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Top 10 interiors, design and DIY websites

Proud of your DIY skills? Showcase your handiwork on this lively forum populated mostly by professional homefitters. As well as a Tool Talk thread for discussing the pros and cons of power kit, there s a Rogue s Gallery of poor workmanship. Posts include How not to paper a ceiling and The worst bathroom ever .

This gallery of refashioned façades and interiors shows that it is possible to enhance even the most impossibly staid property s kerbside appeal. See how a bland and boxy Seventies home can be transformed into a temple of contemporary cool.

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Whether you re stumped by what to do with your ageing furniture, or unsure how to overhaul a tired-looking room, this online zine dedicated to small spaces and green living is sure to inspire. Its motto is simple: Save the world one room at a time .

Ripping yarns from the textile historian Kate Davies, who indulges her passion for everything woollen and woven. The site also features design galleries, knitting tutorials and pages of gorgeous fabrics.

Last year, the groundbreaking interiors-comparison website was repositioned squarely as an online furniture and home accessories store. But its innovative and easy-to-fathom 3D planner remains, allowing users to input room specs and position their potential new buys in their virtual home .

This website cheerfully undermines those pictures of cool couples in their concept homes, reclining on uncomfortable futuristic furniture. Dorothy Parker-esque quips abound. The real show-stopper was the linoleum floor not a scar or nick from their after-dinner knife fights . And If houses could be punched, this one would have cauliflower ears .

A practical how-to site that encourages readers to update and decorate by amping up all things ornamental on limited resources. For DIY quick-fixes, click the Craft in 10 logo.

A daily updated compendium of tasteful tips and tricks for the home. Advice includes how to update a wardrobe with simple embroidery, and how to turn wood salvaged from a barn into a headboard. The regular room transformations are expertly done. Joyously, the gardening page is called Weeders Digest .

A well-done interiors blog, curated by a twentysomething country mouse turned city mouse . Check out the Decorating trends we all want to see the back of entry. Contenders include using books as visual props and upcycling for the sake of it. Readers are invited to join a regular Room Debate by praising and finding fault with a chosen interior. Sabatiers out.

A useful Facebook magazine devoted to sprucing up the home with little fuss and outlay. Sample features include easy steps to revamp a muddy hallway, spice up a workspace and creatively fill a large, blank wall on a budget .

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Timeless Classic

Relax Recharge

Art of Hospitality

Where do you find your design inspiration? The options and choices are endless, really. Is it from the latest colors and patterns from the fashion runway? Or from your food? Or even from nature . However you obtain your inspiration for interior design or color, don t be afraid to step out of

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Design Trends and fads come out each year to predict the hot new items and uses for products. This year is a throwback of sorts to midcentury modern, brass and jewel tones, along with some hides and fur. Let s look at each below from the most popular sites and authorities in design today: 1. Jewel

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We are halfway through 2013, and we have seen some heavy trends for the interior design world. Here are some of our favorites: 1. Large Scaled Patterns: Whether it is for pillows, draperies, or a rug patterns are in. The bigger the better. Layering patterns can be tricky, but the rule of thumb is to

“At Haute Design, we believe in creating classic, timeless environments that not only enhance one’s lifestyle but also increase the value and functionality of the space itself. “

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Haute Design offers services in renovation, space planning, AutoCAD, wall coverings, lighting, fabrics, window treatments, furniture, floor coverings, art, antiques, and accessories.
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Establishing A Good Relationship With Renovation Contractors

Creating a smooth and hassle-free relationship with your renovation contractors leads to a less straining working dynamics. It is important to build a good rapport with the people who will handle the remodelling, restructuring, or reconstruction of your homes to ensure that you get to communicate all your ideas across without the fear of starting unnecessary friction between you as the client, and they as your contracted workers. Read more.

Room Renovation Ideas 101

In this light, it would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to modify the look of one’s room every now and then. Whether you plan on doing a major or minor room renovation, these rundown of tips below might help you in applying the much-needed changes in your own beloved space. Read more.

Timing Rules for Carrying Out Renovation

The Housing Development Board of Singapore is strictly implementing timing rules for any form of renovation that needs to be carried out. • General renovation works must be carried out between 8:00 am to 6 pm daily. • Heavy renovation works that creates a lot of noise such as wall demolitions, removing of floor finishes, cutting of tiles and drilling works must be done between 9:00 am to 6 pm on weekdays only. Read more.

Housing Development Board – Tips for Home Owners Planning for a Renovation

Planning for a home renovation? The first thing you have to do is to visit the website of the Housing Development Board of Singapore and check who are the registered renovation contractors who can do the work for you. You cannot just hire any contractors you want, they have to be certified by HDB for them to do any type of renovation works. Read more.

How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

You love your new home. You love everything about it, except maybe the space. Renovating your small home need not be difficult. There are so many renovation ideas that you can use, as long as you know when and how to use them. Read more.

Renovation on a Budget

It is not unusual for a person to end up renovating their homes on a budget. You should note that there are a lot of things you may want, but renovation on a budget requires you to only get what you truly need. Read more.

Renovation for Your Bedroom

One would think that bedroom renovation takes just a bit of tweaking here and there. Personally, I believe that bedroom renovation is one of the most difficult renovation tasks to undertake. Why, you ask? Your bedroom is the best place to express your individuality, yet it should also be the ultimate space for relaxation. Your bedroom should strike the perfect balance between being your relaxation haven and your hub for self expression. Read more.

Book Review – Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors

Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors is a comprehensive instructional manual and professional toolkit that can help interior designers with their space-planning projects. A professional-level resource, it provides the needed guidance to deliver great results. Read more.

Book Review – Michael Taylor Interior Design

Who is Michael Taylor and why is famous enough to have a book made years after his death? Michael Taylor Interior Design reveals everything you need to know about Michael Taylor’s design and how he made a splash in the ‘70s and ‘80s for the Bay Area elite. Read more.

Book Review – Furnish Furniture and Interior Design for the 21st Century

In the past few years, industrial designers have become increasingly interested in graphic design and visual culture. This change in perception gave rise to furniture and interiors that are distinctly futuristic and go beyond the mere traditional furniture and interior choices. Read more.

How to Spot a Good Renovation Company

Before hiring a renovation and interior design company, you need to be able to spot if they are a good team for your home. You have to basically understand and assess each company’s core characteristics and qualities before letting them into your house. Read more.

HDB Residential Interior Design

There are so many ways one can work on their HDB interior design. The key is in finding the right interior design and renovation company to make your dream into a reality. Read more.

Steps for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

Just like any other home renovation, a kitchen renovation is never easy. There will always be some demolition and disassembling required. If you are going to use any electrical outlets, plumbing or any of those dangerous materials, you have to make sure that they are turned off. It is better to be safe than get electrocuted. Water may not be lethal but it can sure cause a lot of headaches and a big mess. Read more.

Renovation for Your Home Office

When considering renovation for your home office, you should consider these four important home office factors: efficiency, comfort, color, and beauty. Read more.

Bathroom Renovations

Doing a bathroom renovation all by yourself can be quite daunting for any man or woman. It takes knowledge of the right materials, renovation know how and a lot of careful planning. Read more.

Planning for Your Home Renovation

For your renovation needs, it is very important that you learn to prioritize. There will be more important renovation requirements in certain areas while in some, it could be postponed. Prioritizing would be really helpful as it will be easy to carry out renovations for your home. Read more.

Renovation for Your Country Cottage

You need to plan out the construction and renovation of your cottage. As with any renovation, it requires special attention to details. Primarily, you need to identify your objective for the renovation or the end product the you wish to achieve. For instance, do you still wish the cottage to be a summer rest home? Or would you like to renovate it into a winter cottage? Maybe you might want the renovation to be aligned with your goals of making it into a cottage rental, retirement home, hunting cabin or guest house. Read more.

A “Green” HDB Interior Design

There are certain HDB interior designs that are more practical than they are aesthetic. These HDB interior designs help the environment, are beneficial for our health and are very useful for everyone in the long run. These HDB interior designs should not be postponed as well to help you spare money. Read more.

You and Your Condo Interior Design

Condominiums or condos are one of the high rising forms of house tenure today. It just means there are legal considerations and agreement based on the use of common halls, elevators, exterior region and heating systems jointly represented by association of groups and the individual ownership. Better yet, an apartment owned by the resident instead of renting it. Read more.

Urgent Need for Home Renovation Singapore

Renovation in Singapore entails proper planning. You should consider all the components and angles that you need to renovate and spend on. If space is your problem, then you should not focus all your efforts and budget on the wall and floor design. If the design is your problem, then you should not shell out so much money on expanding your office space or making numerous extensions in your abode or even building a bigger garage. Read more.

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18 completely genius DIY interior design ideas

You probably spend a lot of time in your room right? Of course we’re right. You’re probably a student and students (as we all well know) are lazy and sleep for upwards of 15 hours a day. Don’t try and deny it.

You’re probably also a little impoverished due to all that nasty ‘not being in full time employment’ business.

So, we’re assuming that you’re always looking for an opportunity to spruce up your room. What’s more, we understand that you need to do this on a budget if you’re to do it at all.

Well genius doesn’t cost a thing and when we say these ideas are genius we of course mean that (most of them) are absolute 24 carat gold gold genius.

Why not try and DIY your way to a cheap and inventive makeover? If it doesn’t quite work out as planned at least you’ll have a bit of fun being creative along the way.

1. String art.

2. Use bookends to create an invisible bookshelf.

3. A stool made of old magazines, a wooden stand and a tied down pillow.

4. Home-made “Fireflies in a Jar” lantern.

5. Sew pillows together to make a full body pillow.

6. Ramekins, coffee beans and tealights.

7. Transfer pictures on to wood.

8. Fill empty picture frames with chalkboard to create a great, novel, noticeboard.

9. Turn thin coat hangers into shoe hangers.

10. Create a cork board noticeboard.

11. Stick a candle in an old wine bottle. Voila.

12. Bookshelf bookmarker.

13. Make your own permanent mug designs.

14. Screw old furniture knobs into a piece of wood to create a necklace hanger.

15. Make a wreath from all your old wine corks using a plain straw wreath and some glue.

16. Use art supplies to create art.

17. Stick wooden letters to a board and then paint over.

18. Re-cover your cushions with no embroidery needed.

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DIY Practical Tips

Here are some DIY Practical Tips

DIY Interior Design

When embarking on a DIY interior design project, the first thing you want to do is jump in with a hammer and start making mess. But this usually means you will end up shopping for the elusive money tree .

In other words, leaping before you have planned can be very costly.

There are many questions to be asked, and these can be grouped into four areas:

Practical, Budgetary, Aesthetic and Maintenance

DIY Interior Design Practical Tips

How long do you think you will keep the property, is it long or short term?

This will determine how much money you want to spend. Buying quality products or quick fixes.

Changing wall color or wallpaper can be an ideal quick DIY fix and instant makeover, no new cabinetry required, or expensive floor coverings, and you can make a statement with the walls, look at this great example of wallpaper with impact!

Do you have enough space at present? If no, is there room on the property to expand, upwards, outwards or internally?

Remember that you may think you have enough space, but you need to check with local authorities before planning as generally there is a maximum site coverage that you are allowed to take up.

Do you have children and pets, are their needs presently catered for?

Life can often be easier if everyone has their own space, then play areas can be designated and your whole house doesn t become the playground. A catdoor can save you being woken in the middle of the night with meows to get out, and save unneccessary accidents inside.

Do you require disabled facilities, ramps, handrails etc?

There are a lot of proprietary handrails for baths, showers and WCs as well as people lifts for stairs etc, this saves on design time and they come with guarantees etc. Ramps generally have to be designed to local authority guidelines so employing someone to come in an review the house would be a good idea.

Do you entertain frequently? Do you need a dining room? Do you eat in the living room/kitchen? Lifestyle requirements, indoor outdoor dining?

Deciding how you use a space is vital, it is no use adding on a dining room because it is the latest fad if you have a teenage family who come and go, eat on the run and you never dine together. It won t be used, you would be better off building a family room adjacent to the kitchen to cater for the mobile eater.

Are all the areas functional? Kitchen, bathroom, WC, are their enough facilities?

A space can be transformed by simply repositioning a fridge, adding a dishwasher, moving out a bath and adding a shower, or adding a wash hand basin into the WC so you free up the bathroom.

A separate handrail has beed added to this entrance stair, as it is not accessible with the concrete handrail. A child or elderly person could not reach or grip hold to help themselves climb.

Is your storage space sufficient?

No. There is never enough storage. Start with a clean out and have a garage sale. Then ask yourself this question again! Some simple options can be creating a window seat with storage under, putting a door under the stair, going into the roof space with seasonal things ie ski gear, surf boards etc. Adding shelving to the walls in the garage, laundry, bedrooms etc.

Do you have enough bedrooms, do they have enough space?

Could the purchase of more compact or multifunctional furniture be the solution, bunks for kids, tallboys, trundler beads, futon couches.

Do you need privacy within the household, and a quiet space?

A study only requires a small space and can sometimes be the only space that you can lock everyone out of! Think about adding one if you are going to be making extensions to the house.

Do you need a playroom, family room, study, garage?

As said previously, private spaces can be hard to come by in a family home, often the garage is a safe haven for the Dad, a family room can mean you get to watch the news and not the cartoons, and a study can be a place for Mum to escape and read a magazine with a cup of coffee.

Have a look at the space without furniture can you use it differently? The dining room doesn t have be used for those purposes, you could be better off using a kitchen table and letting the kids have a playroom, for all the family s sanity!

Do you require additional services? Ie gas, additional phone/fax lines, digital tv, burglar alarms?

Make sure you get a price for the installation costs as well as the long term costs, some companies offer super cheap rates to get the product / service into your home then charge you the earth to keep it running. So it doesn t hurt to shop around and ask lots of questions.

Written by Lee Brown

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The exhibition «Interior design – 2016»

From 27 to 30 October, 2016 the «Crocus Expo» Fairgrounds will welcome VI Specialized exhibition «Interior Salon». The visitors will enjoy the most interesting works in the field of decoration and design of the living environment. The participants will demonstrate products from foreign and Russian manufacturers of upholstered furniture, interior units and pieces, windows and doors, fireplaces and staircases, flooring, finishing materials, interior lighting.

Archive of exhibition. exhibition results . photos and videos from the exhibitions . works of participants contests / winners of contests . events . participants of the exhibitions

Official support: The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Official support: Union of Architects of Russia

Official support: Moscow Trade Chamber

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Best Interior Design Company In Malaysia .

Since 2006, B
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HDB Interior Design

HDB interior designing is getting popular among HDB owners. Now that you have your own HDB flat as a newly-married couple, you are eager to start designing your new home. This can be a HDB Build to Order flat (BTO), Resale HDB, Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) or maisonette (set of residential 5 rooms, 4 rooms or 3 rooms). A good research is required to kick start your renovation journey. Popular HDB interior design ideas and styles include Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist, modern interior design. Most HDB homeowners in Singapore like to go for elements such as raw mixture of brick, cement, laminate and wallpaper for their wall feature to portray a sense of industrial and creative interior design look for their love nest. Some homeowners will also go for luxury and customized items by having walk-in wardrobe, bathtub, open kitchen concept or even a home bar to rest and relax after a long day at work.

Should I engage a HDB licensed interior designer?

Yes, make sure to employ a renovation firm registered with the Housing Development Board and the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. These contractors finished HDB training modules and are familiar with the correct procedures in renovation of public housing. HDB put in place the so-called Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme to make sure that restoration companies understand HDB flats building structures.

DBSS is the acronym for Design, Build, and Sell Scheme. This is an opportunity for citizens of Singapore to get more housing opportunities. DBSS also introduces innovations in building as well as design technologies. These interiors are designed completely by private developers. The rooms are set apart by distinct external attributes. There are detailed renovation controls to maintain the visual appearance of all any room to include the kitchen, bar and dining.

Do you know about Smart HDB Flat Direction from government?

As the Singapore Housing and development board is constantly upgrading the estate, we are advancing to a smarter HDB living in the years to come. Smart HDB home are designed to empower homeowner monitor energy consumption and keep track of elderly and patient care via on-the-go monitoring system. Homeowner can start to plan towards this direction for their existing flats.

For best HDB interior design, please visit the website of homesavv.com.

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Oman’s rapid progress in the construction and the real estate sector, has witnessed the launch of numerous commercial, residential & tourism projects, thus creating a demand for interior & outdoor design, décor & furnishings.

The key objective of the exhibition is to display the latest in technology, usage of materials and innovative approaches to interior design, décor & furniture. IDF has helped meet the growing demand, by bringing together all the leading companies in the industry under one roof.

The exhibition focuses on Accessories & Art, Bathroom, Building Material, Carpets, Commercial Interiors & Fit Out, Décor, Flooring, Furniture & Furnishings, Interior Design, Kitchen, Lightings, Luxury Life Style, Outdoor Design & Build, Renovation, Retail Fit-Out and Eco Building, Surfaces & Finishes, Textiles, Vastu & Fengshui, to compliment the on-going construction of major infrastructure projects in the Sultanate, making the exhibition an ‘exclusive emporium’.

Diamond Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor

  • “IDF provided a great platform for our company in understanding the market & client needs besides enabling us to form numerous networks. Keep up the great work.”

– Nabeel Shah, Managing Partner
Professional Interiors & Furniture Co. LLC (PIFCO)

  • “Having attended the IDF Oman 2016 expo for the first time, we have found this an excellent platform to promote our brand. I would like to thank Al Nimr International Exhibition Organizers for their efficient work.”

    – Zineb Echcherki, Project Manager
    Lady H

  • “We found our first participation at IDF Oman to be very successful and we were extremely pleased with the quality of people visiting.”

    – Louise Bollom, Director
    Creative Resins Distribution Ltd

    “We wanted to thank Al Nimr Expo for the wonderful experience that we had exhibiting at the 3rd Annual IDF show. As a first time Exhibitor, we were pleasantly surprised that we had such an overwhelming response to our products. We were also proud to see so many Omani exhibitors with products just as beautiful as the European exhibitors! What an honor. We enjoyed the entire experience and are looking forward to next year’s show already. We are convinced it will be even bigger and better. “

    – Sabrina Santiago Al-Noumani, General Manager and Board member
    Abu Yasseen Designs

  • “IDF 2016 was indeed a very well organized exhibition yet again, giving people who don’t necessarily have the chance to connect directly to consumers, a platform to do much more. I see it as a real shift in the opportunities available. Looking forward to next year’s exhibition already!”

    – Salim Mohammed, CEO
    Kaiser Studio of Design

  • “We thank you for your untiring support in conducting our event in Muscat for the first time this year. Overall event arrangements were good.”

    – Ifthikar, Managing Director
    Nizine LLC

  • “IDF Oman has been for our company the first step of a long path, a first and important experience. Our aim was to study the possibility to expand our market to Oman and to get as many contacts as possible. From now on our marketing work will show if they will be effective. We considered this exhibition very good according to the visitor’s feedback”

    – Manuel Bolognesi, Account Manager
    Teak71 srl

  • “Aggiolight management and team is satisfied of results obtained during IDF Oman. Thanks to your great marketing job and to our strategy, we have already found proper contacts during exhibition and we are already discussing several projects. So hereby I can say the company will confirm presence at next IDF 2017 and naturally we hope to do more with you.”

    – Andrea Aggio, CEO & CCO

  • “Organization: very good; IDF staff: always on site, very helpful and efficient; Exhibition: Interesting though too geared to private clients; Market: potentially very interesting; Contacts: found a potential dealer for the company.”

    – Paolo Bossi, Export Area Manager
    CRISTINA rubinetterie

  • “After our participation in the IDF Oman 2015, we were sure to come back in this year’s IDF and the results were as good as the last year. We received outstanding clients and managed to close some projects during the exhibition. It’s nice to see how IDF has grown in the last 3 years and it keeps getting better every year. We look forward to our participation in the 4th IDF next year.”

    – Bilal Sarwar, Co-Founder – Sajjad Maqbool, Business Development
    IFactory & Serial Kolor

  • “The exhibition was great! We had a wonderful response to our product, a lot of foot traffic and we are happy with the quality of buyers there. We are exposed to a greater customer base just by being there and we were able to connect with several interesting leads during the show. We look forward to coming back to IDF Oman next year.”

    – Dr. Muhammad Mansha, Managing Director
    United Carpet Industries FZC

  • “The presence of our company Antonio Ciulli and Figlio at IDF Oman 2016 has been a great satisfaction. It was the first time for us and we like to appreciate Oman, especially Muscat, the people, and the exhibition. For our promotion the event was an important reference point.”

    – Antonio Ciulli, Owner
    Antonio Ciulli E Figlio srl

  • “We had a fantastic show! Many leads generated and a couple of actual deals done. ‘Kingston Holdings’ would highly recommend the show! I am sure we will be back!”

    – Amrit, Marketing & Communication
    Kingston Holdings FZC

  • “We already think to participate to the next edition as the fair was good in terms of visitors and quality of them.”

    – Pia, Manager
    DL Decor

  • “We proud to be part of the Al Nimr IDF Oman Exhibition.”

    – Dhairya Khimji, General Manager
    Uday Khimji International LLC

  • “We had a great experience in the IDF 2016. It was very different than the other exhibitions in Oman. It was well organized and classy taken to another level. We look forward for next year and hope it will be even better.”

    – Fatma Al Kharusi
    Interior Designer

  • “On behalf of Paragon Arts team, a huge thank you to the organizers of IDF who gave us the opportunity to be part of this big event by showcasing the artworks of our Oman-based artists. IDF 2016 is indeed a blast and you guys are awesome! Surely, Interior Design Décor and Furniture Expo left an indelible mark on its 3rd edition, as it is delivered as a gateway for both the local and regional.”

    -Louai, Co-Founder & Owner,
    Paragon International & Paragon Arts

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    Welcome to our website. Here you can explore our portfolio of work, learn more about why JADIS is the finest interior designer Dubai wide, and contact us regarding your own project.

    Nothing is truly elegant but what unites use with beauty

    This quote is taken from an 18th century play by Oliver Goldsmith expressing an eternal principle of design.

    At JADIS Interiors we derive our Inspiration from multiple cultures and infuse our Design with warmth, sophistication in all genres from Classical to Contemparaty.

    JADIS strives to craft a unique, and individual narrative concept for each project, with the objective of appealing to both the eye and the individual. We create stunning interiors Dubai wide that really represent the unique style of each homeowner.

    The color scheme creates the mood, it is the pallet of the home interior designer. The foundation of interior design in Dubai here at JADIS is based on creating designer furnishing and home decor solutions to discerning home makers needs.

    A distinctive feature in our custom made furniture is the continual evolution in use of materials, design and manufacturing techniques in an effort to obtain aesthetic quality coupled with satisfying the newest and most recent trends in custom made furniture.

    What distinguishes Magda is her talent and sensitivity to read and understand the aspiration of the customer. She has an unusual gift for creating the appropriate concept for each and every different project. Strengthened by her professional experience and pursuit of new challenges, Magda’s quest for perfection, attention to details and refinement has made JADIS into one of the Middle East´s most notable references in tailor made interiors.

    Magda’s travels to Morocco, India, South America, France, Italy and all the inspiration of the Middle East, she acquired a rare and extraordinary taste for Design and Color.

    From her childhood memories, influenced by the fabrics at her father’s shop, she has a passion for beautiful fabrics. Magda designs furniture using color scheme combinations that are likened to an artist painting on canvas.