planning color in your personal environment, make a mini-questionnaire and poll yourself and your family. Your answers are 50 percent of the project because your color choices depend on them for direction, Jacobs says. She gives her clients a very long questionnaire with hundreds of questions, but you can start with these five. The answers will lead you to your new color scheme.

1. Where is the room?

2. How many windows are there and which direction do they face?

3. Is there landscaping outside that will have an effect on the colors in the room?

4. Who will use the room, and what will they do there? Is it private or community space?

5. Will it be a sociable and active place, or a peaceful place? How do I want it to feel?

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Welcome to Wall to Wall Gifts and Interiors York

At our Heworth shop now stocks our full range of gifts, flowers and homeware as well as an unrivaled range of designer wall coverings and fabrics and our complete interior design service by interior designer Sarah Simpson.

We offer a full, inhouse bespoke make up service for fabrics. Upholstery and re upholstery. roman blinds, curtains, cushions and bedcovers are all hand sewn and hand finishedin our studios . complete with crystal beading and trims and accessories as requested to the highest of standards with complementary tiebacks upon request.

We can also provide a complete professional decorating service for those customers that require a fully over seen project which may include the hanging of some of our specialist wallcoverings. Preparation of walls and painting service in conjunction with a joinery service including working with specialist kitchen companies such as Peter Thompsons of York and also supplying and fitting many types of flooring and carpets.

As the very long winter finally ends fill your home with colourful sia flowers, fresh linen and sumptuous soft furnishings.

If you are looking for some unus ual and beautiful peices our new clocks and vintage furniture items will thrill you.

Order your Sofa Workshop Sofa here

We are now stocking sofas by Sofa Workshop