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Establishing A Good Relationship With Renovation Contractors

Creating a smooth and hassle-free relationship with your renovation contractors leads to a less straining working dynamics. It is important to build a good rapport with the people who will handle the remodelling, restructuring, or reconstruction of your homes to ensure that you get to communicate all your ideas across without the fear of starting unnecessary friction between you as the client, and they as your contracted workers. Read more.

Room Renovation Ideas 101

In this light, it would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to modify the look of one’s room every now and then. Whether you plan on doing a major or minor room renovation, these rundown of tips below might help you in applying the much-needed changes in your own beloved space. Read more.

Timing Rules for Carrying Out Renovation

The Housing Development Board of Singapore is strictly implementing timing rules for any form of renovation that needs to be carried out. • General renovation works must be carried out between 8:00 am to 6 pm daily. • Heavy renovation works that creates a lot of noise such as wall demolitions, removing of floor finishes, cutting of tiles and drilling works must be done between 9:00 am to 6 pm on weekdays only. Read more.

Housing Development Board – Tips for Home Owners Planning for a Renovation

Planning for a home renovation? The first thing you have to do is to visit the website of the Housing Development Board of Singapore and check who are the registered renovation contractors who can do the work for you. You cannot just hire any contractors you want, they have to be certified by HDB for them to do any type of renovation works. Read more.

How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

You love your new home. You love everything about it, except maybe the space. Renovating your small home need not be difficult. There are so many renovation ideas that you can use, as long as you know when and how to use them. Read more.

Renovation on a Budget

It is not unusual for a person to end up renovating their homes on a budget. You should note that there are a lot of things you may want, but renovation on a budget requires you to only get what you truly need. Read more.

Renovation for Your Bedroom

One would think that bedroom renovation takes just a bit of tweaking here and there. Personally, I believe that bedroom renovation is one of the most difficult renovation tasks to undertake. Why, you ask? Your bedroom is the best place to express your individuality, yet it should also be the ultimate space for relaxation. Your bedroom should strike the perfect balance between being your relaxation haven and your hub for self expression. Read more.

Book Review – Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors

Space Planning for Commercial and Residential Interiors is a comprehensive instructional manual and professional toolkit that can help interior designers with their space-planning projects. A professional-level resource, it provides the needed guidance to deliver great results. Read more.

Book Review – Michael Taylor Interior Design

Who is Michael Taylor and why is famous enough to have a book made years after his death? Michael Taylor Interior Design reveals everything you need to know about Michael Taylor’s design and how he made a splash in the ‘70s and ‘80s for the Bay Area elite. Read more.

Book Review – Furnish Furniture and Interior Design for the 21st Century

In the past few years, industrial designers have become increasingly interested in graphic design and visual culture. This change in perception gave rise to furniture and interiors that are distinctly futuristic and go beyond the mere traditional furniture and interior choices. Read more.

How to Spot a Good Renovation Company

Before hiring a renovation and interior design company, you need to be able to spot if they are a good team for your home. You have to basically understand and assess each company’s core characteristics and qualities before letting them into your house. Read more.

HDB Residential Interior Design

There are so many ways one can work on their HDB interior design. The key is in finding the right interior design and renovation company to make your dream into a reality. Read more.

Steps for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

Just like any other home renovation, a kitchen renovation is never easy. There will always be some demolition and disassembling required. If you are going to use any electrical outlets, plumbing or any of those dangerous materials, you have to make sure that they are turned off. It is better to be safe than get electrocuted. Water may not be lethal but it can sure cause a lot of headaches and a big mess. Read more.

Renovation for Your Home Office

When considering renovation for your home office, you should consider these four important home office factors: efficiency, comfort, color, and beauty. Read more.

Bathroom Renovations

Doing a bathroom renovation all by yourself can be quite daunting for any man or woman. It takes knowledge of the right materials, renovation know how and a lot of careful planning. Read more.

Planning for Your Home Renovation

For your renovation needs, it is very important that you learn to prioritize. There will be more important renovation requirements in certain areas while in some, it could be postponed. Prioritizing would be really helpful as it will be easy to carry out renovations for your home. Read more.

Renovation for Your Country Cottage

You need to plan out the construction and renovation of your cottage. As with any renovation, it requires special attention to details. Primarily, you need to identify your objective for the renovation or the end product the you wish to achieve. For instance, do you still wish the cottage to be a summer rest home? Or would you like to renovate it into a winter cottage? Maybe you might want the renovation to be aligned with your goals of making it into a cottage rental, retirement home, hunting cabin or guest house. Read more.

A “Green” HDB Interior Design

There are certain HDB interior designs that are more practical than they are aesthetic. These HDB interior designs help the environment, are beneficial for our health and are very useful for everyone in the long run. These HDB interior designs should not be postponed as well to help you spare money. Read more.

You and Your Condo Interior Design

Condominiums or condos are one of the high rising forms of house tenure today. It just means there are legal considerations and agreement based on the use of common halls, elevators, exterior region and heating systems jointly represented by association of groups and the individual ownership. Better yet, an apartment owned by the resident instead of renting it. Read more.

Urgent Need for Home Renovation Singapore

Renovation in Singapore entails proper planning. You should consider all the components and angles that you need to renovate and spend on. If space is your problem, then you should not focus all your efforts and budget on the wall and floor design. If the design is your problem, then you should not shell out so much money on expanding your office space or making numerous extensions in your abode or even building a bigger garage. Read more.

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HDB Interior Design

HDB interior designing is getting popular among HDB owners. Now that you have your own HDB flat as a newly-married couple, you are eager to start designing your new home. This can be a HDB Build to Order flat (BTO), Resale HDB, Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) or maisonette (set of residential 5 rooms, 4 rooms or 3 rooms). A good research is required to kick start your renovation journey. Popular HDB interior design ideas and styles include Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist, modern interior design. Most HDB homeowners in Singapore like to go for elements such as raw mixture of brick, cement, laminate and wallpaper for their wall feature to portray a sense of industrial and creative interior design look for their love nest. Some homeowners will also go for luxury and customized items by having walk-in wardrobe, bathtub, open kitchen concept or even a home bar to rest and relax after a long day at work.

Should I engage a HDB licensed interior designer?

Yes, make sure to employ a renovation firm registered with the Housing Development Board and the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. These contractors finished HDB training modules and are familiar with the correct procedures in renovation of public housing. HDB put in place the so-called Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme to make sure that restoration companies understand HDB flats building structures.

DBSS is the acronym for Design, Build, and Sell Scheme. This is an opportunity for citizens of Singapore to get more housing opportunities. DBSS also introduces innovations in building as well as design technologies. These interiors are designed completely by private developers. The rooms are set apart by distinct external attributes. There are detailed renovation controls to maintain the visual appearance of all any room to include the kitchen, bar and dining.

Do you know about Smart HDB Flat Direction from government?

As the Singapore Housing and development board is constantly upgrading the estate, we are advancing to a smarter HDB living in the years to come. Smart HDB home are designed to empower homeowner monitor energy consumption and keep track of elderly and patient care via on-the-go monitoring system. Homeowner can start to plan towards this direction for their existing flats.

For best HDB interior design, please visit the website of homesavv.com.

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Victorian Interior Home Design Photos

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Moulding – The quality of joinery and moulding was directly related to the status of the house. Moulding gives form and shape to a room and was an important element in Victorian interior design. Grander homes would have had much more elaborate moulding with decorative details, including ornate coving and ceiling roses, which were designed to catch the smoke rising from gas lights.

Ornate formal living room photo in London with gray walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a standard fireplace Houzz

3. Elegant details. Elaborate chandeliers, sophisticated mirrors, tapestries, stylish mantels and moldings — these are all classic drawing room elements. Bonus points to this room for having a champagne bucket on a stand. But even if your designated entertainment space is the room with a pingpong table in it, you may want to add a few touches to make it special before the party: favorite coasters, fresh flowers, good-looking cocktail tools and serveware, copper mugs for Moscow Mules — you get th Carolina Perez

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Luxury mansion with eclectic interiors. Cantilevered Staircase in Foyer with marble floors and columns imported from China. Period eclectic detailing. Mediterranean style home with darker wood paneling and classical details. Column marble from China. Iron work stairway. Dome ceiling. Fountain. Created with Interior Designer Lynn Adelmann and Jan Moriarty.

Inspiration for an expansive mediterranean wooden floating open staircase remodel in Santa Barbara Houzz

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Exhibition design in Dubai, deals with the designing and implementing of exhibition stands in a trade fair or exhibition, for a client. The process is not as simple as it sounds. Exhibition design calls for an acute knowledge of marketing strategy and branding along with a practical experience in implementing it. The most important element of this process is to be able to put the client’s intended message across to the target customers successfully. As easy as it is to state, it is as difficult to achieve this underlying objective in practice.

The first thing that an exhibition designer in Dubai needs to get right is the exhibit itself. He or she will have to address many issues before even moving on to the construction or setting up of the stand. There are many different kinds of exhibition stands available, and the designer should be experienced enough to make the right choice based on the stated goals and needs of the client.

The key to successful planning and implementation of the exhibition stand is to communicate with the client effectively. The designer should know what questions to ask to draw out all the information regarding the exhibition and marketing goals of the client. With all the relevant information at hand, the designer will be able to draft an exhibition plan that will meet all the marketing objectives of the client. Before proceeding to anything on field, it is crucial to take the client’s approval of the plan.

The various elements that need to be looked into for successful exhibition design are the layout design of the stand, lighting, materials to be used, lamination boards and other paraphernalia to be used, construction of the stand, installation, and even storage facility for storing valuable items during the show. Safety and functionality are the key areas to be looked into on field. Building the stand is a step that requires professional skill, and the designer should take special measures to ensure that only trained professionals build it. A stand erected by untrained and inexperienced staff will not only be unsafe but it will also look shabby.

Once the stand is in place, an experienced designer will also provide for modular storage facilities for storing products, money, documents, and other important items during the course of the show.

Like other interiors design, exhibition design also requires both, creativity and practical knowledge. Creativity on the part of the designer is very important in order for the exhibition to be a success. A good designer for exhibition design in Dubai will understand that the ultimate goal of an exhibition is to generate maximum ‘sales leads’, that is people interested in the company’s product or service. With a clear understanding of this fact, a designer will design the layout and look of the stand in such a way that it appeals to the right people, that is the target group. An experienced designer will also make sure that the marketing message of the product or service is communicated to the target group, easily and clearly. For this purpose, he or she will employ the right combination of visuals, text, color scheme, layout, etc, for maximum impact.

One thing that dictates all of the other activities and decisions of the exhibition designer is the budget. An experienced designer will be mindful of the budget at every step in the process. He or she understands that this is a crucial element in achieving complete client satisfaction.

United Arab Emirates is an ever-progressing country in terms of economy, infrastructure and interior design, which is probably why there are a lot of famous UAE interior designers. Currently, the..

Modern Decoration of Bedrooms is not very complicated and tedious. It is just an idea; an idea about getting rid of clutters and maintaining a clean and lively environment. Every article or element..

Now a day s everybody wants that their house will the best one in compare to others so they hire interior designer to design the interior of the house. In the past everybody knows interior..

There are a lot of ways to beautify your home and the most common and easy thing that a person would do is to hire and interior decorator. However, there are other homeowners who are very self-made..

Investing in a property inside Dubai, like every various other main financial commitment, should be greeted with plenty of extreme caution. there exists must be with enough info in regards to the..

Exhibition design is a crucial element of the marketing strategy of any business. It is the one of the most basic and one of the best ways to put forth its product or service to the target market-..

Most people try to add new ideas in their rooms to make them look different and beautiful. They can also make the rooms colorful by changing the furniture or by painting the walls or adding new..

Most people are required to stay in the office for a long period of time which is why it has to be strategically designed. It has to be designed in a way that it will reduce stress and at the same..

Dubai is inevitably one of the world s busiest markets and this indeed has acclaimed the need for first class services in all sectors. Redecorating in Dubai has thus been a basic need for any..

Most of the times it so happens that the area rugs or runner rugs in your home, do not match the colour of your rooms or the designs. In such cases, it is wise to paint the rugs yourself. That is the..

Our home says a lot about our personalities and who we are- That is the reason it is very important in the way we arrange our home interiors. In today’s fast moving world, our life style and how we..

Exhibition design in Dubai, deals with the designing and implementing of exhibition stands in a trade fair or exhibition, for a client. The process is not as simple as it sounds. Exhibition design calls for an acute knowledge of marketing strategy and branding along with a practical experience in..

Exhibitions Design Services

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OX Interior Design Company

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Welcome to our website. Here you can explore our portfolio of work, learn more about why JADIS is the finest interior designer Dubai wide, and contact us regarding your own project.

Nothing is truly elegant but what unites use with beauty

This quote is taken from an 18th century play by Oliver Goldsmith expressing an eternal principle of design.

At JADIS Interiors we derive our Inspiration from multiple cultures and infuse our Design with warmth, sophistication in all genres from Classical to Contemparaty.

JADIS strives to craft a unique, and individual narrative concept for each project, with the objective of appealing to both the eye and the individual. We create stunning interiors Dubai wide that really represent the unique style of each homeowner.

The color scheme creates the mood, it is the pallet of the home interior designer. The foundation of interior design in Dubai here at JADIS is based on creating designer furnishing and home decor solutions to discerning home makers needs.

A distinctive feature in our custom made furniture is the continual evolution in use of materials, design and manufacturing techniques in an effort to obtain aesthetic quality coupled with satisfying the newest and most recent trends in custom made furniture.

What distinguishes Magda is her talent and sensitivity to read and understand the aspiration of the customer. She has an unusual gift for creating the appropriate concept for each and every different project. Strengthened by her professional experience and pursuit of new challenges, Magda’s quest for perfection, attention to details and refinement has made JADIS into one of the Middle East´s most notable references in tailor made interiors.

Magda’s travels to Morocco, India, South America, France, Italy and all the inspiration of the Middle East, she acquired a rare and extraordinary taste for Design and Color.

From her childhood memories, influenced by the fabrics at her father’s shop, she has a passion for beautiful fabrics. Magda designs furniture using color scheme combinations that are likened to an artist painting on canvas.

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Leading Commercial and Corporate Design Firm

Inlines Corporation has been giving its remarkable interior designing services in the field of architecture, and planning the designing and decoration of interiors of any place. The company, most assuredly, is one of the leading firms in Mumbai when it comes to designing office spaces in an elegant style. We aim to provide the best interior designing services for offices, and other corporate and commercial set ups.

With our specialized expertise in giving our designing services to diversified sectors, Inlines Corporation has also earned handsome experience in designing offices and work spaces. A place must reflect the ethics and ideologies of the people living or working there. Hence, our services are focused on catering fully to that requirement. Our designs are garbed in robes of grace and finesse that has brought great satisfaction to our clients so far.

Commercial interior designs naturally differ from those which we apply while doing up residential interiors or that of a popular public place. Hence, the shades and tones of colors chosen for an office space are selected with the purpose of creating a conducive working environment. as per the requirement of our clients.

The designs created by Inlines Corporation not only stand out with beauty and style, but are also eco friendly. We understand the importance of doing “our bit” when it comes to the environment, and hence design the interiors thoughtfully. This also enables us to be in better sync with our client’s pro-environment philososphy.

To review some of our prominent commercial projects with corporate office interior design you can visit Project Showcase link on this page.

Some of our clients include- Indigo Air, Petron Engineering, Thai Airways and Air Mauritius.

To see our complete list of clients click here .

Our Projects

Click To View Our Indigo Air Project.

Click To View Our PETRON Civil Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

  • Click To View Our Thai Airways Project.

    Click To View Our Cafe Coffee Day Project.

    Click To View Our 24 x 7 Lounge Project.

    Click To View Our Vikram Hotel Project.

    Click To View Our Pavers England Phoenix Mall Project.

    Click To View Our DFS Project.

    Click To View Our Natures Co Project

  • Click To View Our Pashma Project

    Click To View Our Residential Project

    Browse by Projects

    Office Map

    Office Location

    Office Address: 2/8, Twin Complex, Marol Maroshi Road, Nr Fire Brigade, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 059. Tel 9122-29258366 / 91-9820290110


    • “WOW. what a beautiful office. A well conceived design, executed with flavor of dedication, passion and involvement” – Charnel D’souza. General Manager – IndiGo Airlines, Mumbai on the completion of Indigo’s new office at T-1B, CSI Airport
    • “Great Job. Well done. Thanks & Congratulations to Neelam Kirtikar, President of Inlines Corporation for her team’s hard work for timely completion of Interior Project of our corporate office.” Arvind Dabar – Director. Petron Civil Engineering, Mumbai
    • “Without your untiring efforts, it was not possible to complete this project in time and so meticulously.” – Tranberger Kevin – Director (Projects) DFS Galleria, to Neelam Kirtikar, on the completion of “Duty Free Shopping Area” at International Terminal of CSI Airport, Mumbai
    • “Beautifully designed and implemented Project. We shall like to develop more projects with you.” Sunil Kapur – Chairman & Managing Director, Travel Food Services On the completion of “24 x 7 Lounge” at Food Plaza of T-1B Arrival, CSI Airport Mumbai
    • “You really convert our designs into reality. It’s a pleasure working with you” – Amey Dahanukar – Architect
    • “You have made our dream house into reality” – Rajiv Bhatia – (Senior Executive with Multinational Co.), after seeing his newly Decorated flat in Mumbai.

    Copyright 2011 Inlines Corporation All rights reserved

    Contact Us

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    Best Interior Design Company In Malaysia .

    Since 2006, B
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    Quality Interior Design Services (QIDS) is Singapore’s premier HDB Interior Design firm. We offer Singaporeans some unique choices to suit every part of the house, whether it s the kitchen, living room, bathroom and even study rooms. We ensure our Client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded. Our work has been stated as “understatedly luxurious and sophisticated” with our clients from all over Singapore telling us that hiring QIDS was the best thing they ever did. We are experts at taking your ideas to the next level and maximizing potential of your space, your style and your budget! We look forward to working with you and achieving the space that you have always dreamed of.

    We take pride in specialising in HDB interior design for their flats and apartments so as to provide an enriching experience for our customers. That said, our designs are not limited to HDB flats only. Be it in residential (HDB flats, condos, terrace houses) or commercial (offices) areas, if you are finding the best ID firm or individual for your particular needs, look no further. This is the place just for you.

    We Provide Top Class HDB Interior Design at Affordable Prices

    When choosing an ID company, it’s important to find those with experience in the type of design you need. It usually involves finding a designer with a strong reputation among former clients, the ability to communicate effectively, and of course, an eye for all types of design. And if you choose to evaluate a designer’s references, the best way is to ask for a sampling of former customers who utilised the different types of their services. Hence, by talking to several distinct customers, you should be able to gauge the success your designer has had while working on spaces similar to your own. However, this is where it gets tricky. Design firms and individual designers may differ greatly in their previous design experiences but they are unlikely to be willing to share their customer details. We have streamlined this process and done the work for you by allowing our designers to provide you with a list of references or former customers so you can verify the quality of their work.

    You may want to find out if our former customers with a similar budget were satisfied with the attention given to their project. You may also want to inquire about the quality and sustainability that former customers believe they received from their particular HDB interior designs. Whether your project is big or small, you will be getting affordable quality work that will last. So, rest assured that we at Quality Interior Design Services will deliver.

    Not interested in interior design? We have our own in-house renovation contractors .

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    Singapore’s Elite Home and HDB Design Specialists

    At Ally Wong, we are dedicated to creating stunning living environments that are tailored to suit your needs. Interior design is a fast paced industry and many designers will champion what is new and trendy over what is practical. At our firm, we are committed to finding long term design solutions that are functional but will also keep your HDB flat or home looking fresh and timeless for many years to come. After many years working in the Singapore design industry, we have cultivated a reputation for providing high polish renovation solutions that are truly unique.

    Seasoned HDB Interior Designers Offering Unique Style Solutions

    HDB flats have a reputation for being somewhat unimaginative in terms of design and interior designers often offer only a limited range of options when it comes to renovation. We offer a diverse range of living space solutions for those living in HDB condominiums with our talented team of designers focusing on elements such as wall and floor treatments as well as furnishings to fundamentally transform the look and feel of your home. Our home design and renovations services are comprehensive and encompass everything from conceptualisation through to completion.

    Custom Interior Design Solutions for The Modern Singaporean

    Our services are very much focused upon developing design solutions that are unique to your environment, lifestyle, and needs. We believe that what distinguishes truly great interior design from the rest is its ability to interact and engage with the people who live or work there. All of our design processes stem from this initial belief and so all of our projects come about as a result of our intensive client collaboration processes. Our designers take the time to understand your lifestyle, ambitions, and tastes. Practical elements such as budget, scale, and timeframe are also taken into consideration. From there we will develop a unique design solution that incorporates elements of your lifestyle in functional, innovative ways.

    In addition to our in home design services, Ally Wong Interior can help you access some of the best plumbers, electricians, and contractors in the Singapore area. For more information on the extensive range of commercial and residential services we offer throughout the city, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Recent Projects

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    Ceiling Design Ideas from K-EXTREME – 3D Projects – Drywall ceilings ideas. Gypsum board ceiling design. Interior Walls and Ceilings. Plasterboard ceilings and stretch ceilings designs – Worldwide.

    3D projects – ceiling designs pictures.

    Three-dimensional design of suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings, stretch walls, gypsum board ceilings ideas, ART printed stretch ceiling ideas, drywall and complete interior designs.

    Create three-dimensional interior design projects involving suspended and gypsum board ceilings,

    stretch ceilings, combinations of stretch ceilings

    with suspended plasterboard ceilings, walls, shelving, trim, drywall, decorations according to the tastes and requirements of our customers.

    Ideas are our specialists developed in tandem engineer and interior designer some of which you can see in this album.

    Previews projects of ceilings:

    3D Projects includes 3D visualization,

    2D drawings and positioning of lighting fixtures,

    and may be implemented by each company which

    makes installation of drywall – plasterboard, suspended ceilings, gypsum board ceilings,

    Project may be only the ceiling may cover and

    interior walls with applications, or full – ceiling,

    walls, moldings, trims, decorations, furniture,

    interior plasters and colors.

    The projects listed here are either dropped in

    the design process, or published with the express

    permission of the customer.

    The uniqueness of the project is our priority and

    what you see here is a small part not afraid

    We can make 3D projects ceilings of gypsum

    board in combination with a stretch ceilings

    anywhere – worldwide, just send 2D scheme

    and a few pictures of the room. or contact us.

    You can view and animated three-dimensional

    visualization of interior designs that gives

    a complete picture of the ideas in the draft –

    In this album of photos of ideas and projects

    we put ceilings and performances of some of

    the interesting projects ceilings K-Extreme –

    you can see how it looks and

    how the project implementation.

    If you want to see more – contact us:

    tel: +359 889 220 978 – Russian