Construction Certifications and Certificate Programs

Essential Information

Construction certification programs can help students learn how to plan and estimate construction projects, understand construction laws and manage risks, as well as complete labs. Professional certification can be earned from a number of organizations involving the construction industry. Some specializations include construction management and public works construction inspections.

Certificate in Construction Management

Through this certificate program, students learn how to coordinate, schedule and manage construction projects. Students are taught how to manage costs and construction schedules using microcomputers. Safety, hazard control and the appropriate equipment use are part of the program.

Students applying to the program must have a solid background in construction techniques, blueprint reading, materials and construction processes. Some colleges require a minimum of five years of experience in the construction trades. Documentation of specific classes in construction is often required for admission.

Coursework emphasizes cost estimation and planning. Students learn the computer applications used in construction, and safety in construction is focused on. Typical course topics are as follows:

  • Project planning
  • Construction law
  • Construction materials
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Sustainable construction standards

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Building Inspection
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Carpentry
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Construction Mgmt, General
  • Construction Site Management
  • Drywall Installation
  • Electrical and Power Transmission Installers
  • Electrical Systems Lineworker
  • Electrician
  • Facilities Management
  • Furniture Making
  • Glazier
  • Home Equipment and Furnishings Installer
  • Home Improvement
  • House Painting and Wall Paper
  • Masonry
  • Metal Building Assembly
  • Pipefitting
  • Plumbing Technology
  • Property Management and Maintenance
  • Roofer
  • Well Drilling

Certificate in Public Works Construction Inspection

This certificate program teaches students how to inspect public utility systems, water and sewer lines, bridges, roads, dams and other infrastructural elements for proper construction. Students learn about proper documentation, contracts, plans and required specifications. Entry-level jobholders in the public works construction field can advance after completing this certificate program.

Applicants should have a solid background in construction principles and techniques. Some colleges mandate a specific amount of experience in the building trades. A college transcript of related coursework may be required.

Students learn about critical path analysis and documents that are encountered in the public works sector. Industry standards and testing procedures are taught. Students are taught how to analyze soil, concrete, asphalt and building aggregates. Students visit a materials testing lab as part of the program. Courses cover these topics:

  • Communication skills
  • Contract management
  • Inspection techniques
  • Global positioning systems (GPS)
  • Construction liability

Popular Careers

A certificate in construction management can be useful for anyone in a career related to construction and project management. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov ) lists the following occupations as being related to the construction field:

  • Cost estimators
  • Engineering and natural sciences managers
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Landscape architects

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

Employment for construction managers is expected to be good, with growth estimated at 5% from 2014 through 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov ). The median salary for construction managers was $87,400 annually, according to May 2015 data from the BLS.

Continuing Education and Professional Certification Information

Construction managers typically hold a bachelor’s degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graduates that are considering a specialization can pursue a master’s degree in such areas as construction management, civil engineering and environmental engineering.

To gain further credentialing, construction professionals can pursue certification from such agencies as the American Institute of Constructors (www.constructioncertification.org ) and the Construction Management Association of America (cmaanet.org ). The former organization offers two certifications–the Associate Constructor and the Certified Professional Constructor. Those who get certified through the CMAA earn the Certified Construction Manager credential.

Students interested in a construction certificate can earn a certificate in construction management or a certificate in public works construction inspection. Those who have earned one of these certificates can continue their education to receive a bachelor’s degree if they want to become a construction manager.

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Intensive Therapy

The OCD Treatment Centre have devised a highly effective, unique 5 day intensive treatment programme that has been proven to be highly effective for the treatment of OCD time and time again. The program has been devised by specialists in the field, that have had first hand experience with suffering and learning to overcome the condition.

Skype and Telephone Therapy

Access therapy for OCD and anxiety from the comfort of your own home, with a qualified and friendly therapist. Using Skype, we can work with you face to face, or if you prefer we can work with you over the phone. Sessions can take place weekly, monthly, intensively or on an ad hoc basis.

Support for family, friends and carers

OCD is a family condition, which is likely to be affecting those closest to the person struggling with OCD. We offer specialised carer programs which we can do both intensively (in the format of a one to one or group) and non intensively via skype or telephone, so that you can feel better equipped when dealing with the OCD of a close family member or friend.

Our Philosophy

Our Approach

We want you to know that you are an amazing, caring and sensitive person. You deserve to be happy, to live a life free from the chains of OCD, and we are passionate about sharing that journey with you and help you on your path to recovery. Often OCD feels like a complex and overwhelming disorder, that can make the sufferer feel isolated and without hope. All of our therapists have had first-hand experience of OCD, which we feel is one of the many reasons why we feel our clients respond so well to our therapeutic program. It is important that our clients feel heard, and that a strong relationship is built between the therapist and client. We are incredibly passionate about our client’s welfare, and see our roles as therapists as much more than just a career, but as a passion. There is life after OCD, a life full of happiness and freedom, and we can show you the way.


We understand what it’s like to live a life in the constraints of the condition. OCD has many facets, and can often arise in different ways depending on the individual. Every OCD sufferer is caught up in a cycle of fighting loud, unwanted intrusive thoughts, experiencing intense urges to perform compulsions or avoiding feelings of anxiety and fear. At times, life can feel hopeless, and we have all been through that feeling ourselves. No matter how long you’ve been suffering, or how complex our life may feel, we are here to show you that there is hope, even if it doesn’t feel like it. We pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable nature. We have been working with OCD for a long time, nothing surprises us, and we offer a non-judgmental, person centred approach to each and every client.

Our five day intensive program at a glance

Our five day intensive program is unique and incorporates a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT), providing our clients with OCD education, Exposure Response Prevention techniques (ERP), neuroplasticity education, stress management, relaxation skills and an introduction into mindfulness and meditative techniques. Our program can be delivered in a number of formats to suit your needs, and to make intensive treatment as accessible as possible for everyone. We offer every client a tailored, client specific program so that the 5 day intensive is as effective as possible for every individual, empowering our clients more quickly. The intensive program is delivered at a pace that you are comfortable with

Successful outcomes

We have helped countless numbers of OCD sufferers to regain control of their life once again. Whether you want to be like ‘the old you’, or can’t remember a life free from the condition, we assure you that OCD is extremely treatable. We are confident that if you follow the program, listen to what we say, trust us and commit to the therapy, you will notice great improvements in the management of your OCD symtoms. Be the person you want to be. Live the life you want to live. Ask yourself this, do you currently live your life to be happy, or to be safe? The life that you want lies on the other side of fear.

We feel that this is a fundamental part of the program, as you feel supported once getting back into everyday life. We are also in a unique position, in that we can offer additional services including life coaching, further mindfulness stress reduction classes and a wide array of support groups around the UK.


Fla. Supreme Court rejects damage caps on medical malpractice

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the centerpiece of the 2003 medical malpractice overhaul law, blasting the Legislature for creating an “alleged medical malpractice crisis” and concluding that the cap on wrongful death non-economic damages violates the state constitution’s equal protection clause.

The 5-2 ruling, written by Justice R. Fred Lewis, suggested that legislators created a crisis to push through the caps on damages in medical liability lawsuits which “has the effect of saving a modest amount for many by imposing devastating costs on a few.”

The caps limited payments for pain and suffering to $500,000 or $1 million, depending on the circumstances and the number of people involved. Lewis concluded the law unconstitutionally discriminates against “those who are most grievously injured, those who sustain the greatest damage and loss, and multiple claimants.’’

The decision will effectively remove the cap on so-called “non-economic” damages when someone dies because of medical malpractice. Victims whose cases were resolved between the time the law took effect in late 2003 and today, however, will have no recourse. The Florida Justice Association estimates there are more than 700 medical malpractice cases pending statewide.

“This is a monumental decision,’’ said Ken Sobel, a Fort Lauderdale trial attorney and past chairman of the FJA’s Medical Malpractice Bar. “It is being resoundingly applauded by our side of the bar, and quietly applauded by the defense bar.”

He said the law, a compromise drafted by legislators after a year-long debate, was widely considered unfair because a person injured because of medical malpractice was treated differently under that law than someone injured because of another kind of wrongful act or negligence.

The ruling, he predicted, will enhance the value of every case now pending, including those that do not involve a wrongful death claim.

The damage caps were initially pushed by former Gov. Jeb Bush, with the support of doctors, hospitals and insurance companies who viewed trials lawyers as their political nemesis. They argued the reforms were needed to curb the explosion of medical malpractice costs, which they said were forcing doctors to leave Florida or stop providing high-risk services.

The Florida Medical Association said Thursday that the damage caps have since helped reduce medical malpractice premiums and that the ruling would hurt the state’s ability to attract doctors.

“This is another example of the Supreme Court legislating from the bench and it is offensive that activist judges have taken the place of elected officials,” said Jeff Scott, FMA general counsel.

Sen. Tom Lee, R-Brandon, who helped negotiate the compromise between the Senate, House and governor during the summer of 2003, after three special legislative sessions, said he remembers the debate “as if it was yesterday.”

The Senate was sympathetic to the trial lawyers, and the House and governor sympathized with the doctors. One of the most stark disagreements was over the equal protection issues, Lee said.

“The Senate ultimately capitulated to the governor and the House,’’ Lee told the Herald/Times. “It looks like, in 2020 hindsight, we could have avoided a lot of acrimony.”

The case was brought by the family of 20-year-old Michelle McCall who died after she bled to death following a caesarian section for the birth of her a son in February 2006 at a Fort Walton Beach hospital.

McCall’s estate sued the federal government because she was part of a military family and was treated by U.S. Air Force medical staff. A federal judge agreed that McCall had not received proper care and found that her parents and son should receive $2 million in non-economic damages. But he award was reduced to $1 million because of the 2003 law.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled that the damage limits did not violate the U.S. Constitution, but said the Florida Supreme Court should consider state constitutional issues.

The damages suffered by McCall’s parents were determined to be $750,000 each, and that her surviving son sustained damages determined to be $500,000. But when the court applied the cap, the damages were cut in half.

The court heard the case in February 2012 and spent more than two years reviewing it before rejecting the damage awards as arbitrary and unfair.

“The statutory cap on non-economic damages fails because it imposes unfair and illogical burdens on injured parties when an act of medical negligence gives rise to multiple claimants,’’ Lewis wrote.

Lewis rejected the Legislature’s rationale for the damage caps saying “it bears no rational relationship to a legitimate state objective.”

“The Florida Legislature attempted to justify the cap on non-economic damages by claiming that ‘Florida is in the midst of a medical malpractice insurance crisis of unprecedented magnitude’,” he wrote.

He cited statistics that showed that during the purported medical malpractice crisis “the numbers of physicians in Florida were actually increasing, not decreasing” and noted: “Even the Task Force whose report was relied upon by the Florida Legislature employed extremely equivocal language and speculation when describing the existence of a crisis.”

Justices Peggy Quince, Barbara Pariente and E.C. Perry agreed with Lewis that the law was unconstitutional, but wrote a separate opinion challenging his critique of the Legislature, calling it an unprecedented “expansive, independent review.”

The justices, however, agreed on the main finding. Wrote Pariente: “there is no evidence of a continuing medical malpractice crisis that would justify the arbitrary reduction of survivors’ noneconomic damages in wrongful death cases based on the number of survivors.”

Justice Jorge Labarga concurred with Lewis’ opinion. Justice Ricky Polston dissented with the majority and wrote his own opinion, in which Justice Charles Canady concurred.

Polston said that the caps on non-economic damages were justified because they “rationally related to the legitimate state interest of decreasing medical malpractice insurance rates and increasing the affordability and availability of health care in Florida.”

The American Tort Reform Association, which along with the state and federal Chambers of Commerce have spent millions of dollars on political campaigns to push for damage caps in Florida and other states, called the decision a narrow ruling that applies only to wrongful death claims. They suggested the law could be fixed this legislative session.

“The court could have struck down limits on noneconomic damages more broadly but it didn’t do that,’’ said spokesman Darren McKinney. “Instead, the decision seems fairly narrow, dealing strictly with wrongful death lawsuits involving multiple claimants.

Lee, the current Senate Judiciary Committee chair, said he was skeptical whether another damage cap could pass before the end of the 60-day session in May. “It’s getting awful late to do much,’’ he said.

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2016-2017 Class of Capital Fellows

The Capital Fellows Programs are administered by the Center for California Studies at California State University, Sacramento, and are an outstanding opportunity for college graduates to engage in public service and prepare for future careers.

Last year four students from our department were selected for the 2016-2017 Class of Capital Fellows:

  • Mariana Magana Gamero
  • Jenny Nguyen
  • Kensley Davis
  • Conor Cannon

A special congrats to the Political Science Avocados who had a FANTASTIC SEASON.

Valerie, Juliana, Michelle, Cody, Galen, Caleb, Eric, Tye, Jenny, Paul, Frank, Jesse, Dominik and Thomas.

The Political Science department is sad to share the news of the passing of our friend and colleague Mark Q. Sawyer, Professor of Political Science and African-American Studies. Professor Sawyer was an internationally renowned scholar whose work on race and racism in Latin America, and racial attitudes in the United States earned him multiple awards and recognitions. He was a member of the faculty at UCLA since 1999, and co-founded the subfield of Race, Ethnicity and Politics (REP) in the UCLA Political Science department in 2006. Professor Sawyer made numerous important contributions in research, teaching, and mentoring students in both Political Science and African-American Studies. His presence will be impossible to replace. Beyond his excellence as a scholar, Mark was loved and admired by countless students and colleagues at UCLA and across the country for his friendship, loyalty and commitment to racial and social justice. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Sawyer family during this difficult time. We will be sharing additional details about a memorial service as soon as we know more.

Welcome to UCLA Political Science

Our department has over ninety-five years of teaching, research and public service within one of the nation’s finest universities. Instruction in Political Science began on September 14, 1920 with a staff of one assistant professor, Dr. Charles E. Martin, offering three year-long courses (Comparative Government, U.S. Foreign Policy, and International Law).

4289 Bunche Hall
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Social Sciences Division Departments

Minors | Labor and Workplace Studies | Language Interaction and Culture | Social Thought

(c) – Copyright 2017 Social Sciences Division UCLA – Login

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Royalty Free Stock Photography Save Over 90%

Subscription Membership packages contain from 5 to 50 royalty free images, bringing the aggregate cost to as low as $20 each for stock photos that are regularly priced at $269 per image. Clients have one full year to download stock images from their account in any resolution, including the high res files.

Design Pics also offers high quality stock photography to qualifying non-profit organizations at special rates. See the pricing page and contact the company about Special Non-Profit Pricing .

Now Available – Royalty Free CD Image Collections! Our CD collections provide exceptional value for your royalty free, stock photography image requirements.

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A Beautiful Business

For over 45 years, we have been helping talented individuals turn their passion into a beautiful business. Our franchise concept is simple: we provide our Franchise Partners with all the tools necessary to run a rewarding interior decorating/design business and to outshine the competition. Below you will see what a few of our Franchise Partners say about the support systems that are a part of our complete business system.

For many more details, we encourage you to take our Virtual Tour. The online tour is packed with information and videos featuring Franchise Partners who are fulfilling our mission of “Making the World More Beautiful, One Room at a Time” while they build the business of their dreams.


The training provided to our Franchise Partners is comprehensive and on-going. Whether someone joins us with just an “eye for design”, or already has a design degree and experience, our programs and trainers are here to support the needs of every new business owner. To learn more about our training programs take The Tour.

Phenomenal. As I came from an entirely different career, I was afraid it would be a hard transition. The classes were extremely thorough and the trainers were wonderful and patient. The initial confidence allowed me to launch my business and get off to a fast start.

Dee Frazier Texas

The Decorating Den training has taught me more of the practical side of interior design and running a business than 4 years of college and over 20 years in practice. Now I have it all!

Kathleen Bliss-Goldfarb, ASID Ohio

Wholesale Vendor Network

We have over 100 quality name brand manufacturers and suppliers in our vendor network. These companies offer direct wholesale purchasing accounts to our franchisees because of our network and buying power. We offer a selection of “Good/Better/Best” in every major product category, including: custom window treatments and blinds, fine furniture, floorcovering and rugs, wallcovering, accessories, lighting and more. Learn more about our products and suppliers when you take The Tour.

When I ran my own small business I was able to land some accounts on my own, however the best vendors did not want to work with me because I was a small fish in their pond. I often had to buy retail and charge my clients for the time I put in. It is so much better to have true wholesale prices and support from all the vendors I could ever want.

Cassy Young Georgia

I can offer my clients a wider selection of products than any store. I did not want to only work on one piece of the puzzle – I wanted to do complete transformations! The support we receive from our vendors and the Corporate Staff is like having my own buying department that works just for me!

Kathie Golson Florida

Marketing & Advertising

Even the best decorators and designers need the phone to ring to be successful. Our franchise comes with turn-key systems for marketing and generating new clients. We feature full page ads in national magazines, local TV, direct mail and other print advertising tools. Electronically, we pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of online marketing tools and social media exposure. Learn more about our marketing and advertising programs by taking The Tour.

I knew I could decorate and I had some general business background. My concern was wondering if I could generate enough appointments to do well. I am happy to report that the marketing systems work when you listen to what they teach you.

Cheryl Smith New Jersey

I know a few independent decorators. They are always amazed at how busy I am. I am always amazed at how little they know about marketing. I avoided years of trial and error – it all came with the franchise.

Jan Bromberek Illinois

Business Management

We have a full support network for our franchisees, both online and through personal coaching. Our support systems also include our online intranet system. “DecoNet” is a one stop integrated business resource center. From Customer Management Software (CMS), to our one stop marketing shop, to franchisee “chat rooms”, Deconet has it all. To learn more about business management support take The Tour. DecoNet is the online communication and business resource hub connecting all Franchise Partners with just a click of the mouse. Take The Tour to learn more about Deconet and all of the incredible support systems the Decorating Den Interiors business owners receive to help build their dream business.

Decorating came quite naturally to me. The business side must have been on the side of my brain less used. Now I have the systems and proven templates to run the whole business with confidence.

Michelle Belsito Maryland

DecoNet alone was worth the franchise fee. It is a University worth of knowledge available 24/7. It includes a full library of information, previous discussions on every topic that affects my business and the ability to communicate with hundreds of decorators.

Katie O’Dwyer Alberta

Turn Your Passion Into A Career!

I LOVE my business! I cannot imagine how I put up with my other two careers. This does not feel like work. I wish I found Decorating Den Interiors years ago.

Thora Tam California

My husband found this opportunity on line. The minute he saw it, he knew it was for me. This time, he was actually right!

Angela Scollar Maryland

#interior design jobs ireland


Interior Design Service

My design consultancy has established a reputation for providing creative, contemporary and traditional design solutions with a strong emphasis on the creation of an environment that is comfortable, practical and elegant. I am happy to work on projects of any size from a major development to an individual room. I source materials and furniture from our contacts all around Europe in order to achieve competitive prices for our clients. Collette Ward Interior Design can provide you with the complete design service from lighting layouts, furniture spacial planning, bathroom and kitchen design to supply, make and fit of handmade curtains, wallpapers, light fittings, furniture and decorative accessories.

I am a member of the IDDI (Interior Decorators Designers of Ireland) and the IA (Interiors Association), both of which are professional organisations formed to promote a standard of excellence within the industry of Interiors in Ireland. Their rigorous standards of entry ensure that all members have attained a high level of expertise within the field of interior design.

There is an initial consultation fee for the first visit to the client house as this allows the designer to determine the clients requirements and to discuss ideas and concepts. We do not charge a percentage for the project we use an agreed hourly rate (plus travel). A client’s time spent in our showroom whilst selecting wallpapers, fabrics etc. is not charged. You are welcome to enjoy the good value and flexibility of this service in a relaxed and private setting. Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

#inside outside magazine interior design


Inside Outside – May 2016
English | 142 pages | True PDF | 22 MB

With its incisive coverage and wide range of profiles, Inside Outside is an important forum for both the professional as well as the lay reader. Over the years, the magazine has grown to be the bible for the community of Indian architects and the professional interior designer. It is revered for its authority and selection of coverage. Professionals consider it an honour to be published in the pages of this premier interior design magazine.

. .

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Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture Program, situated within the Department of Architecture, provides a comprehensive interior design curriculum that provides students the opportunity to act as independent problem-solvers and valuable design-team members. Shared coursework with architecture in the early stages of the program provides an interdisciplinary context for study and learning, leading to advanced courses that explore theory, technology and practice.

The Interior Architecture program is highly regarded by both design educators and leading design firms from across the country and is consistently listed as one of the top interior design programs in the country. CIDA (Council for Interior Design) accredited degrees are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. A post-professional degree focused on research is offered for students who already have a professional degree.

Opportunities for students preparing to enter professional practice include interior design within an architectural firm or as an independent interior designer, lighting designer, exhibit designer, set designer, facilities manager and furniture designer.

The Interior Architecture curriculum centers on developing knowledge of adaptive re-use (urban/suburban/rural) strategies and the design of interior spaces for specific uses including various institutional, commercial, residential/housing and mixed-use projects. Design coursework covers professional, functional, technical, and theoretical topics concerning: interior design history; interior construction methods; social and community issues; integrating programming, human behavior and the making of atmosphere; surface materials and detailing; developing and building conceptual/functional furniture prototypes; furniture theory; advanced electric lighting design; and color theory. Considerations of sustainable design are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Design studio courses are the core of the curriculum and are augmented by courses in theory, technology and practice. Knowledge gained in specialized coursework in design history, construction and materials, color theory, furniture design, electric lighting, and professional practice is integrated in studio work.

A fully-equipped furniture design workshop allows students to design and construct furniture prototypes and details. Professional programs culminate in an individualized comprehensive design project developed by each student.

The program offers students the flexibility to explore other disciplines represented in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, including architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, art, arts and administration, and art history. In many cases, interior architecture students enrich their academic experience by participating in departmental study programs in Portland, Rome and Denmark.


Professional degree programs in the field of interior design are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). CIDA and NASAD recognize multiple degree titles including the Bachelor of Interior Architecture (or interior design), and the Master of Interior Architecture (or interior design). A program may be granted a 6-year, 3-year, or 2-year term of accreditation, depending on the extent of its conformance with established educational standards.

The University of Oregon Department of Architecture offers the following NASAD and CIDA-accredited degree programs:

B.I.Arch. (225 undergraduate credits)

M.I.Arch. Track I (non-pre-professional degree + 147 credits); and

M.I.Arch. Track II (pre-professional degree + graduate credits needed to fulfill all M.I.Arch. requirements.)

The M.S.I.Arch. degree is a post professional degree and is not accredited by CIDA. These students must have completed a CIDA accredited degree or the international equivalent prior to enrolling.

The next accreditation visits for UO interior architecture programs are in 2015 for CIDA and the 2019-2020 Academic year for NASAD.


State laws vary widely in regard to interior design registration and/or licensure. In those states that have adopted legislation, a professional degree from a CIDA accredited program is the preferred prerequisite. Interior architecture students and graduates of the program must pass an examination established by National Council of Interior Design Qualification in order to become licensed as interior designers in those states with licensing or certification. Rules vary from state to state but generally two years of professional experience are required prior to taking the exam. Students should visit the CIDA. NASAD and NCIDQ websites for further information about accreditation and licensure.

Curriculum Guides

MS Interior Architecture (TBD)


Kids Culinary Camp

Session 0: June 19 – 23 (Age 7 – 12; 12 18) 9 am 1 pm (*SOLD OUT)

Session 1: June 26 – 30 (Age 7 – 12) 9 am 1 pm (*SOLD OUT)

Session 2: July 10 – 14 (Age 7 – 12) 9 am 1 pm (*SOLD OUT)

Session 3: July 17 – 21

Split Age Groups

(Age 7 – 12) 8 Capacity (*SOLD OUT)

(Age 12 – 18) 8 Capacity (*SOLD OUT)

Session 4: July 24 – 28 (Age 7 – 12) 9 am 1 pm (*SOLD OUT)

Session 5: July 31 – August 4 (Age 12 – 18) 9 am 1 pm (*SOLD OUT)

Session 6: August 7 – 11 (Age 7 – 12; 12 18) 9 am 1 pm (*SOLD OUT)

**Session 3 is Split Age Group. A table of 8 of the younger grouping, and table of 8 of the slightly older group

***Session 0 and Session 6 are for ages 7 12; 12 18. We ll split up amongst age once all sign-ups are received.

Welcome to our Kids Culinary Camps! Back for the 3rd year, each camp runs Monday Friday from 9 am 1 pm within our cooking space inside of Atherton Market in South End. We highlight all of our cooking classes by using local and organic ingredients. Our Kids Culinary Camps are meant to be more then your cookie-cutter and kitchy cooking school. Chef Alyssa s Kitchen wants to teach the young chefs fantastic dishes! We do kindly request that your child has some experience cooking with a parent in the kitchen before signing up.

On Friday afternoon parents are invited to observe the end of class and enjoy lunch with their young chef.

Registering siblings? Let us know and receive a $25 discount off the total. Each child will receive an apron and recipe book to take home. And please let us know about any allergies as soon as possible.

Do you have a child who is on the age cusp one of the sessions? Call us and we ll determine together the best place for them!

Pricing for each session is $400, which includes everything (including a daily snack). It s best to sign-up early as our camps will sell out in advance. Please click here for registration!

Each day of the class will focus on a specific theme. This will include:
Breakfast Day. Ricotta and Orange Stuffed French Toast with Homemade Strawberry Syrup; Veggie Omelets; Fresh Ground Turkey Sausage.

Campers will learn techniques of seasoning, sautéing, delicately cooking eggs and balancing temperature for stovetop cooking as well as grinding meat for fresh sausage.

Asian Flavors Day. Noodle Stir Fry with Marinated Beef; Vegetable Fried Rice; Summer Rolls

Techniques in this class will be practicing knife skills, marinating meats, how to roll rice paper and working with common Asian ingredients.

Baking Day. Pastry Crust with Two Varieties of Tartlets; Chocolate Ganache; Vanilla Pastry Cream with Fresh Fruit; Homemade Ice Cream; Toffee Candy

Campers will learn how to make a flaky pastry crust, working with chocolate for a filling as well as a traditional Italian pastry cream. They will also learn about how sugar and butter work for toffee candy and make and flavor an ice cream base.

Caribbean Day. Marinated Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa; Cilantro Rice; Lime Infused Coconut Milk Panna Cotta; Fruit Popsicles

In this class campers will learn the techniques for marinating shrimp and using the grill, balancing sweet and spicy flavors in the salsa, cooking rice and making a sweet desert with coconut milk and gelatin. They will also prepare a fruit popsicle freeze overnight for the next day.

Southern BBQ Day. Roasted Chicken with Homemade Smoky BBQ Sauce; Cornbread; Cabbage Slaw; Potato Salad

Campers will prepare a delicious Summer BBQ meal to share with their family! Learning how to make BBQ sauce for basting roasted chicken, cast iron skillet cornbread and healthy versions of some classic sides. Finishing it off with popsicles!

*Additional Allergy Information:

We are happy to accommodate your child if they have a gluten intolerance. Please let us know the severity when signing up.

Asian, Caribbean, BBQ Days are completely Gluten Free!

Breakfast Day we can provide a bread alternative for the French toast and Baking Day we can make a substitute pie crust for the tartlets. Must let us know prior to the camp. Please click here for registration!

Rowan loved the trust the counselors gave her to prep and cook the food and learning about healthy and fresh cooking was a great bonus!

Mike M (parent)

They LOVED camp and (without prompting) talked about how cool it was to do it all, start-to-finish. Not only did they enjoy a full day in the kitchen, but they loved the process of cooking and serving friends and family. Wow! I knew my children would enjoy cooking camp, but the recipes they came home with were fantastic! Easy recipes, yet solid kitchen skills will be part of our regular meal rotation.

They have made a few of the recipes already for us, but most importantly, their kitchen confidence and awareness has grown. You have absolutely helped our kids want something more than Lunchables (not that we ve bought them, but they always seemed cool). The girls would much rather invent and make their own meals than buy a box. SUCCESS.

Meghan A (parent)

I loved the camp so much! It was my favorite camp all summer because of the awesome chefs running the camp. I never used be in the kitchen but now I am cooking every night. I learned all of my knife skills and vocabulary for all of the cooking terms. I can t wait for my next class.

Ryan S (camper)

I was thoroughly impressed with the level of information and skills my child learned during Chef Alyssa s camp. He was motivated to continue cooking in the kitchen with me the rest of the summer!

-Lori S (parent; Ryan s Mom)