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Everything you need to create the perfect home

Forum Interior Design provides a complete, friendly and professional interior design service for both residential and commercial clients.

Our spacious Cirencester showroom houses the most extensive range of designer fabric samples in the Cotswolds, with over 8000 wallpapers featuring Cole and Son, Colefax Fowler and GP J Baker. These are all housed in the showrooms relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Lottie Jordan took over Forum Interior Design in May 2013. After working alongside Patsy Holdsworth, who established Forum in 2007, Lottie decided to take over the business because of her passion for Forum Interior Design. Lottie was eager to continue running the showroom and uphold Forum s fantastic interior design service

Lottie s experience, passsion and creativity is expertly combined with her practical knowledge and solutions. She will inspire and guide you to create beautiful harmonious interiors which combine luxury, comfort and practicality.

At Forum Interior Design, we offer a full interior design service and work with the best curtain, blind, soft furnishing and upholstery specialists in the Cotswold area.

We are also one of the leading stocklsts of Farrow Ball paint in the area and offer a full colour consultation service.

From individually designed rooms to full house and commercial projects, Lottie will be more than happy to work closely with you, always to your brief in terms of both budget and deadlines.

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20 WEST WAY CIRENCESTER GL7 1JA T: 01285 642282

  • Andrew Martin
  • Anna French
  • Baker Lifestyle
  • Bella Figura
  • BN Wall Coverings
  • Brian Yates
  • Casamance
  • Chase Erwin
  • Colefax & Fowler
  • Cole & Son
  • Colony
  • Designers Guild
  • Elenbach
  • Emily Bond
  • Farrow & Ball
  • G P & J Baker
  • Harlequin
  • Heathfield
  • Ian Mankin
  • Ian Sanderson
  • Jacaranda
  • James Brindley
  • Jane Churchill
  • Jasper Conran
  • Jocelyn Warner
  • Johnstons of Elgin
  • Kate Forman
  • Kingcome
  • Kirkby House
  • Kobe
  • Kravet
  • Lewis & Wood
  • Liberty
  • Linwood
  • Lloyd Loom
  • Lorca
  • Malabar
  • Manuel Canovas
  • Mark Alexander
  • Moon
  • Mulberry
  • Nina Campbell
  • Nobilis
  • Osborne & Little
  • Porta Romana
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Romo
  • Sanderson
  • Sheila Coombes
  • Susie Watson
  • Swaffer
  • Thibaut
  • Threads
  • Titley & Marr
  • Trimont
  • Vanessa Arbuthnott
  • Villa Nova
  • Wemyss Fabric
  • Wemyss Houles
  • William Yeoward
  • Zinc

Registered office: 20 West Way Cirencester Gloucestershire GL7 1JA
Registered in England and Wales Company Number: 6580138

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Two different shapes of small red table have been paired together to form one larger more interesting piece. A couple of yellow toned accent cushions introduce another layer to the color story.

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Handle-free kitchen units provide a streamlined look in this kitchen diner, where the smooth white countertops over the work areas and central island are echoed by a neighboring glossy white dining table. A trio of vibrant light shades provide all the color that this chic space needs, and draws the eye to the staging area for the meal.

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Home number three features a blue chair and footstool combo that has been teamed with a large piece of blue art to bring character to a pale lounge, and accent cushions pull the hue through.

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Best 20 interior designers in Britain

3 msmonro.co.uk. Chelsea-based, this is Britain s longest-established interior design consultancy, will design gardens as well as homes.

4 ashtonhousedesign.co.uk. Seven-person design consultancy with large showroom in Ashburton, Devon.

5 fisherid.com ; Kent-based with 30 years of experience in high-end residential interior design.

6 suzannetucker-interiors.com ; Has handled very high-end London and south east residential design.

7 simshilditch.com. Has a mission to make everyday living comfortable, engaging and inspirational . Based near Bath.

8 siobhanmooney.co.uk. Edinburgh design team handling room layouts, electrical plans, soft furnishing, fabrics, sourcing of antiques.

9 carolynparker.com. Mother-and-daughter team, Yorkshire based but operating across UK and in Portugal.

10 kellyhoppen.com. Kelly is a celebrity interior designer (she is a Dragon s Den dragon) with her own range of fabrics, paints and furniture.

11 pascoeinteriors.com. This Chichester firm specialises in blending vintage furniture into contemporary surroundings.

12 infinitedesigndevon.co.uk. Interior designers operating mostly in the South Hams.

13 suedanninteriors.com. Buckinghamshire-based firm offering full design service but specialising in bespoke kitchens.

14 marybarberfray.co.uk. The website offers design tips and the firm offers services from designing one window to refurbishing a whole house. Birmingham-based.

15 cloudstudios.co.uk. This Oxford firm has worked on country house interiors as well as modern urban homes.

16 wilkinsonbevandesign.com. A Birmingham-based firm that has worked on ski chalets, Caribbean villas and British homes.

17 juliettebyrne.com. High-end London interior firm which also offers property management services.

18 woodsinteriordesign.com. Based in Harrogate the firm specialises in country houses across the UK.

19 lizaevans.com. A central London firm which also offers to source antiques for clients.

20 mccalldesign.co.uk. This London team has worked on high-end clubs, sporting premises, offices and homes.

How to choose an interior designer:

– Decide exactly what rooms and ideas you have before commissioning a designer.

– Collect fabric samples, photographs and colour charts to focus your ideas.

– Ask friends and colleagues for experiences and recommendations of designers.

– The British Institute of Interior Design posts a list of members on biid.org.uk.

– Most designer offer a free first consultation, so try several to assess attitude and competency.

– Check rates (many charge circa £75 an hour, others up to 15 per cent of project cost).

– Ask whether VAT, labour, materials and project management are included in fee.

– Encourage your designer to source and buy materials (they will get trade rates).

– If you directly pay interior design labourers, budget for £500 to £1,000 per room.

– Secure a firm schedule from your designer, especially if (s)he is project managing.

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Asian Interior Design Asian Room

Asian decor create an aura of peace and tranquility in the room. an Asian inspired designed room should be warm and cozy with the hues of earthy colors which directly help boosting the energy level and making the person in a peaceful state of mind. the decorative objects that will enhance the Asian ambiance in your house should all be inspired from actual traditional Asian houses .

Its easier than you can imagine to create a an Asian look in your house it can be simply achieved by choosing the right materials of beautiful fabrics and bright colors. the earthy colors and natural material will significantly make you feel peaceful and relax. the simplicity of the designs and lines create an ergonomic feeling and make you feel welcome every time you step in an Asian designed room. The Asian design is suitable for almost all the rooms in your house. Its ideal for rooms that is specific for relaxing like bedrooms and bathrooms. and great for the rooms where you sit and think like libraries and home offices. and at the same time optimal for rooms where you welcome your guests and share times with family members like living rooms and dinning rooms .

Incorporating natural decorative elements in the design of the room can significantly achieve a desired result. using bamboo blinds to dress your windows or room dividers will surely reflect an Asian appeal to the room also decorating the room with flowers and large indoor plants will surely enhance the appeal. figures of Asian fruits and vegetables as decorations can be suitable for rooms like living room. dinning room and kitchens .

Shoji screens are a great element to enhance an Asian ambiance with a lot of elegance and sophistication. It is a simple but effective add to the interior design of the room that will make a remarkable touch. they can be used as room dividers in bedrooms or living room. they can be found with varieties of designs and colors .

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Interbrand Design Forum

Together we can

Deliver impactful brand strategies

The best retail brands combine the art and science of consumer insight. Our brand strategists put the consumer and shopper at the center of all they do partnering with you to uncover the real opportunities for you to speak to the people who matter most to you in the moments that matter most to them. Through robust qualitative and quantitative research, insight generation, brand strategy development and impressive analytics, we will work together to make sure your brand stands out in a crowded, ever-changing retail world.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Insights
  • Analytics
  • Verbal Identity
  • Brand Valuation

Create amazing retail experiences

We believe that retail should be more than just a store visit even after the doors close, your store should be an unforgettable, ongoing experience that keeps your customers wanting more. Our design teams inspire and excite your customers by pushing the boundaries of modern day retail. With our help, you’ll create a brand that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who interacts with it.

  • Retail Design
  • Concepts Innovation
  • Shopper Orchestration
  • Brand Experience
  • Digital Design
  • Visual Identity

Bring it all to life

When it comes to taking your retail brand from the page to the public, no project is too big or too small. We are licensed in all 50 states with over 110 million square feet of retail space under our belt. Our team of designers, architects, and engineers are expert from flagship prototype development to speed to market roll-out. We get it done—accurately, on time and on budget.

  • Architecture and MEP Engineering
  • Sustainable Design
  • Prototype Documentation and Rollout
  • Construction Administration
  • Brand and Retail Guidelines

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wiseGEEK: What is an Interior Design Consultant?

An interior design consultant is an individual who plans and directs the construction or remodeling of an interior space. A professional may help people decide on color schemes, materials, and furniture that fit their personalities and add aesthetic beauty to their homes. A consultant may also specialize in remodeling commercial buildings and health care facilities, focusing on safety and functionality. Becoming an interior design consultant requires several years of education and practical training to master a broad range of duties, from blueprint design to customer service.

People usually hire design consultants when they are planning major renovations or constructing new buildings and residences. An interior design consultant gets a client’s input on what he or she wants, takes careful measurements, determines if specifications meet safety codes, and creates blueprints for the new design. The designer often personally selects the paints, artwork, furniture, and materials to be used for the project. He or she supervises contracted workers in the construction of the new interior design, ensuring that everything is up to code and matches the client’s wishes. After the completion of a project, the designer meets once more with the client to address any concerns and suggest small finishing touches.

A large number of professionals are employed by design consulting firms, construction companies, and retail stores, though many experienced consultants choose to operate their own businesses. A self-employed interior design consultant offers his or her services on a contract basis, accepting many clients and scheduling appointments. He or she usually assumes general administrative and management duties in addition to consulting services, such as promoting the business, directly billing clients, collaborating with construction and design companies, and possibly hiring assistants.

To become an interior design consultant, a person must typically hold at least an associate degree or certificate from an accredited interior design school. Some colleges offer four year bachelor’s degree programs in design and consultation. Most graduates of design programs take on paid apprenticeships at interior design firms. An apprenticeship. which may take one to three years to complete, entails observing and assisting established designers, gaining valuable firsthand experience. A designer who has successfully completed an apprenticeship may be required to pass a written licensing exam administered by his or her state or country before practicing independently.

There is generally a steady demand for qualified interior designers. An increasing population and urbanization create the need for experienced consultants to help design new commercial buildings, apartments, and houses. Employment opportunities are usually very good for individuals with highly specialized skills, such as those who concentrate on bathroom design.

Article Discussion

5) either by hourly (for smaller job or short term job) or percentage (10 percent is considered the norm) for a bigger job. hope this helps.

4) Do I need to get a spot of interior design consulting before I start a commercial interior design overhaul of my business? Is it worth sitting through the floor plans and fabric swatches?

Again, it depends on the interior designer or consultant, but most will tell you up front how they bill — and if they don’t you should ask them! No sense in getting a nasty surprise later.

2) When trying to choose between interior design services for an interior design consultation, don’t be shy about asking a lot of questions.

Sometimes people feel like they’re being poorly behaved or rude to grill the interior design consultants or decorators before they hire them, but that’s their job, people. You need to make sure that they can give you what you want.

That way you go home happy, and they go home happy — win-win situation.

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Vintage Interior Design Home Design Photos

“A lot of us remember the thrill of accelerating down a hill or piling onto a sled or a toboggan and heading down with our best friends,” he says. “Sleds appeal to us.” Interior designer Leanne Michael of Luxe Lifestyle Design enjoys decking the halls of her clients’ homes. For the hanging arrangement seen here, she adorned a wooden sled with evergreens and a pair of skates. “Helping our clients to create beautiful, lasting memories through the wonder of holiday decorating is always a pleasure,” she says.

Loft Living On A Dime Matt, Ryan, and Mason know that they have one of those mythical New York City living situations — a cavernous raw space with. Designer Kishani Perera Shares Stories From Her New Book, Vintage Remix With the recent release of her new book, Vintage Remix, interior designer and shop owner Kishani Per. How to Trim Out a Plain Table This bedside perch now boasts one-of-a-kind style, thanks to strips of decorative molding.

Driscoll Interior Design

The vintage. mid-century canvas compliments the chartreuse walls. Antique sideboard. Sherwin Williams Alabaster trim. Custom color walls. The window treatments are fabricated from vintage fabrics. Interior Design Hagerstown, MD.

“Most homeowners don’t know that there are three basic ways decorators and interior designers work with clients: full design services, design plans and design consultations.” — Judith Taylor If you’ve never worked with a designer before, you may feel intimidated or clueless. Learn about the different services designers offer, what to expect with each service and which kind you need in this series.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Retro appliances, on the other hand, are new models created to look like favorite designs from years past. Restoration source: The stove shown here is a vintage Wedgewood, restored by Chuck’s Appliance Service in South Pasadena, California. Search your local listings for an appliance service — the longer it has been in business, the better.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

It’s not hard to imagine Mad Men’s Don Draper and Roger Sterling playing a game of cards in this midcentury-inspired poker room in Portland. The custom game table was created by interior designer Jessica Helgerson, and the vintage chairs were covered in matching leather. Chandelier: Lindsey Adelman.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

She found a 12-foot-long bench and converted it into a sofa with the addition of cushioned backs, throw pillows and a seat upholstered with a vintage rug. Tree art: custom design by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. built by Allen Kinast.

Adrienne Neff Design Services LLC

Hand-block printed wallpaper by Adrienne Neff. Vintage Swedish chair. Knoll table. Custom lamp shade made from wallpaper designed by Adrienne Neff. Vintage lamp. Interior design by Adrienne Neff.

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CTI Design the Leading Interior Design company located in Austin Texas and owned and managed by Cathy Thiltgen. CTI Desing specializes in interior design services in residential homes and professional offices located in the Austin Texas area.

Cathy has the experience and knowledge to guide her clients through the interior design process by paying close attention to all details. By taking continuing education courses yearly, she is consistently on top of important and current interior design information. Cathy will strive to make the decision making process stress-free during a interior remodel or building project. By listening to her client�s design needs, she has the creativity and experience to work with any style desired, from traditional to transitional, rustic hill country to sleek contemporary. View CTI Interior Design Video

By Listening to Your Needs and to Your Dreams, It Is CTI Design�s Goal to Help You Create an Environment That Is Both Functional and Aesthetically Appealing

We are available by appointment. Call 512.695.0534 for an in-home consultation and current sales or promotions.

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Creative shelf LLC is an interior design and fit-out company in Dubai, incepted in year 2007. Creative Shelf was the initiative of late Mr. Habil Husain, who decided to utilize his experience and expertise with his partner Huzefa Altaf to develop smart interactive spaces for client’s Residential apartments, Villas, Offices, Retail outlets, exhibition stands and hospitality spaces with complete execution through our own in house skilled workers. Our unique approach and methodologies deliver the right mix of brand, message and experience with a noticeable return on the investment.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.

Creative shelf LLC is an interior design and fit-out company in Dubai, incepted in year 2007. Creative Shelf was the initiative of late Mr. Habil Husain, who decided to utilize his experience and expertise with his partner Huzefa Altaf to develop smart interactive spaces for client’s Residential apartments, Villas, Offices, Retail outlets, exhibition stands and hospitality spaces with complete execution through our own in house skilled workers. Our unique approach and methodologies deliver the right mix of brand, message and experience with a noticeable return on the investment.” Quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor in hendrerit in “

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.

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Welcome to ASID Texas Chapter

The American Society of Interior Designers [ASID] is a community of people – designers, industry representatives, educators and students – committed to interior design.

Why does ASID exist?ASID advances the profession and communicates the impact of interior design to enhance the human experience.

Through education, knowledge sharing and advocacy, the Society strives to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively impact and change people’s lives. Of the Society s 24,000 Practitioners, 20% practice Residential design, 30% practice Commercial design, and 50% practice both.

Each year, the Legacy of Design Awards recognize the finest interior design achievements within the Texas Chapter of ASID. GO HERE to find a list of the 2015 winners.

Connect with ASID and your fellow members:

Empower Design. Empower the Future. Donate to the ASID Foundation.

The ASID Foundation advances the profession and communicates the ability of interior design to enhance the human experience through research, scholarships, and education.

This year, please consider donating (at minimum) $1 dollar for every year you’ve been a member.