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(#2) Be part of any state’s team or country you choose of Search Angels, all working together on searches for all of the USA or Country as a TEAM, with copies of all new postings and updates e-mailed to you using reply all so the whole team gets any new info. Please give us what state or states do you want to help in or country or country s if not in USA.

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#2 Email subject: 7-31-1962 Male Germany G’S Adoption Registry

Include the information you want changed, updated or posted (( FOUND )) .

Please let us know if you have found who you were looking for so the search angels can stop looking for your family and start looking for another family.

We LOVE found stories – no matter the outcome. Please keep us posted on your search. We care

Thanks and Good Luck Gary Schaefer

GS Adoption Registrywww.gsadoptionregistry.com
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Cell 775-750-8333
if you get voice mail do not leave message call me back.
Do to Prank calls I do not answer blocked phone numbers.

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Adoptees, Birth Parents and Birth relatives searching
you can start by clicking on the state where the adoptee was born
to see if there is a form that matches your information.

Please remember, if YOU don’t take the time to register.
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Don’t be like two ships passing in the night.

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SketchUp for Kitchen Bath Interior Design

No one wants to waste time learning complicated software. SketchUp Pro is hands-down the most intuitive and easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool on the planet.

Think by drawing in 3D

We designed SketchUp to behave like an extension of your hand. The idea is to get out of your way so that you can draw whatever you want, however you want.

Iterate quickly through design ideas

We love how architects use layers and layers of tracing paper to develop and improve their ideas. Similarly, SketchUp was born to be simple to let you iterate.

Produce scaled, accurate 2D drawings

SketchUp isn’t just for 3D models. Draw plans, elevations, details, title blocks and other graphics with LayOut. When your model changes, so does your document. Simple.

Generate presentation documents

SketchUp Pro includes LayOut, an incredibly powerful tool with features for page layout, drafting, vector illustration and slide presentations.

Create compelling visualizations and walkthroughs

Use SketchUp Pro to turn your models into animated walkthroughs and flyovers that explain every detail of your design.

#interior design colours


Colour wheel

You will need to decide which colours combine well, whether they are toning. harmonious or complementary. By getting to grips with the rules of colour, you can give your room a professional look.

Primary colours

Primary colours are three key colours – Red, Blue and Yellow. They cannot be made from any other colour.

Secondary colours

If you mix equal amounts of the primary colours, you get the Secondary colours – Purple, Green and Orange.

Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Blue = Purple
Blue + Yellow = Green

Tertiary colours

If you mix a primary with a secondary colour, in a ratio of 2:1, you get a Tertiary colour. Red-Orange, Blue-Green etc.

Cool versus hot

Look at the colour wheel and you will see the left hand side of the colours are ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ and the ones on the right are ‘cool’ or ‘cold’.

This is useful when you want to create a mood in a particular room or need to make your space cosier or lighter.


Neutrals are one of the easiest groups of colours, or non-colours to work with. They don’t appear on the colour wheel and include Black, Grey, White and sometimes Brown and Beige. They all go together and can be layered and mixed and matched. No neutral colour will try to dominate over another.

Accent colours

An accent colour is a colour used in quite small quantities to lift or to add punch to a colour scheme.

  • An accent colour should be in a complementary colour. It works best if it’s a bright, vibrant colour. Accent colours are perfect if you’re scared of using strong colour – simply add a splash of an accent colour with a cushion, a vase or a throw.
  • Keep most of your room in shades and variations of one single colour. Choose a number of items in a harmonious colour. Then pick out just a few objects in an accent colour.

Clashing colours

To use clashing colours is thought to be a no-no. At weddings, everyone is worried that the mother of the bride will clash with the mother of the groom. But in the home, if they are used carefully, they can look fantastic.

If they are of equal tonal strength, you can mix them together. Don’t stop at two, you could try three or four. But if one is paler or weaker than the rest it will get lost in the overall scheme.

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Modern Interior Doors


Modern interior doors are the latest in door design and construction. At DoorsAndBeyond.com, we have a growing collection of interior and exterior modern doors available to choose from, with several different brands and options for your consideration.

The Value of Modern Doors
Modern doors can be valuable from a construction and interior design standpoint. For homeowners, modern door designs make the home itself seem cleaner and more stylish. For businesses, modern style doors make great first impressions and improve the look of an office.
Modern doors are also available for roughly the same prices as traditional doors, so you are not sacrificing your budget for that added value.

What Makes a Door “Modern?”
Modern doors are best known for their straight lines and minimalist designs. They are often described as “clean” and “sleek” due to their sharp appearance, and are clearly designed with an artistic eye. Along with the fashionable style of these types of doors, their construction is still top of the line, and the doors are as sturdy and capable as classic styles. These door designs are also unlikely to decrease in value, and great for properties that want to add the appearance of wealth.
Many of our modern doors are available with custom options, so that you can create a custom door that fits the rest of the property’s design (or your personal preferences). Each product is made with different types of wood veneer as well, so you can choose a style that meets your needs.

Interior Door Options
Modern Interior doors can be ordered as door slabs, pre-hung doors, double doors, and sliding or pocket doors. Because of the shapes and raised moldings, not all doors are available as sliding or pocket doors, as they would be unable to fit properly in the slots. Before ordering any custom door or a non-traditional door, it is a good idea to contact DoorsAndBeyond for additional assistance.
Those interested in learning more about modern doors should consider browsing our website and viewing the stock we have on hand. You can also contact us about custom doors, door handles, and door parts you may need to help improve the look of your doors and property.

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Creating homes that elegantly blend comfort, function, aesthetics and personal well being.

Whether you are undertaking construction of a new home, want to give your existing home a lift, or recreate just a room or two, Dovecote Interior Design Studio can help achieve your goals and create your dream home.

Our range of services includes everything from helping you to develop a plan that you can carry out in your own time, to full service design and implementation to save you time and hassle.

Make your home look and feel beautiful with spaces that function the way you and your family need them to.

Our Services Include

We offer everything from simple plans you can execute yourself to full service design and contractor services.

  • Access to “To The Trade” items that are not available in retail including stunning fabrics and custom soft furnishings
  • Design conceptualization through our unique system to pinpoint your style
  • Space plannin g and working drawings
  • Colour consultation for paint, lighting, rugs, accessories and artwork.
  • Soft furnishings and window treatment design and execution
  • Personal shopping and Furniture selection
  • Contractorreferral services
  • Timeless design with lasting results

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An Interior Door upgrade is the most cost effective way to transform the look of every room in your home in what is typically a 3-4 hour process!

Welcome to the Interior Door and Closet Company (IDCC). located in Huntington Beach. California. We provide service to all cities in Orange County. California. We have developed the most convenient and affordable door and closet systems to beautify, organize and add value to your most prized possession; your home.

As our name simply states, we improve the appearance and function of three vital areas of your home: your interior doors. closet door and the closet organizers within them. We have the unique ability to provide you with both expert design guidance and professional, convenient installation.

We are a family owned and operated company that’s been in business for over 8 years. Everyone you meet is either a family member or employee, and unlike some others, we don’t use sub-contractors.

Interior Door and Closet Design Experts

Our design expertise starts with evaluating your individual taste and décor as well as your home’s architectural style. We then identify the functional needs and demands of your family. By assessing these two critical elements we are able to guide you in selecting the appropriate style, material, finish and accessories for your new doors, closet doors and organizers. At IDCC we pride ourselves in having courteous and professional craftsmen along with one of the most convenient and time efficient process in the industry.

All the labor such as intense cutting, sanding, priming and painting of your new doors is performed solely in our facility. Unlike other door replacement services, there is very little inconvenience to your family and absolutely no mess in your home. We simply measure and remove your old doors, then return within the same week to install your beautiful new finished doors. Because the work is completed at our facility, our typical door or organizer installation takes less than 4 hours in your home!

We Only Specialize

Specialization within our trade, our proprietary tools and processes and our large volume of work allow us to offer you prices that cannot be beat! IDCC also offers a range of products that can meet any budget; from our installed hollow-core doors to our custom closet doors that please the most affluent tastes. Our interior door and closet gallery contains many of today’s most popular designs, however the possibilities are endless. If you don’t see the closet or interior door you are looking for please contact us!

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Interior Design Major

Description: A program in the applied visual arts that prepares individuals to apply artistic principles and techniques to the professional planning, designing, equipping, and furnishing of residential and commercial interior spaces. Includes instruction in computer applications, drafting, and graphic techniques; principles of interior lighting, acoustics, systems integration, and color coordination; furniture and furnishings; textiles and their finishing; the history of interior design and period styles; basic structural design; building codes and inspection regulations; and applications to office, hotel, factory, restaurant and housing design. Is Interior Design the right major for you?
Take the MyMajors Quiz and find out if it fits one of your top recommended majors!

Interior Design Major

What Kinds of Students Major in Interior Design?

Interior design is a profession in which the satisfaction and safety of the customer are central. New ideas are often developed by these designers and turned into reality for many companies, mostly under a deadline and a strict budget. These individuals must be able to maintain a creative and motivated attitude at all times to be the best they can be at their current assignment. Themes like culture, heritage, generation, and intended surroundings are also applied in order to create the environment needed for a variety of companies for a variety of different and often vast needs and purposes.

What Courses Do Interior Design Majors Take?

The required and elective courses you would take for Interior Design majors vary considerably among institutions. Courses are listed here that are illustrative of the breadth of topics you are likely to experience were you to major in this field.

  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design
  • Contract Interior Design
  • History of Interiors and Furniture
  • Interior Design
  • Interior Design Graphics
  • Interior Design Professional Practice
  • Interior Lighting Design
  • Interior Structures and Materials
  • Residential Interior Design
  • Space Planning

What other majors are related to Interior Design?

#software interior design


Gone are the days when planning an interior design project or home remodeling just relied on a tape measure, pencil, pad and our imagination. Today, modern technology offers interior design professionals and amateurs various rendering and visualization tools. With some of these, anyone can draw a floor plan and preview it in 3D within several minutes. This is great news, especially for anyone who wants to try their hand at home design and remodelling themselves without having to spends hundreds of dollars and hours of formal training on AutoCAD or ArchiCAD products.

Over the last few years I have tried many of the free interior design softwares available and I have put together a selection of my top, 3 that are both easy to learn and cost nothing to use.


This software is amazing if you want to sketch a floor plan very quickly and then also take a look at it in 3D mode as you design. It is very user-friendly and offers a huge endless array of features to design home interiors and gardens. Here are some of the features it offers:

  1. You can choose a floor plan layout of the room from a list provided and modify it to match your own property or you can start from scratch. It has a built in drag and drop feature for walls, furniture and fittings, which meant it only took me a small amount of time to get started and master the software.
  2. There is a huge selection of various construction elements windows, doors and stairs that are easily modified to exactly depict the ones in the property you are working on. You can even adjust the direction that doors open into a room and set how far open or shut you would like it.
  3. The list of furnitures and materials available is extensive, you can select from hundreds of wallpapers, paints, tiles, flooring and carpets. Your ideas will never be limited when designing and there are many popular brands including Ikea, Restoration Hardware, West Elm and Crate Barrel.
  4. Once you place the furniture on the plan you can move them around, resize, rotate or delete. The list of various objects in the library is huge, so you will probably find what you are looking for (or at least a similar object).
  5. If you make a mistake, there is no need to start again just click on the particular feature you don t like (wall, door etc.) and modify or delete it.
  6. The coolest feature is the ability to preview a plan in a 3D mode. Using the camera icon on the floor plan, you can take a snapshot of the room in seconds and then saves these to your project.
  7. It is a web-based software, which means you don t have to download anything and can access your drawings from any computer with an internet connection.
  8. There are great project presentation pages where you can show off your design to friends. Also you can save your designs to your computer and print out your design.
  9. If you ever get stuck or want to discover new features, there are dozens helpful video tutorials available on the website and how-to guides on the blog.

As you probably guessed this program offers interior design planning with products from Ikea catalog. Let s have a look at this software in detail:

  1. It has two available modes on the screen: 2D and 3D, so you can immediately preview how selected product or finishing looks in the actual space.
  2. The installation is not very straight forward, so if you have any troubles trying to download it, follow instructions in this guide here.
  3. To create a plan of your room you need to choose from the suggested layouts (limited to 9) and then specify your own dimensions (you can also change the size of the room by simply clicking and pulling the walls in the required direction). Unfortunately you can t create your own layout.
  4. You can select doors, windows and other fixtures from the catalog provided. Placing them on the plan happens by double clicking the selected item and then moving it on the plan to the required location.
  5. The door opening, position of handles also can be changed pay attention to the options window in the right sidebar.

  1. Unlike Ikea Home Planner, designing in Roomstyler is not limited to one brand, but instead offers a huge selection of items from various manufacturers, including Ikea, John Lewis, Moooi and others.
  2. This software is also web-based and you can immediately start working on your design without necessity to download something.
  3. Once you plan all your changes are seen in 3D mode little window in the right sidebar which you can change too full screen mode if you wish.
  4. Here you can draw your own walls or select from a layout.
  5. It is based on drag and drop function so it is easy to accommodate any feature on the plan and then modify it using the options window. Once you place any item on your plan, you can see all product information in the left sidebar.
  6. Another interesting feature Roomstyler offers is possibility to upload your own pictures and apply them to photo frames, window scenery or even creating your own wallpaper.
  7. The colour palette of paint offers hundreds of various hues, however once applied to the actual walls they do look a bit different.
  8. After finishing your project, it offers the opportunity to view it in high quality 3D photo.

Would you like your software to be featured on L’ESSENZIALE blog? Please visit this page or contact me to get more information.

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  • 5 Steps to Simplifying Your Design Process
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beautiful, functional Calgary blinds, designed installed by experts.
Any project. Any budget.
Let s play with your space.

beautiful, functional Calgary blinds, designed installed by experts.
Any project. Any budget.
Let s play with your space.

beautiful, functional Calgary blinds, designed installed by experts.
Any project. Any budget.
Let s play with your space.

Browse Our Selection Online Get fast quotes

Get expert advice to help you choose from a wide selection of window coverings, from Hunter Douglas and Graber blinds, to venetians, drapes, roller blinds and much much more for residential interior designs or complete commercial projects.

The design of window coverings has the power to make, or break, any room in your home. With a great design and quality materials, the look, the feel, and the value of each room is immediately enhanced. What other home upgrades have such stunning results for a relatively low investment?

Look through our Portfolio see how window coverings and window treatments enhance interior design.

What People Are Saying About Us Dont just take it from us, Let our customers do the talking!

Sonata Design was the vendor designated by our builder to provide window coverings for our new home. We were incredibly grateful for the assistance provided to us by Tyrell. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and professional. We were so impressed by our experience with Sonata that we decided to put blinds in the walkout basement of our former house prior to selling and had Sonata assist with that as well. We would highly recommend Sonata Design as a place that provides high quality product and outstanding customer service.

I would highly recommend using Sonata Design. Tyrell made the process simple and pain free! Blinds look fantastic, concentrating on the finest details to make them as functional as possible. Aesthetically pleasing and quality that will last for years. I would refer Tyrell and Sonata Design to family and friends, no questions asked! THANKS SONATA DESIGN!

The windows have been great! The colour and design go well with our modern style and the quality is excellent! Very little noise on a windy day, not so hot on a hot day and not so cold on a cold day!

Thank you so much for the wonderful service, product and attention for details. I appreciated the patience you and your staff have shown while I make my window covering decisions for our whole house. Thank you for the generosity of sharing the sample colours and design. Your installation staff is the BEST. Most of all the Sonata team makes sure you are happy with the results and will work with you until that is achieved.

I am a new customer to Sonata Design and am extremely pleased with my whole experience in working with the company. From the beginning stages of the project to the end, the staff was helpful, knowledgeable, outgoing and caring. The installation was quick and done properly the first time. Choosing my blinds was the hardest part of the project because there were so many choices! I would definitely recommend Sonata Design to anybody looking for new blinds and will personally recommend them to my family and friends.

We did our window coverings through Sonata Design in our current home and we were very pleased. Sonata has a huge selection, and Tyrell was very knowledgeable and helpful. We never felt any pressure from him to spend a lot of money – the whole experience felt centered around our needs and what would be suitable for our home. There were also no issues with installation.

I had an excellent experience with Sonata Design in Calgary. I had a chance to meet Tyrell DaSilva there and he did an awesome job for me. He is very knowledgeable and friendly person. I was given the free upgrade on the real wood blinds that saved me lot of money. The blinds were ordered and installed on time. Overall an excellent experience. I would highly recommend to contact Tyrell at Sonata Design.

Tyrell walked me through the purchase of window coverings for my new home and did a fabulous job! He recommended the right products for the job and I am extremely happy with all of the final choices. The service provided was professional from the install right down to the payment process. I would highly recommend Sonata for your window covering products!

Tyrell at Sonata Design made getting blinds effortless. From measuring up windows fast and efficient, down to installation being quick and of course quality workmanship. Very happy with my new blinds!

We couldn t be happier with the blinds we ordered from Sonata Design. Tyrell stayed after hours to assist us with our initial selections at the show room and then came out to our house to help us select all of our colour choices and did all the measurements at the same time. The turnaround time was excellent and the product looks amazing in our home. We would highly recommend Sonata Design to anyone.

We built a home which came with the blinds. I picked an off white color called coconut. The blinds were all installed before we moved in. They look and work great. They even sent me a follow up email to see how the blinds were working for me and if I had any issues.
Love the blinds and they wor and look great!

After having some issues with another company, it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Tyrell.

From the beginning when he first came to take the measurements, right through until when the installation was done, he always displayed a high level of professionalism.

I would definitely recommend Sonata Design to any of my friends or family.

Sonata Design was the company designated by our builder for our new home. They are consummate professionals. From the selection process right through to the installation process, they provided knowledgeable, professional, value-added service. I would highly recommend them. in fact I wouldn t go anywhere else!

We had a great experience..quality, price and service. Explanation of the workings of the blinds made it easy for us to adjust.

Tyrell and Sonata made things easy and simple for us. They were able to guide us in the right direction and stay within the budget we had in mind. Thank you!

We purchased blinds from Sonata Design for our new home and could not be happier Great product, great service.

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925 Calgary Interior Designers and Decorators

List your business here for free – Learn More

What does an interior designer do?

A good home design professional will hone your style down to its very essence and be able to choose a functional layout that feels natural to you. Interior design companies can be involved as much or as little as the client desires. Many clients who hire an interior decorator in Calgary — particularly those who are remodeling — have a good sense of how the room should look and what products they should use. Often clients will insist that interior decorators use the products already present in the house. Other times a designer will need to start from scratch — especially if this is a newly purchased or just-built home. An interior design company will need to figure out exactly what the client needs, which includes organizing rooms, picking flooring and wall colors, and finding furniture to complement it all. Sometimes that means he or she will have to recruit help from other Calgary home professionals to help create the perfect look for your renovation. Here are some related professionals and vendors to complement the work of interior designers & decorators: Architects & Building Designers. General Contractors. Home Builders. Design-Build Firms. Photographers.

Do your research before meeting with an interior designer or home decorator in Calgary. Ask yourself what you want your space to become and what it will be used for. Figure out the extent of what you need help with, what your must-haves are and what your budget is. Interior design services can add up fast, so be up front with a potential design firm or individual from the beginning. Also, pick an interior decorator that fits your style. Browse through the portfolios of different interior design firms and decide if you would live in those houses. Just because you like something doesn’t mean you could live in it. There’s a big difference!

Questions to ask when you meet with local interior designers:

  • Can you give me a referral? (It makes a big difference to talk with a client who’s worked with the designer before.)
  • Can I see your design portfolio?
  • When will the home renovation be done?
  • Do you charge an hourly rate or a flat rate, or use the cost-plus method or a mixed method?

Find an interior designer or home decorator in Calgary on Houzz. Narrow your search in the Professionals section to find interior designers near you. You can also look through Calgary photos to find a room you like, then contact the design firm who designed it.

Professional Categories in Calgary

Professional Metro Areas