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Maine Eye is northern New England’s most comprehensive eye specialty practice. Our highly trained physicians and optometrists enjoy helping the people of our region see the world around them. We look forward to providing the care needed for your visual needs.

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Lasik eye surgery portlandLasik eye surgery portland

What is an Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases or other conditions. Ophthalmologists also often provide routine vision care services such as prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses. The training required to become an ophthalmologist includes at least four years of medical school (after undergraduate college); a one-year internship in general medicine, usually at a hospital; and a three-year residency in ophthalmology at an accredited teaching program.

What is an Optometrist?

Doctors of Optometry are health care providers that examine, diagnose and treat disorders of the eye and associated structures. Our optometrists provide comprehensive eye examinations; prescribe glasses, contact lenses and medications for eye conditions not requiring surgery. Optometric education generally consists of four years of undergraduate study and an additional four years of optometry school. Some optometrists complete post graduate residencies in special areas of interest. All optometrists must complete a multi part national board examination and practical skills assessment before becoming licensed.

Lasik eye surgery portland


college credits for military training

College credits for military training

Invest in you career by paying a few dollars to make hundreds.

You are able to see all the Board Questions and Answers for free on this site. But to see all them on your phone you must download the App on the App store.

Many 1SG’s and CSM’s have this very App on their Phones and use it to ask their Questions during the board. This is the App that the Board Members have when asking those Questions.

Also Download other ArmADP.com Apps like PMCS and AR 670-1 and no longer have to spend hours in the Motor pool waiting on one old -10 manual to be passed around the Platoon to fill out the 5988.

College credits for military training

College credits for military training

​​ “TOP’s” Guide to Increasing your College Promotion Points

​​ Civilian Education: Worth up to 100 Promotion Points (Read Below to find out how you may already have over 50 points Now) The purpose is to help Soldiers become better Educated and earn quicker Army Promotions by assisting in not only their Army Educations but also their College Educations as well.

By Far the Fastest and Easiest of the areas to add and increase points is through Civilian Education through College by either Online College Classes, Military Evaluations or Clep Exams. There are several methods to accomplish this. While some people already have some college and can just add their Transcripts.

You should no matter what enroll in Online College Classes or take traditional College Courses at the Education Center. Personally I would recommend the Online Classes as they allow you to study and perform your work at your own pace and you are not locked down to specific hours of being in a particular class. Either way with the Army’s TA it will usually not cost you a dime except for books and there are Many Colleges out there that are Online that will even throw the books in for free if you are using TA. So take advantage of your Benefit and Enroll ASAP. The Online Classes are a lot easier than you would think. With the one’s that I have taken, All of the Tests that I took were All Open Book. It can’t get much Easier than that.

You can also take CLEP exams at the education center which will only take a couple hours of your day. Spending a couple hours to get 3 promotion points is a lot easier than spending 40 hours in a week long Military course trust me. But ensure that you study, some of these test can be difficult.

But the ABSOLUTE easiest and best hands down is to have your Military Training Evaluated by a Civilian College for College Credits. This for me was the best bang for the buck and for my time by far. All you will need is a copy of your AARTS Transcript and a College that transfers your Military Training to Civilian Credits. Some Colleges will generally only charge a small enrollment fee and transcript fee and you could have a Transcript in as little as a couple of weeks. This fee is the Best investment that you will ever make and you will make this back the first month of your promotion. There is not a stock on the Market or a Mutual Fund out there that could give you a Rate of Return like this will.

The College that I chose was North Central Institute and only took a couple of weeks after I sent them my AARTS Transcript and I was then sent an Official Transcript with 57 College Credits that I was able to add for Promotion. I did not have to wait until I completed four classes with them or anything. I just sent in the AARTS Transcript and the money and they sent the Official Transcript and everything was completed in a couple of weeks. This is hands down the best way for any Soldier to add promotion points to their PPW to get promoted. My Military Training evaluation cost me a total of $250.00 and only took two weeks to get the Official College Transcript in my hands. There isn’t a Stock or a Mutual Fund that will Pay you like you will make on your investment of that small of an amount. It is like taking out an Insurance Policy to ensure that you get Paid and to ensure that you get promoted. So YOU should be the one that spends the $250.00 to take out that Insurance Policy and Making that Investment in your Future not the Other Guy.

Our Department: World Class Medicine

The Johns Hopkins Emergency Department treats the full spectrum of patients, and plays a pivotal role in the Johns Hopkins health care system, medical education programs, and research efforts. As such, the Department of Emergency Medicine is recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in patient care and innovative programs. The Department is also closely aligned with other Johns Hopkins Hospitals and their Emergency Department s, especially for the training of residents, and has a number of interesting projects and collaborations around the globe.

Our Emergency Department: Patient-Centered Care

Our Emergency Department is located at the front of The Johns Hopkins Hospital with access to nearby parking. A high degree of patient privacy and comfort provides patients and families with a caring environment.

In addition, the department offers a world-class environment for teaching, research and the practice of medicine.

Need to call us?

Main Emergency Department phone number: 410-955-2280

Our Residency Program: Innovative, Dynamic, Fast-Paced

Our emergency medicine residency program is one of the most dynamic in the U.S, offering residents the opportunity to work and learn in a large urban hospital setting surrounded by some of the brightest medical minds in the country. The program features a four-year track, which provides residents with the opportunity to spend their final year focusing on an area of interest, locally and potentially internationally, so they can develop expertise in a specialty. This is called the Focused Advanced Specialized Training (FAST) Program.

Our Faculty: Experienced, Engaging, Challenging

From international health to disaster response to cardiac and infectious disease our faculty are nationally and internationally-recognized leaders in Emergency Medicine. Our faculty also serve on local and national medical organizations, as editors and writers for textbooks and journals, as well as advisors to organizations such as the Institute of Medicine, Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Homeland Security.

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Experienced and Dedicated

Jim Gaudiosi is a licensed bankruptcy attorney in the state of Arizona. Att orne y, Jim Gaudiosi. will meet personally with each client and offer a free initial consultation and assistance with asset protection, stopping foreclosures, wage garnishment removal, and tax relief (both IRS and state tax). Our customized fees are set for your specific situation and are traditionally the most affordable in the state by any dedicated personal firm. We can start representing you for little money down and we offer both evening and weekend appointments. We provide legal services to people who are faced with harassment by abusive bill collectors, overwhelmed by credit card payments and medical debts, or faced with repossession and foreclosure. Bankruptcy Attorney, Jim Gaudiosi. is a dedicated Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 lawyer who will meet with you and discuss a plan to bring you some much needed relief.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy in Phoenix

What is chapter 7 bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Chapter 7 is sometimes called a straight bankruptcy or liquidation bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy’s intent is to give the debtor a relatively quick “fresh start.” The debtor turns over all non-exempt property to the bankruptcy trustee who then converts it to cash for distribution to the creditors. Most debts are dischargeable and the debtor usually receives a discharge in less than six months. In the vast majority of cases, the debtor’s assets are protected by state law exemptions, and are therefore out of the bankruptcy trustee’s reach. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is known as a reorganization bankruptcy and differs from Chapter 7 since there is no re-payment plan in Chapter 7.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy that involves a reorganization of a debtor’s business affairs and assets. It is generally filed by corporations, which require time to restructure their debts. Chapter 11 gives the debtor a fresh start, subject to the debtor’s fulfillment of its obligations under its plan of reorganization. Chapter 11 may also be an option for those non-business debtors who do not qualify for Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What is chapter 13 bankruptcy? Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is for individuals who want to pay off their debts over a period of three to five years and do not qualify for Chapter 7. This type of bankruptcy appeals to individuals who have non-exempt property that they want to keep. It is also only an option for individuals who have predictable income and whose income is sufficient to pay their reasonable expenses with some amount left over to pay toward their debts. In many cases, a percentage of the debt is discharged after the reorganization is complete. Both Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy muzzles bill collectors and eliminates some or all of your credit card and unsecured debt. Filing bankruptcy stops a home foreclosure, car repossession and creditor harassment.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury claims involve complex laws and rules. Insurance companies will do everything they can to pay as little as possible and you may need a lawyer to settle your claim or move it to the next step if necessary. In addition, the severity of your injuries may require additional compensation. Jim Gaudiosi, Attorney at Law will know how to handle your case. Make sure you don’t allow yourself to be injured twice from the same accident, call us today to preserve your claim and get what you deserve.

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Bad Things Happen to

Good People

The last ten years have been very tumultuous for everyone.

Jim Gaudiosi – Attorney at Law can help you find the answers and the solutions you are looking for:

What is Bankruptcy?

How to file for bankruptcy?

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Estate Planning

The Jim Gaudiosi Attorney At Law Office has qualified estate planning professionals who will listen to you and craft a plan that works for you, your family, your decedents and your business.


Semi Restore8 – iOS 5.0 to 8.1.2

Semi Restore is the best tool to restore your iPhone iPad or iPod while preserving your current iOS version and without loosing Jailbreak status.

Apple has patched up exploits which disable the possibility of jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 with Taig or Pangu. You can stay away from upgrading to iOS 8.1.3 if you are hardly depend on Jailbreak apps and tweaks. But you can’t avoid upgrading in natural way once you have something went wrong with your device because of malicious Cydia tweak or if you are trapped in reboot loop due to faulty app and you have to restore your device to get rid of them.

If you restored your device in ordinary way using iTunes, it’ll be upgraded into the latest iOS version (iOS 8.2 at the moment) automatically and will lost your jailbreak and still there is no way to jailbreak iOS 8.2 also. The better option in such situation is to use Semi-restore to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Semi restore is currently supported up to iOS 8.1.2 means you can enjoy amazing Cydia apps and tweaks in it if you stay in 8.1.2

You can download semi restore and use it to restore your device into its original state without using iTunes and it’ll not upgrade your iOS version or nothing will happens to your Jailbreak. Semi restore can easily clear up all malicious Cydia Apps, tweaks and fix reboot loop errors if any.

The SemiRestore needs OpenSSH

Since it remove the jailbreak tweaks through the restore process SemiRestore can be helpful in such situations. you have to install OpenSSH to your jailbroken apple iOS device, So that you have the one option to restore near stock provision if a little goes to wrong with your jailbroken apple idevice. Now you can download SemiRestore7 to your Windows xp or Windows 7. The Mac & Linux versions confidently be release shortly.

Requirements for semi-restore.

  • Few minutes of your valuable time
  • OpenSSH installed on your idevice
  • Running Windows or Linux on your pc
  • you need An SSH client on your pc
  • computer with 256 Ram, 1GB Hard Disk space, 500MHz or higher CPU

research and develop by

Now you can Restore apple iPhone Without Jailbreak using SemiRestore

  • Step 1: first you need Create Pwnage folder desktop your pc and then Download SemiRestore
  • Step 2: then open the Semi-Restore and extract to Pwnage folder on your desktop.
  • Step 3: for win – next SemiRestore.exe Run as Administrator on your pc from pop up menu and for mac – right click control+click Semi-Restore application & Open from popup menu.
  • Step 4: then SemiRestore launches, click OK button on popup message > box to continue.
  • Step 5: next you can Connect your apple iPhone running iOS 5.0 – iOS 6.1.2 to computer & click on SemiRestore
  • Step 6: And next Your idevice will reboot after SemiRestore
  • Step 7: now your done with Semi Restore process, then click the close button to exit the setup wizard.

What this SemiRestore7 can do

  • you can Uninstall your all Cydia packages
  • can eacyly Fixes host file issues
  • remove your all user data
  • use SemiRestore7 you can Fixes permissions
  • can eacyly Fixes activation issues
  • Fixes iMessage and Facetime issues
  • use Semi-Restore7 Fixes Safe mode issues randomly appearing
  • you can Reinstalls Cydia

What this does Semi Restore7 canot to do

  • can’t Upgrade your apple iOS Version
  • you can’t Downgrade your apple iOS Version
  • can’t Jailbreak your apple iDevice
  • can’t Fix broken System Files

Early versions of SemiRestore

A key statute controls the enforceability of documents that are signed electronically.

By Rachel K. Ehrlich | December 14, 2015

Attorneys must be savvy when it comes to the use of electronic signatures. Getting it right may well mean the difference between a done deal and a return trip to the negotiating table.

Consider three scenarios:

Scenario 1: Electronic Negotiations. You have been negotiating in person, by phone, by e-mail, text message and instant messaging. You finally have come to terms, and you indicate agreement with the other side by e-mail. The other side responds in kind. The history of communications clearly show that the parties have reached an agreement.

Do you have an enforceable deal?

Before an electronically executed agreement can be enforceable, the parties need to have agreed to conduct the transaction by electronic means.

Scenario 2: Document Circulation. You have a document that is circulated electronically to a group of people in their workplace. They are required to log in to a system accessible only by using their work IDs and thereafter affirm with electronic signatures in various key points in the document. They do so.

Can you can enforce the provisions of that document?

Scenario 3: Mediation. You have been mediating a dispute, but not all participants are present at the mediation. As an offshoot of this scenario, the matter did not settle during a mediation session and the mediator is continuing to mediate by phone and other modes of communication. The mediator sends an e-mail confirming that you have a deal. The email in question sets out the agreed terms and asks that the attorneys confirm by reply e-mail that the deal as set forth has been agreed to by their clients. All attorneys confirm by way of a “reply all” email.

There is an enforceable settlement, right?

California’s UETA

Be careful how you answer, as the validity (read: enforceability) of each of these “agreements” will depend on the California’s Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”, Cal. Civ. Code §§ 1633.1-1633.17 [unless otherwise indicated, all further section references in this article are to the California Civil Code]). UETA governs the first two fact patterns and, assuming that the mediation was pursuant to the California evidence code, both the UETA and the evidence code govern the third scenario.

Pertinent provisions of the UETA include:

  • Definition of electronic signature as “an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with an electronic record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the electronic record.” § 1633.2(h).
  • Before an electronically executed agreement can be enforceable the parties need to have “agreed to conduct the transaction by electronic means.” § 1633.5(b). And, whether such agreement exists is “determined from the context and surrounding circumstances, including the parties’ conduct.” Section 1633.5(b) further requires that agreement for the transaction to be electronic may not be in a standard form contract unless the standard form contract is “separate and optional” with its “primary purpose” being “to authorize a transaction to be conducted by electronic means.”
  • An “electronic record or electronic signature” must be “attributable to a person.” It is so attributable “if it was the act of the person” which “may be shown in any manner, including a showing of the efficacy of any security procedure applied to determine the person to which the electronic record or electronic signature was attributable.” § 1633.9(a).

Recent UETA Cases

Now let’s go back and review the above scenarios with reference to the appellate decision from which they sprang.

In the first circumstance, the parties appeared to have reached an agreement by e-mail, including voicemail confirmation by the party who ultimately contested the agreement. The party supporting the agreement contended it was enforceable under the California settlement enforcement statute (Cal. Code Civ. Proc. § 664.6). However, the Court of Appeal ruled that absent execution, either by “wet signature” or execution compliant with the UETA, a settlement agreement whose terms are memorialized in e-mail or text—and even affirmed in a voicemail—is not enforceable because there was nothing in the course of dealing between the parties to indicate an agreement for the transaction to be electronic. Moreover, the typed name in an e-mail by the party against whom the agreement was asserted did not constitute an “electronic signature” under the UETA. (See J.B.B. Inv. Partners, Ltd. v. Fair. 232 Cal. App. 4th 974 (2014).)

In the second circumstance, an employer sought to enforce an arbitration clause to which all employees agreed by logging into the company’s HR system using a unique login and password and then electronically executed the acknowledgement form, including the agreement to arbitrate. The Court of Appeal found that the employer failed to prove that electronic execution of the agreement was “the act of” the party to whom it was attributed. (See Ruiz v. Moss Bros. Auto Group, Inc.. 232 Cal. App. 4th 836 (2014).)

No California appellate decision has yet dealt with the third scenario. Given the foregoing, we can reasonably assume e-mail confirmation that all parties agree to the terms of a mediated agreement is insufficient under the UETA. Thus, the agreement would not be admissible for enforcement because it would not be “signed by the settling parties” as required by California Evidence Code section 1123.

What Should You Do?

Given the current state of the legal landscape, consider doing the following:

  • Confirm agreement electronically (likely by e-mail) and request that each party provide a wet signature with witness attestation (it is not necessary that it be notarized) within a defined (short) period of time.
  • Confirm agreement electronically (likely by e-mail) and request that each party agree to execute the transaction electronically. Provide a separate agreement to have the transaction be electronic that complies with section 1633.5(b) and if continuing a mediation, include language making the agreement admissible pursuant to California Evidence Code section 1123.
  • Determine which electronic transaction vendor you will use and consider what kind of safeguards you will need in order to verify that the “electronic signature” is the “act of” a given party, possibly including third-party administration of the execution of the agreement, including third-party witnessing or verification of the signer’s identity at the time of login or video-conferencing where the execution occurs. And note, if all of this occurs in the context of a mediated agreement, the requirements of Evidence Code section 1123 should be considered in order to ensure admissibility.

After all, the reason we have courts is that sometimes a “sure deal” becomes just another “litigated deal.” When using electronic communication, an effective working knowledge of the UETA is vital. Pre-planning will go a long way toward making sure that an agreement stands up in court after it purportedly has been executed.

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Information from Highveld Region

The requirements for applying for a Section 28 qualifying trade test as an electrician (construction) is as follows:
(Please note: Currently there are two options available for candidates to follow when applying for a Section 28 trade test)
Option 1
The candidate must have 5 years traceable relevant practical experience in the electrical field;
AND have a minimum of N2 electrical trade theory
Option 2
The candidate must have 3 years traceable relevant practical experience in the electrical field;
AND have a minimum of N2 electrical trade theory;
AND have completed training in modules M0 to M7 with an accredited training provider
(Please contact your ECA (SA) regional office about the cost, dates, times and availability of courses).

Registration as an accredited person
If the qualified electrician (construction) would like to register as an accredited person with the Department of Labour he will require the following:
Proof of passing the trade test (either via an apprenticeship, Section 13 or Section 28);
AND N3 with the following subjects:
Electrical trade theory;
Engineering science;
Industrial electronics or technical drawing;
AND proof of having passed the national installation rules examination on SANS 10142-1;
AND proof of competence in the unit standards as per the Department of Labour guidelines.

Registration as an electrical contractor
Registration with the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa, which is a requirement prior to operating as a contractor, can only be completed once registration as an accredited person through the Department of Labour has been finalised and a certificate of registration issued. Registration with the ECB is done through the regional ECB offices which are located in Germiston, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and East London.
Contact your regional ECA (SA) Office for help and guidance.

Copyright EE Publishers (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved
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Child support may be awarded in divorce cases and custody/parenting time cases involving unmarried parents. Children under the age of 18 may be entitled to child support unless they are married, emancipated, or have become self-supporting. Additionally, children over the age of 18 through their 21st birthday may be entitled to child support if they qualify as a “child attending school.”

Oregon Child Support Guideline Calculator

Child support in Oregon is determined by the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. Here is a link to the guideline calculator. The calculator provides an estimate as to what parent will pay child support and in what amount. The calculation is not a guarantee of the amount of child support that will be awarded in your case. The administrative law judge or court has the final decision making authority to determine the appropriate amount of child support in your case.

1. Gross Monthly Income

Income is one of the most important factors that influences the amount of child support awarded. Typically, the parents are able to agree on the amount of gross monthly income attributable to a party after exchange of financial documents. Other times, determining income is not straightforward, such as when a parent is self-employed, recently unemployed, or working less than full-time. In these types of cases it is important to seek experienced legal advice.

What if a parent is unemployed or working less than full-time? In most cases, the court will impute a parent with full time minimum wage in the state in which the parent resides. There are exceptions to this general rule such as when a parent is unable to work full-time due to a verified disability.

Court ordered spousal support paid or received is figured into the income portion of the calculation. So is the amount a parent pays in union dues.

2. Children Overnights

For children under the age of 18 and 18-year old children attending high school and living with a parent, the calculator will take into consideration the average annual overnights the children spend with each parent. If you have questions about calculating the average number of overnights, you may find the Parenting Time Calculator helpful. You might also want to read Holtey Law’s past blog post on Legal Custody, Physical Custody and Parenting Time .

3. Children – Child Care Costs

In order to run the calculation you will also need to know the amount each parent pays for work related child care for children under the age of 13 or disabled i.e. costs you and/or the other parent are incurring in order to work. look for work, or training or education necessary to obtain a job. Each county has a maximum claimable amount. For more information on your county click here .

4. Children – Social Security or Veterans’ Benefits Paid to a Child

If a child receives social security or veterans’ benefits, this too must be included in the child support calculation.

5. Children – Non-joint Child

A non-joint child is a child born or adopted from another relationship. To claim this deduction the non-joint child must reside in the parent s household or the parent must be ordered to pay ongoing support for the non-joint child. A stepchild only qualifies a parent for a non-joint child deduction if the parent is ordered to pay ongoing support for the stepchild.

6. Healthcare Coverage Parent

The child support calculation will deduct the amount each party pays for your own health insurance coverage from your gross monthly income. If you are unsure what the monthly cost of your individual coverage is contact your HR representative or health plan in order to determine the amount you pay for your individual coverage. If you are not sure what the other party pays – you will need to request this information from him or her directly.

7. Healthcare Coverage – Children

If one or both parents provide the children with health insurance coverage you must indicate so on the calculation and the amount each pays for such coverage. Again, you may need to do some research to determine the amount paid for this portion of the coverage.

If neither party is providing the children with health insurance coverage, you may be ordered to do so. If neither of you has access to health insurance for your children, then the court may order a certain monthly amount of cash medical support. Cash medical support is the additional amount a parent is ordered to pay to help for the cost of health care coverage and uninsured medical expenses of the child.

8. Departing Child Support

Possible reasons for departing from the Oregon child support guidelines (either up or down) include but are not limited to the following:

    • The special hardships of a parent, such as medical circumstances and extraordinary travel costs related to the exercise of parenting time;
    • The special needs of the child;
    • Tax consequences; and
    • The income of a spouse or domestic partner.
If you have questions about child support, do not hesitate to talk to a lawyer at Holtey Law by contacting us directly 503-224-9878 or contact us here .
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Electrical Engineering Degrees Programs

Electrical Engineering Degrees Programs

Electrical engineering is a field that deals with designing, developing and working with electrical systems. With the increased use of electronics and electrical systems in our lives today, this field allows the engineer the opportunity to keep up with the latest technology. Learn about electrical engineering degrees, educational options, and what electrical engineering all entails.

Electrical engineering, which is often referred to as electrical and electronics engineering, is a field that typically requires completing at least a bachelor’s degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Although bachelor degree programs usually take four years to complete, some colleges offer a five-year program that allows the student to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. Click here to view online Bachelors of Electronics Engineering programs that are currently accepting applicants .

Generally speaking, to become an electrical engineer, you will need an electrical engineering degree. Below are a few featured engineering degrees that you might be interested in. They are currently accepting applications from students in the United States.

Electrical Engineering Degree Curriculum Courses

Students in electrical engineering programs should have a strong background in mathematics and physics. If high school students know this is their preferred field, it’s beneficial that they take as many of these courses as possible while still in high school.

Electrical engineering programs include a blended curriculum of classroom courses, lab studies and field work. Some engineering schools offer cooperative education, which allows students to gain practical experience while completing the classroom portion of the program. This hands-on training can be invaluable when it’s time to seek employment as an electrical engineer. Some of the courses electrical engineering students can expect are circuits and electronics, electromagnetics, artificial intelligence, control and signal processing, computer systems engineering, analysis of algorithms, and principles of software development.

Electrical engineering students learn how to design, troubleshoot and install electrical and electronic systems; evaluate and correct electrical problems; develop methods to use power efficiently; and develop applications for electronic systems to improve performance.

Electrical engineering programs offer various concentrations or tracks, or electrical engineering can be chosen as a concentration. For instance, a student can earn a degree in engineering with a concentration in electrical engineering. Most students who have an interest in electrical engineering choose electrical engineering with a concentration in their areas of interest. In addition to a generic electrical engineering track, students may choose from the following tracks:

  • Analog/RF
  • Digital/VLSI
  • Electromagnetics
  • Energy Systems/Power
  • Microelectronics
  • Signal Processing

Although all the concentrations revolve around electrical engineering principles, they are slightly different. The microelectronics track teaches students who to work with small circuits, optical devices and micro systems. The energy systems or power track teaches students about control systems, energy conversion and engineering thermodynamics. Signal processing tracks focus on how to convert signals into information.

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

Some electrical engineering programs even offer concentrations within the concentrations. The Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas-Dallas. for instance, offers a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a major in microelectronics and five different concentrations within the microelectronics major.

Students are often required to complete a capstone project to demonstrate their ability to actually design an electrical project. The University of California in Los Angeles offers several electrical engineering bachelor and master degree programs through its Henry Samueli School of Engineering. It can be noted that UCLA-Samueli was ranked #1 among the top online graduate engineering programs by U.S. News World Report.

The University of Massachusetts in Amherst offers a five-year B.S/M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering program through its College of Engineering. With this program, the student can earn both a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (or a B.S. in Computer Engineering) and a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Steps to Become an Electrical Engineer

Most engineering occupations require licensure of some type, although electrical engineering may have different requirements depending on the state. Licensure is usually required for employment with the local state or federal government agencies. To obtain licensure, the electrical engineer must, according to the BLS, meet the following requirements.

The FE exam can be taken as soon as the student graduates from the program. However, the PE exam can only be taken after obtaining at least four years of work in electrical engineering or completion of an equivalent internship. Both exams are computer-based tests; however, the FE exam is a closed-book exam while the PE is open-book. The exams cover areas such as mathematics, probability and statistics, properties of electrical materials, engineering economics, electronics, power, circuit analysis, safety and design limits, digital logic and components, modulation and telecommunications, among others.

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

Online Electrical Engineering Degree Programs

Many colleges today offer electrical engineering programs through distance learning. These online programs are ideal for the student who either can’t afford to attend college full-time or just wish to continue working while earning a degree. Many of the courses can be taken online. At the end of the program, the student is required to complete some sort of internship to get practical experience. Auburn University’s online engineering graduate program ranked 17th among the country’s top online engineering graduate programs by U.S. News World Report in 2015.

ABET Accredited Electrical Engineering Programs

Depending on their career goals, students may choose programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). ABET-accredited programs ensure the student receives an education that meets the requirements set by the engineering industry. Currently, there are more than 300 ABET-accredited electrical engineering programs in the United States.

Electrical Engineering Schools to Consider

Listed below are several top colleges or universities that offer electrical engineering programs. These schools may offer baccalaureate or graduate programs or both.

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

Electrical Engineer Careers

Graduates of electrical engineering programs can have many career options from which to choose, including working as electrical engineers, electronics engineers, computer engineers, program or engineering managers, electricians, aviation engineers or project engineers. Electrical engineers who complete graduate programs may work in research and development or as teachers.

According to the Princeton Review, most individuals who become electrical engineers stay with this career for most of their life. Although electrical engineers usually work in engineering service firms, they can also find opportunities in machine manufacturing, electric power generation and transmission, electronic component manufacturing, telecommunications and navigational manufacturing. Based on a May 2013 BLS report, electrical engineers earned an average annual wage of $89,180. Forbes ranked electrical engineering as the 3rd-best master degree for jobs in 2015.

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