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Scandinavian Interior Design

by ModernMagazin November 5, 2014

Scandinavian interior design is formed in the Nordic countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Harsh climate, little sunlight, long winters, is why the Scandinavian interiors are filled with light and freedom. The main features of Scandinavian design are simplicity and naturalness. Therefore, Scandinavian interiors contain a minimum of decoration and are made ​​in light natural tones of natural materials and simple, but looks unique and original. image by https://founterior.com/ image by https://casaedecor.wordpress.com/

Palette of colors in Scandinavian style consists of bright pastel shades. Here s the obligatory presence of warm colors, yellow, milky, bright terracotta color that emphasizes striving to heat and sunlight. Also, in Scandinavian style dominates blue, white, and allowed to use soft shades of green, shades of gray, turquoise and yellow. Scandinavian interior is characterized in that there is not much furniture.

Upholstery of furniture can be in strong colors. Choosing a strong color for the carpet, pillows and rugs will make a room with white walls and light wood furniture, to be unusual and joyous. Low and bright furniture of natural materials is characteristic for Scandinavian interiors. Most often for the production of furniture is used wood in bright colors, usually bright trees, juniper or pine.

The surface of the walls as if by rule is a ton of color. On the walls are put images and photos with thin frames. For this style is the fact that the windows should be great for them to be made into curtains but maximum daylight. On the windows can be placed blinds, to be lifted up to the maximum for natural light to enter.

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Interior Design Styles for HDB Apartments

Once you get your keys to your brand new HDB apartment you are all ready to decorate and move in to your new home.You want to redecorate your house but there s one thing stopping you from achieving you goal. You don t know what you want.

There are so many interior design styles out there and you like just about all of them. You don t know which one you should choose for your apartment and now thats when your dilemma starts.

Master BedRoom – 3 room HDB Flat

The first thing to do is to sit down and take a good look at what it is your budget and what is the theme that you would your future home to have.If there is no major renovation work is involved than we would suggest that you look through home and decor magazines and surf thro design websites to get inspired and to get ideas for your future home. view more on HDB Design Here

4 room HDB Flat Design by Projectfile

Once you get those sorted out then it s a matter of deciding which particular interior design styles you like. When you do that, then it s easier for you to start narrowing your selection down.

4 room HDB Flat walk in wardrobe

Like for instance you might like the colors and the patterns of the post modern interior design styles but you don t know if you could live with that throughout your entire house.

5 Room HDB Flat by Orange Cube

5 Room HDB Flat

Please mention name of designer for your queries.

New Modern HDB Apartment

Small Size Apartment Design

Contemporary Home Design Ideas

Resort Living in an Urban Jungle

Modern Colonial Architecture

Black and White Bungalow off Bukit Timah

“It’s hard not to gush about this black and white colonial-style bungalow on a leafy road off Bukit Timah. Step inside the house. and you’re not in black-white territory anymore. There is colour everywhere, from the citrus-green silk drapes lining the two-storey high windows of the grand triple-volume foyer to the bright summery stripes of tangerine, turquoise, lime and scarlet….” Home Décor Magazine.

This new construction was designed in the style of pre-war “Black and White” colonial homes. The design brief was to recreate the glamour of a bygone era whilst introducing contemporary elements to suit a modern family while remaining faithful to the colonial architectural style .

Design Intervention had an ideal platform in which to create a formal, romantic and elegant atmosphere. Different styles were successfully thrown into the mix. Traditional and classical shapes of furniture were given a new lease of life and in turn upholstered in surprisingly modern fabrics . A sense of the unexpected was introduced throughout this project with the usage of colour, textures and sensual fabrics.

Interior design by Design Intervention . All images courtesy of Design Intervention

Breaking with traditions and the past often ushers sensitivities towards what can and will withstand the test of time. New materials used between the periods 1900 to the 1930 s have set standards for the Modern Classical and the opulence favoured by the rich and famous home owners.

Room with a View

The Bayshore Park penthouse featured here is inspired by the Italian design of that period,and that has an affinity for modern classical furniture and big open spaces with large windows.

Large open opens spaces often highlighted by smooth marble floor with thick carpets. adds character to the affluent design and provides the austerity required for this type of design.

The designer for this penthouse has cleverly used soft and hard flooring to unify the interlocking spaces with neutral tones.

All photography by Amir Sultan

November 18, 2008

A prestigious 4000 square feet aged penthouse unit at the heart of orchard road was totally deconstructed,re-sculptured and furnished with top end materials and furnishing.

ONE STOP CONCEPT Design Director Norman Yeo was commissioned and given full carte blanche to design and transform this decade old penthouse into a second haven for his client’s business entertainment and holiday home in Singapore.

One Stop Concept philosophy is guided by; beauty, function, practicality, safety and refined value for each of our discerning client. Attributing our success to each of our client’s preferred lifestyle and keen eye for the finer things in life. We advocate only the finest; through careful analysis of each client’s lifestyle and evolving needs.

From design conceptualisation, turn-key project management,
detail in-depth design, construction to the final touches of styling up your abode. One Stop Concept plans and executes each milestone with perfection as our guiding principle, continuous refinement to our design, service, craftsmanship, improving the level of gracious living in all the lives of who we have touched.

Terrace water feature.

Images courtesy of One Stop Concept.

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Home Decorating Trends Homedit

It s very easy to recognize a Scandinavian interior design. But there isn t just one Scandinavian style but several and they all have certain elements in common. For example, all Scandinavian interiors have wooden floors, most often light and they can be seen in all the rooms apart from the bathroom.

The color palette in Scandinavian decors is very light and simple and it usually includes shades of gray and blue as well as a lot of white. Sometimes bold touches of color can be seen here and there.

In general, all Scandinavian interiors feature clean lines throughout and this includes the architecture, the furniture and everything else. All such spaces are also always very functional. In terms of material, there s always a lot of wood in the décor. It s used on the walls, on the ceilings, on the floors and on the furniture. The wood adds warmth and texture to the room.

One of the things you often expect to see in a Scandinavian home is one of those traditional fireplaces placed in the corner of a room. The fireplace is not the focal point of the décor in the room and they have simple designs and shapes. In fact, Scandinavian decors are minimalist throughout and they usually lack accessories and purely decorative details.

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Scandinavian-style Interior Design Home Design Photos

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You don’t have to spend much more to get a simple pendant light installed, and it can add a daintier touch.Mirrors: These can be a gorgeous and inexpensive way to dress up the style factor, especially when you opt for bevelled edges, unique frames or even an antique design you picked up at a garage sale. “I never use ‘bathroom’ mirrors!” says Gold Coast interior designer Sandy Cousens of Sanctuary in Style .Niches: Those little cubbies next to bathtubs, within showers and set into walls are a great idea to nab from luxury bathroom designs. “They cost very little extra if you are gutting a bathroom anyway, just a bit of extra carpentry,” adds Cousens.

Example of a trendy bathroom design in Melbourne with a vessel sink and white cabinets Houzz

the predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong colours. There’s nothing timid about this style, which radiates flash and dazzle. Seductive curves mingle with razor-sharp corners, while posh materials and shiny finishes emit an air of luxury. At the same time, art deco furnishings and surfaces have a certain straightforwardness about them; there’s little excess or frippery. Unusual materials, such as ebony an Shammee

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“Pretty” doesn’t begin to describe this child’s bedroom. The soft colors, perfectly coordinated fabrics and playful pieces, like a custom lamp filled with pink gumballs, feel in perfect harmony. The room also speaks to what’s possible with a design professional. Interior designer Kristin Peake worked with her clients and their children to customize most of the furniture, fabrics, colors and artwork through trade-only partners.

Example of an eclectic bedroom design in Dc Metro with blue walls and dark hardwood floors Houzz

inspirational board, chair sweetness Alexandra Myers

James Dawson Interior Design

7,116 Saves | 5 Questions

Make your ceiling work harder – Don’t limit yourself to walls when you’re thinking about new ways with wallpaper. The interior designer of this apartment used wallpaper cut-outs on the ceiling to demarcate the kitchen from the living area with more than a little sophistication and style .

Inspiration for a mid-sized modern home bar remodel in Sydney with light hardwood floors Houzz

This is just all kinds of levels of playful bold fearless design. Noz Design

18,783 Saves | 26 Questions

Instead, Neuhaus created a hybrid solution fusing contemporary and period design that blends the architectural heritage of the brownstone with its inhabitants’ modern perspective and lifestyle. The house exterior and architecture was treated as a metaphorical envelope and would retain its period integrity. Interior features like the cabinetry, bathrooms, furnishings, light fixtures, staircase, etc. were seen as the contents of the envelope and therefore could serve as contemporary insertions into the space.

Transitional formal living room photo in New York with white walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a standard fireplace Houzz

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C. 6/24/14 The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s “Old Prairie” 2143-50, in an eggshell finish. snugglecookies

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Top 10 Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Interior

Here at Freshome we know that our readers love Scandinavian design. Renowned for their simplicity, utility, and beauty, Scandinavian homes have a pure, pared backed style that is centred around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance. The use of light is considered to be extremely important, and many Scandinavian homes are characterized by the use of earthy muted tones, honest materials and minimal ornamentation.

Collect this idea

Whilst we have featured countless Scandinavian interiors, we wanted to put together a guide to help you recreate the Scandi style in your own home. To do this we consulted the award-winning architectural interior designer Staffan Tollgard of Staffan Tollgard Design Group. which has bases in both London, UK and in the Algarve in Portugal. The group has won a number of prestigious design awards and Staffan has been selected by Conde Nast s House Garden magazine as one of the top 100 leading interior designers .

In addition, Staffan was recently commissioned to create the main installation at the Scandinavia Show in London, where he created three Scandinavian rooms that encapsulated the best of Scandinavian design. Staffan created one room from the Gustavian period, one capturing the retro feel of the 50s and 60s, and the one showing design from the last 10-15 years.

Staffan kindly agreed to share his expert insights with us and has put together his top 10 tips for creating a Scandinavian interior. He stressed that there isn’t ONE Scandinavian style but several. The more decorative and traditional Gustavian design is just as much Swedish as the scaled back mid-century design. My list of tips incorporates items from several different Scandinavian styles, says Staffan.

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Home Based Business Ideas – Interior Designer

Interior designers are typically licensed, degreed professionals who decorate homes, offices and entire buildings. They juggle environmental, legal and aesthetic concerns in conceptualizing their plans. Interior decorators, who may or may not need professional licenses or as much formal education, often focus on the finishing touches, such as furniture, curtains and color. Both can build a home business but with different salary and job-scope expectations.

Pros of an Interior Designer Home Business

  • It’s a viable artistic outlet.
  • It can attract a wealthy clientele. Fees can range between $60 and $300 an hour.
  • The hours are flexible.
  • A job well done creates positive word of mouth, which is essential for building your business.
  • Finding discounted goods can create greater profit for you and lower prices for your clients. But that puts a premium on building solid relationships with suppliers.

Cons of an Interior Design and Decorating Home Business

  • Picky clients can be trying.
  • Bookkeeping and working with manufacturers and retailers to secure fabrics, furniture and artwork can be time-consuming.
  • It’s somewhat difficult to generate business at first. Licensed interior designers can build trust through internships and junior positions at a firm.
  • The non-artistic aspects of decorating, such as adhering to building-code specifications, can sometimes slow a project.

What You Need to Get Started as an Interior Designer

  • For interior design, you’ll need a four-year interior design degree from a college or university that has been accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. and later, depending on the state, a license. Passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification test is a must for licensing. An internship, followed by a junior position at a design firm, are beneficial for gaining initial experience.
  • Good taste, an eye for spatial relationships and an entrepreneurial spirit are essential, as is an understanding of styles, fabrics and other materials.
  • Experience with computer-aided design (CAD) programs is also recommended, particularly for interior designers.
  • You must establish yourself as a legitimate enterprise. Business cards and a website with 15 to 20 before-and-after shots can serve as an interior design portfolio.
  • Fellowship with a professional organization such as the American Society of Interior Designers or Certified Interior Decorators International can help you network and grow.
  • Learn to sketch. Prospects are often wowed by an impromptu sketch of what a detail or the big picture could look like.
  • A sense of personal style in the way you dress and act. If you don’t look well put together, who will believe your design aesthetic will?

Interior Designer: Real Life Example

“Painted House” and “Facelift” TV host Debbie Travis, sometimes called the Martha Stewart of Canada, had a very humble start in the decorating business. She bought an old Victorian house in her adopted hometown of Montreal and overhauled it, according to her bio on the “Painted House” website. She soon began receiving commissions to decorate department stores and other public venues, and her model looks soon led her to television.

This article is part of the 7 Home Based Home Improvement Businesses collection. Use the link to access other home-based businesses in this collection.

LifeWire, a part of The New York Times Company, provides original and syndicated online lifestyle content. Ron Dicker is a New York-based freelance writer who covered sports for the New York Times from 1996 to 2005.

Explore Home Business

2016 About.com. All rights reserved.

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DIY interior design ideas

A good home interior design is a necessity to spend your everyday life in a cozy and productive manner. One might hire a professional interior designer to decorate a home but this costs a fortune for most people and the interior design turns out to have a lot of the designer s taste instead of your personal flavor. In case you can dedicate time to DIY interior design, then you can have a rush of marvelous ideas for a home designed in an affordable way with a high sentimental value!

It might be tricky to know where to start with all the DIY interior design ideas. Therefore, it is suggested to start off your idea chase by making a garage sale which will increase storage and living space, and make you acquainted with the interior design of your home. After a complete clean-out, you can begin applying the simplest DIY interior design idea which is painting the walls. All walls inside a residence can be re-painted with simple DIY instructions, even wall tiles can be sanded and repainted.

DIY interior design ideas for walls also include sticking wallpapers to highlight a certain wall as a focal point in a bedroom or living room. If you have a study or work area, you can stick inspired words on the wall behind the office for motivation. Whether you use wall paper or paint to DIY interior design, using natural color palette ideas can enhance the overall setting in a classy way. Use creamy and beige neutral design colors to brighten up or widen up a room s interior, and use dark colors like chocolate brown to warm the room up.

You can have ever-changing DIY interior design ideas by installing a chalkboard or whiteboard in the kids room or play area. You can then use it in spare time with your family to design murals and have fun competitions when you want to. Making DIY interior design ideas more inviting and family oriented can be down by framing pictures of special family gatherings and events like graduation ceremonies.

Other interesting DIY interior design ideas include placing elements of nature such as your favorite house plants in the living room. Cat owners can make a DIY cat door so the cats can go in and out without making a hassle. DIY ideas can also increase the interior design dimensions by the placement of mirrors in differing sizes and shapes on walls or on side tables to reflect accessorizing vases.

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Schön, dass du da bist!

Hi, ich bin Souhela und blogge aus meiner kleinen aber feinen 32qm² – Bude, in der ich mit meinen beiden Liebsten (Mann und Hund) lebe. Auf meinem Blog erwarten dich viele DIYs und viel Inspiration rund ums Wohnen. Viel Spaß beim stöbern und kommentieren, ich freue mich auf deinen nächsten Besuch!

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Friday, 9 September 2016

I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed this week on the blog, it’s been kind of crazy. From an apartment on top of a Norwegian ski jump to your very own Tasmanian (dream) island hide-away you could never say I don’t shake things up a bit! Since it’s the end of the week I feel it’s perhaps time to come back down to earth. But this lovely family home in Stockholm is far from ordinary. Owned by Petrus Palmér, the founder of Hem design studio and shop, wife Madeleine and two year old son Alvar, the house is full of beautiful textures – from light wood and concrete to marble, cork and linen, and of course. many wonderful items. Let’s take a look around.

You can read more about this beautiful home in Residence here (one of my absolute favourite Swedish interior magazines).

And before I shoot off for the weekend, here’s a little link love to enjoy when you have a moment:

Curious to know what happens when Parisien style is brought to a Swedish apartment? Take a look here.

For the sweet toothers among us, how mouth-wateringly good does this fluffy smor dip look. It’s either that or this (or both?!). Or even this (someone stop me!).

This is where I’d like to go this weekend. what do you reckon?

Have a wonderful couple of days and see you Monday!

PS keep an eye out for my give-away on Instagram this weekend!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Located off Bruny Island in southern Tasmania, this small island formerly belonged to a writer, painter and poet. And now a family has transformed it into Satellite Island. an off the grid hide-away in untamed Tasmanian wilderness. Your own private island to share with family and friends where you can wake to the sound of sea birds, fish from the boathouse jetty, explore the waters by kayak or simply enjoy the scenery from a deckchair (guh !). Oh and did I mention the beautiful rustic vibe of the summer house and boathouse? The only real way to finish the day would be to watch the sunset with a glass of chilled Tasmanian wine – don’t you think. Can someone please whisk me away here?

Source: these beautiful pictures were taken by Kara Rosenlund and shared with kind permission.

I mean, could you imagine.

I wish I could say – and I’m holding a give-awayto stay here for a week. hahaha! I don’t think I’d be able to give the prize away if this was the case. But maybe we could share it. Satellite Island are you listening?

Now this might sound crazy, but there are a few ideas to steal from this beautiful haven (hey, Tasmania’s far away, it’s nearly the weekend, we can do tropical too, right?):

Bedroom. source Kilim rugs to overlap here. Kitchen. industrial white pendant light. white Tolix chairs. Sitting room. source beautiful denim blue stonewashed linen by the metre here (how’s that for a quick update for an old sofa?!). Bedroom 2. find stonewashed linen bedding in these shades here .

In need of more ‘paradise’ inspiration? – I’m also loving an ethereal beach house on St Barths, a villa in tropical gardens in Brazil, and a long term favourite of mine – a little touch of paradise on Mykonos. And yes, you can stay at all of them! Which one first.

I’ll leave you to dream!

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Bedroom Styles

Bedroom Design Photos

When it comes to interior design, bedrooms are where you can really create something special. The bedroom is a room that is personal and not a public space, so you can make it special and theme it or create a style different to the remainder of the house. We help you here by using bedroom design photos to get you thinking about bedroom spaces and how they are composed.

Where do you get bedroom design ideas from?

Right here at bedrooms.interiordezine.com

As an interior designer I have gathered some photographs and written design critiques of them so that you can view them to get ideas and learn from my comments about how I think the bedroom design works or doesn t. Interior Design is a wonderful profession, we can all appreciate good design, but we don t have to like it. It is like art, we can see that something is spectacular and it has taken years of pain staking work to achieve, but we just can t look at it, yet others can find it captivating.

With interiors if you can achieve balance and harmony in a space, then you 80% of the way to success. Color, texture and accessories with finish it, but as I said earlier, not everyone will like it, but if it looks good and you feel comfortable and relaxed in the space, then you have achieved your interior design goal.

Take a look at these bedroom photos and read what I have to say about the spaces created, then take some notes of your own and see what you think works in the bedrooms and what doesn t, this is a great way to make your designer eyes start working and analyzing the work of others for your learning experience.

Bedroom Design Photographs

Velvet Upholstered Bed

A stunning example of a black and white or achromatic color scheme. See the detail and how well the interior is balanced.

Subtle cherry blossom motifs create an oriental feeling to this space.

Cushions and Pillows Design Feature

Good example of combining texture and pattern to create a harmonious feel.

A common way to decorate bedrooms is with the use of a feature wall in a different color or texture.